How to get a 193 level in the planet of gems?

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Without much difficulties, yesterday, I managed to go through the level of 193 of the application of the planet of gems in three minutes and five steps due to the fact that the brother found a video on which was shown in several stages How to get a 193 level in the planet of gems , repeating all the actions by the author.

View the proposed video to perform the goals of the game. All players are identical layout. For this reason, since the proposed procedure is exactly suitable.

  • The first step is to move the color self-heartment to the yellow at the top and blast the first bomb;
  • The second step is a colored self-degree down to blue;
  • The third step - from the corners, moving non-ferrous gems up;
  • The fourth step - we blame two bombs at the edges;
  • The fifth step - the central bomb is moving to the right;
  • The sixth step - we exempt the central zipper and explode it.

All this is greatly shown in a minute roller, which I have already spoken. Look at it and remember the sequence of actions, it will help in passing 193 the level of the application of the planet of Gems VKontakte.

Passage 193 game level «Planet gems »Causes difficulties in those who wish to undergo three stage stars . In view of the small amount of time, this is not all possible. Details on how to achieve this goal will be set forth in the article.

Passage of 193 Planet Saffers

About the game

NEVOSOFT is known throughout Russia. Engaged in the development of gaming applications for a wide audience. The most popular release is precisely «Planet gems »who kept in dozen most popular domestic Games, according to Apple.

Every month the question of the level of level 193 «Planets gem »About 6 million players suffer. Not surprisingly «Three in the row »It is extremely simple and intuitive. It is enough just to move the color pebbles to knock the desired «Troychka ». And if the gems lined four or more, you can create a bomb.

Guide on the passage of 193 game level

«Planet gems »is professional " killer " time. Modern society is so much Loaded that a person is simply the habit of habits to take hands. because often After hitting a traffic jam, the passenger climbs into his pocket, gets a cherished smartphone and starts a favorite application. This and stress helps to remove, and time to spend with benefit. Do not look in window All the time, while the car is in traffic. Especially if This is public transport.

Even though the game and simple, but some steps are not able to go fast to three stars. AND Group use search engines to find leveling tips «Planets gem ». 193 Stage is an example. To pass it, you need to perform the following steps:

  • A colorful ball, similar to the galaxy (in the middle of the field), you need to move up, and then blow up the first bombing of yellow color;
  • Similar gem in the lower left corner, move into a row with blue pebbles;
  • repeat the same in the lower right corner;
  • blow up Press bombing obtained at the edges;
  • Bonus in the center move to the right side, wait for the completion of the combination;
  • Activate the lightning remaining in the center.

If suddenly, by a happy coincidence when passing 193 levels «Planets gem »Bombing bonuses will appear after the appearance of an inscription, notifying the level of level, should try to quickly press them. So you can get extra glasses, but the level and without them will be passed on three stars .

Planet Saffers 193 Level Passage


The game is very good, it allows you to spend time with benefit, relax your nerves and tune in to the positive in the middle of the bridge. It has been established that colored pebbles contribute to improved mood, and rhythmic music Tune in the desired way.

In addition, the levels open for hearts. The accumulation of such contributes to the construction of buildings. In the game even provided Donat allows you to start the level with Some bonuses. But this is already for those who are not too lazy to spend money on such a game.

Anyway The application is worth paying attention and is deservedly considered one of the most popular games in the genre. «Three in the row ».

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