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Why give a clock is a bad sign?

People often are interested in why it is impossible to give a watch, because this is a useful and universal version of the present, suitable for everyone regardless of gender and age. The prohibition is associated with superstitions. It is important to know a person who is chosen and gives a gift. This will make it easier to make a decision on whether the present is suitable with which folk signs are connected, or not.

Where did this superstition come from

In China, there is a belief that says: the clock as a gift is an invitation to the funeral. Such a present promises an ambulance, severe illness and other misfortunes. This is simply explained. Chinese hieroglyphs denoting "death" and "clock" are outwardly similar.

Why give a clock is a bad sign?

Residents of Western countries are also superstitious. They remind them of sharp objects (scissors, knives, needles). Presented clocks can cause a quarrel, separation, illness and even death.

The Japanese are confident that both mechanical and electronic devices showing and measuring time are given to separation. The misfortune can happen at the time of the shooter or breakage of the mechanism. For the Japanese, this means that the time allotted by people for friendship or love has expired.

Slavs have a different belief. A person who presents a similar gift gives him the part of his life, which is connected with the negative, experiences and disappointments. The one who accepts the present can be trouble.

It is believed that the instruments for measuring the time donated to man stealing him years of life and accelerate the arrival of old age.

Why not give a clock to your beloved person

If you believe the folk accept, the gift in the form of an instrument for measuring time can lead a pair to parting. At the same time, it does not matter who to whom the present presented (man is a woman or vice versa).

According to one of the versions, the pair will discern only if the clock is stopped.

Another folk sign says that separation threatens with any scenario. And if the device is also breaking, then the separation will be especially difficult.

Men, guy

Representatives of strong sex are less disrupted and not perceived seriously superstition. Despite this, they are still better not to give the clock.

According to the folk summary, such a present is a husband or guy can provoke:

  • quarreling;
  • Eternal disputes;
  • Career failures;
  • health problems.

Best of all, if a favorite person will independently buy a clock.

Girl, woman

If your favorite superstitious, then make her a similar gift - a bad idea. A dense girl will easily find a non-existent negative subtext. This may end the quarrel and even parting.

Some women might think that such a sophisticated way is a favorite trying to get rid of them. Even if a man considers superstitions meaningless, the clock girl or wife is better not to give.

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On the eve of any holiday or a solemn event, excitement occurs every time: how to please the culprit of the celebration, which gift will be really pleasant and memorable for this person. Such a gift can be an elegant classic accessory - watch. He will always be with his owner, reminding him of the good feelings of the donor.

Great, Solved! But here there is an unpleasant situation: this mechanism, counting minutes and hours of our life, many nations have been provoking superstitious fear. So in the West, the clock arrows equate to the sharp knives and believe that such items can bring to the house negative and cut the warm feelings between the donor and the recipient of the gift. In Chinese writing, the word chronometer and death have the same hieroglyph, and therefore the countdown of time on the clock is associated with the estimation of an hour of death. Our ancestors also treated the clock with trepidation and believed that this thing had a mystical force, because he had no matter what could not be seen - time, elusive and fleeting. In our modern world, the watch also covered myths and legends.

Why can't you give a clock as a gift to your loved one or husband?

Why you can not give a clock as a gift to your loved one

Men most easily belong to life and are not inclined to believe in signs, however, if you do not know for sure what your guy's attitude towards superstitions will not be extremely lacaround to raise this topic in a conversation. After all, there is an opinion that a present in the form of a watches made by a beloved can lead a pair to separation or twisted at the very moment when the clock arrows stop, or the clock themselves will break down, break. Such a sign can fully cross the desired effect of the gift, because, looking at him, a person will again and again return to bad thoughts.

Why can not give a clock to a woman or a girl?

Why not give a clock to a woman

Women, even young, are often very disagreeable, so with them the question of faith in the signs exactly need to discuss! Again, if a gift is supposed to make your beloved, then you should find out if she considers new o'clocks for the symbol of the smoking separation.

If you distract from mysticism, then a gift in the form of a clock can be simple-mindedly unpleasant ... How? - Yes, very simple! After all, many representatives of beautiful sex sin the habit of being late, and this symbolic time counter, presented at least a birthday, although for the new year, as if hinting for this little drawback ... So, be careful - the ladies and not such logical chains are able to build!

Why not give the clock to the elderly?

There is another prejudice associated with the clock on the scene. It is believed that they count the time to death. This strange legend appeared in Japan, where to this day puts the taboo on such a present. But there are also our compatriots who believe in the killing strength of the clock. Therefore, it is better to overcome and not give the clock to elderly relatives or acquaintances, since this gift can cause undisguised thoughts that time flows and decreases, their life comes to an end or to refuse that this is a hint that their time has passed. That only the elderly people will come up, and if the clock breaks, how many experiences can bring such a failure!

Yes, sometimes I give. I do not see any problems.


I do not give, I believe in signs.


I have my opinion on this


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And if the gifted is not carried away? ..

If you are still one hundred percent sure that the person you are going to present the present does not believe in signs, you can safely give him a clock! After all, at the very case, it is a very useful and practical gift!

Wall, wrist, fireplace, sandy - variety is huge! For each person there is a variant!

The status man is better to prevent stylish wristwatches that perfectly complement it and without the perfect image.

The sophisticated and gentle girl can be given a neat bracelet hours, more reminiscent of exquisite jewelry.

A woman who is fond of cooking will like an hourglass or a special timer. Both, and the other device will allow the most simply to accake time for cooking your favorite dishes.

Young people, teenager will suit the electronic clock, which not only show time, but also track physical activity, send notifications from messengers, social networks.

A simple wrist watch like both children - thanks to them, kids quickly to develop time, navigate in it and plan their day.

Wall or fireplace watches - a great gift of a gift for a family pair of a family pair. Indeed, in a new house or apartment, for sure, there is still not enough of this important detail. The main thing here is to get acquainted in advance with the general design, the repair of the dwellings are giving up so that your present fit well into the overall interior composition.

How to get around the challenges about the clock?

Read the previous section and I really wanted to give a clock clock? And what to do with the signs ... bypass!

Yes, commemoirs with clock can be very simple and creatively bypass! Firstly, any gift can be turned into a comic purchase, namely to ask the culprit of the celebration to give you a 1-2 ruble coin on the clock. So it turns out that you did not give these clock, but sold, and the sign does not work here! And secondly, it is possible to present instead of hours, for example, only a case for them, with the required amount inside. The sign will not work, and the gift can be chosen along with the fashionable to please it!

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That's all! Believe in signs or not to believe - to solve you! And we only revealed both sides of this issue and hopefully were helpful for you!

In this article:

  1. Where did the belief come from, that the clock is a gift "Dangerous"
  2. Is it possible to give watches: oriental signs and superstition
  3. Attitude towards such a gift in the West and Russia
  4. Should I give wristwatches for women and men
  5. Is it possible to give the watch with your "halves" or friends
  6. Who can and need to give a watch
  7. Proper presentation of the watches gift

Is it possible to give a clock? Some say that there is no - bad sign. Others are confident that all this is no more than superstition. Who is right? Unambiguously say it is impossible to say. Especially since there are oriental traditions, but there are western. In some way they are similar, but in something there is no.

On the other hand, who refuses, if he gives a watch for a million rubles or even more? Especially if a gift from the head of state? There is already clearly not to superstitions. However, they can be circumvented. Read about it in our article.

Where did the belief come from, that the clock is a gift "Dangerous"

Probably, this prejudice was adopted by the Chinese, due to their superstitions with the caustic of the mysterious mechanisms that could measure something invisible. It is not by chance that the Chinese hieroglyph, meaning death, is similar to the designation of the clock. And such gifts were categorically not welcomed.

This accessory was anxious and representatives of other peoples, for whom his nature was incomprehensible. And therefore, some magical properties were attributed to the clock. The instruments that measure time, people seemed dangerous, able to influence this time, even stop it. In this regard, the watches in the house were extremely rare attribute.

Is it possible to give watches: oriental signs and superstition

The continuous flow of time itself scares many people. And although the clock is the instrument necessary in everyday activity, they are still given by some negative properties.

Clock with mileage

In the countries of the East it is undesirable to give hours, in particular, business partners. This is a sign of future complications in the relationship. One explanation says: the countdown will begin to break the business relationship, and the time of the stop or breakage will serve as the beginning of difficult times. In accordance with another interpretation, the gift counts the time to the death of the chronometer holder. Thus, the fact of the donation of the clock is equal to the most negative wish. This sign has pure oriental roots.

Separately, it is worth considering whether it is possible to give a birthday clock. There are also its subtleties here.

For example, if a birthday girl is a girl who does not have children, such a gift will be undesirable. It will automatically contact a reminder that it is time to get off the offspring. If the birthday girl sincerely wants to become a mom, but not yet possible for this, the fact of the gift of such a symbolic gift can upset it. Is it possible to give a clock to the girl if she does not want to have children? We think the answer is obvious here. In this context, the watches in the form of a gift and an unequivocal hint will be perceived as an attempt to intervene in the personal life of the birthday man.

The answer to the question is whether it is possible to give a man's wrist watch or a middle-aged woman, will also be negative. In this way, you can not pay a hint of a person for his age. A similar gesture sometimes generates associated complexes (for example, fear of old age or death). From the idea of ​​such a gift to a consecutive elderly man, the more worth refuse.

In addition to the durable association with drowning time, the clock also attribute signs associated with the form. This mechanism has many details with sharp ends or cutting edges. The most visible from these elements are time arrows. According to some extensive superstitions, it is impossible to give objects that have any sharpness. In particular, the clock with its arrows "cut" happiness and good relationship.

Attitude towards such a gift in the West and Russia

The Middle Ages in Europe among other things was marked by the Yarym Anti-Science and Church. It was at that troubled time that superstition arose associated with the clock. Like any incomprehensible mechanism, this item caused strong fear from ordinary people. The watch was considered the generation of the devil.

Attitude towards such a gift in the West and Russia

In addition, the clock was penetrated into Europe from Arab countries. The Arabs, in turn, borrowed the idea of ​​counting the time of time from the Chinese, were considered in the Christian world by inners, their culture was rejected by medieval Europeans.

No wonder that the clock in Europe had bad fame. People tried to avoid this accessory in order not to hear the sorcerers and witch among the servants. It was believed that if a person give a clock, evil spirits will master and improve his life with suffering, diseases, poverty and other troubles.

As for the Slavic superstitions on this matter, they are close to the eastern. That is, the clock did not just count the time, but determined how much it remains to live with the expensive heart to the lodge. It is logical that it was not welcomed to make such a gift beloved before the wedding, as well as the closest relatives. And today there is a sign that the watch as a gift to newlyweds foreshadow the disorder in the family, permanent quarrels and the fast divorce.

Is it possible to give clock to children? For a long time, this is also considered a bad admission. The donation of the chronometer reduces the time through which the child leaves the parent house.

Should I give wristwatches for women and men

According to men, Men Such a gift promises many troubles. He should not give his father, brother, to a friend or son, even if it is an elite model of hours.

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Otherwise, a person can fasten such troubles:

  1. Drop reputation, career problems

    For example, the father of the family to whom the chronometer was presented may soon lose its authority. This sign goes back to a more ancient superstition when it was forbidden to place the clock in the throne room. It was believed that they were counted the time to overthrow the ruler.

  2. Sexlessness.

    Presented hours are able to suck out all the vital energy from humans, including sexual.

  3. Conflicts

    It is the opinion that wristwatches provoke a man to aggression. If a person has problems at work, he will be played off on others, even closest. Homemade idyll can collapse with permanent quarrels between parents, if the son gives the Father's watch.

Should I give wristwatches for women and men

We have already partially disassembled above, is it possible to give women wristwatches. Obviously, this is an unsuccessful idea. Let us ask the same question for several cases and we describe the consequences.

  1. Is it possible to make such a gift for an elderly woman?

    It is impossible, given that this accessory will constantly remind a lady about an imminent death. Wearing donated wristwatches will begin to "suck out" from their owner of vital energy, bringing the moment of death.

  2. Is it possible to give a young unmarried girl's watch?

    It is impossible, because the gift will pick up attractiveness and beauty to the maiden. Old age will come faster, it will be much more difficult to find the soulther.

  3. Is it possible to give a watches watches on the anniversary of the wedding?

    It is also a bad idea, especially when young spouses still do not have children. Negative energy emanating from a gift may prevent normal conception.

  4. What will happen if you give a clock to a minor child?

    The child's relationship is worsen both with parents and teachers at school. As a result, he closes in himself, trying to protect against communicating with adults.

Is it possible to give the watch with your "halves" or friends

So, we ask me: is it possible to give the watch a guy, a girl or one of the spouses? According to signs, such a gift will take a break as soon as the clock stop. Therefore, to give them a pair extremely undesirable.

Particularly torturing people may seem that their beloved such a gift provoke parting, wanting to get rid of their second half. And the clock, even very expensive, will not please the girl, but rather, on the contrary, will cause a feeling of anxiety or resentment.

Is it possible to give the watch with your "halves" or friends

Is it possible to give a friend's watcher or friend? When choosing such a gift, first of all it is worth finding out if your friends are supersed. Since there is a belief that friendship stops with a stopping chronometer stop.

Understand that you are mistaken with a gift, you can express a person's face. You can exit an uncomfortable situation, for example, in the following way. In most cases, modern hours are equipped with a number of useful features. Make a focus on this. For example, tell a friend about a convenient built-in calendar, and a friend - about the elegant bracelet in the gift wrapping (and directly about the clock can be silent).

In general, such superstitions in the modern world gradually go to no. Wrist watches are mostly desirable and fairly popular gift.

Who can and need to give a watch

Who can and need to give a watch

To understand whether it is possible to give clock to people, you need to know their closer. A conscription person, besides what believes in the signs and superstition, maybe any reason or the situation turn into a catastrophic. Such characters are not worth the clock, definitely. However, the chronometer will become an excellent gift for who perceives signs only as part of our culture. From a high-quality and expensive accessory he will be only delighted.

Is it possible to give a clock to your favorite person, a friend or colleague if he is a collector? Definitely yes! Most likely, it will take it in the know, but having a whole collection of chronometers, refers to superstitions with irony. In this case, the clock is not easy, but you need to give.

Can the girl be resistant to richly decorated or small elegant o'clocks? Even if there were some kind of superstitions about such a gift, the joy of it to get them eclipsed. You should not think about whether you can give a clock to the wedding bride if you engrave a touching memorable message in advance in advance. If you still have doubts about the relevance of such a gift, find out how it is correct not only to give, but also get.

Proper presentation of the watches gift

First of all, it is necessary to sort out the types of hours. For example, can I give a clock with my husband if they are wall? What about wrist? Existing superstitions belong to any clock, regardless of their design and type. But relating to the wall accessory has its subtleties - in addition to ensuring the main function, it serves as a spectacular element of the interior. Nevertheless, the power of superstitions and prejudices can eclipse even the most impressive design. Therefore, as a gift, beautiful wall clock will not fit.

Unlike wall and desktop devices, wrist watch always accompany a person. And if it is not superstitious and not sunsited, such a gift will constantly remind him of a giving a donor. Therefore, the wristwatch will cause exceptionally positive associations.

But how to correctly give the clock to any person, even in captivity of superstitions? There is one tricky trick. In the process, ask a person from a minor amount of money for them, necessarily explaining for what purpose. The goal here is simple: exchange for monetary signs will mean that this is not a gift, but the goods. And in the case of the usual sale of hours, any superstitions associated with the gift, simply do not act! Such tactic works, for example, with cutting items you want to give.

You can resort to another trick. Tell a person that you are going to give him a clock to a specific event. Place the campaign in advance in advance so that he himself chose a model for himself. Do not forget to designate the budget in which you need to make sure that the purchase does not become so hot for you.

And what if the clock gives you? First of all, throw away the panic. You already know the price to all these superstitions and signs. But still, if the excitement takes the top, pay off the gift of the symbolic amount, as suggested above.


Despite the fact that people have long been flying into space, they know that the land is round and not located on three whales, we still believe in signs. Big superstitions covered the topic "Clock as a gift". The roots of this tradition have long been lost in the centuries, and we have reached us just enough rumors, in which anyone else believes.

According to the signs, it is impossible to give a clock for a birthday, because the relationship between the birthday man and the guest can lead to parting. Some say that the relationship between loving men and women will end at the moment when presented watch will stop. There are also rumors that friendship between people will fall apart regardless of whether a gift will work or not.

Before giving someone to someone, it should be found out how this person refers to the signs

Someone will say that these are all prejudices that have no convincing evidence. However, others will notice that our grandparents lived a lifetime and know better how to act in one situation or another. Let's figure it out What if you suddenly got a watch as a gift Or someone is going to make you a present in the form of watch.

What to do if you gave the clock?

Let's imagine the situation. A huge party about your birthday is going. Everyone came, you take gifts and see that the best friend decided on this wonderful day to give you dear brand watches. And what to do? You will not run around the room and tell everyone that you visited your favorite grandmother. Although, of course, anything happens ...

If you gave you a clock, do not panic, but better read the few of our tips on how to get around the bad signs

First, do not be discouraged. If you are still deeply superstitious personality and in no case want to lose relationships with a friend, then you can just get rid of the hours: - to transmit them to someone else. - Deliver to Lombard if the thing is really valuable or throw out.

There is another option: Release the situation and do not bother . Some are confident that with a person it happens exactly what he sincerely believes. Therefore, the best solution to all questions is mentally from a difficult problem to make a simple and, in the end, she just disappears by himself.

Japanese mechanical wrist watch Orient EZ09005W:

Is it possible to give clock to loved people?

It's no secret that to give a wrist watch to your beloved person in the signs can not be because it can lead to a break of relationships. It is difficult to say who invented this admission and Is it really incarnate However, in any case, I don't really want to check for yourself.

Watch guy as a gift - a wonderful idea. Despite the fact that modern guys with legs to the head are enjoyed by gadgets, no matter how surprisingly, the high-quality wrist accessory still remains among them in honor. Young people respect Sports electronic clock with different set of functions, for example, with a pulsometer and chronograph, which are perfect for an active young man who loves jogging and fiercely watches their health and weight.

High-quality modern wristwatches - a pleasant and valuable gift to your beloved person.

Elegant classic, perhaps even on the basis of a mechanical hourly mechanism, is suitable for MCH / husband / dad, which Prefers a trouser suit with perfectly ironed shirt And tie instead of sports pants with a t-shirt. Such men love a notch of luxury in their role and very checkered about the choice of accessories.

Approaching Holiday of your family And, solemnly having confused, did you decide to give my husband a clock on the DR, which he has long been looking after? And what to do with the unpleasant admission? How to abolish signs about the watch - see the next section.

How to give a clock to bypass signs

If there is no confidence how to properly make a present in the form of a clock and at the same time not offend being beloved, read several of our tips, maybe some of them will like it. - Tip No. 1. There is such a believer that when you give a watch, you need to get something back. For example, Gifted must To give a coin instead, because it is at the expense of this sign that will lose its "magical" force. In other words, you make the usual purchase and sale. - Tip # 2. You buy a watch, for example, a brother, and deliberately expose the wrong time. When presenting a gift, warning the birthday girl, that he should immediately Set the right time , and this is necessary for yourself. The whole salt of these "dances with a tambourine" is that, producing a configuration of the mechanism, a person, as if "subordinates" himself absolutely and completely. Now the birthday officer is the full owner of his precious gift.

Do not worry, our wise primaries came up with not just signs, but also a medicine from their action, the so-called "antidote".

- Council number 3. Today, people in the world of big business and financial relations are often asked give not just some particular thing, and money . Sometimes it is explained by the fact that the person sails, for example, on an expensive phone, or simply does not want, so that loved ones, mom, the wife is not mistaken with a gift. Therefore, by choosing a sufficient amount, the person himself will choose exactly the odors who want. - Tip number 4. If you are still afraid that the watch as a gift is bad sign, Give a certificate for the purchase of watch - And the thing is in the hat. Modern brand, jewelry or simply self-respecting stores provide such services. Organize a gift in this case is easier than simple. You come to the store, a pleasant girl at the checkout receives you money, and in return gives a certificate with the regalia of the store, printing and, usually, deadlines, within which it can be used. Next, the birthday man comes to the store and pays for the selected hours certificate. The procedure is simple and very pleasant.

What dreams donated hours?

A lot of information about the state of a person can tell dreams. Someone believes in this, and someone says that the dream is nothing more than the brain reaction to the events of the past. So, what to do if you dreamed donated by someone watch ? In this situation, the dream book will tell me that a person should slow down a pace of life and think about such simple things as: - in the right direction you develop; - Does work arrange; - Do you like the relationship with your loved ones or still I would like to adjust something.

If dreamed of presented hours, you should think about the plans for the future and understand whether they correspond to your true desires.

In the event that the watches presented with a friend, a friend or beloved person were dreamed of, you need to pay attention to your relationship: - Maybe close to you need your attention, support or help; - It may be necessary to pause and just spend time with each other; - Your relationship has long been demanding sincere conversation on souls, followed by clarifying the path of their development.

Of course, it is unambiguous to answer the question for what a particular event or a thing - it is very difficult. Much depends not only from providence, karma, stars and positions of the Moon, as well as from Psychological state of man , His mood and concrete life circumstances. Therefore, before blindly believing information from dream books, it may be possible to simply relax, make a day off, walk in the park and think about yourself the beloved and true desires. Unfortunately, we rarely can afford it.

Is it possible to give a watch on a housewarming?

If you decide to give wall clock on housewarming - do not doubt, this is a very good and valuable gift pair that is going to move to a new place of residence. Wall clocks have always been and today remain very convenient and necessary accessory in the House. If someone has relatives or acquaintances lived in a deep village, then most likely you could see them on some honorary place of the watch with a cuckoo, which fun and loudly announced the time to all residents at home.

Today in modern apartment an old watch with a battle has lost their meaning. People acquired a lot of different beautiful gadgets, everyone has at least one computer or laptop at the tables. However, in houses with the design in the style of the XIX century, where the area of ​​the room allows conduct various experiments in the interior You will most likely meet large beautiful wall clocks with chimes. Such a subject of design speaks of the high status of the owner of the house, his taste and good material situation.

Large residential areas Completed in modern design, are also quite often decorated with huge wall-mounted clock. However, they are usually made in modern style, postmodern, high tech with the successful use of LED backlighting and other techniques of contemporary art.

Wall or outdoor clocks - a chic and expensive gift in honor of the new school.

Return to K. Superstitions about housewarming . The diagram of donation is the same as with wristing hours. When presenting a gift, ask that we gave you a few coins to you and thereby dispelled all the prejudices about time signs.

How to give a clock to a woman?

As for our favorite ladies, then it is necessary to be very careful. Give the clock girl is not so easy. Initially It is necessary to find out A few moments: - Whether she believes in superstition; - whether the action checks on itself (this item relates to girls who cannot honestly admit that they still believe in superstitions); - As refers to gifts in the form of knives, wallets and hours including.

If a Stars agreed And your girl practically does not respond to grandmothers fiction about the parallel universe, then you can safely choose beautiful watch on your hand, which will be gorgeous to combine in her new handbag or boots.

Alternatively, a lover is cooking will appreciate the beautiful expensive hourglass, for example, in order to market time of cooking eggs schit. Mommy Like a gift In the form of oats with sand, for which you can buy time for cleaning teeth tooths.

Golden or Silver Jewelry Watches - Perfect gift Beloved wife on the anniversary or the anniversary of the wedding. Yes, may have to spend a little, but a pretty will definitely appreciate the idea. Why?

Good watches like a diamond for a woman: a wise jeweler will make them shine new colors, bad, on the contrary, can spoil the stone once and forever.

First, all women love a jeweler. (Although the author most likely should notice that it is very dangerous to say the word "everything" in relation to women. Be sure to find that beauty that says she does not like precious pebbles). Secondly, the jewelry will stay in your family for a long time and then give daughter or granddaughter. In other words, one gift you will catch two hares. Thirdly, such a gift says that you do not feel sorry to spend money on your favorite woman. In any case, choosing a clock with a girl, a woman, dad, a husband or a friend to the name day, others or even on the teacher's day, you should first investigate in terms of relationships close to this kind of gifts, and then take some action. Otherwise you can run into a squall of disturbances and negative emotions.

Each person periodically faces difficult, but at the same time such a pleasant choice of gift. To pick up a suitable gift to your beloved person, a relative or familiar sometimes very difficult, and deciding with the gift, various superstitions and signs begin to appear, and a long choice has to start again.

"As for gifts, there are some prejudices in each country, some believe them and try to stick to them, others deny."

So, among the French, it is not accepted to give the perfume to unmarried girls, as if it would not sound strange for us. Among the pedantic Germans are not accepted to give stationery and weekly. We also have better not to choose a knife, mirror and clock as a gift. If the first two more or less understandable, then why are good hours of bad present?

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For the first time in China, they were forbidden to give these devices. As you know, this people are quite superstitious, therefore, to the subject that the person is capable of measuring is that the person's eye is capable of caution. In addition, the hieroglyph denoting a chronograph is largely similar to a sign that means death. They believe that getting a chronometer in any form is a bad sign and promotes fleet of life.

Our ancestors were also wary of the watch mechanisms, believed that he had a mystical force.

The clock is not that they did not give, they were trying to keep them even in the house. Today, no one has dangerous hours, but nevertheless, it is not accepted to give them.

Why don't you give a clock to your beloved person?

It is believed that the clock does not give lovers, since such a gift will definitely lead to bitters and separation. According to one sign, in love or marital pair, the breakdown after the arrows donated hours stop. According to other beliefs, parting is inevitable anyway, even if the mechanism is reliable and never stop.

Why don't you give a clock to your beloved person?
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Do you believe such signs or not - decides everyone for himself. More often, the girls are more changeless and believe in various signs, they are most often, getting a watch as a gift, think that this means parting. It seems to them that their beloved or husband specially chose such a gift to complete their relationship. As a result, expensive, beautiful hours can be a completely unwanted present, if they are accepted, then with discontent and offend.

Men are not at all such concise and many similar signs are irony. Therefore, to the question: "Is it possible to give a guy to give a hand watch?" There is no definite answer. If you are not a superstitious couple, then boldly choose a practical and beautiful accessory as a gift. This is a useful gift that will have to do with any man.

Sketches - why it is impossible to give a watch

Believe in this and any friend will notice how to axioma is impossible. Remember that harmonious, long relations depend only on you two and no clock, mirrors and other little things are not able to make a discord to a strong union of two people. Therefore, to give a wrist watch to a wife or husband, but can choose a wall clock into a house as a gift for the nearest holiday to solve only you.

Is it possible to give a man for a birthday wrist watch?

When choosing a gift for a strong floor representative, a great version will be a stylish watch.

"In the business sector to give and receive such an accessory as a present - the usual thing." Good, branded and expensive hours are able to emphasize the status and solidity of a person. Despite the fact that the modern person has different gadgets on which time is displayed, it does not leave the fashion to wear a wrist watch. In business, partners can often exchange such accessories without a reason, this may indicate readiness for cooperation and confidence.

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You can give a day for a birthday without any hazard brother, father, colleague for work, boss. But as for the beloved man, we can decide here, it all depends on superstitiousness. Despite this, any man will appreciate this present.

Watch Watch: Gift Value

If you want to give your wife or your girlfriend's watches, we advise you to learn in advance what she thinks about the signs associated with this accessory. It is possible in a comic form to raise the topic when talking with friends or walking past some hours of hours. After that, already draw conclusions, what a reaction to your gift may be.

The choice of watches for a woman is quite difficult, because it is not only an accessory, it is somewhat the decoration that should be like her. Most often, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity give the round and oval form of the dial. According to some signs, such hours will help to avoid life troubles and difficulties, prevent quarrels and help to find compromises. There are some signs and relating to the material from which they are made:

Watch Watch: Gift Value
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  • Copper watches help relieve pain and suffering, quickly heal wounds. We carry such an accessory on the left hand will protect against negative energy.
  • From brass - they are considered a good sign that attracts wealth and well-being.
  • From ceramics - set up a positive way, help get rid of depression and poor mood.
  • The steel case will protect against the negative impact of people, will serve as a kind of charm.
  • Silver accessories will rejuvenate the body and protect against evil languages.
  • Golden watches on folk signs are considered a royal gift and the reason for this not only the fabulous value, but also the energy potential they carry.

Is it true that friends too can not give a clock?

When planning to give such an ambiguous gift as a friend's watday for a birthday or an anniversary to a better friend, we advise you to build out not only in my opinion regarding the involvement associated with this accessory, but also on the opinion of the birthday room. In advance, find out what your friend thinks about this, does he have some prejudice. If it is not superstitious, then boldly choose a watch as a present, only decide what they will be: wrist, wall, sand, outdoor or fireplace. Remember that a gift should be harmonized with a room, and in the case of wristing clock - approach style.

Is it true that friends too can not give a clock?
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To give a married couple to a housewarming, you can wall clock, they will become a practical gift. If you choose the present of your girlfriend, who likes to cook, choose the hourglass. They will be an indispensable thing in the kitchen during the preparation of some dishes. Also a close friend can be safely presented with elegant fashionable watch that will serve as a beautiful and stylish decoration. An active young guy as a gift can be selected an electronic device with a built-in chronograph.

"You can give friends to friends, it is important to make sure that they have no negative perception of this accessory."

Is it possible to give clocks to close people and relatives?

Buy a chronograph as a gift to superstitious relatives and a close person we do not advise. If you are confident that by having received your gift, a person will not change in his face, but will only get ready, you can safely choose a present. Fashionable sports electronic clocks will be a good choice for a holiday to a brother, but branded classic models better choose the father. All well-known Swiss mechanisms can also be given to dad or grandfather, they will be expensive in all plans to give. Choosing a model for the sister, we recommend that you choose your choice on elegant clock with a dial decoration with precious stones.

Is it possible to give clock to children or not?

The clock as a gift daughter or son will become a useful and indispensable thing.

"For children of preschool and younger school age, they will help to quickly master the concept of time, they will teach to understand what time, looking at the dial."

Older children will be such a gift by the way for self-discipline, to plan time, will help to teach independence. In short, this is an indispensable gift for children who does not have any negative subtext. Today it is very popular to give an electronic clock for a birthday to a child. Such a gadget will not only learn to find out the exact time, but also help keep track of the location of your child, in addition, the kid can make calls to several numbers with such an accessory.

Is it possible to give a darish watch or is it bad?

Antique watches are of particular value, they are often transmitted as a family relic from the older generation younger. Even if you are a superstitious person and treat such gifts with caution, in no case discard the old device. It is better to put it in a secluded place in a box, as a reminder of your relatives.

If you presented a fashion accessory, which for some reason you do not like externally, do not go to design or you just do not wear them, You can safely convey h аSy. Perhaps someone from your friends or friends will appreciate this model, will be happy to wear as a decoration or use directly appointment. Therefore, do not be afraid to give a darken watch and think about all sorts of signs, because the most important thing is that the energy you carry you.

Is it possible to give a darish watch or is it bad?
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How to give the clock and bypass bad signs and superstition

If you have chosen a watch as a gift, you can get around all bad signs with other believes. So that nothing prevents your happiness when you give a clock, you need to give Symbolic fee. Several kopecks will turn into a purchase and the chances of suffering fails, having received them will be reduced to zero. At the same time, they speak the people that they need to spill off the trouble with the left hand, but to take a coin only right.

Another way to give the clock and not part - buy a clock case, and put money in it to purchase an accessory, and already with your beloved or beloved to go to the store and choose a suitable model. Thus, you follow your idea and give the clock, but you will do it together.

"In this case, no signs are threatened, and the chances of choosing the model is minimal."

In addition, superstitions say nothing about popular electronic devices today in which the clock has built. Such gadgets will like young people, athletes, everyone who leads an active lifestyle.

What to do if you gave the clock

"You don't look at a gift horse in my teeth" - a famous proverb, which as never better answers the question: "What should I do if you gave the clock?". No matter how you belong to the signs, but if at one very very moment you were handed over to you as a present, sincerely thank the person for the attention of your attention. You should not immediately think about motives, why it is for this accessory a choice that I wanted to say the donor and other nonsense. Perhaps a person is not even aware of the existing superstitions and chose an expensive and beautiful accessory from the best motives.

If you are still a very accompanying person, and a gift does not have much value for you, for example, these are a plastic clock with a bright belt donated on March 8, then a natural question arises: "What to do with donated clock?". Many people have thought to get rid of donated hours and just throw out. It is better not to do this, give them to those who will be happy to give such a gift. Or, when presenting a gift, just pay off the steam of coins from the donor and all possible signs simply will not act.

The video also consider the question: is it really to give a clock as a gift bad sign, with which the superstitions are connected:


How many times each of us was asked about What to give the perpetrator of the celebration . After all, the present must meet several requirements:

  • be beautiful, high-quality, fit
  • surprise and please the recipient
  • delight.

All listed epithets are excellent for hours, however, the time of the centuries have developed a steady opinion that You can not give them . Why not accepted to give a clock? Supervironment This is true and, as in any case, give them so that the recipient is not offended. Let's try to figure out together.

History and legends of the East and West: Note to give a clock - what is it for?

clock with a roman dial
Sharp arrows belong to objects that can be cut and stamped

The clock belongs to undesirable gifts, as well as forks, knives, that is items that can be cut down or indulge . From the point of view of Western nationalities, the sharp arrows of the clock fell in the category of such presents. It was believed that together with the present at the time of the gift to the recipient, an unclean force is tied. In addition, the sharp arrows are able to "cut warm feelings", which were previously between people.

According to the second version, which came from the East, and in particular, from China, the clock is a kind of invitation to funeral

Strange, isn't it? But Mysterious East is generally difficult to understand the Europeans .

Over time, the Chinese superstition has grown, and now there are several of its variations:

  1. Allegedly donated hours will be considered seconds until the time of parting. At that hour, when they stop, the gap between you and a close person will be inevitable.
  2. In another interpretation, the clock counts minutes to the death of the recipient of the present. That is, the background of the gift is the wish to a person of the ambulance.
many hours on hands
Hours as a gift consider seconds to parting

You need to say, a somewhat urgent sign of logic.

Slavic nations, in particular, the Old Believers have their explanation for why give a clock - bad sign . In this case, it is believed that the present of a similar gift, you, together with him, give a person pain, devastation, bad weather and disappointment. Many are confident that together with the present we give part of their time, your life, approaching the death.

Now it becomes a little clear why it is not customary to give the clock to any holiday.

However, is it really true, and is it worth taking note of such superstitions, considering them by an alleviation of misfortunes?

Why you can not give the clock to your halves, and a few more prohibitions

Superstitious people are always full of readiness to tell pair of terrible stories About how the guy gave his beautiful wrist watch with his beloved girl, and the mechanism suddenly stopped, and the couple immediately broke up. And then the clock broke down the shooter, and lovers reunited.

It sounds tragic and somewhat unreal, although you can assume that the watch just broke. But you never know how much your girlfriend is superstitious. Suddenly she decides that You hint at it in this way to parting ? In general, it is believed that it is undesirable to give women watches at least in order not to spoil the mood for the time of thinking of all adoption that many centuries are in the people.

Gold watch
Antique clock

Undesirable to give a clock on a birthday especially people of the older generation. At this age, most of them are no longer happy "childhood holiday", allegedly approaching the tragic final. Therefore, exacerbating the state of melancholy and sentimentality is not worth it. No need to give another reason to dream that the time turns to reverse and understand that it is simply impossible.

To whom and when you still can not give the clock: Is it worth believing myths?

Following everything that is said in the terrible myths and legends of mankind, the watches can not be given to anyone, never under any circumstances

And if you can consider the issue without going into mystical and occult explanations?

What is the watch ? Wrist, wall mounted, with battle, floor, cuckoo and others - all of them tool for reference of our precious time. We live in it, not noticing and spend as we consider it necessary. So why do you think superstitly that someone can take it from us or affect the solution to love and be loved? From the point of view of modern psychology, these myths can be explained much easier.

Presentation of watches as a birthday gift, a wedding, engagement and other holidays may be regarded by the fact that the recipient of the present is simply non-packagen, although this is also a controversial statement. But Is it worth paying attention to this little things, especially women ? Again, observing some formalities, namely, the abandonment of such a present is seriously a patient or an older person, it is safe to say that nothing terrible in such a gift like a clock is not. In addition, if we are talking about a magnificent jewelry, Swiss glorified or vintage antique clock. Anyone will be nice to get such a gift.

Sports men's watches on a metal bracelet
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Who can give a clock?

For sure to know whether a gift will be a pleasant surprise, it is worth learn a little about the person and its attitude to myths, superstitions and legends. If the recipient of a gifted and may arid yourself the most terrible catastrophes for any reason , It is worth abandoning the idea to give him a clock. And when a person simply does not believe in signs, you can give this present without thinking.

Another one hundred percent hit in the category of desired presents - a gift for the True Collector Watch

This is an affirmative answer to the question of whether it is possible to give a watch a man or a woman. In this case not just you can, but you need . Most likely, all about accepting he already heard and knows, but on his own experience I was convinced that there was nothing terrible in this and could not be.

The same applies to the answer to the question of whether it is possible to give her husband, wife, guy, a girl, a colleague wrist, wall or other hours. Remember O. Brutal officer or immaculate Swiss watch . Does your husband or guy give up such an exquisite gift? And elegant jewelry bracelets or chains with small female o'clocks? Not a single real woman will not even mind that such a gift carries trouble.

Women's clock with dancing crystals on leather belt
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Joy from such a gift eclipses all fears and superstitions. Especially if you make engraving with memorable words or love confession. But for those who still doubt, there is one reliable way to make it possible to give and get a watch as a gift.

How to give and take a clock to bypass signs and avoid trouble?

If we consider the situation from the point of view of the recipient of the present, then react to such a gift is adequately:

  • calm down;
  • discard superstitions;
  • Do not keep insults to the donor.

It should be understood that a person simply may not be aware of the existence of such signs or not to pay special attention to it, since it is not superstitious at all

And the exit from the situation here is so simple that you should not focus on the problem. Need to Remove a few coins from your own wallet and give them to the gift of the present. Thus, when you give a clock, you need to give a coin in response. That is, you say that they now gave tribute for the clock and "bought" them, so the sign loses all the power from this moment.

Women's watches on a metal bracelet SanLight
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If you yourself are on the place of the donor, at the time of delivery of the gift Ask the perpetrator of the celebration give you some money . It may be a trifle or bill of little advantage, the main thing is that the conventions will be observed, and the gift will just delight its master.

Superstition, all mystical and inexplicable firmly entered into the lives of almost every person. However, as practice shows, all signs are based on human fear and distrust of new and unusual. For example, the horror of the ancients about the fact that there is a mechanism, counting something invisible and intangible, turned into a legend .

It is many centuries scared short-sighted and superstitious people, not allowing you to please our loved ones

Today Clock is a regular device. which is more likely the necessary and stylish thing than a terrible omnation of the upcoming troubles.

Signs and superstitions, and more precisely, their work mechanisms have no scientific foundation. People pay attention to them, pushing out their own experience and remnants of the past. The set will be associated with the walls and wrist hours. Residents of Russia and neighboring countries believe that it is impossible to give them. Such a ban is associated with terrible predictions, according to which the donator and the recipient may disperse in life or die at all.

It would seem that to get beautiful and expensive hours from the famous brand as a gift - it is very nice, but this superstition makes many think and search another option. But, do it - optional. With a big desire to level the action helps a simple trick. We must not just give them to a person, but to ask for them "Spump", it can be a coin or cash bill. Then the sign simply will not work, because the gift will go into the discharge of the purchase.

It is interesting that the sign is not always working, but only in cases where people associate close related or family relationships. Give expensive wrist, wrist or wall clock colleague or boss is not considered bad. It is said that this is a worthy gift, symbolizing trust and readiness for long-term cooperation.

Is it possible to give a birthday watch


The first thing to be done is to clarify how superstitious is the birthday boy. If he does not respond to signs and they are also indifferent to you, the clock will become an excellent gift. If he belongs to such signs with trepidation, it is better to choose another option. It is worth paying attention to and who you have a recipient. If a person is very close: a beloved or family member, one should not give such items, they lead to a long separation.

Attention! The clock is considered not the best birthday gift, because they symbolize, the flow of time and grade years. This nuance often grieves women.

Husband from wife

Slavs still knew that it was impossible to give the Slavs to the beloved and close to the knives and cutlery. It also applies to hours, but what is acute in them? Look at the edges of the arrows and you will be sure about it. It is believed that such gifts lead to the occurrence of quarrels, disputes and disadvantages between partners. If the relationship is initially unstable, a break is possible.

It is impossible to make a gift in the form of expensive wall or outdoor hours for the wedding of newlyweds, it is believed that the family will not be able to keep marriage. Previously, such things were presented to the wedding parents, who believe that their son or daughter picked up a unworthy pair. Later, another sign appeared, which made the donation less common. With its consideration it becomes known that not only the recipient suffers. The one who gives the clock shortens his age.


Give the subject of an extraneous guy with which there is no romantic connection or close friendship. At the same time it is necessary to pay attention to the nuances:

  • man style;
  • Whether he carries the clock at all;
  • Price "Branch" of gift.

Take into account that you can only give a good-quality watch. Risk the opportunity to get under the action will be due to the Chinese counterfeit - it is not worth it. At the same time, if a person is not free, it is difficult to guess his style and find out his attitude to the accessory. In the period of digital technologies, many have abandoned the use of classic time meters, because the clock is always at hand, on a tablet or mobile phone.


According to the reference to give the subject, the reasons for this several:

  • the incision of the relationship between mother and child, parting for any reason;
  • loneliness;
  • deprivation of beauty, youth and attractiveness.

Often women are wary of the years. They are afraid to grow old. The move of the hourly mechanism of the lines times will be reminding that the time is going and this process is irreversible. Psychologists say this is the worst gift for women who have some problems in family life. He recalls that time is gone, but to put life in order and get true, my own happiness has not happened.


Give a friend, with which the years of good relationships are binding. Over time, any conflict will switch to true hostility and relationships will finally ruin. In some culture, they mean the completion of a certain phase of relationships, the gift says that friendship has ended.

Attention! It is impossible to give the clock to Koreans and the Chinese. They are "afraid" of these items. Hieroglyphs denoting "clock" and "death" are very similar.


Such a gift on the birthday will certainly grieve a girl, especially if she is superstitious. In some circles, such a gift is interpreted as a complete gap, respectively, the donor so prepares the girl to rupture the relationship. It does not matter whether the guy had such desires. Further, indeed everything goes differently, and the girl herself will start a relationship in a dead end. Whether the clock is guilty in this case - no, the main problem in humans and their attitude to everything unidentified.


Cooking the clock is not recommended not only because of the violations of the relationship between people, but also because of the strong energy influence of such a gift on the recipient. Parents, doning time meter son, should understand that the gift destroys the personality, especially in the absence of persistent nature. Mechanisms make many men aggressive and hot-tempered. After some time, this manifests itself noticeably and it becomes hard to touch people.

To kid

The watch is a worthy gift for a child of preschool age, it allows you to pay attention to the time and will help you understand how it is calculated. But, only parents can give them. Such a gift can not be taken even from close relatives and kums. This is due to the serious energy of the device and the unstable child biofield. According to esoteric, a gift is a danger and can stick to trouble.


You should not make such a gift to a loving husband with his own wife. This is due to the same reasons why newlyweds and lovers do not congratulate the hours. There is an increased risk of inconsiderators in a pair, injected parting in the future. The most unpleasant thing is that in the case of love relationships prejudice really come true, but the connection is not a mystical, but the practical, beloved just screw themselves.

Why you can not give the birthday wrist watch

Change the clock for a birthday and other holidays is not accepted in Russia, in the countries of the former CIS and in China. It is connected with some negative, allegedly the recipient and the congratulator will disperse in life, and the causes may be diverse. According to one version, the calculated mechanism can lead to premature death of both participants of the "transaction".

Attention! Interestingly, superstitions are not common in all countries. In the US, the watch must be given to the wedding, and this is a symbolic gift to each other awarded the newlyweds themselves. He declares the desire to spend a lot of happy seconds, minutes, hours and years together.


Men to signs and superstitions are easier than women and often do not even know about their existence. The clock is considered a good gift to a colleague or a friend. Antique and other souvenir devices are often presented to men whose work is connected with the service. In such circles, this is a sign of respect and it is not interpreted bad.

Beloved man

If your favorite is consuming, the clock will not be a good gift for him, because it is necessary, at least, ask for a coin in the form of a coin so that the gift becomes "defective." If you know that this will not be enough, and the beloved will still wait daily to wait for trouble every day, it is better to abandon the idea and choose something else. This is due to the fact that the troubles can be magazed to negative thoughts.


Women who believe in signs can acutely respond to such a gift, therefore it is not worth presenting it. Perhaps nothing terrible will happen, but the constant sensation of negative is undoubtedly superfluous. If there are no other ideas for the gift, it is better to present an envelope greeting card with money and wishes. A birthday girl will be able to solve itself, whether she needs a watch.

Give a clock - why bad signs and how to avoid it

According to Slavic, the mechanism of presented clock will calculate the time before the parting of these people. That is why such gifts in a couple of lover are negatively interpreted. No less negative is considered to explain the presented mechanisms to parents - they can accelerate their departure from life.

Supervised not only Russians, negative signs associated with wrist and wall clocks in China. There, presented hours consider death symbol, because before they became an invitation to the funeral. This is associated with the similarity of the hieroglyph, describing the word "death" and "clock". Now in China such a gift means the wishes of the speedy care of their lives.

With less caution to gifts are in European countries, but also they believe that the shooters of the mechanism pull on the negative, which then goes to the owner. Dangerous consider mechanisms presented with malicious intent. They give problems in terms of health, provoke quarrels and families in the family.

There are several methods to reduce activity will take:

  1. A person who received a watrant as a gift should give off the spock for them: a penny or bill.
  2. Positive thinking. Having received such a gift, you should not be upset, because in the USA signs - it does not work, and there they are considered an excellent gift that brings joy.
  3. Think about how you really feel about the person from which the clock got. If there is nothing wrong with the relationship, do not worry in vain.

Remember the main rule - negative, makes negative energy and provokes difficulties. If there are no fears, everything will be fine.

Is it possible to give birthday wall clock

If you believe in signs and superstitions, wall clocks, like wrist, will become not the best gift for your beloved person. The principle of operation is not the object, but in its mechanism. It is believed that the subject there are many options to neutralize the powerful energy of the device. It is enough to hang it in any rooms, except the living room and bedrooms.

Completely neutralize the entire negative, associated with the presented Wednast clock, by placing them in the corridor. So, the subject will not be able to act on its owner. Esoterics argue that energy will not be able to stand out, due to the permanent opening of the door, it will disappear. For the same reason, any buildings placed separately from the main house are suitable: cottages, baths, summer kitchens. Chief Council - Remote accommodation from places filling with human energy: bedroom - during sleep, kitchen - with food, living room - at the time of rest.

Attention! If the activity of wall clocks is neutralized with any methods, you can hang them anywhere.

Is it possible to give watches: signs and superstition

There are several adoption explaining that it leads to getting such a gift:

  • quarrel, scandal or parting;
  • worsening relationships in a pair;
  • For a person in age or with a disease - deterioration of well-being;
  • a childless girl - a "gift with reproxity", once again resembling that "watch, tick";
  • A sudden stop of a presented mechanism - to serious problems.

There is a lot of admission associated with various gifts and if you think about it, you can not give anything. If a person really needs a clock, and he himself hints at such a gift for his holiday, to give them - you can. The whole negative is neutralized upon receipt of a gift when the birthday girl opens a gift bag. If this is a surprise and presenting it, you saw that a person was a little bitten up and thought about the signs - ask for a spill, tell us about believing from other countries, so you calm him down.

Why not give a watch

Why can not give a clock? People's sign does not promote anything good to their recipient. Allegedly, this stylish accessory is able to divide lovers, embroil relatives among themselves and lead to other bad consequences. However, not always such a gift brings people exclusively negative. In order to avoid troubles, it is worth knowing who and with what promise you can hand the clock. It is not only about wrist models (electronic and mechanical), but also about wall mounted.

As the belief appeared

Why you can not give watches: where did you come from?

There are 2 basic opinions about the use of "Khodikov" as a gift. According to the first, the chronometer is the strongest "magnet". He attracts poor energy and evil forces to himself. Supporters of this theory are confident that the watch would harm their new owner. The person will often be sick, financial troubles will appear, and he can not dream about a happy marriage. Very bad if the hourly case is equipped with the smallest and sharp details. After all, they are able to "cut" the life of the owner.

Another sign appeared in China. Local residents equate watches to give the "invitation" to their own funeral.

There are other interpretations. For example, donated "classes" are lining the long-term separation with close people. And the Japanese, especially men, perceive the presentation of the clock as a present as an announcement of the hostility and the wishes of the earliest death.

Slavs also have not taken to hand over a birthday or another holiday this accessory.

Signs and beliefs

Our ancestors cameras associated with the course of life. And today, many specialists in the field of bioenergetics do not recommend presenting them as a present.

The most common signs:

  • Presenting hours that are hanging on the wall, parents, you can reduce the years of their life.
  • It is not worth handing a pair's walk before their marriage or moving to new housing. And then the "threads" tied between them will soon ruin.
  • The Old Believers believed that the present in the form of watch was able to bring only bad - disappointment in his own person and stress.
  • More modern interpretation of signs are: Handing someone even an electronic chronometer, a citizen gives a part of his time. After that, the course of his life can be swapped, and the "pale with oblique" will come for them earlier than the destiny of fate.
  • Wrist or wall models should not be made on anniversaries and other celebrations. The dial symbolizes the time that a person remains before leaving the world is different. The breakdown can "attract" serious illnesses, accidents and other negative.

Sketches for men

Men accessory can bring a lot of trouble. According to beliefs, it is impossible to hand it with a dad, brother, friend or native son even expensive models made in Switzerland.

Superstition with negative color:

  1. The appearance of stains for reputation, failures in a quarry. For example, if you present the chapter of the family, it will lead to a decrease in its authority. Superstition originates in ancient times when the ban on the placement of hours in the throne halls. Courtnic believed that they were starting to count the time remaining until the ruler's overthrow.
  2. Male powerlessness. Such a gift will take vital energy. Because of this, problems may arise in the intimate sphere.
  3. Disorder. Manual watchs can cause aggression. A man can not be in work something at work, and "will play" on his second half. If you give this accessory to the Father, then his relationship with his wife can worsen, that is, with mom. As a result, the atmosphere of comfort in the house is destroyed, the scandals occur more and more.

Note for girls

Are you going to buy a watch to give your daughter, the best girlfriend, sister or grandmother? This is not a good idea. The dangers of people will be warned by the people will take:

  • Gift recipient - elderly lady? Note that this accessory will bring her death. Around the hostess of the clock will "twist" the unfavorable energy, which takes the vitality. So, the lady will live for 2-3 years less.
  • Decision of beauty and early old age. In young young ladies, the attractiveness can "take away". Because of this, there will be problems with the search for the second half.
  • This is a bad gift and an anniversary of the wedding. Especially if the spouses have no children. Such acquisition will be at the energy level to prevent the successful conception of the baby.
  • The deterioration of the relationship between the father, mother and their tea. If you present the hourly a minor, then it can spoil the relationship with both parents and teachers. And it will be in moral isolation from the representatives of an adult generation.

Watches as a gift chosen one, choices

Clock as a Present Selected / Selected

Hand to hand this accessory to a person who conquered your heart, is not recommended. Otherwise, separations can not be avoided. While the clockwork works, you can not worry. But as soon as the first breakdown occurs, mutual reproaches and scandals will begin. Soon the couple will decide on parting.

Although here you can enter smart: just give the bride / bride gift certificate. And then the native man himself will choose suitable hours.

New Year's signs

Our ancestors were not taken to hand the chronometer on the occasion of one of the main holidays. Many and today are trying not to include watch on the list of New Year's presents. It is believed that in non-compliance with this requirement, one of these events may occur:

  1. The death of the clocking mechanism. And he will take away from life in the coming year. For example, a person was presented to the walk on December 31, 2019. So, in 2020, he may leave this world. After all, time it simply came out.
  2. Death of the donor. There is still belief. Allegedly the one who presented the watch may die. And it will happen against the background of an accident or a serious illness. It is explained by everything simple: along with the "ticking" gift he handed over a close person (friend, colleague) his time.
  3. The disintegration of the family who received such a gift for the new year. It also happens that the clock, for example, wall mounted, is presented to someone alone, but a whole family. In this case, the appearance of the quarrels and misunderstanding. Children can protest and go in an unknown direction. In general, difficult times will come.
  4. Loss of housing. Such a depositorial summary can also expect a family who adopted as a New Year's surprise watch. The apartment belonging to them may suffer from fire or robbers. It is especially dangerous to present wrist or wall models of centers of pairs that have not yet accounted for loans (mortgage). In the coming year, someone from the spouses can fight a serious illness or will be fired from work. Pay with the bank there will be nothing. The financial institution is forced to pick up housing.

Why can't the watches on February 14

In such a romantic holiday, I want to please your beloved little man worth a worthy gift. And sometimes the choice falls on an elegant model of hours. Do not hurry to go to the store. There are almost no good omen with this accessory. That is, it makes sense to choose something else. Of course, when you want to leave the girl / guy as soon as possible, you can give the watch. In some states such will accept at all. Local residents are handing a chronometer and on February 14, and for any other holiday.

Why you can not give a watch for the Day of Defender of the Fatherland

A young guy and an adult man is not worth choosing a similar gift - it will contribute to the acceleration of the aging process.

February 23 "Defender" received a round-shaped product? Because of such o'clock, he can lose a good position, his movement will begin on the career staircase, but not from the bottom up, but on the contrary.

Another belief is known. The man received an accessory made of cheap metal, put on his hand. Once the mechanism broke. It is believed that in this case the thing took male strength from his owner.

Who can give a watch

No one would like to harm close people, friends and colleagues. It should take into account exceptional cases when to present an accessory is permissible:

  1. A citizen (recipient) is not superstitious. It is explainable. The lack of faith will protect it from bad thoughts and contributes to the purification of energy.
  2. Expensive things are designed to emphasize the status of business people. The present presented for this purpose will not harm his new owner.
  3. A person, intended for the child, will have a positive effect on him, if you give them before the daughter or son goes to school.
  4. Do not cause concerns and gifts presented in the form of remuneration for achievements in a particular field or advancement of career ladder.
  5. Subject to the preliminary "cleansing" of the subject from the negative, you can safely present the thing to someone from your environment.
  6. Original watch will certainly be played by the one who collects them. Surely he does not believe in signs, so nothing bad happens to him.
  7. Many men, while being children, dreamed of becoming owners of military watches that were awarded for merits to the country. Why not fulfill the old desire for father / husband / brother?

The watch gave you

What to do if the watch gave you

Not everyone is familiar with people's beliefs and signs. Someone prefers to live without looking around for the past and not listen to the advice of distant ancestors. What to do a citizen, the most relevant recipient of the present? I presented his man not someone else's. And clearly does not want anything wrong. Then you should not worry. The thing was presented from the pure heart, and therefore the trouble will not go into your home, but will bypass. It has the meaning of the emotional response of the new owner of the object, its faith in the very admission either complete ignoring its value.

And what if you take a gift from the one who really envies you, dislikes you? The likelihood is that he presents the present, while in his head rustled bad thoughts. Do not doubt it? Better politely give up the gift.

It is worth learn to recognize, with what promise the thing is presented, what feelings are experiencing a donor.

To avoid disclaiming with the hand, the thing must be paid for her "ransom". It should be a purely symbolic amount - a trifle that shoved in the wallet.

Deciphering dream dreams

Who said that I am awarded / get this stylish accessory only in reality? Not necessary. What is the meaning of images that were during their stay in the Kingdom of Morpheus?

Several "plot":

  • Note that the arrows rush - the efforts you attached will not bring the desired result;
  • look at the dial - make a profit soon;
  • breaking / breaking the mechanism - the appearance of troubles;
  • Glass on the classes cracked - for a rapid act, difficulty will arise;
  • Losing a clock - a large quarrel with someone from households or belling with one of the family members;
  • theft of this subject - a collision with envious and enemies;
  • give or give a chronometer - getting bad news;
  • I hear the kraist battle is alarming and heavy events in the emotional plan.

Believe or not

Our ancestors noticed many phenomena and events occurring around. And on the basis of this information "compiled" signs. But do we believe in modern people? Many specialists in the field of bioenergy are confident: when a person believes in something bad, it will happen.

The clock should not be perceived as something negative. According to beliefs, the troubles should be expected only from the presented thing. You can buy this accessory yourself. He will certainly bring good luck. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers believed in the ability of Hasikov to warn their "hosts" about danger. Stop the shooter meant approximation of something bad.

At the moment, the walking, especially wrist models, are considered to be needed in everybody and in the workplace. In constant affairs and concerns, citizens try to constantly track the time to all time during the day.

Blindly follow long-standing signs or ignore them is the case of everyone. It is better to believe in bright and kind!

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