Marmoleum: pros and cons, characteristics, laying, video, photo in the interior

Marmoleum - unpopular, but, perhaps, the best floor covering


What is marmoleum? This is a new material for floor coverings, the production of which is rapidly developing. In the future, Marmoleum is likely to outpace all types of floor coverings, except for a wooden parquet of the valuable wood, which will remain as a luxury item.

Such an explosive distribution of marmoleum is due to its truly outstanding advantages:

  • Marmoleum is absolutely environmentally friendly, it is made only from natural ingredients, and they are so cheap that the fake is not economically justified.
  • Marmoleum is not toxic, it does not cause allergies, and in addition it also has bactericidal properties.
  • Marmoleum is cheap: Paul from marmoleum costs 15-30% cheaper than the cheapest of the current materials - laminate.
  • The floor of the marmoleum does not require additional insulation and thermal insulation: the material itself has insulating properties.
  • Marmoleum racks and hygienic: it does not fade, it does not swell during wetting and not breeding, withstands a huge local load, even the spilled paint does not stick to it. The warranty service life of the marmoleum is 20 years, but, judging by the structure and technology of manufacture, in the future it will be increased years to 100 years.
  • Marmoleum does not accumulate static electricity and not a sturgeon: the cigarette neglets on him, not leaving the trail, and burn marmoleum throughout the autogen.
  • Marmoleum is decorative: it can be painted in a variety of colors, textured under a tree, stone, etc. Currently, marmoleum 100 main colors and more than 2000 shades are produced.
  • And finally, Marmoleum is extremely easy to work: the laying of marmoleum can make a literally preschooler.

Video: Marmoleum and its safety

How did such a wonderful material be on the light? For this it took several centuries.

An antiquity was impregnated with oil tissue to increase their resistance. By the XVII century. In Europe, it appeared in everyday life jute - very rough and durable burlap from plant fibers of the genus Corchorus. Family of lime: Indian flax, Calcutt cannabis, Tossa-jute. Then the washed jute fabric, covered by different hardware compositions, began to use for flooring. The prehistory of Marmoleum was over in 1863. British patent No. 209/1860 on Linoleum issued by Frederick Walton. In 1864, serial production of linoleum began.

Walton managed to develop a very cheap and sufficiently durable top layer of linseed oil, pine resin (zhivitsa), wood flour, natural dyes and chalk. After World War II, natural linoleum pushed a Linoleum based on PVC, but the global oil crisis and the expansion of environmental literacy revived the demand for natural linoleum, which contributed to the improvement of its manufacturing technology.

By the beginning of the 90s, even cheaper and high-quality substitutes of linseed oil and gils obtained from highly productive tropical crops were found. Simply in the structure of the linoleum, the third, intermediate layer of pressed cork crumb was introduced. The final stroke was used in the production of linoleum technology hot dry pressing developed for the production of MDF.

The coating obtained by this way went on sale under the general name of Marmoleum. In fact, Marmoleum is a natural linoleum, brought to the limit of his perfection.


Especially good marmoleum for children's rooms.

Disadvantages of Marmoleum

There is no complete perfection, so marmoleum has shortcomings.

  1. First, marmoleum fragile, especially at the edges, and when working with it, you need to comply with certain rules; see below. Roll to the marmoleum into the roll can be the basis of the outside.
  2. Secondly, marmoleum over time is a bit breaking and hardening. For the floor, this is good: no need to thoroughly close the seams, it will come together. But when buying marmoleum, you need to carefully examine the instructions of the manufacturer of this particular brand and check the shelf life. If the boxes with tiles or rolls during transportation were undergoing negligent handling, part of the material may be cracked, so the seller needs to be sought with a guarantee.
  3. Thirdly, Marmoleum is heavy and at the same time long retains residual plastic along the layers. For sex, this is again, good: no need to thoroughly align the foundation; Orthelessness in a quarter or even a third of their thickness marmoleum is covered, and its surface will remain smooth. But applying the marmoleum to finish the walls and the more ceiling it is impossible: the coating "floats" under its weight. Marmoleum is an exceptionally floor covering.
  4. Fourthly, marmoleum is poorly cut and smoothly smooth cut, as on laminate or MDF, it is impossible to achieve on it. Therefore, the marmoleum is cut off only along the walls in size, where the cut will be covered with a plinth. That is, the decorative possibilities of marmoleum during its independent laying are limited to the layout of the pattern from standard tiles.

Characteristics, classification, sizes

The technical characteristics of the marmoleum are actually already described. It remains to add that it can withstand a load of 160 kg / square meter without residual deformation. See (!), its share is 2.6 - 3.4 kg / sq. m, and the total thickness is 2-4 mm depending on the class.

Marmoleum produces the following classes:

  • 41-43 - upper decorative layer with a thickness of more than 3 mm. Withstands up to 100 thousand. Eggs per day for 5 years. Designed for public premises with a high flow of visitors; For example, major international airports.
  • 31-33 - industrial. The thickness of the decorative layer is up to 2.5 mm. Signaged loads keep worse than 41-43, but to static load more racks.
  • 21-23 - general purpose. Industrial differs only to a thinner coating (up to 2 mm) and price - it is cheaper.

Output: Do not buy for home the fattest and expensive Marmoleum. From the legs of the focused goods: cabinets, stands for aquarium, in it can over time to form wells. Buy the cheapest.

Marmoleum sizes are as follows:

  1. Rolls 2 m wide. Rolled marmoleum for self-laying is not suitable - to handle it, you need a loader, a crane and a brigade of experienced rigging rigs. Once rolling the roll, it is no longer possible to roll back. Due to the severity and fragility of the material, working with long stripes in the apartment is extremely uncomfortable.
  2. Tiles 50x50 cm and 30x30 cm. They are placed on glue, like PVC or ceramic tiles.
  3. Panels 90x30 cm. Stacked as a tile.


Marmoleum laying


To lay the marmolyum tools for laminate, you need to use carefully: edges of tiles or fragile panels. It is better stocking with a wooden or rubber hammer (Cyanka) and a rule (clamp-hook) with a wide, not less than 150 mm, hook. The remaining tools are ordinary.

On the previous coating

Marmoleum can be placed directly to the previous floor covering on any mounting glue. But, if the old floor play or protruded it to the depression, then the old coating should be removed and laying the marmoleum on a bare concrete. It is not necessary to take care of heat / sound insulation - the marmoleum itself is an excellent insulator.

The marmoleum tile on the former coating is placed on glue online. The panels are undesirable - on the old coast floor they can be stuck when fitting.

Preparation of the basis

Concrete basis or cement-sand tie for marmolium if there are noticeable protrusions on it, it is necessary to align. Be sure to remove sharp protrusions with a height of more than 1.5-2 mm. You can make it a drill or a grinder of a bowl around the stone. If a cup accidentally moves into a concrete - nothing terrible, depression can be sealed with cement mortar or starting putty. After leveling, the dust must be shifted, the remains of collecting a vacuum cleaner, then sprinkle with water and commemorate again.

The option "for the lazy", but more expensive: to be placed the base of the plastic cushion under the laminate. In any case, no pretreatment of the foundation of the Bituminous primer, etc. not required.


Marmoleum is particularly popular for offices, which is applied by the company's symbol.

Cutting material

  • Measure how many wholesale tiles or panels will fall in the width of the room; Then - how many times the rows lie down. Consider the gap of 15-30 mm around the perimeter; He closes the plinth. The clearance is needed that due to the temperature and plastic coating deformations it has not extended over time.
  • Cut the length of the residue from the whole electrolovka or a manual disk saw the number of tiles / panels equal to the number of transverse rows.

Example: premises in terms of 4x6 m; We drag the panels. The remainder of the whole 400 - (90x4 = 360) = 40 cm. Length is 600/30 = 20 rows. Cut 20 pieces of 36 cm long (36x30 cm).

When laying a comb, with displacement of transverse seams, cutting on it and ends. If you want the residue from the whole to lay out evenly around the perimeter, each piece of it needs to be cut to still in length. In the example, it will be 40 pieces of 18x30 cm.

Stacking process

How to lay marmoleum on concrete? Very simple:

  • Close-close to the long short wall lay a rail of 15-30 mm, wrapped with a thin plastic film. The film will not allow the rail to stick from the random glue drifts. The same rack lay along the left long wall; If you are left-handed, then along the right.
  • Stacking starting from the left corner (from the right - for the left). In the place of the future tile, we apply a snake mounting glue, a building silicone or linoleum mastic. We put the tile, tightly in the corner. If necessary, we use Rule and Cyans.
  • We lay out the transverse rows of a number over next to the fill in the entire area. We are waiting for the grasp of glue, as indicated in the manual for it. That's all.

Explanation: If we put the ridge, then start the rows alternately from the whole panel, then with the cut. When laying out the balance from the whole around the perimeter, each row begins and ends with a crunch.

About cutting seams

If the edge of any tile when tightening the rule and Cyanok cooked - not trouble. It perfectly covered the compound to seal the seams in linoleum. Do not rush only to buy it in advance: then in place it will be seen how long (ie, what tone) will need.

The marmoleum floor can be performed with a decorative cutting of the seams into a harmonizing / contrast tone. To do this, when laying will need matches with seamless heads or toothpicks. Two sticks when fitting panels lay in each seam from its ends. An option for packerdiaev - on a stick at the junction of tiles. Seams are separated after soaring glue.

Board Finally: Do not thump marmoleum, do not kick it and do not let him fall from the height. And do not bend it towards the base. And so, and so it can crack.

Video: Laying rolled marmoleum

Video: Laying Tile Marmoleum


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Marmoleum is considered one of the most modern options for outdoor coverage. What it is, trying to understand the owners of urban apartments and private suburban real estate. In appearance, the marmoleum is similar to the classic linoleum, but differs from this rolled product with the composition and technical characteristics.

Marmoleum what it is

Composition and production of marmoleum

For the manufacture of this floor covering, only natural components are used:

  • resin ate, pine and other coniferous trees;
  • Cork from oak bark;
  • linseed oil;
  • Wood flour;
  • a piece of chalk.

Forbo.MARMOLEUM manufacturing technology is not particularly difficult. All raw material components are mixed with each other in a certain proportion indicated in proportion. After that, the raw material is kept for the week. After that, pigment dyes of the selected color are added to the mass. Next, the material roll over and get rolls or cut marmoleum on the panel or stove.

To obtain a picture on the surface of the material, pigment dyes of various species are used. Many buyers are interested in the question of what marmoleum looks like. In the photo of our site, popular colors and textures of natural linoleum are presented. The peculiarity of the material is the possibility of preserving the flooring pattern for a long time. Such qualities provide a special pattern of pattern applying, it is not subjected to abrupt efforts, as it is located over the entire thickness of the layer.

On the shelves of construction stores, marmoleum comes in the form of rolls, separate panels of different overall sizes or tiles. Rolls are considered the most popular option for producing outdoor coverage.

What is the marmoleum different from linoleum?

Marmoleum photo

Many users are trying to find differences between the classic floor covering with the linoleum and the newest rolled or tiled material, marmolyum. Differences between these two products include:

  1. The material under consideration is made of environmentally friendly raw materials (resin of coniferous wood, jute, cortex cortex and other components). Thanks to this composition, it can be safely argued that this floor covering does not highlight toxins during operation, it is absolutely safe for human health. In addition to natural raw materials, antiseptics are included in the material. These solutions prevent the process of rotting the tree, prevent the development of various types of pathogenic bacteria. Thanks to such qualities, rolled products can be used as an outdoor coating in schools, hospitals, kindergartens and other institutions.
  2. Marmoleum has improved technical indicators compared to linoleum. The material is characterized by increased strength and resistance to alkalis and acids. The surface of the floor covering can be cleaned of contamination using household chemicals. The cabinet installed in the room will not leave dents on the floor. The strength of the rolled material is at a high level - up to 160 kilograms on the SM2 area.
  3. Marmoleum can be used in the kitchen, in a nursery or any other room. Unlike linoleum, this material has a unique pattern, which remains on the coating, even after abrasing a small layer of surface. The fact is that the pattern overlaps the thickness of the material. Rolled products can be laid on a wooden floor or concrete base. The coating will last until holes will appear on its surface.
  4. Separate attention deserves tiled marmoleum, which is made in the form of panels like a laminate. Such a coating is easy to put on the prepared base with your own hands. In addition, the user has the ability to combine tiles of different colors and get a monolithic flooring. The panels are connected to the clique technology (click), which greatly simplifies the installation work and its repair if necessary.

Important! The material under consideration is recommended to put on the perfectly aligned basis, which will simplify the installation work and will increase the service life of the floor covering.

Pros and disadvantages, advantages and disadvantages of marmoleum

Each building material has its strengths and weaknesses. To the advantages of marmoleum should be attributed:

  • good thermal insulation quality material;
  • the stability of the coating to the outer aggressive medium and the effects of chemicals;
  • Natural composition of rolled products;
  • lack of deformations in contact with moisture material;
  • the possibility of using as an additional sound insulation;
  • a huge range of products (more than 2000 models);
  • a long period of operation of the floor covering (from 20 years);
  • The material does not support fire, which gives reason to talk about a high level of fire safety;
  • Antistaticity (dust accumulates on the surface of the floor covering).

Marmoleum floors

In addition to positive qualities, marmoleum has negative characteristics, which also need to consider when choosing an outdoor coating. First of all, it is the relative fragility of products, so rolls are unfolded immediately before laying. The technical characteristics of the material are changed during storage in warehouses of finished products. Another negative quality is considered a complex cutting of the canvas, such work must be carried out with an assistant. The material under consideration is not recommended to lay on a warm floor. It has a low thermal conductivity coefficient, so there will be little heat into the room from the autonomous heating system.

Technical characteristics of Marmoleum

Numerous Internet user reviews suggest that marmoleum is a durable flooring. Indeed, such material can be used in the interior of a wide variety of residential rooms. The coating can withstand the load from 160kg / cm2, with weight of the square meter in 3 or 4 kilograms. There is a division of material into classes:

  • 21-23 - general-purpose materials with a protective layer with a thickness of 2 millimeters.
  • 31-33 - Industrial purpose products with a top layer with a thickness of 2.5 millimeters. Such floor coverings have good stability towards static loads, but they are worse than dynamic efforts.
  • Marmoleum 41-43 is designed for the manufacture of flooring indoors with a continuous flow of visitors. The material is withstanding up to 100,000 advancing per day and can serve under 5 years under such operating conditions. The thickness of the upper protective layer in such products is more than 3 millimeters.

Natural linoleum

Class division allows you to orient the buyer to select one or another type of material. For example, 41-43 class products are not suitable for styling in residential buildings in an apartment or a private house. Despite the high values ​​of wear resistance, the material has reduced strength. Furniture legs can do dents in such a coating in a few years of operation, and it costs it is much more expensive than the classic version of the marmoleum.

In addition to rolled products in residential rooms, you can use the Specificate panels for the floor covering device. They are connected to each other with a special lock system. Such plates are complemented by a cork layer at the bottom, the upper layer on the base of the Fiberboard. After laying the marmoleum under a tree or with imitation of any other surface, the flooring can be grinding, because the drawing is preserved on the entire thickness of the material layer.

How to stack marmoleum?

Before laying marmoleum in the apartment is recommended to view videos on our site, which is dedicated to this topic. The material under consideration is quite fragile, so the builder must show accuracy during installation work. When laying the coating, it is necessary to correctly select an element, its fit is carried out using a clamp and a hammer.

Marmoleum laying

Rolled materials or individual panels can be laid on the old floor covering, provided there are no defects on it and an ideally smooth surface. Otherwise, the sexual disassembly will be required and the preparation of the base. The base surface is aligned using a cement-sand screed for beacons or self-leveling mixture. The last option is used for bases with small height differences. The result of the preparatory work is considered to obtain a perfectly smooth, dry and pure basic surface.


On the prepared basis we make laying outdoor coverage. At the same time, in places of contact of the floor with the surface of the walls, we leave a constructive gap in the range of 1.5 centimeters. This seam will soon be filled with a thermal expansion of the coating under the influence of temperature differences and moisture change in the room. Installation of the coating starts with a short wall. Each tile is fixed on glue and pushed to previously installed elements closely.

Manufacturers of Marmoleum

The most popular among users are the following models of marmoleum:

  • Forbo differs from other options for floor coverings with a huge number of colors and shades. In the product range of this company, 300 products and shades of 12 diverse textures. The materials are characterized by high strength and reliability rates, a long period of operation, high quality and modern innovative design.
  • Marmoleum Tarkett is made of natural raw materials, so the coating can be used for operation in any residential room. The company Tarket manufactures natural linoleum in the form of rolls of 2 meters wide or separate panels. The latter easily fit on the basis of the castle compounds working on the principle of puzzle. Tarket is reliable and durable antistatic flooring.
  • Marmoleum Armstrong has high validity and durability. This option outdoor coating is well cleaned by contamination, has an affordable cost.

Tip! When choosing any of the types of natural linoleum, familiarize yourself with its technical characteristics, optional option (rolled material, separate tiles or panels). Require the sellers of quality certificates for supplied products.

Marmoleum laying in video

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The material was created relatively recently, so not many know that it is marmoleum and how to put it. This is the so-called "Golden Middle" between the classic laminate and ordinary linoleum.

Historiates of Marmoleuma

The history of the nameMarmoleum has not one century. People are long-standing that the wear resistance of the tissue increases if it is treated with oil. B17 century in European countries was used durable and reliable to do this - natural jute.

With this material, the floors were covered, having previously treated with hardening compositions, which included a natural knocker, olive oil, vegetable resins, natural coloring substances. This was covered by the predecessor of linoleum. After it began to add a crumbling tree, it increased reliability and duration of the opening time of the floor covering.

In 1862, the Englishman Volton patented the composition in which he replaced natural substances to an oxidized mixture. From this, there was a subsequent name - linoleum. Initially, he was made from natural materials, but subsequently began to use artificial matter.

So the marmoleum looks like in the office for business meetings
Now marmoleum-often-used-for-decor-office and office

If the fabric is produced with the help of the factory pressing, and the impregnated compositions, it is called marmoleum. The so-called naturallyinoleum, which was improved.


The material is done on modern equipment. Only natural sections are used. Lime is used, olive oil, resin, wood ash.

All components are mixed in the required secretions and shifted at a certain time to tightly closed containerity with a temperature of + 30 ° C. To give color, add different to the composition.

Lies the mixed substance for making marmoleum
High-quality marmoleum coating is made from natural substances

Next, the manufactured extruded can be filled with equal pieces, shifted on the woven base and under the temperature of the press.

After the made material, the discrepancies are dried with a temperature of 23-27 ° C. The protective layer is immediately applied.

Advantages of Marmoleum disadvantages

Marmoleum, like an outdoor cover, has many advantages:

  1. Because of the natural components in the manufacture of natural components, it is an eco-friendly material, it does not cause allergies.
  2. Almost no residual damage from loads, and withstands pressure up to 170 kg / m 2.
  3. The coating has heat and sound insulation properties.
  4. Marmoleum has a bactericidal impact, improving the microclimate in the room.
  5. Due to the fact that the coating is colorful, even during the formation of cracks, they are almost invisible. That is, the material can retain its appearance for a long time.
  6. In the process of laying on the floor of marmoleum, special preparatory works of the draft surface will not be required. Because of elasticity, it repeats small irregularities to 1/3 of thickness, and its outer part remains smooth.
  7. On natural coating, there are no traces of paints and varnishes. Any paint is easily removed and will not be able to leave its mark on the material. Thanks to these properties, marmoleum care is not large difficulties.
  8. The coating is storm withstands: the continuous effect of direct rays of the sun, different detergents, does not wrestle and swells under the influence of water.
  9. Natural linoleum fireproof and cannot support the combustion process. Randomly damaged cigarette on the surface burns, not leaving and trail. Lit even a thin layer of the product is impossible.
  10. The material does not accumulate electricity, respectively, the dust does not attract it.
  11. The guaranteed operation time of this coating is up to 30 years. At the same time, it can withstand the effect of moisture, chemicals and high loads.
  12. Laying on the surface is not difficult, will not require special installation experience.
  13. Large colors and varieties of textures. The surface can be made under stone or tree. There are 200 major colors and 3,500 shades, taking into account the wishes of the customer.
Children, adults, sit and lie on marmole good thermal insulator
Marmoleum thermal insulation is one of the main advantages.

Like each building material, marmoleum has some negative impacts:

  1. Due to the specially made composition, the surface is difficult to cut. For which you can use the hacksaw with small teeth. But even with the help of this tool, it will not get smooth edges.
  2. Heavy weight - 2.7-3.5 kg / m 2. Therefore, the material is used exclusively for the floor covering. On vertical surfaces, he falls under the influence of its gravity.
  3. This is a fragile material. In the particular edge, they can be cleaned with non-accurate movements. The rolled type of natural linoleum does not withstand periodic folding.
  4. In connection with the above described, certain restrictions are superimposed during mounting. Do not advise to cut the plates into pieces and try to put them in different color sequences. Smooth seams cannot achieve this way. The trimming can be done only for panels that are installed on the wall, then defects are hidden using a plinth. This is no longer a disadvantage, but advice.
  5. During the acquisition, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer's warranty and the ability to replace the purchased product during damage. Do not forget - even commercial Marmoleum fragile. With incorrect packaging and transportation, you can get a deformed product. It is also necessary to take into account the requirements for the premises when installing. Manufacturers do not advise to lay the floor covering on top of the warm floor. Because of its thermal insulation qualities, it is impossible to obtain the required amount of heat. Despite the resistance to the action of moisture, it is undesirable to use for the bathroom.
  6. After a short time, the surface begins to harden and increases slightly in size, but this property is not a minus material. To cover on the floor, it is even good. In addition, the hardness increases, so also the lumens in the tile connections are independently converged. No additional work will be required to correct defects. With this in mind, before choosing a material, it is always necessary to check the production time. Since the solidified panels will be difficult to mount.

Characteristics, classification, marmoleum sizes

Material has different classes:

  1. 21-23 - for home destinations. It is distinguished by commercial products with a thin layer (2 mm).
  2. 31-33 - Commercial Marmoleum. Thickness can be up to 2.5 mm. It can withstand smaller loads, in contrast to the following, however, it has more resistance to loads.
  3. 41-43 - layer Over 3 mm. Moof up to 150 thousand daily "competing" approximately 4-6 years. Choose mounting in places with a large stream of people, for example, at airports and jolopzala.


  1. Panel 900x300 mm. Mounted as a tile.
  2. Tile 500x500 mm and 300x300 mm. Fastened with glue, like a tile.
  3. Roll products width 200 cm. Such material for self-installation should not be selected. You will need a loader, and several rigging. If you roll out marmoleum, it will not work back. Because of the hard weight, working with rolls in the apartment is very difficult.

Do not choose the fattest material for the house. From the legs of the cabinets, chairs, sofas or chairs on it will still be dents will remain. For the house it is worth choosing a cheap product.

Marmoleum laying

Laying Natural Operations has certain features. First of all, it is necessary to prepare an admission where the outdoor product will be laid. Marmoleum, in contrast to multiple species of materials, can be found directly on the old floor covering.


During the installation of marmoleum, it is necessary to carefully use the instrument, not forgetting that the edges of the marmoleum are fragile. It is also required to prepare a wooden Cyanka and a rule of about 200 mm with a hook.

Marmoleum Styling Tool
For montage of marmoleum may require special tools.

The remaining demanding toolkit is the same as for homogeneous linoleum: a construction knife, Bulgarian, felt-tip, electric jigsik, etc., taking into account the needs.

More coating

The product allows you to install it on any draft floor and on any mounting glue. But, if an open-up old floor "walks" or strongly protozetan, then the old coating is dismantled, the floor is repaired, and the marmoleum is laid on the fixed base. It is not necessary to worry about sound and heat insulation, since the new flooring is a good joolator.

Panels on the floor need to be mounted on the glue oscillation. You should not choose a panel for laying on an old rough surface, they will be stuck during fitting, it will complicate installation.


If large protrusions are located on the surface of the concrete floor or cement screed, you must certainly align, the removal of sharp parts, which are in the height of more than 1 mm. You can perform it using an electric drill or grinding machine with a fixed stone disk. If the grinding machine will dock in the base of the floor, you can not worry, this slot is close to cement mixture or putty. When the alignment is made, the garbage needs to be shielded by a broom, after mixed with water and re-empty.

Foundation preparation can be facilitated, but Etodytta is more expensive: to put on the base of the plastic litter under the laminate. But, Takily, otherwise, some pre-processing of the draft floor with bitumen mastic is required.

Slicing Materials

First you need to measure how many solid plates will be able to fit the width of the entire area, after - how much material is required in length. And you need to take into account the gap of 20 mm around the perimeter of the room, which after the installation is completed will be closed by a plinth. The gap is required due to the temperature fluctuations and the elastic properties of the material.

During the styling with a comb with the help of longitudinal junctions at this stage, cutting is completed. If you need to store from whole plates uniformly throughout the area, all squeakly cut it in half to in length.

Then one-piece marmoleum plates are needed to cut down the length along the calculated dimensions, electric jigsaw or grinder. Such a number of plates that is equal to the number of plates in the longitudinal row.

Stacking process

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. The ram 20-35 mm, wrapped with polyethylene, is fitted close to the remote short wall. The latter will not give the opportunity to stick if the glue will accidentally come out. The same bar must be laid along the wall long.
  2. Installation should be made from the right far corner. To the portion of the future coating you need to put the laminate mastic strips, the construction sealant or the glue for the tile. Next, the panel is applied and it is pinned up to the corner. If required, you can use a wooden hammer.
  3. Longitudinal ranks are stacked until they fill in a fully room area. We expect when dried with a glue composition, how much time, you can read on the package. Installation is completed.

ATTENTION: If the masonry is made according to the principle of the ridge, then the ranks need to begin alternately, then with a whole tile, then with a clipped. During the stacking of the residue from a solid around the perimeter, all rows need to start and complete the cutting panel.

One of the seams

If you have cripulated during fitting with a wooden hammer folded - it is not necessary to panic. It is possible to close the compound for the joints of the junction in the linoleum. You do not need to be pre-carried, then at the end of the fit, you can see, how to get the same color and what color it will be required.

Coating on the floor made from marmoleum plates can also be made with a decorative cutting of the seams into a contrast or harmonious color. For which, during the stacking, matches with cropped heads or crosses will be needed. Matches during fitting plates need to be put in each joint near the ends. In order to save - on one match in the panel seam. The seams are rubbed after drying the adhesive composition.

Showing how and how can I close the seams of marmoleum
Can be used for cutting seams cold welding, but this method will require a certain experience

Recommendation: Do not throw or roll out marmoleum, it is impossible to drop it from a height. And you should not bend it towards the base. He will surely crack.


In this case, the tile is placed on the substrate, which allows you to compensate for certain unevenness of the floor and will not allow the appearance of condensate. This substrate is made from the PVC film, and the pectorist is 25 cm. Additional insulation is not required.

ATTENTION: Do not forget, for installation of marmoleum tiles (click) You can not use glue.

Stage layers look like this:

  1. Fastening the first row. And you need to consider that it is necessary to retreat from the wall about 15 mm. This is required to organize compensation seams. The groove of the first tile should be sent to the opposite direction from the wall, the comb is sent to the wall. Tile is not installed, but this installation method has one nuance: each next element is required to connect to the previous angle.
  2. Fasteners of the second row. It is performed by analogy with the previous stages. Do not forget about the deformation seam, for what you need to put under the first panel Rake. After laying the rest of the plates, it is cleaned, and the locks snap. Other rows are stacked. And you need to remember about their parallelism.
Installation of tiler marmoleum
Installation of marmoleum "Click" is almost no different from the usual laying of tiles

Then, when the element will be laid to the opposite wall, on the last row, it takes a little removal of the groove, handle the panel with glue and sweep the image. The gap marmoleum and the wall should be closed with decorative plinth. While it is likely that it will be necessary to cut down a bit. It is not easy to perform this, you need to use the grinding machine and an electric bike.

Features of the coating

Marmoleum is a natural floor blade, which is very popular in the world. However, it also needs care. The coating is unpretentious in operation, however, to prevent the formation of defects on the surface, in the cleaning process, avoid the use of abrasive materials, iron scrapers or brushes. It is better for this purpose to choose a soft and dry rag.

Marmoleum care is not difficult
Marmonic coating care is not a lot of Labor

If there are spots formed, and wet cleaning is required, then it is necessary to use the use of mineral detergents. Many people recommend using the Special Floor care products.

In our country, this type of floor covering is still in a novelty, installation methods have not yet been brought to perfection, but any building material passed through such a stage, and accordingly, it is likely that Marmoleum will soon be able to completely replace laminate and linoleum.

Marmoleum varietiesThe novelty of the flooring in the market of building materials is called marmoleum. Although this question is controversial, as a similar material in composition existed in the late XVII century in rich houses in Europe.

The history of the emergence of Marmoleum

The history of this material leaves for several centuries ago.

Humanity has long been known that the tissue resistance increases if it is impregnated with oil. From the XVII century in Europe used natural coarse, but a solid fabric - jute.

She began to lay the floors, pre-impregnating it with various hardening mixtures, which included linseed oil, bee wax, dyes, resins. It was the coating preceding the linoleum.

Later began to add a finely sleeved cork tree, which increased the strength and longevity of this coating. Differences Homogenic and Tereogenic Marmoleum

In 1863, British Frederick Walton patented a mixture, replacing a simple linseed oil into oxidized. Hence the name of the material - linoleum. Initially, it was made only from natural components, but later synthetic was added and replaced.

With hot pressing of the fabric, impregnated with a natural mixture, the resulting material began to call marmoleum. That is, it can be said that this is a natural linoleum, brought to perfection.

Marmoleum production

Today it is a natural coating on the latest technologies. The composition contains only natural materials, such as flaxseed oil, grinding lime, wood flour and resin.

They are mixed in certain proportions and are stored for some time in special hermetic bunkers at +30 degrees Celsius. Natural dyes are added to this mixture. The structure of marmoleum

After the resulting pressed band, the same part is cut into the same parts, fit on the basis of the fabric or jute and is passed through the press under the temperature.

Then the finished marmoleum is dried in special chambers about 22-26 degrees of heat. Here, a special layer protecting against wear is applied to the coating.

Advantages of Marmoleum

The reasons for your choice fell to marmoleum, a lot.

  1. It is made only from natural components, while they are inexpensive. Therefore, this coating is environmentally safe. Options for laying marmoleum on the floors
  2. Marmoleum does not produce toxic substances, hypoallergen, and it has bactericidal properties, the coating is protected from mold and microbes.
  3. At the expense of cheap components, it is economically beneficial. Even the most inexpensive laminate will cost more than 15-30% than natural linoleum marmoleum.
  4. Strength. Marmoleum is withstanding the load to 160 kg per 1 square centimeter.
  5. Marmoleum provides indoor and thermal insulation. Therefore, you do not need to make any additional actions for this.
  6. High wear resistance in marmoleum. It does not burn out on the sunlight, does not absorb moisture, if water was shed, it is not amenable to mechanical effects, even paint does not stick to it.
  7. Long service life at high loads (according to various data from 20 to 30 years)
  8. Practically does not affect fire and chemicals. Does not save stacks.
  9. To date, there is a large selection of colors and shades of marmoleum, so it can be selected for any interior design.
  10. Marmoleum is pretty simple in laying, you can cope with this anyone.

Disadvantages of Marmoleum

Despite such a big list of advantages, Marmoleum is also there.

  1. Marmoleum is a rather fragile material. The edges of the elements are easy to break, so it is necessary to be careful when transporting and laying the coating. It is necessary to check the material before purchasing the presence of cracks. It is allowed to roll it into the roll only once, with the basis of the outside. Marmoleum laying
  2. Because of the fragility, it is bad. Smooth cut can not be achieved. Therefore, the cut tiles are located at the walls where irregularities will be closed by plinths.
  3. Marmoleum has a blossom and hardening property with time. On the one hand, you do not have to think about how to close the seams. But on the other, you need to remember the fact that it is necessary to leave the gap between the wall and the coating (from 10 to 30 mm).
  4. Marmoleum is a sufficiently heavy material. The proportion varies from 2.6 to 3.4 kg per square meter. But at the same time, the plasticity on the edges remains for a long time. Therefore, it does not need the perfect alignment of the surface before it laying. Under his weight, he will fill small irregularities. Marmoleum covers only the floor, it does not fit the walls and ceilings.

Outdoor Classification of Marmoleum

There are three marmoleum coating classes:

  1. 41-43 - commercial. This class is referred to the most reliable and durable coating. Its thickness of the decorative layer is greater than 3 mm. It is put in places with a large crossway: at airports, shopping centers, etc. Views of Marmoleum
  2. 31-33 - industrial (semi-commercial). The decorative layer has a thickness of 2.5 mm. Basically applied on industrial sites, shops, large offices. More resistant to static loads than the previous class.
  3. 21-23 - household. It has the finest coating of the decorative layer - up to 2 mm, but it is the most wear-resistant. Most often, this class is used to cover floors in residential premises. The cost of marmoleum of this class is the lowest.

Marmoleum coating formation forms

Marmoleum is produced three types:

  1. In rolls. Their width is 2 meters. It is difficult to put it on their own. First, it has a lot of weight - from 60 kg, secondly, if the roll is already rolled, then it is impossible to turn it back. As a rule, this type of marmoleum is used in rooms with a large area. Cost of rolled marmoleum from 1200 rubles. per square meter. Rolled and tiled marmoleum
  2. Tiles. Separate square modules of standard size of 50 or 30 cm wide. Fixed on glue. The cost of tiled marmole from 2000 per square meter
  3. Panels. There is one standard size - 90x30 cm. Fixed as well as tile, but used more often in places with high passability. The cost of the panel marmoleum from 2800 per square meter.

Mounting and laying of marmoleum

For laying a coating marmoleum will be needed light wooden or rubber hammer. We still need a rule with a wide hook, at least 15 cm. The remaining tools are the same as when laying a laminate.

How to put marmoleum?

  • Before laying the marmoleum in the form of a tile, an old coating can not be removed, the main thing is that it is even without depression.
  • If we are talking about panels, it is better to clean the floor to concrete, as they may be stuck on the old coating.
  • The surface before the coating must be aligned using a construction screed. After its drying, remove the remains of the mixture and dust with the help of vacuum cleaners or brooms.

It is not necessary to specifically primitive, but you can put a plastic substrate that is a stealth under laminate. Laying of tiled marmoleum

Next, it is necessary to calculate how many tiles or panels are required, based on the area of ​​the room and the size of the material. Most likely cutting.

Do not forget about the gap in the walls around the perimeter, the indent must be at least 10 mm.

This is necessary due to the characteristics of the material so that the coating in the future does not extended. As mentioned earlier, the Marmoleum is blown under its weight.

Cutting is made using an electric bike or a manual disk saw. Tiles or panels with cut edges. Help the wall to hide irregularities and clearances under plinths.

The laying itself does not cause difficulties. It is better to start from the far left corner, provided that you are right-through, otherwise, on the contrary, from the right corner.

The fixing agent (glue, mastic or construction silicone) is applied to the base of the snake and the tile is placed on it. Moving on the right side of the width of the room, repeat these actions.

We are waiting for the time specified in the instructions necessary to dry the glue, and on this work is ready!

Marmoleum is a type of linoleum, but unlike the latter, it is manufactured only from natural material - jute, hemp or linen fibers, which are impregnated with the following compositions:

- lime powder; - linseed oil; - coniferous resins; - Wood flour.

Marmoleum: Advantages and Disadvantages
Marmoleum: Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of natural linoleum (marmoleum):

1. First of all, it is environmentally friendly, because the floor material is made exclusively from natural components. Therefore, the marmoleum is not toxic, does not have an unpleasant chemical smell (although there is still a specific smell, and quite strong), does not cause allergies. In addition, has bactericidal properties.

2. Marmolium is relatively expensive, for example, cheaper than a coating of laminate or parquet, but more expensive than artificial types of linoleum. But this is a fee for naturalness, nothing can be done here.

Marmoleum: Advantages and Disadvantages
Marmoleum: Advantages and Disadvantages

3. Natural linoleum has very good thermal insulation indicators, often the floor shown by marmoleum does not require additional insulation.

4. Wirelessness, does not fade, has a fairly long service life. In addition, the marmoleum is badly burning (for example, the cigarette, abandoned to the floor, will not leave the march on the surface of the marmoleum), it is well resisting alkalis, it is not erased, almost no smell.

5. Natural linoleum does not swell from water, the spilled paint does not stick to it, withstands a larger load.

Marmoleum: Advantages and Disadvantages
Marmoleum: Advantages and Disadvantages

6. Marmoleum is very diverse in colors and shades, more than 100 main colors and 20 times more shades.

7. Marmoleum laying is simple and does not require special skills and experience.

Marmoleum: Advantages and Disadvantages
Marmoleum: Advantages and Disadvantages

Of course, as in any material, natural linoleum has both disadvantages, by the way, quite a bit:

1. The price of natural linoleum is higher than that of his artificial "colleagues."

2. Marmoleum is hard and rather fragile, because its laying requires caution. Roll the natural linoleum into the roll can only once the base outside.

3. Marmoleum is recommended only as an outdoor coating, it will not go for the walls of the walls. The fact is that this is a rather heavy material, which for a long time retains its plastic along the layers. For sex, this is not critical, but when you try to attach it to the walls, the marmoleum will inevitably slide - its own severity of the material will pull it down.

4. Natural linoleum is very poorly cut, it is almost impossible to achieve a flat cut on it. Therefore, it is worth keeping in mind and cut the marmoleum only by the walls, which will simply hide the uneven cuts with the plinth.

Types and dimensions of natural linoleum

Marmoleum is produced in rolls and tiles:

- rolls width of 2 meters, on average from 20 to 32 meters;

- Tile 50x50, 30x30 and 90x30 cm, laying method - for glue.

Rolled marmoleum is difficult to lay independently and without experience, because rolls have a big footing and weight, but we can only lay the material once once. However, some sellers cut rolls on your sizes.

Another thing is a natural linoleum in the form of tiles - with a tile is easy to control, it can be stacked almost on any mounting glue, the styling is possible even on the old coating (under the condition of sufficient gender stiffness and the absence of deep breaks and serious damage. In this case, the old coating is better removed. And lay marmoleum directly to the concrete floor or a screed, without additional insulation.

Marmoleum what it is a reviewThis floor covering is already far from a novelty, but widely known as his artificial prototype, he still did not have acquired. Probably, this is due to its value. The one who is able to afford to spend such an amount on the floor decoration in the house will prefer more noble and exotic materials: tiles, plug and so on. Let us consider in more detail what kind of coverage represents what its pros and cons and how his owners speak.

Composition and form of material manufacturing

In responses that it is "Marmoleum", you will not meet a detailed description of the composition of the material. But this is an important criterion affecting the choice of purchase. The coating includes such components:

  • Oxidized linseed oil.
  • Resin coniferous trees.
  • Wood "flour."
  • Limestone.
  • Natural dyes (pigments).
  • Cork crumb.
  • Jute.

This coating is available in several variations:

1. Tile.

The size of large segments - 50x50 cm. The dimensions of small segments - 30x30 cm. It is convenient for self-laying.

2. Panel.

Sizes of segments - 90x30 cm. Can be mounted independently without the participation of specialists.

3. Roll.

The width of the canvas - 2 m. Self-installation is not possible due to the weight and fragility of the material, as well as specific works associated with the docking of the edges of several canvases.

Read on the topic:

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Monophonic rolled marmoleum
Panel Marmoleum

Classification of coating (classes and their cost):

1. The smallest value.

In options marked with class 21, 22 and 23, the lowest price due to the thickness of the decorative layer of the product. It does not exceed 2 mm. Successfully operated in domestic conditions. It is better to carry a static load (weight of heavy furniture), rather than a variable (active walking).

2. The average cost.

Options marked with class 31, 32 and 33, the average cost, since their decorative coating thickness is slightly increased. Thickening can vary from 2 to 5 mm. With loads copes exactly as the previous options.

3. High cost.

Characterized class 41, 42 and 43 options have the highest cost, as their decorative layer is the fattest one. It can exceed a mark of 3 mm. It is much better coping with variable loads, therefore recommended for use in public places with high patency.

Tile marmoleum
Tile option

Advantages and disadvantages of coating

In responses that it is "Marmoleum" is most often found The advantages of such a plan:

1. Ecology.

2. The lack of risk of acquiring a fake.

3. Not toxic.

4. Does not include allergens.

5. endowed with bactericidal properties.

6. Affordable price compared to premium materials.

7. Does not need additional thermal insulation.

8. Not fades.

9. Does not breed and does not swell from contact with moisture.

10. Do not combustible.

11. Does not accumulate static electricity.

12. High strength.

13. Has a higher level of sound insulation.

Rolled option

The disadvantages include the following:

1. Fragility.

2. Change shape and curing material with time.

3. Large weight.

4. The impossibility of highlighting a smooth slice in the canvas or item.

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Real feedback, what is it "Marmoleum": high-quality coverage or not

Below are the reviews that it is marmoleum, which covers not only its advantages, but also disadvantages:

one. Anna K. - Owner outdoor coating for 3 years (in the living room).

"In general, I was satisfied with the coating. During the time he is used, he did not find any serious flaws. There is a dog of a large breed in the house, but no scratches from claws are not yet on the surface. The only thing - under the legs of a very heavy bookcase, crashed completely, small dents were formed. With no special means of it soap, only ordinary water. It does not harm, it does not frown, absolutely normally reacts to it. "

2. Olga V. - Owner outdoor coating for 1.5 years (in the nursery).

"Regarding the wear resistance of complaints to it is not. Two children jumped, ran, dropped toys and chairs, but this vandalism did not affect it. But absolutely does not like the fact that he still has a specific smell. Sellers assured that he will destroy literally for the month. In the fall and spring is not so strong. But in winter, when the windows and doors in the room are tightly closed, and in the summer, when the sun in the window fries and heats the room, it is very felt. Increased smell and after washing floors. "

3. Evgeny Z. - Outdoor owner for 2 years (in the kitchen).

"I read that it is better not to use in wet premises. But I decided, in the kitchen, this problem is not so acute as in the bathroom, and risked. During its use, I never regretted the choice. A couple of times spilled on him the impressive sizes of the puddles, which could not be removed instantly, and did herself. Once it dropped on it a large chopping knife, exactly the edge of the blade down, the scratch remains a depth of 2 or 3 mm on the surface. I think with such a test coped to excellent. "

Such an outdoor coating is ideal for those who first put the environmental friendliness and safety of materials used. It is also attractive for those who want to get a strong and wear-resistant coating for many years. But it is absolutely not suitable for those who expect to acquire a budget option.

We ask our readers to share our experience in using this material to form an objective opinion.

All about marmoleum

The modern flooring should be not only beautiful, but also durable, reliable. The building materials market offers a universal solution that meets the high quality quality requirements - marmoleum outdoor material. It can be used in residential and commercial premises. The material has a high degree of wear resistance and consists of natural components that do not emit substances harmful to the health environment. The variety of color solutions and form of release will satisfy even the most demanding purchasing customer demand.

What it is?

Under the term "Marmoleum" should be understood by natural linoleum, which has improved properties and composition. The properties of the marmoleum depend on its type - this can be a household, commercial and industrial option. In addition, the floor covering is divided into wear-resistance classes - the higher this class, the more expensive the cost of the material.

Marmoleum is produced in roll form, as well as in the form of tiles or panels. The thickness of the household flooring does not exceed 4 mm, while the industrial option reaches 9.8 mm. According to the form of the surface distinguish the factory or absolutely smooth material produced in different colors due to the use of natural dyes.

The technology of manufacturing a particularly durable linoleum appeared in Europe in 1863 When it was noted that natural coarse fabrics of plant origin, called jute, are a durable material, if soaked with oil, and then additionally be coated with elastic and durable composition on both sides. Such material has proven itself with the cladding of floor surfaces, so the idea was taken as a basis for mass production of marmoleum.

Today, this durable material is widespread and used in various operating conditions.

Characteristics and composition

Unlike conventional linoleum, which is made of polymeric materials, marmoleum has a completely natural eco-friendly composition:

  • jute fiber;
  • corkwood;
  • oil of vegetable origin;
  • Wood flour;
  • fibers of wood bark;
  • flax seed;
  • resin components of coniferous species of trees;
  • lime flour;
  • Natural composition dyes.

Compared to the linoleum, the value of marmoleum is significantly higher, but also the service life is much longer. In the manufacture of this material, all natural ingredients, taken in the required proportions, are mixed with each other, after which, to enhance homogeneity, the mass is kept under special presses of at least 10 days.

After that, dyes of natural origin are added to the composition and the whole composition is again very thoroughly mixed, as a result of which the resulting mass acquires the desired color. Next, the composition give the necessary dimensions in length and thickness, applying the press method, after which the product is dried in thermal chamber, where the manufacturing process is completed.

Ready outdoor material has good plasticity, resistance to abrasion, it does not fade under the rays of ultraviolet , it is well tolerating thermal differences, the impact of moisture and many chemicals. This product is resistant to stretching and mechanical damage.

Advantages and disadvantages

Eco-friendly material has a lot of advantages, thanks to which it is valued in the construction product market and enjoys high demand for buyers.

The main advantages of marmoleum are as follows:

  • Fully harmless to human health on any service life;
  • It is possible to apply in rooms where people suffering from allergic diseases are located;
  • It has resistance to moisture and withstands wet cleaning with the addition of detergents;
  • It has good sound and thermal insulation;
  • The service life is at least 20 years.

The disadvantages of the material are also available, and they are as follows:

  • Over time, the material can become fragile in the region of edges;
  • The density of the material creates difficulties in its fit and cutting;
  • The material is sufficiently heavy by weight;
  • The cost of coating is significantly higher than when using conventional linoleum.

Marmoleum can be used for any premises in the house - in the kitchen, in the living rooms, in the corridor.

It is worth noting that in the room of the bathroom it is not recommended to apply specialists.

Varieties and sizes

All manufacturers produce a natural floor covering in 3 versions. Each option has its own features of use and styling.


This option is the most common and in demand, the material rolls are produced in the width range from 1.5 to 6 m. The thickness of the household coating is carried out from 2 to 4 mm. Due to the naturalness of components and production technology, the weight of the roll, as a rule, exceeds 100 kg, so laying it at the destination in conditions of the house or apartment will require collective work.

Often sustainable material material applies in social institutions, shopping centers, office space, as well as sports halls and sites. When installing the marmoleum, its fragility should be taken into account, so the manufacturer does not recommend turning and turning the roll more than once, otherwise microcracks can be formed on the material of the material, which will significantly reduce the service life of the coating or at all will make it unsuitable for operation.

In the form of tile

In everyday life, institutions or public places are often used by marmoleum produced in the form of square shape tiles. Any manufacturer has standard tile sizes and make up 300x300 mm or 500x500 mm. It is much easier to use such a tile, so one person may cope with the laying procedure. The tile mount is carried out using a special adhesive composition.


In appearance, panel material looks like stripes, size 900x300 mm. The convenience of mounting the panel elements is that they have a connecting lock protector called cliking. The sizes of the panels are such that they will completely be able to perform a coating laying one person, but during operation it needs to be particularly careful, since click locks have brittleness and can be broken when it can be broken.

It is worth noting that The manufacturing technology of panels and tiles implies the presence of 3 layers in the material. The lower layer is performed from the cork component and has a thickness of only 1 mm, but this is enough to ensure an obstacle to the penetration of the cold from the concrete floor overlap and reduce the degree of noise by 15-20%. The second layer is a stove, which has moisture-resistant qualities, and the third layer is superimposed with a natural layer of marmoleum, the thickness of which is selected depending on the class of material strength.


Natural dyes used in the manufacture of marmoleum allow you to create various shades of the colors. The surface of the material for floor facing can be rough to the touch or absolutely smooth. Color execution is a monophonic or has a marble background, which is the most popular option.

The color of the material can be variations in blue, green, terracotta, yellow, gray, beige and so on. Often you can find a coating performed in the form of imitation under the tree. Recently, the avant-garde style has become popular when one-photon or contrasting splashes are used in the material, shades divorces, smoothly passing into each other on a contrasting background.

Different manufacturers have their own defined rules that include different color solutions and combinations thereof. The choice of the palette of shades is sufficient, so it is not difficult to find the necessary material for floor facing.

Marmoleum rolled variants may have abstract and exclusive drawings, but the cost of such options will be high.


Despite the fact that the demand for marmoleum is rather high, there is no production in Russia for the production of this type of outdoor materials. All products enters the Russian market from abroad. The highest popularity and positive customer feedback have 3 main European manufacturer.

  • Tarkett. - Recently formed a concern by merging with a similar producer of Sommer, as a result of which the Tarkett-Sommer production concern appeared, which every year supplies about 350 million square meters to the world market. m outdoor coatings. The quality of this brand is always kept at the highest level. Marmoleum This company produces in the form of two variations of household and industrial purposes. The production form is rolled, and the household material has 44 color shades, and industrial - only 8.
  • Forbo. - It is a famous Netherlands manufacturer who specializes in floor coatings, including a natural species. The highest quality product is confirmed by certification. The manufacturer produces not only rolled materials, but also panel equipped with a castle protrusion. The collection of design and color options amazes imagination and contains in itself about 300 varieties.
  • ARMSTRONG DLW. - It is a representative of the German market for outdoor products produced with the Marmorette logo. Products are available in rolled and panel form, have a variety of color gamut and texture. All materials have a high level of quality and durability.

In the world there are other companies engaged in the production of natural flooring, but they do not have so much popularity and fame in the Russian market.

How to choose?

Choosing an outdoor coating in the bathroom, a kitchen or an entrance hall, an important criterion is the strength and stability of material to abrasion. In some cases, for home use, the marmoleum of industrial purpose is chosen with a high wear resistance.

Manufacturers allocate 3 class of coatings with different levels of resistance to wear.

  • Class 21-23. The thickness of the material is no more than 2 mm, which is the thinnest option of the floor covering. This material is used for domestic use for general purposes.
  • Class 31-33. The thickness of the upper layer is at least 2.5 mm. The material is considered to be resistant to various types of loads and can be used for industrial premises. Sometimes the products of this class are used for domestic purposes.
  • Class 41-43. The thickness of the upper layer is at least 3 mm. Such products have particular strength and are used in rooms with high intensity of passability. The service life of the coating is at least 5 years, marmoleum is used in industrial premises, airports and train stations, shopping centers and so on. For household use in view of high cost, the material is not intended.

In the process of choosing outdoor material, attention should be paid not only to the intensity of its use, but also on the dimensions of the room. The panel and tile look beautiful and effectively indoors, where the floor area reaches significant parameters, while in the apartment or in the house their use is not always justified from aesthetic point of view.

If in your plans to store the floor with rolled material, it is worth picking up such a roll width that allow stacking without additional docking seams. In addition, such an approach will be economical, since the waste during the material fit will not remain.

Features of laying

Marmoleum laying technology implies certain conditions in the room necessary for high-quality work. The air must be heated at least to 17 ° C, and the degree of humidity should not be higher than 70-75%. Before you start laying the material, it will be necessary to give it to fly away at least a day, while rolls need to be placed vertically.

Work on the installation of marmoleum begins with the preparation of an outdoor surface. It needs to be perfectly even smooth, without holes, tubercles, changes in the height level and coarse compounds of plywood panels used to align the floor. Before laying outdoor material, the base is cleaned of contamination, degreased and dried.

For mounting works of natural material use forbo-418 glue which prevents the floor covering shrinkage when laying. Other polymeric formulations although they have a high degree of adhesion, but are not able to create the necessary initial stage of adhesive force, which means the emergence of air bubbles, which will be impossible to remove. Before starting sticking, the roll is rewinded by the front side inside, which simplifies the assembly process and reduces the percentage of the material shrinkage.

For the cutting roll must be placed along the extended wall in the room, then additionally add to the edges of 8-9 cm And only after that you can cut off a piece of the total roll. For the convenience of the wizard markup, an acute needle is used, and the incision itself is produced by a hook blade. When staring is important to comply with the configuration of the walls, therefore the markup of the material is made only at the place of the floor.

In the case when the room is required to be installed on the floor 2 sheet of material, each sheet must be put and noted along the wall to which it will be adjusted, and then the extra pieces are cut off at the beginning of the piece of the piece, and then from the end. For accurate marking of the docking seam, the sheets make a stock for the alternation within 2 cm.

Before applying the adhesive composition, it needs to be mixed thoroughly, and then using a toothed spatula to apply onto an outdoor surface. Approximate glue consumption for each square meter of the floor is no more than 450-500 g. The adhesive composition is applied by circular motions, the excess glue with a clean side of the spatula is collected back into the tank with glue. When the adhesive composition is applied, you can immediately begin to gluify the material. At the same time, the sheets must be in a spaced form, and if not adhere to this rule, the material can be deformed or with its sticker bubbles will appear.

Examples in the interior

The use of marmoleum is often found not only in spacious social type premises. This material is often acquired in apartments, to create a modern, stylish and very durable coating on the floor. The material winning does not look like a kitchen, in the hallway, children's room. The choice of color gamut of the floor covering depends on the overall design concept of the room and its stylistics. Marmoleum is well suited for premises, the design of which is made in the style of high-tech, minimalism, environmental stylist, Shebbi-Shik, modern, techno and others.

Unusually and attractive looks marmoleum in a spacious office space or in the lobby When the floor is a colorful picture where various shades of color palette, creating a single semantic pattern.

Spacious premises in their area make it possible to use marmoleum in the form of multi-colored panels. contrasting or combined with each other in color. The result of such work looks very worthy, and the service life will be quite long.

In no less, one-photographic floor coverings, harmonizing with the color of walls and furniture in the room look original. For registration of the floor surface, various shades of one color can be used, the effect is created very impressive.

In the spacious premises of an office or production type, marmoleum looks bright and unusually in the form of a square floor tile. It is possible to effectively combine with each other, as contrasting shades, and use several color combinations.

A monophonic floor marmoleum for an apartment or country house can be chosen in the natural color scheme, imitating wood texture. Such a floor will be a successful and durable replacement of laminate or parquet, and it will be easy to look gorgeous.

Modern natural materials firmly won the sympathy of the consumer. Despite the high cost, Marmoleum justifies the costs of the expiration and ease of service. This surface does not attract particles of dust, since natural material does not have static charge. With careful use and proper care, this type of flooring will serve as a dozen years, pleased with its appearance.

About how to put marmoleum, see the next video.

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