Where to go in February to the sea - 11 inexpensive directions

February Tourists are not often chosen as a vacation, but completely in vain. Even in the winter you can relax with comfort, soak under the sun and visit interesting sights. A pleasant bonus for those who decided to rest during the cold season - low prices for accommodation food. Thus, you can save a family budget. The main thing is to know where to go to the sea in February. Paradise corners in the world abound, we picked up ten best places where you can spend your vacation with family or with your loved one. When a selection of resorts, the main criteria were taken into account - the cost of living, climatic conditions, food prices.

Rest on the seashore

1. India, Kerala

Weather + 26 ... + 32 ° C
Water in the sea + 26 ... + 29 ° C
Visa A tourist visa for 30 days can be issued online for $ 10 or $ 25 depending on the season
Accommodation From $ 12 per night
India, Kerala

Kerala in translation means "Land of Coconut Walnuts", and Palms are really a lot here. Kerala in the number of cultural monuments, the formation of the population, cleanliness and natural beauty is ahead of the famous and promoted state of Goa. If you do not know where to go on holiday in February to the sea, choose Kerala.

Ceral on the map

The length of the state is 590 km, the best beaches of the country are concentrated here, and in the east, kilometers of tea plantations that can be visited with an excursion.

Ceral - Center of Ayurveda in India. In almost every hotel or guesthouse, you can pass Ayurvedic treatment.

On the coast, there is enough windy, but for family holidays you can find bakes where the calm sea can be resting with comfort.

Where to rest in Kerala:

Kerala, Beach Kovalam
Church of St. Franciska in Kerala

The capital of the state is recognized as the most beautiful city of Kerala. In February, a walk along the picturesque, park zones and ancient streets coming here. The ancient fort, dated 16 century, has been preserved here. Another unique landmark is a trivandruum zoo, founded in the mid-19th century.

If you like to relax with benefit, visit Calaripattu, during which an old weapon is used. Tourists offer excursions to fishing networks, if desired, you can join fishermen. In Kerala, there is an ancient temple of St. Francis, founded at the beginning of the 16th century.

Good to know! It is possible to eat tightly and tasty in a restaurant for $ 4-6 per person. The portion of food in the snack bar is on average $ 2-3. Very cheap vegetables and fruits. Purchase alcohol is much more complicated.

Chery the Prices for accommodation in Kerala

2. Sri Lanka, South-West Coast

Air temperature + 28 ... + 32 ° C
Water in the sea +28 ° C.
Visa You can get at the airport by arrival ($ 40) or place online ($ 35) Electronic permission (this)
Accommodation From $ 12 per day
Sri Lanka, Southeast Coast

If you do not know where to go to rest in February, boldly buy a ticket to Sri Lanka. At this time of the year, the rainy season stops and comfortable weather is installed.

Why is it better to relax in winter:

  • calm sea and lack of wind;
  • amazing weather, after rich rains the most full-water rivers and waterfalls;
  • Comfortable climate;
  • Peak ripening of juicy fruit - papaya, mango;
  • February is a month of low prices for products in the market and seafood.
Photo: Golden Temple Dambulla
Golden Temple Dambulla

Another reason to go to rest on Sri Lanka in February - visiting sights. There is both historical monuments of architecture and natural reserves in the state.

In February, the most large-scale religious celebration is held on Sri Lanka - Navam, I caress or holiday shifts.

Interesting fact! Many tourists ask a question - where better to go to Sri Lanka in February? The fact is that at this time the rains end throughout the territory and comfortable weather is installed, so you can relax in any part of the island.

Read more about the most popular Sri Lanka resort - Hikkaduwe - here.

3. Maldives, Island Todd

Air temperature + 28 ... + 31 ° C
Water in the sea +29 ° C.
Visa Not needed for up to 30 days
Accommodation From $ 70 per night
Maldives, Island Todd

Since 2012, citizens of Maldives are allowed to open hotels and serve tourists. Thanks to the adopted laws, the standard of living of the local population rose, and the Maldives became available not only for wealthy citizens, but also for people with an average level of wealth. Now to the question "Where to go to the sea in February?" You can confidently answer - in the Maldives. Island Toddu - 3rd largest in the country and there are already about 30 hotels. All of them are quite modest.

Many multicolored fish on the rife near the island

Thanks to Rifu near the island, there are many multi-colored fish, sharks, turtles and skates. The underwater world is one of the richest in the world.

To get to Todd, it is not necessary to buy a ticket, you can get to the picturesque recreation area from Male yourself and quite fiscal.

4. Maldives, Maafushi Island

Air temperature day + 27 ... + 30 ° C
Water in the sea +29 ° C.
Visa Need not
Number in an inexpensive hotel From $ 58 per day
Rest on Maafushi

Many mistakenly believe that rest in the Maldives is expensive. However, by studying the topic where to go in February to the sea inexpensively, pay attention to Maafushi, located on the Kaafu Atoll. 2700 people live here. Rest on Maafushi is considered to be budget. Breakfast for two will cost only $ 5-8, lunch is $ 18-30. A large portion of seafood costs about $ 12-15, fresh vegetable salad - $ 5-7.

A tourist area where it is located in swimsuits extends between two hotels - White Shell Beach and Kani Beach. The territory is divided into two parts adjacent to hotels. The coastline is crowded, but the water is always clean. The zone for swimming is fenced off by a fence.

Diving on the island of Maafushi

You can travel to Maafushi to rest with children - here the hollow bottom and convenient entrance to the water, in fact, as in the other Maldives. There are not much entertainment on Maafushi. Snorkeling admirers go on sandy shames. There are three diving center on the island, dive and enjoy the underwater world. If desired, in February, you can go to neighboring resorts. Most often, tourists go to relax on the biogud.

What to do on Maafushi:

  • will go to watch the dolphins from the boat;
  • immerse yourself at the habitat of sharks and skates;
  • go to coral reef;
  • Fishing from a boat - day, night.
See all accommodation prices for Maafushi

5. Malaysia, Penang

Air temperature + 26 ... + 31 ° C
Water in the sea + 29 ° C
Visa Not required for up to 30 days
Accommodation, within walking distance to the beach From $ 40 per night
Penang Island

Penang - Malaysia, which is located in the north-west of the country, is represented by two parts connected by the bridge: the island and part of the mainland of Meadrag-Peray.

Interesting fact! Penang is known as the "Pearl of the East".

In February, when the resort rarely rains, travelers recommend to go to rest in the northern part of the state, on Ferring Beach. In addition to the beach recreation, there are horses and are engaged in popular sporty sports.

Beach Tanjung Bungah

Popular seats:

  • Tellung-Bahang - beach in the western part;
  • Tanjung bungali is notable for huge reefs and exotic vegetation;
  • Telun-Bahang is a quiet, secluded resort with picturesque coves.

On Penang there is something to see - Temples, Park of Butterflies, Bird Park and Botanical Garden. The tourist infrastructure is well developed here, a variety of entertainment is available.

Good to know! Here you can climb the Penang mountain on a comfortable funicular. The highest point is 830 meters.

You can eat in Penang Inexpensive - here there are a large number of cafes and restaurants on any wallet. You can eat cheaper in small roadside cafes and macashnitsa, as well as in the Indian Quarter. Here lunch for two will cost $ 9-14. On the island there are dining rooms, where a full dinner costs about $ 4-5.

More detailed information about the rest on Penang Island is presented in this article.

Compare accommodation prices with this form.

6. Malaysia, Langkavi

Air temperature + 28 ... + 32 ° C
Water temperature + 29 ° C
Visa Not required
Night costs accommodation in the room walking accommodation to the beach From $ 20.
Beach on Langkavi Island

Langkavi is the largest island of the same name archipelago, which is located in the Andaman Sea in the northern part of the country. Borders with Thailand and is part of the staff of the probe. Capital - Kuah.

Interesting fact! On the west coast of Malaysia, the resort of Langkavi is the most popular and much ahead of Penang. Here come to relax on comfortable beaches with really white sand.

Map Langkavi

Where to go sunbathing in February? Holidays in Langkawi - will be a good solution. The coastline is clean and well-groomed. There are many deserted exotic places where you can settle in the bungalow and on vacation to feel yourself by the owner of the whole island. The best beaches of the island are described in this article.

As for entertainment and outdoor activities, they are here, but, of course, not in such quantities as in Penang.

On islet waterfalls, tourists are offered to go to the jungle, by the sea you can rent outfit for water sports. Want to enjoy picturesque views? Rent a boat and go with an excursion to the next islands. The main attractions of the island are described here.

One of the waterfalls on Langkavi Island

Good to know! There are no public transport on Langkawi, you will also not find historic attractions and noisy night bars, discos. The main feature is a duty-free zone, the cost of many goods here is much lower than in other regions of Malaysia.

Food on Langkawa inexpensive. In street trading establishments, Indian and Chinese cuisine are often worth $ 3-4. On average, lunch will cost $ 17-23 for two. The cheapest products in local stores, but there are no large hypermarkets here.

7. Phuket, Thailand

Air temperature + 26 ... + 31 ° C
Water in the sea + 29 ° C
Visa For Russians - not required (for up to 30 days), for Ukrainians - is issued at the airport (for up to 15 days)
Price per room in walking distance to the beach From $ 25.
Phuket Island, Thailand

Phuket is a popular resort located in the west of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. This is the largest Thai island. It connects with the mainland three bridges.

Holidays on Phuket Beach, Thailand

Do not know where to go to the beach holiday in February? Choose Phuket with its excellent beaches across the entire coastline. Here you can easily choose a hotel for every taste and wallet. Experienced tourists recommend not to spend all holidays on one beach, it is better to distinguish time and try to visit as many places of rest.

Safari on elephant

Also in the resort there are many opportunities for outdoor activities. First of all, this is diving, because here is the best schools, sports centers and equipment rental points for immersion. Love extreme rest? Consider the offer to go to Safari in the jungle, where you can ride on elephants.

There are many temples built among exotic nature. The resort is well suitable for recreation with children. About one of the most popular beaches on Phuket, Kamala Beach, read on this page.

Helpful information! Phuket is a great place where you can try the most delicious and fresh seafood. To do this, you need to visit the Sunday Market, where in addition to the fresh ulov sell a huge amount of fresh, exotic fruits.

The highest prices for food are in restaurants located on the first line. If you move away - the cost of dishes is reduced at times. Even cheaper to eat in local cafes that are not designed for tourists. One dish here will cost $ 3-4.

8. Thailand, Krabi Province

Weather + 26 ... + 32 ° C
Water in the sea + 29 ° C
Visa For Russians - not required, Ukrainians can be issued on arrival
Night cost accommodation From $ 20.
Province of Krabi.

Krabi is a resort region, which is opposite Phuket. What is remarkable resort? Clean beaches with azure water, bays and rocks like which can be found only in several places in the world. According to statistics, Tourists from Australia are often visited, and they are beautifully versed in high-quality rest on the sea. Among our compatriots, the region is not as popular, and completely in vain.

Cave Viking

There are many karst caves, a comfortable coast with snow-white sand, framed by exotic tropical plants. One of the most beautiful places in Krabi - Reil Peninsula. Details about the rest Here you can learn from this article.

Learning where to go in February to the sea to swim and actively spend time? Choose the resort of AO-Nang. This is an attended place with a developed infrastructure. From here, boats are sent to other resort areas:

  • Hat-Rey-le;
  • Tham Phara-Son;
  • Kai - the resort is famous for sandy oblique;
  • Phi-Phi Islands - visit the Wiking Cave and swim in the bay.

You can also go with the excursion group to hot springs.

On Shell Fossi Coast covered with plates formed from shellfish shells. You can not swim in the sea, but it is necessary to visit the place.

Helpful information! In the tourist institution of AO-Nang, lunch will cost $ 15-20 for two, in the cafe for local - at $ 10-12.

9. Cambodia, Sihanoukville

Air temperature + 27 ... + 31 ° C
Sea + 28 ° C
Visa You can get an online visa online or to issue a document on arrival
Prices for housing From $ 15.
Sihanoukville city on the coast of Cambodia

Sihanoukville is a city located in the south of Combodia on the shores of the Siamese Gulf. Now the resort is actively built up and develops, until it is not very popular to call it, except among China. For many travelers it will be a plus. In February, the weather for recreation in Sihanville is favorable: air and water are warm, there are no strong winds and rains.

Interesting fact! According to the edition of The New York Times, Sihanoukville will be the most popular Asian beach in the near future.

Sokha - picturesque beach of Sihanoukville
Soho Beach

If you wondered "where to go at the end of February to the sea?" As an option, consider Sihanoukville. The most prestigious beaches are Independence Beach and Soho Beach. Silent and secluded beach - Beach. Review all beaches with photos See here.

You can walk on the snake island, where the bridge is laid. They swim in a picturesque bay, and do diving. To other distant island, boats regularly depart. Immediately outside the city, there is a National Park Riem, which is considered the most affordable in Cambodia. Here come to relax families.

It is important! The cost of products is relatively inexpensive, fully and tasty food will cost $ 3 to $ 15.

10. Vietnam, Fukuok
Air temperature + 26 ... + 30 ° C
Water in the sea + 28 ° C
Visa For Ukrainians: You need to make an online invitation and get a visa at the arrival airport.

For Russians: the visa is not needed, if you plan to stay in the country up to 15 days.

Accommodation From $ 17.
Fukuok - Island in Vietnam

Located in the Siamese Gulf and is the largest in Vietnam - its length is 48 km, width - 25 km. The mountain landscape prevails on Fukuchok, so it is called the island of 99 mountains.

Where to go to Vietnam in February? The most suitable place will be Fukuok. The fact is that in the resorts of the central and northern part of Vietnam at this time, the weather is not the most suitable for a beach holiday: frequent rains are observed and wind blowing.

Photo: Long Beach
Long Beach.

Here are beaches for every taste - calm, deserted or with a stormy nightlife. Nevertheless, the island attracts not only a comfortable coastline. Here is unique nature - tropics, waterfalls, mountains. You can go to the eco-tour to the jungle or in the mountains (but they are low on the island).

It is possible to visit the pearl farm and black pepper plantation.

Pearl Factory Phu Quoc Pearl Farm
Farm Pearl

Helpful information! Historic attractions on the island are a bit, but still there is something to see.

Despite the fact that prices in Fukuok restaurants are slightly higher than in the promoted nurse, nutrition still remains accessible. You can dine together with wine for $ 20, breakfast will cost $ 6-8 for two.

Review Fukuoka Beaches with photos See this article.

Compare accommodation prices with this form.

11. Philippines, Boracay
Air temperature + 25 ... + 29 ° C
Sea + 27 ° C
Visa For Ukrainians: draws up in advance in the embassy.

For Russians: I do not need for a period of stay up to 30 days.

Accommodation From $ 27 per day
Boracay, Philippines

Boracay is located a few kilometers from Panay Island, its length is 7 km. Despite the modest square, Boracay is one of the main tourist centers in the country. Here come for beach recreation and water sports.

Good to know! You can get from the airport to the island on the boat.

White Beach or White Beach
White Beach

The most popular beach is white or White Beach. Its length is about 4 km coated with snow-white sand. Along the entire beach line there is a pedestrian zone, there are hotels, nightclubs, water sports centers. You can rent lounge chairs.

Dinivide Beach is considered the most romantic in the Philippines, here get along a narrow path, which passes through the rocks.

Punta Bung Beach Beach is owned by hotels, so its territory is closed, here I have the right to relax only living in hotels.

Beach Bunch-Shell Beach
PUKA Shell Beach Beach

The wildest and deserted beach is Bunch-Shell Beach. The infrastructure is developed weak, but there are small cafes, where they sell ice cream, drinks and coconuts.

Boraca employs 12 dive centers, where tourists offer exciting and extreme dive safaris.

Prices for food are quite democratic. Lunch on one in the cafe will cost $ 6, in the restaurant - about $ 15-20.

We suggested where you can go in February to the sea. As you can see, in different parts of the planet, you can relax with comfort and inexpensively, however, consider that in Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines in February celebrate the Chinese New Year. At this time, housing prices and food are increasing. In Vietnam and Cambodia, New Year's holidays are held on the same days, but under a different name. What is also reflected in the cost of living and nutrition.

Get all the prices for hotels on Boracae

Posted by: Julia Matyukhina


Where to relax inexpensively


  • Weather: Air - +30 ° C, water - +29 ° C.
  • Flight: Moscow - Bangkok there - back - from 30 000 rubles.
  • Visa: Without a visa up to 30 days.
  • Pros: No sultry heat, good infrastructure, cultural and excursion program.
  • Minuses: In the no-season you can go to relax even cheaper.

To consider the nature of Thailand in all its glory, ride on the lagoons on wooden boats.

In February in Thailand off-season: the heat has already slept, and the rainy season has not yet begun. Resting this month is better in the south-east coast. Pattaya It will be suitable for fans of noisy companies, Krabi. - connoisseurs of a relaxing beach holiday, and Samui - Fans of nature. Another seven vacation options in winter - in Our article .

Prices for accommodation depend on the region and distance from the beach, but on average start from 1500-2000 rubles. For a double room. Lost in the local eatery, ordering soup with noodles and rice, it is possible for 120-150 rubles. per person, in a restaurant - from 500 rubles. for two.

Almost every major temple you will find awesome Buddha statues.

Mandatory program to get rid of the Winter Handra: Beaches with Emerald Water, Exotic Fruits, Loving Buddhist Temples (Excursion for the Temples of Bangkok - from 3000 rubles), meeting with elephants (day in Elephant Park - from 7000 rubles.), Walk in the jungle (excursion to Khauai National Park - from 4000 rubles.), Evening in Cabaret (tickets for "Tiffany Show" In Pattaya - from 1300 rubles.) And the session of the Thai massage (from 600 rubles per hour). Recreation at the beginning of the month will find the celebration of the Chinese New Year with fireworks and magnificent marchs, as well as Flower festival in Chiang Mai .

Elephant Park

Khauai National Park

"Tiffany Show"

Chiang Mai

Where to stay

A Little Villa. - from 2900 rubles / day for two.

Shangrilah Bungalow. - from 3400 rubles / day for two.

Chada Thai House. - from 2400 rubles per day for two.

North Goa, India

  • Weather : Air - + 31 ... 35 ° C, water - +27 ° C.
  • Flight : Moscow - Goa Town - back - from 23 000 rubles.
  • Visa : $ 25.
  • pros : Exotic nature, hospitality of local residents.
  • Minuses : Duchot and humidity.

Bright paints of local villas will give a feeling of an endless holiday.

Holiday in February in North Goa Perfect: Warm sea, paradise sandy beaches, long daylight day and the complete absence of precipitation. Add to this Indian flavor combined with European service, hippie parties and delicious food, and your February holidays will be held unforgettable! Before traveling, be sure to get acquainted with the list of things That should not be done in Goa.

Housing prices are different: you can remove number from 800 rubles. per night for two, and you can and all Villa. For 7000 rubles / night. Lunch in Shek (beach cafe) will cost 150 INR (130 rubles), and the middle account in the restaurant is 1000 INR (860 rubles) for two. Beaches are free, but to be on a chaise lounge, you will have to do any order in the shek.

Cut together with the participants of the carnival procession through the streets of the city! Photo: GSK919 / Shutterstock

Beach vacation Arrower with walks and excursions. Visit one of the largest Indian waterfalls Dudchsagar , Congitue on Planting Spices (entrance 400. INR / 350 rub.), Calculate birds in Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary Reserve (entrance ticket - 100 INR / 86 rub.) Or GOOD Sunset on Beach Arambol . If you want to relax, sign up for yoga (occupation - 300-600 INR / 260-560 руб.) Or on Ayurvedic massage (hour - from 1000 INR / 860 rub.). And if you come at the end of February, you can join the main holiday of the Goatsev - three-day Carnival .

Dudkhsagar waterfall

Plantation Spices

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary Reserve

Beach Arambol

Where to stay

TreeBo Trend Rain Forest Enclave - from 1200 rubles / night for two.

Map5 Village Resort. - from 2100 rubles / night for two.

Little India Beach Cottages - from 2900 rubles / night for two.

Where to go the whole family with children


  • Weather: Air - +27 ° C, water - +26 ° C.
  • Flight: Moscow - Hanoi there - back - from 20,000 rubles.
  • Visa: Without a visa up to 15 days.
  • Pros: You can do without knowledge of English.
  • Minuses: Acclimatization in children, long flight.

For a family beach holiday in Vietnam in February it will be Nha Trang. - Compact resort with clean sandy beaches, equipped with embankment and exciting amusement park. On the urban beach, this time can be strong waves, but on the fenced beachwinds An Vienne Always calm.

It is not necessary to go far: that to the beach, that to the city is hand. Photo: Elena Ermakova / Shutterstock

Night In the three-star hotel at the beach Breakfast will cost 1500 rubles. for three persons. It is not worth worry about the specific Vietnamese cuisine: almost every cafe has a children's menu with familiar European dishes. Lunch in a local cafe on three costs 150,000 VND (400 rubles).

In water amusement park VINPEARL WATER PARK. (Adult ticket - 500 000 VND / 1330 rubles., Children - 400 000 VND / 1060 RUB.) It costs at least several times - which costs one cable car leading to the entrance (the trip to it is included in the park price).

Water Amusement Park Vinpearl Water Park.

Children will also enjoy ОKeanarium Chi Nguyen (input - 60 000 VDN / 160 rubles), on trampolines and climbers in JUMP PARK. (hour is 230,000 VDN / 610 rubles) and on "Isle of monkeys" (Boat back-back - 150 000 VND / 400 rubles. for an adult and 75,000 VND / 200 rubles. on a child).

Beach An Vieen.


Chi-Nguyen Oceanarium

Climbing Jump Park

Monkey Island

Where to stay

Palm Beach Hotel. - from 1500 rubles / night on three.

Legendsea Hotel. - from 2500 rubles / night on three.

La Paloma Villa. - from 3600 rubles / night on three.


  • Weather: Air - + 20 ... 23 ° C, water - +21 ° C.
  • Flight: Moscow - Sharm el-Sheikh there - back - from 13,000 rubles.
  • Visa: for free for 15 days, if you fly in Sharm el-Sheikh and do not leave it limits; In other cases, the visa is drawn up by arrival for $ 25 (1500 rubles).
  • Pros: No crowd and "all inclusive."
  • Minuses: Strong winds, cool evenings.

February in Egypt is far from the whole warm time, but in comparison with the Russian winter it still seems in the summer. To get your portion of the Sun and the sea, stop better in resorts protected from cool winds by mountains and hills - Sharm el-Sheikh , Nuweiba и Dahab

For accommodation with children, choose a hotel for two parameters - animation and water slides in the pool. Prices start from 2000 rubles. Overnight on three over the system "All Inclusive".

The complex of the pyramids in Giza needs to be seen.

In case of non-joy, you can go on a tour, for example, see Pyramids in Giza (excursion from Sharm el-Sheikh - from 5000 rubles), ride on quad bikes in the desert (from 1200 rubles. in two hours) or on camels (from 1500 rubles), visit Show Dolphins (adult ticket - 2100 rubles, children's 900 rub.).

Pyramids in Giza

Show Dolphins

Where to stay

Delta Sharm Resort. - from 1800 rubles / night for two and one child.

Il Mercato Hotel & Spa - from 3500 rubles / night for two and one child.

Aqua Blu Resort. - from 4700 rubles / night for two and one child.

Where to go young people for the sake of parties


  • Weather: Air - + 27 ... 30 ° C, water - +27 ° C.
  • Flight: Moscow - Cancun Round-back - from 30,000 rubles.
  • Visa: A visa-free entry in the presence of Canada, USA, Japan, Great Britain or Northern Ireland's existing Shengen or Visa. In other cases - electronic permit on the website of the Mexican consulate or visa through the Mexican Embassy.
  • Pros: Mexican cuisine and cheap tequila.
  • Minuses: Sargassov algae on the beaches and high prices.

Vacation on Mexico beaches in February is not a holiday, but a solid holiday. Palm trees, coconuts, tequila and parties - life in the Mexican resorts boils outside the hotel, whether Acapulco in the Pacific Ocean or Cancun In the Caribbean Sea (about the best beaches and party cannon tell here ).

Vacation on Mexico beaches in February is not a holiday, but a solid holiday.

Prices for accommodation start from 1500 rubles. / Night for Double Room . Breakfast in the tourist area costs 100 MXN (330 rubles), and in the city center - 50 MXN (165 rubles.). The average check in an inexpensive restaurant for two - 300 MXN (980 rubles).

In Mexico, it will not be possible to sit in the hotel. You can swim in the underwater caves (diving - from $ 50/3000 rubles) or explore Extreme Park Xplor (ticket for the whole day - 120 $ / 4500 rub.). If you get tired of sunbathing, go to the jungle to see the famous Senot So-ha  And swim with sea turtles (excursion - from $ 75/4600 rub.).

The carnival procession is accompanied by not only dancers, but also national dolls are 3 meters high. Photo: Joe Giampaoli / Shutterstock

To visit Maya's pyramids in Chichen-Ice (excursion from Cancun - from $ 55/3400 rubles) and eco-architeological Warrett park (Login - 89 $ / 5480 rubles. when buying online). In mid-February passes Mexican carnival , not inferior to the scope of the carnival in Rio.

Extreme Park Xplor

Senot So-ha

Chichen Itsa

Warrett park

Where to stay

Krystal Beach Acapulco. - from 3600 rubles / night for two.

Hostel Boutique & Beach Club Agua Y Fuego Adults Only - from 1300 rubles. / Night for two.

SELINA CANCUN DOWNTOWN. - from 3000 rubles / night for two.


  • Weather: Air - + 26 ... 30 ° C, water - +29 ° C.
  • Flight: Moscow - Denpasar Round - back - from 24,000 rubles.
  • Visa: Free up to 30 days.
  • Pros: Nature, which is good in any weather.
  • Minuses: Rain season and unpredictable weather.

The most noisy parties on Bali - in Kuta , Balinese Ibiza. At every step, inexpensive restaurants, bars and discos, surfing schools and shops - everything you need to have a funny company to spend time. Cutting a party right on the beach against the background of an incredible sunset, and Aftepati is already at dawn.

Double Room B. Hotel will cost 600 rubles / night, and the night on Ville - 6500 rubles. Lunch in Varunga, local cafe, - 300 rubles, and dinner in a restaurant for two - from 1500 rubles.

From the observation deck of the temple, a divine view of the bay opens. Photo: Igor Lushchay / Shutterstock

Central Beach Kuta is not the most pure: to swim and surf, it is better to drive off to the area Seminyak . Surf rental - from 200 rubles. per day, two-hour lesson with an instructor - from 2000 rubles. From Kuta is also convenient to go on a trip to any point of Bali. Rent a bike (from 6-10 $ / 360-610 rubles per day) and look at rice fields surrounding Changu , fish market in Jimbarane (Shrimps - from 320 rubles), standing on the break Temple in Uluwatu и Wood Monkey In Ubud (entrance - $ 3/190 rubles.).





Temple in Uluwatu

Wood Monkey

Where to stay

Villa Puri Royan. - from 800 rubles / night for two.

Matahari Bungalow. - from 1300 rubles. / Night for two.

Marbella Pool Suites Seminyak - from 3200 rubles / night for two.


Sri Lanka

  • Weather : Air - +30 ° C, water - +28 ° C.
  • Flight : Moscow - Colombo Round - back - from 25,000 rubles.
  • Visa : arrival visa - $ 40 (2460 rubles.).
  • pros : Almost no rain, a varied active rest without a crowd of tourists.
  • Minuses : Mosquitoes.

Athletes, extremals and just those who want to raise bones, in February fly to Sri Lanka For the best active recreation, which also will not devastate pockets. Rafting, Surfing, Diving, Cycling, Windsurfing and Kaiting Even if you never tried anything from this list, it will be difficult to resist.

Athletes, extremals and just those who want to raise bones, in February fly to Sri Lanka for an active holiday.

The main seats for surfing focused on the west coast of the island, the best is Veligama и Hikkaduva (in detail about the surfing on Sri Lanka we tell article ). AT Kalutaru need to go beyond sailing and diving, and in Caulpath - For kaitsorfing.

Prices are pleasantly surprised: accommodation in Double room It will cost 500 rubles. per night, and dine, for example, rice with curry, will succeed in 150 rubles. Instructor and rental equipment will not break: the cost of an individual surfing lesson - from 8500 LKR (2900 rubles), rental sirph - from 300 LKR (100 rubles) per hour, immersion on sunken ships - 10 000 LKR (3400 rubles), Hire of dive-equipment - from 1700 LKR (610 rubles) per hour. And for the four-hour individual course on Kiteserfing pay 27,000 LKR (9200 rubles.).

At the peak Adam leads a long staircase.

In the interruptions between training, you can ride with excursions in the island: climb the mountain Sigihiya , meet dawn on Peak Adam (Entrance for donations to local monks), to get acquainted with the elephants in the nursery Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage (entrance - 3000 LKR / 1020 rub.) And stroll through tea plantations in Nuzara Elia (Excursion - from 9000 LKR / 3060 rub.).

Mount Sigihiya

Peak Adam

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage nursery

Nuzara Elia

Where to stay

Valampuri Kite Resort. - from 2100 rubles / night for two.

Hostel The Poce. - from 1280 rubles / night for two.

Turtles REST AND CURRY BOWL - from 1900 rubles / night for two.

Where to go on February 14


  • Weather : Air - + 29 ... 33 ° C, water - +28 ° C.
  • Flight : Moscow - Male back-back - from 40,000 rubles.
  • Visa : without a visa to 90 days.
  • pros : Romantic atmosphere, paradise landscapes.
  • Minuses : A ban on alcohol, you are not the only one in your desire to romantic to spend a holiday.

In February Maldives Couples are flying for marriage and those who have not yet been going to make up their relationships, but it wants romance on the paradise beaches. Double Room overlooking the sea will cost 2700 rubles per night, and 1000-1500 rubles will leave for food a day. At the same time, it is not necessary to count on the feast of the abdomen.

On the Maldives only to do that to transfer their briginal body from the pool to the sea, from the sea to the pool.

Excursions and entertainment on the islands are a bit, after all, the Maldives are to soak the sun and take a walk along the beaches. You can do diving (from $ 40/2460 rubles for immersion) or snorkeling (from $ 50/3080 rubles), go to Spa (from $ 100/6100 rubles) or ride a yacht between the islands (from 90 $ / 5540 rub.).

Where to stay

Koamas Lodge. - from 2900 rubles / night for two.

Surf Deck. - from 3200 rubles. / Night for two with breakfast.

Gurahaana Guest House. - from 3700 rubles / night for two with breakfast.

Dominican Republic

  • Weather : Air - + 27 ... 30 ° C, water - +26 ° C.
  • Flight : Moscow - Punta Cana back - back - from 35,000 rubles.
  • Visa : without a visa to 30 days.
  • pros : virgin nature, paradise beaches.
  • Minuses : Season of high prices.

Dominican resort will come up for romantic escape Samana . On the wild beaches in the shade of slender palm trees quickly forget that at this time somewhere lies snow and cold and that, besides you, there are two, there are other people.

It is said that it was on the paradise beaches of Dominicanna, they removed the advertisement of Bounty.

Night B. Three-star hotel On the peninsula costs 3400 rubles. For a double room. Lunch from seafood in the cafe will cost 2500 rubles., And dinner in a restaurant for two with a bottle of wine - 4000 rubles.

In February, humpback whales sailed to the shores of the Samanas, you can see them on excursions on the boat (from $ 65/4000 rubles). You can swim with dolphins ($ 150/9200 rubles), swim in the waterfall El Lemon and visit the National Park Los haitises (Excursion - from $ 67/4120 rubles).


El Lemon Waterfall

Los Haitises National Park

Where to stay

Sun House Samana. - from 3400 rubles / night for two.

SAMANA TROPICAL VILLAGE - from 5200 rubles. / Night for two.

Figaro Hotel Boutique. - from 5500 rubles. / Night for two.

Where to go on February 23


  • Weather : Air - +23 ° C, water - +22 ° C.
  • Flight : Moscow - Dubai there - back - from 15 000 rubles.
  • Visa : without a visa to 90 days.
  • pros : Shopping with maximum discounts, the biggest thematic parks.
  • Minuses : Cold Sea.

Break out of the gray days in the February holidays in sunny Dubai. . True, there is a chance that the sea will have to admire from the shore, because water will not have time to warm up to a comfortable temperature, but it will not prevent a wonderful tan. And swims can be arranged in the pool at the hotel.

Swim in the Persian Gulf and admire the heights leaving in the sky - exciting sensations!

Prices for accommodation start from 2200 rubles. behind Double Room . You can have a snack by 180-300 rubles., And dine in the restaurant - 800-1500 rubles. (Soviets, how to save in Dubai, our subscribers share here ).

From entertainment there is a giant water park Acuático atlantis (Superpass for day - 320 AED / 5360 rub.) And indoor theme park IMG Worlds of Adventure (ticket for the day - 300 AED / 5000 rub.), Mall with hundreds of stores Mall of the Emirates and excursions to the desert (Jeep safari - from 140 AED / 2400 rubles.). What else to see in Dubai, tell me in article .

Water Park Acuático Atlantis

Thematic Park IMG Worlds of Adventure

Mall of the Emirates Shopping Center

Where to stay

Hafez Hotel by gemstones - from 2300 rubles / night for two.

ROVE AT THE PARK - from 2800 rubles / night for two.

Mercure Gold Hotel Al Mina Road Dubai - from 3500 rubles / night for two.

If the forecasts of weather forecasters in the cold February are justified, you will definitely use our escape plan to the sea. Do not delay, choose a suitable direction - and forward to summer!


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Where to relax in February at sea abroad

Where to relax in February on the sea or ocean? They made up the top 10 budget places where you can go in February and prices do not bite. In most places you can buy budget tours, and some ride yourself.

Where to relax in February at sea cheap

Each country is a small comment and the minimum price of the tour that we managed to find. In the cost of the tour, we indicate the minimum prices when flying from Moscow to burning or close to burning prices.

1. Sri Lanka

Go to Sri Lanka in February

Sri Lanka - One of the most undervalued by our tourists countries. The cost of a trip there is comparable in cost with Thailand, but at the same time it is absolutely not similar to India, not to mention other beach countries. On the island a huge number of attractions and excursions. There are excellent beaches (with waves and without). You can get yourself or buy a turbo.

The minimum airfare to Sri Lanka from Moscow in 2020 from 25.000 rubles. in two sides. The cost of vouchers starts from 35.000 rubles. For a week with a person

February is a great month for visiting Sri Lanka. This is the high season on the island and there is a lot of tourists. The weather on the coast of Sri Lanka is excellent for swimming and beach holidays. In this year, Sri Lanka authorities have canceled payment for a visa and made it free. It will last until April, so now it is possible to save $ 35-40 for each tourist.

  • Air temperature during the day 30 degrees
  • Air temperature at night 23 degrees
  • Water temperature in the ocean 27 degrees

Separate section On the site for cheap tours to Sri Lanka, and ideas for tickets can be found here .

2. Egypt

Go to Egypt without a visa

Egypt - Many have already dropped this direction from the accounts, and someone is waiting for him only. So far there are no accurate dates for opening direct flights - buy tours with arrival in Cairo.Good news - last year the construction of a new route from Cairo in Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada ended. Transfer time from Cairo Airport to resorts decreased to 5 (!) Hours. A few hours less than before. For someone it will be a reason for traveling to Egypt.

The rest of Egypt is still the same and benefited Russian tourists. Resting better in the winds protected by Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab and Taba.

February is the coldest month of the year in Egypt, but it is possible to rest and swim there. Water warms up to +23 degrees, and we will be enough.

The minimum cost of vouchers to Egypt starts from 35.000 rubles. For a week with a person

  • Air temperature in the afternoon to 23 degrees
  • Air temperature at night 16 degrees
  • Sea temperature in sea 23 degrees

3. UAE

Go to the UAE without a visa

UAE Almost all year round offers relatively budget tours, but February is also the coldest month of the year. Of all the resorts in the UAE, the warmer is only in Dubai, where water warms up to 22 degrees.

The minimum cost of vouchers in the UAE starts from 20,000 rubles. For a week with a person

Hit this season - Budget marine cruises for the Persian Bay on chic liners. It may be even cheaper than riding a ticket or yourself. This season we found cruise options with a visit to the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain from 20.000 rubles. For a person for 7-8 days. Such cruises can be found on the site. Dreamlines. и Logitravel. . At the same time, all entertainment, comfortable cabins, food for a full board and much more are included in the cruise.

  • Air temperature in the afternoon to 24 degrees
  • Air temperature at night 21 degrees
  • Water temperature in sea 22 degrees

4. Mexico

Go to Mexico in February

Mexico - True exotic. It seems inaccessible to many, but periodically we find very budget tours in Cancun at attractive prices. February - the season and convenient time for traveling to Mexico. No exhausting heat, and the sea is warm and transparent. It is convenient that the visa can be issued quickly, free and online.

The minimum cost of vouchers to cancun starts from 40.000 rubles. For a week with a person

  • Air temperature in the afternoon to 27 degrees
  • Air temperature at night 23 degrees
  • Sea temperature in sea 26 degrees

Separate section On the site for cheap tours to Mexico.

5. Bahrain

Go to Bahrain from Russia

Bahrain - A new direction for rest in winter. So far, our tourists have not proged it. The water temperature is here in winter lower than in the UAE, and swim in February will be cold. But Bahrain takes low prices and often we find abnormally low prices for tours. For example, this winter has met tours for a week from 12.000 rubles. per person.

  • Air temperature during the day 22 degrees
  • Air temperature at night 18 degrees
  • Water temperature in sea 18 degrees

The minimum cost of vouchers to Bahrain starts from 20,000 rubles. For a week with a person

Separate section On the site for cheap tours to Bahrain

6. Jordan

Go to Jordan without a visa

Winter B. Jordania No exhausting heat, but in February in the country can be pretty cool. It will be more comfortable to swim in Aqaba, and the best february is suitable for the excursion program.

  • Air temperature during the day 19 degrees
  • Air temperature at night 9 degrees
  • Sea temperature in the sea 21 degrees

The minimum cost of trips to Jordan starts from 16.000 rubles. For a week with a person

Separate section On the site for cheap tours to Jordan, and you can find ideas for tickets here .

7. Goa

Go to Goa in February

Goa Not suitable for everyone. For those who still choose him, Goa takes the sun, fruit and warm ocean. February - almost the ideal time for traveling. The heat is no longer, and the ocean is warm. In the past year, Goa became much more accessible to residents of Russia. If before the electronic visa cost more $ 100. now it can be issued for all 25 $ . If you are going together, then saving on the tour now 150 $ . We have on our site Instruction on the design of the electronic visa. It is drawn up for 1-4 business days, so now there is an opportunity to buy and burning tours.

  • Air temperature during the day 30 degrees
  • Air temperature at night 22 degrees
  • Water temperature in the ocean 26 degrees

The minimum cost of vouchers in Goa starts from 23.000 rubles. For a week with a person

8. Thailand

Go to Thailand in February

Thailand - Perfect beach holiday in February. Warm sea, a large selection of budget tours and air tickets, relatively low prices for food and housing. Many are going to Thailand with the child / children and it is excellent for this suitable.

  • Air temperature during the day 31 degrees
  • Air temperature at night 26 degrees
  • Sea temperature in sea 28 degrees

The minimum cost of vouchers to Thailand starts from 35.000 rubles. For a week with a person

Separate section On the site for cheap tours to Thailand from Moscow, from St. Petersburg here .

9. Vietnam

In Vietnam Always welcome you. Winter in our February is summer in Vietnam. At this time of the year, there is excellent weather in Muin resorts, Phannet and Nha Trang in South Vietnam. You can travel a tour or yourself.

  • Air temperature in day 27 degrees
  • Air temperature at night 20 degrees
  • Sea temperature in sea 25 degrees

The minimum cost of vietnam vouchers starts from 40.000 rubles. For a week with a person

Separate section On the site for cheap tours in Vietnam from Moscow

10. Zanzibar (Tanzania)

Holidays in Zanzibar in November

Zanzibar Island In Tanzania he became the hit of the past and the beginning of this year. On the one hand, this is Africa and not everyone loves her, but the presence of the sun and the beautiful sea make this country very attractive. If you take a ticket for 1-2 weeks before departure, you can save considerably. A visa can be arranged for $ 50.

  • Air temperature day 32 degrees
  • Air temperature at night 28 degrees
  • Sea temperature in sea 28 degrees

The minimum cost of vouchers to Zanzibar starts from 31.000 rubles. For a week with a person

Separate section On the site for cheap tours to Zanzibar from Moscow.

How to get a discount on a tour

On a tour, any country can be saved with the help of industrial Travelata. . Promcodel values ​​B. Mobile application and on the Travelata website. " AF600mobtrip4Cent » To buy any tour from 50 000₽. in total 600₽ . Either Promocode AFVK1000TRIP4CENT. Discount 1.000₽. on tours from 60.000₽.

Where to relax in February on the sea can also be found on sites The largest Booking systems online: Travelata. Onlinetours.  и Level.Travel. .

It may be interesting:

  1. Where to go in winter without a visa top 5 countries
  2. Hotels in Turkey with heated pools
  3. What is fuel collection for tours

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We find out where the best places to relax by the sea in February 2021! Where the warm sea, where inexpensive where to go without a visa. Let's see!

Coronavirus and quarantine . In this review, it is not described about where you can fly abroad now, but simply about the best beach directions for this time of year. See the current list of open countries. The cost of rest in the review is indicated for last year. When the borders open, we are waiting for similar or even lower prices. Look also, where it is better to relax in the winter in Russia - we know a lot of great places!

Few people flying to rest in February. And in vain! Personally, I spend every winter in warm countries. While the mother-in-law burst and raging the ARVI, it is miraculously and very cheap to relax at the warm sea in the tropics. New Year's excitement at the end of winter has already descended no, so prices are reduced. Let's see where it is better to rest in February 2021 at sea, where at this time heat and sunny.


For the sake of a beach holiday in February 2021, go to Thailand: Tours are relatively inexpensive, and the weather is chic. Day air temperature is +30 ... + 32 ° C, the sea + 28 ° C, there is practically no precipitation. Find out the weather in Thailand in February.

We love Thailand, came here many times and be sure to arrive again. Lovely Country: Beaches Fabulous, Prices are low, infrastructure is very well developed, people are pleasant, the food is delicious, safely, the visa is not needed.

What to do, in addition to lazy beach holidays? Many options: Excursions to Temples and Parks, Diving, Water Activities, Shopping and Exotic Shows. Take a tropical islands: Phi Phi, James Bond and others. Try Thai food and seafood - all this is inexpensive here and very tasty.

Find Tour →.

Search for tickets →

Where better to rest in February in Thailand
Amazing Banana Beach on Phuket with a minimum of people, clean sea and picturesque views.


For a good beach holiday in February 2021, go to the south of Vietnam, best on Fukuchok. In the afternoon + 32 ° C, at night + 21 ° С, and the weather is free to +24 ... + 26 ° С. Rains are rare - no more than two or three days per month. Read about the weather in Vietnam in the winter.

Vietnam is an inexpensive beach holiday, a visa-free country, awesome nature, pleasant people, Asian flavor, exotic food, amusement parks. In February, tours are from 70 thousand rubles. Excursions, Food, Vietnamese Coffee, Transport, Souvenirs - everything is cheap!

We lived and traveled in Vietnam for many months, visited all popular resorts. I can make such conclusions. On Fukuok, the best beaches in the whole country, in Nha Trang, the best infrastructure and low prices, in Muin the most delicious and cheap seafood and steep natural attractions (white dunes, red dunes, streams of fairies).

Take a surfing, diving, snorkeling, fishing, drive on excursions to other cities: Dalat, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hue, Hoian, and also visit the temples and national parks. Near Nha Trang has been created a whole island of entertainment Vinpearl Land - the best place to stay with children! On Fukuchok, too, there is such a park. In late January or early February, the Vietnamese New Year is celebrated with spectacular parades and concerts.

Find Tour →.

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where to relax in February
Beach Bai Sao on Fukuchok Island is one of the best and most popular.
where to go to Vietnam in February
White dunes in Muin. Beauty! We really enjoyed.

Dominican Republic

In February 2021, it is excellent to relax at sea in Dominican. At the same time without a visa. The weather is comfortable: the temperature is +27 ... + 30 ° C, at night +19 ... + 22 ° С, water in the Caribbean + 26 ° С. The rains are short-lived and fall out at night, which does not interfere with the beach rest. Holidays in Dominican Republic in February >>

What do you say? Beach vacation in Dominican Republic ransom! The sea is the clean, sand white, hotels "All Inclusive" work as it should not be supplied. In general, we will rest well! But it costs this pleasure quite expensive: to fly far, and prices in the resorts of the country are very overestimated. However, we went to Dominican for only $ 1000 for two. Read more: how much is the rest in Dominican Republic.

Standard excursions - on islands, beaches, to waterfalls. But there are more interesting lessons: in February, it is possible to watch the worlds in whales, you can also do diving.

Find Tour →.

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Where to relax in February at sea
Our hotel Whala! Bayahibe 4 * is the best hotel price in the whole Dominican Republic.


In February 2021, you can relax on the sea without a visa in the Philippines. Time Typhoon and Hurricanes passed, and in the south the weather is ideal for a beach holiday. In February during the day + 31 ° C, at night + 23 ° C, water in the sea + 27 ° C. The northern and central regions periodically irrigate the rains, mostly in the evening and at night.

Beach rest can be diversified by excursions to the islands, snorkeling, surfing and diving. The Philippines is 7,000 islands, so there are plenty of beaches there. Boracay Island is very popular, which was recently completely cleaned and revealed for tourists. We really liked it on the paradise island of Bantayan - there is just fantastic beauty beach.

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Where is it better to relax in February at sea
Beach on Bantayan Island, where we rested two weeks.
where to go to the sea in February
In the Philippines, we visited many beautiful places, one of the moststs - chocolate hills.


Where is an inexpensive beach holiday in February 2021? Very cheap in Cambodia, but there is no tours there. The infrastructure is poorly developed, and flights from Russia only with transfers. However, tourists attract the beaches, not inferior to Thai, ancient temple complexes, low prices for goods and services. In February, here are beautiful weather conditions: during the day +30 ... + 34 ° C, the sea + 28 ° C.

Fans of antiquities go on excursions to Siemreap (Siem Rip), Angkor, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. Nature connoisseurs are going to national parks, waterfalls and mountains. Fans of shopping buy products from natural silk and decoration with emeralds and sapphires at affordable prices.

Search for tickets →

Rest in Cambodia →

Where to go in February at sea

(Photo: unsplash.com / @mili_vigerova)


If you are tired of traditional directions, discover new countries and territories. You can relax at sea in February 2021 on the island of Aruba in the south of the Caribbean Sea. Here are beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise water. The conditions for the beach holiday in February are optimal: air +28 ... + 30 ° С, water sea + 26 ° C, rare precipitation and insignificant.

There are no hurricanes on Arubian, but the sea breezes always blow, so tourists are engaged in windsurfing and sailing. Casino can be removed from Monte Carlo, and at the end of winter carnival processions are held, ambitious shows and dance parties are arranged. You can also see the Netherlands settlements in Masiduri and the colonial buildings of the former times in Prince Valley.

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where to fly in February inexpensive
On the paradise beaches of the Caribbean Islands. Photo: Israel Gil / unsplash.com.


Another unwarf decision, where to rest in February 2021, the sea without a visa is Brazil, the country of fragrant coffee and insane carnavals, golden beaches and unique architectural monuments. Getting to it costly and long, but it is worth it. As for the weather, on the coast warm and dry: air during the day +28 ... + 30 ° C, water +26 ... + 28 ° C. Read more about beach holidays in Brazil.

There are about 20 national parks and reserves on the territory of the country, Amazonia is extremely popular. In the wilds of this river, exotic animals and little learned plants live, wild Indian tribes live.

What to do in February in Brazil, besides a beach holiday? Take a trip to the Iguazu waterfalls (most powerful in Latin America) and Rio de Janeiro, where at this time the main event of the year is held - the famous big carnival. The date of the carnival depends on the beginning of the Great Post, so it changes: sometimes it takes place in February, and sometimes in March.

Search for tickets →

where to go without a visa in February to the sea
Statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Shot by Cerqueira / unsplash.com.

Where to go in February without a visa

Few people like to mess around with visas. Below I will list the directions where you can go without a visa or make it simplified. All these countries are warm and suitable for beach holidays in February. You can safely go!

In February, the Emirates and Jordan in February are not hot, so you can safely ride the excursions. In Mexico and in Cuba, the weather is pleasant - warm, but not too hot. On Bali, it is better to go in summer, but for some reason our countrymen prefer to ride there in the winter: it will be stuffy and wet, but they do not stop. At Maldives and Sri Lanka in February, ideal conditions for rest by the sea are standing.

where to go to the warm sea in February without a visa
We are resting in the Maldives. Snow white beaches, azure water, fish, corals. Handsomely! And on the rest we spent only $ 45 000 ₽ for two - it turned out quite inexpensively.

Where to relax in February 2021

Below I will list the country where you can go to rest in February 2021 abroad. We present the current prices for tours for 7-11 nights for two with departure from Moscow:

Keep in mind that in Turkey, Greece, in Cyprus in February the sea is cold - you are not bought. But in the winter there are few tourists, it's nice to ride on excursions, and "all inclusive", spa and pools no one canceled, plus discounts act. In the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, warmer, but also not too hot. In the rest of the countries from the list is significantly warmer, but fly further, therefore prices for tours above.

where to go in January to rest abroad
Beach with Marine Stars Rush Wem. Fukuok Island, Vietnam.

First photo: Lauren Bow / unsplash.com.

Almost always people try to choose the summer months for recreation, but no one even thinks that In February, can go to the sea and soak on the sun In addition, it is possible to visit the places that are kept a multi-year story. In general, you can relax on the highest level.

In winter, you can relax much cheaper, the cost of housing for winter falls, and the food becomes not as expensive. But it is worth knowing where to relax on the sea in February. The world has many places where you will have the opportunity to relax to the highest category with your family or with your second half. And today we want to share with you some paradise corners of the planet (during the selection we took into account climatic conditions, the cost of housing and nutrition).


February 2021: where to relax on the sea abroad

How to relax in February at sea

To fly to fly somewhere or at sea in February, you need to know only 3 points:

  1. It is better to buy a ticket than the flight - Because the sea in February is warmer than anywhere in Russia, and the air ticket will be exactly expensive. Therefore, you can save on the purchase of a full-fledged batch tour.
  2. Buy a ticket standing in advance - Everything is simple here: the closer the departure, the more expensive
  3. Buying a tour you need online - So it will be released much cheaper and easier - after all, it is not necessary to walk anywhere and choose between countries and hotels, sitting at home in a chair than in the office of the travel agency.

Geektrips recommends using the search form from Onlinetours. - Only here you can drive into the search "on the sea" and watch tours to all countries with warm sea in February!


You can go to Thailand for receiving a beautiful and even sunburn. The best sea in February is in Thailand, here the least amount of rainfall, therefore, you will have the opportunity to relax and as much as possible in the sun near the Andaman Sea or the Siamese bay, which connects with the South China Sea. Here any will find something for themselves. If you have a desire to have fun from the soul, then you will certainly take a look at the local inhabitants for the celebration of the Chinese New Year (Macha Pouge).

About how to move between cities in Thailand, read here.

You are waiting for an exciting three-day entertainment program, colorful street rituals, shows with fireworks, beach parties, and of course the procession of dragons, which travelers love so much, and the residents themselves are delighted. These days, you can hardly sleep, because the local residents are rather noisy to scare away evil spirits. No resident will violate the traditions of their ancestors, so each of them explodes the firefight, and so loudly so that they can be heard over a few kilometers. Yes, it will be quite noisy here, but you can have fun from the soul.

You can also visit the island of Ko Sichan. Arriving there, you will be able to stroll to the Temple of Truth, learn the caves of thousands of desires and participate in the rite, which will help to attract wealth to you. Unique sunsets, the sea as paired milk, beautiful beaches, diving, beach parties - all this you can see in Thailand in February. The kids will also be able to challenge here. They will be able to visit the zoos either to ride the elephant, stroll along the Mount Mountain, to go fishing or swimming on kayaks by sea.

Sri Lanka

Where to relax in February at sea

If you do not know which corner of the world to go to rest at the end of winter, we advise you to purchase a ticket to Sri Lanka. At this time of the year, the rainy season ends, and the weather becomes more comfortable.

Why in winter it is worth spending a beach holiday in February to Sea Sri Lanka:

  • The winds and the sea are stopped calm;
  • rivers and waterfalls are filled with waters after rain period;
  • Sweet fruits ripen - papaya and mango;
  • Reduced the cost of products.

You can visit local attractions, on the lands of this beautiful country there are both architectural monuments that store centuries-old history and natural reserves.

Having visited Sri Lanka in February, you can visit the most great religious celebration - Navam singing either a holiday transition.

Do not forget to place a visa on Sri Lanka.

Dominican Republic

Behind the stunning impressions in the winter it is worth going to Dominican Republic. If you can come to your holiday by February 27, then you will get an unique opportunity to celebrate together with the local inhabitants of Independence Day. Stunning outfits, festive fairs, airshow and a lot of interesting things. Each tourist, visiting this magic place in winter, will be able to feel an unforgettable smell of coconut palm trees, soaring in the doubles of the Caribbean, swim in the purest waters of the Atlantic Ocean and sow on the beaches on which the purity of hotel workers are supported.

And also, having arrived on the sea at the end of February, you will have a chance to participate in the bacty festival and admire the unique elegance of this folk dance. You can also participate in the workshops on dancing, with your own eyes see the concerts of the local stars, and wonderfully have fun at the pool parties.

Here you can relax as you want. Extreme leisure lovers will be able to move down the waterfall on the catamaran, go to the underwater hunt, and surfing, kaitsurfing, and you can also ride skiing. For lovers of slot machines in Dominican Republic there is a casino. And if you are a fans of a quiet and measured rest, go to the SPA-center, play golf, follow the caves, which are located on the lands of the National Park, admire the beauties of the waterfalls, in the end, you can just soar in the sun.

Maldives, Maafushi Island

Most people have the opinion that vacation in Maldives only for rich people. When we thought about where in the Maldives you can get a maximum of pleasure and while spending as much money as possible, we stopped at Maafushi, located on the Kaafu Atoll. Approximately 2750 people live here. You can spend your vacation in this wonderful place is quite economical. To have breakfast together, you will have to pay from $ 6-7, lunch costs $ 18-26. If you want to taste seafood, then you will have to pay $ 10 for a large portion, and the salad of the freshest vegetables costs $ 5.

Zone for tourists where you will have the opportunity to safely walk in bathing suits, spread out in the middle of two hotels - Whiteshell Beach and Kaani Beach. On the shore there are quite a lot of people, but despite this, the driver is transparent. The zone for swimming is fenced with a fence.

In this paradise, you can come with the whole family - there is a hollow bottom, an approach to water is not rocky, in principle, as in other Maldives. Maafushi's entertainment activities are not enough. Here you can find 3 centers who are engaged in diving, where you can immerse yourself on the bottom of the ocean and enjoy the wonderful kinds of colorful fish and unusual corals. And if you want, then with the excursion you can visit other resorts, which are located next door. Typically travelers visit the biogud.


Where to fly in February at sea

You can go on holiday in the country of an endless holiday - Cuba. Here you can have fun to fame. But remember that during the daytime air reaches +27, but it happens that the air becomes much hotty, the nights are more cool here, we grab a little blouse. In this wonderful place, you can get a full-fledged holiday - at your service sandy beaches, an unforgettable atmosphere, many options for active pastime, and you also have a unique chance to taste the "Havana Club".

If you find yourself on vacation in Cuba at the end of winter, you must certainly visit the Cuban Cigar Festival. It participates more than two hundred producers, experts and collectors. Therefore, everyone who wants can visit the exhibition, to participate in the auctions, stroll through tobacco factories. Such an event is worth a visit! Fisteers of fishing must certainly have time for the beginning of the fishing season on the island of freedom, as well as to take part in fishing on the ocean.

Arriving on Cuba, be sure to strive for significant places, admire national parks, study the architecture that keeps many stories in themselves, and take sunny baths on wonderful beaches. In general, an unforgettable vacation at sea can be provided with the islands and countries of the Caribbean. Go to any side, and you will definitely be satisfied.

Malaysia, Penang

In February, when a small humidity on the island, travelers advise to go on vacation to the north of the state, on Ferring Beach. In addition to the beach, you will be available for horses and classes in the most famous sports.

Which places tourists visit most:

  • Teluk-Bahang - the beach, which is located in the west of the island;
  • Tanjung-Bungakh - is known for heavy rifes and unique flora;
  • Tell-Bahang is a rather peaceful place with stunning coves.

There are quite a lot of interesting places - temples, butterflies parks, bird parks and botanical garden. There is a fairly well developed infrastructure for tourists, you will have access to a huge number of entertainment.

You can eat here quite inexpensively here - there are many cafes and restaurants on the island, the range is quite rich. But the cheapest dishes are served in the cafes, which are located at the roads and Makashniks, as well as in the Indian Quarter. Here you can dine together for $ 8-12. But here there are canewalks in which you can dine only at 4-6 $.

Malaysia, Langkavi

Langkavi is the largest island of the same name archipelago in the Andaman Sea in the north of the country. Its boundaries lie near Thailand, and he belongs to the staff of the kids.

Where to go to rest in February? We advise you to go on vacation to Langkawi. The shore is very clean and well-kept. You can find many amazing places where there are no people at all, stay in the bungalow and spend your vacation as if this is your personal island.

What about entertainment events and outdoor activities, they are here, but not in such quantities as in Penang. On the island you can admire the many waterfalls, travelers are arranged tours of the jungle, and on the coast you will be able to rent underwater equipment and plunge into the most beautiful underwater world. And if you want to see other Islands, then go with a tour of the island tour.

Products on Langkawi are relatively cheap. In tents on the streets you can buy Indian and Chinese dishes from $ 2-3. Adjust the two of you can for $ 15-20. The cheapest products in the local shops, however there are no large shopping centers.

India, Goa

In February, go to an unforgettable holiday on Goa. At the end of winter, the air in the daytime reaches +30, but there are days when the temperature rises is much higher. In the Indian state, you are waiting for a vacation, full of impressions, and the best conditions in order to be sunbathing. You will get a unique opportunity to be filled with a local culture, to be amazed at low prices, to visit the temples that you will never see anywhere else, try to taste the freshest fruits, and the children will be able to watch more than 125 types of butterflies and play with paradise birds on Chorao Island.

Understand the Paradise Beach, where you can admire the most beautiful bay and the purest water. If you have soul surfing or kaitsurfing, here you will certainly find the optimal conditions for this and wonderful beaches. And in the evening, when it becomes more cool, go to dine in the local shake, here you will be offered to try the most delicious rice with seafood, "CIZ Garlik Naan" and freshly squeezed watermelon juice, or sugar cane juice. And be sure to taste the famous Rum "Old Monk" and Porto Wine. And you can continue your day on the most famous parties with this direction of music like trance.


The best time for vacation in the UAE is the last month of winter, at this time prices for trips are quite cheap. All this is because the water temperature is reduced to + 17-18, and not every traveler is solved into such water. Therefore, think about it to stay in a suitable hotel, which has a swimming pool. But in all other respects February only in the plus. In the daytime, the air warms up to + 25-27 s, and by the end of the month it can be climbed to +29. In the evenings, more cool - + 13-15 C. For a month, short-term rains may pass, but they are infrequent, a maximum of 3-4 times a month.

But in general, the climate is rather dry here and breathe much easier. It is possible to sunbathe on wonderful beaches, visit a large number of excursions and visit entertainment events. In February, the most famous shopping festival is held here, the holiday of lights and a couple of big sports - tennis and golf. In most shopping center, sales are held, so those who love shopping will have a large selection of discount prices.

Cambodia, Sihanville

Sihanoukville - a town that is located in the south of Cambodia on the coast of the Siamese Gulf. Today the resort is gaining momentum in development, but so far it is not particularly popular. For most tourists, this is a big plus. In February, Sianville is very good weather conditions: water and air of the optimal temperature, there is practically no rain and winds.

If you have a question, where to go to warm up in the sun in February, then look at Sihanoukville. The most famous beaches are Independence Beach and Soho Beach. The most quiet and beautiful beach - Beach.

You will have the opportunity to make a walk along the serpentine island, you can go on it on the bridge. Here in a terrific bay you can relax, swim in a pleasant clean water and dive with aqualung. You can get to other islands by boat. Walking outside the city, visit the National Park Riem, he is the most visited in Cambodia. Family come here.


In February, the weather in the north and south of Vietnam greatly differs. In the north, very rainy and cold air. Freezing is possible in the mountains, and on the bank, the air temperature drops to + 14-16 s, during the day on the street + 20-21c. Tourists go on excursions on such days, admire the remarkable places, are engaged in shopping and attend SPA centers. When you leave for an excursion, do not forget to grab a warm sweater with you, and you still have to wear closed shoes.

On the south side of Vietnam, everything is completely different. The sea is heated to +29 s, the air is dry and warm. Travelers will be able to have a pretty fun, you will be available to dive with scuba, trips to significant places, visits from different cafes and restaurants. And at this time in Vietnam there will be several big holidays. There is a new year on the Eastern calendar, a religious festival opens (there will be two months), and a holiday is still located, dedicated to the beginning of the fishing season. Here you do not bother at all.

Philippines, Boracay

Boracay is located near the island of Panay, the total area of ​​it is about 7.5 kilometers. However, you should not pay attention to the fact that the island is not very big. Boracay is one of the main tourist centers of the state. People come here to beautifully sunbathe on the beach and work out water sports.

  • The most famous beach of Philippines is white or White Beach. It stretched 4 kilometers and covered with white sand. Along the entire coast, a zone has been laid for hiking, there are hotels, nightclubs, water sports centers. And you can rent a sun bed.
  • The Dinivide Beach is the most romantic in the Philippines, in this place they walk along a narrow path leading through the rocks.
  • Punta Bung Beach Beach - This beach is among the hotels, so you can relax on its territory only if you live in one of these hotels.
  • Wild and almost not visited by people Beach - Bunch-Shell Beach. There is practically no infrastructure, but in this place there is a small cafe, where you can purchase ice cream, soft drinks and coconuts.
  • There are 13 diving centers on Boraca, which organizes unforgettable dives.

Products here are relatively cheap. You can dine in the cafe you can for $ 5, in a restaurant - for $ 15.

Canary Islands

Our countrymen have long been recognized as a paradise place for this, and almost every year come here for a winter holiday. In February, there are clear and warm days, guests of the island feel pretty comfortable even in the evening. Hotels are very comfortable if the sea begins to storm, then guests can safely swim in the pool. But keep in mind if you are going to go here at the end of winter, then be sure to reserve the number in advance, because in February there is a big influx of tourists and the numbers just scatter. Adults can go on excursions and admire significant places. An animators will play with children. In addition, you can stroll through the whole family in the zoo or ride on the hills in the water park.


Relax in Mexico in February on the sea - the pleasure is not cheap, but it's still worth going there. The weather here is simply amazing, and travelers can afford everything they want. You can go to the mountains, enjoy the view of the peaks covered with snow, see interesting archaeological finds. And you can simply be on the beach and sunbathe, swim in the water, its temperature reaches marks + 23-24 C. Someone, of course, loves to actively relax and will surf or diving, it will open all the corners of Mexico on Velika either take the highest mountain . But fans to taste something new and tasty here too, there is a place, Mexican cuisine can hit you with its tastes. Children will be able to stroll through local zoos and visit the oceanarium, and adults will certainly like the local carnival, which takes place in February.


On this, our overview of the best countries for resting on the sea is completed. We told you where you can go on vacation in February.

As you might make sure, in any corner of the planet, you can comfortably relax, and quite inexpensive. However, do not forget that in some countries this month has a new year and many festivals, so housing prices and food can rise.

Write your questions in the comments if they stayed, share this article with your friends on social networks and Catch cheap tours to the sea in February 2021 !

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Where to go to rest in February 2021 at sea abroad ? When the BRRRR window, the blizzard, lies with snow drills, especially want to be on the shore of the warm ocean. But to the nearest "kupabelny" sea from Central Russia to fly at least 7 hours, and even all 10-12!

In February, the air temperature at the resorts gradually increases. At the same time, the temperature of the water in the seas and oceans reaches its minimum. Even in our loved ones from our tourists, the UAE and Egypt the sea is cold and swim - such a pleasure.

Where it will indeed be comfortable to hold a beach holiday in February, this is in Southeast Asia, the Caribbean Islands, the Indian Ocean, or in the Southern Hemisphere (there February is just a height of summer): Bali, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Tanzania, Chile .

PeaceWe tell about the care restrictions (where exactly can I): Where to go to beach holidays in February - 2021 : Tanzania , Cuba, Maldives, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya, Colombia, Costa Rica Where is a non-jealous holiday in February 2021 at sea : Turkey , Egypt , UAE (You can sunbathe, swim - unlikely if you are not a walrow)


On the February in Tanzania There is also a dry season, but prices are already lower than in the previous month. In the former capital, Dar-Es-Salama, at night + 23 ... + 25 ° C, in daytime + 31 ... + 33 ° C. Shni shed 4-5 days a month. Water in the Indian Ocean of Profure up to +28 ° C. Zanzibar Island meets hot daily + 30 ... + 32 ° C. At night + 25 ... + 27 ° C. Rain is a maximum of two days a month. Water frequent up to +28.5 ° C. Mafia Island will delight daily + 31 ... + 33 ° C, night + 25 ... + 27 ° C. Water warm, +29 ° C. The air is more wet than the mainland. 4-5 times in a month there are precipitation.

Tanzanian February is simply created for a seafood. The most attractive places to warm up in the rays of the African Sun and swim in the purest water are the beaches of Kendva and Nungwi in the north of Zanzibara and Chole on the island of Mafia. White sand beaches surrounded by tropical vegetation. In addition to the "sealing holiday", diving and fishing are developed here.

Comfortable February weather favors visiting natural reserves. In the last month of winter in Tanzania passes the colorful festival of Swahili, which will help tourists better get acquainted with the culture of this country.



(Photo © Booking.com / Sandies Baobab Beach Zanzibar)


В Egypt for February There is a low toursason. Air and water have not yet warmed for a normal swimming and staying on the beach. In the area of ​​Hurghada and Safagi, piercing winds blow in this winter month. In the afternoon in Alexandria, the air temperature is + 17 ... + 19 ° C, and at night + 13 ... + 15 ° C. The month is absolutely dry. Water in the Mediterranean Sea +17 ° C.

In Hurghad, the air is warm to + 21 ... + 23 ° C, at night + 16 ... + 18 ° C. Sea temperature in the Red Sea +22 ° C. February here passes without precipitation. The average daily rate in Safaga Day + 21 ... + 23 ° C, and at night + 15 ... + 17 ° C. Water in the Red Sea +22 ° C.

Since in February there is still no heat, then nature literally blooms. Therefore, the end of winter is perfect for visiting Egyptian historical and cultural monuments and walks along the eastern bazaars. Tourists this month is quite small, so everyone can see in his pleasure, not standing in huge queues. But do not forget about warm things, the evenings are cold here. In February, the strawberry season comes in Egypt, which can be purchased very cheap here.

Giza (Photo © Pixabay License)


В February in Cuba Heat and wet. Tropical stool accelerates sea breeze, so it breathes easily. Rest can slightly overshadow one-two-day cooling for several degrees, the passage of the so-called "Northern Front". But this phenomenon ends quickly, and again the pleasant weather is returned. Therefore, going to relax in Cuba in February, you need to take a windbreaker and sweater with you. In Havana during the day, on average, it happens + 25 ... + 27 ° C, at night + 18 ... + 20 ° C. Water in the Gulf of Mexico heats up to +25 ° C. Rainy days 1-2 per month.

In Santiago de Cuba, the third month of winter is roasting everything: + 27 ... + 29 ° C day and + 19 ... + 21 ° C at night. Water in the Caribbean Sea of ​​Fire up to +27 ° C. Rain goes 1-2 days a month. In Varadero, the average daytime temperature + 25 ... + 27 ° C, night + 19 ... + 21 ° C. Water temperature in the Atlantic Ocean +25 ° C. Rain almost never happens.

Such weather conditions provide resting real pleasure from a beach holiday. The sea is warm and crystal clear. Therefore, in February in Cuba, many are engaged in diving, studying the wonderful kingdom of Neptune. During the passage of the Northern Front, a storm in the ocean is possible, as a result of which poisonous jellyfish is deposit - Portuguese ships. Swim during this period is prohibited.

Tours in Varadero in December



February - the solar and dry month on Maldives . Therefore, it is so popular with holidaymakers. Atolls stretched 800 km from north to south, and each of them has its climate. Atoll Siane is an average daytime temperature + 29 ... + 31 ° C, night + 26 ... + 28 ° C. In the Indian Ocean water +29 ° C. For February, rain on the atoll is 3-4 times.

On the Male Atoll + 28 ... + 30 ° C during the day and + 26 ... + 28 ° C at night. Water temperature +28 ° C. Rain goes 3-4 days a month. At the atoll addu afternoon, the air is heated to + 29 ... + 31 ° C, and at night to + 27 ... + 29 ° C. 4 days a month is raining. The ocean will delight the atoll guests at the temperature of +29 ° C.

Maldives are one of the best directions where you can go in February 2021 at sea. The main view of the rest This month is beach. White sand, turquoise transparent water and quiet rustling palm leaves contribute to maximum relaxation. In February, the Maldives are excellent conditions for diving and snorkeling. The underwater world can be admired in all its magnificence. Home reef is almost every island hotel. Here you can find gigantic mourn, whale sharks, turtles and rods. However, corals are inferior on the effect of the Red Sea reefs.

For those who do not want to dive with the aqualung, organize excursions on boats with a transparent bottom. Through it, you can watch sharks and skates, remaining safe. There is no rich nightlife and special attractions on the islands. The main orientation of the rest here is a relaxed beach.



(Photo: © Kztatsumi / Pixabay.com)


February in the United Arab Emirates Cool and refers to the low toursason. For a beach holiday at the end of winter, the conditions are absolutely not suitable. In Abu Dhabi, the temperature of the day rises to + 23 ... + 25 ° C, and at night to + 19 ... + 21 ° C. Water temperature +20 ° C. Precipitation Guests of Abu Dhabi will not interfere, they do not happen.

In Corfakkan, the average daytime temperature + 21 ... + 23 ° C, and the night + 18 ... + 20 ° C. Water temperature +23 ° C. Sometimes a short-term rain is 1-2 times a month. In Fujayir during the day + 22 ... + 24 ° C, and at night + 17 ... + 19 ° C. Wateral temperature +23 ° C. Rainy days 1 per month.

Battle in the sea in such conditions only the most persistent tourists. Whether the hotel has a hot heated pool.

In February, the Festival of Shopping is held in the UAE. Maximum discounts in stores occur at the end of the month. The last month of winter in the UAE is favorable for excursions. No suffocating heat and latal crowd of tourists. Going for a walk through the streets of the UAE cities, women should not choose frank outfits. After all, this is a Muslim country. Photographing ARAKOK and contact them with questions is also not recommended.

AquaVENTURE water park


Dominican Republic

If you decide where to go to relax in February in the Caribbean countries, choose Dominican Republic . The weather is better here than in Cuba, and the sea is warmer. In February in Dominican Republic there are the largest number of holidaymakers for the whole year.

In Santo Domingo, the average daily temperature is + 27 ... + 29 ° C, and the night + 19 ... + 21 ° C. Water in the Caribbean +26 ° C. Rainy days 3-4 per month. In Puerto, the afternoon is a comfortable + 25 ... + 27 ° C, and at night + 20 ... + 22 ° C. Water temperature +26 ° C. In February 2-3 rainy days. La Roman will encounter guests to heat + 27 ... + 29 ° C day and + 20 ... + 22 ° C at night. Water warm, +26 ° C.

Dominican Republic - developed tourist destination. Having visited the Dominican Republic, you can swim both in the sea and ocean water. Many beaches are awarded the Blue Flag, confirming their exceptional environmental purity. Among them:

  • Laguna Dominicus, Minitis, Montero, Bayyiba (La Roman);
  • Arena Gorda, El Cortesito, Macau, Bavaro, Cabbez de Toro, Natika (Punta Cana);
  • Cape (Cap Cana);
  • El Portallo, La Honda (Samana);
  • Baya Escondida (Rio San Juan);
  • Costa Dorada (Puerto Plata);
  • Oasis (Juan-Dolio).

For divers in Dominican Republic. Calm water in February allows in the smallest detail to inspect the coral reefs and their inhabitants, underwater grottoes, the remains of sunken ships.

Dominican Republic (Photo: © pixabay.com)


February in Turkey - The most unpleasant month of the year. This season, the rains are watered here and cold gusty winds dominate. At the end of winter, there is the greatest difference between air temperatures in day and night. Water is too cold for swimming.

In Alanya, the air is cool, total + 14 ... + 16 ° C day, + 12 ... + 14 ° C at night. Water temperature +17 ° C. Rainy days 3-4 per month. In Ankara, the average daytime temperature + 6 ... + 8 ° C, and the night -1 ... + 1 ° C. Rain goes 1-2 days a month. In Istanbul, the thermometer bar shows + 9 ... + 11 ° C, and at night + 6 ... + 8 ° C. Water temperature +8 ° C. Rainy days 3-4 per month.

Beach holidays in February in Turkey will not take place at all. Therefore, vacationers need to look for other entertainment. Since the end of winter refers to a low tourist season, then all entertainment becomes an order of magnitude cheaper. You can attend sights, walk through the streets of the ancient cities in the streets, shopping in the eastern bazaars. In January-February, Turkish shopping centers arrange sales.

The author of the article in Turkey in the mountains in December near the cave Altynbeshik



Go to the sea in February can also be in Mexico . The weather here will be varied depending on the region. On the coasts of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea is warm, but in the central and northern part cool. Here February refers to a high toursason. In Acapulco, the sidewar shows + 28 ... + 30 ° C, and at night + 22 ... + 24 ° C. Water temperature +27 ° C. February in Acapulco - a dry month.

In Mexico City, the average daytime temperature + 20 ... + 22 ° C, night + 11 ... + 13 ° C. Frees in February in this region are not shed. In Riviera Maya, day + 26 ... + 28 ° C, at night + 21 ... + 23 ° C. Water temperature +26 ° C. Rain go 1-2 per month.

In February, warm and sunny, but there is still no exhausting heat. Therefore, here are excellent conditions in order to sow on the beach. On Western resorts (Masatlan, La Paz, Puerto Escondido) at the end of winter, surfers flock, because at this time there are high waves.

The lack of heat makes a comfortable visit to the monuments of natural and cultural heritage - Chichen-Itsi, the pyramids of Teotihuacan, the Cells of the Peninsula Yucatan, the ruins of an ancient Palenque. In February, the mexican carnival that is famous for the whole world, accompanied by costumed processions, historical ideas, fireworks and performances of street musicians - Marychai.



(Photo: © pixabay.com)


February in Brazil - heat and stuffing time. The rains go almost a half months across the entire extensive Brazilian territory. People with cardiovascular diseases are better not to visit in February this is a Latin American state. In Rio de Janeiro Heat, during the day + 31 ... + 33 ° C, at night + 23 ... + 25 ° C. Water temperature +26 ° C. Tropical rains are no more than 6 days a month.

In Sao Paulo, the temperature is more comfortable, on average + 27 ... + 29 ° C day and + 19 ... + 21 ° C at night. Water temperature +27 ° C. But rain pour no less than 13 days. Salvador will meet tourists with heat + 30 ... + 32 ° C day and + 25 ... + 27 ° C at night. Water temperature +28 ° C. February here is dry than in other parts of the country, the rain goes 5 days a month.

In February in Brazil, the maximum number of visits. Tourists are waiting for a wonderful holiday on the beaches of Ipanoma, Copacabana, Leblon, as well as diving, fishing and surfing.

But not only attracts tourists on this winter month to Brazil. At the end of February, the world's most famous carnival is held in Rio de Janeiro. Celebration includes Samba Schools Competition, Street Processions and Mass Walking.



(Photo Poswiecie © Pixabay License)

Costa Rica

В Costa Rica in February There is a big difference between day and night temperatures. On the sea and ocean coasts during the day it is hot, but at night it becomes very cool. Therefore, collecting a suitcase on the trip, you need to not forget to put a sweater and windbreaker. There is no tangible temperature difference in Puntarense. The average daily temperature here is + 25 ... + 27 ° C, and the night + 20 ... + 22 ° C. Humidity is low, rain rains. Water in the Pacific +24 ° C.

In Limon, hotter, day + 28 ... + 30 ° C, at night + 22 ... + 24 ° C. In the Caribbean, the water is free to +27 ° C. In February, there are a lot of precipitation here, the rain will go 8-9 days a month. In Alahuel, the average daytime temperature + 27 ... + 29 ° C, and the night just + 14 ... + 16 ° C. Umbrella can not take with you, it does not happen rain.

On the coast in February, good conditions for a relaxed rest. The best shores for rest in winter are:

  • Manuel Antonio, Dominical, Montesum, Khako, Punta Leon (Puntarenas);
  • Tamarindo, Flamingo (Guanakaste);
  • Torchugero, Puerto Viejo (Lemon);
  • Cukovado (Peninsula OSA).

Costa Rica is famous not only by its beaches, but also luxurious tropical nature. There are several major reserves: La Paz, Monteverde, Browlio Carrillo, Manuel Antonio, Torchuguro, Santa Teresa, Corcovado.

Costa Rica (Photo © Pixabay License)


February in Kenya Refers to the dry season. In winter, there is no exhausting African heat, so you can not only be on the beach, but also to inspect the natural attractions of the country. In Mombasa in February, hotter than on the rest of Kenya. Day + 31 ... + 33 ° C, and at night + 23 ... + 25 ° C. Precipitation does not happen. Water temperature +27 ° C.

There is a slightly cooler in Vatama, the average daytime temperature is + 30 ... + 32 ° C, night + 24 ... + 26 ° C. Water temperature +27 ° C. Light rain occurs 1-2 times a month. In Malindi, the thermometer shows the day + 30 ... + 32 ° C, at night + 24 ... + 26 ° C. Rain almost never happens.

The best beaches of Kenya are considered:

  • Diana Beach;
  • Bamburi;
  • Nyali;
  • Lama;
  • Thiiv;
  • Watama;
  • Kickbal;
  • Malindi;
  • Chance;
  • Msammbeni.

But the beach holiday is not the main tourist heritage of Kenya. Mostly go here in order to inspect the natural wealth of Masai Mara's reserves, Amboselle, Tsavam, Vatama, Lake Bogory. Here you can observe wild animals in the natural habitat.




February in Vietnam Refers to the dry season. However, the air temperature depending on the region much. To swim and sunbathe, in February you can go only to the southern and southeast part of the country. In Wungtau, called the "Vietnamese Riviera", the average daytime temperature in February + 33 ... + 35 ° C, night + 21 ... + 23 ° C. Water temperature +27 ° C. The rains do not happen this month. Going to this resort, you need to grab a sweater with you, because by night the temperature falls by 10-12 degrees.

On the island of Fukuchi, the day of the thermometer rises to + 29 ... + 31 ° C, at night + 24 ... + 26 ° C. Water temperature +28 ° C. A small rain can go 1-2 times a month. In Ho Chi Minh City, it's hot, + 33 ... + 35 ° C, at night + 23 ... + 25 ° C. Precipitation does not happen. Water temperature +26 ° C.

Relax to the sea in February is best on Fukuok Island, as well as near the cities of Vungtau and Phantheet. Here are the most comfortable beaches this season. On Kondao Island in February, the weather is good, but the tourist infrastructure is just beginning to be formed, and there is no proper level of comfort.

Vietnam is a developed direction for tourism, where many entertainment for children, a large hotel base. The North and Western part of Vietnam in February are suitable for touched the cultural heritage of this Asian country during excursions. For a beach holiday in winter too cold.

tours in january much better go



В Thailand February Peak number of vacationers. Here it is hot and do not come rain. Air humidity in the last month of winter is the lowest in the year, and breathes easier than usual. On Phuket Island, the thermometer stably shows + 30 ... + 32 ° C during the day, + 24 ... + 26 ° C at night. Water temperature +29 ° C. Rain go 2-3 days a month.

On the islands of Phi-Pii during the day + 29 ... + 31 ° C, at night + 25 ... + 27 ° C. Water temperature +28 ° C. Rain occurs 2-3 times a month. On Samui, the day is cooler, during the day + 28 ... + 30 ° C, at night + 25 ... + 27 ° C. Rainy days 3-4 per month.

The most popular destinations where to go in February to the sea abroad are Phuket, Phui Phi, Similana. There are a lot of tourists here. The one who wants more privacy is sent to Samui Island in the Siamese Gulf. On some days, the sea is excitement.

In Thailand in February, a large selection of places for excursions: a crocodile farm in Samutpraparna, National Parks of us-Tok-ME-Surin and Tham Plat. February - month of festivals in Thailand. Within two weeks, the Eastern New Year is celebrated, which in Phuket smoothly goes to the Old Town festival dedicated to Thai history and culture. In early February, the festival of flowers is held in Chiang Mai.

Lake Sing Laceplate

Lake Sing Laceplate


Winter in Cambodia Refers to the dry season. There are many foreigners here, because this month is suitable for both maritime views and excursions in the country. In the simerape during the day + 32 ... + 34 ° C, at night + 23 ... + 25 ° C. Precipitation does not happen.

On the island of Ko-de Cul + 29 ... + 31 ° C during the day and + 25 ... + 27 ° C at night. Rain goes 1-2 times a month. Water temperature +28 ° C. In Xianville, the thermometer column rises to + 29 ... + 31 ° C during the day and + 25 ... + 27 ° C at night. Rains are extremely rare.

Going to rest in February is best on the beaches of Otters, Independence, Sokha, Serendipiti. In addition to the traditional beach holiday in Cambodia, ecotourism is gaining popularity. But to get acquainted with the tropical nature of Cambodia is recommended only under the guidance of an experienced guide as part of the group. In the forests of this country there are large predatory animals: tigers, Malaysian bears. Fresh reservoirs serve as a habitat of crocodiles, so it is impossible to swim in them.

In February, the day of the last preaching of the Buddha - Meak Bochee is celebrated. On this day, colorful religious ceremonies take place in Cambodian temples. Some of them are open to tourists.



(Photo © Pixabay License)


South China Sea divides Malaysia practically in half and makes the climate in February Different. On this winter month, it is better to visit the western part of Malaysia (Penang, Langkavi Islands). At the Susta Borneo for this month there are rainy season. You can relax here, but not too nice. Even on sunny days, water in the sea is warm, but muddy. Perhentian Islands, as well as Redang in February, are closed to visits due to strong excitement to the sea and tropical rains.

On Langkawa, the day is + 29 ... + 31 ° C, and at night + 25 ... + 27 ° C. Rain goes 3-4 days a month. On the core Penang, the average daytime temperature + 29 ... + 31 ° C, and the night + 25 ... + 27 ° C. Approximately 5-6 days a month are rainy. In Georgetown, hotter, during the day + 30 ... + 32 ° C, at night + 24 ... + 26 ° C. Rain goes 5-6 days a month. Water temperature +29 ° C.

Tourists in Malaysia in February are also waiting for a colorful celebration of the New Year on the eastern calendar with fireworks, festive processions and folk festivals.

Malaysia (Photo Sasint © Pixabay License)


ВFebruary in Goa There is a warm and dry season. This month here is the smallest humidity of the air, so the heat will easily pull out. In the evenings, Western winds bring tangible coolness. Precipitation in February in Goa is not fixed. February refers to the high tourist season.

In the calangut during the day + 29 ... + 31 ° C, and at night + 23 ... + 25 ° C. In Kandolim, the average daytime temperature + 27 ... + 29 ° C, night + 25 ... + 27 ° C. In Panji, the thermometer column rises to + 29 ... + 31 ° C, at night + 23 ... + 25 ° C. The temperature of the water in the Arabian Sea +26 ° C, in February strong waves are possible.

Most convenient during this period:

  • Calm Ward with white sand and hotels of different pricing policies;
  • landscaped by CavelosSim, surrounded by black cliffs;
  • A routine suitable for recreation with children;
  • Clean and quiet major.

In addition to the beach holiday, tourists are offered excursions to the jungle, as well as in Hindu and Catholic churches. At the end of February, a carnival marks the beginning of the Great Post in this Indian state.

Tours in Goa in February


Sri Lanka

February on Sri Lanka Refers to the dry season, but it is better to choose the southern and southwest part of the island. In the north and in some central regions, a lot of precipitation is cool and even in February. In perforation, the average daytime temperature reaches + 30 ... + 32 ° C, night + 23 ... + 25 ° C. Water temperature +28 ° C. Rainy days 6-7 per month.

In Colombo, the day of the thermometer rises to + 31 ... + 33 ° C, at night + 23 ... + 25 ° C. Water temperature +28 ° C. Rain goes 6-7 days a month. In Nuvara-Elia, during the day + 22 ... + 24 ° C, at night + 14 ... + 16 ° C. Rains go 13-14 days a month. Beach holidays in February are not possible on all beaches. Since strong Western winds blow, an excitement is often obstacized at sea. It is suitable for surfing, but not for swimming. On the beaches they often exhibit red flags warning about hazards for bathing. The most peaceful sea during this period near Vaddva and Unawatuna, as well as on the beach of Dalavell.

Another entertainment for tourists is visiting tea plantations in Nuzara-Elia. Here is rainy and cool, so you need to grab with you a light waterproof jacket or raincoat.

Sri Lanka (Photo © Pixabay License)


Due to the fact that the territory China located in several climatic zones, weather in February Very varies depending on the region. In Beijing, the average daytime temperature + 3 ... + 5 ° C, night -3 ... -1 ° C. The precipitation is practically no happening.

In Sanier, the thermometer column rises to + 24 ... + 26 ° C, and at night to + 18 ... + 20 ° C. Water temperature +23 ° C. The rains do not happen this month. In Shanghai + 9 ... + 11 ° C during the day and + 5 ... + 7 ° C at night. Rain goes 3-4 days a month. Water temperature +7 ° C.

For a beach holiday in February in China, the conditions are notable even on the island of Hainan. Although in the afternoon the air and warms up to 25 ° C, but in the evening the weather becomes similar to the autumn. The northern winds blow the excitement to the sea.

In the north of the country during this period, excellent conditions for winter sports (skiing, freestyle), as well as dog sledding and snowmobile safaris. To get acquainted with the architectural monuments of the Middle Kingdom in February is still too cold. But in February, the celebration of the two-week celebration of the Chinese New Year is held.

China (Photo © Pixabay License)


On the Bali February Refers to the season of rains. Tourists this month are significantly less and prices in hotels are decreasing. Those who decide on vacation this month, must necessarily take a rainer with them (the umbrella does not particularly save from the tropical shower) and water-blamed shoes.

In Denpasar, the average daytime temperature + 29 ... + 31 ° C, night + 26 ... + 28 ° C. Water temperature +29 ° C. Rainy days 8-9 per month. In Kuta during the day + 29 ... + 31 ° C, at night + 26 ... + 28 ° C. Water temperature +29 ° C. Rain goes 15-16 days a month.

Beach vacation darken not only frequent tropical livne. Due to the strong winds on the sea, constant excitement and muddy water. On the shores are accumulated by algae, wreckage of Korag and other trash. In February, the sea is not popular even in surfers - too strong trends and high waves. Only professionals are solved.

But in the dwelling days you can go on the guided tours of the reptiles and elephants, as well as rice terraces. Also here is a bright celebration of the new year on the Eastern calendar.

Bali. (Photo © Pixabay License)


В February in Tunisia Cool, but less rainy than in January. For a beach holiday this month is too cold. In Mahidia, the average daytime temperature is + 14 ... + 16 ° C, night + 10 ... + 12 ° C. Water temperature +14 ° C. Rainy days 1-2 per month.

In Tunisia during the day + 15 ... + 17 ° C, at night + 8 ... + 10 ° C. Water temperature +14 ° C. Rain goes 3-4 days a month. In Tabarque, the thermometer column rises to + 13 ... + 15 ° C, at night + 8 ... + 10 ° C. Rainy days 6-7 per month.

In February, cold winds are blowing throughout Tunisia, so it is necessary to take a jacket and sweaters on the trip. On some days, the sun begins to sit out, but to soak on the beach because of windy weather will not work.

In February, hotels significantly reduce accommodation prices. Therefore, if there is a desire to visit this country with excursion purposes, then the second month of winter is perfect. Tourists will be able to visit the Soler Lake El Jerid, the surface of which changes the color, the ruins of the Carthage, the beautiful white-blue city of Sidi-bu-Said, the Eastern fairy tale. El Cef. In Tunisia, you can go through many thalassotherapy procedures.

The best resorts of Tunisia for recreation


Canary Islands

February on Canaries The least suitable for beach holidays. The temperature of the water this month is the lowest for the whole year. On the northern Islands (La Palma, Lanzarote) blowing the threads and often come rain. More comfortable weather on Tenerife, Grand Canaria and El Ierro.

In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the average daytime temperature + 17 ... + 19 ° C, night + 15 ... + 17 ° C. Water temperature +18 ° C. Rain go 1-2 per month. In the Adeh, the day of the thermometer rises to + 18 ... + 20 ° C, at night + 14 ... + 16 ° C. Water temperature +19 ° C. The rains do not happen here this month. In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, day + 18 ... + 20 ° C, at night + 15 ... + 17 ° C. The rains in February do not go here.

Alternative to beach holidays on Canarians in February are cruises on yachts and catamarans walks, during which whales and dolphins can be seen.

In February, a three-week carnival is held in Tenerife, which competes on the painfulness with the famous Brazilian. And on the island of Gran Canaria, a holiday is held in honor of the flowering of almonds.

Canary Islands (Photo © Pixabay License)


February in Israel Rainy and cool. This month refers to the low tourist season. In February, strong winds blow throughout Israel. In Jerusalem, the average daytime temperature + 14 ... + 16 ° C, night + 9 ... + 11 ° C. Temperature +22 ° C. Rainy days 3-4.

In Haifa, day + 16 ... + 18 ° C, at night + 11 ... + 13 ° C. Water temperature +17 ° C. It rains go 6-7 days a month. In Eilat, the warmer is total, + 18 ... + 20 ° C day and + 10 ... + 12 ° C at night. Water temperature +21 ° C. The rains in February do not happen here.

For a beach holiday, this month is not suitable at all. At sea, strong excitement due to constantly blowing winds. But it is quite comfortable to explore all the historical sights of Israel - the wall of crying, the temple of the Mernel of the Lord, Bethlehem with the Cave of Christmas and the tomb of Pramarata Rakhil, Sepforis National Park, Jericho and Nazareth. Most of the attractions are open-air, so tourists should not forget about an unproduced jacket and comfortable shoes.

Israel (Photo © Pixabay License)


February in Bahrain Dry and warm. This month, the territory of Bahrain is in power of strong winds. Humidity in February is high enough, 65-70%, it aggravates the coolness. It will not work out and sunbathe. In Al Muharrak, the average daytime temperature is + 21 ... + 23 ° C, night + 18 ... + 20 ° C. Rainy days 1-2 per month. Water temperature +18 ° C.

In Manama, the day of the thermometer rises to + 20 ... + 22 ° C, and at night to + 17 .... + 19 ° C. Water temperature +18 ° C. The sediments are 1-2 times a month. In Sitra Day + 20 ... + 22 ° C, at night + 17 ... + 19 ° C. Rain occurs 2-3 times a month.

But in February, you can comfortably conduct local attractions:

  • futuristic twin towers of the Bahrain World Trade Center;
  • camel farm, where you can feed the bottle of a young and take pictures with them;
  • Polygon Grand Prix of Formula 1, where there is a rental point of racing chas;
  • Oasis Ain with Amusement Park "Adhary";
  • Ford Arad, where the sighting towers can be enjoyed by marine species.

Bahrain is a Muslim country, so women when visiting landmarks should not wear open things.



(Photo Nawalescape © Pixabay License)


В February Philippine Archipelago Located under the authority of the Passatoves, so there is a dry and relatively cool (by local standards) the weather. And only in the eastern part of the archipelago often rains. In the north, west and south, the air humidity is moderate, so there is no characteristic of these islands of the Duchot. February refers to the high tourist season.

In the manila, the average daytime temperature + 29 ... + 31 ° C, night + 23 ... + 25 ° C. In February, rains do not happen here. Water in the Philippine Sea +26 ° C. In El Nido Day + 28 ... + 30 ° C, at night + 25 ... + 27 ° C. Water temperature +27 ° C. Rainy days 2-3 per month. On Boraca, the day of the thermometer rises to + 27 ... + 29 ° C, at night to + 24 ... + 26 ° C. Water temperature +26 ° C. Rains are 2-3 times a month.

In February, on the Philippine Islands, the conditions for the beach holiday are good, but not perfect. Sometimes strong winds blow, provoking high waves on the sea. Diving can be engaged not every day. Surfers in February ride on the waves on the islands of Boracay, Karabao and Saragao, as well as near Davao.

Philippines (Photo © Pixabay License)


В February in the Seychelles The wet season continues. But this month is less rainy than January. Livni frequent and abundant, but short. For those who do bad breathe air, February is not the best time to visit the Seychelles archipelago. Especially high in winter in winter on the islands of Mahe and Silhouette. Nights do not bring coolness. The difference between day and night temperatures is extremely small on the Seychelles.

In Anse Volbert, the average daytime temperature + 28 ... + 30 ° C, night + 26 ... + 28 ° C. Water temperature +28 ° C. It rains go 6-7 days a month. On the island of St. Anne, the day + 29 ... + 31 ° C, at night + 27 ... + 29 ° C. The rains shed 8-9 times a month. On the Felicitis, the day of the thermometer rises to + 28 ... + 30 ° C, and at night to + 26 ... + 28 ° C. Rainy days 5-6 for February.

The beach season on Seychelles does not stop all year round. But in February, tourists may encounter the fact that after stormy shower water will be muddy, and a lot of garbage will fall on the beach. Visibility in water is low, so divers choose other seasons for dives.

But for tour excursions on natural attractions, February is well suited. Nature in the wet season is especially good. The main thing is not to forget the raincoat or umbrella.

Seychelles (Photo © Pixabay License)


February in Mauritius Despite the rains, refers to the popular season. But this is connected not so much with the favorable climatic conditions as with the desire of the inhabitants of the cold regions to escape from their winter and get into the summer. In Tru-Doum, on average, + 29 ... + 31 ° C, at night + 25 ... + 27 ° C. The Indian Ocean will delight warm water, +28 ° C. Rainy days 9-10 per month.

In the capital, Mauritius, day + 27 ... + 29 ° C, at night + 24 ... + 26 ° C. The precipitation here falls the most rain go 12-13 days a month. A thermometer rises to Grand Bay to + 29 ... + 31 ° C during the day and up to + 26 ... + 28 ° C at night. Water temperature +28 ° C. "Wet" days least of all, 7-8 per month.

The beach season lasts on Mauritius year-round. But in February it can overshadow shower and high humidity. The sea is not too pleasant, the waves are high, the water is not so crystal as in other seasons. Water in February near the coast is not enough transparent, so for dives this month does not fit.

In winter, there are high waves in Mauritius, attracting surfers from around the world. February is a good month for deep-sea fishing. At this time, you can catch the blue marlin, barracuda, yellow-drum tuna here.

Mauritius (Photo wurliburli © Pixabay License)


В February on Jamaica It becomes more humor and heat than in January. Wind speed becomes lower. The tourist industry on the island is also born, so the density of visits is small even in the most favorable season.

In Kingston, the average daytime temperature is + 27 ... + 29 ° C, night + 21 ... + 23 ° C. Water temperature +27 ° C. Rain go 2-3 days a month. In Montego Bay, the day of the thermometer rises to + 26 ... + 28 ° C, at night + 22 ... + 24 ° C. Water temperature +27 ° C. It rains 3-4 times for February. In Negrile during the day + 27 ... + 29 ° C, at night + 23 ... + 25 ° C. Water in Bloquilds Gulf is beautiful, +27 ° C. Rains go 3-4 days a month.

The weather will delight fans of a relaxing bathing. The wind subsides, the excitement of the sea becomes less. Divering and snorkeling also thrive in February - the transparency of water this month at the highest level. And this is not bad time for excursions in the island. In February, a carnival is held in Kingston, and in Montego Bay - regatta.

Jamaica (Photo © Pixabay License)

South Korea

February - the coldest month in South Korea . At the end of winter, there are often small frosts here and blowing out the winds. Therefore, it seems that much colder. Water in the sea was not completely warmed at all. In Seoul, the average daytime temperature is + 2 ... + 4 ° C, night -2 ... 0 ° C. A month 1-2 times drop out of precipitation.

In Busan, the day + 6 ... + 8 ° C, at night + 3 ... + 5 ° C. Water in the Korean Strait +12 ° C. Rain occurs 1-2 times a month. Snow in February in Busan does not fall out. In Jedju, the day of the thermometer is rising to + 6 ... + 8 ° C, at night to + 4 ... + 6 ° C. Yellow Sea is warmed up to +13 ° C. The sediments are 3-4 days a month.

For swimming and tanning in February, there are no conditions in South Korea. But we can explore the cultural and natural sights of this country:

  • Picturesque palaces Konbokkun, Chhanokkun;
  • Sabsan National Park with waterfalls, geysers, caves and Buddhist temples;
  • Fortress Hwmes with beautiful species opening from her walls;
  • Folklore Village Hahwe
  • Island of extinct volcanoes Jeju.

In February, the New Year on the Eastern Calendar is celebrated here.

South Korea

South Korea

(Photo © Pixabay License)

"Okay, Google", now you know where to fly to rest on the sea in February 2021. Who only came up with a vacation at the end of winter? In February, the sea and the sun are only available for money, and considerable. Fly from Russia will have to fly away: either in Asia or Africa or in the Atlantic. All that is close and inexpensive, for a beach holiday is not suitable from the word at all.

And what to do now? Do you sit at home? No, of course, it is better to go to the sea. Therefore, we added a couple of non-jar, but cheap to the beach and expensive directions. Suddenly come in handy.

Read also Articles about Beach holidays in other months: December | JANUARY
Important information:

Some countries can be closed to visit, current information is available on



February is not the most typical period for tourist trips, as the main holidays of the year, exactly as holidays, have long been behind, however, many benefit from it, since the flow of tourists has noticeably decreased in the resorts, and with it and prices for rest. February trips are a good way to save. European directions and typical summer resorts are empty, which means prices for the most important aspects of recreation reduced.

February - the time of large-scale and colorful carnivals around the world. In Brazil and many other countries there are bright costume processions, prepare for which they start long before their start. After reading the program, you can choose which one to visit.

Whatever the view of the rest you chose, February is a very good month for a fixed holiday on the sea, the conquest of the ski slopes, shopping or visiting the most interesting excursions.

Where to go in February 2022

At sea in February 2022

As a rule, February marked sustainable snowy and cold weather, and by the end of the winter period, the desire and the need to charge solar energy only increases. In addition to the pastime on the beach, the last month of winter is characterized by festivals and holidays in honor of the beginning of spring, which is unlikely to be able to skip, as they are held everywhere.

Dominican Republic

Swimming season in February in Dominican Republic is in full swing. Temperature indicators are very high, the level of humidity is quite comfortable, and the precipitates are unlikely. Bright paints of nature and heat - a fairly unusual February phenomenon for our compatriots, so this direction at the end of winter becomes very popular. The February frosts and the absence of the Sun managed to bother the order, and Dominican will meet guests with a bright sun, azure water and palm bays. The end of winter - the time of the holidays and festivals. At the end of the month in Dominican, a large-scale celebration of Independence Day is held, which is accompanied by processions and contests.

Where to go to the beach: Saona, Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, San Cristobal, Santa Cruz de Baraaua, Azua de Compostela.

Sights: Beaches, Nature, Columbus Lighthouse, Santo Domingo Cathedral, Statue of Christ, Read more - Dominican Guide.

Weather: Air and water temperature - about +27 ° C. Read more - Weather in Dominican Republic in February.

Other useful information about Dominican Republic:

Prices for tours in Dominican Republic for 7 nights in February: from 148800 rubles *

Pick and book a tour in Dominican Suite here:

Level.Travel Onlinetours Travelata.

Where to go in February 2022

Zanzibar (Tanzania)

Tanzanian resort archipelago in winter competes with the best tropical beach directions. Service develops, enough hotels, snow-white beaches and azure water are pleased with the scope, the weather is stable, and sightseeing tourism is possible in the main city of the archipelago and on the mainland.

Where to go: Kendva, Nungwe, Dongwe, Bwetja, Partie.

Sights: Nature, Diving, Stone Town, House Freddie Mercury.

Weather: about +32 ° C during the day and +27.5 ° C at night; Water in the ocean off the coast of the fund to +28 ° C, precipitation is rare.

Other useful information about Zanzibar:

Prices for tours to Zanzibar for 7 nights in February: from 80,000 rubles *

You can choose and book a tour of Zanzibar here:

Level. Travel Onlinetours Travelata.

Where to go in February 2022


February in Cuba is an excellent month for bathing and relaxing on the coast. There is no exhausting heat throughout the island and you can safely make a long promenade, rent a scooter or an outdoor retro car and enjoy the beauty of the island with a rich history and magnificent nature.

Where to go to the beach: Havana, Varadero, Olgin, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba.

Sights: Nature, Capitol, Mausoleum Che Guevara, Beaches, Bay, More - Travel Guide for Cuba.

Weather: The air temperature reaches +27 ° C. Read more - Weather in Cuba in February.

Other useful information about Cuba:

Prices for tours to Cuba for 7 nights in February: from 116,700 rubles *

You can choose and book a tour of Cuba here:

Level.Travel Onlinetours Travelata.

Where to go in February 2022


Maldives in February become extremely popular in connection with the marriage season. Closer to Valentine's Day to the islands "flock" newlyweds from around the world for the Magic Honeymoon, and in Maldives he is really magical. So coincided that it was in February that the weather had to swim as it should be better: the air is warm to +30 ° C, the wind and the precipitate are practically absent.

Where to go to the beach: Any atoll or the island of the Maldives.

Sights: Nature, beaches, architecture of religious buildings, more - guide to Maldives.

Weather: Water and air warmes approximately +30 ° C. Read more - Weather at Mounty in February.

Other useful information about Maldives:

Prices for tours to Maldives in February for 7 nights: from 124200 rubles *

You can choose and book a tour of the Maldives here:

Level.Travel Onlinetours Travelata.

Where to go in February 2022


Rest in Mexico at the end of winter will be very pleasant for those who do not tolerate Asian high moisture in aggregate with exhausting heat. Closer to the south of the country the air temperature is consistent to +27 ° C. This weather will allow not only comfortable and for a long time to spend time on the coast, but also to go on the most interesting excursions that provide here.

Where to go to the beach: Cancun, Puerto Escondido, Riviera-Maya, Acapulco, Veracruz, Puerto Angel.

Sights: Nature, Maja tribe monuments, ancient cities, national parks, temples, underwater museum, Read more - Mexico guide.

Weather: Water and air warmes approximately +27 ° C. Read more - Weather in Mexico in February.

Other useful information about Mexico:

Prices for tours in Mexico for 7 nights in February: from 107800 rubles *

You can choose and book a tour in Mexico here:

Level.Travel Onlinetours Travelata.

Where to go in February 2022


Another popular beach destination is closer to the end of the month, Rio de Janeiro becomes. Every year at the end of February - the beginning of March there is a famous carnival for the whole world, which "flocks" to watch guests from different countries. It is unlikely that there are a procession that the costumes in the scale and brightness will surpass the carnival in Rio. The weather at this time in Brazil is excellent for beach time.

Where to go to the beach: Rio de Janeiro.

Sights: Nature, statue of Christ-Redeemer, Cathedral, Sugar Head Mountain, Read more - Brazil Travel Guide.

Weather: Air warms up to approximately +30 ° C. Read more - Weather in Brazil in February.

Other useful information about Brazil:

You can pick up and book a tour in Brazil here:


Where to go in February 2022

Unfortunately, the usual resort countries, such as Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, Cyprus and many others remain "closed" for bathing due to adverse weather conditions, but welcoming coasts are always available for sightseeing and shopping.


Important: Currently, tours to the resorts of Egypt are available only with flight through Cairo, which significantly increases their cost. We intentionally reserve information about this area in the hope of restoring charter flights.

February is the coldest month of the year, which means that time is most suitable for sightseeing holidays. Periodically, the temperature of the water in Sharm el-Sheikh rises to +20 ° C and there are many winds that spend time in water. It should be remembered that the air temperature is lower and can be overcooked. Walking until the arrival of the high season is better in the hotel heated pool.

Sights: Desert, pyramids, temples, mosques, ancient cities, more - a guide to Egypt.

Weather: Temperature Planca fluctuates near the mark of +20 ° C. More - Weather in Egypt in February.

Other useful information about Egypt:

Tours prices in Egypt in February for 7 nights: from 70,000 rubles *

You can choose and book a tour in Egypt here:

Level.Travel Onlinetours Travelata.

Where to go in February 2022


Turkey at the end of winter is an excellent direction for sightseeing and cognitive rest, conquering ski slopes, shopping, but not bathing, as the air temperature even in the warmest regions does not exceed +15 ° C.

Sights: Nature, vintage fortresses, UNESCO heritage facilities, mosque, ancient cities, more - travel guide in Turkey.

Weather: The air temperature depending on the region varies from +8 to +15 ° C. Read more - Weather in Turkey in February.

Other useful information about Turkey:

Prices for tours to Turkey in February for 7 nights: from 25600 rubles *

You can choose and book a tour to Turkey here:

Level.Travel Onlinetours Travelata.

Where to go in February 2022


In February, it is still early to swim in the UAE, but you can enjoy the excursions, visiting the festivals, and most importantly - shopping. It was in February that the shopping festival starts, discounts on which the annual peak reaches.

Where to go to the beach: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah.

Weather: The air temperature is very unstable and the average is +23 - +25 ° C. Water warms up to +18 ° C. More details are the weather in the UAE in February.

Other useful information about the UAE:

Prices for tours in the UAE for 7 nights in February: from 54300 rubles *

Pick up and book a tour in the UAE here:

Level.Travel Onlinetours Travelata.

Where to go in February 2022


The air temperature in Tunisia in February does not exceed +15 ° C, it is unlikely to be comfortable, but attend excursions and make long walks - a very good idea. Many arrive in Tunisia in winter for the course of thalassotherapy. As you know, Tunisia is famous for spa resorts for every taste and wallet.

Where to go: Sousse, Mokhdia, Djerba, Tunisia, Hammamet, Monastir.

Weather: Air warms up to +15 ° C. Read more - Weather in Tunisia in February.

Other useful information about Tunisia:

Prices for tours in Tunisia in February for 7 nights: from 79,000 rubles *

Pick up and book a tour in Tunisia here:

Level.Travel Onlinetours Travelata.

Where to go in February 2022


The Morocco continues the season of sightseeing holidays, as it is still early to spend time on the beach. In major cities you can visit the main sights, historical monuments of architecture, and most importantly - local markets. The market for Moroccans is the place of meetings, discussions, and demonstration of the abundance of goods that will not be superfluous as a gift close.

In February, Morocco passes one of the most colorful natural festivals - almond blossom. The gaze opens an irresistible spectacle - almond groves, whose trees reveal the pink caps and remotely resemble Sakura. The festival is accompanied by the celebration and folk festivals.

Where to go: Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Fez, Agadir.

Weather: The daytime temperature is kept in the area of ​​the +15 ° C. Read more - Weather in Morocco in February.

Other useful information about Morocco:

Prices for tours in Morocco in February for 7 nights: from 83900 rubles *

Pick up and book a tour in Morocco here:

Level.Travel Onlinetours Travelata.

Where to go in February 2022


The end of winter in Greece is sometimes prepared for the spring and a completely non-ceremony season. The air and water temperature still does not allow to swim and it is worth going to Greece solely for excursions and shopping.

Where to go : Any big city.

Weather: Air warms up from +7 ° C to +15 ° C depending on the region. Read more - Weather in Greece in February.

Other useful information about Greece:

Prices for tours to Greece in February for 7 nights: from 52,000 rubles *

Pick and book a tour to Greece here:

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Where to go in February 2022

Where to go in February 2022 without a visa

Russia has a visa-free regime with a number of states, which simplifies entry. For traveling to such a country in the hands you need to have only a passport and an uncontrollable desire to relax and know the new one.


In February, in February, they rush mainly for the sake of skiing, the development of which began not so long ago. On the slopes of the mountains you can find everything you need for comfortable and safe conquest. Great rest in Belarus is increasingly gaining popularity. Numerous sanatoriums take patients all year round.

Weather: Air temperature - up to -7 ° C. More details are the weather in Belarus in February.

Other useful information about Belarus:

Prices for tours to Belarus in February for 7 nights: from 36900 rubles *

You can choose and book a tour in Belarus here:

Level.Travel Onlinetours Travelata.

Where to go in February 2022

Where else to go home without a visa with a passport:

See also:

Ski resorts

No one is a secret as physical activity is important. Compatriots are increasingly watching new fashion trends and support health, spending more outdoor time. An excellent idea for vacation is to spend it in the mountains, especially the peak of the season in the world ski resorts gradually goes to a decline and very use of the services of the complexes begin to be cheaper.

Ski resorts of Russia

The landscape of any region of our immense birthplace allows you to put your ski records and just enjoy the pastime in nature. In addition to the high quality of the organization, local resorts are beneficial to affordable prices. The main ski resorts of Russia can be found in the following selection of publications:

Where to go with the child in February

It is enough to problematic to tear the child from studying after the New Year holidays. If this for any reason it was possible or a traveler is still enough Yun for school, then you can not think of taking it with you in the voyage. When planning, it is necessary to make a plan together with the child and take into account his wishes. Perhaps the baby will be useful to swim in the warm sea, rechargeible with vitamins and solar energy, but most likely the child wants to relax in a fascinating amusement park:

It is certainly worth showing the baby the main attractions of our country. Having traveled to Moscow or St. Petersburg, the child will see the main Russian historical, cultural and architectural values ​​and will receive new knowledge that will be useful. In every major city there are zoos, amusement parks, children's museums and theaters. Where else to bring the child except Moscow and St. Petersburg, see the selection of the following publications:

Where to go in February 2022

Where to go in February in Russia 2022

Traveling in Russia in February, vacationers pursue two goals: skiing either "escape" from winter. About where it is better to conquer the ski slopes can be read above. In the literal sense, "escape" from the winter will turn out to be south of Russia. In February, in Sochi, you can admire palm trees, listen to cry of chap and humbly dream of the arrival of the calendar summer. Cities like Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Veliky Ustyug, Kaliningrad in all its glory will reveal their sights and allow you to get closer to learn the culture and life of peoples living in our great country, but about everything in order:


For Sochi, the last month of winter is the coolest. Increased humidity level only enhances the feeling of cold. Despite the weather, the day is holding a plus temperature and green palm trees are reminded of summer. Sochi in February still remains the center of winter skiing. By the way, the prices for tours this month reaches their annual minimum.

Weather: The air temperature in Sochi averages about +8 ° C. More details are the weather in Sochi in February.

Other useful information about Sochi:

Prices for tours in Sochi in February for 7 nights: from 10,000 rubles *

Choose and book a tour in Sochi here:

Level.Travel Onlinetours Travelata.

Where to go in February 2022


Attending the Crimea in February can be exclusively on excursion purposes and for the sake of unity with the magnificent nature of the peninsula. To do this, it is worth going to the southern part of the Crimea, since it is there that the warmer is all. We must definitely go to the wine-gastronomic tour, as the Crimea is famous for winemaking. As a rule, the high resort season does not remain on such excursions.

Weather: Air temperature - from +1 to +6 ° C. More details are the weather in Crimea in February.

Other Useful Information about Crimea:

Prices for tours in Crimea in February for 7 nights: from 12300 rubles *

You can pick up and book a tour in the Crimea here:

Level.Travel Onlinetours Travelata.

Where to go in February 2022


The extraordinary city of Kazan is beautiful at any time of the year. In winter, it is without a queue and a crowd of tourists to inspect his main attractions. The city adore travelers and local residents for their unusual architecture and mixing styles, which is only worth the center of the Kazan family, the Kul Sharif mosque, the temple of all religions, the Palace of the Agriculties and the Millennium Bridge.

Weather: The air temperature in Kazan on average is -13 ° C. More details are the weather in Kazan in February.

Other useful information about Kazan:

Pick up and book a tour in Kazan here:

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Where to go in February 2022


February is a wonderful time to visit Kaliningrad. The most western city belonged to Germany is little similar to the typical settlement with Soviet buildings. German presence has been preserved here literally in everything: in architecture, history, culture and many other things. Be sure to visit the amber museum and buy gifts for the whole family in Amber Lavek.

Weather: The air temperature on average is about -3 ° C. More details are the weather in Kaliningrad in February.

Other useful information about Kaliningrad:

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Where to go in February 2022

Where else to go to Russia in February:

* The approximate cost of the tour on 2 people with departure from Moscow is indicated.

What else is needed for rest in February?

What are the main aspects of high-quality rest? Comfort, safety and thoughtfulness. In order for the vacation to become truly pleasant, you should take care of the booking of your hotel, tickets, transport at the place of arrival or acquiring the tour in the complex.

Hotel Search

In February, in many countries, a truly high beach season comes. The demand entails a shortage of places in hotels in popular destinations. Services Roomguru.ru or Booking.com will help to take care of accommodation. If you have questions about filling out the form of booking and payment, you can refer to the instructions.

Buying tickets

Purchase tickets in advance and without leaving home is very convenient for flights. Toursister.ru, and on the page with tips you can find out the opinion of experienced travelers about where it is cheaper to purchase plane tickets.

Acquisition of the tour

For those who are more convenient to choose a tour in the complex, LEVEL.TRAVEL, OnLinetours and Travelata services will help. These services allow you to trace the price dynamics and choose the most optimal cost of the tour.

Where to go in February 2022


In every city there are many attractions about which we, sometimes, do not even know. And those who know - know quite superficially. Experienced guides will be guided by the most iconic objects and with great pleasure they will tell the information that not to find on the Internet. You can choose an interesting tour and a guide on the expert page. Toursister.ru.

Car rent

To rent a car did not become a problem, you should also think about it in advance. In order to avoid misunderstandings, the car should be on Rentalcars.com.


To take care of insurance against accidents will help insurance. Toursinter.ru, where large and reliable insurance companies are collected. It is necessary to make it necessary to get rid of yourself from excess spending and experiences in such a significant period of the year - the long-awaited vacation!

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Posted by: Irina

We suggest where you can collect a suitcase on the last winter month. What beach resorts in February meet the hotter all?

Beach holiday abroad in February 2021 - where to go to the sea?

If the vacation fell at the end of winter, rejoice! Beach holiday in February has a lot of advantages. In addition to the fact that in most warm countries still reigns the height of the season, and the tours abroad can be found within any budget, because New Year-christmas excitement already slept.

When is the weekend? For the Day of Defender of the Fatherland of 2021 rest: from February 21 to February 23 inclusive.

And which countries are open? Please note that in the article we are talking in general about the directions, where in February warm and you can swim.

Specifically, now for Russians are open and you can fly freely:

We are looking for inexpensive vouchers online - no extra charge from travel agencies - with the help of services that compare offers from all tour operators at once:

App Store.Google Play.

We use the first two in case of early booking, and we turn to the last tours. We study, choose the option you like and book right there, after all, as a rule, postponing the next day, the "delicious" price is no longer causing.

Where to go in February to the sea?

Where to relax in February abroad? We have prepared for you top countries for beach holidays on the shores of the seas and oceans. The list is all resorts, where it is pleasant to enjoy loneliness or spend a honeymoon, and where you can get a real drive from surfing, diving or from night entertainment.

So that way to escape from the place and go for the dose of the sun, it is advisable to know where you can go in February without a visa, and where it will be possible to "get rid" with a simplified receipt.

WHERE? And visa? And the weather?
UAE: Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al-Highma The country is open Without a visa to 90 days Air: + 23 ° CMR: + 22 ° С
Tanzania: Zanzibar Island The country is open Visa - $ 50 Air: + 30 ° Socan: + 29 ° С
MALDIVES The country is open Without a visa to 90 days Air: + 28 ° Socan: + 28 ° С
CUBA The country is open Without a visa to 90 days Air: + 25 ° Socan: + 26 ° С
Thailand: Phuket, Pattaya, Samui Country is still closed Without a visa up to 30 days Air: + 30 ° CMR: + 29 ° С
Mexico: Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum Open, but there are no flights Without a visa up to 180 days, it is necessary to electronic permission (drawn up in 5 minutes and for free) Air: + 26 ° CMORD: + 26 ° С
Dominican Republic: Punta Cana, Boca Chik Open, but there are no flights Without a visa up to 30 days Air: + 27 ° CMR: + 26 ° С
Vietnam: Nha Trang, Fukuok, Muin Country is still closed Without a visa to 15 days Air: + 27 ° CMR: + 26 ° С
Goa Country is still closed Without a visa to 90 days Air: + 31 ° CMR: + 27 ° С
Sri Lanka: Unawatuna, Hikkaduva Open, but there are no flights Visa - $ 40 Air: + 30 ° Socan: + 28 ° С
China: Hainan Country is still closed Without a visa to 15 days Air: + 26 ° CMORD: + 25 ° С

Where to go cheap? Top 5 best directions

We arrived at rice plantations on Bali

Where to fly to the sea in February is inexpensive - the question is relevant for many travelers. You can save on a ticket either by waiting for a burning sentence, or choosing to leave abroad initially a budget place.

We analyzed the prices of tours and the cost of staying in different countries, celebrated reviews and advice of tourists and made up the top 5 best resorts.

  • Thailand is a typical "Russian" winter direction. First, the most developed and adapted to Russian citizens. Secondly, without a visa. And thirdly, offering the best beach holiday in February in the ratio of condition / prices. Even in the high season check on food and excursions, an order of magnitude lower than in other countries.
  • North Goa is the most inexpensive resort. Young people on the sea flowed down here - behind parties and informal surroundings, nature, full palm trees and sand, and very cheap housing. You can familiarize yourself with the ranking of tour operators in Goa.
  • Bali is nicely economical in accommodation. After our wintering, we made up a review of prices earlier. In addition, the period of our winter on the island is considered a low season, and air tickets, traditionally "eating" a decent part of the money, go to a smaller amount.
  • Emirates are distinguished by a democratic batch rest. Although the resort is included in the list of countries where heat in February, the sea will have to admire exclusively from the shore, and swims to arrange in the heated pool at the hotel. This causes a low price tag on vouchers.
  • Vietnam is ideal for 10 days of vacation. For example, it is possible to note on February 23 in Nha Trang, Phanthet and Fukuoka - the tour and food, and transportation.

Zanzibar in February

Zanzibar Nungwi Beach

Zanzibar, Nungvi Beach

New, not yet "brought", winter direction: Tours to Zanzibar. Reviews of those who visited the mysterious island, known, first of all, on the fairy tale about Aibolit, are reduced to the fact that:

  • You can relax relatively inexpensively, but more than the landscapes and the atmosphere are partly reminded by Maldives
  • Beaches deserted and infinitely beautiful
  • The island has a rich historical heritage that preserved in the streets of the capital, and wander on them - an exciting occupation

Of the minuses:

  • Local cuisine will not surprise anything - rice, legumes, chicken. Is that a banana floating in the fish soup (by the way, really delicious!)
  • Weakly developed infrastructure
  • Strong ocean ocean

Zanzibar in February will bring everyone who wishes to sunbathe and swim in solitude, and the weather is favorable:

  • Day: + 31 ° C ... + 33 ° C
  • At night: + 24 ° C ... + 25 ° C
  • Water: + 28 ° C

Prices for beach holidays in February 2021 on Zanzibar from the tour operator begin with a mark of 130,000 rubles for two for 10 nights.

Find a tour >> Tell us more >>


Photo from our trip to Phuket Island, Thailand (South side)

Thailand is a beaches with snow-white sand, spreading palms, blooming exotes and a rich excursion program. Honeymoon will be unsurpassed if you take a tour for two to Phuket in February, closer to the middle. The 14th - in the European Valentine's Day - Thais are arranged unusual wedding ceremonies.

The serene beach kingdom can be organized on the islands - Samui, Phangan, Phi-Pi, which is met with a magnificent greens. In the season you will be able not only to try exotic fruits, sleeping by the end of winter, but also in full swing to enjoy the calm turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea and the hot sun.

In addition to Pattaya and Phuket in February, guests are ready to take the province of Krabi in Thailand. Rest at this resort will not even be overshadowed by a short-term rain, and he really likes families with children.

The weather is comfortable, the sea is roast (water temperature throughout the coast + 28 ° C). The only minus is the influx of tourists. But elegant weather conditions are worth the journey to plan exactly at this time.

  • Tour prices in Thailand in February 2021 begin from 75,000 rubles for two on 10 days

Find a tour >>.


Vietnam in February

Where to go in early February? Vietnam, for example, offers frosty days on his small-scale coast. If you look for where it is best to shoot and swim, unambiguously go to the south of the country: Tours to Nha Trang, Phantheet and Fukuchok for these purposes perfectly suitable. Reviews that leaving tourists who visited Vietnam in February are distinguished by unanimity: this time is great for travel.

The month refers to the dry season, so the weather is good. It rains are unlikely, and if they come, then not for long. The sea is most often calm in the winter, it warms up to + 26 ° C ... + 28 ° C.

Prices for vouchers at the end of the month are one of the highest, but there is always the opportunity to find a burning tour. If you are planning a trip yourself, Book in advance. We usually buy them for half a year, but in the case of Vietnam we remind you that it is better to give preference to the tour, because Its cost can be equal to the flight. Buy better online, before this you can get acquainted with the list of tour operators in the country.

Rest in Vietnam in recent years is gaining increasing popularity among Russians - now and the Island of Fukuok can be reached by direct flight. In a separate article, we compared what is better - Vietnam or Thailand?

  • A ticket in Vietnam in February will be released from 75,000 rubles with an accommodation in 3 * hotel for two for 10 nights

Find a tour >>.


Beach in Gokarne

India, Gokarna

Rest on warmth Sea in February can be organized on Goa. Moreover, very fiscal - India is one of the most cheaper countries of Asia, although not the most advanced.

Inexpensive vacation is more characteristic of the northern part of the state. North Goa attracts, mostly young and perky, because You can live here for stern penny, especially in terms of hotels, but to have fun - on a complete coil.

South Goa in some way "Pensioners". Hotels here are higher than the class, respectively, and the service too, but life behind their walls is completely absent. At the disposal of visits - the beautiful sea, cozy beaches and silence. Prices for trips to the southern resort are always slightly higher than on the North.

  • Tours from Moscow on Goa in February 2021 for two people stand from 60,000 rubles for 9 nights. Visa - $ 25 per person

Find a tour >>.


Without a visa, it is necessary to relax in the winter in the winter on Bali. In February, rates are reduced: the high season ended, and the flow Vegan Hipster Yogan Tourists falls.

On the island, of course, for the most part fly on their own. On a ticket rarely, but they are still sold in sufficient volume. Instructions, how to save on the flight Maximen as possible: 1) Choose the unreasonable dates (in which February is perfect) and indirect flights (for example, with docking in Thailand or Kuala Lumpur).

The last month of winter is suitable for those who do not like severe heat. Element change: come rain, and quite often. The day, as a rule, begins with a bright sun, and after lunch continues to rain. But the sunsets are excellent every time, regardless of weather conditions. There are really no matter anywhere else!

Flights >> Hotels in Bali >>


Ras Al Khaima Beach

Beach in Ras Al-Khaima (we bathed there even in early February)

Where else to fly in February at sea without a visa? Cancellation of a document for entry into the Emirates significantly simplified trips for Russians. Now it is convenient to catch burning tours - without visa fault.

Weather in the UAE in February will like those who avoid scoring rays and stuffiness - + 24 ° C are comfortable for excursions and walks around the city, and the country's attractions are rich. However, the conditions will not like those who crave to plunge. The temperature of the water in the sea is insufficient for swimming, but heated seats in the aerial pools.

Tours in the UAE in February 2021 recommend shopping lovers: this month is a sales season, and the closer to its end, the more discounts become. So, if you want not only to sunbathe, but also good to skip, deposit the search tour for the last numbers of winter.

  • Tours in February in February will cost Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al-Heim - just from 45 000 rubles for two in 7 days

Find a tour >>.

Where else can you relax in February abroad?

Beach holiday abroad in February

View of Barcelona from the "bunker" - Of course there are no you buy at this time, it's just very beautiful 🙂

For those who have never decided where to go in February to the sea, we offer the following interesting countries for a beach holiday in 2021.

For travelers, directions are open to any part of the world: Mysterious Africa, Exotic Asia, festive South America ("Is it generally safe?"). Despite the remoteness and traditionally expensive vouchers, there is always a chance to buy a cheap burning tour and tear away even on the system "all inclusive" budget!


All you need to know about rest in Mexico, I told in our guides: in Cancan and Mexico as a whole, and here I will say the following:

  • In the resort Mexico, the fabulous Caribbean Sea of ​​all shades of blue is very beautiful, the most that you want to meditate.
  • The visa is not needed, but a couple of days before the departure it is necessary to make an electronic permission (it is free).
  • We rested in Cancun (the most popular resort) in March, and the weather was excellent - and February even more "season" than March.
  • There are many hotels on "All Inclusive" - ​​after all, it is Turkey for Americans and Canadians.

There are no minuses to look for, they are on the surface:

- Long flight - hours 12, no less. - Dear rest, ranging from the cost of the tour and ending with prices in place (they are plus-minus Moscow) .- is boring. In the Cancun itself there is nothing to watch, you need to go on excursions.

Weather as I have already mentioned, pleasant - there is no this sticky moisture in Mexico, both in Asia, and in the evening you can even get out in jeans. But it does not cancel the sun-scoring from 10 am, which is easy to burn.

  • Day: + 26 ° C ... + 28 ° C
  • At night: + 23 ° C ... + 25 ° C
  • Water: + 26 ° C

How much is the tour in Mexico? From 130,000 rubles for 10 nights for two.

Tours in Mexico >>

Dominican in February

It is a country-holiday with snow-white beaches, the warm sea and the ocean and the mass of entertainment!

Holidays on the sea in February in the resorts of Dominican Republic has a number of advantages:

  • Clear sunny days prevail, because The season is in full swing
  • heat, however, is tolerated easily due to winds
  • Almost all hotels take tourists on the system "All Inclusive"
  • 27 Independence Day is marked by a grand carnival

Of the minuses:

  • At this time there is a season of high prices
  • Big influx of tourists

Weather in Dominican Republic on the last winter month is quite pleasant:

  • Day: + 27 ° C ... + 30 ° C
  • At night: + 22 ° C ... + 24 ° C
  • Water: + 26 ° C

Dominican In February 2021, the ticket will be released from 135,000 rubles for two for 10 nights.

About the resorts of Dominican Republic >>



The pearls of the Indian Ocean are the picturesque atolls of Maldives - one of the lackers of options where you can go abroad.

Pros of February vacation on the islands:

  • dry, sunny and windlessly (but conditions can spoil by the end of the month)
  • Decent level of the system "All Inclusive"
  • Delicious national cuisine
  • The possibility of full isolation from the world around the bungalow with a personal access to the ocean


  • Many tourists (on February 14 there are pairs for marriage)
  • In Male - flocks of the Chinese: Magno-Warm and consider in order of things to come for dinner in melts
  • High prices for independent meals, and alcohol is prohibited

Weather at sea in February:

  • Day: + 29 ° C ... + 33 ° C
  • At night: + 25 ° C ... + 27 ° C
  • Water: + 28 ° C

Flights >> Hotels >>


Brazilian fans

Where else to go in February to the sea? If you are not afraid of flights and are not constrained in the means, take the tickets to Brazil!

Pros of Brazilian vacation:

  • In February, the famous carnival is held in Rio (from 21 to 26 numbers)
  • Clean beaches with world popularity
  • If you do not like noisy children, then in hotels, they will not meet them
  • Magnificent local cuisine

Cons Beach holidays:

  • There are waves (although it is a plus for surfers)
  • may be small rains
  • Happy very hot
  • crime

Rest on warmth Sea in February does not overshadow the weather:

  • Day: + 29 ° C ... + 33 ° C
  • At night: + 21 ° C .. + 25 ° C
  • Water: + 25 ° C ... + 28 ° C

Book a hotel >> Flight tickets >>

Sri Lanka

Where is it better to rest in the last month of winter? Why not consider Sri Lanka. In February, the resort pleases with stable dry weather. Read our article about rest in Hikkaduwe.

Tours on Sri Lanka in February have their advantages:

  • rains are not at all or short-term
  • Warm Evening - Long Sleeve Clothes will not need
  • Available cost of vouchers
  • Elegant landscapes, waterfalls and jungle

And cons:

  • Get ready to meet with mosquitoes: Do not forget to bring protective equipment
  • fairly high prices for hotels
  • Ocean Storms, Waves Large

Weather at the end of winter on Sri Lanka:

  • Day: + 29 ° C ... + 33 ° C
  • At night: + 23 ° C ... + 25 ° C
  • Water: + 28 ° C

Rest in winter on Sri Lanka in February starts from 80,000 rubles in 10 days for two. Visa is free!

Find a tour >>.


Batch tours from Russia to China are still suspended.

Where to go in February to the sea in 2021, if you do not like heat? Hainan Island and its Sanya resort, as always, are among the most popular.

China in February is:

  • Beautiful weather for excursions
  • Russian-speaking service personnel
  • At the beginning of the month - the holiday of lanterns
  • Cheap accommodation

Of the minuses:

  • you need to be ready for cooling and capture something warmer
  • In the first half of the month there are strong cyclones, and it is almost impossible to swim in the ocean


  • Day: + 25 ° C ... + 28 ° C
  • At night: + 20 ° C ... + 23 ° C
  • Water: + 21 ° C ... + 22 ° C

Tours to Hainan in price - from 80,000 steering wheel for 10 nights for two.

Sea to Dubai

Where can I go in February with a child

Tours in February for family holidays with children the most budget will be in Vietnam and Thailand. If there is a problem of a long flight intolerance, we advise you to think about the trip to the UAE (however, minus that the weather is not the hotter) or on Goa (but may not like the conditions). They made a separate selection article with the best rest areas for children depending on the season.

Weather in February in popular resorts

The country Average air temperature in February, + ° С Water temperature, + ° С
Day Night
South and Southeast Asia
Thailand 32. 23. 28.
Vietnam 29. 23. 26.
China (Hainan) 27. 22. 22.
India (Goa) 32. 27. 26.
Sri Lanka 31. 24. 28.
Indonesia (Bali) 31. 25. 28.
Maldives 31. 26. 28.
Africa and Middle East
Zanzibar (Tanzania) 32. 24. 28.
UAE 25. twenty 22.
South and Central America
Cuba 26. 19 25.
Brazil 31. 25. 27.
Mexico 28. 22. 25.
Dominican Republic 29. 22. 26.

Where to rest in February abroad without a visa?

A visa-free regime in 2021 for Russians, in general, operates in 131 countries and territories. But you can swim and sunbathe only in some, namely:

  • Part of Southeast Asia - Thailand, Vietnam, Hainan, Sri Lanka, Bali, Philippines
  • Caribbean coast - Cuba and Dominican Republic
  • Islands of the Indian Ocean - Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius
  • Part of South America - Brazil

With a visa, there will be no problems in the UAE and on Zanzibar - is drawn up by arrival; in Mexico, India, incl. And on Goa, you will need a preliminary electronic permission to enter.

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