➤ Treatment of colds in adults - signs, symptoms and treatment

Published: October 20, 2018

Every year about 15 million Russians graduate with colds, and autumn and spring are considered the peak period of citizens' appeals to doctors. According to statistics, colds occupy leading places in prevalence among other other acute infectious diseases.

Walled diseases arise, as a rule, due to the supercooling of the body, many mistakenly take for flu. However, the flu is a severe viral disease, annually carrying thousands of human lives, while colds only occasionally cause severe harm to the human body.

Viral colds are transferred to a person to man with air-droplet (with sneezing or cough of a sick person, when particles of his sputum fall on a healthy person). Also, you can get infected through items that were in the hands of a sick person, door handles, handrails in public transport.

Symptoms of cold

Walled diseases begin in one - three days before the appearance of symptoms. The main signs of the disease include headache, swelling of the mucous membrane, sneezing, irritating cough, redness and throat pain, general malaise, lethargy, chills. Temperature of the body does not exceed +38.0 - + 38.5C.

One of the most unpleasant symptoms of the cold is the inflamed throat. In most cases, the throat arises, difficulty in swallowing, and other discomfort. As a rule, the treatment of colds, and in particular - treatment of the sore throat, should be carried out before the doctor's arrival. If the disease occurred by a bacterial throat infection, which caused staphylococcus or streptococci, then the temperature may rise to + 39c. Headache is added to such symptoms, pain when swallowing food, and in the oral cavity can arise white or yellow guns. In case of bacterial cold infections, the voice becomes a sip, when swallowing, painful sensations arise, and the sore throat itself can hold over three days.

Treatment of colds in adults

Viral colds: complications and consequences

Frequent colds in adults are a serious threat, especially if the disease occurs in older people or people who have chronic diseases, heart disease, pulmonary diseases and blood disease. If people who are in this risk group hold a long body temperature for a long time or there is a strong cough and the pain of the region behind the sternum, be sure to call a specialist. Also, it is necessary to call a doctor if the seizures of heavy cough are observed, strong headache, excessive pallor of the skin, pain in the ear or rusty squeezing.

If colds are often, or more than seven days continue, this may indicate that the usual cold is accompanied by an allergic reaction or sinusitis. This trend is particularly often found in children who have a predisposition to bronchitis, asthma, allergies.

Daily vanity and life distract human from the treatment of colds. Many people think that this disease can be easily reached on their feet, and all treatment is reduced to the reception of aspirin or vitamin C. and after all, few people know that most often unbearable viral colds are complicated by otitis, sinomitis, pharyngitis. With unfavorable treatment of colds, the nasopharynx infection can penetrate the hearing channel and cause purulent otitis. The unabiliated runny nose with a cold may cause inflammation of the apparent sinuses, and, as a result, a sinusitis, chronic nasal congestion, a change in voice.

In order to avoid these and other unpleasant complications, the treatment of colds and the purpose of drugs must be trusted by a specialist.

Treatment of colds in adults

Treatment of colds

In order to help the body faster to cope with the ailment, it is necessary to follow simple rules. First, you need to observe the bed regime. Any disease is a signal to the fact that there is some failure in the body. And so that the body quickly coped with it is necessary in the first days of the disease lying, relax, sleep and gain strength. On the one hand, bedding is necessary to prevent the spread of infection, and on the other to avoid possible complications. Secondly, remember that frequent colds in adults are often chronic. At the very first signs of the cold, it is necessary to immediately refer to the doctor, which will write the optimal treatment regimen.

Simple rules

If the diagnosis is delivered correctly, and you are exactly cold, you need to act as soon as possible. It is very important in the first day to drink about 2 liters of fluid. And it does not matter what exactly you will drink: decoction of richness, therapeutic herbs, water with lemon or compote from dried fruit. Also, you can drink 2-3 grams of vitamin C (no more than 10 grams per day for adults).

If you are shy, be sure to cover, drink tea with raspberries and try to fall asleep. It is possible that overnight you are wearing, and the heat will fall into the morning. A very well lifts immunity broth of rosehip, tea with ginger, lemon and honey, linders and chamomile decractions.

If the body temperature does not exceed + 38C, then you should not use the antipyretic preparations based on paracetamol - it is necessary to give the body yourself to overcome the cold.

Very often, viral colds are accompanied by redness of the nose and a runny nose. It is important to regularly purify the nasal sinuses from the mucus. It is possible to do this by washing the nose with salted water. Also, it is possible to alleviate a runny nose with the help of vasoconstrictons that will write the attending physician.

Frequent colds in adults, as a rule, are accompanied by a flux and redness of the throat, coughing and pain when swallowing. Relief from these unpleasant symptoms will help softening the throat medicines - sprays, pills from the throat, appointed by a doctor, warm tea. Also, the treatment of colds may include inhalation on the basis of decoction of medicinal herbs. Eat more garlic and bow. These plants are natural antibiotics that are so afraid of viral infections.

Treatment of colds in adults

Warming Diseases and Prevention

In order for colds to do not disturb you, preventive measures should be made, such as regular charging, outdoor walks, wipes or druising with cold water, healthy food. It is necessary to strengthen the lymphatic system: to introduce in your life walking, running, push-ups and squats.

It is important to know that regular ventilation of residential premises and jobs is the first step towards strengthening immunity. Various infections are very afraid of fresh air, and good ventilation will help get rid of the stagnant air masses and will prevent the spread of colds.

Useful articles:

How to quickly cure ARVI and flu at home



Most often, viral infection caresses us surprise and attacks when you expect it the least. There are situations when you simply categorically impossible to hurt - people are counting on you, there are many cases that require your participation. Is there any express method that would help you to recover in one day?

It is necessary to immediately make a reservation: what methods you did not use, completely get rid of the cold, to recover from flu or other ARVI per day is impossible. But it is quite realistic to help your immunity, relieve most of the symptoms and temporarily returned to themselves. When urgent cases and problems are settled, it will be possible to return to a calm treatment rate at home.

Treatment of ORVI House

How to understand what you have ORVI or flu?

Everyone can get sick. Fatigue, stress and lack of sleep can do the breach in any immunity, how powerful would be. The first thing to do is to remember all the symptoms and determine what you encountered. Why is it important? The fact is that the methods of express treatment work well with ORVI, but it is better not to joke with the flu, and allow yourself to cheat as much as it is necessary.

How to distinguish flu from ORVI? The effect of flu virus is diagnosed the easiest way. He will not ceremony and hit immediately, already in the first hours after being penetrated into your body. It is manifested by a headache, brushes in muscles, general weakness, chills and a sharp increase in temperature to 39-40 degrees. Usually the next day after infection begins dry, unproductive cough.

The ARVI virus acts gradually, imperceptibly. The only thing he immediately gives out is sneezing. If you started often and unfortunately, it is most likely a runny nose will soon appear and will gradually grow pain in the throat.

In adults and in children, the symptoms of the listed diseases are the same.

So, where to start the fight against infection?

Washing and rinsing: the first line of defense

When the first symptoms appear, there is a chance to neutralize infection or at least reduce the intensity of the course of the disease. It will help to wash the nose with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and rinse with sea salt or soda. For washing the mucous membrane, a solution is prepared at the rate of 1 teaspoon of peroxide half a glass of warm water. To rinse the throat into a glass of warm water, one teaspoon of salt and soda is added.

This is a recommendation for adults. If a child is sainted and carrying and rinsing in the usual way problematic, then the pharmacy sprays with sea water can be used.

Treatment of ORVI and flu home

Cocktail from berries: drum dose of vitamins

Abundant warm drinking is a mandatory measure in symptomatic express treatment. It is better to start with a sea of ​​berries (raspberry, currant, lingonberry, cauldron). You can pour frozen berries with boiling water, crowded their mortar and strain through the sieve. Usually, after such a cocktail, temporary investment of symptoms immediately occurs.

Then during the day it is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of liquid - warm water with lemon, tea with honey, decoction of linden flowers, chamomile infusions and other medicinal plants. If you want to get rid of the cold, and not help her, then eliminate coffee and sweet carbonated drinks.

Garlic and Ginger - Best Vegetable Disinfectors

In the treatment of ARVI and influenza, ginger is often used. The grated ginger root is an excellent disinfectant, warming and tonic. It can be added to tea, prepare on its basis infusions and decoctions. If you do not have problems with the stomach, you can use garlic. There is a proven recipe - squeeze juice from several garlic heads, then mix it with honey in proportion one to one and take this tool on one tablespoon twice a day.

Sliced ​​garlic highlights phytoncides into the air, which neutralize the infection. You can put next to the bed plate with grated or sliced ​​garlic.

Garlic and ginger against ARVI

Steam inhalations: the best remedy for cold

To cope with such an unpleasant symptom as steam inhalations with essential oils of medicinal plants will help. The essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, juniper, carnations help. You can also use a solution of propolis. To carry out inhalation you need to boil the pot of water, add 2-3 drops to the means and inhale its hot pairs of 7-10 minutes.

Sleep and full rest

If you picked up flu or orders, and going to treat yourself at home, then this condition is one of the most important. Most often, it is the lack of sleep and the lack of a full-fledged rest in combination with permanent stress and the cause of the capitulation of the body before infection.

Therefore, you need to act from the contrary - to go to bed no later than 22 hours and how to sleep. It is worth remembering that the bed regime is no coincidence that is one of the first medical recommendations in infectious diseases.

Important moment - to secure a full-fledged rest, you need to stop spending time on your smartphone and computer. Allow yourself to relax from the information. Dopamic starvation sometimes treats no worse than usual.

Change meals: the smaller the better

"You need to eat through strength", "you will not eat - you do not recover" - such installations from the times of our childhood do not bring anything but harm. If you eat at all you do not want, you can skip several food techniques, it will only benefit. The body at such a moment is needed for the fight against infection, and not to digest and the absorption of large food volumes: that is why the appetite disappears first when ORVI and influenza.

During treatment, avoid heavy, greasy, multi-storey dishes. Replace their broths and porridge on milk. Eat more fruits, greenery and vegetables. Sweet and flour ("fast" carbohydrates) in viral diseases are contraindicated.

Change nutrition

What drugs to use?

The best answer is no. With influenza and ORVI, the reception of antibiotics does not make any sense, since they do not act on viruses. If you are not a doctor, then independent medication is a dangerous solution. If there are serious difficulties of breathing, the temperature is high and not knocked down by paracetamol, you need to call a doctor to the house and then act according to its instructions.

If coughing suffers, you can do without drugs - mucolyts. Instead, you can use any of the listed folk methods:

  • champs, infancy and inhalation from "Breast fees" (sage, chamber, licorice, calendula);
  • Black radish juice with honey (for this, the cavity is cut in a large radish from above, where honey spoon is poured);
  • The famous Vietnamese balm "Sao Vang", which we call the "asterisk" (with a cold, is applied to the bridge, in the chest and back area).

Stop list: What can not be done in viral diseases

Drink alcohol and wipe alcohol. Viral diseases and so accompanied by the general intoxication of the body. If you add intoxicating alcohol to it, do not speed up, and slow down the recovery.

Run temperature with any increases. Increase in temperature is one of the measures with which immunity is struggling with infection. Use antipyretic drugs only then at a temperature of + 38 ° C and higher.

Refuse bathing and soul. In the process of treatment, toxins are allocated through the skin from then, so it is necessary to take a shower even more often than usual. The only exception - at elevated temperature it is better to use warm, and not hot water and avoid supercooling after the bath.

Do not ventilate the room, afraid of drafts . The motto "The Sun, Air and Water is our best friends" is relevant not only for healthy, but also for patients. With viral diseases, it is especially important to maintain the optimal level of humidity in the house (40-60%) and ensure constant access of fresh air.

This moment is so important that it is worth telling about it separately.

Normal humidity and high-quality ventilation - worst enemies of the virus

In the heating period, the air in the apartment is land than in the Gobi desert - about 15%, which is 3.5 times lower than the norm. Such air is overpowered by the mucous upper respiratory tract, reducing their protective function and making them vulnerable to viruses.

No less important to normal air circulation in the apartment.

With the cough and sneezing of the patient, the air is distinguished by an aerosol "cloud", consisting of the smallest particles of saliva and mucus. These particles of the virus use as transport, so if there is a patient in the house, infection of the other households is just a matter of time.

The probability of transmitting an infection with air-droplet is dramatically reduced if modern supply ventilation is installed in the house.

What are the shortcomings of normal ventilation?

Here it is quite logical to ask a question - why it is impossible to just play? Of course. But at the same time, to maintain the normal level of air exchange, you need to air every 1.5 - 2 hours. Another nuance: At night, fresh air is needed to us even more than the day, but if you are sick, then you can not leave the window open at night. In winter, in the spring and autumn, it can lead to supercooling and complications.

And that's not all. In many apartment buildings, the extractor for different reasons does not work as it should - this means that most of the time you breathe "waste" air, which contains viruses, dust and is oversaturated with carbon dioxide. You can forget about fast recovery in such conditions.

Why do you need "manual" ventilation, if you can make it automatic, trusting a simple and reliable device? We are talking about bizers (ventilators) and recuperators. Such equipment combines the functions of the supply ventilation and air purifier.

Small reference:

Brizer. Compact device in the housing equipped with an axial fan and air filter system. It is installed on the through canal in the outer wall, provides a constant influx of fresh air and its cleaning from street dust, smog and other contaminants.

Recuperator. A device with similar functions that is additionally equipped with a recovery unit - air heating system without electricity costs (by holding the "internal" heat of the room).

How are the bizers and recuperators useful during the epidemics of viral diseases?

  • Most models are equipped with filters that are capable of holding viruses and bacteria;
  • The recirculation function ensures cleaning of the "inner" air, making the microclimate is healthier;
  • Thanks to the air heating system, there are no drafts that are one of the main causes of colds;
  • In separate models, there are features such as air disinfecting with ultraviolet, as well as its cleaning from harmful microorganisms using a cold plasma generator (ozonator).

The products of such a Russian brand are well known on the brizer market, like Tion (Tion O2, Tion Lite, 3S and other models). In the category of available ventilators, it is worth noting the Oxy products. Among the recuperators, the equipment from companies Vakio and Ballu is especially in demand.

Prevention of viral infections - how it works on video

Treatment of colds in one day: Warm and sweat

If you frozen, then the first thing you need to warm up. Frozen legs will greatly warm the hot bath with mustard - the fact that we simply call "to get the legs". In a hot water basin (not lower than + 40-42 ° C), a spoon-and-and-and-and-and-and-aranged mustard powder and hold legs for 15 minutes, as needed by pouring hot water. After that, it is necessary to thoroughly wipe the legs dry, put on woolen socks and lie under a warm blanket. You can, instead of a foot bath, just pour a mustard powder into socks and so go to bed. And if there was no dry mustard at hand, scroll the feet with vodka and wear warm socks.

Thomart Hands are warm under the jet of hot water: five minutes, increasing the temperature from nice warm to hot (+ 42-43 ° C). Then leisure wipe your hands and wear something warm with long sleeves. To enhance the effect, you can put warm mittens and subsequent 60 minutes to spend, loyering the woolen blanket.

To penetrate, but, it means to get rid of toxins and try to cure cold per day, the body needs more fluid than usual. Therefore, we will drink - exclusively in the hot form: tea with raspberry jam, tea with lemon and honey, decoction of lime color, chablie, daisies or elderber flowers with mint. Prepare cookies of medicinal plants is easy: boiling water takes 2 tbsp. Spoons of dry color or grass, brewed with steep boiling water, closed with a lid and breed 15-20 minutes. Herbal teas from a cold drink 0.5 liters per day. And the total daily volume of fluid in symptoms of colds or ODS should be at least two liters.

"Just in case" you measured the temperature and saw that the bit of the thermometer went up - do not panic. If the body temperature does not exceed + 38 ° C, then doctors do not advise it to shoot down, because the increase in temperature is evidence that the human immunity began to fight the disease. And we can and should help him cure a cold in one day, for example, drinking hot tea with the root of ginger, which strengthens the body's immune system and does not give infections. For the preparation of ginger tea, a piece of the root of 2 cm with a skin with a skin, finely cut, put together with a tea welding in a cup, fill 200-250 ml of boiling water and let it breed for 15 minutes. In this healing drink you can add a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of natural honey.

By the way, after you have rissed, be sure to wipe the skin well pressed with a hot towel - to remove the released toxins, and rejection into dry.


How to quickly cure a runny nose with a cold?

If the cold made a need to know about himself, you need to take the initiative to yourself and apply the methods of combating the first symptoms of a cold to generations.

Among the many folk remedies for the treatment of a cold with a cold, there is a sufficient amount of very effective - especially at the initial stage of the disease.

It is recommended to lubricate the calangean juice in the nose - 2-3 times a day (or bury 2 drops of juice into each nostril). A cook salt, which is mixed with butter is mixed. This ointment of homemade (a third of the teaspoon of oil is mixed with the same amount of salt and heated slightly) lubricate the nose outside. And for washing the nose, which moisturizes the mucous membrane and facilitates the nasal breathing, the teaspoon of the salt is dissolved in 0.5 glasses of warm water. The washing is carried out like this: one nostril is closed with a finger, and the second salt is drawn into the nose (the same is the second nostrils).

Ancient folk remedy for a cold with a cold - the usual onion onions.

It is enough to cut the bulb in half and breathe phytoncides, which are released from the cut. Luke's phytoncides possess a bactericidal property and are able to negotiate even the diphtheria chopper and the tuberculosis causative agent wand. So with a runny nose, they will cope easily: you need to keep your cotton swabs in nozzles several times a day for 10 minutes.

Effective remedy for a cold with a cold - to bury the nose with any warm oil (for example, olive, sea buckthorn, menthol) or an oil solution of acetate retinol (vitamin A). Must help and balm "asterisk", if before bedtime, smear the nose and wings of the nose.

Of the pharmacy nasal means, the "Galazolin", Naphtizin, Nazol, Nazivin and Sanorin, Orivin, Vibrocil, Drevyorin, and Drevy, proved to the nose.

How to cure cough in a cold for a cold?

When the cough is the first sign that the cold has listed you, it is necessary to start with the rubbing of the back and the chest ointments, which contains essential oils, and which have a disinfecting, distracting and irritating effect.

It is possible to grasp the chest area with a mixture of castor oil (2 tbsp. Spoons) with a turpidar (1 tbsp. Spoon) or ready-made pharmaceutical turpentine ointment. This remedy is rubbed into the skin of the chest (except the region of the heart) and in the soles of the legs, heat is wrapped. With the help of two-three rubbing, you can almost per day to cure cough with a cold. But it should be borne in mind that such procedures cannot be carried out at elevated temperature.

An indispensable tool from cough (and not only) has proven itself a badger fat. Due to its composition, the banschy fat renders a conjunctive, anti-inflammatory and even immunostimulating effect on the human body. You need to rub my back and chest area on the night. And in folk medicine, such a recipe is very popular: 100 g of plaque, honey and cocoa powder mix with 50 g of butter and 50 g of chopped aloe leaves (meal). Add to 5 g mumion and propolis, as well as 50 g of medical alcohol. All ingredients mix to homogeneous consistency.

For the treatment of cough with a cold for 1 hour. The spoon of this mixture is bred in a glass of water and rub on the night of the back, chest and icy muscles of the legs. And for internal use - as a powerful tall means - 1 tbsp. A spoonful of the mixture is dissolved in a glass of hot milk and drink in small sips (before meals).

Instead of tea for the treatment of cough with a cold, you need to drink champs from medicinal herbs: orers, coltsfoot, ninewood, donel, videos, peppermint mint. A handful of herbs is taken to the glass of boiling water and brewed as tea, which after 15 minutes of insteading is ready to eat - on a glass three times a day. Special breast fees from cough are sold in pharmacies. For example, in the "breast assembly number 1" contains the root of Altea, the leaves of mother-and-stepmother and the Grass of the souls; And in the "breast assembly number 2" - the leaves of mother-and-stepmother, the leaves of the plantain of the big and licorice root. These phytopreparations are produced in filter bags and brewed very simple.

A good remedy for a strong cough is fresh black radish juice, which has anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties. Radic need to wash, clean and chop finely. Then mix with sugar sand in the proportion of 1: 1 and put in the jar, tightly closing the lid. After 4-5 hours, the radish will give healing juice, which must be taken - 1 tablespoon at least three times during the day.

One of the effective methods of treatment of cough - steam inhalations. For example, with eucalyptus butter, mint, juniper or pine. Drip a few drops of oil in dishes with boiling water, sit down, tilt your head above the tank, cover the towel and breathe steam. These simple home treatments have antimicrobial, anti-filling, expectorant and bronchhalytic effect.

Aerosol inhalations, which are carried out using pocket inhalers are useful. Most often, the mixtures include essential oils (menthol, anise, eucalyptus, peach), as well as natural honey and propolis (alcohol solution). Here is a recipe for honey inhalation with propolis: 1-2 teaspoons of honey dissolve in 0.5 glasses of boiled water and drop 6-8 drops of propolis. Water can be replaced with a 0.2% solution of furaticiline. The duration of the procedure is 5 minutes.

If we talk about pharmaceutical agents from cough, then such drugs like "glazatent", "Liebeksin" or "Tusuprex" inhibit the cough reflex, but do not oppress the breathing. And "Tusuprex" has not only an antitussive effect, but also weak expectorant. These medicines doctors recommend taking three times a day on one tablet.

To the group of drugs with enveloping, expectorant and musolitic (diluting sputum) include "acetylcisteine", "Bromgexin", "Ambroxol" (synonym "Lazolyvan") and others. Remember that many drugs have a side effect and often not one. It is for this reason that drugs for the treatment of cough with a cold are recommended to be taken after consulting a doctor.

How to cure throat for a cold for a cold?

Rinse - the first emergency method for the tribium and pain in the throat with a cold. The most effective for rinsing has been considered chalfé, chamomile, hunter and tricolor violet. It is not difficult to prepare them: 1 tbsp. Spooning herbs pour 1 glass of boiling water, put on fire, bring to a boil and immediately remove from the stove. The decoction should be insisted in a closed dish for 15-20 minutes. You need to rinse the throat often and warm decoction, it will remove the inflammation of the mucous membrane and will help you to cure cold per day.

Patient throat is very useful to rinse with such a composition: in 200 ml of warm boiled water to dissolve on a teaspoon of cook salt and soda, add 8-10 drops of iodine. And even in such a solution: to take 2 tbsp on a glass of warm water. Spoons of apple vinegar or fresh lemon juice.

The day to cure a cold is not easy, but honey and lemon always come to help us. At the very first hints of pain in the throat, cut the lemon circle, put a teaspoon of honey - and in my mouth! And chew! And then swallow. After every hour, the "procedure" can be repeated.

Do you trust the pharmacy tools? On health! In the pharmacy, a large selection of all sorts of lollipops from the throat pain, for example, "Strepsils" and "Witch Lorpils", which is based on a chemical as an antiseptic amylmetecresol. And in the lollipops "Strepsils Plus" there is a painkiller - lidocaine. Tablets under the tongue "Septefril" contain the strongest antiseptic substance of decamecin, which is used in the treatment of purulent and fungal lesions of the skin, as well as for handling hands and operated area in surgery.

And in Faringosept, which removes the sore throat and discomfort when swallowing, the main active substance is a dosage means of a barn with a strong bacteriostatic action. Doctors prescribe a barrane in the treatment of acute infectious and inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and pharynx (angina, tonsillitis, stomatitis, pharyngitis, etc.).

Treatment of colds in one day with medicinal preparations

At the first symptoms of colds, people often take advertified medicines. For example, "Arbidol", which is considered an antiviral agent that increases immunity. It consists of an active substance Umiphenovir, as well as the inorganic pigment titanium dioxide (E 171) and the yellow food dye "Sunny Sunset" - E 110. The latter negatively affects the human body, so it is prohibited in the USA and some European countries. The drug "Arbidol" (Russian production) The World Health Organization (WHO) does not consider as a promising antiviral medicine, and the American Food and Drug Administration (Food and Drug Control Department) refused to register it in the United States as a medicinal drug.

It cannot but rejoice and the rapid effect of such drugs as the "Coldrex of Hotrem" or "Teraflu" applied to the treatment of a cold in one day. Their effectiveness was tried on themselves, but not everyone knows that the therapeutic effects of the cold powders are due to the presence in their composition of the maximum single dose of paracetamol - the world's popular antipyretic and painkillers. With long-term use and in large doses, paracetamol may cause allergic reactions, as well as toxic effects on the liver and kidney.

In addition to paracetamol, powders from colds from different brands contain phenylephrine hydrochloride, which narrows the vessels of the mucous membrane of the nose. So do not be surprised if after 3-4 days of reception of anti-infrainment powder you will feel burning, dryness or pinching in the nose. This is the effect of phenylephrine. And in the list of its side effects, it is: thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, skin rash, angioedema swelling, an increase in blood pressure and heartbeat.

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