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Many people are interested, where did such a name come from the Sochi ski resort? But we tell.

Mystery of the name "Rose Farm"

Why does the new resort have such an unusual name? Where did Roses come from in the mountains? Or maybe there lived a rare beauty girl named Rosa? These questions most often ask tourists on excursions.

The resort "Rosa Khutor" got its name not because of beautiful flowers, not because of the beautiful female name Rosa. The place is called so named Local Resident, Estonian Adula Roo. What a news! But where did Estonians come from in the mountains of the Caucasus?

Few people know that the Mountain Objects of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi were not built in the most famous Red Polyana, but located nearby the small Estonian village of Esto-Torok.

And he appeared so. In 1861, after the cancellation of serfdom in Russia, life in Estonia was not from the lungs.

It acted a hard law - after the death of the parents, all the property, including the house and land, passed the eldest son. The rest of the children were forced to earn a living hard work.

Therefore, in 1871, 73 Estonian families, gathering simple property, decided to seek the best share outside their little homeland. Long wandered the Estonians in the light. Were in the Volga region. Part of migrants villagers in Kalmykia. Some got to the village verset, lost on the northeastern slopes of the Caucasian Mountains.

But here the life of Estonians at first did not hold down. Honest people in nature, they could not get used to the strength of livestock by local residents. Began to arise overwriting and fights. At this time, Estonians have heard about Red Polyana on another, the southwestern side of the Chief Caucasus Range.

Switched through the mountains. The first winter was held in the Balagans, put them on the big glade, at the old oak. The place was chosen not by chance - this tree has long been considered to be a national symbol of Estonia. Their first Estonian immigrants were Adules Roo. Spring Estonians began to build houses, plant potatoes, breed pigs

For the congestive name "Rosa Khutor" hides a respectable ski resort with an expanded infrastructure and a worthy level of service. He accepted in 2014 the Winter Olympic Competitions. The name of the complex was given in honor of the Estonian surname, the farmers of which was located at the site of the current placement of the base. In general, this is a large facility with 12 hotels, dozens of restaurants and cafes, waterfall parks, entertainment centers and shops equipped with descents, a total length of 77 km, equipment rental points and the main vertex 2509 meters above sea level. Tourists coming here at any time of the year, but the peak visits falls on the New Year holidays, when a tale reigns in the mountains and comfortable conditions for active sports have been created. Next, you will learn everything about the ski resort Rosa Khutor - what it is where is and how to get there.

Rosa Khutor

Map of Kurrort

Learn more about the object

At least its fame is a terrain and received thanks to international competitions, her history began for a long time before, in 2003. It was then near the village of Krasnaya Polyana was decided to equip the ski trail. To implement the project, a picturesque plot was selected on the slope of the Rocky Array of Aibga on the bank of Mzmitt's river.

Description and location of the resort Rosa Khutor

The center is towers in the borders of the Caucasian Natural Reserve Zone, which is distinguished by nature. The guests of the area can be lucky enough to meet rare animals listed in the Red Book, or contemplate majestic eagles, easily soaring over snowdrocks. Located tourist Mecca in a small village of Esto-Sadok, not far from the famous city of Sochi. road mapDriveFurther on how to get to the ski base Rosa Farm. This can be done in several ways:
  • By plane to Sochi, and then on the bus or train;
  • With the help of the railway station to the Adler station from any corner of the country, and then the method described above;
  • On a rented car or taxi;
  • By bus.
Rose PlatoRose Plateau Resort

The climate and geography of the resort

The weather conditions of the region are ideal for the content of ski sloping. The season here starts from December and continues until the second half of May, the temperature indicators of the environment are rarely reduced to -10. The height of the snow layer reaches 5-8 meters. Rain in winter - rare guests and short, there are only at the foot of the mountains.

Name history

Equipped routes within the borders of the Mountain Set of Red Polyana, belonging to the Krasnodar Territory. According to legends, Aul Abkhaz tribes was located in antiquity. The first time on the construction of the ski base here in 2000s, but the main investments in the development of the area were invested in 2013, and in the year the slopes have already taken the best athletes in the world in the framework of the Winter Olympic Games. As mentioned above, the name happened from the last name of one of the Estonian families living in these places. There is only one question: how residents of the Baltic country brought to the Caucasus mountain ranges in the 19th century? The thing is that earlier in every family of Estonia, all the property was transferred after the death of ancestor to the eldest child, the rest in search of their happiness massively moved to other countries. Part of such "nomads" reached the Red Polyana and began to equip housing here, to engage in agriculture, breeding cattle and thanks to climatic features, succeeded in this industry. The farmers, huddled by immigrants, was called in honor of the consumed resident - Adula Roo.

Rose Dolina

This is the lower level of the center and its main part. Here are the beginning of 3 cableways, from where tourists are traveled to different slopes for winter sports. Here, on both banks of the river, there are 80 percent of all infrastructure structures: many interesting architectural buildings, including the town hall, the famous bridge novels, recently equipped by the Alley of the Fame of Olympians and the champions pedestal. Mountain resort

Rose Plato

The second part of the base is located at the mark of 1180 m. This is the main part of the complex for those who are just learning to stand on the board and skiing. A school is located here, where under the leadership of professionals, everyone will be able to know the shame of sliding on the snow canvas. There are on this tier and several hotels for the night, as well as the rental of equipment. Rose Stadium

Rose Stadium

This is the most visited corner of the resort, due to the fact that there is a buffer zone of ski slopes, extreme entertainment and hiking routes. Tourists have the opportunity to do yoga, ride on horse racing, entertain children in amusement park, and at night, after a busy day, relax in nightclubs. Rose Peak

Rose Peak

The highest level of the ski center is a zone for the pro, which can hone the skill, do freeride, ride a virgin. From here, the most exciting landscapes on the untouched natural landscape are opened. For holidaymakers, a cafe functions here. ski slope

Types of rest

In addition to sports pastime, there are other ways to relax and have fun. For Melomanians, a concert hall was built at 1630 places, where holidays, performances and festivals are summed up, and pop stars are often coming. There are also many options to organize an unforgettable New Year's weekend in the mountains. In each restaurant and the entertainment center it is satisfied with their event, friendly companies are going, a bright firework is launched. It is to the main holiday of the year at Rosa Khutor goes around the greatest number of visitors.


You can come to the picturesque corner of the country and in the warm season. In the summer there is a separate program that includes beach procedures. Each hotel has free transportation to the local beach on the Black Sea coast. Adherents of active pastime can take advantage of the walk along the health path, where it is possible to get drunk the purest spring water and enjoy impressive mountain landscapes. winter holidays


For those who went to local places in winter, there are many ways to organize rest. The descents of 77 kilometers long, 13 km from which are fully equipped under international competitions will not allow to be bored even by the experienced skier. The opening of the tracks falls at the beginning of December, and the peak of the season falls on New Year's holidays. The cozy rooms of hotels, mini cafes and private houses with fireplaces and panoramic windows are waiting for those who came to the mountains for a relaxed living. Mulled wine, hot chocolate and sledding in a pleasant company will remember you for a long time.


The mains can be called the funicular, which are a gondola for 8 people. Their total bandwidth is 18,000 people per day. Despite this, the queues are formed extremely rarely, only during the period of public holidays. Constantly function two main lifting machines from the lower level - Olympia and boom. The first one delivers passengers to a height of 1170 m, the second - by 1600 meters. It is that they allow you to organize a trouble-free lift in the morning and descent. Recently, several more elevators - Tundra and Triad, leading to Ober Khutor, were opened. As a result, it is now climbing to the top in three different ways. In addition, there is a couple of chairlifs. Track description

Description of the tracks on the slopes rose farm

According to the documents, the complex is characterized by the total length of the roads of 94 km, however, in this figure includes both unprinted, but protected Signs that are intended for freeriders. If you drop them, then the real length of the routes is 78 thousand meters, among which there are distances of different colors built for Olympic slalom, quiet riding and learning. During the Winter Olympics, a majority of athletes speeches were held here. Therefore, all bases of the base are equipped with snow guns, the total number of which is 400, since, according to the Olympic Committee Regulation, the competition may be carried out exclusively in the snow of artificial origin. However, the equipment of the failure functions only at negative temperatures. Before starting the rental, carefully examine the existing descents. Among them are wide and safe, as well as narrow and winding, where newcomers are better not to fall.


The routes for the self-expression of freeriders in the complex is more than enough, and the riding here is the budget in the region, the attitude towards them is loyal and democratic. Outside the equipped trails ride no one forbids, but no one carries responsibility for the fate of such extremals. If you first in these places, keep in mind that many slopes are deceptive, descent lead to sheer rocks and mountain rivers, so before drawing up the route it is better to seek help and advice to local guides, and also familiarize yourself with the weather forecast for the coming hours. Going to an unsafe path, you should correctly choose clothes that will not only protect from the penetration of moisture and frost, but will also soften the fall, it will look presented and withstand any mechanical impact. It is such a line of ski costumes produces a company Stayer. .Frearyd


In order for the vacation to be fully and remembered by different events, skiing on snow-covered slopes can be combined with hikes on souvenir shops, tea drinking in a cafe and, of course, to take the time to view the sights on the territory of the center of winter leisure and in its surrounding area.

Rose and Town Hall

The main cultural area on the territory of the resort is the Square of the same name and the city council building. In the town hall there is a restaurant in which the President of the Russian Federation visited himself. It will be interesting to inspect the exhibits of the "My Russia" complex. The exposition is divided into 12 thematic areas, each of which represents various memorial moments and the structures of our Motherland. There is a small imitation of the Kazan Kremlin, and a wooden log house, and typical Buryat buildings. Square Rose Farm

Extreme park and rink

Special entertainment is built for those who want to rinse the nerves and release much adrenaline into blood. It is interesting not to just participate in the testing of the extreme route, but also come here as a viewer to see how desperate craftsmen perform branded tricks. At the bottom of the ski base is a skating rink, on which the famous athletes rode during the Olympic competitions. Now we rent out equipment and try yourself as a skateman can everyone.

Mzymt River and her bridges

One of their spa parts is adjacent to the shallow, but picturesque Mzmitt's robust. A walk along the shore is worth each tourist - here you can make surprisingly beautiful and original photos - the whole five bridges are laid through the water, so that the complex is often equated to Czech Karlovy Varam. River Mzymita

Dolmen Red Polyana

Oddly enough, resting in the famous mountain center, they will find a lesson for themselves not only ski lovers, sled and snowboarding. It is interesting here and representatives of history and archeology. Ancient dolmens were found in the Caucasus in several places - stone structures built by our ancestors. The mystery of their appointment is not disclosed, but they have been attracted by scientists from many countries of the world for several hundred years. One of such thousand-year monuments is in 4 kilometers from the Red Polyana, in the forest. Having decided to get there on their own - it is better to take someone from the local population to the conductors of someone from the local population, or find out the route in detail - it is not easy to find a landmark. At this excursion, the history of our Motherland does not end. Dolmen.

Fortress Achips

In the nearest neighborhood to the village of Esto-Sadok, you can find another ancient ruins - the remains of the settlement of Achips. Conducting work on these lands, archaeologists found a lot of rare finds - weapons, kitchen utensils, elements of walls, facades and fortresses. It is well preserved only a tower with a height of 6 m. During the excavation, it was found that the town was destroyed during the fighting. There was also a tomb with the remains of human skeletons and animal bones. Fragments extracted from the Earth are stored in different museums of Russia. To get to the historic monument, you need to walk to the merger point of two rivers - Aura and Mzymta, and then move over the first about 3 kilometers. fortress Achips

Museum of Anton Tammsaare

In the already famous village of Esto-Sadok inside the wooden house of unprecedented beauty, a memorial museum is arranged. Here, tourists will be able to get acquainted with the times of resettlement of Estonians in the Caucasus and with the activities of the realist writer Tammsaare, who was treated from the most difficult at the estate - tuberculosis. Various exhibition exhibitions are collected in the museum complex - clothing, kitchen objects and rare, but well-preserved shots of immigrants. House Museum

Map of the mountain resort Rosa Khutor, where is located

To navigate the location of objects, know where to take equipment, how to go to the lift or find the desired hotel it is better to use a detailed map where all major buildings are marked. At all levels installed stands with the scheme of objects. Map of a mountain resort


As mentioned earlier - "Rosa Khutor" is a huge and one of the most visited complexes of the country. To feed all visitors, at least 30 restaurants and cafes are functioning on the territory, which offer national cuisine, as well as French, Italian, German, etc. The list of luxurious and expensive meal points hit: Follow Me Cafe, Red Fox, Alen Rosso, Bierkeller and others, where you will have to leave up to 2 thousand rubles for a modest lunch. There are on the territory and popular McDonalds, as well as dozens of cafes and eateries, where you can deliciously enjoy in breaks between the descents. For those who are looking for a budget option, there are sentences outside the skiing base, in the nearby settlements - there are much lower prices. food


In the boundaries of the complex there are several points of rental of accessories for winter sports: one in the structure of "soot yard", the second - inside the "rose shelter". To obtain the necessary accessories you need to leave a document confirming the identity document. In both places, travelers will offer the best equipment from world brands. For rental inventory it is better to go after 16:00 and take it to use the next day, since in the morning, the points of receipt attacks huge crowds of tourists. Rental equipment

Helping gear rental moments:

  • You can only take the equipment in places equipped with cash registers.
  • On one ski pass, there is a strict one set of uniforms.
  • To fill the rolling paper, you need to have a document certifying a person.
  • Rent a leased things need to be rented until the issuance points will close.
For an additional cost of renting 400 rubles, you will deliver one set of equipment to any hotel room located on the territory of the base. Snowboard rental

Where to stay

The largest domestic resort boasts a developed infrastructure. Hotels and entertainment centers can simultaneously hold a huge number of visitors. However, prices on the territory of Roses Farmers for many may be unreasonably overestimated. In this case, there is an option to stay in the village of Krasnaya Polyana, where there are decent places in the picturesque slope with beautiful views from the room. Many hotels are located right at the ski trails, thanks to which are very popular among athletes who have the opportunity to have breakfast and immediately go to the descent.

Rose Valley - 560 above sea level

The following hotel complexes are waiting for travelers on this tier:
  • Azimut Freestyle 3 Rosa Village - 3-star hotel with good reputation;
  • Radisson Rosa Khutor - 5 Star Establishment Premium Segment;
  • Park Inn by Radisson - 4th stars with excellent service;
  • Tulip Inn Rosa Khutor - 3-star hotel.
The second on the list of hotel is a place where you have the opportunity to relax with chic and scope, the rest are excellent hotels for settling the whole family where you will be welcomed by friendly staff. Rose Dolina

Rose plateau - 1170 m above sea level

The following hotels were situated here.
  • Ays Let Snow Hostel - an affordable and comfortable hostel;
  • Rosa Springs;
  • The original complex of panda shelter;
  • Riders Lodge;
  • Rosa Ski Inn.
In the Hotel Rosa Springs can not just stop for overnight, but also to get preventive and therapeutic procedures. Panda shelute is a budget place, which offers tourists a hostel format and a numbering room for 4, 7, 10 people. An indisputable advantage and even the advantage of stopping at an altitude of 1170 m is an impressive view from the windows of the rooms on the snowy natural landscape. Hotels and hotelsAccording to many holidaymakers - Rosa Khutor is one of the best ski databases of Red Polyana and the most visited in Russia. Here, not far from Sochi, you can fully plunge into the beauty of the winter mountain landscape, ride on the descent of a different level of difficulty, choose a place for overnight stay for every taste and budget, visit the sights of the surroundings and much more - all this for an acceptable cost. Rest in this area promises to be unforgettable.

Not far from Sochi, there is a small museum, there you can find out the secret where the name "Rose Farm" arose.

In 1861, the serfdom was abolished and 73 Estonian families went to look for a better share. They had a law that when the father was dying, then all the property, including the house and the Earth, retired to the older sons. The rest needed to work in hiring or freeing the place.

Estonians lived in the Volga region, in Kalmykia, they tried to take root on the northern slopes of the Caucasus in the village of the village, then learning about the Red Polyana, moved there. Formed the village of Esto - Sadok.

Adula Roo lived on an elevation from him, served until the Second World War in Krasnopolyansky Forestry.

Anton Tammsaare, Estonian Pisthel has repeatedly mentioned these places. Here he was treated from tuberculosis and lived in the house of Anna Vaarman, the maiden name of which was ROO. He cured mountain honey and pair milk, and in the house of Vaarmanov now the museum.

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