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Installation of a rollback gate - The procedure with which you can cope with your own. This design today is at the peak of popularity. If earlier its component parts differed by a high cost, then, today they became more accessible, without losing their durability and practicality. Some experts believe that the installation process should conduct only qualified workers. However, in the presence of small construction experience and strict following instructions, you can cope with the works yourself.

Elements and components

Sliding gates. Step-by-step instruction for self-installation

Folds work on the following principle: the canvas moves on the carts located on the rollers. The latter move on the chapels that were previously concreted in the floor. So that the surface of the gate is not thrown away, did not fall, the top rollers hold it.

When the web closed to remove the load from the support, the guide is equipped with an end roller. He drives to the lower catcher when the gate closes. The upper element performing the same function gives even more reliable fixation when the barrier is in a closed state.

The full size of such a design is 150% of the width of the entire opening. For example, with its width of 4 meters, the full width of the flaps will be 6 meters, therefore the surface for the rollback should be at least a given value. This moment can be called the main disadvantage of the design, sometimes forcing the owner to look for other options for equipping the entrance group.

Such requirements are presented to the creation of a valve gate:

  • Stiffness of construction so that it can withstand the load from the wind side and the weight of the canvas;
  • fastening the guide beam on the frame through the creation of welds;
  • A mustard canvas should not be fed under its own weight, so the framework, its holding, must have sufficient reliability;
  • All components are selected strictly with the weight load that the canvas has. It is important to take into account the width of the opening, which will be blocked, as well as the height of the sash;
  • To roll back the carrier plane, there should be enough space on the inside of the fence.

Before the start of installation work, it is important to take into account the individual features of the terrain of construction. In particular, data on the depth of the soil freezing, which will help determine the parameters of the blocking of the foundation are important.

To set the design, you will need to purchase:

  • full set of fittings;
  • the material to be sized;
  • electrical drive;
  • alarm means;
  • roller trolley;
  • rack;
  • trap for the lower and top location;
  • Plates that will fix the trolley;
  • terminal roller (removable);
  • guides;
  • Upper clamps.

It is necessary to choose high-quality fittings, which produce proven manufacturers, not the first year in these raw materials. It should be borne in mind that low cost can not guarantee sufficient quality products. It is best to purchase the ready-made kit that will need to be needed only to assemble and install in the right place. As a rule, it already contains the instruction that facilitates this process for beginners.

Advantages and disadvantages

Sliding gates. Step-by-step instruction for self-installation

Retractable structures have a number of important advantages:

  • maintaining inside the warm air (subject to the inside of the inside of the room with a sandwich panels);
  • smoothness and silence of shifts;
  • lack of need for winter period to clean the precipitation fees;
  • designs, in the presence of a high quality component of the elements, differ in a long service life, strength;
  • The system management can be manual or pulsed;
  • Certain with the process of control of the sash will be able to any person;
  • The gate easily tolerate any changes to weather conditions, as well as the effects of mechanical nature;
  • Safety of the movement of the sash provided by the presence of signal lamps and other equipment.

Disadvantages are also available, although they are quite a bit:

  • the need for concreting design, columns, guides;
  • It is important to organize a separate free space in order not to close the wicket movement;
  • The roller system should be purified from snow that focused on time.


Sliding gates. Step-by-step instruction for self-installation

Most often, the material manufacturing material is made of metal or wood. Each of them has characteristic features, pluses and minuses.

Metal professional flooring has such advantages:

  • strength;
  • stiffness that any mechanical impacts will not interfere;
  • cheapness;
  • lack of drawing, which makes it easy to assemble the design, without the need to select the pattern on its surface;
  • simplicity of installation work;
  • resistance to corrosion, possible due to the coating of the gate with special compositions that protect them from corrosion;
  • Wide palette of shades;
  • Durability of the operational period reaching twenty years.

Properties of wooden structures:

  • cost, proportional to quality;
  • the need to prepare the minimum set of tools for installing such a system;
  • Presentable, solid appearance.

Disadvantages of wooden gates:

  • Not too long service life;
  • Low strength;
  • probability of fire;
  • Low security.


Sliding gates. Step-by-step instruction for self-installation

Decorating such structures can be a variety of decorative elements. Even, without them, the gate will look presented, solid, without a difference, from what material they will be erected.

You can decorate a sliding system using:

  • forged elements with different forms, sizes;
  • Patterns made in the style of forging or forged lattices;
  • Decorations at the corners or on the entire sash area;
  • scenery cut from profile;
  • Patterns that decide pillars or frame profile.

Work plan

Sliding gates. Step-by-step instruction for self-installation

Installation of the retractable gate goes according to the following plan:

  • Drop the trench.
  • Build a foundation to ensure uninterrupted work of a heavy mechanism.
  • Conducting electrical wiring when it is decided to put a device operating from the automatic drive.
  • Installation of roller components.
  • Landing the web for rental, here you can fix the entire design to the mechanism without preliminary adjustment.
  • Fastening accessories.
  • Final design adjustment.
  • Connect an automatic system.
Important! In order for the design for a long time, it worked without breakdowns, you need to carefully observe all the stages of its arrangement, without leaving the instructions for no step.

After determining the appropriate place where all installation works will go, you need to prepare a tool that can be useful during the completion of the task.

Required tool:

  • shovel to prepare a trench;
  • ax;
  • welding;
  • Bulgarian;
  • building level;
  • Drill with a nozzle under work with self-drawing;
  • yardstick;
  • a hammer.

For the construction of the gate, you will need such consumables:

Sliding gates. Step-by-step instruction for self-installation
  • automation;
  • frame tubes;
  • canvas;
  • accessories;
  • channel;
  • Armature;
  • Concrete and its components;
  • paint;
  • primer;
  • rivets;
  • dissolve;
  • primer;
  • Electrodes.

Digging Trench and Foundation Preparation

Sliding gates. Step-by-step instruction for self-installation

Before starting the main stages, preparatory is carried out. It includes a plane planning to create a foundation.

The process will be easier if you follow simple tips:

  • Calculate the distance that will be equal to half from the width of the passage. It needs to retreat from the border of the gateway. If the width of the existing passage is 4 meters, then the foundation should be spent on two meters.
  • Width pick up, based on the width of the whole design. If it is equal to 20 centimeters, then the trench must move away from this parameter to 15 cm in both directions. Thus, it will be equal to half a meter.
  • The depth may depend on different parameters: some masters recommend to go below the existing level of freezing, others believe that this indicator does not affect the safety of the foundation that will be erected. Therefore, experts can recommend doing the foundation of a depth of 0, 5 to 1, 5 m. It is better to stick to the golden middle and make a depth to one meter.

After determining with the necessary parameters, you need to put a shovel and dig a trench in a predetermined place.

Preparing a mortgage element

Sliding gates. Step-by-step instruction for self-installation

To prepare the mortgage component, it is necessary to prepare in advance:

  • Twentyisantimeter sewller or corner;
  • reinforcement having a diameter from 12 to 15 mm;
  • Welding.

Mortgages are a kind of construction in which fittings are present, a chamber. They are put in the trench, later poured with concrete solution.

This process is in this way:

  • crop metal chawls along the length of the trench;
  • to welcome the reinforcement to the chapeller to get a frame;
  • To have the opportunity to drown into the ground fittings, it must be more than 10 centimeters depth;
  • The welding method does not matter here, it can be any, but experts are recommended to withstand a fifteenisantimeter step;
  • The frame should be durable, have a vertical basis that will be connected using jumpers.
Important! It is not necessary to take the reinforcement, and other metal products (corners) are also suitable.

After preparing the frame, it is put in a trench:

  • The bottom of the pits fall asleep with sand, and small crushed stone is suitable;
  • half the trambet so that in the end it turned out 5 cm;
  • drown the reinforcement, covering the surface flush with the soil coating;
  • construction level adjust the frame installation plane;
  • if there is any of the sides of a strong skew, you need to remove the frame, after which it is necessary to fill the layer using the adding sand;
  • With incorrectly displayed mortgage, the move of the gate will not be perfect, which can lead to a quick breakage of the entire structure.

The resulting foundation should be at a single level with the surface of the road. Road clearance can be up to 5 cm, it will help to avoid probable problems using the gate in winter.

Electricity wiring

Sliding gates. Step-by-step instruction for self-installation

Laying of electrical wires is the required stage of work when it is planned:

  • equipment gate system of automation system for opening, closing;
  • Installing video surveillance.

The cable is carried out before the fill of the concrete base. Pre-wires are put in the corrugated type hose, then pave it along the trench. The main thing is to pre-determine the place where the drive will be mounted and, purposefully, lead the cable there.

His free ends are outward, about one and a half meters above the foundation.

Important! To carry out all the work properly, it is necessary to pre-examine the location of the posting, drawings and instructions.

Pouring foundation

Sliding gates. Step-by-step instruction for self-installation

After laying the wiring, you can pour the mortgage parts with a mixture of concrete. For this purpose, it is better to use cement having a M400 brand.

Create a foundation needed, observing such proportions of components:

  • 1 kg of cement;
  • 3 kg of sand;
  • 5 kg rubble;
  • Water will be half of the total number of components.

After kneading the solution, it, without waiting for the time interval, poured into the trench. It is important not to completely concrete the surface of the chapeller, but only to reach its location.

To dry up the concrete base will be up to five days, only after this period it will completely strengthen, it will become reliable. Only then can be carried out further work.

Assembling a galablestone

Sliding gates. Step-by-step instruction for self-installation

To create a frame of a portal canvase, you need to have the control skills of the welding machine, because all the elements are connected by the welding seam. If a person does not have any abilities, he must ask for help to a professional welder, either in the workshop, where, according to the drawings, will make the desired frame.

The process of creating a frame from the profile pipe looks like this:

  • Clean the profile from the scale, using a brutal with a brush, which is operated on the metal;
  • process the pipe degreasing composition (for example, gasoline);
  • Apply a means to protect the metal from corrosion;
  • weld the frame using the frame and the pipe with a size of 50x50 or 60x40;
  • The inner frame of brewing into the outer to give the strength of the entire design. For this purpose, pipes with different diameters are used;
  • Welded seams do after 20 cm;
  • To the lower half of the frame fasten the guide elements, making a chess seam. If you neglect this advice, the canvas can be deformed under the influence of sunlight;
  • The seams that turned out during work are cleaned with a grinder;
  • The surface is ground;
  • The gate is painted by applying the following layer after drying the previous one;
  • After a complete drying of the paint, the gate is fired: the material is fixed to the frame using the screws, rivets.

It should be remembered that the gorgeous frame must correspond to the complete size of the sliding design. The latter can have many options, you need to pick up suitable for yourself, get pipes of the required diameter and conduct welded works.

Important! According to the opinion of professionals, the frame is booed in such a way that horizontal crossings are on top of the pipes lying vertically. This approach will prevent the development of corrosion processes, subject to the installation of plugs in horizontal pipes.

Installation of roller carts to the chapeller

Sliding gates. Step-by-step instruction for self-installation

Installation of a rollback gate requires the mandatory presence of roller carts. They must have the ability to withstand all the load, which will give them a dull cloth. Their mounting to the rancher, for this reason, should be a high level of reliability.

Roller carts are mounted in this way:

  • Plates for which after attaching rollers are welded to the surface of the schuler;
  • It is important to observe the plane so that the gate can move freely, without any obstacles. For this purpose, stretched cord or laser type is used, you can spend a line on the surface of the foundation; it will be tangent to the edge of the plate;
  • welding is carried out on the central part of the channel, retreating from the edge of approximately 15 cm for the impact;
  • After fixing the first plate, the second is fastened, it must retreat about 10 cm from the opposite edge;
  • Trolleys are attached to the plate with bolts, nuts. They are required to securely tighten;
  • Now you can put the gate, check their move;
  • Later, measurements are performed, regulate the position of the rollers so that the gate is to stand much even.

Installing the upper lock

The lock or guide elements, put that during the movement, the gate did not drive anywhere. They will not give the gate to get off the rails or swing, with a strong blow of the wind.

To implement this operation, it is necessary:

  • Note the points where the holes on the support post will be located;
  • Check the correctness of measurements, because unimpeded input of the upper frame in the retainer is important;
  • put bracket on top of the post;
  • It can be fixed with concrete, brick. If this was not done, an anchor with a diameter of 10 mm is used. For the metal surface, they will need special self-tapping screws. When creating a weld, rollers, for a while, remove;
  • When the retainer is fixed, it is checked: the design should move smoothly, save the vertical plane, rollers tightly wrap the cloth.

Terminal roller and plug

Sliding gates. Step-by-step instruction for self-installation

This process is in this way:

  • At the bottom of the use of the P-shaped guide bar;
  • on the front of the bar fix the terminal removable roller;
  • The latter is inserted inside the profile, fasten the bolts;
  • On the opposite side, they put the plug, or another roller (it is needed to enter the guide catcher).

Such a system will help to reduce the load on the supports, the plugs contribute to a decrease in the likelihood of entering the snow, rain, dirt. The latter can easily deal with any, even the highest quality gate system.

Fastening the upper and lower trap

Sliding gates. Step-by-step instruction for self-installation

Fixation of trap (top, bottom) is performed on a fully closed design.


  • Pencil note on the pillar those points in which the frame ends;
  • from below and on top of fixing mortgages, this is done using welding or bolts;
  • The mortgages put traps.

The trappers perform several important functions:

  • soften the contact of the frame and support rollers;
  • Minimize the system of system that occurs under the influence of severe wind;
  • Bottom element not dates Provide frame.

After the completion of the fixation, you need to check the design of the design, make sure that it moves smoothly. For this, several times open and close the sash.

Installing and connecting automation

The configuration of the automatic system is recently carried out if it is decided to equip the gate with such a device.

Install automation for gate It is carried out like this:

  • We weld the plate to install directly to the channel, as a rule, this element is included in the kit.
  • Welding is carried out using pipes from the profile: first they are fixed to the schueler, then they are attached to the plate.
  • On the base they put the engine, it is fixed by bolts, which are coming in the kit. The position of the device is adjustable using screws that allow it to shift it to the right, left, up and down, relative to the plane.
  • Next weld to the frame toothed racks, it is necessary to do it as much as possible so that they become one whole with the design. So it will be possible to avoid emergence of foreign sounds when the design moves.
  • Now it remains to adjust the operation of the drive. Setup is made according to instructions from the manufacturer.

Now the sliding gate can be considered installed. As can be seen, the work is to be the grandiose, which does not mean that any man who has hands and some construction experience will not cope with her.

Thank you for reading an article! Like, if you like it! We will also be glad to your comments. Write, ask questions, we will answer with pleasure!

When the construction began around was a naked field. Now everyone has fences, did not stand out and also worked. Became the question to make the gate. The front part of the site was overcome by a temporary fence, then, when it grind out the alternate to the stone pillars and a forced fence. While wealth will fall from where, a stone fence in the next five years is not foreseen, so I decided to make a rollback gate, since I don't like the swollen in principle. Occupy a place, fear winds, etc. Return to make it easier not to where, I called, I learned. Price ... bites from 51,000. I looked at what the tyrnet suggests, mostly a set of rollers and beam, conveniently and practical but the price is not quite humane, 15 thousand has fallen, plus metal, straightened thousands of five more. In general material by 20,000 with a tail. And if you add an electric drive, sensors, keychains plus another 40,000. It turned out all this arithmetic - expensive. But the gate still wants. Maybe someone and funny money. But I decided not much with saving. For a start, I figured how it can be done simply and with minimal costs. I will make a reservation immediately, the gate will be light. The first thing that came to mind, four rollers are fastened to the pillars of the fence, two channels are one at the bottom and the second on top of the gate. Everything, the gate is ready.

In theory, everything is fine, but the upper channel will be constantly clogged, summer mud, winter and ice. Exit - close the top of the gate from pollution. Well, we take another design, clean the channel and change the rollers. It happened much better and easier.

Rollers with rollers in the width of the gate beam. In the picture, everything is simple. You can combine two ideas, leave the channel from the bottom, and the roller with the beam. Yes, dust and snow will fall on the beam, but there are no sideboards and it will be self-cleaning. I moved to the embodiment of ideas into life. There was no turn to search, no familiar, I went shopping by spare parts, not only automotive, watched all possible videos, bearings, tensioners ... In general, everything that can be accommodated. In the end, found these videos ...

Bought four pieces, three Chinese 140 rubles and one Russian for 250 rubles. This roller reinforced belt tensioner. There was another German but for 500 rubles. In quality, I liked the Russian more, there the bearing is wider, on the German plastic is not very, Metalldva Schaveler No. 5 for 6 metersprofluba 50x25x2 - 6 pieces of 6 meters (it is possible and 40x20x2 they are easier) Corner 75x75x5 - 6.5 methows.

We make blanks: - bottom beam. We weld to Shaveler Profrubube.

- upper beam. Weld up two professional bakery - T.

We get two beams, lower and upper.

When welding beams, we take into account the thickness of the professional leaf of 8 mm. Schweller 5cm, ProfTrub 2.5 cm. 2.5 in half turns the shelf 1.25 cm. We make the side of the shelf external, where professional sheet will be screwed up 1.5 cm, and inverse 1cm. Releases on the beams 10 cm. Because of the gate of the gate that I have 4m 30cm. I decided to reduce it up to 4 meters. Now we go out, as they say in the field. We have such a piece of fence and run under the gate.

The first thing is that there is a gate in place and set the lower 75x75x5 reference corner on which the support rollers will be attached.

Install the first roller until temporarily. We weld the piece of the corner to the rack of the fence and accept it for the point of reference.

The roller released 10 cm from the rack to reduce the gate of the gate.

We install the bottom beam of the gate on the roller (welded channel and professional) and temporary support on the opposite side of the fence, align in the level.

We weld the reference corner of the gate pre-having cut it and bent the edge.

Now stretch along the entire design of the lace and we achieve the parallelism of the beam beam and the support corner. After that, you choose the right side of the corner (from the opening) roller you need to remove, the plastic part of the roller is afraid of high temperatures and can melt. It turned out that the left side of the corner had to move away from the fence. To do this, took the Prof. 50x30x2 adjusted it at the place. It is necessary to immediately take into account the height of the future gate and cut off the professional length of the appropriate length. She got 2 meters.

More photo is not accommodated, tomorrow I will lay out the continuation. / C / 3160091 /

Retractable gates with your own hands: What should I start how to choose components, what to follow the procedure for action, to which first of all attention should be paid? This article is useful to all those who are interested in the question of how to perform a retractable (sliding) gates with your own hands, and also contains drawing schemes and instructions for installation work. Below is the scheme of the retracting gate, the scheme of the foundation of the retractable gate, recommendations for the preparation of the opening, and recommendations on the installation.

Retractable gate is a very popular and most convenient type of gate. The name is due to the design features - they roll back and move along the fence. In the last ten years, the retractable gate has become incredibly popular. This popularity contributed to the development of a new, improved design - the gate has become more democratic in price, got rid of the top guide and no longer require maintenance.

This article describes the most logical and optimal procedure for the production and setting of the gate of roll-out with their own hands, in addition there is drawing structures for the welder.

To independently make a frame of a retracting gate and perform its installation, in addition to one desire, it is necessary to have a welding machine (inverter), as well as have a welding skill. In addition, a tool for stripping seams and cutting metal will be required. A platform with a relatively smooth surface will be required to organize a certain similarity of the stapel to assemble the door of the gate.

Works divide into five parts: Measurement, work with the foundation, framework, installation of the structure and decoration of the web, installation of the drive and related devices. Read more than starting to work, it is necessary to clearly understand exactly how the slotted gate work.

Consider the scheme of the sliding gate, on which all the main nodes are drawn:

The gate canvas is made of profile pipes and in length about 1.5 wider than the opening. It can be consecrated to two constructive parts: the main one that overshadows the opening and subsequently to be finished (for example, by a professional flooring, wood) and console, the need for which is determined by the design features. To the lower edge of the frame of the canvas, slot down, welded guide 3. Thanks to her, the sliding gates are moving along roller carriages 5which are located inside. Comfortable masters and prudent owners are always used to attach carriages Adjustment stands 4. They make it possible to adjust the design in two planes. Overlapping the opening, sliding gates are pool from the end roller 2on the bottom trap 1. Over the top corner sticks the top roller trap 8, removing the wind load. For this, you need a bracket with rollers from lateral rings 7. From snow entering and fallen leaves guide protects a special plug 6

The first stage. Measurement and design of retractable (sliding) gates with their own hands

To correctly calculate the length of the design, it is necessary to measure the initial data. The gate can be made for the existing opening or may be designed simultaneously with the fence. Suppose that the fence is already installed and we have the opening that needs to be closed. The opening is limited by pillars.

For the design of the gate you need dimensions:

  1. Width of the opening
  2. Estimated height of the installed structure - from the level of the finished road surface
  3. The direction of rolling back the canvas and the length of the place to roll back.

The canvas can be removed left or right from the opening. The direction of movement is determined when looking from the courtyard. To roll back, free space is needed along the fence = width x1.5. As a rule, the height of the gate is below the fence for about 10-15 cm. The opening pillar, for which the gate can be rolled back should be higher than the gate at least 5 cm. For installation of the bracket from lateral rings 7. The gate canvas, departing, "hiding" behind the fence. The overall height of the gate is the height of the canvas with the guide + the height of the gap under the goal.

The height of the lumen depends on the layout of the mounting plate (channel) and from the height of the roller supports, which are applied in the design. If the mounting plate is set to one level with the coating of the road, and the sliding gates are assembled on the ROLTEK micro, rollTEk eco or cottage, then the lumen will be from 8 to 10 centimeters. For the centers of the middle strip of Russia, this clearance is optimal.

If you are just designing a future fence, below several tips that will help save and simplify the following installation.

With a width of opening up to 5 meters, you can significantly save on components, as they are divided not only for the possible mass of the design, but also by the width of the possible overlapping opening.

The wicket, built into the canvas, has many minuses: it reduces the stiffness of the structure, cannot be equipped with an electromechanical lock, has a high (about 20 cm) threshold and is traumatic. If there is such an opportunity - it is wiser to make a wiser separately. It is much safer and more convenient to use.

For the opening, limited by pillars of stone or brick, you need to provide in advance to mortgage parts for the installation of upper and lower traps, and the roller bracket from wind loads. The mortgage is a plate of metal with a welded perpendicular to reinforcement. Armature holds a mortgage detail in concrete.

Stage second. Production of base - foundation

There are several options for preparing the base for a rollback gate with their own hands.

1. Traditional and most expensive

Aside to roll back the gate, in parallel, the fence of the yard, you need to pull the trench. It is long - this is 1/2 width of the opening (for example, with an opening of 4 meters the length of the pit = 2 meters), the trench width is about 50 cm. (If it turns out to be done - it will not affect the quality, and the concrete will save), and the depth = 1 , 7m. To avoid the "slot of a sliding gate", the depth of the trench is made lower than the level of soil freezing.

In the pit, parallel to the fence, the mounting plate is placed. It is made from a chaserler 12-16 mm wide and half the width of the opening. The reinforcement grille will hold the channel in concrete, it knits from the reinforcement with a diameter of 12-16 mm. In order to save it, you can replace the replacement for unnecessary cutting metal (corner, square or prof. Pipes)

The mounting plate reinforce down is placed in the pit. Conditional "zero" for the gate design is the top plane of the mounting plate. From its position, it depends on what will be the minimum gap under the door of the gate. We recommend putting the mounting plate in one level with a road surface - then you will get a minimum clearance of 8 cm. The mounting plate must be laid as close to the fence post.

Special attention should be paid to the parallelism of the longitudinal axis of the slave plate and the lines of the opening. The path of the movement of the gate will be held in the center of the chawller. The rancher must be laid strictly horizontally.

2. Supported Foundation

The support-column foundation for the gate is a two reinforced pillar from concrete, the body of which is in the ground. Between themselves, the poles are connected to the mounting plate, which serves as the base for roller carts. The garden rose is made two pits with a depth of 1.7 -2 m. And a diameter of 20 to 35cm. The distance between the pile should be 20-30 cm. Less width of the opening. Holes under the pile need to be drilled close to the fence. The pits are reinforced and mortgages are installed in them (a plate of metal with a welded down fittings). Construction concrete. The level of the top platform of the mortgage must coincide with the level of the road surface. When concrete drops the initial strength, you can welcome the mounting plate and start setting the web. The axis of the mounting plate should repeat the path of movement of the future gate. Plate plane need to be arranged horizontally.

3. Foundation on screw piles

The practice of setting the gate to the screw piles in Russia new and reviews of the long use of the gate, established so, are not received. Customers who were installed gates on piles respond about them positively.

A big advantage of such a base is the low price and the ability to make work in one day, but to screw the pile need or make serious efforts and skill, or use expensive technique.

Preparation of electrical wiring for installation of automation

For the gate, open which will automatically be opened in the future, at the Stage laying of the foundation you need to lay the wiring.

The wiring tab in the ground and the foundation should be made in steel or PND pipes. Used pipes must be integer in length. Before laying a pipe, you need to pass the wire inside it so that it is easy to drag the wires. The diameter of the pipe inside should be at least 30 mm. Geometry of pipes, seams and places of bends should not interfere with the free passage of wiring. The depth of laying pipes depends on the soil at the installation site. The recommended type of cable for wiring is a flexible Copper Cable PVA.

You can pave a cable in PND pipes with an internal diameter of 15 - 25 mm. In this case, the cable in the PND tubes should be laid in advance. To avoid water from entering, the outputs of electrical wires need to be reliated. You can use armored cable.

Stage Third. Manufacture of the door of the gate

To make the gate roll back with your own hands, for the design, in addition to metal and the tool, you will need to purchase a set of fittings. On the sliding gate scheme, we described the components of the system. Accessories for a retractable gate varies on the maximum width of the opening and mass of the gate that the beam and trolley can carry.

For example, if the gate weigh up to 350 kg, and the length of the day is 4 meters, you can use components of the micro 6, cottage 6. As a rule, they are intended for private use: cottage, cottage, cottage. Mass limit involves light finish from the profile sheet, grid or stakenik.

For structures up to 500 kg and a length of a maximum of 5 meters, you need to use ECO set 7. This may be lightweight forged gates, structures with finished flooring or light wood (pine).

If the cloth weighs about 800 kg, and the opening is wide (up to 7 meters) it is necessary to choose components that can cope with such a task, for example, a set of euro from Roltek.

The most powerful details for the configuration - the Max system is capable of withstanding the cloth, the weight of which is up to two tons, with an opening up to 12 meters.

We recommend when buying components for the manufacture of a rollback gate with their own hands to think about their delivery, since the guide can be a length of 5 or more meters. It can be transported independently, on the trunk of a passenger car, and you can hire specials. Transport, or order delivery from us. If you want the components to bring to another city - we all organize. Delivery price by Russia is not high, because the cargo is lucky. Please contact us.

You can cut the guide beam into 2 parts - then the issue with delivery will greatly ease. We perform a sharp cutter and the beam docked perfectly. On-site guide you can cook without loss of quality.

For the assembly of the rolling gate frame for opening 4 * 2 m. It will take:

  • The pipe profile cross section 60 * 40 (can also be used pipe 60 * 30) - 3 pipes of standard length 6 m.
  • The pipe profile 40 * 20 or 20 * 20 for the manufacture of the crate (it is filling the door of the door of the gate from the corrugated floor, tree, etc.) - 5 pipes of standard length 6 m.

The correct design of the sash is the basis of the long work of the gate. The sash of the gate must be tough, while not overloaded with elements. The frame is a carrier farm, contain the diagonal and vertical power elements necessary for this.

Most often, the frame is made using whole-welded structures technology. Subsequently, it can be finished with a tree, a stakenik, etc.

Drawing of a rollback gate

Our company produces self-supporting gates since 1992. During this time, significant changes occurred in the design. Below we describe the most optimal, in our opinion, frame design.

Drawing frame of the retractable self-supporting gate on the opening of 4,000 mm wide, 2,000 mm high on the carrier system Roltek micro

Drawing of nodes A, in

Material specification:

Blank on the standard frame 4000x2000 on the carrier system micro / eco




Number of


90˚ / 90˚.

Micro 6 / Eco 6

6 000 mm.

1 PC.


90˚ / 45˚.


6 000 mm.

1 PC.


45˚ / 45˚.


4 480 mm.

1 PC.


90˚ / 45˚.


1 804 mm.

1 PC.


45˚ / 45˚.


1 844 mm.

1 PC.


40˚ / 50˚.


2 359 mm.

1 PC.


45˚ / 45˚.


4 399 mm.

2 pcs.


45˚ / 45˚.


1,763 mm.

2 pcs.


90˚ / 90˚.


1 683 mm.

5 pieces.


90˚ / 90˚.


703 mm.

6 pcs.


50˚ / 40˚.


1,089 mm.

6 pcs.

For the manufacture, we recommend using a profile pipe with a cross section 60 * 40 for an external frame, 40 * 20 by internal circuit and 20 * 20 for the crate. It is preferable to use a thin-walled pipe - this will reduce the mass of the gate and will help to save on the carrier system, and in the future and on the drive.

It is necessary to collect the frame on the welding table or on a flat surface that is more collected design. Pipe welding and guide need to be intermittent seam in a checker order. It is impossible to weld the guide completely on the one hand, and then, turning the frame, on the other. This will lead to its bending. Before welding operations, the guide and the pipe must be primed to avoid rust leaks as a result of non-flux. If the geometry of the canvas as a result of the assembly is broken, it is necessary to produce it.

Welding seams need to be cleaned with a grinding machine.

Stage fourth. Installation of construction and trim

Before installing the rollback gate, make sure that the opening has dimensions corresponding to the gate, and there are enough space for rollback and there are no obstacles in it.

Attention! The gate can only be installed after the foundation is completely frozen.

Sequence of actions for installing self-supported sliding gates:

1. Place an adjustment support on the mounting plate (channel). Distance L Between the support centers should be made approximately 35-40% of the width of the opening.

For components, rolltek it can be calculated by the formula formula.

For sliding gates on the opening of four meters by weight to 350 kg. (on the ROLTEK micro 6 system, cottage 6) or with weight up to 500 rolls Eco 6 calculation of distances is shown below

Note: Ahead of the flap is mounted end roller, its installation requires space. If the roller cart is placed in bulk to the way, then in the "open" position, the sash does not free the opening completely.

Using adjusting stands will allow you to correct possible errors when installing, without damaging the roller carriages. Adjusting the sliding gates installed on the stand can be horizontally and height. If the foundation moves during the use, the gate will easily align.

Adjusting supports need to grab welding. They wear roller carriages, the gate canvas rolled out and the final adjustments are made in height and the trajectory of movement.


  • Remove the gate with roller carriages
  • unscrew roller carriages with stands
  • By contour, we boil the stand, strengthened it to the mortgage, screw the roller carriages on the stand
  • We ride the cloth so that the gate is closed. Using the level and wrench, adjust the final position of the gate. Important! Horizontal adjustments need to be produced in a closed state. As a result of the adjustments made, the canvas should move without effort
  • From the side of the rollback in the front of the gate, install the end roller and tighten the mounting bolts

  • At the receiving post, install a channel for fastening the bottom and top traps. The channel (120 mm width) is welded to the mortgage. Instead, you can use a profile pipe 60 * 40 mm or a special reinforced bracket (rollTEK components)

Attention! You need to install traps after the web is fully prepared (loaded). Otherwise, they will need to adjust their position after finishing the gate.

  • Watch the top and bottom trap on the channel, having determined their position on the arrival of the door of the gate in place. The bottom trap must be adjusted so as closing, the sash drove onto it with a terminal roller and lifted by 10 mm.

  • Swelling the top stop limiter to the post for which the canvas is rolled back. Adjust the position of the canvas and the gap between the door of the gate and the rollers from the side rings. Tighten the rollers.

Mock the gate guide shifting.

The sheathing of the web such a design can be performed by any material with a thickness of up to 20 mm. Consider the finishing option to the profile sheet. The professional flooring of the desired length can be ordered at the factory so that it is well entered into the frame, its length should be taken by 2 mm less than the internal dimensions of the frame. Sheets are consistently inserted into the frame and are attached to the screws for metal or on riveting. If the last sheet does not fit, it is cut in width.

Stage fifth. Installation of the electric drive and gear rail

After the sliding gates are fully installed, you can start the installation of automation. The principle of operation of any electric drive for the sliding gate is to transfer efforts from the gear on the gear rail on the gate canvas. Rake is sold by segments 1 meter, the amount of rail, which is necessary for the gate is calculated based on the width of the opening + 1 meter. The rail is steel - it is attached to the welding to the frame - and the nylon with a steel core - it can be attached to the roofing screws to the finished goal.

Have questions? Want to buy components and make a sliding gate with your own hands? Call or come to us. Competently answer the questions that have arisen, help the advice!

A good, reliable fence with a beautiful gate is not only the protection of the country area from the unborn guests, but also gives a clear idea of ​​its borders. To make the fence more convenient and practical, its gate supply fixtures that simplify their opening and allow you to make this process automatic. One of the most popular designs is a system with a mechanism that allows you to shift the linen fence to the side. Today, many companies are engaged in installing a rollback gate, but we suggest making them with your own hands.

Device and principle of a rollback gate

Depending on the type and location of the supporting surface, the retractable gate is divided into rail and roller, but since the second have a more reliable design, then today systems with lower rail guides are practically not used. As for the mechanism with supporting rollers, it is easy to assemble independently, since all components can be purchased in the trading network or do it yourself.

Popular previously pinned sliding gates with lower guide rails today outed more reliable design with support rollers

These gates can be built in two ways:

  • monoshire
  • Double synchronous design.

Monoshirma is a design of one sash, which relies on the roller guides (trolleys or console supports) installed on the side of the side of the roller. On them the gate is shifted in one direction, opening the place to drive the car. Such a system does not require the upper battles between the columns and is used at the height of the canvas not more than 2 meters. Simplicity and convenience of monosolism contribute to its popularity for the arrangement of private sites, open areas and courtyards.

Scheme of roller sliding gate

Double synchronous gates have a couple of shifts that drive away in opposite sides. Unlike monoshire, the design has two supporting foundations and an upper beam, which serves as a guide for additional rollers. The console system is able to withstand the cloth increased weight, therefore it is used for a gate of more than 2 meters high. It is a good option for equipping garages for trucks and high hangars, various warehouses, industrial facilities, etc.

Since for a private compound, the need to install high gates occurs in infrequently, then we will consider single systems. Among other things, such a sliding gate has a simplified design, so they are more suitable for making with their own hands.

Roller carts are the main support elements of the design

In addition to the guide and roller supports (console blocks or carts), the performance of the design provides several other elements.

  1. Nizhny and upper catcher. They are P-shaped brackets installed on the edges of the capturing column (supports, racks) and intended for fixing the gate in the closed state. The upper catcher prevents the "false" sash sash, while the lower retainer in addition to this function also loosens the load on the rollers and the guide.

    Slippers are made of thick metal, because the reliability of the gate fixation in the closed position depends on them.

  2. Supporting tire or bracket (roller limiter). It is installed on the upper edge of the main rack and serves to additional fixation of the canvas.

    Supporting bracket assembly with rollers

  3. Support roller. Fastened to the front end of the guide and serves as a plug, damper and reference element. When you enter the sash to the lower catcher, it softens the blow and assumes part of the weight of the structure.

    Support roller with rubber damping pillow

In addition, some details of the system are supplied with plugs that prevent snowing and serve as decorative elements.

Design features design

Before proceeding to the purchase of materials, at least a small drawing or sketch with an indication of the main sizes and the calculation of the required material should be made.

Sizes of the canvas

One of the main issues in the design of the gate is the definition of width and other design dimensions. First of all, it is necessary to determine the distance between the columns of the gate, since all further calculations depend on this magnitude. At the same time take into account:

  • Dimensions of vehicles that will enter the site;
  • car entry angle;
  • Free gap between the overall width of the car and the supports of the gate, which should be 0.3-0.5 m on each side.

For middle-class passenger cars, there will be a rather round of 2.5-3 m wide, while the truck or tractor requires a speed of at least 3.5 meters.

Construction and dimensions of the sliding gate linen with a frame for metal

If the movement perpendicular to the fencing line is difficult and will need to enter an angle, then this value must be increased 1.5 times. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that the car for any reason (slippery surface, an inexperienced driver, incorrectly fixed cargo) can shift or lean to the side. Therefore, the optimal can be considered the width of the gate of about 4.5 m - this will be enough for any situations.

Calculating the width of the canvas, 20 cm is added to the size of the face. This must be done so that with the closed gate from the supporting rods the yard did not view through the gap. If this possibility was not taken into account in the manufacture of the sash, then from the situation you can go out, slightly shifting each other posts. When determining the height of the gate, many believe that it should be the same as that of the fence, but usually the canvas make a little smaller. This is due to the fact that the lower edge of the fence is set with a minimal gap on the level of the site, while the sash of the land does not apply and is set with a gap of about 10 cm.

Drawing of the leaf of sliding gates without frame for filling profile

In fact, the distance between the lower guide and the level of the yard is adjustable with the help of reference sites that the height of the roller carts is exhibited. Depending on their position, the sash towers above the section at a height of 10 to 15 cm.

In addition, the height of the canvas affect the size of the frame of its frame and the width of the lower guide. In the end, the gate was on the same level with the fence, when designing, it is necessary to take into account all these nuances and make an accurate calculation.

Drawings and schemes

The basis of the design of the retractable gate is the guide that moves through the console blocks.

So that the supporting rollers do not interfere with the passage, they are shifted behind the side envelope. In this case, the sash is lengthened due to a special slope that performs the function of the counterway. You can avoid skew when closing a retractable gate can be possible if the slope length will be equal to ½ width of the sash.

The entire load during the operation of the mechanism takes on roller carts, so it takes a durable, reliable one for their installation. The foundation is replenned in the form of a massive reinforced concrete structure with an upper mortgage pad from a wide metal schwell. In the future, it will be convenient to use not only for mounting roller supports, but also for mounting the automation drive.

The tight type has a very simple design. Understanding the mechanism of work is enough to independently make the necessary sketches and make calculations. Nevertheless, we provide to your attention the schemes and drawings of the structures that will serve as visual aids and will help in work. Among other things, one of the finished projects can be taken as a basis in the manufacture of a rollback gate personnel.

Drawings for manufacture

Installation of the gate
Mounting scheme for making a rollback gate
Roller truck
Drawing roller support
Waters with guide rail
Drawing of a canvas with guide rail
Support bracket
Drawing of the support bracket
Mounting scheme mortgage
Mounting scheme of a mortgage platform
Structure of the sliding gate
Structural Scheme of Retold Gate
End roller
Drawing of the end roller
Components of sliding doors
Specification of design details
Drawing guide with roller assembly

What do you need for the construction with your own hands

Getting Started to build a gate, you need to have a set of components (fittings), which can be purchased with a set or manufacture yourself. As for the tools, you will not need any specific devices - everything you need can be found even at a novice homemade master.

Select details for rollback mechanism

There are several options for components for a sliding gate, depending on the width of the width and weight load:

  • For a gate weighing up to 400 kg and a width of no more than 4 m;
  • For cloth weighing up to 600 kg and no more than 6 m wide;
  • For sash mass from 600 kg and 6 m wide and more.

Choosing one or another kit for its needs, it is necessary to take into account the material filling material, because it has a significant impact on the weight of the sash.

The creation kit consists of such details:

  • lower guide;
  • supporting bracket with rollers;
  • Roller support - 2 pcs.;
  • Supporting roller platform stand - 2 pcs.;
  • reference (terminal) roller;
  • lower and upper catchers;
  • Plastic plugs.

The guide of the lower rollers must be sufficiently rigid to maintain the original shape and not deformed under wind load. To ensure this condition, the responsible manufacturers make rail from high-quality structural steel with a thickness of at least 3.6 mm - to this parameter and you should navigate when it is selected.

Set of fittings for assembling a rollback gate

Since the roller carts hold the whole mass of the gate, their bearings must be high quality, and the rolling surfaces themselves have a high hardness. You can find console blocks with plastic rollers that reduce the noise level when the gate moves. Note that after a while, these details will have to change, because even the most high-quality thermoplastics will not be equal to cemented steel. Before mounting, the bearings of the support rollers are recommended to be opened to check the amount of lubrication - it depends on whether the gate will creak when driving, and how long these parts will work without the backlash and jams.

Fixing the sash on top provides supporting bracket. To ensure stability and reliability of the structure, its thickness must be at least 4 mm. As for the guides installed on it, rubber rollers have proven. The load on them is not so great, but the fact that they do not scratch the frame of the gate during operation, a positive way affects the aesthetics of the structure.

When choosing the lower catcher, it should be borne in mind that it works in a pair with a support roller. It should be checked how freely the confusion is included in the retainer. In addition, the end roller is designed to redistribute the load at closed gates, so the same requirements are presented to it as the main reference elements of the system.

The metal plate from which catchelors are made should have a thickness of at least 4 mm, since the reliability of the locking of the sash in the closed position depends on its quality. In addition, the strength of these parts should be provided by the welding compound.

The plugs of the rail rail will be suitable for any. The main thing is that they prevent snow in the snow and performed a decorative function.

The selection of the firmware is completely dependent on personal preferences and financial capabilities, so you can use:

  • Professional flooring, which has a small weight and is easily mounted with ripples or screws. Profile panels can be chosen in thickness, color, depth and width of the waves, and their coating is capable of protecting the metal from corrosion for many years;
  • Steel sheets - chosen in thickness and sizes. Most often used as the basis for wrought elements of the gate;
  • polycarbonate with which the gate will be the easiest;
  • Stakenik or lining - they must be treated with antiseptic means and covering varnished or paint. Only in this case, you can count on durability and aesthetic appearance of sawn timber;
  • Forging - can be used both separately and in combination with polycarbonate, sawn timber or steel sheets. Today in the trading network you can buy separate forged elements, of which, with the help of welding it is easy to build a real work of blacksmithing art;
  • Fillunka (chocolate) - to obtain metal sheets subjected to stamping. You can find "chocolates" of various sizes. They are fixed with welding or ripples.

Using the forging, steel sheets or fillets to cover the canvas, should take into account a significant increase in the mass of the gate when the roller supports and other structural elements are selected.

You can find Filong of various sizes on sale, which allows you to create the gate of the original design

What instrument and materials will be needed

The construction of a retractable gate will require the fulfillment of not only plumbing, but also concrete work, so it should be prepared:

  • shovel;
  • scrap or kirk;
  • traam;
  • containers for bulk materials and concrete;
  • welding machine;
  • Bulgarian (corner grinding machine or ushm);
  • cutting and credit circle for the USB;
  • a hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • a set of horn keys;
  • roulette;
  • Chertilka or pencil;
  • Compressor with a pulverizer or brush for painting works.

If the sash cover will be performed not by metal, but by a tree, then there may be a circular or end saw, plans, chisels and other carpentry tools.

For the manufacture of the door of the gate is best suited profile steel pipes

In addition to the components and elements of the trim, there will be a lot of other materials. So, to make a sliding gate for a 4-meter passage, you will need to get to the site:

  • not less than 18 meters of profile pipe 50x50 mm or 60x40 mm with a wall of 2 mm - for welding frame frame;
  • up to 20 pipe meters pipe 40x20x2 mm, which will be needed for the internal parts of the frame;
  • Schweller No. 20 at least 2 m long - for the construction of a mortgage reference site for roller guides; Instead of a channel, you can use two segments of the steel corner with a 100 mm long shelf, which are welded along the length. Installing mortgages only under carriages of roller supports, as well as concrete studs, it is not recommended - in this case it will be difficult to set the rollers and adjust the automatic closing device (drive).
  • Fat sheet metal for nicknames - mortgages, which are installed in the masonry when building side supports (columns);
  • About 15 m of reinforcement or steel rod with a diameter of 10-12 mm, which will be needed for fastening the chapellery and the foundation structure;
  • Sand, crushed stone and cement for making concrete.

It should be taken in advance about the aesthetic structure, so it will take paint and primer to dye the frame or the entire canvase. Any alkyd enamel is suitable for outdoor work and primer for metal surfaces.

Phased mounting a rollback gate

The correct approach to the manufacture of the retractable gate will allow to obtain a solid, reliable design and avoid errors in work. Therefore, the whole process is better divided into several stages:

  • Construction of support pillars;
  • Foundation arrangement;
  • manufacture of web and individual structural elements;
  • Installation of construction.

To succeed, you need to do everything according to the work plan. Each step must be accompanied by the control of geometry and other technological parameters. Only in this case can it be relying on the fact that the gate can even discover the child.

Installing columns

Installation of support pillars is one of the most responsible stages, because in the future they will be responsible for the sustainability of the entire structure. Racks can be made from various materials - oak bar, massive metal rolling, brick or concrete. It is recommended to concrete pillars to a depth of at least 1 m, and in areas with a high level of groundwater, it is equipped with a common foundation for all structural elements of the retracting gate.

Scheme of reference gate

If metal pipes are used for racks, the installation of catchers and the supporting tire does not cause difficulties - they can be consolidated with welding. In the case when the pillars are made of stone or bricks, the mortgage must be installed in the laying. These mounting elements are metal platforms from thick sheet steel, to which the segments of the metal rod or thick wire are welded. In the process of facing the column, flexible elements are placed in the seams, setting the nicknames at the desired height.

So, for mounting the reference racks dig a diameter with a diameter of at least 0.5 m and a depth of more than 1 meter in which a pillar is installed. Next, exhibit it with the help of a level and poured concrete. For reliability to the lower part of the metal rack, you can welcome several crossbars from pieces of corner, pipes, reinforcements, etc.

Construction of foundation

Before starting the installation work, it is necessary to make the markup of the foundation of the reference site and prepare a pit for its arrangement. For these purposes, 0.5 m is retreating from the plane of the fence - this will be the width of the trench. The foundation should be longer than the counterweight of the sash at 20-30 cm.

If automation will be used to open the gate, then at the stage of installation of pillars and the construction of the foundation in the ground, electric cables are paved. To protect them use corrugated plastic casing.

As a mortgage foundation, a width of up to 20 cm wide is used. Its length is half the width of the outlet plus a 10-20 cm allowance for the installation of the pads of roller supports. To ensure the monolithic of the mortgage, it is enhanced by a frame of fittings.

Drawing of the base site

The foundation is constructed so:

  • dig a trench with a depth of 1-1.5 m. On sandy soils, as well as at a high level of groundwater, the bottom of the recreation should be below the friction point;
  • From a metal rod or reinforcement, rods are cut: a long 1-1.5 m (in the depth of the trench) and a short 0.2 m. The latter will be twice as smaller - they will be used as jumpers;
  • Long pieces of reinforcement welded to the side sheller's side shelves at a distance of 30 cm from each other, getting a design like a bench with a multitude of legs;
  • The opposite rods are connected in pairs with the help of 20-centimeter jumpers at a distance of 0.7-0.8 m from the chavell;
  • The trench lowers the design of the mortgage, aligning the channel in the height of the site.

    The channel must be set strictly horizontally so that its upper plane coincides with the level of the carriageway. If the tile, concrete or aspal coating is only planned, then it is necessary to consider an increase in the height of the passage.

  • Install formwork and armoois;
  • Poured concrete and carefully compacted.

According to technology, the foundation should stand for 28 days so that the concrete has reached valuable strength.

Arrangement of the foundation of the reference site

Production of sash

For the manufacture of the carrier frame of the gate, profile metal pipes with a cross section of at least 50x50 mm are used. In order not to get a sash, which was led by the "propeller", it is necessary to equip the platform with a strictly horizontal plane. To do this, choose a wide, even place and with small gaps lay wooden rails or bars on Earth. Level control is carried out using a laser or bubble tool and a construction cord.

For welding of leaf sliding gates conveniently use wooden backups

The welding of the canvas lead upwards, laying separate structural elements on the prepared plane.

  1. Produce outdoor frame, which is the main frame of the sash. To do this, the pipe frame is welded to the rail rail with a cross section of 50x50 mm or 60x40 mm. After that, the vertical pipes are fixed to its upper plane, the upper crossbar and slope are mounted. Welding seams can be performed by sticking 2 cm longs every 0.5-0.6 m. The welding of the frame is carried out in a checker order. This will prevent overheating of individual sections and disruption of the design of the structure.
  2. To the base of the frame welded elements of the filling frame, which will be needed for fastening the professional flooring and will make the design with more rigid. Internal bulkheads are made of 40x20 mm pipes.
  3. Welding places are cleaned with an angular grinding, after which the design is covered with primer.
  4. With the help of the pulverizer, two or three layers of alkyd paint are applied.
  5. After drying the protective layer, the canvas are trimmed by professional flooring. For its fastening, self-tapping screws or rivets are used, the holes under which are drilled by the electric drill.

Frame, which will be shifted by a professional, wood or polycarbonate, must be painted before filling

If steel sheets or forging are used as filling, they are welded at the framework of the framework of the framework, after which they are cleaned and only after that the gate is prepared for staining.

Design Assembly Instructions

  1. Installation of the retractable gate starts with marking. In order to designate the trajectory of their movement, along the roadway it is necessary to pull the cord. The gap between it and the road surface should be 150-200 mm, and the distance to the support pillar is 70 mm (with a recommended canvas thickness up to 70 mm). In the future, the cord will serve as a axial line when installing console supports
  2. Define the installation site of the front roller cart. The principle is simple here - the further supports place apart from each other, the less the load on the bearings will be. Nevertheless, the neighboring part of the supporting rollers is installed not at the extreme dimensions of the pillar, but at a distance of 15 cm in the direction of rollback. This is done in order that the protruding roller protruding from the sash does not perform the roadway. To determine the extreme position of the rear console support, from the total length of the canvas (with a counterweight) is subtracted 100 mm. The resulting value is deposited from the receiving pillar (on which the catchers will be attached) - this point will be the outer boundary of the second trolley.

    Definition of installation of roller supports

  3. Supporting platforms of roller supports are exhibited by the obtained points and grab the welding, after which the rollers are installed on the adjusting plates.

    Roller supports are installed on the support plate by means of supporting sites. This allows you to avoid overheating of the rollers when installing and get the opportunity to set the guide "in the horizontal"

  4. The leaf of the gate is not the place, rolling the guide on the rollers. Check the correctness of the installation of the supports, after which the sash is removed, and the carts themselves are dismantled.
  5. Adjustable plates weld reliably.

    Before welding the supporting platforms and install trolleys in place, the gate canvas remove

  6. Install roller supports and canvas in place, after which the gate is fixed in a closed state.
  7. The construction level is set in one plane with a guide, after which the adjusting bolts of the supporting sites exhibit the gate "to the horizon".

    The correct installation of the roller cart (with a supporting platform) will make it possible to adjust the level of the guide beam without any problems.

  8. The roller roller is installed inside the guide, after which they are fixed with bolts and grab welding for reliability.

    Installation of rolling roller

  9. On the contrary to the roller trolleys of the pillar to the top edge of the canvase, the roller limiter is installed. The supporting bus is fixed with welding, after which the setting of the gate vertically is adjusted.

    The bracket of the supporting tire to the post can be fixed with welding - a wide range of adjustment of each roller allows you to easily exhibit the door of the vertical gate

  10. Mount the lower catcher. To mark the place of its installation, the gate is fixed in a closed position, set the catcher bracket under the supporting roller and pressed to complete touch. The catcher is attached to bolts so that in the future it was possible to adjust its position relative to the roller.

    Installation of the lower catcher

  11. At closed gates, mark the location of the upper catcher and fasten it to the post.

    The upper catcher, like the bottom, can be mounted on a pole or mortgage welding - the design of these parts provides the ability to adjust widely

After installation, we produce the final adjustment of the support rollers that supports the tires and catchers. The end part of the guide is closed with a plug, and the welding seams are cleaned and painted.

If you do everything right and carefully, then in the end there should be such a design.

Video: how to install a rollback gate with your own hands

How to equip them automatics

Installing the automatic opening system can be installed on such a gate only when they are easily and without jerks moving along the rollers. To do this, purchase:

  • toothed rack;
  • electric drive;
  • signal light bulb;
  • limit switches or photocells;
  • remote control;
  • Control block.

Today there is no need to buy components separately - you can find ready-made automation kits. For the installation of the system, the same tools that were used in the manufacture and installation of the gate will be needed.

Automation set for sliding gate

The electric drive is fixed to the same bedding chapeller as roller supports. Work is performed in stages.

  1. The profile tube is applied tooturn rail. After that, it is combined with the drive gear and noted its location between roller supports. If the drive must be raised to several centimeters or move away from the outer edge of the schveller, then a thick metal plate of suitable size is welded to the mortgage surface.
  2. Using welding, the base of the drive is fixed to the supporting surface, after which the mechanism itself is installed.

    Drive backdrop drive, like support rollers, fasten through the adjustment site

  3. At the open gate, the toothed rack attach to the guide. Its length and location are chosen in such a way that in extreme positions there is a stock of up to 10 cm.

    Installation of gear rail

  4. The limit switches are mounted on the rail, electrical connections perform and install photocells.

For safety reasons, the signal lamp is installed on the extreme pillar. After that, check the correctness of electrical connections and include the supply of electricity.

A screwdriver or any electric motor with a gearbox can be used as a sliding gate drive, and apply an inexpensive car alarm for remote control.

Video: Retractable gate with a drive made of screwdriver

Although the net gate requires more financial investments than the usual, the lion's share of costs can be saved if you make them with your own hands. Ease of operation and comfort, which gives a remote control system, combined with high reliability and ability to save space on the site. A good argument in favor of modern and functional design, isn't it?

Thanks to the versatile hobbies, I write on different topics, but the most beloved - technique, technology and construction. Perhaps because I know many nuances in these areas not only theoretically, as a result of study at a technical university and graduate school, but also from the practical side, since I try to do everything with your own hands. Rate article:

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More and more owners of private houses choose a sliding gate. Production is quite a costly occupation, so many are solved to make a sliding gate with their own hands. For this, certain costs will also need, they will have to buy materials and deal with the presence of a tool, but in the end you will get a wonderful high quality gate and at an affordable price.

It is worth considering that even independent work will cost more than another type of gate, but quality, durability and comfort is a great motivation to make a choice in their favor. To make a rollback gate with your own hands, drawings and schemes will be very by the way. You can use the ready-made schemes that will find in this instruction.

Retold gate with your own hands

How to make a rollback gate with your own hands? First of all, it is necessary to deal with the materials.

Retold gate with your own hands. Choose materials

You will need painted professional flooring, rectangular pipes of different sizes, fittings, primer, screws and automation. The most expensive in this list are accessories that can buy a set and automation, which turns on the drive with control unit, rail and consoles. If you wish, you can take care of safety.

Thus, you need to choose a sufficient amount of material. First you need drawing and size information so as not to overpay for unnecessary products. For example, if the gate is 3x2, then the professional flooring will require 6 m2, and the pipes a certain number of kilograms.

Materials for sliding gates

Having learned the sizes, making sure that this drawing is suitable, you can start buying a material. The drawings can be used from this instruction, already proven schemes will not deliver inconvenience. Next, you need to make sure that there are tools needed to build a sliding gate with their own hands.

Tool preparation

Prepare or take out of familiar bulgaria, grinding machine, concrete mixer, tool for masonry brick, screwdriver, stepladder, shovels, hammer, level, wrench, scrap, and roulette.

The list turned out quite extensive and if you did not get some specific tool, you should not immediately buy it, perhaps he has your friends or have the opportunity to rent. Because with the purchase of equipment, you are unlikely to save on the installation of a rollback gate with your own hands.

Tool for roll backdrop do it yourself

When everything is ready, it is necessary to start directly to work.

Retold gate with your own hands. Installation

We carry out training - an important stage

To start, spend preliminary work. The vegetation layer of the Earth will have to be removed if there is still another coating in this place, it will still have to get rid of it. For convenience, you need the markup of future retracting gates.

Further, during the breakdown process, it is necessary to use four reinforcing elements 1 meter and electrodes - axis (constant and temporary). Before you score the reinforcement, make sure that the diagonal of the rectangle coincide. After that, score, leaving on the surface of 20 centimeters. The line is superimposed between the reinforcement. From the main axes you can create temporary.

Next you need to pull out the pit, there will be a foundation for pillars, mortgage parts and trenches for wiring.

Foundation Scheme for Return Gate

Council. Do not forget that the pillars must be a little wider than its size. For example, in the sizes of the 40x40 cm column, the pit should be at least 42x42 cm. The foundation will get wider and it will be easier for you to carry out brickwork.

The mortgage item also requires the foundation of certain conditions. The pit is obliged to be a half of the opening of the gate.

Council. Take into account the climate of your territory when creating pit. The depth is obliged to be large, more than the depth of the freezing. If the foundation turns out to be too close to the top, the ground, which froze, pushes it outward, the design will be unreliable. Sometimes the depth can be almost one and a half meters, it is not necessary at this stage to be negligible.

When the walls are tremendous during the creation of the pit, do not do without formwork. In this case, you can save by choosing the old material, the boards do so come in soil.

Ready capping by water to achieve the ramp. If further works continue later, fumble of covering them and protect them from rain that can wash them.

To later do not spoil the passage, take the trench in advance, where the sleeve with an electrical cable will be laid, to later connect the automation of the sliding gate easily and quickly. For this work, you will need a conventional water pipe from plastic, diameter Select about 20 mm. At the moment when the sleeve is laid, close the ends of the pipe with polyethylene, which will protect from dirt and moisture. When the sleeve was laid and falling asleep, the place where the styling passed the same water to achieve the dumps of the soil.

So far, a sketch of the retractable gate was used little, but in the future it is still very useful.

Preparing pillars

The function of the core will perform metal products, in this case, pipes. It is better to take rectangular products with dimensions of 80x80 mm or 100x100 mm. Round metal pipes are suitable, the diameter takes from 80 mm.

The pipe above the ground (its top) must be slightly lower than the post, there is enough pair of centimeters. If, for example, a pole is 2.5 m high, the core must be 2.45 m. Part underground should not reach the bottom of the pit. Stop also 5 cm. If a pit is a depth of 90 cm, then the lower part of the pipe is 85 cm.

Foundation Scheme for Return Gate

Council. To achieve the maximum strength of the core, in order for the design of the retractable gate with their own hands, it is possible to make a kind of strengthening, welding two reinforcement elements crucifably below. The length of the welded parts is 25 cm.

When the pipe is installed in the pit, ensure it to protect it from moisture, anything covered.

Retractable gate with your own hands: Creating a mortgage detail

Your work will depend on the quality of this element as a whole, because the mortgage item affects the movement of the gate and the electric drive.

For this element, a channel is quite suitable, whose width is approximately 20 cm, but not less than 16. The length must correspond to the half of the width of the gateway.

So that the channel holds reliably and durable in concrete, it will be necessary to fight the reinforcement. A welding machine is again useful. To work, pick up 4 pieces of fittings, the length of which must be about 90 cm. Welcome from both sides and tie the reinforcement jumpers by choosing a diameter of 10 mm.

Foundation for skating gate

Concrete the foundation for a sliding gate

Preparation of metal products in principle completed, you can move to a new stage of work. It is necessary to pour the foundation for a sliding gate with their own hands. Standardly better to take the brand of concrete M200. We prepare the mixture: 1 bucket of cement, sand - 3 V, rubble - 5 V. (fraction 5-20 or 20-40). Given the total volume of the knead to use 20% water.

Scheme of concrete gate concreting

Wait for normal temperature, because in Frost you will have to use additional additives against freezing. If the temperature on the street is normal plus, you can proceed to the concrete process.

Before pouring a concrete foundation for a rollback gate with their own hands, make sure that all the designs of metal in the pit did not shift and are reliably located. Under the weight of the concrete, they can shift, make sure it happened. Using the level, check as far as the installation turned out to be smooth, checking horizontally and vertically.

Schweller - Exactly at the level of the horizon surface, if the passage is not ready, calculate the distance of the vertex. In the ideal embodiment, 7 cm should remain between the sash and the surface so that in the snowy weather the gate, when moving, did not put snow.

Council. The design of the retractable gate should be durable, do not forget when pouring each portion of the mixture, constantly rubbing concrete to avoid the formation of voids.

Scheme of sliding gate

When concreting is complete, you can proceed to aligning to remove all irregularities. If the street is very hot, concrete should be protected from cracks, covered it. Water it a couple of times a day.

While concrete is gaining its strength, you can relax a week. This is an urgent recommendation if your goal is a reliable and durable gate.

Brickwork pillars for rollback gate

Having coped with the foundations and waiting until they become durable, you can start closing bricks by installing mortgage elements for nicknames. Use the corner 50x50 mm, the length of which is about 8 cm, and the armature with a diameter of 8mm is equal to half the column. Weld it to the core.

Stock Foto Brick post for sliding gate

The overall requires three tabs of three parts: 1 below after masonry 3 brick rows, then average - in the middle, and 1 item at the top - knowing the top edge of the gate in the future, make the laying slightly lower.

Scheme of a brick column for a sliding gate

Retractable gate frame

To make it easily create a frame, use pipes with a cross section of a rectangle or a square. To create a rollback gate with your own hands, drawings and schemes will have to be used. Drawing - a detailed scheme of your work, which was speaking at the beginning, will now be very important. If you have a sketch of a rollback gate, there will be no problem for sure. It also helps to save materials using exactly as much as required for the manufacture of a rollback gate with their own hands.

Scheme of sliding gate

Metal pipes, all other items clean from rust, degrease and leakage. In the standard embodiment for sash and carrier elements, a pipe 60x40 mm or 60x30 mm is used. The second internal frame - 30x20 mm.

All assembly begins with the rail rail, it means that at this stage it should be prepared in advance. When setting a frame, provide its stability in a vertical position, weld two parts of pipes (square), they will perform the role of supports.

In the carrier frame, the bottom tube welds to the rail by tapes. Use the length of the seam to use 15-20 mm, step 600-700mm, on both sides, the order is chess.

Scheme of sliding gate

Council. Do not make a solid seam. This not only inexpediently and leads to the extra flow of electrodes, but also threatens the fact that the guide profile will lead, the gate will become jamming, the movement will become heavy.

After that, we can exhibit vertical pipes, grabbing them with one welding. Using the level, check the resulting vertical even when you make sure that everything is normal, only then make a solid coach.

Next - installation and welding of the upper crossbar, then diagonal.

Bull frame can be read ready.

Next, inside around the perimeter, it is worthwhile to privar the pipes of the second frame, not the main one, to them later will be welded professional flooring. Pipes are obliged to be in the center of the carrier frame, so that the flooring is, when it will be in the sash, it drowned a little.

Welding works are finished, you can clean the seams with a grinder, grind them and paint.

Council. It is better to spend painting in three layers.

To secure a corrugated floor, use 19 mm Special Self-Test - for Metal, to make it easier, you can attach it when the sash is already installed in the opening on the support. Each sheet must be customized separately, it should be seamless to the frame. Piece of the sash with a triangle shape, leave without installing proflists, because this part is not to fall into the opening.

On the sash, everything, but other equally important details remain.

It remains very little to complete the self-made rollback gates.

Scheme of sliding gate

Out of metal pipes 60x30 or 60x40 mm are created and mounted asset.

Retold gate with your own hands

To create a rollback gate with your own hands, choose accessories:

  • The guide rail is a good quality profile, the surface is smooth, without flaws, not rough, without ocalan. Metal must be specific, in the composition should be greater than usual carbon
  • Roller carriages - with metal rollers, it is impossible to take polymers. Bearings with metall relay anthers. Move without difficulty. Be sure to take care of corrosion protection.
  • The top plate with rollers, there must be 2 or 4. It is better to take with a rubber coating that will not scratch the canvas.
  • The lower end roller - it will be suitable or a polymer or metal.
  • Nizhny and upper catchers.
  • Rubber plugs, preferably with a corrugated part.
  • Mounting plates roller supports.

The device of the sliding gate does not make up a lot of difficulties. It remains to install the listed elements and install the automation. The design of the retractable gate seems difficult, but you can cope with yourself, without third-party paid assistance, using our instructions and watching the video instruction below.

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