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Wireless routers

The stronger the various mobile devices are distributed, the more you get different smartphones and tablets - the more often the question arises, and how all this can be connected via WiFi to your computer or laptop from friends. The problem is instantly solved if there is a home router - all devices connect to it and are perfectly available to each other and can use the Internet. But how to be if the router is not, but to connect the tablet or the smartphone well, is it really necessary? Everything is solved very simply - you just need to force the laptop to distribute WiFi in the same way as the router does. The benefit that Windows 7 and Windows 8 developers have predicted such a development of events and laid such functionality in advance in their operating system.

So, we have 2 possible options: using built-in Windows or third-party software for creating a virtual router on a computer.

We distribute WiFi using the built-in Windows.

All that you need is just a wireless adapter or a map that support MS Virtual Wi-Fi technology - all modern wireless adapters are supported. First you need to get into the "Network and Shared Access Center". To do this, on the right at the clock we are looking for a network connection icon and click on it right mouse button:

So that you do not have such problems at home.

In the menu that opens, select the "Network and Shared Access Center" item. Next, you need to find the "Configure New Connection" section.

How to distribute wifi with laptop

Click on it and launch the "Connection or Network Installation Wizard":

How to get into the router -1 settings

In it, you need to select "Setting up a computer-computer wireless network" and click Next.

How to distribute wifi with laptop 1

This is the information window - simply press the Next button.

How to distribute WiFi with laptop 2

Now you need to enter the parameters created by the Wi-Fi Wireless Network: "Network Name" or an SSID identifier; The "security type" is better to leave the default - WPA2-PERSONAL. In the "Security Key" field, we enter the so-called WiFi password - the letter, cyphyr or mixed sequence is not shorter than 8 characters. We put a tick "Save the parameters of this network". Click the Next button.

How to distribute wifi with laptop 3

Everything is ready and you can connect a tablet or smartphone. But you need to additionally enable and configure sharing. To do this, click on the "Enable Internet Connection" button.

How to distribute wifi with laptop 4

Shared access is included. Click the "Close" button. It remains only to hold it. To do this, again open the "Network Management Center and Common Access Center":

How to distribute wifi with laptop 5

Here you need to select "Change Advanced Sharing Options" in the right menu. The window will open:

How to distribute wifi with laptop 6

If you want connected devices to see open folders on the network and network printers on this computer or laptop - put the checkboxes "Enable Network Detection" and "Enable Sharing Files and Printer". After that, you need to click the Save Changes button.

On this settings of the wireless network, the laptop will distribute the Wi-Fi and you can connect the devices to it: tablets, smartphones, media shirts and televisions.

We distribute WiFi using the command line and Netsh.

In the same way, you can configure the virtual access point to distribute Wi-Fi from the laptop using the command line. To do this in any text editor (better in Notepad ) Create a text file. We prescribe a string:

Netsh WLAN Set HostedNetwork Mode = ALLOW SSID = »MY_VIRTUAL_WIFI» KEY = »12345678" KEYUSAGE = Persistent

Here in the "SSID" field, we prescribe your wireless network identifier, and in the "Key" field - a wifi password. It should work like this:

How to distribute wifi with laptop 7

Save the file. Now we need to change it expansion . To do this, click on it with the right mouse button and select item to rename.

How to distribute wifi with laptop 8

The file extension must be made .Bat instead .txt. Run created BAT file. With administrator rights:


I click on it with right mouse button and select the start-up point on behalf of the administrator. After startup, the Virtual Wi-Fi Adapter driver will be installed and a new connection will appear in the network connection - Wireless Network Connection 2. The next step must be skipped to the mobile Internet. To do this, in the center of network management and shared access, right-click on the connection through which you connect and select the property item. We are interested in the Access Tab:


Here you have to put a tick "Allow other users to use Internet connection to the Internet of this computer", and in the Details Connection list, select the created network connection - "Wireless Connection 2". Press the OK button.

Now it remains only to run the created WiFi network. This is done using the team:

Netsh Wlan Start HostedNetwork

You can stop it with a team:

Netsh WLAN Stop HostedNetwork

Viewing status:

Netsh Wlan Show HostedNetwork

These commands can be entered through the command line:


There is only one thing - you have to have Administrator rights or command line need to be launched with administrator rights . To do this, you need to dial the word in the Start menu. Team And the command console label will fall in the search:


But immediately note that it is much more convenient to do for each team. Separate BAT file . It is also convenient for topics. What can be placed in the startup to start the Virtual WiFi Access Point on the laptop when starting the system.

Video instructions How to configure Windows access point:

WiFi Distribution With Connectify Program

This option to share Internet access via Wi-Fi C laptop can be used as an alternative, especially if the option with MS Virtual WiFi cannot be launched for any reason. The first thing to do is to download the Connectify program and install it. Connectify has 2 options - Free and Pro. In the free version, it comes with trimmed possibilities, but for our purposes, such. Run Connectify:


In the free ssid version, it will not be possible to change, so you skip this item, in the "Password" field, you specify a wifi password. Below in the "Internet to Share" field, select the connection through which we enter the Internet:


Again - to split 3G / 4G connection to get only on the PRO version. Next, in the Share Over field there must be a "Wi-Fi" value:


Sharing Mode needs to select the most secure WPA2 and click the Start Hotspot button. Wi-Fi on a laptop is configured to distribute your Internet connection.

Video instructions - How to configure hotspot using Connectify:

Of course, many will disgregate the fact that the program is paid, and this is not very loved in our country. I would not be advised to bother with pirates and therefore I want to tell another more similar options for using a laptop as a virtual wireless router - MypublicWiFi and Mhotspot programs. They are completely free, and the programs for programs are exactly the same as with a paid counterpart. And as they say in famous advertising: if there is no difference - why pay more?!

MyPublicWiFi is a free analogue of Connectify to create an access point.

MypublicWiFi is another great option to create a wifi wifi on a computer, and absolutely free and almost not inferior to the functionality of the program Connectify. And the program is very easy and smart. After installation, the utility must be launched with administrator rights:


Then, you will see a window in which 3 basic parameters of the hotspot settings are available: - Network name - SSID - security key (password) - connecting to the Internet, which will be available to customers.


On the Management tab, in addition to turning on the autorun program (Lower Galka), there is another interesting feature - the "Enable Firewall" daw. After putting you still make an inaccessible use of UTorrnet and DC file sharing.

Video instructions - Using MyPublicWiFi:

Mhotspot - Use a laptop as a virtual wireless router.

The MhotSpot program is another, very popular connectify analogue. MhotSpot is also completely free, you can download it from the official site. Setting Mhotspot, as the previous programs reduces to configuring three parameters:

laptop like wifi router

"HotSpot Name" is an SSID identifier. Password is a password for access to hotspot and the choice of online connection for increasing. After that, you need to click the "Start Hotspot" button and you can connect devices.

Video instructions - how to use the MHOTSpot program:

For your convenience, I decided to make one general video instruction and included the 5 most popular ways and programs in it:

I sincerely hope that the submitted material will help you in solving the task. If you have comments or other interesting ways to organize a software router on Windows - I am waiting in the comments.

You can configure the distribution of Wi-Fi without a router in three ways: through the command line, using the Mobile Hot Spot feature and using special programs. Immediately note that without a Wi-Fi adapter it is impossible. It can be built-in or purchased separately.


To check if your computer can distribute Wi-Fi, you need to enter the command in the command line with administrator rights NETSH WLAN SHOW DRIVERS . The column "support of the posted network" should contain the value "yes".

Configure via the command line

This method works in Windows 8 and 10. Start the command line must be made on behalf of the administrator. In Win 8 and 10, the "Administrator" command line can be selected by simply by pressing the start menu on the Start menu. The following command is performed on the command prompt (copy the right mouse button):

Netsh WLAN Set HostedNetwork Mode = ALLOW SSID = "MY_WI-FI" KEY = "PASSWORD" KEYUSAGE = Persistent

Where instead of My_Wi-Fi, you should enter an arbitrary network name, instead of Password Password from 8-digits.

Starting the access point is made by the command:

Netsh Wlan Start HostedNetwork

For the Internet access to the Wireless Network, you need to open access to the Internet. To do this, in "Network Connections" by clicking the right mouse button on your main connection, select properties - access, and turn the option "Allow other network users to use the Internet connection". In the home network connections list, select a wireless connection with the appropriate name.

If you need, you can stop the distribution by the command:

Netsh WLAN Stop HostedNetwork

And then re-activate it using the command:

Netsh Wlan Start HostedNetwork

With each reboot, the distribution will have to be included a re-command. You can also stop it at any time using the command specified above.

Function "Mobile Hot Spot"

This option is suitable only for Windows 10. Everything is quite simple. Open your mobile hot spot settings: Start - Settings - Parameters - Network and Internet - Mobile hot spot. The network name and password will already be written here. If you wish, you can change them using the Edit button. Further in the "Sharing" drop-down list, select the connection through which you have access to the network. It can be like an Ethernet or wireless network and connection with the name of a specific provider. Then allow the use of an Internet connection by switching the button to "On" mode.

After that, Wi-Fi will be ready for operation. In the same window, some information about connected devices will be displayed. It is allowed to connect up to eight devices at the same time.

The distribution of Wi-Fi is turned off in the same place where it turned on or by pressing the connection icon on the notifications panel in the lower right corner of the desktop.

Using third-party programs

There are a number of special utilities that simplify the setting of Wi-Fi distribution. For example, free: Virtual Router Plus, Switch Virtual Router, Maryfi, Connectify - Conditionally free with advanced features, including encryption and firewall control. They look and configure them similarly. In the window that opens after starting the program window, you need to specify the network name, password, select your main connection in the drop-down list, through which Internet access is available and start the virtual router.

Window Virtual Router Plus 2.6.0:

In addition to the main functionality, the software for configuring the wireless network may contain additional options, for example: Displays the list of connected devices, actions in sleep mode, start from OS, etc. After activating the virtual router, you need to open sharing, as well as in setting the distribution via the command line.

If there are problems with wireless connections, with any type of distribution, first try to turn off the antivirus or firewall.

How to distribute Wi-Fi from a laptop or computer without a router

It is often a situation when the Internet is connected to one computer, or a laptop, and there is a need to distribute this Internet to other devices. Smartphone, tablet, or other computer. If you entered this page, you most likely know that you can distribute Wi-Fi from a computer without a router. It is better, of course, to buy an inexpensive router, connect the Internet to it, and it will already distribute it to all devices. But there is no such possibility. It is in such cases that a laptop can be used as a router, or a computer with a Wi-Fi adapter.

Run the virtual Wi-Fi network and make your computer can be distributed in several ways. I would allocate three ways: teams via the command line, through a mobile hot spot, and using third-party programs. Now we will consider any way every way. You can choose a more appropriate option for yourself and go to the setup according to the instructions that you find in this article, or by links that I will leave in the writing process.

How to distribute the Internet on Wi-Fi from a computer:

  • Through the command line. This is the most popular way that works in Windows 7, Windows 8 (8.1) and Windows 10. You need to run the command line, execute several commands, and open the access to the Internet. After that, the computer will start broadcasting the wireless network to which you can connect your devices and use the Internet. I have already prepared two detailed instructions: how to distribute the Internet on Wi-Fi from a laptop on Windows 7, and how to distribute Wi-Fi from a laptop on Windows 10. Instructions are practically the same, simply written on the example of different operating systems.
  • Using the "Mobile Hot Spot" function. This is a standard feature that appeared in Windows 10. There's everything much easier. Enough to set the name Wi-Fi network, password, select connection for shared access, and start the access point. Setup Instructions: Mobile hot spot in Windows 10. Running access point in a simple way. If you have a "dozen" installed, I advise you to first try this method. There are our nuances that I wrote in the article on the link above.
  • Using third-party programs. There are many both free and paid programs with which you can run the virtual Wi-Fi network on the computer. In fact, these programs also launch distribution through the command line, just a little more convenient. You do not need to copy commands, etc., just press the button. But these programs do not always work stably and correctly. I also wrote about them in a separate article: programs for distribution Wi-Fi from a laptop in Windows 10, 8, 7. Starting an access point.

Instructions, links to which I gave above is enough to configure everything. But since I decided to make one big and general article on this topic, then for each way I will write a detailed guide. Of course with pictures.

Note! If you want to distribute Wi-Fi without a router using a stationary computer (PC), then you must have a Wi-Fi adapter. Internal, or external, which is connected via USB. I wrote about such adapters


. In laptops, this adapter is built-in.

No matter, you have a PC, or a laptop - Wi-Fi should work. The driver for the wireless adapter must be installed, and in the list of connections there must be a "Wireless Network" adapter, or "Wireless Network Connection". To check the ability to start the Wi-Fi distribution, run the command prompt on the administrator name and execute the command.


. Opposite the "Support of the Placed Network" row should be "yes."


Go to the setting.

How to distribute Wi-Fi through the command line?

Let me remind you that this method is like for Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

You need to run the command prompt on behalf of the administrator. In Windows 7, open the "Start", then "All Programs" - "Standard". Right-click on the "Command Line" and select "Run on the administrator". In Windows 10 and 8, you can simply click on the Start menu and select "Command Line (Administrator)".

Copy and perform (Enter key) Such a team:

Netsh WLAN Set HostedNetwork Mode = ALLOW SSID = "MY_WI-FI_NETWORK" KEY = "12345678" KEYUSAGE = Persistent

This command sets the name ssid = "my_wi-fi_network" and password Key = "12345678" For a Wi-Fi network, which will hand out a PC, or a laptop. You can change the name and password.

To start the access point itself, you must execute the following command:

Netsh Wlan Start HostedNetwork

This is the result should be after the first and second command:

how to distribute wifi from a laptop

If an error appears, "the posted network failed. A group or resource is not in the desired state to perform the required operation." Solutions See B.



The devices can already be connected to the running Wi-Fi network, but only the Internet will not work until it works. Need to Open access to the Internet .

To do this, go to "Network Connections" (Network and Shared Access Control Center - Change Adapter Parameters) . Right-click on the connection through which you are connected to the Internet and select "Properties".

Further on the "Access" tab, you need to put a tick next to "Allow other users to use the Internet connection to the Internet" and select the New Connection in the list. In the connection name will be a digit (not necessarily as I have in the screenshot) , and below the network name, which is indicated in the first team.

NETSH WLAN SHOW DRIVERS: Checking the ability to distribute Wi-Fi

Next, you need to stop distributing with the team:

Netsh WLAN Stop HostedNetwork

And again run the team:

Netsh Wlan Start HostedNetwork

Running distribution Wi-Fi from a computer via the command line

After each reboot of the computer will need to start the distribution re- (only by the Netsh Wlan Start HostedNetwork team) . It can also be stopped by the corresponding team as I showed above. If you want to make the access point start automatically, then see the instructions: automatic launch of Wi-Fi distribution when the laptop is turned on.

After these actions, you can connect to the Wi-Fi network with the name "My_Wi-FI_NETWORK" (if you did not change it) , and use the Internet. As you can see, without Wi-Fi router.

If you encountered a problem when devices cannot connect to the access point, or connected but the Internet does not work, then the first to turn off the antivirus and firewall. See also the articles, links to which I will give below.

Perhaps it will be useful:

It should be noted that the computer does not always be eagerly turns into the router. Sometimes it is necessary to dance with the tambourine 🙂

Setting the "Mobile Hot Spot" function (Windows 10 only)

In this case, everything is much easier. Open "Parameters" (Button with the gear icon in the Start menu) And go to the "Network and Internet" section.

On the Mobile Hot Spot tab, there are all settings for this feature. There will immediately be spelled out the network name and network password. If you want to change them, then click on the "Edit" button. Specify new and save.

Common access when distributing the Internet with PC

Further in the drop-down menu you need to select the connection for sharing Internet access and include "Mobile Hot Speed".

Stop and start access point in the command line

If you occur any problems, turn off the antivirus and firewall.

Articles on the topic:

We distribute Wi-Fi without a router. With the help of special programs

I still advise you to use one of the above methods. These programs are very easy to get confused, a variety of different and incomprehensible mistakes can appear in which it is also not easy to understand. Personally, for me, the method with the command line is much easier. You do not need to download anything, install, etc.

But if you all chose this option, I can advise the following programs: Virtual Router Plus, Maryfi, Connectify, Switch Virtual Router. I wrote in detail about their configuration in a separate article: 8-7-zapusk-tochki-dostupa /. And separate instructions for setting up Switch Virtual Router.

These programs look for distribution of Wi-Fi from a computer something like that (in the SWITCH VIRTUAL ROUTER screenshot) :

"Mobile Hot Spot" on a PC without a router

In principle, if on the computer everything is fine with the drivers of a wireless adapter, network settings, connection to the Internet and the antivirus does not interfere, then distribute the Internet through these programs is very convenient.

What if not working?

When I wrote an article, all three ways checked on my computer. My laptop without any problems shared the Internet on Wi-Fi with other devices. You need to recognize that the function of the virtual wireless network is not always steady. And in general it does not always work 🙂 as practice shows, everything is because of problems with a wireless adapter, incorrect settings, or antivirus that blocks connections.

There are several of the most popular problems and errors with whom the people are often faced. I did not consider them in this article, but described decisions in separate instructions, references to which gave above. Be sure to look at these articles, there are all the necessary information.

You can leave your questions, tips and reviews in the comments below. I read everything, answer and if possible, I try to help the Council.

Vivid wireless networks now enjoys almost every person in our world, as it is very convenient. Thanks to the internal wireless Internet, you can connect any devices that have a special module to the worldwide network. And in the absence of a router, it is possible to get an access point using your laptop.

How to prepare a laptop?

The first question that may appear in your head: "Can my laptop distribute Wi-Fi?" Yes. Any wireless adapter can work on receiving / data transfer, which means that the laptop will be able to both receive and distribute the Internet.

The first, where to start, - update network drivers. You can find and download suitable from the official website of the manufacturer of your laptop.

The next step is to set up shared access. Find the Wi-Fi icon in the system notifications and click on it to go to "Network Management Center". A window will open in which you want to select "Change Advanced Sharing Options".

This opens a menu in which you can configure sharing for remote devices, after which it remains only to turn it on in all points. Immediately cancel the sharing with protection, password and click "Apply". From this point on, you can configure the distribution of the Internet.

Distribution methods

In order for your computer to play a wireless adapter role, you must create a virtual bridge that connects the Wi-Fi adapter and network fee. To configure such routing, you can use the following tools:

  • standard means of the operating system;
  • Additional software.

Distribution of the Internet from a computer through a mobile hot spot

Regardless which you select the method, follow several conditions:

  1. The Windows operating system must be not lower than the 7th version, and better, if even higher - in older versions, supporting the wireless Internet is implemented at a fairly low level, which may complicate your attempts to set up distribution.
  2. Check for the Wi-Fi adapter driver. To do this, use the device manager. Select the Network Adapters tab and see the information you need. Wi-Fi adapter may have the name Wireless 802.11.
  3. Must work the Internet.

Using the Windows menu

Using the operating system menu is the easiest method of creating a virtual router. For this you need to take the following steps:

  1. Right-click on the global network access icon and click "Network and Shared Access Center".
  2. Select the New Connection function in the new window, then go to the Wi-Fi network manually.
  3. Give a wireless network name, select Security Type and Access Key. The key is needed in order for the outsiders to be connected to your network.
  4. Click "Next" to create an access point.

Through the command line

If the previous method did not work, you can perform the procedure by setting up through the command line. This requires the following steps:

  1. Select the "Start" menu, find the section "Command Line" and endow the following commands:
    • NETSH WLAN SHOW DRIVERS It helps to determine whether the device supports the distribution of the Internet. Find in the "Support of the Placed Network" in the Location window and make sure that it is indicated "Yes". If there is no "no", then check the drivers (roll back and reinstall on need) and try again.
    • Netsh WLAN Set HostedNetwork Mode = ALLOW SSID = Stacy Key = 4419e1z # Need to create hot spot, just together stacy and 4419e1z # Enter the name of your network and password.
    • Netsh Wlan Start HostedNetwork To start the access point.
  2. Return to the "Start", select "Network Connections", with the right click of the mouse, select the "Properties" of the current connection. Computer program that replaces the router
  3. Open "Access" and click Tick in the "Allow other users to use Internet users to use this computer." Learn below, select "Connecting on a local network" that ends with a number. Distribution Wi-Fi

Using a BAT file

Not the most convenient way, since after each shutdown, the computer you need to re-prescribe all commands. Therefore, this method is used only for disposable internet connection.

This process can be automated. To do this, you should write a small script in the Windows text editor, after which you save the document on the desktop in the .bat format. To start distributing the Internet, run this file using administrator rights.

Mobile hot spot

Windows 10 has a tool that allows you to quickly run the access point. It is called "Mobile Hot Spot". To go to it, select the "Start" menu, go to "Parameters", select "Network and Internet" and open the "Mobile Hot Spot" item.

Next, select the connection that will be used to distribute the Internet, give the Network Name, come up with a password and translate the toggle switch to the "On" position.

Mobile hot spot

Sometimes during the inclusion of mobile hot spot, the user shows an error, for example, "cannot be configured to customize the mobile hot spot. Turn on Wi-Fi. " This is a fairly frequent error, and the reason for it can be in the Wi-Fi driver of the adapter.

Enable Network Detection

There are several solution solutions:

  1. Reset settings. Go to "Network and Internet" - "Status" - "Relief Network".
  2. Remove the driver and download the new on the manufacturer's website. There are situations where the manufacturer has no drivers for Windows 10, then try download for Windows 8.
  3. See if there is a Microsoft virtual adapter, and turn it on.

Using a computer-computer wireless network

This method can be used in Windows 7. Using the "Connection Wizard" to select "Setting up a computer-computer wireless network". Such a network can be useful to configure sharing files, games or for other purposes, provided that you have 2 computers, but there is no wireless router.

We appeal again to the lower right corner on the screen, we find the "Internet connection", click on it and select "Network Management Center and Common Access". In the window that appears, select "Configuring a new connection" and click "Setting up a wireless network computer-computer".

Настройка подключения сети

In the window that will appear, you need to fill 3 graphs:

  • network name;
  • security type;
  • security key.

In the "Changing Advanced Sharing Options" section, check the "Enable ..." checkbox at all items and do not forget to check the "Remember Network Settings".

Включить сетевое обнаружение

When the system configures the distribution, in the window that appears, you need to select "Enable access to the Internet connection".

Creating a virtual router through additional software

For those people who do not want to bother with various settings in their operating system, a lot of auxiliary software was developed, which can turn the laptop in the router's similarity. It works fine enough and has an understandable interface.

Consider some programs.

MypublicWi-Fi. The algorithm for working with this application consists of the following steps:

  • Download from the official site patch;
  • Install it and restart the laptop;
  • run utility;
  • Enter the name of the access point in the "Network Name" line;
  • enter password;
  • Put a tick near the line "Enable Internet Sharing";
  • Select a relevant wireless network;
  • Complete the setting by clicking on the "SET UP" button.

Connectify. There is a paid and free version of this program, but for periodic use you will be enough and the second option. To connect the distribution of the Internet from a laptop, you should:

  • Download and install software;
  • Select the version of Lite;
  • In the Application menu, you must register the name and password of the access point, specify the Internet source, the interface to be connected to other devices;
  • In the Sharing Mode string, you must also additionally specify the type of network - open or closed with authorization;
  • To start distribution, click "Start Hotspot".

Watch the video on connecting the Internet using this program:

Virtual Router Plus. The site of developers of this program is not working now, so to download it, you will have to search the Internet and download the installation file. After the program is installed, configure the Internet by performing steps such:

  • Set the network name in the Network Name field;
  • Set a password that should be no less than 8 characters;
  • In "Shared Connection", select Connection, which will be distributed from the laptop.

Click the "Run Virtual Router" button, after which a new access point is created. After creating a wireless network, you need to provide it with access to the Internet.

Go to "Network and Shared Access Center", select "Changing the Adapter Settings", in the "Open" field NCPA.cpl and click "Enter".

The network connections section will open. Select the right mouse button. The desired connection is "Properties" - "Access" and check "Allow others Use Connection" - "Connecting over the LAN" - "OK".

Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator. Very simple application that does not need routers, only the built-in Wi-Fi adapter in the laptop itself. Find a utility on the Internet is not a problem, install too. Then:

  • Install the software;
  • Enable the program;
  • Enter the invented name;
  • Fill out the password field;
  • In the "Network Card" window, select an existing Internet connection;
  • Specify the number of possible connected devices;
  • Click "Start" to start the program.

The program can "hang." In this case, restart and / or turn off / turn on the power adapter.

How to distribute Wi-Fi from a laptop (video instruction)

The simplest and most popular ways, how to distribute Wi-Fi from a laptop, you will find in this video:

Possible mistakes and difficulties

There are a number of errors faced by users when trying to distribute wireless Internet from a laptop:

  • The virtual router did not start, or this network is not supported. In such cases, try refreshing the drivers or go through this path: click "Start" - "Device Manager" - "Network Adapters". In the pop-up window, find and update the adapter called "Wi-Fi" or "Wireless".
  • Devices are connected, but cannot enter the network. Check in the router settings, whether there were changes with the name of the connected network. The title of the point should coincide with it.
  • Access is blocked by antivirus or firewall. In this case, install permission to connect in the settings.

Safety when distributing Wi-Fi from a laptop

Before you do this setting, you should think about security, because if a stranger can be connected to your network, it can jeopardize the confidentiality of your data. To ensure security, you should listen to such advice:

  • Install the reliable password. When you try to connect to your network at an attacker, the system will ask for a password. What it is more difficult, the harder the person will hack him.
  • Include distribution only if necessary. Include distribution only when you need access to the Internet. It does not need it to be incorporated constantly.
  • Watch the monitor of your laptop. Track the number of devices connected to you. If you detect an unauthorized connection, you can immediately disable distribution and change or put a password.

How to remove Wi-Fi distribution from a laptop?

To stop the distribution of the Internet from a laptop follows:

  • Open the "Start" menu with the right mouse button;
  • Start the command line;
  • Enter Netsh WLAN Stop HostedNetwork ;
  • Press "Enter".

A situation can always appear when the wireless Internet is required, and there is no router at this moment at this moment. In such cases, you can resort to one of the methods for setting the Wi-Fi distribution from a laptop. There will be no special skills for this, the main thing is to carefully follow the instructions.

WiFi Distribution with Laptop
WiFi Distribution with Laptop

It may be a laptop or personal computer, the main thing is that the network adapter can be installed, allowing wireless connections. Devices must be connected to each other and configure correctly. After that, it will be possible to distribute Wi-Fi for all home gadgets and enjoy access to the global network.

There are several ways to distribute the Internet via WiFi through a laptop or PC:

1. Command Line (example on Windows 7)

Run the command line with the keys Win + R. We write cmd. Press ENTER or menu Start -> All Programs -> Standard -> Command Line

Running the command line
Running the command line

In the window that opens, copy and paste (Insert works through the right mouse button) , then execute (Press ENTER) Such a team:

Netsh WLAN Set HostedNetwork Mode = ALLOW SSID = "WIFI" KEY = "12345678" KEYUSAGE = Persistent

You can change the following variables:

SSID - Name of the created network

Key - password for connecting

Execution of a WiFi network creation team
Execution of a WiFi network creation team

If you have done everything correctly, the following window should appear:

The posted WiFi network has been successfully created
The posted WiFi network has been successfully created

Further, in the same way, complete the following command to start distributing Wi-Fi:

Netsh Wlan Start HostedNetwork
Start the created WiFi Access Point
Start the created WiFi Access Point

A report should appear: "The posted network is running" . And if you have a report there that "failed to run the posted network ...", then check whether Wi-Fi is enabled. If enabled, refresh the Wi-Fi driver of the adapter.

Created WiFi Access Point Launched
Created WiFi Access Point Launched

After successfully creating an access point, you need to provide Internet access to the Internet, for this, click the Internet icon and choose in the lower right. Network management and shared access:

Network management and shared access
Network management and shared access

Here you need to choose the item Change adapter settings:

Change adapter settings
Change adapter settings

Here you need to choose the icon in which you have a connection with the Internet, and click on it with the right mouse button, on my example it Local Network -> Properties:

Selection of the desired connection with the Internet
Selection of the desired connection with the Internet

Go to the tab Access And put a tick Allow other user users use the Internet connection of this computer. , choose your created access point:

Include overall access to the Internet
Include overall access to the Internet

Now check the connection via WiFi your gadget or TV, when properly configured everything should work!

To stop the distribution of the Internet from the device, enter the following command:

Netsh WLAN Stop HostedNetwork

In order to constantly not run into the manual distribution of the Internet from a laptop, after each switch on the laptop, create a startup file through a notebook in the folder Startup:

Opening the Autoload Menu
Opening the Autoload Menu

Create a text document:

Creating a text document
Creating a text document

You can write the name of the text document by any, further open it and insert the following string:

Netsh Wlan Start HostedNetwork

Then press Zhmem File -> Save as

Saving a text document in a notebook
Saving a text document in a notebook

Here change File type -> All files and write a new permission for the file .bat.

We specify the type and file resolution
We specify the type and file resolution

Now you have a startup file that will automatically run the desired command to distribute WiFi each time the system starts. A text file can be removed from the folder, as it is no longer needed!

2. Especially for Windows 10

If the device installed the operating system in version 10, then the user has the opportunity to simplify the task. To do this, do the following:

  • Open "Options"
  • Press the section "Network and Internet"
  • It is found in the "Mobile hot spot", which requires allowing data distribution
  • If necessary, in this section, you can set a password and name.
  • To activate data transfer
Based on your own experience, this method is not implemented in all versions of Windows 10

3. Using ready-made software solutions

You can carry out the necessary setting with the installation of special utilities.

Virtualrouter Plus.

To use you need to do the following:

  • First of all, run the program.
  • Then specify the name and password for connecting and the name of the connector from which the Internet will be heard. Click on the "Start Virtual Router Plus" button. If everything is done correctly, the program window will come.
  • To stop the distribution of the Internet, click on Stop Virtual Router Plus.

Switch Virtual Router.

After downloading and installing this utility, you need to do this:

  • Press the gear in the bottom corner.
  • This means opening network parameters. You must enter the name of the wireless network and password. Other parameters can not be touched.
  • Return to the main page and click on the "Start". It will start the distribution of traffic.
  • You can click on "Stop". In addition, the main window always displays connected devices.


A universal program with which you can make data distribution without unnecessary settings. You just need to download the application, run it and enter the name and password of the connection. After confirmation, the new connection is activated.

At the same time, the network status icon will be in the lower corner, with which you can find out if the connection works.


You only need to install the application and run it. In this case, a window will open in which the system will ask you to enter the necessary data, such as network name and password to it. You must specify the connection that has access to the Internet.

After that, the menu requires you to click "Start Hotspot". After that, you can start accepting and transmitting data. The Client tab contains all connections information.

Magic WiFi.

To ensure a stable Wi-Fi broadcast from your PC or laptop, download Magic WiFi for your Windows on the button available at the bottom of the same page. After the application is unpacked by clicking the Start button. We are looking for a network on the device from which we want to connect, and choose it. Accordingly, if you need a password, set it in the program settings.

There are many ways that allow you to distribute Internet data to other devices. It can be special applications that can be downloaded and installed on a laptop or computer. In addition, you can use the standard tools for the Windows operating system. Choose a more convenient way to use the user, according to personal preferences.

Periodically, I come across situations when you need to quickly set up the distribution of the Internet through WiFi from your laptop and there is no special program at hand. So now my router ordered a long time to live and left the house without the Internet. And not so long ago, the friend's phone refused to connect to my router and we quickly organized an additional WiFi signal from my laptop, which saved the situation.

And help me in this 3 teams:

Netsh WLAN Set HostedNetwork Mode = Allow

Netsh WLAN Set HostedNetwork Mode = ALLOW SSID = FastWIFI KEY = 12345678 KEYUSAGE = Persistent

Netsh Wlan Start HostedNetwork

Under the cut, I will tell you in detail how and what to do and show on the example of the Windows 7 settings.

I must say that the guide, which I describe - is not too unique. In the network you can find such a guide, but I think that a competently decorated and relevant guide on Gypsymba will be very convenient for reading and use.
Step 1:

First, we need to turn off the Internet on your laptop.

Step 2:

Now we find the command line. To do this, open the Start menu and enter the search stitch request - CMD

Now you run it on behalf of the administrator by clicking on the right mouse button that appears the right-click icon.

Step 3:

Enter the first command: Netsh WLAN Set HostedNetwork Mode = Allow


In the command prompt, the standard CTRL + C / CTRL + V does not work, but by copying it, you can insert it clicking on the right mouse button in CMD and selecting "Paste"

If everything is fine, we got such a picture:

Step 4:

Enter the data of your network created, its name and password, using the command:

Netsh WLAN Set HostedNetwork Mode = ALLOW SSID = FastWIFI KEY = 12345678 KEYUSAGE = Persistent

Where "FastWiFi" is the name of the network, and "12345678" - a password from her.

Here is what we get:

In login and password, write only English letters and / or numbers.
Step 5:

Finally, enter a command that will start our access point:

Netsh Wlan Start HostedNetwork

We see:

Step 6:

Now it is necessary to transfer the rights from our current Internet - our new "router". To do this, we go to the "Network and Shared Access Center", we go on the "Change Adapter Settings" link.

We find the icon of your internet, click right-click on it, select "Properties". Next, select the "Access" tab, Galk mark the item "Allow other Network users to use connection to the Internet of this computer" and in the "Domestic Connection" list, select our new connection that we have just created.

Step 7:

Turn on the Internet and enjoy the result

If you want to give full access rights, and not just access to the Internet via the browser, then in the "Accessories" tab, click "Settings" and check all the necessary items.

Ultimately, you need to remember only 3 teams:

- Netsh WLAN Set HostedNetwork Mode = Allow

- Netsh WLAN Set HostedNetwork Mode = ALLOW SSID = FastWIFI KEY = 12345678 KEYUSAGE = Persistent

- Netsh WLAN Start HostedNetwork

And you can configure the Internet in 5 minutes, and on the configured computer you will need only 2 teams:

- Netsh WLAN Start HostedNetwork - to start the access point

- Netsh WLAN STOP HOSTEDNETWORK - to stop the access point

P.S. It is worth noting that this method is still temporary, since when restarting the laptop, the network turns off and again it is necessary to run through the command line, so I recommend to see Quality

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