Invitation to the wedding do it yourself, 7 master classes

Wedding is a solemn event that changes the lives of people. Of course, the bride and the bride want the wedding to go well. It is time to prepare. Decide with the wedding style - invite relatives, loved ones and friends. In this article we will look at: how to make the invitations to the wedding do it yourself.

Luxury invitation

Luxury invitation

You will need: White and turquoise paper sheets, printer, adhesive gun, scissors, ruler, white openwork napkin, decoration elements - beads, flowers, satin ribbons.


Master Class

  1. Print the text of the invitation on a white sheet, then cut the edge of the sheet in such a way that it is less turquoise.
  2. Stick the lacker sheet with the text on the turquoise base, as shown in the image. Luxury wedding invitation Step by step master class
  3. Enclose 3 beads on the left side of the invitation.
  4. Take an openwork napkin and make a bend for the size of the invitation using the ruler.
  5. Place an invitation to the openwork napkin.
  6. Stick 3 flower into the right upper angle invitation. Luxury wedding invitation Step by step master class
  7. Attach the satin ribbon and tie a bow.
  8. Make the desired number of invitations in the same way.
  9. This master class provided a talented master Lily Hetman.

Luxurious wedding invitation ready!

Charming invitation

Charming invitation

You will need: Paper for scrapbooking blue and pink shades, simple pencil, scissors, pink ribbon, pencil glue, white acrylic, PVA glue, tassel, decoration elements - flowers, beads, locks, glitters ...

Master Class

  1. Fold in half a sheet of blue paper.
  2. Secure the ribbon around the sheet in the center on the pencil glue.
  3. Make the following workpieces: a simple pencil draw a figured square on the blue scrap, the size of which is less than half of the sheet, then cut out. Circle this workpiece on the pink scrap paper, then cut out. Invitation to the wedding master class
  4. Cut a small snowflake blue.
  5. Draw leaves and word invitation to pink scrap paper, then cut them out.
  6. Spread curly squares with each other so that the pink square is from the bottom and its lateral and the lower parts performed.
  7. Stick the snowflake, branches and word invitation as shown in the image.
  8. Stick flowers, beads and locks, sprinkle with glitter and decorate your taste.
  9. Mix white acrylic and PVA, then cover the composition.

Charming wedding invitation ready! I recommend to view this video!

Elegant invitation

Elegant invitation

You will need: White cardboard, curly hole punch, burlap, white lace, white flowers, twine, scissors, glue.

Master Class

  1. Print the text invitations on cardboard sheets.
  2. Fold the sheets in half as a postcard and decorate, using the curly hole. Step-by-step master class
  3. Stick strip burlap in the center of each invitation.
  4. Stick lace and flower.
  5. Attach the label to the twine and sign, to whom the invitation is addressed.

Elegant invitations for a wedding are ready!

Classic wedding invitation

Classic wedding invitation

You will need: Dense photographic paper, printer, patterns, scissors, needles, red satin ribbon.


Master Class

  1. Download the cover and inside template. template
  2. Type invitation text on the inside template. template
  3. Print invitations on a dense photo paper, then cut them out. Step-by-step master class
  4. Spend a spin on the collaborations of the invitation.
  5. Fold the invitation, touch the ribbon and tie a bow.

Classic wedding invitation is ready!

Original invitation

Original wedding invitations

You will need: Cardboard white and basic color (for example: beige, pink or blue), decorative stamp and ink, scissors, hole punch, ribbon 1 cm wide.

Master Class

  1. Cock the edges of a white cardboard sheet. Invitation to the wedding master class
  2. Print invitation text on white cardboard.
  3. Decorative cardboard cardboard decorative stamps. Invitation to the wedding master class
  4. Fold 2 sheets together and take 2 punctures using holes.
  5. Tie a tape.

Original invitations for a wedding are ready! I recommend to view this video!

Stylish wedding invitation

Stylish wedding invitation

You will need: White and brown cardboard, wide satin brown ribbon, adhesive gun or double-sided adhesive, scissors, decoration (decorative buckles with rhinestones).

Master Class

  1. Cock the edges of a white cardboard sheet.
  2. Type the text of the invitation on a white sheet of cardboard, leaving in the middle of a free plot without text. Stylish Wedding Invitation Step-by-Step Master Class
  3. Memble the segment of the tape so that it turns the sheet.
  4. Put in the center of the tape buckle or other decoration.
  5. Apply glue to the edge of the tape and glue to the back of the white sheet. Stylish Wedding Invitation Step-by-Step Master Class
  6. Tension the free edge of the tape, then glue from the back of the sheet.
  7. Stick a white sheet to a brown cardboard.

Stylish wedding invitation ready! I recommend to view this video!

Gentle wedding invitation

Gentle wedding invitation

You will need: Beige cardboard size 26x13 cm, white sheet, curly scissors, beige lace, beige satin ribbon 1 cm wide, double-sided tape, ruler, pencil glue, knitting needles.

Master Class

  1. Take a cardboard sheet, check the center, attach a ruler and swipe.
  2. Fold the workpiece in half along the planted line.
  3. Prepare 13 cm. Lace cut. Gentle invitation for a wedding master class
  4. Attach the double-sided scotch band by retreating 2 cm from the edge of the postcard and secure the lace segment.
  5. Attach the double-sided scotch bar on top of the lace, then place the ribbon and gently arrange with your fingers.
  6. Make a bow and tie it to the tape at the top.
  7. Print the text of the invitation on a white sheet and decorate the edge, using curly scissors. Gentle invitation for a wedding master class
  8. Stick a sheet with text inside the invitation.
  9. Prepare a strip with the name of the bride and groom, decorate the edge, using the curly scissors, then stick it to the cover.

Gentle invitation for a wedding is ready!

The ideas of invitation

Wedding invitations - this is where the "acquaintance" begins with your celebration. Today there are many options for invitations. We invite you to prepare them yourself, because the most unusual and unique wedding invitations are obtained exactly when they are made by their own hands.

Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!

Postcard invitation

Evidence-postcards made today are very common. scrapbooking : The variety of materials for creativity allows any, the most bold idea of ​​future newlyweds. There are plenty of options as beautiful and originally complement the wedding invitation card. Technique can come to the rescue Quilling and origami elements.

Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!


Pretty popular and such an option as an invitation to a scroll. Make such wedding invitations can be more different: use ordinary paper and decorative elements ( Ribbons, lace , rhinestones, beads, Artificial flowers, etc.) or to stay at a more original version, for example, make an invitation scroll from the made paper. Sometimes the basis of invitations use burlap or linen - An ideal solution for the wedding in the style of "Rustic". You can arrange invitations in the Greek style - this option is not suitable for a wedding in a similar style. "Papyrus" turns on both ends and it turns out as if a double scroll.

Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!

Magnet invitation

The wedding invitation in the form of a magnet can become a kind of gift to your guests resembling a solemn event. Since the magnet area, unfortunately, is small in order to place a large text on it, you can additionally use a small invitation card: it can be put together with a magnet in a beautifully decorated envelope. In the form of a magnet, embroidery with your names and a wedding date. You can make a magnet invitation from Polymer clay And apply a drawing, reflecting the topics of the wedding (it can even be any one element).

Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!

Edible invitation

Wedding invitations-sweets are an excellent idea once again to pamper guests. Excellent opportunity to show culinary abilities - bake Original invitation cookies. As a package, you can use presentable boxes with invitation text. Sweets made by their own hands will indicate how much you trequent you feel about your guests and look forward to their holiday.

If you liked the idea with sweets, but in my culinary abilities you doubt, then you can stay at this option: decompose candy on boxes. In this case, we advise you to carefully approach the packaging decor. Together with candy in the box, put a card with invitation text. With creative, you can approach the decoration of chocolate wrappers.

Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!

Puzzle invitation

A wedding invitation in the form of a puzzle with confidence can be called a non-standard solution. Most often, such invitations are presented in the converters, which are independently very simple.

Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!

Invitation "Love Is ..."

Invitation with the wedding story from the "Love IS ..." series will help make your holiday for guests unforgettable. Options for designing such invitations abound. Most often, they are small cards equipped with Zhwets "Love IS".

Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!


Ideas, how to originally arrange wedding invitations with your own hands, set. We tried to choose for you the most interesting options.

Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!
Wedding invitations: a lot of photo ideas!

Invitation text

In conclusion, tell a little about the invitation text.

The text of the invitation can be compiled in different shapes. For example, if poetry is close to you and you compose well, you can safely place suitable verse at your invitation. Often the text content of the wedding invitation is inspired by its special, thematic design.

In any case, whatever the method of filing the information you choose, the following must be specified in the invitation text:

  • guest names, to whom you appeal;
  • the celebration that guests are invited;
  • time, date and place of the wedding;
  • The names of future newlyweds.

Everything to make the original wedding invitations do it yourself, you will find In the online store "World Embroidery"!

Even more interesting materials, ideas for creativity and master classes In our online magazine!

Wedding invitations do it yourselfUseful advice


1. Simple, original, beautiful.

2. Romantic wedding invitation

2.1. Romantic style. Option 2.

3. Classic wedding invitation.

3.1 Classic invitation. Option 2.

4. Several ready wedding invitations

Invitation in the form of a scroll (video).

Beautiful wedding invitation (video)

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The wedding invitation is an integral element of the wedding.

If you think, then the invitation is the first thing that your guests will see, which means that this part of the ceremony is very important, as it will create The first impression of guests .

Of course, today there are many ready-made colorful invitations that you only need to fill out and send to guests.

And yet, invitations made by their own hands have Special Charm , they can admire and amaze. In them you can attach all your fantasy , and guests will remember long Original ideas that you brought to your postcard.

Below are several options for invitations to the wedding. You can do exactly such invitations, or take advantage of the tips and come up with something .

You can also pay attention to the examples of various invitations and draw Some interesting ideas .

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Wedding invitations do it yourself.

Simple, original, beautiful.

You will need:

- Dense paper (2 shade)

- Ribbon.

- Beads

- Double-sided tape

- a printer

- stationery knife.

Get paper 2 different shades, for the internal and external part of the invitation.

In the pictures paper with a density of 230 g / m.

The tape used at this invitation has a width of 7 mm.

one. Select one of the shades for the main (external) part of the postcard and cut to get a square size 12 * 12 cm.

* For cutting paper, you can take advantage of the stationery knife and metal ruler.

2. Time to postpone the squares and prepare the A4 format paper. Draw on it with hand design or make a drawing on your computer, and then print.

In the picture, the design is made on the computer and printed on the printer on both sides. Next it needs to be cut.

* You can draw your drawing on thick paper A4. Divide the paper to 3 equal parts and bend it as shown in the picture. On the left side, you can write the name of the invited (s), on the right name of the perpetrators of the celebration, and in the middle directly the text of the invitation itself.

* To make it easier to bend the tight paper, at the place of the future fold you need to hold a spoon, putting a ruler in advance (see picture).

3. From the long tape. Make cut 2 pieces of 15 cm. Prepare two-way tapes and glue a small piece to the right edge of one tape and the left edge of the other. Next, just get your pieces of tape to square base (see picture).

four. It is time to glue our squares 12 * 12 to the base. To do this, use the bilateral tape ribbons, as shown in the picture, or simply PVA glue, apply it to the edges of the square.

five. Now it remains only to tie a bow and that's it.

You can turn ribbons to the bead as in the picture. So that you do it, you need to make a little effort:

- Prepare 2 pieces of thread (preferably Kapronova) and turn them in half.

- Grind the threads through the bead from different sides, one loop with the left, the other with the right

- Insert a ribbon into one loop and try to pull it out, while not forgetting to hold the second loop, which has been thorough through the bead

- Do the same and with the second ribbon

- Tie a bow.


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How to make a wedding invitation in a romantic style

You will need:

- dense paper

- Decorative braid braid

- Decorations (in this case, sewn flowers)

- Golden marker (preferably with calligraphic tip)

- glue.

one. Cut out the size and form of the postcard from paper, what you want. Postcards can be both vertical and horizontal, and can and square, as in the last example. In this example, a horizontal greeting card.

2. Use a tight paper sheet to make the "Heart" template and circle it on the front side.

3. Stick along the contour of the "heart" woven braid.

four. Apply the interview patterns on the front side with the Golden Marker. You can make curls, flowers or something else.

five. In the center of "Heart", make an inscription, such as "wedding invitation."

6. You can start decorating your invitation. This example uses decorative roses.


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Wedding invitations do it yourself. Romantic style. Option 2.

You will need:

- dense paper

- Decorative braided braid

- Sequins in the ribbon

- Marker Golden

- Glue universal.

one. Your invitation is made as in the first version, but before gluing a woven braid to the postcard, you need to glue sequins on the ribbon.

Do it as shown in the picture, slightly retreating from the contour of the "hearts" inside 1cm.

2. Along the contour, glue a woven braid.

This variant does not use decorative roses.

Handmade wedding invitations

You will need:

- dense paper

- drawing tracing

- Glue

- ordinary scissors

- Relief scissors

- Ribbon.

- hole puncher

one. Cut out the usual tight paper sheet of A4 format in half.

2. Take one half of the sheet and wrap it with the edges to the center.

3. Relief scissors, create a pattern and cut the upper corners.

four. Prepare a tight paper of another color and cut a rectangle from it.

five. Print or write text and glue the paper containing it to the base.

6. Insert your wedding invitation to the envelope.

7. Make in the envelope 2 hole holes and make a thin ribbon as shown in the picture. So you attach the wedding invitation to the envelope.

* You can make 2 holes along the edges of the envelope.

8. Close the envelope and tie it up with ribbon.

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Handmade wedding invitations

You will need:

- Dense paper of two colors

- Decorative stamp and ink (can be found in stores for scrapbooking)

- scissors

- Ribbon (width 1cm)

- hole puncher.

one. Print or write on a lighter piece of paper text wedding invitation.

2. Prepare darker tight paper and decorate it with decorative stamps.

* Decorative stamps can be replaced with a golden marker and apply patterns itself.

3. Cut dark paper, as you need. Watch only the new piece to be 1 cm more on each side than paper with text.

four. Attach both sheets of paper together and take two puncture with a hole package.

five. Insert the ribbon on the front side of the invitation.

6. Now you need to cross the ribbons from the wrong side and remove its ends back to the front side. If necessary, crosses the ends of the ribbons.

Original wedding invitations

Wedding invitation scroll

How to make beautiful wedding invitations

Wedding invitations - the same important detail as a bride dress or a bouquet, and approaching their choice is carefully. Of course, you can buy a ready-made set, the benefit of the options the market provides a lot, but much more pleasant to give guests an invitation made by your own hands. So you can and render relatives and close attention, and demonstrate your own taste and originality.

Where to begin?

Photo 1.Invitations should comply with the subject of your wedding, provide all the necessary information and, finally, to be special to make every guest felt that this is not just formal politeness, but a demonstration of personal attention and respect.

You can send invitations by mail, but it is better to transmit them in person personally. Tell invitations worth at least a month before the celebration, so that the guests have managed to calculate their time and prepare.

What must necessarily be in the postcard?

  1. Appeal to the invited;
  2. Date, time and venue of the celebration;
  3. The topics of the wedding;
  4. Dress code and other wishes to guests.

Design options are very much, so first-in-speed it is worth understanding that you can and love to do. Maybe you get magical appliques? Quilling, pasted drawings from lace, rhinestones and colors will come to your aid. Or do you get fond of drawing since childhood? Familiar motifs and your manner of writing will force a toucher to blame everyone who has seen before your creativity. Photo 2.Your calligraphic handwriting from the school makes those surrounding envy? Sign invitations yourself! Do you own photoshop? Why then do not beat a famous film, inserting instead of the main heroes of the bride and groom? Are you a queen in the kitchen? Invitation Cookies will make your guests to count the moments to the opportunity to eat this wonderful delicacy.

After you have decided on the type of invitation, time to go for consumables, pre-drawing a list of all necessary and its quantity. It is better to buy a little more so that you don't have to buy a missing flower or bead in a rush.

Important! Large shops for creativity sometimes provide wholesale discounts on mass purchases. If you are expected truly a big celebration, it is useful to search for such suggestions and use them.

Original design ideas with photos

Photo 3.

Lace postcards

Lace is a traditional wedding attribute. Gentle ribbon, walking along the edge of the invitation, white or other color suitable to the style of the holiday, will emphasize the innocence and grace.

Usually the lace is glued, but if you wish, you can use other ways to fix it - sew, pass through the hole done by a hole (for example, in the form of a heart), fasten with wax and seal. Better for such invitation to choose a cardboard.

Very neat and cute will look at the envelopes made from lace. They can be decorated with beads, satin bows or flowers.

If you choose a color wedding, then reflect the necessary shade in the invitation - a very good idea. Red, golden, green lace instantly configures your guests to the right way.

Another interesting idea is an invitation card in the form of a wedding dress of the bride, with lace, brushed in "Hem" -Dext. If the bride has a lace dress, pick up for invitations like pattern - This will add a charm and emphasizes how carefully you feel about the details. Photo 4.

Photo 5.

Beautiful scrolls

Such an unusual, but rapidly incoming version, suitable for the thematic wedding - Pirate, fabulous, vintage style.

Usually use aged paper - you can get it, and do it yourself. To do this, brew a very strong solution of tea and hold the usual white sheet of paper in it for five minutes. Then thoroughly dry the workpiece before further work. To speed up the process, it is not forbidden to use a hairdryer. The edges of the invitation burned with a match or lighter.

On the already aged sheet, the text will have to write from hand, so if you want to print it, do it to tea procedures. Do not forget to pick up a suitable font for a non-standard celebration - ancient and romantic.

Interesting! Scroll with invitation

You can hide in a small bottle, glass or plastic. Such an idea will organically fit into the subject of a pirate wedding.

The scroll is bonded depending on the matches of the wedding of a satin or lace ribbon, a beep, a wax seal. Photo 7.

Photo 6.


Quilling - the art of creating compositions from twisted paper strips. Invitation performed in this style may look completely luxurious , so much that guests will not believe that you did them yourself.

Create numerous complex curls is not so difficult. You will need a sewing needle (or toothpick), ruler, glue, colored paper and scissors. To simplify the task, you can purchase special killing sets, then you will only have to select the composition and stick the necessary items.

What can be done in such a technique? The choice is limited to your fantasy. It can be various flowers, and bulk rings, and cute hearts, and even the images of the bride and groom, made in the batheled style.

Colors also can vary - quillingly looks equally wonderfully both in monochrome and in the whole palette of paints. In the latter case, however, remember that more than three pure colors or more than five shades on one postcard will create overloaded with color and will look tasteless. Photo 9.

Photo 8.


This romantic and gentle kind of creativity is not suitable for such an event as a wedding. Guests will still keep your invitation as a small piece of magic. Scrapbooking allows you to use a variety of diverse elements for appliqué - Buttons, ribbons, flowers and bows, your photos and other memorable things.

Tip! If you do not know how to draw, a special stencil will come to the rescue.

Invitation in this style usually make non-standard shapes - volume, in the form of heart, fan, key, white pigeon. You can decorate not only the front part, but also rear, as well, if you choose a multi-layer option, the inner reversal of the postcard.

Fabric flowers with middles from rhinestones or beads, angels, feathers, notes - all this wonderfully looks at a romantic message. Photo 11.Photo 12.

Homemade posters and newspapers

If you own photoshop or any other editor of the photo, we advise you to pay attention to this interesting option. For the thematic wedding, you can make the posters "especially dangerous" (for western celebrations) or newspaper clipping with the heading "wedding vendency". Standard posters and posters look original in the classic celebration.

If you want to demonstrate a sense of humor, then create a circus presentation poster. If you wish, it can be issued as a poster A5 on the crafting paper, add your photos and circus entourage.

For a wedding in the style of Vintage, a good solution will be theatrical poster in an old or modern style. where the celebration will be represented as a play, and the bride and groom as its main characters. If you prefer a movie, then you can take any poster like a popular film like you and replace the faces of actors yours. Or take as a basis for other cinema-related characters - an invitation to the Oscar ceremony or the table "Stop! Shot! ".

Alternatively, you can use invitations in the form of theatrical or film verses with tear-off control. Tamada, at the beginning of the celebration, acting a ticket, will complement the unique flavor.

The newspaper clipping allows not only to declare the celebration and paint all the necessary information, but also to share with the guests with some cute stories from your pair. Place these notes can be around the main title, add photos and interviews with the parents of the bride and groom. For this option, it is better to choose authentic paper and a large format. Photo 14.

Photo 13.

Handmade sweets

Edible invitations for the wedding will definitely not dust on the shelf. It can be both chocolates with text, printed on wrapper and jars with jam or sweets - In this case, the text can be either placed on the package, or print on separate cards and attach to the cover with a rigid or ribbon.

Even more original fully edible invitations for cookies or cupcakes. You can write on confectionery by mastic, colored cream or cut on the fruit used to decorate.

A compromise option between printed text and a delicious invitation is predicting cookies, where you can specify all the necessary information on the paper hidden inside. Such invitations are advised to give personally in hand, which makes the invitation procedure not only unique, but also more pleasant. Photo 16.

Photo 15.

How to make invitations for parents?

The parents of the bride and groom are the most important guests at the wedding, so the invitations for them must be special.

A good option is to make them in the form of a photo album. On the first pages, young parents on both sides, then children's pictures of the bride and groom, school, youth, and now, finally, joint photos of the couple with warm words of invitations on the day of creating a new family. Last pages are better to leave empty to then glue there pictures from the celebration.

No less good idea will write an invitation to video. A story about your history of love and sincere words of gratitude to parents for giving life to you and your chosen one, no one will leave indifferent. A disc or flash drive can be put in a beautiful envelope or a box. Photo 17.

Photo 18.

How to create text?

Well, if the style of text will coincide with the design. So, a formal and dry invitation that gives only the necessary information about the place, date, time and newlywed names will be organically look at a strict card with gold embossed, but too dry on the gentle, decorated with the colors in the style of scrapbooking or quilling. At the same time, a joking or cute message needs an appropriate frame: it will seem ridiculous in unnecessarily strict design.

Note! It is important to share who you write this or that invitation. The same text template is possible in exceptional cases, but it is better to allocate particularly important guests.

Elderly relatives will not always appreciate the advantage of a humorous invitation, and may even be offended by considering that you treat them a frivolous or even not want to see at your wedding, and you can be uncomfortable to fun friends or parents from too formal lines.

Usually, the classical invitation is used for colleagues and distant relatives, sometimes older people who prefer severity and order in everything. Gentle and cute lines, full of love and gratitude guide parents and close friends.

The rest of the guests can get text of one or another formality, but it is important to arrange it so that literally every inviting felt its uniqueness and what you will be happy to see him at your holiday. Photo 10.


The most formal and weathered option that can be as completely dry, expressing only the facts. - The choice of young, not loving brightly demonstrate emotions and preferring to show their love and respect for guests not in words, but by affairs.

The official vocabulary is used. Contact "You" follows to all other than the closest. Emotionally painted words are allowed in minimal quantities.

You can not invent the text itself, but take the basis of the ready-made examples of classical invitations.

Dear Lyudmila Ivanovna! / Dear Vasily Petrovich!

We invite you to the solemn registration of our marriage, which will be held on January 27, 2017 at:

With sincere respect, FULL NAME and the bride.

Dear (dear) Valeria and Fedor!

On August 16, 2018, a solemn and significant event will be held - our marriage ceremony. We hope that you will be able to divide the joy of this event with us, and officially invite you to celebrate.

The ceremony will begin at 10:00 in the Lomonosov registry office at:

With respect, Anna and Anton

Of course, for loved ones, relatives and, especially for parents, such options will seem too dry, formal, not sufficiently personal. Therefore, in this case, it is better to dilute the official and gentle phrases that will show: you are not writing on the pattern, but for specific people.

Idea! Tell me thanks to parents for giving life and raised in love, for brought up for the groom or the bride of the best on earth of a person, and friends for what were near, shared sorrows and joy.

Dear Mom and Dad!

On our celebration you are the most important guests, without which this day would be impossible!

Thank you for giving us life and each other. We invite you to celebrate this important date of creating a new bouton on our family trees. Divide the happiness of this unforgettable day with us and spend your hand into a new family life!

We are waiting for you on April 13 at 12:00 to add:

Loving daughter and son-in-law / son and daughter-in-law


If you want to make a wedding especially cheerful and unforgettable, then friends can be sent and funny, ironic postcards in verses or prose.

I made himself! My heart brazenly stolen, save!

Friends, you are just necessary for me June 3, 2018 from 12 hours at:

I (sacrifice!) I will be in a suit and red tie, recidivist - in a white dress. He will try to get lost against the background of girls in the same robes, but you will learn the teach on the red brooches. Punning on the bones of a ruined bachelor's life!


They will break away wellhold, not to go anywhere, support the caught pepper at the porch. It is possible from 2 days from September 19 at: p.s. Save!


In the case of a thematic wedding, congratulations can be beaten both the stylistics itself, and accurately add useful information. For example, about dress code.


What happened what we waited so long and were afraid - the criminal clans of Vasilyev and Smirnov wished to unite. Such an event will not miss any respectful don! We are going on March 7, 2017 at 13:00 in the codes of covering the registry office in the Gagarin district. The form of clothing is mafia, dona - in black and with a mustache, Donai - in the evening dresses a la 30s in Italy. Password - "Long and happily."

Noble Sir and beautiful Lady Ivanov!

Listen and do not say that they did not hear. On the 11th day of February 2018, from the Nativity of Christ, Deva Olesya from the noble family of Kuznetsov marriage with the brave knight Alexei from the glorious kind of Petrov. Lare to hope that you will visit this happy event.

With love and respect, your faithful friends, Vikontesse Olga and Duke Konstantin


Photo 19.

The network laid a large number of unusual invitations templates, but so that they turn out really unique, take the idea and adapt it to your celebration:

  • Before starting work, think over all the details - fonts, design, colors, number of guests. In this case, you do not have to correct the made;
  • You can begin to make a sketch and show a friend or relative, whose taste you trust;
  • Soul invitations in verses will be delighted with elderly relatives, humor will appreciate friends, formality and severity - colleagues;
  • If there is an opportunity, the invitations are better to give in person personally, - so you will demonstrate the importance of each guest;
  • Connect to the process of creative friends and the groom - joint creativity brings closer;
  • Small details in invitations, duplicated in the decoration of the wedding, is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate an excellent taste!

Useful video

Only wedding invitations made by their own hands are able to reflect respectful attitude towards each of the guests, and they also look unique and extraordinary. How to do them - Tell video:


The invitations made by their own hands will definitely delight your guests, and you. Choose the themes, arm yourself with the necessary tools and create! This is your holiday, which means that you can make it unforgettable!

The theater begins with hangers and the wedding begins with invitation cards. Looking at them, one can judge the tastes of newlyweds, the planned event, its format and style. Therefore, it is extremely important make invitations to the wedding which will reflect the individuality of a young couple.

Make them better with your own hands, because this is how they will turn out the most symbolic and pleasant for guests. In addition, you do not have to choose from the finished store assortment. If you wish, you can create something your own, showing creative ability and originality.

Original wedding invitations

Everyone without exception, happy couples, I want to create your own original story. No one at this time prohibits the use of the Internet. You can survive someone else's idea, remake her or completely decorate it.

The most original invitations currently can be considered:

  • electronic card;
  • video reception;
  • Photocollage;
  • Original wedding invitations do it yourself in the first air ticket;
  • Chocolate tiles with a picture of a couple in love;
  • poster.

In order for your postcard not only the original, but also beautiful, it is worth choosing a good photo. Best for a few months before the wedding, go to a professional love story photo session. The photographer is aimed at snapshots of this character. They are usually impregnated with the spirit of love and romance.

How to make unusual invitations?

Wedding invitations do it yourself, templates.

How to make a wedding invitation? There are several options for the execution of invitation cards. They are differentiated on the basis of the complexity of the performance required by the amount of material and technology.

All postcards look beautiful, stylish and original. When creating a favorite option, it is worth considering not only their capabilities, but also the stylistry of the celebration. If you have the thematic party, it is worth considering the ideal postcard separately, which will begin to your history.

Invitations in the technique of scrapbooking

Popular technique thanks to which postcards are made, albums for photos, frames and more. Skrapbooking is a special technique involving the performance of durable paper.

Numerous figures, flowers, ruins, bows and colored ribbons are performed as decorative additional elements. In most cases, scrapbooking is performed in calm pastel colors, which creates a special mood of romanticity and tenderness.

In order to create invitations in the technique of scrapbooking, in needlework stores it is worth purchasing the appropriate material:

  1. Dense paper.
  2. Scissors.
  3. Colored paper.
  4. Lace.
  5. Artificial flowers or decorative figures.
  6. Adhesive pistol.

First of all, cut a rectangular billet under the postcard template from thick paper. Top covers the color paper you choose, on it and the main text of the invitation card will be created. On the sides of colored paper, make a lace tape, creating the illusion of a kind of frame. In the upper right corner with the help of a glue gun, attach a decorative figure or artificial flowers.

In the center of each frame will be located the text of the invitation card. It is worth printing on the printer using a beautiful inclined font.


Often, newlyweds decide to arrange the thematic wedding, asking her initially adventure mood. In such situations, it will be worth using as an invitation scroll. It is easy enough to do at home.

This will take advantage of the following material:

  • dense paper;
  • scissors;
  • candle;
  • black helium handle;
  • Packets with tea;
  • Plastic container.
Invitation to the wedding do it yourself, a photo.

Initially, you will need to make up paper. To do this, pour water into the plastic container and immerse several bags with tea. Make the most strong tea drink. After that, immerse the water tight sheet to cooled to room temperature.

Remove the sheet, dry it and burn around the edges using a candle. With the help of a black helium handle in the center of the paper, write text of the invitation card. For the creation of a scroll, roll the resulting card into the roll and tie it with a red satin ribbon.


A collage of own photos is the most understandable invitation card, which guests will be happy for a long memory. To create a collage, you will need to choose photos. They can be both romantic and humorous.

For romantic pictures, it is necessary to choose the appropriate location. It can be blooming nature, rock cliffs, mountains. With bad weather conditions, stop your selection on photo studios in which you can choose a suitable scenery under any case.

Invitation-collage on the front side has three or four photos of the same size, but different content. On the reverse side, there is a text in which the place and time of the wedding celebration is reported.


The most simple in the manufacture of postcard option. As follows from the name, the central place of such an invitation card is lace, which is caught on his eyes.

To create a real lace required:

  • lace;
  • threads;
  • beads;
  • bows;
  • Dense paper.

As a rule, the lace itself is made in the form of a classic opening card, inside which the text is located. On the front side, the decorative part itself is placed. It is a dense and thick lace tape, which is located a small bow or decorative beads.

Especially stylish will be your invitation card in the event that the color of the lace will coincide with the basic color of the decorative design of the celebration or the bride dresses.

Ideas of text wedding invitations

It is not enough to think about the decorative design of the invitation card. It is necessary to take care of its semantic part. First of all, it concerns the style of text in which the postcard will be written.

Official wedding invitation

How to make a wedding invitation with your own hands.

The most common option is the official style that suggests mention of such words as:

  • respected;
  • comrade;
  • Would be pretty grateful;
  • I will be glad;
  • deeplywater;
  • expensive;
  • Celebration on the occasion of marriage;
  • marriage conclusion ceremony;
  • Festive ceremony.

Official invitations make for classic wedding evenings that suggest compliance with all traditions. Often there is a special dress code for such events, which assumes evening dresses and costumes.

Invitation with humor

You can consider writing the invitation card with a share of humor, writing a few jokes addressed to your friends or yourself. Such a speech will be positively will be positive if the newlyweds themselves are joker who do not mind the pixel even themselves.

"Friends! August 24, 2019 at 13.30 in the cafe "Seagull" there will be an incredible event. We will spend a real master class to create a happy family. It will have many contests and games that will help us to identify who will be the following. We ask everyone to appear in advance and with joyful faces and flowers to wait for happy newlyweds. "

Spring wedding invitation

The text of the invitation card can be made individually, pushing away from the time of celebration. Especially tender and sentimental will be text on the spring wedding.

"Anna and Nikolay, Spring - the time of love. It is her who we want to show you on May 15, 2019 at 10.30 in the registry office number 4. On this day, we will exchange rings and we will swear in eternal love. We hope that you will come to divide this event with us and truly feel the spring. Your newlyweds. "

Invitation to the thematic wedding

Thematic weddings are very popular. At the same time, no one limits the newlyweds in the subject. There are biker, knight, national and pirate weddings.

Each married couple chooses a celebration style, pushing away from their desires and opportunities. The thematic event necessarily requires the same thematic postcard.

"Aboard! Dear pirates, we are waiting for you at the "White Shark" restaurant on November 24, 2019 at 14.00. A banquet will be held on the occasion of the wedding of two pirates who have gained the most valuable treasure. At the party will pour river rum and soft drinks for small pirates. Everyone to come in thematic clothes and a good pirate mood. The entrance with parrots is welcome. "

Wedding Invitations - Templates

When a large number of guests are going to the celebration, the newlyweds disappears all the possibility and desire to sign an invitation card. For this, it is easier and better to use in advance prepared patterns. They will only need to insert into the empty lines appeal to the guest, time and date of the celebration.

"Dear, __________. In the spring day, _______ in ____ we decided to become a real family. Our union will be fixed in the registry office ____. We are waiting for you to look at such a joyful event. We hope that you will come to the celebration to divide the moments of happiness with us. Your ________.


Invitations, with their own hands, always enjoyed guests with special respect and honor. Such a postcard is usually stored in the family along with a wedding photo for many years. Having invested the soul in his postcard, you configure guests in advance to the warm and mental reception.

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