How to transfer money from the card (Sberbank and VTB) to the phone (Beeline, MTS, Tele2)?

Today, a modern person does not represent a normal existence without a cell phone, and when the means on it end, the priority becomes the replenishment of the balance.

Map and phone

However, there are situations where to solve this problem is rapidly there is no possibility, but it is simply necessary to make an important call. Fortunately, you can replenish the account, having a regular bank card.

Options Replenishment

The most common method of transferring money to cellular is a Sberbank card.

"Throw" means with its help in such ways:

  • using the Mobile Bank service;
  • through an ATM;
  • With the help of the Sberbank service online;
  • using SMS;
  • using the USSD command using the command;
  • through the application;
  • With the help of the "Autoplating" system.

Service "Mobile Bank"

Mobile Bank is a system for processing information about all operations that are carried out using a plastic card.

In addition, the service under consideration allows you to translate money and replenish your or someone else's telephone number. To obtain such a service, contact Sberbank or its nearest branch.

Users of this service receive advantages:

  • View information about the balance of money on a personal account.
  • Transfer funds to customers like Sberbank and other credit institutions, including those who are abroad.
  • Fast payment of mobile services, Internet, television.

The process of activation of the service "Mobile Bank"

Turning to Sberbank to connect to the "mobile bank", you need to present his passport staff. Also, subscribers have the ability to independently activate this service through the terminals or ATMs.

The installation process takes a little time and assumes the execution of several simple actions:

  1. Insert the card and specify the PIN code.
  2. Click "Connect Sberbank Online / Mobile Bank".
  3. Specify the telephone number on which the money ended.

Connecting a service to your device will occur within 3 days. When the bank proceeds the activation procedure, the SMS will receive an SMS to your phone, and after that it will be possible to recharge operations.

To perform such an operation, deposit 900 sms to the number 900 sms with a digit corresponding to the transfer amount.

If you have the need to replenish accounts from other numbers, for example, a child or parents, you will need to send 900 sms to the number 900 sms containing the word "bodies", a phone number starting with 9, and the amount.

For instance: Tel 9xxxxxxxxxxx 300.

Account replenishment through an ATM

To replenish the phone through an ATM, you will need to perform such steps:

  1. Insert the card and specify the PIN code.
  2. Select item: "Pay for a cellular communication without commissions."
  3. If this operation is performed by you for the first time, specify the cell number in the format of 9xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Next, you need to enter the amount. It should be taken into account that the replenishment is possible only for an amount exceeding 10 rubles.
  4. Make sure that the amount and phone and the phone are entered, and only then click the "Pay" button.

After performing these simple actions, the account of your cellular will be replenished on the specified amount. The money enrollment procedure lasts about a second.

Card Sberbank

Turning to Sberbank in order to connect to the "Mobile Bank", you need to present his passport staff

Through Sberbank online

If there are no funds on the balance sheet, then send SMS will not work.

In such first, it will be necessary to log in through an ATM:

  1. Insert the card and specify the PIN code.
  2. Enter the menu, and then to the "Connect Sberbank-Online and Mobile Bank" section.
  3. After you need to get a confirmation password, with which you can log in. To get it, you must click the button opposite the "Get Password" field. After that, the device will give you a printed check, in which your password will be specified.
  4. Now via the Internet log in to Sberbank and enter the password specified in the check.

The procedure for replenishing the phone is performed in this order:

  • Log in to the main Sberbank page and find the field "Payments and Operations".
  • Next, you will need to click "Mobile Communication", and then select the list of your telecommunications operator.
  • In the form that appears, select the map you are planning to replenish the cell.
  • In the appropriate field, write down the phone without entering the first digit "8", and then specify the amount of replenishment.
  • Click on the "Continue" key. The form will appear on the screen with all data entered. Do not forget to carefully check them in order to avoid the emergence of unforeseen situations.
  • Now you can confirm the perfect operation by specifying a one-time password in the appropriate field.

If you are still planning to use Sberbank online to replenish the balance of this phone, then click on the "Confirm SMS" field.

This will avoid constant confirmation of the transfer of money by disposable passwords in the event of the need to replenish further.

Use autoplage services

The autoplating is considered the easiest to use Sberbank. The only disadvantage can be the absence of the desired amount of money on the card.

The autoplating is an automatic money transfer service for mobile from a bank card.

Such replenishment will be carried out every time, as soon as on the account of your cell, the amount of money will become less than a certain amount of the minimum amount.

Activation of this service is made in an ATM or terminal.

To connect it, you need:

  • Insert the card and specify the PIN code.
  • Log in to the menu and go to "My Account". Then choose "Service" and "Information".
  • Choose a "auto plane". On the screen, information about the service and the conditions for its provision that will be required by pressing the appropriate key will be confirmed.
  • Now you need to select the desired operator and enter the phone number. Options will appear on the screen with minimum balance values. If the proposed values ​​are not satisfied with the system, then you can enter the desired amount yourself.

Once on the phone's account, the amount of money will become below the amount you entered, an automatic replenishment of the telephone account will be carried out.

On activation of the service "Autoplating" you will be communicated to the corresponding SMS notification.

If you have the need to disable this service, create and deposit to the number 900 sms with the text "Autoplating". You can also perform such an operation using Sberbank Terminals and ATMs.

It is necessary to note that only one auto-plating service can be registered on one phone number. At the same time, several such services on different telephone numbers can be tied to one card account.

This service is provided only to Sberbank's customers who have international maps activated in the "Mobile Bank". The exception is corporate and credit cards.

The activation of the service is possible for such cellular operators:

  • Beeline;
  • MTS;
  • Megaphone;
  • Motive;
  • NSS;
  • Yenisetelecom;
  • Tele2.

Replenishment using SMS

For users who connected to the "Mobile Bank", it is possible to use the autoplage service through SMS.

To do this, you need to send the word "autoplating" to number 900, specifying such information in the same information:

  • Mobile number without first digit "8".
  • The amount of money on which must be replenished.
  • Minimum balance.
  • 4 Latest digits card numbers.

For example: autoplace of 9xxxxxxxxxxxx 150 40 xxxx. Thus, after reducing the balance below 40 rubles. Automatic translation from the card to the phone in the amount of 150 rub.

Provided that there will always be enough funds on your map, you can always stay in touch.

USSD team

By activating the "Mobile Bank", payments can be carried out using SMS banking. This can be done even if the account of your device is completely lacking money, and accordingly, the implementation of any operations has become impossible.

Especially relevant such a service then if you need to send a message to replenish the mobile balance.

You can solve such a task using the free SMS function. So, to check the balance, a special code is typically recruited with asterisks and grille, and then the call key is pressed.

As a result, data on the state of balance is displayed on the gadget screen. For using USSD service money from subscribers is not charged.

In the same way, in the presence of a Sberbank card and a mobile bank activated on the gadget, you can easily manage your bank accounts without any problems.

It should be borne in mind that the use of USSD service is available only by subscribers:

  • MTS.
  • Beeline.
  • Tele2.
  • "Megaphone".

Replenishment of your own number

If you revise the list of USSD commands, then besides the request for the remnant of money on the card, you can find a service replenishment service.

To carry out such an operation, in the USSD command, specify the amount for which you want to replenish. For example, dial * 900 * 100 # and call. As a result, the desired amount will be translated from the card to the phone.

How to replenish an account of someone else's phone number?

Often there are situations when translate funds requires any other subscriber, for example, child or parents.

To implement such an operation, simply specify the phone number. USSD query in this case looks like this: * 900 * phone * sum # and call.

When transferring to someone else's room, you need to confirm the operation performed. In this case, you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code that you want to send 900.

As soon as the operation is confirmed, the specified amount of money will be transferred to your child or parents.

At the same time, you will receive a notice of a successful operation. The recipient will come SMS with information about who carried out the replenishment of its balance, and how much.


To replenish the mobile phone, you can also use the Sberbank online application, which is installed on the gadget in one click, and at the same time absolutely free. This application is characterized by a high degree of safety, since equipped with antivirus.

With this application, you can not only replenish the balance of the phone, but also to pay taxes, utilities, as well as make a number of other payments.

The advantage of using the Sberbank Online application is a lower commission charged for services compared with the branches of the bank.

To replenish the phone from the card, it is enough to perform several uncomplicated actions:

  • Log in to the Sberbank online application on your mobile device.
  • Select a card with which you want to transfer money.
  • Enter the phone of a person who needs to be replenished.
  • Specify the amount of replenishment.

Enrollment of money from the card to the phone is immediately. To make the phone replenishment procedure as fast and later, create a template and auto plane.

Simple use of regular payments

For translation by SMS message, you will need:

  • To number 900, to send SMS "Translation of 9xxxxxxxxxxx 200", where 9xxxxxxxxx is the phone of the recipient, and 200 is the money amount.
  • Then you will receive an SMS, in which the name, patronymic and 1st letter of the person name will be indicated to which you replenish the balance.
  • Next, you will need to confirm the operation with a disposable code.
  • Immediately after the successful completion of the operation and the recipient, and you will receive the relevant notifications.

Maximum permissible transfer amount - 800 rubles in a day.

For those users who translate funds regularly, it is possible to perform this operation even more conveniently and easily.

To do this, you need to choose any alias (any name) for a mobile number to which regular translations are carried out. This will avoid constant introduction of a long number.

To register a pseudonym in the system, you need to send SMS to number 900 with the following text: "Name 9xx1234567Im".

This will allow you to perform operations, just sending 900 SMS "Name200" to the number 900 sms, where the name is a phone number alias, and 200 is the amount of payment.

Casual translation

Consider payments through Internet banking very comfortable and quickly. But sometimes a hurry and inattention leads to the fact that the money is mistakenly sent to the recipient.

If, after pressing the "Send" key, you unexpectedly found that they introduced incorrect details, then you need to urgently take measures to cancel translation.


Return of money is possible only if the bank recognizes your translation erroneous.

To the reasons substantiated for the return:

  • An inadvertently perfect error in the introduction of the recipient data.
  • Error of the bank itself.
  • Cases of unlawful write-off of funds by third parties.
  • Failure to return funds will follow under such circumstances:
  • When transferring funds as a deposit for a failed transaction.
  • If the user independently listed the money to the account of fraudsters.
  • When paying a loan.

[BOX TYPE = "DOWNLOAD"] Important! Most often, people allow mistakes when replenishing phones. Performing similar operations, it must be remembered that on their completion on your cellular always comes a message confirmation. If such a message has not come, then you paid someone else's phone number. [/ Box]

Banks do not deal with such issues, but most cellular operators have a function on the return of lost funds.

Should the bank return funds?

The law provides that in case of erroneous translation, money is no longer the property of the sender, but the person to whom they were listed. Confiscate funds in such cases can only be through the court.

The contracts drawn up by credit organizations initially envisage that the holder is responsible for the implementation of all operations with maps. This is especially true when such operations were carried out using a PIN code.

Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant problems when transferring funds, it is necessary to carefully check each figure and check the correctness of the requisites entered. Also, after the recharge operation was performed, it is not necessary to immediately throw a check.

How to return the payment?

If you made a mistake when transferring funds, you can use several ways to return the "lost" money.

Using the Sberbank System Online

Immediately after the error detection, you will need to perform such actions:

  • Log in to Sberbank online.
  • Check out the status of an incorrect operation. If there is a mark on the payment "in work", then the money is still on your card, and you need to immediately cancel the transaction.
  • If your payment is not yet confirmed, then click first on it, and then - on the line "Cancel". Next, you need to press the "Confirm Review" key.
  • You can get information about your payment by entering the transaction archive. Go to the specified section and see what a mark is opposite the operation you are interested in. If it has the status of "recalled", the payment was successfully canceled.

If the operation has already been confirmed, then it will not be possible to correct the situation.

In this case, you will need to go to the bank and explain to its employees the situation by providing checks and other evidence. The sooner you do, the more chances you will receive a payment on the cancellation.

When you inform the operator about the problem that has arisen, it will take the necessary measures. Make sure that the operation is really rejected, you can enter the personal account - the "Application is rejected" should appear opposite the erroneous payment.

By phone

You can also return your funds by calling the Bank's hotline on the phone, which is listed on the main page of the site.

Since the work of banking institutions provides for a preliminary thorough check of perfect operations, customers have time to cancel erroneous payments.

A timely blocked transaction will prevent the write-off of money from the card. As a rule, operators set users to several clarifying issues in order to confirm the personality of the bank card holder.

Please note: To speed up the process of returning erroneously written off the means, it is desirable to provide the operator with information regarding the transaction conducted - the amount of payment, time, and the operation code.

If you have translated money from the terminal (ATM), then the saved receipt or check will help prove your right.

In no case cannot be tightened with a visit to the Bank's employees if scammers took advantage of your card. The sooner you inform the bank about the theft perfect, the more chances you will receive on a successful refund.

In the bank

To solve the problem, you can contact the Bank's Office. The actions of banking workers will depend on the cause of the error that occurred.

If the user was mistakenly indicated by the details of a person who actually does not exist, the funds will simply "hang" on the backup account.

In this case, the problem is solved by writing an application to the name of the Managing Bank on the cancellation of payment. The term of consideration of such a statement is three months.

In the case of the instructions of the real recipient details, you will have to treat it personally. If the owner of the replenished phone refuses to return your money, then you will need to appeal to the court.

Translation from VTB cards for phone

To quickly replenish the cellular, you can also use the VTB24 card. There are several ways to use this map for these purposes.

VTB24 online

To replenish the balance using such a service, you can only from a personal account located on the bank's website.

To activate the Internet Bank, it is enough to visit any BTB24 office. Connection procedure is quick and free.

To translate funds via VTB24 online, you must perform the following actions:

  • Enter the official website of the bank. To do this, you can use the reference:
  • When connected to the service, the bank employee must give you a login and password to enter your personal account.
  • Enter the received keys to the corresponding field on the main page of the site.
  • Next, you will need to click the "Payment Payment" button and select the Cellular Communication section.
  • Find the list of your operator.
  • Fill in all available fields by specifying the phone number, the card number or account and the amount on which you want to replenish the balance.
  • Now confirm the operation code that was sent by the bank to your phone.
Phone and handle

To activate the Internet bank, it is enough to visit any branch of VTB24

Instructions for using VTB24 mobile application

This method involves the use of mobile banking. To connect the Internet bank, you must also contact the VTB office where you will be given a login and password from a personal account.

The procedure for replenishing the phone is carried out in the following way:

  • Download and install VTB24 mobile app on your gadget.
  • Enter login with a password issued in the bank and log in in the application.
  • Select "Operations", then "Cellular Communication", and specify your operator.
  • Specify the phone number to be replenished, the amount, as well as the account number or card.
  • Now click "Continue", and money from the card will be appointed.

Site Mobile Operator

To replenish this method, use the following instructions:

  • Log in to the site of your mobile operator, and then in your personal account.
  • Select the "My Payments" section.
  • Indicate the details of the plastic card, including CVV2 / SMS2 and the name of the owner.
  • Enter the amount to which you want to replenish.
  • Click the "Pay" button.
  • Save the entered data as a template so that during the subsequent payment you can only specify the amount you want to replenish the balance.

Limits and restrictions on the addition of phones from cards

In order to security and prevent theft of funds from customer maps, credit institutions establish certain limits.

For example, consider the limits to replenish telephone numbers in Sberbank:

  • When using the service "Autoplating" connected via Mobile Bank, the maximum translation size is 1 thousand rubles .
  • In case of need to increase the maximum amount, it is necessary to change the limits in the Personal Account, or to do it through the self-service terminal. Increase the amount of replenishment itself is not more than before 10 thousand rubles.
  • Limit on the transfer of money when using the Mobile Bank service - up to 3 thousand rubles a day . At the same time, if you need to pay the phone number not registered in the Mobile Bank service, the limit will be up to 1500 rubles per day. The number of operations carried out during the day is not more than 10.
  • The limit through Sberbank-online and an ATM is also no more 10 thousand rubles per day since the payment.
  • Money transfer limit with USSD team - no more 3 thousand rubles per day.

What way to replenish it is better to use?

In addition to Sberbank and VTB24, you can also use the following banks:

  • Raiffeisenbank.
  • Rosselkhozbank.
  • Uralsib.
  • Home loan.
  • Avangard.

If there is a card of one of the above credit institutions, you can replenish the balance both through ATMs, sites of cellular operators, Internet banking and mobile banks.

The most popular and demanded method among users is replenishment through a terminal or an ATM.

With this method, the minimum amount of time is spent, and the operations are carried out with the smallest percentage of the Commission. Many banks commission for replenishing the phone through an ATM will not charge.

When using the websites of mobile operators, operations are also carried out without commission, and during the day, as a rule, it is allowed to carry out up to 5 operations in the amount of up to 3,000 rubles.

If you are using the MTS website, you can pay not only the phone number of this company, but also some other operators. However, in this case will have to pay a commission of 10 rubles.

Payment through Internet banking is carried out using a disposable code, and funds are credited approximately after 1-2 hours. The conditions for transferring money in different credit institutions may differ.

For example, Alfa-Bank translates instantly, but the daily limit is limited here and is 1000-1500 rubles per day.

[BOX TYPE = "DOWNLOAD"] Note! In the event that, in addition to replenishing the phone, you will need to perform any other operations, it will be more convenient to use mobile online banking. [/ Box]

As you can see, you can use various ways to pay the phone from the card, and which one is better - to solve only you.

Information on how to transfer money from the card to the phone number is bendable to everyone who uses bank cards and mobile communications. This feature is necessary to study in detail to be able to use it when there is a need. The transfer of funds from the card on the balance of the mobile is necessary when the money ended the money, and contact someone urgently needed. We have collected for you all the current methods and led detailed instructions for the main telecom operators of the Russian Federation.

Payment of MTS account

To throw money on the phone is simple enough, it is necessary only to learn the basic algorithms so that they are successfully used. So to replenish the account of Mobile MTS, you need:

  • Open the website of the payment system, previously logged in in the Personal Account;
  • Enter the tab "Payments Management";
  • Open the payment of goods and services page, and then "Mobile Phone";

  • In the list presented, select the MTS icon;

  • Click the "Payment from the bank card" option;

  • A new page will open, where you need to enter your phone number, the amount of payment, as well as the data cards - the numbers on the front side, date, the name of the holder and the code on the turnover;
  • Click on the "Pay" button;
  • Next, confirm the action through your personal account.

The second method of replenishment looks like this:

  • Open the page;
  • Select "Bank card" and click "Pay";

  • Next, you will be redirected to the page with the introduction of details, other steps need to be repeated by analogy with the first way.

By the way, on the same page you can configure the auto plane from the card, so as not to worry about the fact that funds end on the balance sheet.

Transfer to the balance of megaphone

Transfer money from the card to the phone number online is completely easy. Let's go to the instructions that will be useful to users of the megaphone operator. MegaFon's abilities have the ability to quickly and easily replenish the balance through a special service on the official website of the operator Do not forget to choose your stay!

So, it is necessary to draw the following actions for the successful completion of the operation:

  • Log in;
  • Select a payment method "Bank card";
  • Specify the recipient's phone number and make the amount of payment;
  • Click on the "Continue" button;

  • You will be redirected to the page with filling the details of the map: the numbers on the front side, the validity period, the name of the holder and the code from the back side;
  • Next, select the method of sending a check and click "Top up".

As you can see, the service is most used as possible and accessible to each MegaFon subscriber. We now move on to a detailed description of the Beeline mobile payment.

Beeline subscribers

If subscribers of this operator are interested, is it possible to transfer money from the phone to a bank card, we hurry to answer - of course, it is possible! The operator has a special online service that is intuitive and convenient to each user. We describe in detail the process of crediting funds for the balance of the phone number.

  • Open the page is the Beeline payment system;
  • Enter the phone number to which payment will be made;
  • Specify the maps data, namely your name, card number, expiration date and code on the turnover;

  • Enter a digital protective code;
  • Choose a method for receiving a check for the provision of services;
  • Agree with the translation rules by putting a tick in the appropriate window;
  • Click the "Top up account" button.

You do not need to memorize any complex instructions, just to know the mobile. Let's discuss what you need to make tele2 subscribers to pay the balance of your phone or transfer money to a close person.

How to pay a telephone account2

Before starting the operation, do not forget to choose your city on the official website of the operator. That's what you need to do for the successful payment of the account:

  • Sign in;
  • Choose a method of replenishment from a bank card;
  • Enter the mobile and sum of translation;
  • Click on the "Replenish" button;

  • On the page that opens, enter the name of the cardholder, its validity period, the code from the reverse side and the full digital number;
  • Select where you will be sent a check - by email or in SMS;
  • Click on the "Pay" button.

The service "Autoplating" is also available here - adjust it by entering data, and you will always receive money on the phone in automatic mode.

As you can see, this is also a very simple process. Let's now understand how you can transfer money to the phone from the Sberbank card.

How to transfer money to your phone from Sberbank card

To throw money on the phone from the Sberbank card maybe everyone who is a client of this green bank, and there are a lot of such people. We will briefly tell you all the ways to replenish the balance of the phone. You can put money on any number regardless of the operator to which it belongs. Method first:

  • Open the Bank's mobile application that can be downloaded in all stores of applications for smartphones;
  • Choose where money will be written off;
  • Click on the "Payment or Translation" tab;
  • Select "Mobile Communication";

  • Find the desired operator in the list;

  • Enter the phone number and sum, then click "Pay".

  • Check again and click;

The method of the second:

Payment through the Sberbank website. Online is similar to the first way.

  • Enter your personal account using the login and password;
  • Open the Translations and Payments tab;
  • Next - "Mobile Communication";

  • Find the desired operator and click on the icon;
  • Enter the phone number and amount;
  • Specify the type of payment;
  • Click "Pay";
  • Confirm the translation of SMS.

Let's now consider how to translate money from the phone to the card, if you need a reverse action and you will need to replenish the balance from the mobile account.

Reverse translation

In order to successfully transfer money from the phone to a bank card, you need to know the procedures algorithms for each operator. Consider everyone alternately.


  • Open the payment system;

  • Select Money Transfers in the "Payment of Goods and Services" tab;
  • Click on the "Transfer to the Bank of the RF Card" or a foreign bank (depending on which service you need);
  • Enter the phone payer;
  • Specify the amount of shipment;
  • Click on the "Next" button;
  • Enter the card number and click "Next";
  • Enter the password received on the phone, in a special window and confirm the payment.


  • Open the operator's payment system;
  • Select the Money Transfers tab and "on a bank card";

  • Enter the payment amount, phone number and card number;
  • Enter the code from robots and confirm the data entered;
  • On the new page, check the data and click "Translate";
  • On the phone within a few minutes will receive a request in SMS, which will need to confirm.


  • Open the page (we have led an example for Moscow, you need to choose your own city of residence);
  • Click on the "Translate" icon;

  • Select "Transfer to a bank card from a mobile phone";
  • Choose a way to transfer from the site;
  • Enter the card number, phone number, amount;
  • Agree with the conditions, putting a tick;
  • Specify the security code from the picture and click on the "Pay" button;
  • Confirm the translation of SMS.

You can still exercise the means using SMS to do this:

  • Create a new SMS message to number 7878;
  • Enter the data: "Supplier Service Supplier Card Sending Maps. Data is written through a space, the amount is indicated without separators.

Tele 2

  • Open the operator's payment system;
  • Select "Transfer to a bank card";
  • Enter the card number, phone and amount;
  • Agree with the rules for the provision of services and click on the "Pay" button;
  • Next, confirm the data in the obtained SMS.

Telephone, keyboard and map

We have prepared an overview of the best ways to transfer money from the card to the phone. Fast and simple ways to replenish the mobile score, being at any point in the world.

Translate funds from the Sberbank card is possible on the balance of the device connected to different operators: Beeline, Megaphone, MTS, body 2, etc. Pleasant Bonus - Lack of commission .

Mobile Bank

Connect such a function usually offered immediately upon receipt of the card. Tie a phone number to it, and use the option to pay for calls, SMS, mobile Internet. It is very convenient if you are not at home, and there are no ATMs nearby.

For operation you need to send SMS to a short number 900. , in the message text, specify the required amount in rubles ( Write numbers ). In case of binding multiple cards, one device in the letter is indicated, from which account is written off.

SMS should look like: "100 3456" where «3456. »- The latest number of bank card numbers.

The minimum amount of translation of 10 rubles, maximum - 10 thousand rubles.

In the same way, you can transfer to another subscriber. The text of the message is slightly different: "Phone 900xxxxxxx 100" , meaning that 900xxxxxxx should do 100 rubles . Then you need to send a confirmation code that has come to the same address. Funds are credited within a minute.

In SMS, instead of the word "phone", you can specify a number of suitable phrases: "Payment, payment, replenish, replenishment, Telefon, Pay, Platezh, Popolnit, Tel, etc.

Internet bank

An option to transfer money online through a computer. When buying a bank card, you get a login and password to enter your personal account on the site

To replenish the balance, we carry out the following actions:

  • Login and authorization on the site, entering the protective code sent to you;
  • The transition to the "Payments and Translations" tab, then you need to select "Payment of goods and services", "Mobile Communication";
  • In the section that opens, enter the subscriber and the required amount in the appropriate fields, confirm the payment.

Funds are credited in a few minutes. To replenish the phone account attached to the map, it is possible to skip the entry of the number and the procedure for confirming the SMS operation. Simply press the vertical menu to the left to the button with a tied phone and specify the amount of payment.

Use online bank allows Control costs and pay for a lot of things without leaving home.

Through ATM

A quick way in the presence of nearby ATMs, and Sberbank has a lot of them anywhere in the city. You can transfer money through an ATM of another institution, but with the Commission.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Insert the card into an ATM, enter the PIN code;
  2. Go to the section " Payments and translations ", Further " mobile connection ";
  3. We enter information about the recipient and the required amount.


An option for forgetting or not to have time to follow the spending of money. To constantly stay "on the wire", connect the option Autoplase .

Money will flow within a monthly automatically, the specified amount on the specified day. The function provides for a regular notification of the client about the size of the financial residue. There is no need to continuously check the balance, the risk disappears to remain without money on the cell at the time when the connection is very necessary.

The main convenience of this feature is that It can be configured so that the specified amount comes at the moment when the balance residue decreases to the level declared by the client. There are two use options. According to the prepaid scheme, the enrollment of money occurs during a lack of funds in the account, by postploratory expenses of the subscriber are paid by post-finish - according to a formed account for the last period of time.

To configure this feature on Short address 900. Message is sent: "Autoplating of 9xxxxxxxxxxx 150 40 1111" .

Decoding - when reaching Threshold in 40 rubles number 9xxxxxxxxxxx must be replenished by 150 rubles . Figures 1111 - these are the last numbers of the banking card for writing off funds.

Confirmation of the connection service for different operators is different. Beeline, NSS, tele2 simply send a notification of a successful connection connection. MegaFon, MTS, Baikalwest Complete the function after the expiration of the failure period, that is, it starts to work if the subscriber has not canceled the application by sending the corresponding SMS to the operator. Yenisetelecom asks to confirm the connection during the specified time, if this did not happen - there is a refusal.

If you need to change the autoplating parameters (Minimum threshold or specified amount), the same short address is sent similar to SMS with new numbers, it is not required to cancel an old query. The service is automatically reconfigured under new parameters.

To abandon the option It is necessary to send to the address 900 message with the text: "Autoplating 9xxxxxxxxxxx 1111", without pointing out any parameters related to finance.

The minimum threshold at which money is listed, for all cellular operators is 10-30 rubles. If the subscriber does not specify the minimum rate independently, the option is connected to the standard parameter for a specific operator.

The auto plane can also be connected via the Internet, in the Personal Office of the Sberbank online service. To do this, in the Mobile Payment section, select the appropriate button and set the desired parameters.

Limits and restrictions

These operations have some limitations:

  • All payments are made in Russian rubles (when translating from a currency card, conversion occurs according to the current bank's course);
  • You can not use credit, corporate, virtual cards;
  • A day you can spend no more than ten operations.

Payment services

Another option how to transfer money from the card to the phone is to use special payment services with which online is paid for various services, including cellular operators. When a service is selected, pay attention to the types of cards supported by the system.

The most common services:

  1. (supports Visa, MasterCard);
  2. (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro);

With the help of modern services, the replenishment operation of the balance takes only a few minutes and requires a minimum of effort.

We described the simplest and affordable ways to transfer money from the card to the phone. Knowing and using them, you will not stay without money on the phone.

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To replenish the balance of the phone - your own or other - from a bank card there are different ways: from a personal account on the Sberbank website, through payment devices, sending SMS or USSD commands. Consider every method in detail.

  1. How to put money on the phone from the Sberbank card?
  2. Replenish your phone account
  3. Replenishment of another mobile phone account
  4. SMS team
  5. USSD commands to replenish
  6. Replenishment in the Personal Cabinet
  7. Top up balance in the mobile application Sberbank
  8. Replenishment of a mobile phone account in an ATM or terminal
  9. Balance replenishment with a bank office office
  10. other methods
  11. Limits, restrictions and commission
  12. Security Rules when making payments
  13. Connecting autoplase

How to put money on the phone from the Sberbank card?

From the Sberbank card you can transfer money to replenish the score of the mobile phone, not only your own, but also another person, regardless of the cellular operator. What sequence operations operation?

Step-by-step instruction:

Replenish your phone account

To enroll money on your phone without delays and queues, you need to connect to the "mobile bank" and find out your identifier and password. The application for smartphones or tablets is installed for free. Through it, you can replenish your account by sending SMS with the amount to the number 900, or the USSD command: * 900 * sum #. Money spikes from a map tied to the subscriber number.

Replenishment of another mobile phone account

If you want to list the money to another telephone account, the required number fits in the above commands. For example: Message to 900 sent a number in a 10-digit format and through a space - amount. Or short team * 900 * 9xx7184567 * sum #.

SMS team

There are other types of SMS commands to send money to the phone account. This is the already mentioned version - SMS to number 900 with a mobile and amount (if it is a phone of another person), or the amount of translation, if your account is updated. Payment will be made from a map registered in the "Mobile Bank" and having a payment status. If the client has two or more cards, money will be removed from the account where the balance allows. But if you need to make a payment from a specific account, you will have to change the command a little: the amount sent - the four last digits from the card number. If you need to replenish the balance of another phone, a message is sent to the number 900: Tel - Subscriber No. - Amount. If the operation is made with one specified card, after the amount 4 last numbers of its number are specified.

USSD commands to replenish

Sending USSD combinations the balance of your mobile is updated with the following symbol set: * 900 * Amount #. At the end, click "OK". If the cardholder wants to throw money on the account of another subscriber, it must send a request * 900 * Number without 8-ki * sum #.

Replenishment in the Personal Cabinet

When entering the LC in the left menu, the "Fast Payment" displays a telephone number attached to the cabinet. You need to click on it. In the form that opens, it will remain to introduce the amount and click "continue." Then the operation must be confirmed. If the balance is required on another device, the desired number is indicated in the payment form. Another way to online payment is in the Select "Payments and Translations" menu, go to the Mobile Communications tab, select the desired network, then in the same order as described above.

Top up balance in the mobile application Sberbank

This is the fastest way to carry out any financial operations, including the replenishment of the phone balance. To use, the Mobile Bank service must be connected. In the LC, you need to go to the "Translations and Payments" tab. Next, the choice of cellular operator. The payment form indicates the phone number (your or alien) and the transfer amount. The action is confirmed by a password from SMS.

Replenishment of a mobile phone account in an ATM or terminal

Insert a map into the device, go to the Main Menu Select the "Pay for Mobile Communications without Commission" section. The following page will open where the phone number is required. Then the device will ask for the amount of replenishment - the minimum 10 rubles. It remains to click "Continue" - "Pay".

Balance replenishment with a bank office office

There are two ways to put money on the phone from a card in Sberbank offices:

  • in payment devices in the operating room, independently or with the help of a consultant;
  • At the checkout in the order of a live queue. The visitor places the card to operate, introduces the secret code on the portable device and calls the desired amount.

other methods

Russian mobile operators provide services for paying billing accounts through their payments services. Visa, MasterCard cards are suitable for operations, "Peace". There is one condition - mandatory registration in the "Mobile Bank" for passwords and codes.

To enroll money on MegaFon, you need to go to the "Payment" tab on the operator's service, then "replenish the balance". The translation method needs to select a bank card, then enter the phone number and the amount. In the payment window, you will need to specify your card data and click "Pay".

To replenish an account in Bilain on the operator's website, you need to click: "Finance and payment", choose the replenishment of the balance from the bank card. Enter the phone number, the amount of payment and click on the payment button. In the window that appears, the card details will be needed, then the operation is confirmed.

MTS services are also paid on the official website, in the "Reclineal Account" section. Select transfer from a bank card, enter your number and sum. Further, everything is as usual: Map data and confirmation using the SMS code. Payment can be carried out without registration on the site.

Limits, restrictions and commission

The bank has established limits on transfers from card accounts to enroll on mobile phone balance. The minimum payment is 10 rubles, the maximum - 3000 rubles per day at the expense of your phone. On a room that is not tied to the "mobile bank" - no more than 1,500 rubles. There is a limitation and in the number of transactions - no more than 10 per day. Replenishment of the account of any number in its region costs without commission.

Through Sberbank Online, as well as from Terminals and ATM, the replenishment limit is increased to 10 thousand rubles. When payment occurs in the Sberbank card, but on the website of the cellular company, the daily transfer is possible within 15 thousand rubles.

Security Rules when making payments

In order not to lose your funds or not send them to another number, when sending from a mobile, it is important not to be mistaken when entering the command and phone numbers. The same precautions must be observed when payments in the Personal Account. When using an ATM or terminal, it is unacceptable to ask for extraneous people to help, especially - to give them a card. When the code set, you need to try so that no one has seen the input numbers. After the operation is completed, it remains not to forget to pick up a card from the device.

Connecting autoplase

The function of automatic replenishment of the balance on the phone can be connected by terminals or ATMs of Sberbank, or in his personal account. It is enough to enter your parameters once - an account for writing off the means and the amount - and every time you reach the installed threshold, the account on the phone will be replenished for the specified amount. Enrollment occurs instantly, as reported by SMS. In a mobile application, it is also easy to connect this service to the SMS command to number 900: "Auto (or Avto, Avtoplatez) Ten-digit phone number - Amount - Minimum balanced threshold - last 4 digits numbers on the map." The Commission for connecting the service "Autoplating" is not provided.

Probable complexity

Usually difficulties using SMS service does not occur. If you cannot translate funds through a smartphone, you may be trying to specify a credit card or virtual account. Transfers from them are not available.

Another possible problem is a lack of money on the balance sheet. Including need to take into account the commission - it is charged when the limit is exceeded and when the customer accounts are replenished with other banks.

It is also worth making sure that you have a mobile bank in your money recipient. If someone is inactive, you need to activate it - through an ATM, using a call to a call center by phone 900 or in the service office.

The most difficult situation is if a person has already sent a confirmation code, but realized that he indicated the incorrect details of the recipient. Cancel the transaction at this stage will not work. In this case, the money will be written off and translated into someone else's account. Chances to return them extremely small, but you can try to contact the Sberbank office and write a statement. It will be considered on time to 1 month, and then give an answer. Often, with the erroneous shipment of funds, the subscriber in return still refuses - to this you need to be ready. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully recheck the entered details, with the slightest doubt - to specify them from the alleged recipient.

Sberbank customers to enumerate money to other people can simply send SMS to number 900, indicating the details of the card or a phone attached to it. For many, this is the most comfortable way - you do not need to look for an ATM, you can conduct an operation in the absence of internet

It is important that both a mobile bank work, which opens access to account management across SMS

Translation of money from Beeline

To enroll money on a card from a mobile phone account if you are a biline subscriber in two ways: by filling out a special electronic form on the website or send SMS to a special number.

If you decide to choose the first option:

For the second way:

  • Send an SMS to number 7878 with the following data: Map Type (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro), Map number, sum (without kopecks). All data must be written through a space in the specified sequence.
  • Text example: Visa 1234567890123456 1400

You can make a money transfer operation to three types of cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro. You can list money on Maestro type card if the card number consists of 16 digits. Whatever your translation method has taken advantage, the System Commission will be 5.95%. If the payment is less than 1000 rubles, it will be necessary to pay 50 rubles, without commission in percent.


  • At one time you can translate at least 50 rubles and no more than 14,000 rubles.
  • The maximum amount of translation per day also cannot exceed 14,000 rubles (no more than 10 translations can be made).
  • The restriction for the week and the month coincide - no more than 40,000 rubles.

Translation of money from megaphone

MegaFon offers the same two ways as Beeline.

The first way (on the site):

When selecting a second method (using SMS), you need to send an SMS to number 8900 with the following data: the type of map (Visa, MasterCard), the card number, the amount (without kopecks). All data must be written through a space in the specified sequence.

How much will you pay the system depends on the transfer amount. From 50 to 4999 - 7.35% plus an additional 95 rubles. From 5,000 to 15,000 rubles - 7.35% plus 259 rubles. For the sent SMS you do not need to pay.

The minimum amount that can be sent to the card is 50 rubles. Maximum limit - 15,000.

Megaphone subscribers can only translate funds to two types of cards: Visa and MasterCard. You can not list Maestro card. The operator warns that the translation time can take from a few minutes to five working days.

Translation of money from MTS

MTS offers only one input method - list money by entering data on the operator's website. Using an SMS request, transfer money will not work.

In order to list the money on the map:

  1. Open the tab.
  2. In the "Money Transfers" section, select the "Transfer from the phone's account to the map" tab.
  3. First you need to print the phone number of the payer and the amount.
  4. On the next page you need to fill out the map information.
  5. The page will indicate the total amount of payment: how much we will translate the debit card, plus the amount of the Commission.
  6. Confirm payment and waiting for the listing. Like other operators, MTS promises a quick transfer, however warns: in case of failures, the payment may come within five working days.

Commission mobile operator - 4%. The minimum payment amount is 50 rubles, the maximum is 15,000 rubles. In one day you can make a maximum of 5 payments.

Transferring money to the Sberbank Card "Mobile Bank" will not work. The bank can help replenish with this service your phone account from the card. Or it will help to transfer money from the card to the card, if only the recipient's mobile phone number is known. But to make an operation that is in question in the article, unfortunately, will not work.

Did you find a mistake? Highlight it and press Ctrl + Enter.

How to replenish the Sberbank Card from the phone

Transferring money from the phone to the Sberbank card is committed most often, and the Bank is ready to offer two ways to perform an operation: using a mobile bank, or via SMS. Through a mobile bank, the score can replenish the holders of any cards.

How to translate funds to Sberbank card? The operation is available for cards with 16 digits in the room, it is Visa and MasterCard, for Maestro translation is not available.

The service works with the main fourth operator, the translation algorithm is one for all. However, the commissions and limits set the operator, so they differ much significantly.

In SMS to number 900, enter such a text:

The word is entered in capital letters, then a space is placed, xxx9876543 - the telephone number from which the means is written off, and 1000 is the amount of write-off without kopecks.

Now we will analyze each cellular operator from the big five separately.

Translation from MTS phone

This operator has three possible translation methods:

  1. Wallet QIWI;
  2. WEBMONEY wallet;
  3. LK on the site.

Operation with a personal account is even easier. You need to enter the "Payment Management" section, and acting according to the instructions, withdraw money on a plastic or virtual card. The Commission is taken into account in this case. Cash is credited instantly.

Translations through Beeline

On the operator's website you need to go to the "Payment" section, select an operation from the phone account, make the requested information and confirm the correctness of the operation. On a day you can make 5 translations, and no more.

Translations through MegaFon

Translations are performed for all banks on a general algorithm. The site selects the "Transfer to Map" section.

The operation is confirmed by the SMS code. The Commission is charged, and considerable, it is 6%.

Translations through Yota.

The office includes a written request with an indication of details and personal data. An employee in place checks the correctness of the fill and accuracy of the information, and translates.

Translations for the phone with SMS

The easiest way to replenish the balance of the mobile phone is the payment through the message. For the Internet transaction is not required. You can transfer money to the account at a convenient time using the phone connected to the Mobile Bank option.

To replenish the balance, the Sberbank client must be sent to a short number 900 the following text message: "Translation 9 ********* 500", where:

  • 9 ********** - the recipient's mobile phone number;
  • 500 - translation size.

In response to the request, SMS will come with the initial letters of the human family, which is transferred to the funds, his patronymic, name and transaction code. After checking the data, the user confirms the operation by password, which should be sent to the short number 900.

At the end of the procedure, the payment will be implemented, and the recipient and the sender will receive a message with a notification of transaction.

Phone replenishment using USSD commands

Using a mobile phone, you can transfer money through special requests. Many users prefer this particular way to replenish the balance of the phone, due to its simplicity and convenience. Transaction is very simple: dial on the keyboard * 900 * 12 * 9 *********** 500 #, make a challenge.

Request value:

  • 9 ********** - Mobile number;
  • 500 - translation size.

Possible problems when transferring

For payment of the Customer "Sberbank" and the recipient, the Mobile Bank feature must be activated.

The amount of the transaction must be at least 10 rubles and not exceed 10 thousand rubles. The operation is possible exclusively in Russian currency. The translation will be rejected if the user tries to replenish the balance from the virtual, corporate or credit card.

Tailing phone binding to a bank account

If a mobile phone is tied to the Sberbank client's plastic card, it comes with a notification of executed transactions. There is another way to check the account operations - to a short number 900, the user sends an SMS with the text "Help". Back to the request to the client comes a message, indicating data on maps connected to the mobile phone.

If the client has questions, he has the right to contact a branch of a financial and credit institution or contact the Bank for the hotline.

How to transfer money to Sberbank card by phone number

SMS request number 900 (charge)

Most of the Sberbank customers prefer to use the SMS service, despite the fact that the service is not free (and many do not realize it). For each SMS to the number 900, your mobile operator is charged (up to 3 rubles - depends on your tariff plan). At the same time, even if you have a tariff plan with an SMS package, then messages to number 900 from this package are not spent, and are charged separately (regardless of the operator - MTS, Beeline, MegaFon and so on). To transfer money to the card by phone number by means of an SMS request to number 900, you must have a mobile bank service (paid "full" or free "Economy").

You can transfer money to the card by phone number using the next SMS request number 900:

1234 9xx1234567 1000 translation, where:

  • Translation (the command itself - you can also write Perevod, translate, PerevesTi);
  • 1234 - these are the last 4 digits of your card number with which you make translation, if you do not specify, then the money will go with one of your cards, where there is a sufficient amount, respectively, if you have only one card, then 1234 can not be indicated;
  • 9xx1234567 - recipient's phone number;
  • 1000 - the amount of translation.

Note: Translate Money using this request, it is impossible to use the other between your cards (see the SMS Request Handbook).

As soon as you send a request to your phone will receive the next species notification (see Screenshot below) indicating: the amount of translation, the name and patrony of the recipient, the data on the cards (the last 4-digit - your and the recipient).

Next you need to confirm the translation. We send the confirmation code with a response SMS.

Once the money reaches the destination, then the appropriate notification will be received on your phone (the recipient will also receive an SMS on the translation).

USSD team (free)

Translation using a USSD command is a free * alternative to SMS requests.

* To use USSD commands for free, you must have a complete mobile bank package must be connected, since this service is paid for users of the economical package.

To transfer, dial the following on the phone (in the number dial mode): * 900 * 12 * 9xxxxxxxxx * 500 # and press the call key, where: 9xxxxxxxxx is the recipient number, and 500 the amount in rubles (per day you can translate no more than 8000 rubles).

As in the previous example, in response, you will receive the corresponding SMS notification from the number 900, where the amount and the recipient is indicated. In response, you must send the received confirmation code.

Upon completion of the operation, both clients will receive the corresponding SMS messages.

Sberbank mobile app online

  • Open the application → Lower menu → Payments → Sberbank client;
  • Select a translation method - by phone number → Enter the phone number of the recipient and go to the next step (number is gaining from 9-ki);
  • Specify the amount for the translation (if you have several cards, by clicking "write off from the account" you can choose from which card to translate money), you can also add a message for free for the recipient and thematic card;
  • I confirm the translation → Press the "Translate" button;
  • Translation made.

Intrabank Translations

To send money to your own card or other customer Post Bank (PB), you can use in two ways:

  • P2P service (from card to map);
  • Bank transfer by account number to which plastic is tied.

The first option is the fastest and convenient. Funds come instantly, regardless of the time of day, the Commission is provided only when sending money from a credit card (with debit cards of Post Bank, intrabank transactions are held for free).

Transfers of money from the map on the bank post card conveniently carry out Internet:

  • Go to the bank's main page;
  • Press the "Login" key and log in in your account;
  • Select the Operation "Payments and Translations";
  • Specify the account of the write-off of funds and the card for enrollment;
  • Enter the payment amount;
  • Click the Translate button;
  • Confirm the operation of a disposable code from SMS.

The card can also be replenished through an ATM or in any PB branch.

How to cancel translation

Before the operation, the operation is registered, the sender has the right to cancel the transfer. For example, in the online bank, the translation is confirmed by the SMS code. The service will generate a payment in which it is easy to check the details and phio of the recipient. Before entering the code, carefully check the receipt. When sending funds through an ATM, save a paper check.

If erroneous payment has already passed, you can cancel it in two ways:

  • call the hotline and provide secret information to confirm the person;
  • Contact your office and write an application for review transfer.

If you failed to block a transaction in time, there are two options for the development of events:

  • Money sent to a non-existent number. In this case, they will hang on the backup account and will be returned to the client.
  • The payment was enrolled on the real cards. The bank has no right to make money from the card account on its own initiative. The recipient will be sent to refund request. If he refuses, the problem can be solved only through the court.

Banks are considering applications for cancellation of transfers within a month.

General information on translation

Many people replenish their mobile phone from a bank card, because you can quickly translate funds by choosing any convenient way. Often, citizens pass the procedure online. In this case, you do not even need to leave the house to put funds. It is enough to have a computer or mobile phone with internet access. Need no more than five minutes to complete the process.

To replenish this way the account can subscriber of any operator: biline, mts, megaphone, tele2. In general, there is no difference who is served the number. The main thing is to know the accurate digits of the recipient, because it is difficult to cancel the erroneous listing. Note that you can send funds from the card, both to your room and a friend. The main thing is to know the necessary data to make a listing.

One of the advantages of replenishing the balance from the map is that the Commission with the amount is not charged. Therefore, the means will come in full, and both parties will not lose anything. It is worth considering how exactly you can list money so that if necessary it was possible to implement this procedure.

How to transfer money from the phone to the Sberbank card

To transfer money from the phone's account to the card, you need to take into account some features. Not all plastics of the bank are used for this service. It is possible only for those whose numbers contain no more than 16 digits (Visa and MasterCard), but the transaction is not available for Maestro. For clients of a banking institution, you can withdraw funds from the largest cellular operators: MegaFon, Beeline, MTS, TV2. Each company dictates its conditions, commission collection and limits for the operation, and the client will have to make a decision on how much this procedure is beneficial to him.

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Translation from MegaFon to Sberbank Card

MegaFon subscribers if necessary, can transfer money as follows:

Interface and Menu of the company MegaFon

Basic conditions for crediting funds from the balance of this company:

  • Commission - 7.35% + 95 rubles. (1-4999 rubles), over 5,000 - the same percentage, but also additional 295 rubles;
  • It is allowed to list up to 15,000;
  • There are no restrictions on the minimum size of the transaction, but due to the high commission collection to send small amounts inexpediently.

The second version of the enrollment is provided - using an SMS message to 3116. The text looks like this: "Card_ Plastic number from 16 digits_ month_ year action _ amount". The recording has gaps after the word "card", after the number, after a month, after a year. The Commission is the same as during the operation through the site.

Translation of money from biline

How to make a translation from biline on Sberbank card? The instruction is this:

  1. go to the Beeline website;
  2. In the Select the "Pay from the Account" item;
  3. then - "money transfers";
  4. select payment system;
  5. In the window that opens, make a digital value of plastic, telephone number and amount of cash transmission;
  6. Complete the procedure for its confirmation.

Section Money Transfers is in the Menu Payment and Finance

The conditions for sending funds are as follows:

  • Commission fee - 50 rubles. (from 50-1000 rubles), for the rest - 5.95% + 10 rubles;
  • The minimum transaction is 50 rubles, the maximum - 14,000;
  • Transmission period - up to 5 days.

Another way provides for transferring via SMS to 7878. The text and view of the message is similar to the fact that when sending to a megaphone, but the text there is no month and year of action.

Translation from MTS to Sberbank

Thanks to MTS cooperation and with a large bank of the Russian Federation, sending money from MTS subscribers' phones is much more profitable than other operators. The procedure is as follows:

  1. go to the company's website;
  2. In the menu, select the section "Banking Services and Payments";
  3. go to "easy payment";
  4. Click "Go to the payment" and select the payment system;
  5. A field of filling will appear, make the number of plastic and the amount;
  6. specify "write off from the account";
  7. Fill the field requisites;
  8. Confirm operation by specifying the code from the received SMS.

Menu Internet resource operator MTS

For this procedure, certain conditions are provided:

  • Commission collection - 4%;
  • The minimum size of the listings is 1.7 thousand rubles., Maximum - 15,000;
  • Maximum number of transactions per day - 5;
  • The time of receipt of funds is up to 5 days.

Translation from tele2.

The scheme of the transfer of funds from the telephone operator phone on the Sberbank card is as follows:

External view of the telephone operator site interface

Operation parameters are as follows:

  • Commission for the transaction - 5.75%;
  • Minimum disposable transaction 10 rub., Maximum - 15 thousand rubles;
  • Daily limit - 10 operations not exceeding 15,000 rubles.

For convenience, another method is provided - through SMS to 159. The text of sending and laying spaces is similar to the fact that when sending to Beeline.

How to transfer money to a bank card from MTS phone

one. On the official website of the MTS operator, find the section "Financial Services and Payments".

3. Fill in the "Transfer of the Card" form provided by the form in the "Phone number" and "sum" graphs, then click the Next button.

four. In a new window, enter the recipient's card number and click the Next button.

five. In the following form, click on the "Get Password" button. The phone number will be switched to the phone number to enter the appropriate string.

The MTS operator works with Visa and MasterCard payment systems. Visa gives you the opportunity to get money for 5-10 minutes, MasterCard - a little longer - 15-20 minutes, time is specified without the possible failures and technical works in the system. A day can be translated from 50 to 15,000 rubles, no more than 5 payments. The Commission is 4% of the amount translated, but at the same time at least 60 rubles. Translation can be carried out in any banks of Russia.

How to transfer money to a bank card from the phone Beeline

2. On the page that opens, find the block with the heading "Transfer to a bank card from a mobile phone" and click on the "Translate from the Site" button.

3. Enter the data in the Row of the bank card number, "Your Mobile Phone number" and "Amount". The Commission is automatically in this case, and you can immediately see what the final amount of translation is. Enter the code from the picture to pass the Antibot system, check the box opposite the agreement with the terms of service and click the "Pay" button.

four. Then the code of the specified phone will receive the code that must be entered into the appropriate line to confirm the transfer.

Beeline provides the ability to transfer money from a mobile phone account both using the site and by SMS. For the second option, send a message to the short number 7878, where the type of payment system is specified - Visa, Maestro or Mastercard, the card number and the amount of the translation.

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How to transfer money to a bank card from the phone megaphone

one. On the website of the operator MegaFon, find the "Services and Options" section, then "Additional Services".

2. On the right on the page there is a menu where the link "Money Transfers" is located.

3. Click on this link and click on the section "on a bank card".

four. Enter the data in the "Amount" lines, "Recipient Data" - the map number, and "Sender data" - your phone number. Put the box opposite the inscription "I am not a robot" and click the "Translate" button.

five. In the window that opens, select the "Translate" button, or "Return" if an error is made somewhere. The amount of translation is indicated taking into account the Commission.

The megaphone operator also makes it possible to transfer money through SMS. To do this, you need to enter the name of the "Card" operation in the mobile phone, via the number of the card number and another amount of the amount. After that, send to the number 8900. SMS is free. For translations, the Visa and MasterCard payment system cards are suitable. Note that not all banks are taken from MegaFon Transfers of funds for Sbercards. The list of available organizations can be clarified by the operator. In case of refusal to transfer, you can transfer funds to a bank account.

The term of enrollment is from a few minutes to 5 business days. The MegaFon Commission charges as follows. If the payment is from 50 to 4999 rubles, the amount will be fixed - 95 rubles. When translating from 5,000 to 15,000 rubles, the Commission will be 259 rubles and an additional 7.35%.

How to transfer money to a bank card with telephone body 2

one. On this site, select the button "On the bank card" and then fill out the proposed form with the sender number graphs, the "bank card number", "amount" and press the "Translate" button.

2. In the window that opens, enter the code that came to SMS to the specified phone number, and confirm the payment.

Tele 2 allows the summary of 1 to 15,000 rubles from 1 to 15,000 rubles. At the same time, it is impossible to use money on the phone account received through loans or bonuses, as well as within the framework of the "Promised Payment" service and funds accrued on advertising campaigns. According to the operator, there are no restrictions on banks of Russia. Work is made in Visa and MasterCard payment systems. The Translation Commission is at least 5.75% of the amount and at least 40 rubles.

Especially for

Transfer money from phone to map

With any provider you have entered into an agreement, in order to send cash from SIM cards to the card, you may need the following devices for various types of operations:

  • mobile phone;
  • PC;
  • the tablet;
  • laptop.

All companies that provide cellular communications offer several ways to send a transfer to Sberbank's bank card.


BEELINE clients can use one of the 3 options to transfer money to the map:

  • online through the Internet;
  • sending SMS
  • Using third-party sites.

Each option is convenient in certain situations.

Transfer to the card through the site

Online method involves the following actions algorithm:

  1. Come on the provider page.
  2. At the bottom of the monitor screen, you find the tab "Transfer of funds to a bank card" and enter it.
  3. Fill out the output form. You should drive:
    • 16-digit card number;
    • phone number;
    • transfer amount;
    • Secret code to rewrite from the image provided.
  4. Check the entered information and put a tick in the consent window with the terms of translation, after reading them.
  5. Click on "Pay".

At the final stage you need to send a confirmation code to number 84-64, which will go to SMS after the operation is completed.

Transfer to the card via SMS

You can throw money on the Sberbank Card using a message that will look like this: "Card XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX HHH." Under the "X" implies a 16-digit card number, and "H" is the amount you are going to list from the SIM card. SMS is sent by number 78-78. For sending such a message, the provider does not impose a commission.

other methods

Another option to forward the translation of the described type using the sites providing such a service. Carefully learn the conditions. Most resources take large commissions for the transaction.


Remove money from SIM cards and send them to the Sberbank Card can also clients MTS. The provider offers such ways:

  • online on the website of the cellular operator;
  • USSD command;
  • via SMS;
  • Through the site (the procedure is identical to all operators).

Through the Internet

To write off the money from SIM cards to send to Sberbank plastic, you need:

  1. Go to the page
  2. Fill out the form in which to specify:
    • The number involved in the mobile phone transaction;
    • the sum of translation;
    • Bank card number to transfer money.
  1. Confirm the code that came to SMS, its actions.

The provider declares that the money will go within 5 days. However, in the overwhelming majority they are credited instantly.

Via sms

To number 61-11 you need to send the message as follows: "Card XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX HHHH". The algorithm is the same as in the case of Beeline.

You can also use a special command: "* 611 ** #


Options Similar to previous methods for sending funds from MegaFon:

  • on the Internet resource provider;
  • using SMS;
  • Third-party sites.

Through the Internet

If you prefer to act via the Internet, take the following steps:

  1. On the official website of the cellular operator, go to the page.
  2. Go to the "Money Transfers" tab.
  3. Choose from the proposed options "Translate to Plastic Card".
  4. Enter the number of your mobile phone in the field.
  5. Select "Get COD in SMS".
  6. Enter the resulting cipher to the appropriate field.
  7. Enter the map information and the number of translated money.
  8. Confirm the payment.

Via sms

In this case, the SMS is sent to 31-16. The content is: "Card XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX MM YY HHHH". "Mm YY" is a month and year when plastic will end.

Tele 2

Allows you to make translations on the CAT card and provider bodies 2. It is offered 3 options:

Method of online

Using a PC, tablet or laptop, make the following steps:

  1. Go to the page.
  2. Go to the "Bank cards" tab.
  3. Fill the form.
  4. Confirm your actions that came to the mobile code.


SMS is sent to number 159, containing such information: "Card 2345678912545678 1500".

Commission for sending a message - 0.00 rubles.

Translation to another subscriber

In general, the operation here is not much different from how to replenish your number. The only difference is that here you can choose a map with which the means will spike.

To replenish the account of another subscriber via SMS, we carry out the same themes as to replenish your number, only the next combination is gaining in the text field: x the amount where the subscriber's number is meant to send the funds. It is entered without symbols 7, +7 or 8. If the user does not remember the subscriber number and there is no possibility to peer during input, you can specify its name as it is written in the phone's notebook. To select a map with which the tools spikes, at the end of the request, after the amount, specify the last four digits of the required card.

For example, if the contact that needs to be translated in the amount of 500 rubles, the user in the notebook is recorded as "Andrei" with the number 89517778899, and the card number with which the checkout occurs, ends at 4444, then the SMS on 900 may have the following form: 9517778899 500,4444 or Andrey 500,4444.

Important! If the recipient number is not tied to the Sberbank mobile bank, then the sender will require confirmation of the operation using a special code to be sent to number 900. It is also possible to transfer via USSD request, but it is no longer so multifunctional, as in the case of SMS

The funds are always written off the card that in a mobile bank is indicated as home or with the one where there is enough money. Missing and the ability to transfer is not by number, but by name

It is also possible to translate through a USSD request, but it is no longer so multifunctional as in the case of SMS. The funds are always written off the card that in a mobile bank is indicated as home or with the one where there is enough money. Missing and the ability to transfer is not by number, but by name.

If we consider the example above again, then in this case the USSD request will be unambiguous: * 900 * 9517778899 * 500 #.

How to replenish the balance without special applications

How to transfer money from a visa card to the phone - if they do not unite special applications? Similarly, by SMS messages!

Let's wonder what kind of telecommunications provider need to know for this command:


MTS subscribers can pay for the company's services by causing a special voice menu of the contact center. The required combination of numbers is 111749. You will immediately be connected to the audio system. Based on tips:

  • Enter a 10-digit number;
  • Next, the map number plus a three-digit security code on the turnover, and the validity period;
  • the magnitude of the transaction;
  • The control code will tell you the robot.


The cellular operator allows you to manage payments by USSD commands and messages. The bank card will first have to tie to the SIM card, on the official website of the provider.

Just specify the payment size, in the message sent to the number 5117.


Call the number 0500910 and follow the sequence of actions specified in audio folds. Here it will be necessary to introduce:

  • phone number (10 digits);
  • Card data;
  • The amount you wish to list.

Tele 2

Tie a map to SIM and with USSD commands, list money on it. The command must be chosen:

* 109 * 200 # - where "200" is the amount of enrollment.

For translation by SMS, simply send the amount of the translation to the number 109.

Translate money from the map to another phone in such ways is also possible, add only some changes:

  1. MTS. Indicate instead of your mobile number - a friend number. The remaining data are the same.
  2. Beeline. Here, add a subscriber number to the deposit amount.
  3. Megaphone. Similarly, MTS simply replace your number to the subscriber number.
  4. Tele 2. All the same, short number 109 - send a request. Specify in it, the amount of payment and the number of waiting for the subscriber's support.

Mobile operators accept payments from Visa cards, Master Card, Maestro (registered).

Every day, non-cash payment of services is becoming more popular. Still, much more convenient to quickly list the funds from the card at any time, and not to carry a pack of banknotes. For example, you can literally in a couple of seconds to transfer money to the phone, and not somewhere to go, search for payment, often lose a certain percentage of services. Not to mention that such a way you can please a loved one, who independently replenish the score of his mobile phone. how to transfer money from the card to the phone

There are many ways to transfer money from the card to the phone. At the same time, there is no better among them, since it all depends on the conditions and opportunities affordable to a person at the moment.

Russian Sberbank

Almost all banks offer the holders of their plastic cards service, allowing to transfer money to the phone through a card. Sometimes it does not require any additional actions from the client, although there are other situations. For example, the owner of the Sberbank card must pre-activate the "Mobile Bank" function. After that, it is necessary to send the following "90000000 111" to the next content number "900", where the first digit block is the subscriber number without "+7", and the last three digits are the amount in rubles. Per day is allowed to list up to 8 thousand rubles. In response to SMS, a counter-message will come, where the parameters of the operation and the confirmation request are specified. Use service for free. Its activation can be carried out through the online service. Translate money to mobile phone

In general, it is often necessary to transfer money to a mobile phone, so banks from the opposite sides of their cards indicate an actions algorithm that allows you to carry out this operation.

Online service

Each debit card holder is simply obliged to register with the Internet service offered by a specific bank. This significantly expands the possibilities of working with a card account. In particular, it is possible not only to solve the simplest task "How to transfer money from the card to the phone", but also to pay for the purchase, carry out control of the means and much more.

Each bank has its own algorithm for registering new users of the system: some immediately "tied" the mobile number to the issued card, others require direct indication of the room using an ATM. We will not make recommendations in such a "delicate" topic - it is best to seek explanation to the Bank's office workers. When access to the Sberbank's online service is received, you need to open the appropriate page, enter your passwords and confirm the operation through the code obtained via SMS. Money on the phone through the map

If everything is performed correctly, a bill with account data will open. In the header there is a section "Payments and translations". Opening it, you can see the "Mobile Communications" section. Here you need to select payment of any mobile numbers, fill in the required fields and confirm the operation via SMS.

How to transfer money from the card to the phone MTS

Each mobile operator offers a service that allows you to replenish the account by a non-cash method. To use it, you need to go to the appropriate site. Find the desired item is very easy - developers, realizing the importance of the issue, place it in the most prominent place. With regard to MTS of Russia, it is required to press "banking services and payments" and choose "Top up the account." In the window that opens, everything is obvious. Having a card on the hands, you can count the data from it and enter the corresponding lines into information.

Full control from MTS

In the upper right corner of the main site there is a "Personal Account" item. By registering in it, you can not only list the money on the phone through the map, but also to manage the mobile operator service package for your number. Opening it, you can proceed to "Payment Management - Easy Payment". Further, all similar to the previous way. Is it possible to control the emergence of funds in real time. Translation of money for phone

Third-party services

In addition to the listed methods, other possibilities are available to mobile subscribers. So, there are many resources providing such services. For example, the Russian "A-3". How to transfer money from the card to the phone with it? On the main page you need to select the operator from the list. Further enter in the appropriate line Mobile phone number and card data: 16 digits on the front side, validity, as well as code on the turnover. The Commission is no more than 4%, depending on the region.

No less interesting service of Internet payments called "Just Cassa". After opening the main page and select the direction, the visitor must dial the number of the replenished mobile phone, specify the amount (from 100 rubles), the source of payment (bank card) and click the "Pay" button. Further, all according to the standard: Note 16 + 3 digits, validity, name and surname, as well as confirmation via SMS service.

In addition to the above systems, money from the card on the phone allows you to translate many exchangers in the global network. Money from the card on the phone


From the point of view of security, preference should be given to solutions from the bank-emitter card, as well as software mechanisms offered by mobile operators. They are not interested in the possible loss of customers, so carefully check their services. The use of third-party Internet resources is associated with risk to run into fraudsters, which the user itself reports the phone number and data of the bank card. Therefore, if necessary, work with such sites you need to pre-check them - read reviews, search for reviews for "Advisor" from WebMoney (for system participants), etc.

Data protection

Performing payment through the Internet, it should be remembered that some banks on the cards issued by them initially block the possibility of conducting such payments. An attempt to translate even one ruble through the network leads to a report on the impossibility of performing the operation. This is a fairly useful defense that is designed for those card holders that are not going to work with Internet payments. Users who need to unlock such an opportunity can easily be removed in the "Personal Account". Again, such protection is used not by all banks.

When working in the browser, you must take care so that there are no spyware on the computer that send data about the attacker named characters. For this, complex antivirus systems are suitable. In particular, we can note some new versions of Kaspersky Lab software products that make plots on the screen in which the card data is entered, invisible for spyware.

Of course, in no case should you replenish your phone account with bank cards using someone else's computer. The system of confirmation through the SMS service, although it improves safety, nevertheless is not a panacea. Money on the phone through a card

Hardware solutions

Some self-service terminals are the so-called "boxes" - allow not only to replenish the account by making the required amount of bills, but also through the specification of the bank card data and confirmation by SMS. True, the Commission can be removed, so when using such a fund, it is necessary to carefully read the conditions.

Finally, all existing ATMs allow you to select the item in the structure of your menu that is responsible for writing off the part of the funds from the card account in favor of a specific mobile operator. Perhaps this is one of the most reliable ways. When using it, you can be sure that funds will be appointed as soon as possible, and the Commission will be minimal.

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