Men's potency: how to increase it using nutrition

For representatives of strong sex, their male potency is very important. The slightest doubt in his sexual impact knocks them out of the gauge, although they do not show it outwardly. Sexual function depends on many reasons: lifestyle, health status, proper nutrition, etc.

Health and Male Libido

Health Men is inextricably linked with its sexual function. If a strong sex is healthy, his organs work normally, and the male potency is at a high level. And when problems with health begin, in most cases it is reflected in potency.

According to research, representatives of strong sex, leading regular sex life with one partner, live longer those who often change ties and is not random relations. For full-fledged sex contacts, not only physical pleasure is important, but also moral satisfaction. In this case, not only bodily, but also spiritual and emotional sphere is involved. Their combination affects the entire person and gives an intimate relationship a special depth.

According to some specialists, it is especially essential to have regular intercourse after forty years. If there are big breaks at this age, male potency can be recession. Here, as in any physically active actions, you need a permanent "training", otherwise the function of the organ can begin to fade, degrade. At the age of twenty years, breaks do not play a decisive role, and after forty years they can cause the development of impotence. Regular intercourse improves the work of an important organ - prostate. Therefore, they can be considered prophylaxis against the appearance of prostatitis.

There is also an opinion that is not confirmed by scientific research that the lack of permanent sexual life leads to a hormonal imbalance. This negatively affects the health of the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal tract, the liver. The nervous system is also subjected to negative changes, the character of the man worsens, becomes grilling, obese. However, it is not characteristic of all strong sex representatives.

Men's potency as a factor of conservation of family relationships

Men's potency as a factor of conservation of family relationships

When a man begins with an erectile function, a crack appears in family relationships, both sides suffer from this.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

According to physicians, 10% of the representatives of the strong gender, who crossed the forty-year-old frontier, appear signs of erectile dysfunction (that is, problems with erection arise). The symptoms of this phenomenon are as follows:

  • It is more difficult to achieve erection.
  • The erection is partial, the member does not reach full hardness.
  • Feeling with sexual act weaken.
  • In the process of sexual intercourse, the erection decreases.
  • The sexual intercourse is delayed, a man cannot reach orgasm for a long time.

If such changes have appeared, you need to consult a doctor (although men do not like to do this). Otherwise, an impotence can develop over time.

In some cases, the ability to sex life can be maintained up to 80 years, or even longer. But in most cases, after 60 years, it decreases significantly, sometimes disappearing at all. True, in this regard, everything is individually.

Causes of fading potency

Specialists cannot come to a common opinion about the reasons for the fuss of male potency in a relatively young age. However, a number of reasons are still clear. First of all, this is a change in blood composition: it becomes more dense, it increases the amount of cholesterol. This leads to failures in the work of the vascular system. In particular, due to excessive blood viscosity, small vessels can be blocked. As a result, the work of vessels that feed penis makes it difficult.

Another reason is to reduce the elasticity of vascular tissues, as well as the deterioration in the ability of the heart muscle to contractions.

Further, the blood supply to the brain deteriorates, so the speed of the reaction to irritants is reduced. The man is unable to quickly excite and then maintain a high level of erection.

There is also a decrease in muscle elasticity and tendons. This is also a consequence of degraded blood supply. As a result, a man cannot carry out a full sexual intercourse.

Who is in the risk area

For example, representatives of strong gender, which with their heads plunged into work and constantly think about it. In this case, the testosterone level decreases, which leads to problems with male potency.

These are those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, does not get out of the computer. The constant seat leads to hypodynamics and adversely affects the functions of the body.

The third risk group is the people who are all the time in emotional voltage: businessmen, managers, etc.

How to avoid erectile dysfunction? First of all, it is necessary to follow the level of cholesterol in the blood. If he is high, you need to change the power system, eliminate the products defining its increase.

Next, start playing sports, lead an active lifestyle. Physical exertion normalize the composition of the blood.

And, of course, it is necessary to establish proper nutrition, positively affecting health and male potency.

Food that affects male strength

Food that affects male strength

In the nutrition that increases the erectile function, the most important element is animal proteins. First of all, it is meat of different varieties. For a strong floor, it is a vital product, as it ensures the development of the main hormone - testosterone. Animal protein is also needed for sperm production. Therefore, in the diet, first of all, it is necessary to include beef, lamb, pork, veal, liver, chicken, turkey, etc.

Male food is unthinkable without fish, mostly fatty varieties. It contains essential polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, which prevent cholesterol formation. The most useful varieties include: salmon, trout, halibut, zashtka, ket, pink salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring, etc.

These are seafood: shrimp, mussels, squid, crayfish, lobsters, crabs, oysters, sea cabbage. All of them contain trace elements that improve blood composition.

Animal protein products also include eggs. For a long time they were considered cholesterol suppliers, so they were recommended to limit. But for some time the eggs are rehabilitated, since recent studies have shown that they do not cause accumulation of harmful cholesterol.

Especially useful for the potency of quail eggs. They have a strong exciting effect, increase the erection. You can eat the scrambled eggs of 15-20 quail eggs (they are small: for comparison: the weight of the chicken egg is 60 g, and quail - 10 g).

Further, the menu must include dairy products, as they are suppliers of a full-fledged animal protein. This is cottage cheese, cheese, cheese, milk, ryazhenka, kefir, etc.

Vegetable food must be present in the diet. In the first place of utility are bean: beans, peas, lentils. These cultures contain a large amount of vegetable protein. Of these, you can cook soups, porridge.

A large amount of vegetable protein includes nuts: walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, peanuts, pistachios. In addition, nuts are rich in vitamin E, which is extremely important for sexual function.

Bitter chocolate is also useful for erection.

It is clear that the useful ration is unthinkable without fruits and vegetables. They contain vitamins and trace elements necessary for all organs and maintaining high immunity.

Seasonings and spices are very useful for activating sexual function. What they are sharper and burning, the better they help experience the excitement and save the erection. Among the spices are especially useful red and black pepper, curry, saffron, ginger, carnation, cinnamon, etc. They can be seasoned different dishes, as well as include baking.

An important seasoning also includes vinegar, onions, garlic, horseradish, mustard, adzhika, vasabi (warning: sharp seasonings and spices are contraindicated by men with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract).

It must be said that alcohol, due to its vasodilators, also has a beneficial effect on the erection. But there is a very important point. If you take alcohol in moderate quantity, it stimulates sexual function. And if used excessively, he, on the contrary, oppresses it and further leads to impotence.

List of best vitamins for men

The benefits of vitamins for the human body are indisputable. In the finished food, it may not contain the amount of vitamins that are necessary for the body. Because of the health problems appear. Often, men neglect their health. This case is worth taking special vitamin supplements for men.


How to choose correctly


No need to buy the first drug that fell apart. Vitamins should be selected taking into account the following factors: age, lifestyle, diet, body features, the presence of disease.

On the modern pharmacological market you can find a huge selection of effective and inexpensive drugs. They cope with many health problems and can become effective prevention. Also there are import stamps, but they are much more expensive.

Before buying vitamins, you need to get a recipe from the doctor. You also need to follow the instructions for use. Attention should be given the expiration date, storage conditions, the date of manufacture, side reactions.

Vitamins for men

Men and women need completely different vitamins. For male health require the following:

  • A. prevents cancer development, improves potency.

  • B. positively affects the work of the nervous system, improves eyesight.

  • S. lowers cholesterol. Especially needed to men who smoke.

  • E. is responsible for the operation of blood vessels, fills with vital energy and forces, improves potency.

Do not buy vitamins, which contain iron. Women need more in it. For men, its excess leads to problems with heart and vessels.

Age parameters


An important factor when choosing vitamin complexes is the age of a man.

For men under the age of 40, vitamin complexes are suitable, activating protein synthesis. They make muscles stronger, adjust the hormonal background, improve the quality of sperm. This is vitamin A, B and E.

Men is better to choose vitamins A, C and E. An important role is allocated to antioxidants that slow down the aging processes.

For men aged 50+, vitamins A, C, E and B12 are needed. They help to maintain youth and do not allow to develop infectious diseases. Also improve potency. Separately, it is worth saying about vitamin D, which is necessary for the health of the teeth, heart, bone strength.

Classification for purpose

All vitamins can be combined into several groups by their specialization. But there are also universal, which are accepted for prevention.

There are separate complexes for athletes and ordinary people. In the complex there are vitamin A, B, C, D, E. If chronic depression is noted or constant fatigue, then preparations with vitamins B1, B12 are suitable. They are inexpensive, but quite effective.

If problems with the reproductive system are noted, Vitamin E. It must be present in the complex in significant quantities.

There are separate preparations that improve the condition of the skin and hair. Daily need to take vitamin N. To strengthen immunity, vitamins B, C, D. will help

For active livelihoods and health improvements


Duuk. Improves metabolic processes, fighting fatigue. It is an effective biological active additive. They advise you to take athletes and people engaged in mental activities. Fits men of any age category.

Vitrum Life. Combined drug. It is recommended for men aged from 30 to 40 years. Helps maintain a good physical form, increases potency.

Valman. Needed with the active rhythm of life, provides the necessary amount of energy. Effective not only during physical exertion, but also helps to maintain emotional equilibrium. Do not take together with alcohol.

Mensen formula. It helps with fatigue, improves endurance to physical exertion. It is considered a biologically active additive.

To improve health, it is worth paying attention to the following drugs:

  • Alphabet. As part of therapeutic herbs and amino acids. Against the background of other drugs has a more profitable value.

  • Supurum. Also standing inexpensive. As part - vitamins and minerals. It is adopted for prevention, as well as after suffering severe diseases.

  • Selmevit. Showing people working in harmful conditions. As part: Zinc, calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese.

For the prevention and treatment of disease

Men who plan to conceive children should cost some vitamin complexes. The most popular proven are:

Center. The best preparation for men with prostate diseases.

Parity. Improves potency. Consists of natural components.

Forceman. Effective for men with impotence. Improves blood bleeding to the genital organs.

Also help biologically active additives, for example, men's formula. In Chinese production preparations do not contain chemicals. They are characterized by high efficiency and practically do not have contraindications.

Preparations against stress

In addition to all the above preparations, it is also worth highlighting anti-stress vitamin complexes. The most popular is complivitis. It contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals. Accelerates the process of metabolism, has an antioxidant effect, improves resistance to external stimuli. The drug is sold at low cost.

No less effective means - pharmaceutical. It helps to restore blood pressure, fights insomnia, improves the work of the cardiovascular system. Showing people engaged in intellectual activity.

Physical exercises to increase potency

The article is prepared by a specialist for informational purposes. We urge you not to engage in self-medication. When the first symptoms appear - contact your doctor. We recommend reading: "Why can not be engaged in self-medication?".

Best exercise for potency


The best exercises for potent directly on pumping RS-muscle. It has a length from the pubic bone to the sacrum, and its function is to maintain an anus in the proper position and internal organs related to it. The muscle is subordinate to the nerve controlling the activity of the genital organs and the rear passage, so it communicates between them and the brain. If it has due force, it is Life and sexual energy generator which in the transformation process stimulates the production of hormones responsible for the feeling of satisfaction and joy.

The weakening of the RS muscle leads to decay of activity , feeling fatigue, reduce sexual desires and opportunities. Therefore, it is so important to pay attention to this particular area and take it by pumping it.

Exercises for potency

Starting position - Sitting on the heels, chair or pillow with a fully straightened spine and relaxed neck muscles, face, hands, back and shoulders. You need to tilt the head slightly, and close your eyes.

Method of execution: It is necessary to strain the muscle and linger in this position for 3 seconds, if you first fail to hold out for so long, this is a sign of the weakness of the PC-muscle. In this case, it is necessary to save voltage within 1 or 2 seconds. There should be a feeling that the pelvic area slightly raised upwards. At the tension of the muscle you need to make a leisurely breath, and at the time of relaxation - exhale.

Duration Exercises should not exceed 10 min. During this time, it is advisable to have 10 goals to do 10 goes, but if this quantity does not type, the occupation should still be discontinued.

When the muscle becomes strong enough (this usually happens a week of regular training), the voltage holding duration becomes subordinate to the account from one to ten, and it is impossible to sharply compress the muscle, on the contrary, you should gradually increase the voltage in the course of the account. Relaxation also needs to be done slowly and measured. The whole cycle should take 5 minutes.

After a minute break It is recommended in the rapid pace 10 times to compress and connect the muscle. Initially, this exercise can cause difficulties, but in the process of training the control over its activities will be complete.

Then the whole cycle with a slow increase in voltage and relaxation on a decimal account with a minute pause and tenfold fast compressing should be repeated. And after a small respite to make it for the third time.

In the area of ​​the pelvis, there may be a sense of tension and sipping, this should not be fearful, so the muscles, which has long been alone, reacts to the load. But it's too much straightening at first occupations, otherwise enthusiasm will disappear earlier than the first positive shifts will appear. The effect should start manifest after 2 weeks of daily exercises.

Subsequently, it will be necessary to make a course twice a day for 15 minutes, gradually increasing the number of abbreviations until it reaches 300 times. Exercises are good because they can be performed even at work, with the appearance of habits the need for the account disappears.

You can download the RS Muscle in another way. To do this, settled on the floor on the back, legs slightly push out and strain the corresponding area. Here, the value has not so much the number of repetitions as the power of the voltage, so it should be paid to it.

It is possible to carry out the pumping of the PC-muscle and standing, for this legs it is necessary to place apart, strain the area between the pubic bone and anus as if you need to stop the stream of urination, while the pelvic muscles are also pressed. In this position, the member somewhat approaches the stomach, the testicles will turn out to be higher than usual. Muscles need to hold as much as possible for 10 seconds. When performing the exercise, it is impossible to hold the breath.

Squats for potency


Squats for potency are different from the usual and have an amazingly diverse effect on the body of a man, causing testosterone production, eliminating the blood clots in the legs and a pelvis, making a soft massage of the prostate gland and increasing the muscle tone. All this contributes to the improvement of potency and increase the level of health as a whole.

Starting position - Standing exactly should put the legs a little wider shoulders, socks unfold out. It is important before the start of the exercise strain the buttocks and only after that proceed to squats.

Do not break down the feet from the floor, you need to slowly go down if possible below. At the very bottom, it should be lined in a fixed state for 2 sec. And then gradually straighten your feet. After full straightening, you need to repeat the exercise again 20.

All the time, while squatting is performed, buttocks are in a stressed state, only in this case the muscles affect the potency will be worked out.

With the advent of a certain training, you can increase the load and, completing the last critic, linger in the lower position by 15 seconds., Making short swing up and down. Having done this, you should be taken for daily affairs.

Performing squats is important correctly alternate the load and rest time to avoid the feeling of excessive fatigue.

Rating of the best products to increase potency - find out who took the top 5

Other exercises

Consider a set of exercises aimed at improving potency by developing individual muscles and improving blood circulation.

  1. Rotation of the pelvis. From this exercise it is recommended to start daily classes. It will serve for muscle heating. It is necessary to perform circular motions to the pelvis, similar to the rotation of the hoop 40 times in the same way. This exercise enhances the blood flow at the bottom of the body and develops the back muscles, which are often involved at the time of sex.

  2. Slopes. The legs need to place a little wider shoulders and bending the torso, trying to get the hands of the floor. You should not take a large load immediately, it is initially 20 slopes, repeated 3 or 4 times. A week later, you can start adding to the slope every 2 days, while their number will reach 50. This norm is recommended to adhere to. This exercise develops the muscles of the back and spine, increases the conductivity of the spinal cord, which controls the erection and ejaculation.

  3. Big step . This exercise is recommended to begin in the morning in half an hour before meals after a small warm-up. To carry it out, you need to take dumbbells (weight depends on the level of preparation and can vary between 3 and 10 kg), the hands are omitted along the body, to make a step forward and gradually fall onto the knee, continuing to hold the cargo in the original position. Changing legs should be done about 12 attacks.

Several exercises that preferably perform nude:

  • Standing straight off the legs on the width of the shoulders and bend slightly in the knees. Hands are placed on the hips or along the body. It is necessary to make a pelvic fast forward-back movement, slightly shaking the genitals. The breath is made deep and noisy, and exhale - gradual and quiet. Seven breaths make up one approach, followed by a thirty-auce rest, after which the complex repeats about 6 times. Bring out the exercise better in the morning, but you can repeat several times during the day. These actions are well affected at the potency level and are used in some diseases of the sexual system to improve the state of the organs.

  • For the next exercise, it is necessary to squat and start tightening the scrotum up as much as possible, at the same time pulling the belly and buttocks. A short breath alternates with an imperceptible exhalation. 7 pull-ups is one approach, followed by a twenty-second leisure and seven-time repetition of the complex. Such actions are shown in the presence of violations of the formation of spermatozoa and a number of diseases of the sexual system.

In addition to listed exercises, directed directly to improving potency, it is recommended to conduct a healthy and active lifestyle, play sports and abandon bad habits. The effect of these measures will not make himself wait and affect the quality of sexual life in the most desired way.



Do daily exercises to increase potency. Sit down, make a big breath, in exhale strain all the muscles of the anus. Then relax. You need to start from 20-30 seconds, subsequently bring constant voltage to three to five minutes. The stronger you will develop these muscles, the stronger your potency, erection and orgasm will be.

Swastastica .This is a convenient posture in which hands and legs are crossed, hence the name. It is performed like this: the right leg in the knee bends, put on the opposite of the thigh so that the sole of the legs tightly rushed with the thigh. With the second leg, the same thing is done, only the leg is put on another thigh.

This Asana is also called the "lotus posture", in such a posture they are engaged in meditation, since it can see for a long time, the back becomes absolutely straight, the blood circulation in the pelvis area increases, which has a tonic effect on the nerves.

Sarvangasana .This is a rack on the shoulders, in the people of this pose called "Birch". Sarvangasan - the possession of all mystical yogis, which brings a huge benefit. It is done like this: Lie on the rug, relax, slowly straighten your legs and in the same slow pace, lift them up so that the spine and the pelvis are absolutely vertical. All body cargo in this Asana goes to shoulders, attention should be concentrated on the back muscles and groin.

The back needs to be maintained with your hands, elbows rest in the floor, the chin should put on the chest. The deltoid muscle and neck must touch the floor. Do not let the body start to swing, keep your legs to keep straight. Hold your breath to the moment until you feel strong tension. At the end of the execution of this Asana, the legs need to be lowered slowly, without sharp movements. The execution of asana should be started from two minutes and gradually bring the time to 30 minutes.

Effect: This Asana is considered a medicine from all diseases, as it significantly improves the overall body condition, increases the vitality and intellect, contributes to the destruction of hepatic and intestinal diseases. From the execution of Asana becomes a flexible spine, the blood circulation in the spinal cord is improved, the posture stimulates performance, the nervous system tones and helps rejuvenation.

Lebedev Andrey Sergeevich

Article author: Lebedev Andrey Sergeevich | Urologist


Diploma in the specialty "Andrology" was obtained after passing the order at the Department of Endoscopic Urology of the RMAP in the Urological Center of the Central Justice No. 1 of Russian Railways (2007). The graduate school was passed here by 2010.

Our authors

We will analyze 16 techniques on the topic how to quickly increase the potency in men at home. Let's start by parsing the causes of the problem.

Causes of sex disorder

  • Negative emotions, stress and frequent experiences;
  • excess excess weight, obesity;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • Little-moving and sedentary lifestyle;
  • low testosterone level;
  • spinal injuries, intervertebral disks, the presence of hernia;
  • high blood pressure;
  • bad habits;
  • elderly age;
  • diabetes;
  • Difficult.

16 ways to solve the problem

1. Click the organ at the base with your fingers

  • If in bed with your favorite dignity is letting let the blood goes there badly, the combat readiness is lost, then you need to squeeze your body at the base as if you impose harness. This is the ancient secret of Taois.
  • Squeeze at the very moment when, for example, you gonna wear a means of contraception. While you have not started doing friction, the grip is not cleaned.
  • You can compress three fingers - index, medium and large. They form such a harness against blood outflow. Apply this technique in practice.

2. Perform useful exercises for the pelvis organs

The man will use the usual squats at home to increase the potency in a certain period of time.

From how good the influx of blood into your body, its performance depends on a long period of time, and endurance is still produced.

For better filling the blood body, the pelvis is useful to perform special exercise.

  1. Exercise " Squats " Ordinary squats to the stop and return to its original position.
  2. Exercise " Steps of soldiers " The bottom line is that the knees during the step should be lifted to the abdomen. Hands can be put on the belt. You like marching on the parade.
  3. Exercise " Holding stone " Pens put on the belt, legs on the width of the shoulders. We start bending the knees and squat a little. No need to squat until it stops. In this hung, the position with the most power is strained and the muscles of the buttocks are relaxed a certain number of times, then return to the initial rack.
  4. Exercise " Raise pelvis " Lying on the back, support in the palms, feet and blades, you begin to raise and lower the pelvis again. Imitation of movements there - back, the pelvis on the return can be slightly touching the floor.
  5. Exercise " Bike " Together on the back, hands on the belt, knees semi-bent, legs raised and start imitating the rotation of the legs as if you ride a bike.
  6. Exercise for Curving muscles training . Going to your back, knees are semi-bent and spread. Now you begin to strain alternately and again relax the muscles of the crotch (area from men's organs to the tailbone). Do not try strain the buttocks. It is familiar that everything is done correctly, the heat appeared in this area will be.
  7. Exercise " Running on the spot " The bottom line is that you imitate running in one place, and try not to tear the floor socks. We also spoke about these and many other practices in another article.

There are many different domestic exercises for men who are designed to quickly increase potency

How much to do in time

This exercises are simple, and the effect of them is very tangible. Take it at first a day for 5 minutes then increase the time to 10 minutes every day.

Results will be in a week. Verified.

Secret of success - This is constant.

Hold the time to develop yourself to get rid of frequent mind on how to increase the potency in men by folk remedies at home and quickly strengthen the male libido.

3. Know the secret of poses and choose the right one where there is no blood outlet

The fact is that if you love the position where it is from above, and you lie below, it is easy to lose an erection to those who have problems with male strength and libido. Because in this posture, blood will pull down. This is especially true for the elderly.

It is better to use poses, where your body is located vertically. These are poses with the smallest blood outflow from the genital organ.


  • Pose of Dogy Style, where she is on all fours, and you stand behind or rest on the knees.
  • She lies on his back, her legs on your shoulders, you look face on her.

4. Train Lobkovo-Copshing Muscle Kegel

Many men and even MMA fighters due to different stressful conditions adopt special substances to quickly increase potency and male strength

This is the most muscle, because of which we can stop the fluid stream when we go in a small one.

Also during the erection, just this muscle helps to join our boyfriend.

Why this muscle is important

It is directly related to the following factors:

  • endurance in bed;
  • improving blood flow to the necessary organs;
  • achieving the required level of testosterone;
  • Strengthening sensations during proximity.

This muscle is useful to train even those who have no problems in bed.

How to train muscle depending on experience

  1. Stoping a jet Liquids in the toilet and renewal (to fix and remember the location of the muscle).
  2. Long and short voltages In any place and at any time, it does not matter someone near or not (no one will know anyway).
  3. Muscle tension Kegel Isolated from press, legs or other organs. Fully separate compression. Try not to delay your breath at the same time.

This is a technique that helps better understand the topic on how to increase the potency in men after 45 years or other ages without medication. We also told about her here.

In the home toilet, a man can perform a number of special techniques that help rapidly increase potency, even though the conditions are not the best

5. Use the secret of the tiptoe rack in the toilet

  1. The bottom line is that when you go to the toilet in a small one, when urinating you need to stand on tiptoe. This technique was used wise dasa.
  2. The nuances are that you need Keep straight posture , do not crush the back, stand on tiptoe and the fluid should go on a slow exhale. Also need squeeze When emissing liquid, strain belly and buttocks.

pros Such a technique:

  • improving the work of the kidneys;
  • endurance in bed;
  • Treatment of impotence.

6. A method for strengthening blood flow into the organ

  1. Inhale deeper air and hold your breath.
  2. Summit Your male dignity on breathing delay at the base : Large finger clash from above and indexing below.
  3. And now, while you do not breathe, start with waving movements Dash blood to his end.
  4. You can count to 9. . Each time you are moving all closer to the end.
  5. Keep this grip as much as you get to delay your breath.
  6. Here you do not need to excite yourself! Basically, you only cover the trunk.
  7. Equipment Strengthen circulation blood and combat readiness of your body. Here is such a proven way to strengthen the potency of folk remedies in the male. We talked about such ways in another manual.

7. Observe the rule - more thany to lose seed in Socyt

A man with a woman can quickly restore his health and increase potency

If you are self-satisfied alone or spend the night with your beloved woman - Avoid liquid completion of the session.

Special Men. in old age You need to follow this rule. After 50 years to the finish line, you need to come as less as possible.

People of young age are much easier to restore after the finish line and they can mostly allow themselves. But only young.

This does not mean that now you need to refrain from making love. No, not necessary nothing confuse ! You also do not deny yourself anything, just follow this new rule.

Many women do not know why quickly cums their spouse. If it becomes a problem, then you can read the ways to deal with the rapid finishes.

8. Strengthen the muscles of your abdomen

Strong belly is an indicator of your skill and skill in bed. Train belly muscles.

How to strengthen them :

  1. Sit on the chair, the floor or the bench.
  2. Hands put on your knees. The knees themselves are slightly bent.
  3. Now you begin to deviate back to 45 degrees and back.
  4. Make such deviations as much as you can or at least 10 times per day.

Look at our video, which disassembles the subject on how to increase the potency at home and strengthen the attraction to the opposite sex.

We talked about these and other councils from the video earlier here.

9. Picture special products

For men's libido, the following is useful:

  • ginger;
  • fish fat;
  • bananas;
  • lemon and citrus
  • a hen;
  • oysters;
  • flounder;
  • boiled mackerel;
  • veal;
  • seafood;
  • turnip;
  • nuts;
  • Quail or chicken eggs.

In detail about nutrition for our libido, we wrote in a new publication.

10. Perform a massage of a special part of the body

Bearded man can always increase its potency if it is quickly postponed and it will come closely, and will also give this time at least at home

  • Massage is done in the testicles.
  • These are the very organs that give us masculine energy produce the development of testosterone and give us a lot of advantages in bed.
  • With a weak libido, you must necessarily make a massage of your balls as often as possible.
  • It is useful to massage them and at Socytia when you feel that it approaches.
  • Thus, the energy accumulated in organs will spread to the whole body. It will not accumulate in one place. Now the men's climax occurs early, and such a massage is especially useful.

Such a massage will help you extend pleasure with your beloved and stop wondering on how to strengthen the potency quickly at home and increase your libido before a date.

11. The method of driving barefoot or the use of mustard pieces

To increase male strength, you need to activate points on the feet. They are responsible for sexual functions. By activating the points, sexual performance wakes up.

How to activate them two ways:

  1. Walking barefoot without shoes in the sand, grass, land.
  2. Activation of points with mustard pieces. To do this, moisten mustard pieces in a warm water and attach to each foot, and top to wear warm socks. Wait for 10 minutes and remove them.
  3. Then rinse the legs with cold water and grind a hot row with a rough cloth. Everything is ready! Earlier, we wrote about similar techniques.

A man who takes at home different tablets in order to increase potency, should not fully depend on them, because now natural treatments are very quickly solving the problem

12. Medical method

What medicines allocate:

  • We recommend drugs of our site.
  • Silalis.
  • Impise.
  • Laveron.
  • Levitra.

13. It's time to stop smoking and drink alcohol

Tobacco narrows your blood vessels. Beer contributes to the development of such hormones in the body, which more often inherent in women, but not a strong floor.

Be sure to throw smoking and give up alcohol.

This will help get rid of thoughts on how to increase men's potency at home.

14. Useful tinctures, scales and herbs

  • Onion In the amount of 2 bulbs in crushed form with 400 ml of boiled water, it is allowed to stand for 3-4 hours. After drinking 100 ml three times a day. There are also other folk remedies for increasing potency in men.
  • Walnut grains Grind and mix with honey, taking ingredients in the same quantity. You need to use after you eat, two teaspoons. This mixture is useful to eat with the milk. Drink about a month.
  • Medicarian medicinal . The grass in the amount of 10 grams crushed and pour the glass of boiling water, let it stand for 1 hour. After all this is strain, take on one tablespoon 3 times a day.
  • Garlic tincture . It is sold in a pharmacy. Twenty droplets apply two or three times a day. Himself garlic is useful to use food.
  • Georns asparagus medicinal About 10 pieces are poured with 400 ml with boiled water, and, cover with a lid, leave to stand for 6-8 hours. Use three times a day in the amount of 50 ml.
  • Mumiyu In the amount of 0.16 grams dissolved in a tablespoon of water. Drink or in the morning on an empty stomach, or in the evening before going to bed. After 9 days of use, the result is already noticeable.

Using this list and following our tips, you can strengthen the potencies of herbs for men and increase the desire for the opposite sex.

15. Take a contrast shower

The contrasting souls affect the general condition and performance of men's organs.

It is useful to perform in the morning or evening. It can be replaced with hot water and back to 40 seconds, respectively.

In addition, it will be effective to go to the sauna or bath. All this improves blood flow in the body and genital organs.

16. More relaxation for psyche and relaxation

Inner harmony plays an important role for male strength. Therefore, it is important to keep track of positive emotions within yourself, not to be drawn into a negative.

  • If you can not pull into a quarrel, a scandal or a fight - do not get involved. Do not create it yourself.
  • On the weekend, you can completely isolate yourself from the urban bustle, if everything else has come. To be alone with you or your girlfriend, lying, listen to silence, calm music.
  • Scold less with your beloved. Otherwise, it suppresses all the desires between you, knocks the attraction.
  • Look at your environment and do not communicate with negative people. Surround yourself with strong and positive guys.
  • It should be remembered that nods and plaks are selected from you a lot of energy and draw into your needy vibrations. Do not communicate with them.

We told you as many as 16 effective methods on how to increase potency after 50 years or strengthen its strength at an earlier age.

Regardless of your age, the article is an excellent assistant to solve the problem.

Erection of penis in men. Why disappears, no, how to do, improve erection? Improvement, increase strengthening erection

Treatment of sexual disordersErection of a member. Disappears erection?

Erection of penis Very important for a man, boyfriend, boys, teenagers (teenage), boy. Erection in men Depends on the huge number of factors. For normal operation of the sexual system should be sufficient erection time. If a Erection disappears , weak erection, no erection, a bad erection quickly weakens and falls, this is a serious reason to appeal to a specialist in private medical practice. Fast Men's erection Must be sufficient for conducting sexual acts. If a Sex erection gives failures, involuntary morning erection (in the morning) has not appeared long ago, the night erection is sluggish, incomplete, you celebrate Problems with erection , you need to undergo diagnosis and Treatment of erection .

Why disappears the erection, the causes of the lack of erection, the effect on the erection

Reasons due to which often Erection disappears diverse. What affects the erection? The effect on the erection has the following factors - the causes of weak erection.

1. Diseases of the nervous system (stress, neurosis, depression, apathy, asthenia, VDR, vegetative-vascular dysithonia, fears, sclerosis, alzhelera disease, senile dementia).

2. diseases of the prostate gland (acute or chronic prostatitis, prostateness, prostate adenoma).

3. Team diseases (orchitis, epididimitis).

4. Diseases of the urinary system (cystitis, urethritis).

5. Cardiovascular system diseases (IBS, coronary heart disease, hypertension, GB, arterial hypertension, high, high blood pressure / Hell /, hypertensive crisis, stroke, infarction of MiOgrad - heart rate, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) .

отзывы о лечении сексуальных расстройств у мужчин6. Diseases of the endocrine system, low testosterone level, decline in androgens (gynecomastia (increase in breast / dairy / glands in men, obesity, anorexia, pathological male climax, diabetes, after castration).

7. Psychological reasons (anxiety expectation syndrome of sexual failure, anxiety, imperidity, psychological problems).

8. Fatigue, severe physical work.

9. Injuries, surgical operations.

10. Hydodina, sitting work.

11. Drug use.

12. Smoking, tobacco.

13. Alcoholism, alcohol abuse.

14. The effect of negative physical factors (electromagnetic radiation, radiation radiation).

15. Incorrect meals (oily food, high-calorie diet, fried and smoked products, overeating, carbonated drinks, hamburgers, sausage, beer, sweet - candy, cakes, cake, cookies, waffles, puffs, slots, grazing).

16. Reduced sexual entry (libido).

17. Venericual diseases (veins of the disease), sexually transmitted infections.

18. Earlier transferred children's infections (infections in children), circumcision (after circumcision).

19. Age (with an increase in age there is a deterioration in the erection, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 years).

It should be remembered that after erection and ejaculation, the refractory period comes during which a man cannot carry out sex acts, having sex. The angle of erection in all men is different, the higher the member directed, the better the erection.

Sarklynik conducts treatment of erection violations, developed a video course "Healthy Erection - Healthy Sex", you can watch it even in HD quality. Interesting exercises for erection, training, yoga, meditation.

Improvement and enhancement of erection

Sarklynik (Saratov) conducts a comprehensive improvement in erection, increasing the erection of the penis using effective methods. Violation of the erection of the penis can be cured. You will forget about what is unstable, bad, soft, unstable, not complete, weakened erection.

How to extend, improve, enlarge, strengthen erection?

At consultation, patients ask: " How to extend quickly отзывы о лечении сексуальных расстройств у мужчинErection of Penis ? "," How to instantly improve and strengthen a member's riser? "," How to raise an erection during sex? "," What to do if the erection disappeared, she falls, why not? "," Why no erection? " "How to control the situation?" Unfortunately, many drugs, means of improvement, medicine, ring, vitamins, rising funds, tablets, folk remedies, stimulants for erection do not help get rid of diseases, so do not engage in self-medication, contact Sarklinik. The doctor is a sign, how to extend and improve the erection. Strengthening, raising, extension, strengthening, an increase in erection is quick and comfortable. After treatment, you will have a frequent good long-term strong erection. Modern medicine will help you.

Men's erection, treatment of erection, how to increase the erection, how to treat erection

If a Men's erection The "sexual apparatus" (genital) gives failures if you are ashamed of your partner, a girl, a woman, you just need to take the treatment of erection from a doctor. The lack of a good erection is a big problem. Moreover, if there is a random erection on the beach, in transport, in a public place, on the bus (in pants, in shorts, in swimming trunks), normal erection when viewing erotica, but there is no one before sex, the erection disappears during sex, its quality suffers , Member falls, then it is very bad, you need to treat an erection. If you have problems, you can online ask the doctor's question, find out all the secrets how to keep an erection, get the answer for free, read reviews.

If you have a long permanent or painful erection, and it does not fall within a few hours, then this is also a reason for concern, as Praipism can develop. If you have pain with erection, this symptom may be the appearance of diseases such as prostatitis, colliculitis, vesiculitis.

Erection in women, girls, female erection, clitoris erection, nipples

Men are asked: "Is it possible Erection in women, girls ? " W. отзывы о лечении сексуальных расстройств у мужчинWomen and girls before and during sexual intercourse (if high-quality stimulation of erogenous zones has been carried out), the clitoris is reinforced, the clitoris erection occurs, the grease is released into the vagina. There may be such a process as the erection of the nipple or the erection of two nipples. Nipples become solid and well towers. Dear girls and women, if your husband, men, lover, guy, partner falls erection (on his wife, on a woman, on the girl, on his mistress), there is its deterioration, reduction, weakening, No erection , the potency disappeared sharply, it gives a failure, unstable insufficient soft bad shortfast fast, short unstable Slised cotton erection , Petinging (Peting) does not help, talk to the partner and make it come to the doctor to receive. The duration of the erection of the sexual organ must be at least 8 minutes, in this case the girl and a woman can get a high-quality orgasm, and not think about such a state as a premature fast early erection, how to delay it. If you have noticed a son, teenagers have an erection (teenage, including in a bath, in the pool, a sudden spontaneous non-permanent short-term or prolonged, unexpected on a nudist beach, in public, in transport, on medical examination, isolation (including condom) No need to arrange a scandal about this.

How to call, make a penis erection?

Dear girls and women, if you want to call and make an erection from your partner, bring the guy (man) before the erection, you need to stimulate it, make him a massage, including do not forget about the penis massage and a kiss in a penis (with a kisses will be pleasant sensations). And then there will be no questions: "How to raise an erection?" "How to solve a problem?" "How to call that drinking, which helps, what does it mean, how to achieve an erection in the shower?"

Strengthening erection in Saratov, how to cause an erection?

Sarklinik conducts a comprehensive strengthening of erection in Saratov запись в сарклиник. Effective treatment methods allow you to restore the erection even in running cases. Sarklinik will strengthen Erection . If you have Loss of erection (Standing, sitting, lying, on the side), pain with erection, painful erection (pain in the penis, sore member), disappears unstable erection during sex, bad sex, if preventing the condom, there is no morning erection, evening, night, day erection - Do not matter, call Sarklinik. Raising, maintaining and stimulation of erection will occur in a short time.

How to achieve an erection how to cure an erection?

Sarklinik knows how to check, very quickly and effectively achieve an erection that отзывы о лечении сексуальных расстройств у мужчинIt is necessary for an erection how to achieve a rack erection, how to treat an erection, how to make an excellent and good erection, how to raise, returned, keep, strengthen, to save, stimulate, increase, get an oak erection in men in Saratov and in Russia. You will have a stable stable stone maximum continuous powerful instantaneous correct persistent erection, as a number, including re-(after orgasm). The doctor will tell new ways to improve the erection, will help you will with a weak erection and its strengthening, treatment of erection problems, will teach the erection. If an erection disappears when equipping a condom, it is a formidable symptom at which it is necessary to apply to the doctor.

Record for consultation.
There are contraindications. Consultation of a specialist is necessary.
Photo 1: (©) Argo74 | \ People depicted in the photo - models do not suffer from the described diseases and / or all coincidences are excluded.
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Лечение сексуальных расстройств

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Erectile dysfunction in men after 50 years can occur as a result of various age-related changes and requires the obligatory participation of a specialist. With a comprehensive approach and fulfillment of all recommendations, it is possible to achieve full recovery of sexual activity.

To identify and eliminate the cause of partial sexlessness will help in the ABC Clinic Medical Service. We can get a qualified consultation of specialists who will help to choose an individual treatment scheme. Modern methods of diagnosis and the latest equipment will achieve high therapeutic results.

What potency is considered the norm in fifty-year-old

In men aged 50 years and older, the number of sex contacts can reach up to 10 times a month. In this case, the duration of the act may vary depending on the erection.

Signs of violation of the erection:

  • lack of a long ereginated state;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • the absence of morning and evening consumers;
  • Reduced sexual entry (libido).

Most violations, even if there are stimulating exercises, are signs of internal pathologies.

Causes of impotence in men after 50

There are many reasons why there is no full-fledged erectile excitation.

Erectile dysfunction after 50 years can occur for the following reasons:

  • Reduced testosterone production. After 40 years, the amount of hormone produced is significantly reduced and amounts to no more than 2%. In extreme cases, the violation can lead to hormonal failures.
  • Deterioration of the elasticity of vascular walls. The decrease in the tone of the walls of the vessels is an age problem that leads to a violation of blood flow and, as a result, causes an erectile disorder.
  • High cholesterol. In the presence of the disease, the vessels located in the cavernous bodies of the penis, cholesterol sediments, which leads to a deterioration of blood flow and a reduction in potency.
  • Pathological processes in the area of ​​small pelvis. In the absence of proper or timely treatment of inflammatory processes, the state can provoke various violations in the bloodstream. In severe cases, the disease can lead to complete impotence.
  • Venereal diseases. With damage to HIV infections, painses are developing, which interfere with normal (full) excitation.
  • Reception of drugs. The use of drugs to improve potency can provoke a reverse reaction and cause erectile dysfunction in men after 50 years.
  • Bad habits. Abuse of alcoholic beverages or smoking can provoke various vascular disorders, including in the vessels of the sexual organ.

Depending on the cause that caused the development of pathology, treatment is selected.


Therapy should be comprehensive using various methods, including procedures and medicines. At the same time, drugs from erectile dysfunction after 50 years should be prescribed only with the permission of the doctor.


Gymnastic and exercise will help restore blood circulation and strengthen potency.


  • Using a hoop for rotational. Help restore blood flow in a small pelvis.
  • Steps in place. Allow you to disperse the blood at the bottom of the body.
  • Exercises for the pelvis - flexing.
  • Walking on hips. These manipulations allow you to get rid of many problems with urinary disorders.

All exercises must be performed every day. It is recommended to monitor sleep-waking modes.

How to deal with impotence after 50 years with a diet

It is recommended to monitor your diet. You need to eat more seafood, greens, nuts, as well as fruits and vegetables.

It is recommended to abandon the following products:

  • alcohol;
  • salt;
  • Fried and sharp dishes, fat;
  • sausage products, smoked;
  • soy and bean food;
  • Sour food.

Additionally, you can consult with a nutritionist who will select the optimal diet.

Alternative methods

You can increase potency with the help of special treatment methods.


  • Medical extenders anus. The device is used as an prostate stimulator. Before using the expander, a specialist consultation is required.
  • Bee bites. Insects are applied to the hips or groin area. Their bites cause local irritation and lead to improved blood microcirculation.
  • The use of vacuum nozzles. The device can be purchased at the pharmacy. A vacuum is used to restore and enhance erectile excitation.

These methods are sufficiently specific and applied only by coordination with the attending specialist.

Medical therapy

Various drugs are prescribed as the main treatment method.

Medicines from erectile dysfunction after 50 years:

  • Viagra. This agent is taken 1 capsule immediately before sex intimacy. The effect of the drug begins after half an hour after its reception. It is forbidden to apply the data of capsules at a previously suffered myocardial infarction, as well as with diabetes mellitus.
  • Cialis. This medical preparation must be taken every day of 5 mg. Before starting sexual proximity, the recommended dosage is 20 mg. Use capsules for half an hour before sex. It is forbidden to use the drug in the presence of functional impaired liver and kidneys.
  • Levitra. Capsules are recommended for half an hour of alleged sexual proximity. Do not use the means in the presence of cardiovascular diseases, as well as severe disorders in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Impise. The systematic use of the medication leads to the restoration of the hormonal background and the improvement of the erectile function. Take capsules 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. The duration of therapy on average is 1 month. Before sex intimacy, it is recommended to take 2 capsule an hour before the act.

Selection The drug should be coordinated with the attending specialist with regard to contraindications.

How to save potency to deep old age

To avoid the development of erectile dysfunction after 50 years, some rules should be followed.


  • Avoid interrupting sexual intercourse.
  • Getting rid of harmful addictions - smoking, alcohol products.
  • It is recommended to conduct sexual proximity to one sexual partner.
  • Active lifestyle - avoiding conflict and stressful situations, moderate physical activity.
  • Use of vitamins and minerals.
  • Timely treatment of accompanying or other diseases.

Such preventive measures will allow not only to establish a sexual function, but also to improve the work of the whole organism.

Doctors "ABC Clinics" will help to propagate the body for disorders and identify the cause of erectile disorder. This clinic has at its disposal modern equipment, which will help to significantly simplify the process. Experts are highly qualified and will help to designate individual treatment, taking into account all the characteristics of the patient's body. You can contact your service for the specified numbers.

Prices for the treatment of erectile dysfunction after 50 years in Moscow

Service cost

Description price, rub.
Acceptance of the surgeon of urologist-andrologist 1500 rubles
Induced erection (excluding the cost of the drug) 2300 rubles
Erectional test 5500 rubles

The cost of treatment of erectile dysfunction in Moscow urologists

ABC Clinic 1499 rub.

Krylatskoye from 1950 rubles.

Youth from 1950 rubles.

Kursk from 1950 rubles.

Square Ilyich from 2000 rubles.

Textiles from 1950 rubles.

Belorussian from 1950 rubles.

Voikovskaya from 1950 rubles.

Roman from 2000 rubles.

Sevastopolskaya from 1950 rubles.

Frunzenskaya from 1800 rubles.

VDNH from 1950 rubles.

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