Melody is one of the main concepts of music ::

All life is accompanied by music. It can be different: from beautiful melodic passages to large harmonious works. Melody is a sequence of sounds that is perceived as a whole.

Concept of melody

The basis of each composition is a melody. It is a skeleton to which the remaining sounds are increasing to create a work. Melody is bias (translated from the Greek language). In music theory, this concept is used to highlight one vote from the texture of the work.

melody is

At the same time, it always represents a solidarity sequence of sounds. And also has a certain tempo, timbre and tonality. Melody is something that sets the nature of the whole product. If you allocate a melody from any popular composition, then you will learn the work on it.

Use melodies

Melody is the basis for writing music that we all hear in the hits of your favorite performers, on dance sites, on radio and television. Interestingly, composers create their melodies for different cases with certain rules. For example, for hits and advertising, they need to make compositions that will be uncomplicated. For this purpose, the simplest sequences of sounds are taken characteristic of folk music. They are distinguished by ease of memorization and playback. It is because of the simplicity of melodies, some hits or advertising fragments are well remembered.

Melodies on the bell

Melodies are used everywhere from classic multi-voice works to the sounds of the alarms and phone call signals. Any folk song or the world famous hit can be shifted into a melody, while playing a product on notes. This technique is used when creating options for any musical compositions for piano.

Studying the basics of the game on any musical instrument begins with simple melodies. They are the most simple to memorize. The composer, when creating any work, begins work with the composition of the melody, and already then increases additional sounds on it during the combination of instruments of the task and sound.

Application of melodies in mobile phones

Peak use of the melodies came to the appearance of mobile phones. This concerned the first models, whose ringtones were polyphonic or mono. The ringtones began to use to replace unpleasant ear sounds (classical signals of analog disk phones) to more harmonious and not annoying.

Melodies on the phone

However, it is impossible to say that for the first time the melodies were used on mobile. Stationary models with a key dialing system also fed signals with harmonious overflows. Most often, the basis of such melodies lay classic works.

Now each smartphone has a preset set of melodies in its memory, which the user can use at its discretion. Installing the melodies can be separately for each call signal. The alarm is possible to choose such that not irritated in the morning. A notification of an incoming SMS message is capable of displaying only one sound.

Is it difficult to change the melody on the phone

Melodies on the phone most often contribute to his memory. Using settings, it is easy to select suitable from several options for the standard package. In the first polyphonic phones there was an interesting option - the user himself could create a pleasant tune with a set of sounds. Later, this opportunity was removed, as she was not demanded. Most people did not use the created melodies, but preferred to choose sounds from the standard package.

How to change the melody

The need to compose new melodies disappeared with the development of phones with MR3 and polyphony. Almost all popular hits are in these formats. Now the users of smartphones have no problem with how to change the melody. It is enough for them to download or copy a track from any disk and replace the call or the sound of incoming messages. The network you can find a variety of options.

Mobile technology development allows even beeps to replace melodies. Most mobile operators have made it a paid option, but on some tariff plans to replace the beeps on melodic overflows and can be made free. Sometimes this feature is included in the default tariff. In this case, instead of the beep, the corporate operator melody is usually used.

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