FRDO: check the authenticity of the diploma and information about education

In Russia, there is a single official register, where information on diplomas in all professions is stored is FRDO. We will tell you how data fall into it who sees them. Let us explain why it is not yet possible to find information about diplomas about vocational preparation and advanced training certificates in this registry

What is FRDO and what is its benefit?

FRDO is a federal register of information on education documents and (or) on qualifications, instruction documents. This registry forms and leads the Federal Service for Supervision in the field of education and science on the basis of laws:

The federal registry was created in 2013 to:

  • eliminate the turnover of fake documents of the state sample on education;
  • provide departments and employers with reliable information on the qualifications of applicants for employment;
  • reduce the number of violations and corruption in educational institutions;
  • Improve the quality of education by providing the public with reliable graduate information.

This is said on the official website of the Federal Service for Supervision in the field of education and science.

Simply put, FRDO is the only official register where information about issued diplomas is stored. And now, anyone can check the authenticity of the diploma for free and reveal the fake.

In FRDO, you can check on the authenticity of your second-hand and higher education diploma, as well as the certificate of ownership of the Russian language:

Changes in respect of documents on additional professional education

From January 1, 2019, licensed training centers are obliged to transfer data on listeners to FRDO, which received an additional vocational education (part 9 and 10 of article 98, paragraph 2 of Part 15 of Art. 107 of the Federal Law of December 29, 2012 No. 273-FZ "On education in the Russian Federation", Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 08.26.2013 No. 729).

Additional vocational education refers to advanced training courses and professional preparations.

The Federal Service for Supervision in the field of education and science collects this information and stores FRDO FRDO on protected servers. But there is no open access to this information, so check the diploma, obtained on courses until it is impossible. This feature is in development.

As soon as the FRDO improves the site, it will be possible to check for the authenticity of diplomas for additional professional education programs, and not just diplomas about the highest or middle formation. Follow the news on the contour website.

An example of how the data falls into FRDO and what happens to them further

  1. Victoria Solnyshkin has passed online training under the professional retraining program " Chief accountant of the organization of the budget sector "In Kontur.Scol and October 1, 2019 received a diploma diploma diploma.
  2. Data on the diploma of Victoria Sunshushkina contour. Skol immediately handed over to the FRDO. Because contour. Skol - Licensed Training Center ( License for educational activities № 036652 of 13.10.2015 ), connected to FRDO and, fulfilling the requirements of the law, transmits information about the documents issued to the registry. An information letter that contour. Skol transfers data to FRDO.
  3. FRDO will store data on the diploma of Victoria Solnyshkaya on protected servers. And later, when the data access function earns, Victoria or its employer will be able to independently find a diploma in FRDO and make sure of its authenticity.
  4. Victoria is arranged in a new company, and her potential employer wants to make sure that the diploma is genuine diploma, but the registry is not yet available. What to do? The HR manager thought and made a request to the contour. School. We sent confirmation that such a diploma was issued.

Everything turned out to be in order. And now the institution employs a new chubuch of Sunshushkina.

Who and why is it interesting to check diplomas from courses?

Training for accountants

Improving qualifications and professional preparation. Documents of the established sample

Currency schedule
  • Employees who have passed training for additional professional education programs - to make sure that the diploma received "then and blood" is really valid and included in the official FRDO registry.
  • Employers, kadrovikov To verify the authenticity of the diplomas of applicants and be confident in their qualifications.

What other registries exist. Can they trust them?

Are there official registers by profession?

No, there is no, for example, the official unified federal register of certified accountants. There is no separate official register of personnel specialists or procurement specialists or labor protection. For all professions in Russia, there is a unified official register of data on issued documents on education and / or qualifications (FRDO). We told about him in this article.

Then how do other registries come from, in addition to FRDO?

Training centers can lead their internal registries of courses and issued documents. For example, the contour. Skol leads such a registry. On its basis, we are responsible for official requests for confirmation of the legality of issued documents and issue duplicates of diplomas and certificates. This registry is not available.

Other training centers also lead their registers, some of them are published in general access. For example, Odpo ATO Aktion-MCFER is maintained by the register of the operating certificates of chubbuch, the Institute of Professional Accountants in Russia leads its own register of certified profoughtgallers.

None of these registries has official all-Russian status. It is like anthem of Russia: the official version sounds for champions, although everyone can sing.

What you need to remember:

  • If you have passed courses of advanced training or brake preparation, you do not need to independently register in any registry. The licensed training center will give information about your diploma into a single official FRDO registry.
  • In FRDO, you can check on the authenticity of your second-hand and higher education diploma, as well as the certificate of ownership with Russian. But so far it is impossible to check a diploma of additional professional education, obtained after training on advanced training programs or professional preparation. We are waiting for the refinement of the registry.

FRDO official website

134 639.

For the most part, the need for a diploma authenticity usually appears in employers. However, often such a desire arises from those who wish to find a competent nanny, a tutor or a personal trainer. Below we will describe in detail about all sorts of ways to verify the authenticity of the document on higher and secondary education.

Single register

If an early unhindered to check the accuracy of the qualifications of the candidate could be only government agencies and power structures, now this opportunity is available to commercial companies and, if necessary, individuals. In 2013, in order to overcome corruption and eradicate illegal trade in university "crusts", officials from the Ministry of Education decided to create a single register of university graduates, colleges, technical schools and schools. With it, you can quickly find out whether a specific diploma diploma is or not.

Collection of information on diplomas issued, as well as the assignment of academic degrees and ranks, began in 2009. The accumulation of such information resulted in the creation of an extensive information base - a single register of education documents.

The electronic base is updated daily and round the clock. According to official statements, until 2023, the registry will contain absolutely all information about educational documents of graduates of secondary and higher institutions of the post-Soviet period.

Step-by-step check

With the modern development of computer technologies and the availability of the Internet, check the accuracy of the diploma is quite possible for a maximum of three minutes.

To verify a specific document, you should define the following data:

  • Education level (secondary or higher).
  • Name of educational institution.
  • Series and book number.
  • Date of issuing a document.

Prepare the necessary information, you can proceed to check.

1. First of all, it is necessary to open the official website of Rosobrnadzor.

2. Scroll through the mouse wheel down to the "current topics" header, and then select the item "FRDO" (the federal register of the state sample document on education, scientific degrees and titles) and click on it. All tires can be viewed on our website in the section "Training"

3. In the online check window, we enter the required information, and then click on the button with the inscription "Check availability of information in the FRDO".

Cottal articles:

To eliminate errors, creators recommend using the expanded search. Cottal articles:

If the registry reports that in its database there is no information about this diploma, do not hurry to upset and hurry with the conclusions. Check inscribed information, you may have made a mistake or made not complete information.

Result of checking

After some time, after entering information, the site will give the result. The check database is fully automated and demonstrates a positive result only with the full coincidence of the entered data.

The registry may not issue the necessary information after processing the request for the following reasons:

  • An error is made when making information in the search form;
  • Not all points marked with an asterisk are filled;
  • The diploma was recently issued and not yet listed;
  • The document is a fake.

Information about new diplomas goes to the register no later than two months from the date of their receipt by the diploma. In addition, the graduate will not personally make any information about his diploma in this base. To speed up the addition of data, you must send a letter to the institution that provided a diploma. In a letter, you must express a request to add data to a single registry. Each educational institution providing secondary and higher education has the right to personally add information about its graduates.

Some restrictions

The registry does not include data on diplomas that are issued by government educational institutions under the following services:

  • Federal Security Service;
  • Federal Security Service;
  • Foreign exploration services.

It is obvious that the activities of such agencies are a state secret and, accordingly, is under the protection of the state. Thus, a graduate, who received education in the institution belonging to the above services, will not be able to prove the authenticity of his diploma.

A single registry enables employers to save time and without much difficulty to check the accuracy of the diploma of a potential employee. Owners of fake documents remains only to think about the legitimate diploma.

All our customers receive diplomas legally!

How to check a diploma of higher education for authenticity and understand a real or fake? Online

How to check the diploma by number, the names for authenticity, and even online online on the official website in the registry of FIS FRDO (Registry of Education)?

Diploma You can check in the FRDO register on the Rosobannadzor website

Direct link to state. Register for verification of diplomas Dokumentah-Ob-Obuchenii /

The registry is called a "federal register of information on documents on education and (or) on qualifications, instruction documents", abbreviated - FRDO.

What education diplomas can be checked?

  • General education
  • about secondary vocational education
  • higher education
  • Russian language ownership certificate
  • professional education
  • Additional professional education

Those. You can check the diplomas about retraining.

Where to contact for / checking a diploma where to check?

Diploma You can check in the FRDO register on the Rosobannadzor website

Direct link to state. Register for verification of diplomas Dokumentah-Ob-Obuchenii /

The registry is called a "federal register of information on documents on education and (or) on qualifications, instruction documents", abbreviated - FRDO.

What information need to verify the diploma?

  • Full name who received a diploma, certificate, testimony or certificate.
  • Specify the level of educational institution (average, higher, etc. Education)
  • Name of the educational institution;
  • Series, number of the diploma document, sometimes code;
  • date of issue

Check diploma in the register of Rosobrnadzor

Registry on the website Rosobrnadzor

Scroll down the page down - click on "Search service information about education documents" - open

We choose the level of education and then fill in diploma information.

How to find a register of verification of diplomas on the Rosobrnadzor website - either by reference above, or the path address:

-In the section of the menu from above "Gos.Svugi and Functions"

- choose government functions

- On the left in the side menu, we choose "Formation and maintenance of the federal registry of information on documents on education and (or) on qualifications, instruction documents"

In the section Current topics choose FRDO
In the section Current topics choose FRDO

Choose the level of education
Fill the data on diploma
If necessary, complement the information in the expanded search

Do all the diplomas can be checked and found in the registry of education?

Answer: No, not all.

For example, I could not find any university, nor information on my diploma (military university) and even on a certificate of secondary education (there is simply no information here).

Not in the list of a number of universities, they simply do not. It can be added over time or you need to write about it.

There are no diplomas issued by Universities of the FSB, FSO, intelligence, as well as military institutions.

Diplomas and education documents are added, since 1961 issuing, but probably not still added.

Where to turn to add my diploma to the Rosobnadzor Register of FRDO?

Electronic reception

Electronic Reception Rosobrnadzor FRDO
Electronic Reception Rosobrnadzor FRDO

Regulatory documents for registry inspection of diplomas

The register of education documents is organized on the basis of parts 9 and 10 of Article 98, paragraph 2 of part 15 of article 107 of the Federal Law No. 273-FZ "On Education in the Russian Federation"

Decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation of 08.26.2013 No. 729 "On the Federal Information System" Federal Register of Information on Publications on Education and (or) on Qualifications, Teaching Documents ",

The Federal Service for Supervision in the field of education and science provides the formation and maintenance of the federal registry of information on the documents on education and (or) on qualifications, instruction documents.

Objectives to create a federal register of education documents:

  • Eliminate the turnover and dissemination of fake state documents. Sample on education
  • Provide all agencies and, so be employers with reliable information on the qualifications of applicants for employment
  • Reduce violations and corruption in educational institutions (so as not to be formed and not sold).
  • Improve the quality of education due to reliable graduate information

Within the framework of project activities, Rosobrnadzor created a federal information system "Federal Register of Information on Education and (or) on qualifications, training documents (FIS FRDO), which ensures information on issued documents from educational organizations, the accumulation of these information in a single database.

Let good people read good articles!

Unfortunately, in the modern world to acquire a diploma is not the most difficult task. In the transitions, in the markets, and in the universities themselves this service is quite popular. Some people do not want to spend time and effort on education, want to get everything and immediately without effort. And each employer wishes to protect himself from the "Mount-workers" and hire really highly qualified employees.

Given the difficult situation, in Russia they created a special electronic register, which will help verify the authenticity of education documents. If you used to use this service only only a state institution, today the system is available to every wishes.

To organize a convenient single graduation database, it was necessary to accumulate information, starting with 1960 diplomas. Now the information is regularly updated and updated in real time.

Also in the system, you can find out topical information and find answers to popular questions.

What do you need to know before using the system?

To verify the authenticity of the document, it is not enough to know only the diploma number and the name of the owner. It will be necessary to make other data in a special form, having a diploma. This protects the personal data of the owner of the diploma.

It is advisable to enter information carefully, looking at the document and avoid typos.

How to work with the system?

First you need to find the Rosobnadzor site. Next, on the left side of the screen, it is necessary to find the section "Formation and maintenance of a federal registry of information on documents on education, and (or) on qualifications, instruction documents". This section allows you to check the information about the desired document. At the bottom of the page, after answering popular questions, the desired form is. In this form, you need to fill out the required fields. Without this information, the system will not give you access to the registry.

Required fields

To confirm or refute the authenticity of the diploma, it is necessary to fill out such mandatory items:

  • The level of education of the owner (higher, secondary professional or certificate of ownership of the Russian language);
  • Surname of the owner of the document;
  • Series and book number, i.e. diploma;
  • Date of issue.

If you failed to find a document, you should not do hasty conclusions. You can try to find it by filling out the advanced search.

The menu requires to specify the status of the diploma (you need to choose from the proposed), qualifications (bachelor, master, junior specialist) and specialty. It is worth noting that the specialty is worth writing completely and as indicated in the diploma.

The operation of the system is automated, convenient to use, does not require special skills. Finding coincidences, instantly show you a positive result.

If the first time it did not work out the coincidence, you need to double the correctness of the input of information. You may have made a mistake or typo. It should also be noted that the diploma data could not have time to include in the database.

FRDO is the Federal Gospectra, created to counteract the emergence of fake diplomas in Russia. Having hired a new specialist to the post, the employer is better to check a diploma for authenticity in the state market of training.

Single State Registry

According to statistics in the Russian Federation, there are many people working on false diplomas acquired by chains. The government decided to form a single base of students on the website of the State Registry, where you can quickly check the registration certificate about the end of the university to originality. To do this, an online request is made to the FRDO register of documents certifying the receipt of higher education.

The registry contains all information from state organizations. An extensive official base was created by the accumulation of information on additional professional education and graduates' diplomas. By contacting a single base, the employer can learn how to check the diploma for authenticity by online number and make sure the originality of the education document. FRDO FRDO service is free and it is possible to get it quickly not only by oversight bodies, but also on request of physical. Persons. In addition to the employers, you can make a request online students or customers of the teacher.

How to check the diploma for authenticity in the registry

To verify the data on the official website of Rosobrnadzor (not Rospotrebnadzor), it is necessary to have complete information about the owner of the diploma or certificate. In order to avoid disclosure of confidential data, it is impossible to check the diploma for authenticity without additional information. The correct analysis on the site is possible only after submission to the form of details.

Instructions for checking diploma to authentication through Rosobrnadzor online

Carefully fill in the graph indicating the series and document numbers.

Step 1. Open

FRDO Diploma Authentication

The site of checking diplomas on the authenticity of Rosobrnadzor (not to be confused with Rospotrebnadzor).

FRDO Diploma Authentication

Step 2. Go to the State Register of Documents, on the main page in the Count "Actual Topics" among key phrases, select "Check the authenticity of the diploma in the FRDO"

Check the authenticity of the diploma in FRDO

Step 3. Select the appropriate level of education. I remind you if certificates are issued, then you need to choose "Vocational training" in other cases - "Additional Vocational Education"

the level of education

Step 4. Find an educational organization by directory, enter a complete or abbreviated name of the organization

Step. 5. In this section, you can officially learn important information and innovations from Rosobnadzor. In the window that opens, users are invited to enter data. To check, click in the Registry "Check Document Information in FIS FRDO".

Step 6. Make data in the FRDO search field and click Search.


  • To confirm the originality of a retraining document, the employer must send an official request for the Dean of the University. The petition made in arbitrary form must be issued with the regulatory provisions of the legislation. The letter should be applied to the employee's statement on the consent of personal data processing.
  • To verify the authenticity of a higher education diploma, you must specify in the query:
  • Phio recipient of the certificate;
  • secondary or higher education;
  • Name of a professional institution;
  • Registration code, number;

State series;

date of issue.

  • Extended authentication
  • On the Rosobrnadzor portal, you can check the authenticity of the diploma by the name in FRDO online through an extended check, which facilitates the search. To do this, enter additional data:
  • document's name;
  • registration number;
  • status;
  • specialization;

Find on the reference book FISDO


Year of the end of the educational institution.

Rosobnadzor check results

In the Rosobrnadzor base, new information about the documents arrive automatically online, in the FRDO they are recorded no later than 60 days from the date of their issuance. When data is detected, automated check quickly issues appropriate confirmation. However, you can not make a document in the registry yourself. You can add information only if you send a request to the university that issued a diploma to you.

Only the Institute itself can add additions to the register of diplomas. When entering information is not excluded inaccuracies, as indicated at the bottom of the footnote. Therefore, this type of analysis is not absolutely accurate. Information in the registry may be absent if the diploma has not yet been submitted to the State Register.

Other methods

You can use other authentication receptions, for example, you can request a university. After that, the employer will receive a written response from the head of the educational institution, although by law it has the right to refuse to provide information.

Then the employer by number and series sends a petition for confirming the issuance of a diploma to Rosobrnadzor. If the State Registry did not find such a confirmation, the university is obliged to do this in the formal manner. The Institute must send a response within a month after the company's petition.

Diploma authentication on the Institute website

Is it possible to check the diploma to the authenticity in other ways? To help the employer find out the originality of the document on retraining or advanced training can not only the register with diplomas data. On the websites of universities there is an online archive with personal matters of graduates. To do this, introduce existing student information. In some educational institutions, an electronic QR code is available.

Personal conversation with the applicant for the position

To learn more about the applicant, many managers of enterprises invite him to an interview. The student's personal conversation can be asked about teachers or the location of the university. The employer can also appeal to the dean and ask the characteristic of the graduate. If the applicant cannot respond to simple questions on specialization, then perhaps a diploma diploma. Then it makes sense to refer to online check services or make a request.

Information on the Internet from social. Networks

Employees from personnel departments often know how to check the authenticity of the diploma on the Internet by last name. Even on the interview, they can learn about the achievements of the applicant on his personal pages in the social. networks. It also helps to make a psychological portrait of the applicant.

On the person page you can see where he studied, and often this information is confirmed. Although users may not specify complete information, but even such an easy way helps check the data obtained from the applicant.

Possible restrictions in the state market

Despite loading information to the base, it is impossible to check diplomas obtained in universities of scientific organizations. It is also impossible to check the information on the establishments that are in the FSB office or the intelligence service, as this is a state secret. If the registry does not find data, you can try to introduce diplishes diplomas later. If the employer wants to find confirmation of the diploma promptly, alternative methods can be used.


In Russia, the State Register is functioning with the basis of diplomas issued. Federal services and employers know how to verify the authenticity of the professional retraining diploma in the FRDO registry.

If it turns out that the document is fake, the employer must dismiss the employee with the appropriate resolution in labor. Also, the employee falls under Art. 327 of the Criminal Code, for which he threatens fine, executive work or arrest.

The owners of fake diplomas will now be much more difficult to find a job by buying a document from scammers. To check the certificate of authenticity in the state market, you need to know not only the number, but also additional information.

Training in the Prikamsky Institute Security

Our institute specializes in learning, professional retraining and advanced training. Our company is recognized at the state level. It has accreditation to provide such services by licensing authorities. After the end of the courses, confirming documents are issued on the bookcases of the Goznak, protected from fake.

Training courses:

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