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On the Christmas Eve begins the best time for gadas, it will last until Baptism (January 19). It is believed that all the prohibitions are removed these days, mysterious forces rushed to the ground, and girls begin to guess for fate, successful marriage and future children.

If you are not married yet, then be sure to try one of these fortunes. Suddenly come true?

1. Divination by the book

No, it's not that divination, where you need to make a page number. It works a little more interesting.

What you need? The book, preferably artistic and love.

What to do?

  • Open the book on the page equal to the number of your birthday. Write down the letter to which the page begins.
  • Open the page equal to the number of birthday, and write down the first letter.
  • Open the page equal to the number of birth of your father, and also write down the first letter on this page.

Did you get three letters? These are the initials of your future spouse.

2. With small pieces

What you need? Paper, pen, bed, pillow.

What to do?

  • Run a blank sheet into a lot of small pieces.
  • On each of the bulls, write one male name (they can be how much pleases, remember any names that you like, or the names of all your friends).
  • Take carefully roll up.
  • Before bedtime, put them under the pillow.
  • When you wake up, get one of the folded pieces, and you will see the name of your future husband.

3. With small pieces and water

What you need? Capacity with water (pelvis), candle (grinding), walnut shell, plasticine and papers with names (see paragraph 2).

What to do?

  • Globes of paper with names are attached to the plasticine to the boards of the water tank from the inside.
  • Sparking candles lit and place in the shell of the nut.
  • Lower the shell into the water in the center of the pelvis.
  • The shell with candles should stop near one of the paper on the side of paper. Then you recognize the name of your chosen one.

4. On the apple leather

What you need? Apple, knife.

What to do?

  • Carefully remove the peel from the apple, so that it does not break and looked like a spiral.
  • Throw the leather through the left shoulder, and then see how it fell. It is believed that in the position of the peel, you can see the first letter of the name of the future husband.

5. With a pan

Interesting fortune telling, in which you will need help your mom. If you live separately, then go to visit it in one of the Christmas days.

What you need? Pan.

What to do?

  • Put the frying pan under your mother's bed (there is one subtlety - she should not know about it).
  • Before you go to bed, tell me: "Daughty-rude, come to the mother-in-room pancakes." If the mother dares that she feeds some young man pancakes, he will be the fiance of his daughter.

6. Using wax

What you need? Candle and dish with water.

What to do?

  • Light a candle and let it melt a little.
  • Tilt the candle over the saucer and start dripping in the water wax.
  • After a few seconds, the wax will freeze on the surface of water in the form of one or more letters. This will be a hint of the future husband.

By the way, such fortune telling is known in another format. You ask the question you are interested in, pouring the wax and see what happened. Usually the figure is the answer (asterisk - good luck in work or study, a lot of strips - there will be many trips, a flower is a happy meeting, etc.).

7. On Lukovitsa

What do you need? Multiple bulbs.

What to do?

  • Write on the bulbs the names of men who are not indifferent to you (or to which you are not indifferent).
  • Put them into the water. That bully, which will germinate before everyone, will mean your man's man.

8. Using a needle

And we will again need papers with male names.

What else is needed? Needle or gold ring, silk thread.

What to do?

  • Grind a thread of 15 cm long in a ring or needle.
  • Keep the thread with big and index fingers and bring the needle / ring to each piece of paper named. Zerbit.
  • If one of some of the names, the ring will swing like a pendulum or spinning around him, then this is the name of your narrowed.

9. With lock and water

What do you need? Tase with water, lock with key.

What to do?

  • Take the lock and keep it above the water.
  • Make it with the key, saying: "Come my narrowed, drink ask." Who will dream, he will be a fiance.

10. According to Loskutkum

This fortune telling will help learn the appearance of the narrowed.

What you need? Loskutka fabrics of different color (white, black, red, brown), box.

What to do?

  • Fold the patchwork into the box.
  • Ask a question: "What color's hair will be my narrowed?".
  • Pull out any flaps. White means hair light, black - dark, red - red, brown - blond.

In the same way, you can find out the color of the eyes and other signs.

Next are the most famous fortune tells that you may have tried.

11. Using Combs

What you need? Comb, pillow, bed.

What to do?

  • Before bedtime, spread your hair with scallop and put it under the pillow.
  • Tell me: "Daughty mine, dream of me" and lie to bed. In a dream, you must see your future husband.

12. At the mirror

The worst and difficult fortune telling. At midnight, you should be alone in a dark room.

What you need? Two big mirrors, candles.

What to do?

  • Install one mirror opposite the other, arrange the candles. "Corridor" should appear in the mirrors.
  • Focus, look in the mirror intently and motionlessly, carefully peer in the "corridor". In the mirror you will see the face of the future husband.
  • Consider it and say spell-charm: "Chur of place!". After these words, the man's image will disappear, and everything will end.

13. named first oncoming

Be careful with this fortune track: to go to a beautiful girl one on the street in the dark may be dangerous.

What to do?

Enhanced to get out of the house and ask the name from the first man you will see. It is believed that the name of your narrowed will be the same.

Are you going to guess the shit?

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How to find out the name of the future husband by date of birth


For women, family happiness is very important. Since childhood, they dream of a beautiful wedding dress, which will marry the best man. Girls in all details draw their happy pictures of adult life. They want to get closer to bring this joyful event and even a little bit into the future.

Science of ages of girls use fortune-telling as a magic ritual. These knowledge is gentle by generation to generation. Modern women, like hundreds of years ago, continue to believe in magic, adding to this astrology and numerology.

The world-famous numerologists argue that all human life depends on the date of birth. The numbers are code, deciphering which you can predict further fate.


As by the date of birth, find out the name of the future groom

It is worth noting that no fortune telling, astrology or numerology could not fully, to predict the fate of a person to the smallest details. It is not necessary to hope that someone will tell you the surname, the name and address of the future husband, as well as the date and time of your meeting. Predictions give only a common image, key accents to be paid attention to.

The easiest way to predict the name of your narrowed is by date of your birth. To do this, take a sheet of paper and handle.

  1. Write your full birth date numbers. For example, if the girl was born on August 12, 2003, then you need to record 12.08.2003
  2. We summarize all the unambiguous numbers of birth dates: 1 + 2 + 8 + 2 + 3 = 16
  3. We summarize the number of the result obtained: 1 + 6 = 7
  4. We learned the code for which you can find out the future, this is the number 7.

Now we find the decoding of the obtained numerological code.

Interpretation of personal numerological code

You will learn key letters in the name of your future husband. Both of all they are found at the beginning of the name, but can be repeated sounds in the middle.


  1. The unit corresponds to the sounds A, C, I. Possible names: Alexander, Anton, Arthur, Alexey, Anatoly, Andrei, Artem, Sergey, Semyon, Stanislav, Stepan, Igor, Ivan, Ilya. Most likely, the name of your future husband will be short and lying.
  2. Two corresponds to sounds b, t, s. The sound in this case will be present in the middle of the name. Possible names: Bogdan, Boris, Taras, Trofim, Timofey, Timur. Two is characterized by long names.
  3. The top three corresponds to the sounds in, to, W. Possible names: Vadim, Vitaly, Vladislav, Valentin, Vasily, Victor, Valery, Vladimir, Vyacheslav, Kirill, Konstantin, Ustin. Most often, the troika is characteristic of unusual, rare names.
  4. The fourthkee corresponds to the sounds of G, F, E. Possible names: George, Hermann, Gennady, Gleb, Grigory, Fedor, Philip, Edward, Eldar. The fourth correspond to rare, slightly old-fashioned names.
  5. The top five corresponds to the sounds of P, Z, Sh. Possible names: Rustam, Renat (Rinat), Roman, Rodion, Rostislav, Ruslan, Zakhar. Because a girl with this numerological code in character is an independent leader, it is worth paying attention to strong men who can become equivalent partners.
  6. Sixer corresponds to the sounds of N, C, I, E. Possible names: Nazar, Nikolai, Nikita, Yaroslav, Egor, Egor. The girls with this numerological code are very oppressive and wound. Pay attention to soft, delicate men.
  7. Seed matches the sounds of h, O. Possible names: Oleg, Orest, Oscar. The seven is characterized by strong personality for which the name is of great importance.
  8. The eight corresponds to the sounds of W, L, F, P. Possible names: Leonid, Lev, Paul, Peter, Plato. The girls with this code are very unpredictable. They quickly change the mood. Therefore, pay attention to calm, delicate, understanding men. fullsize-2
  9. The nine corresponds to the sounds of Yu, M, X, D. Possible names: Yuri, Mark, Miroslav, Maxim, Matvey, Mikhail, David, Dmitry, Daniel, Denis. The girls with this numerological code are very smart, romantic, easily fall in love and easily switch to another. They should communicate with merry cheerful guys who will not let you get bored.

Special dates of birth

Unusual dates include those in which numbers are duplicated, for example, March 3 (03.03). Such numbers predict the fact that the name of the future groom may coincide with the name of a close blood relative. For divorced women, these numbers prophesy exactly the same name as it was at the first husband.

We also consider the special dates that have a mirror reflection, for example, December 21 (21.12) or the tenth of January (10.01). These dates suggest that your chosen one can be the owner of an unusual, foreign name. It can also mean a non-standard mindset of the future chosen one.



К сожалению, числа не могут рассказать человеку все подробности его жизни. Нумерология направлена только на то, чтобы указать нужное направление и предостеречь от необдуманных решений.

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