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Jun. 3. 2016.

Sometimes users set a new Windows 7, but forget to remove the old. There is nothing critical in this, but old Windows takes a lot of space.


In this article, information, how to remove old windows 7 from the computer.

There are several ways to remove unnecessary Windows:

1. Removing old windows using "Disk cleaning"

You need to run the "Disk Cleaning" program. You can find it through the "Start". Click "All Programs", there "Standard", then "service" and in the list find the desired component.


Next, in the list "Disks", select the disk on which the old Windows is located 7 (that disc, where the Windows.old folder is located) and click OK. We expect downloads and see such a list.


It is the item "Previous Windows Settings" we need. Select the checkmark if it is not and click OK. On a question about irreversible removal, I answer "Delete Files". After some time, the files of the old windows 7 will be deleted.

2. Removing old windows without programs

If the program for some reason does not manage to find or some problems with it can be removed by Windows manually. To do this, we find the folder of Windows.old and set the right to remove the right.

We go to the properties of the folder (PCM - Properties) and go to the "Security" tab


Click on "additionally". On the "Owner" tab, select the current user and put the tick to "replace the owner of the subspe engines and objects" and click "Apply".


Now on the "Permissions" tab, we select the account that the owner of the folder and change it (the "Change" button)


A window appears with a permit element where we put the ticks where it is highlighted in the screenshot below. Then click OK and with safety warning.


After the manipulations have done, you can delete the Windows folder. Climate will not be difficult and the question is how to remove old windows 7 is solved.

3. Deleting the old Windows disk formatting

This method is more cardinal, but as the "trouble-free" says. The essence is that you need to boot from the installation disk or flash drive and start installing clean Windows.

At the time of the disk selection, you will need to delete all partitions, place the hard drive of the zero and format all sections. Thus, we get a clean system, without any sign of old operating systems.

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Removing Windows 7 OS

Sooner or later, the moment occurs when the user needs to delete its operating system. The reason for this may be that it began to lag or morally outdated and it is required to put a newer OS, which meets the latest trends. Let's figure out how to remove Windows 7 C using different methods.

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Ways to remove

The choice of a specific method of deletion primarily depends on how many operating systems are installed on your PC: one or more. In the first case, in order to achieve the goal, it is best to use the formatting of the partition on which the system is installed. In the second, you can apply the internal tool WINDOVS called "System configuration" To remove another OS. Next, we will consider in detail how to demolish the system with both the above methods.

Method 1: Section Formatting

The method using the formatting of the partition is good because it allows you to remove the old operating system without a residue. This ensures that when installing a new OS, old bugs will not return to it. At the same time, it must be remembered that when using this method, all information is destroyed, which is in the formatted volume, and therefore, if necessary, important files must be transferred to another medium.

  1. Removing Windows 7 by formatting can be made using an installation flash drive or disk. But before you need to configure the BIOS so that the download is made from the desired device. To do this, restart the PC and repeatedly turn on immediately after the acoustic signal, click the transition button to the BIOS. From different computers she may vary (most often Del. or F2. ), But you can see its name at the bottom of the screen when loading the system.
  2. Note the button to enter the BIOS when you turn on the computer in Windows 7

  3. After the BIOS interface is open, you must move to the section where the boot device is selected. Most often in its name this section has a word "Boot" But other options are also possible.
  4. Go to the BOOT section in the BIOS in Windows 7

  5. In the section that opens, you want to assign the first position in the CD-ROM or USB download list, depending on what you will use the installation disk or flash drive. After the desired settings are defined, insert a disk with WINDOVS distribution to a drive or connect the USB flash drive to the USB connector. Next to exit BIOS and save adjustments to the parameters of this system software click F10 .
  6. Select CDROM by the first boot device in the BOOT section in the BIOS in Windows 7

  7. After that, the computer will reboot and start from that bootable media on which the WINDOV distribution is installed. First of all, a window will open where you need to select a language, keyboard layout and time format. Install optimal parameters for yourself and press "Further" .
  8. Select language and other localization parameters in the Windows 7 installation window

  9. In the next window, click the button "Install" .
  10. Switch to the installation of the operating system in the Windows 7 Installation window

  11. Next opens a window with a license agreement. If you just want to remove Windows 7 without subsequent installation of this operating system, then familiarization with it is optional. Just install a checkbox and click "Further" .
  12. Adopting the terms of the license agreement in the Windows 7 installation window

  13. In the next window of two proposed action options, choose "Full setting" .
  14. Selecting an installation type in the Windows 7 installation window

  15. Next will open the shell, where you want to highlight the HDD partition from the OS that you want to delete. Opposite the name of this volume must stand the parameter "System" In column "A type" . Click on the inscription "Disc Setup" .
  16. Switch to disk settings in the Windows 7 installation window

  17. In the settings window that opens, release the same section and click on the inscription "Format" .
  18. Go to the formatting of the system disk in the Windows 7 installation window

  19. A dialog box opens, where information will be presented that all the data containing the selected partition will be permanently removed. You should confirm your actions by clicking Ok .
  20. Confirmation of the system disk formatting in the Windows 7 dialog box

  21. The formatting process will start. After completing it, the selected partition will be fully cleaned of information, including the operating system installed on it. Then, you can either continue the installation of a new OS, or exit the installation environment if your goal was only removing Windows 7.

Lesson: Formatting of the system disk in Windows 7

Method 2: "System Configuration"

Remove windows 7 can also be removed using such a built-in tool as "System configuration" . True, you need to consider that this method is suitable only if several OS installed on your PC. At the same time, the system you want to delete should not be currently active. That is, it is necessary to start running a computer from under the other OS, otherwise nothing will come.

  1. Click "Start" And go to B. "Control Panel" .
  2. Go to the control panel through the Start button in Windows 7

  3. Next, go to the area "System and safety" .
  4. Go to System and Security in the Control Panel in Windows 7

  5. Open "Administration" .
  6. Go to Administration section in the Control Panel in Windows 7

  7. In the list of utilities, find the name "System configuration" and click on it.

    Running the system configuration tool in the control panel in Windows 7

    You can start this tool through the window "Run" . Dial Win + R. And take the team to the opened field:


    Then press Ok .

  8. Start the system configuration tool by entering the command in the Run window in Windows 7

  9. Window opens "System Configurations" . Move in the section "Loading" By clicking on the appropriate tab.
  10. Go to the Load tab in the System Configuration window in Windows 7

  11. The window will start with the list of installed operating systems on this PC. It is required to highlight the OS that you want to delete, and then press the buttons. "Delete" , "Apply" и Ok . It should be noted that the system with which you work at the moment with the computer will not be demolished, since the corresponding button will not be active.
  12. Transition to the removal of the operating system in the System Configuration window in Windows 7

  13. After that, the dialog box opens in which there will be a proposal to restart the system. Close all active documents and applications, and then click "Restart" .
  14. Run a system reboot in the Windows 7 dialog box

  15. After restarting the PC, the selected operating system will be removed from it.

Selecting a specific way to remove Windows 7 depends first of all from how many operating systems are installed on your PC. If OS is only one, the easiest way to remove it using the installation disk. If there are several of them, there is an even simpler version of uninstalling, which involves the use of the system tool "System configuration" .

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How to remove Windows XP 7 8 10 from a computer fully

How to remove windows 7 from a computer

Good afternoon friends. I think every user noticed that after he installed a new operating system, this OS starts working as a well-established watch. Everything is loaded quickly and correctly. With such a system nice to work.

But time goes, and the system begins to slow down. There is a long load when turned on, also, the system turns off very long. The same happens with the programs installed on this system. They load long and work incorrectly.

Of course, the best way, clean the system. About cleaning the system I have repeatedly wrote in my articles. Even wrote two free books about this: - " How to speed up the computer ? " and " How to clean Windows ? ".

But for example, the user has already decided to delete this system and install a new one. Although, we remove the system not only because of failures. Quite often, this happens when the new OS is released. When the user elementary wanted to install a new system. In both of these cases, the old system will have to be removed.

Also often remove the system when there is another parallel, and the second one becomes just unnecessary. So how to do it right? Today we will look at three ways to remove Windows 7 from the computer completely, although it concerns not only Windows 7, but also other operating systems.

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How to delete windows 7 from a computer - replace it with a new system

Make it we will, applying the installation disk, which will be loaded from the BIOS. What to do is, during the system boot, select the BIOS settings. So, the boot disk is in your drive. Once you have pressed the power on, immediately press F2. And do it you need to have time before downloading the Microsoft logo.

You will enter the BIOS settings, where you can choose the order of loading the discs on your PC. We enter the Boot section.

Choosing Booth

Next, select a priority disk as CDROM loading.

Choosing Cdroom.

To do this, click the inscription CDROM and set the priority.

sidier as a prigidny

Then, click F10 to save the settings. Now we can delete our system by installing another operating system on it, the one you decide to install. At the same time, from the BIOS, you can remove the system using other third-party software, for example, Acronis Disk Director, but we still consider the removal by installing on the old system of the new one.

This is the most common and convenient method. I will not tell about all the nuances of the installation system, especially, on the subject of the system installation, I already have an article as reinstalling the operating system. I will only explain that if you have already installed the system and you decide to become another on it, then in the process of installing the system, before choosing a partition where you will install a new system, the old one must format.

To do this, while in the disk selection window, you must click on the line at the bottom of the disk setup window.

Customize disk before formatting

Next, we need to select a disk for formatting. In our case, it is systemic, and click "format".

Select disk for formatting

Then, we will have a warning to delete all the information from this section. What we need.

Our disk formatted. Then, you only have to continue installing a new operating system.

To speed up the work of you installed Windows, I recommend: - Computer accelerator .

How to remove the second windows from the computer first method

Many users have two systems. We will consider the case when both of them are on the hard disk, but in different sections (often people put the second system on the virtual disk in the same section).

So, for this, click on the "Computer" shortcut right-click and select Properties. We will open a window with our disc partitions. Select "Advanced Parameters" in the left column.

Additional system parameters

We have a window "System Properties" appears. In the "Advanced" menu, select "Parameters" above the "Load and Restore" string.

Properties of the recovery system

Then the most important thing begins. In the window that opens, you need to choose the system you want to leave with which the download will occur. If you make a mistake, the system will simply not boot.

Loading and recovery

Click OK. Also, this method is approached if you just want to remove the second Windows from the download menu.

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This action is necessary to eliminate surprises. For example, if the default load will stand the system you want to delete, and you will not change the system, the computer will just start working.

Now, close all open windows, click on the "Computer" shortcut already with the left mouse button. In the window that opens, select the disk on which the parallel system we want to delete. In my case, it is Disk D. To do this, click on the disk with the right mouse button and select "format".

Disc formatting D.

In the window that opens, choose "Start". We have a warning, about the consequences of formatting. Click OK and disk with our second system formatted completely.

Format begin

How to delete parallel windows from computer second method

This method is much easier. To do this, it is enough to enter the "system configuration" or msconfig and open the program. Select the "Load" menu. In the window that opens, we will have information about our operating systems. Since I have a system at the moment, then the program shows one system.

System Configuration Loading

Then, choose the system that you want to delete and delete it by clicking on the "Delete" button.

After the proceedings have done, it is advisable to clean the registry. The task is completed, the second system is removed!

You now know how to delete Windows 7 from the computer completely and you should not have problems on this. Also, I wonder your opinion on this issue in the comments! Successes!

Friends, after removing Windows from a computer, I suggest you install it not to a regular HDD disk, but on the SSD solid-state disk, as I did. Discs on a page with a volume from 120 to 960 GB, i.e., in fact, 1TB. You can buy on the link .... on Aliexpress. Judging by the description, the disk is suitable for both computers and for (laptops).

How to remove Windows 7 from a computer fully consider in steps

In the screenshot you see, disc volumes. If you need to install the system, it is enough to purchase a 120 GB disk. If you are a full-fledged hard disk, then at your discretion, from 480, to 960 GB. Why do I advise you to install Windows on a solid-state hard drive? Your system will be loaded in seconds! If you buy a disk for 1TB, all programs will fly!

Generally, you can choose what you like SSD disk on page ... Those who do not know what SSD disk is, I advise you to read my article "What is an SSD disk". Successes!

Sincerely, Andrey Zimin 14.09.2015

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How to remove Windows 10, 7 or 8 completely from a computer? Delete windows easily easily, for this there are many ways that we will talk about.

A strange question, nevertheless, it exists, and many users ask him. I already wrote many articles on installing Windows, wrote even about Vista and Windows 2000 - systems, outdated, and nobody uses them. Windows XP passed positions. Windows 7 and 8 are already ceased to maintain, which will affect their safety, but they still use a very large number of people, although a dozen is gradually gaining leadership.

Before that, I want to share links to the Windows installation methods, there are a lot of useful information. Do you delete Windows because you want to install a new one?

Windows installation - materials

How to remove Windows 10 and 7 | Get rid of the system

Some think that by deleting the Windows folder and Program Files they got rid of Windows. No, it does not roll here. It's like removing the folder with the program and calculate that it is deleted, and in fact a lot of garbage remains in the system, which will be difficult to withdraw.

Normal removal of unnecessary Windows is in formatting a system disk. Unfortunately, formatting the disk with the standard way, that is, from the folder "This computer" by pressing the right mouse button along the disk and the selection of the "format" item will not be released. You really clean the disk, but will give the system as if in the original state, that is, programs and all components that are not associated with the system are deleted. The system will remain.

How to completely remove windows from the boot flash drive / disk

When installing Windows, we always use a disk or boot flash drive, where the image image is recorded. When we move directly to the installation, our eyes open with sections and discs. Choose a system disk and format it, and then install the system on it. So you deleted Windows 10 and put Windows 7 or vice versa.

How to remove Windows 10 and 7 completely from a computer

If you have more than one system on your computer, but they are located on different disks or sections (and it is necessary to do, rather than install multiple systems per partition), then you simply get rid of one system by formatting a disk using a boot flash drive or disk, either from another system using the "Disk Management" utility.

You simply click on the right-click on the right-click and select "Delete Tom" or "Format". Of course, if you are no longer needed, you need to combine it with another section.

How to remove Windows 10 and 7 completely from a computer

Deleting 1 of 2 systems using the system configuration

The second way to remove one of several installed systems is the system configuration utility. Open the window " Perform »Using the Win + R keys and enter the command:


Next, go to the tab " Loading "Where installed Windows installed systems should be displayed. First, install the Windows you use the default. Highlight it with the mouse and click the "Use By Default" button.

How to remove Windows 10 and 7 completely from a computer

Further select the system that we want to remove and press the corresponding button. After that we apply changes.

A window should appear asking for PC reboot. Be sure to reboot so that the system be retired.

How to remove windows xp 7 8.1 or 10 using LiveCD

By LiveCD, I mean some image of a program working with discs. I propose to use the Gparted LiveCD distribution. It can be downloaded from the official site and record on the USB flash drive, for example, the RUFUS utility. After you do it, boot from the drive.

A window will appear, where you need to choose the very first option - Gparted Live (Default Setting) .

How to remove Windows 10 and 7 completely from a computer

Now you need to format the system disk. The main thing is not to be mistaken, since the name of the drives are indicated unusual for simple users in the manner. First you need to focus on the volume of the section and the file system - in Windows always NTFS or FAT.

How to remove Windows 10 and 7 completely from a computer

Click on the right mouse in the desired section and select the item " Format To. By choosing the NTFS file system.

How to remove Windows 10 and 7 completely from a computer

Full cleaning of the hard disk and removal of Windows 7 - 10 | Cmd.

Here I will consider the option, complete cleaning the hard disk, after which all sections of this disk are deleted with the files and the disk will collect together. Keep in mind that this method is used only if your files are already transferred to another media or do not have much value for you.

Loading from the boot flash drive or disk and reach the window where manipulations with disks and partitions are made.

Interesting: Unable to install Windows to disk 0 Section 1

Press keys SHIFT + F10. So that the command line appears, and then perform the following commands. Be very careful.

  • diskpart. - utility for working with disks;
  • LIST DISK. - Display disk
  • SELECT DISK 3. - Select the desired disk. Be very careful, look at the volume of the total disk, for example, 512 GB, or 931 GB. Not a section, but a disk;
  • Clean. - Complete disk cleaning.

How to remove Windows 10 and 7 completely from a computer

That's actually, you completely cleaned the disk, along with the sections. Now you know how to delete Windows 10, 7, 8 and any other system, and their files. All ways are effective and at least one of them will work.

The removal of the Windows 7 operating system can be an inevitable user.

Causes can be different. We will try to figure out how to completely remove the windows system 7.

Do I need to remove windows 7

Why delete windows
Why delete windows

When the user thinks about how to completely remove Windows 7 from the computer, then the user does not suit something.

Before demolishing Windows 7, try to give the sense of the already installed OS.

You can configure software, and you may not have to delete the already familiar system.

And what replacement do you plan? Windows XP no longer receives the necessary support and updates. Eight and Windows 10 have their most admirers.

Windows 7 can be deleted for the installation of "dozens"
Windows 7 can be deleted for the installation of "Dozens"

It is recommended to sometimes optimize the operation of Windows 7 and carry out the appropriate work personally for itself.

But if you definitely decided to delete Windows 7 - follow our instructions.


First, before removing Windows Windows 7 with a PC or laptop, take care of your photos, text and tabular documents that you want to save.

We advise you to transfer them before removing the flash drive or any media, due to the fact that you need to fully format the disk, deleting all files.

Secondly, if you put the OS from a laptop, in which there is no CD drive, then you need to take care of the installation file and software.

With their help, it will be possible to remove the OS. We recommend writing to USB. Nowadays, there is an optimal software - Acronis Disk Director.

Acronis Disk Director.
Acronis Disk Director.

The main advantage of this utility and priority for the removal procedure can be allocated outside the operating system.

Removal scheme

Step one. Detergent BIOS. It must be done at the beginning.

This is necessary that the computer selected the media with the utility installed as the download file.

For this you need:

  1. To load and immediately clamp one of the service keys (table below), to start the BIOS:
    Combination keys to enter BIOS
    Combination keys to enter BIOS
  2. In the window, which is displayed on the screen, you need to find a list that looks like in the picture:
    Exterior BIOS
    Exterior BIOS

Stage 2. Further in the 1 ST BOOT-DEVICE settings you want to select for a disk - CD-ROM, for a USB / FDD flash drive.

It depends on the media that you use to download the program that fully removes Windows7.

  • Then save the amendments, restart the computer.
    Restart your computer
    Restart your computer
  • Next you need to insert into the PC disk / flash drive, reboot the PC again.
    Insert the flash drive
    Insert the flash drive
  • When the screen is enabled, the bright blue window will be displayed on it, you must select the Acronis Disk Director program.
  • Further activated working window in the program where you need to click on the item "Run the control panel" :
    Boot agent
    Boot agent
  • After the device, a window is displayed with a list of hard drives, which is in the computer. Put the right mouse button, select the menu on which the "seven" is installed and press "Format" :
  • Then at the top of the window you need to find the menu "Apply Planned Actions" Click on her:

Having done these operations - to start the disk formatting process.

It may take approximately 5 to 15 minutes.

After the operation is completed, the infa on the disk, also system system files will be deleted forever.

Please note if there are files on other disks on the PC, then access to them will be limited.

You can continue their use only when the installed OS (operating system).

See also:

Uninstall Windows 7 and installing a new system

The method we described above may seem to the usual user difficult to conduct.

After all, I needed a process of not easy to delete a file, but penetration in the BIOS.

There is a method easier and easier - installing a new OK on top to the old at the same time choose "Delete for old".

To do this, you need to have a flash drive, a boot disk with an operating system.

Install Windows 7.
Install Windows 7.

Attention! Follow a specific sequence of actions.

  • We carry out the described settings in the BIOS. Insert the flash drive / disk with the system. Restart the computer.
    Installation disk
    Installation disk
  • When loading, a window appears in which you want to select the time parameter and language settings.
  • After the window opens where the discs available on the computer / laptop are displayed. Select the desired one from the list, where the old OS is installed, press the button "Format" (often disk C: /):
    Format the desired disc
    Format the desired disc

Then the program will start the formatting process (cleaning) of the disk, deleting all files.

After that it is possible to install another OS, while resetting the previous one forever.

Delete Windows 7 and parallel operating system

There is an even easier way to demolish Windows 7.

It will not be necessary to enter the BIOS, to carry out the above operations.

To do this, select the main operating system. Obviously, it should be anything other than Windows 7. For this you need:

  • Start using a key combination WIN. +Rpanel "Run" Write a command msconfig .
    Run msconfig
    Run msconfig
  • Window opens "System configuration" . It is required to go to "Downloads" , with a list of operating systems available on a PC.
    Go to the Load tab
    Go to the Load tab
  • Specify the system that you want to leave (in the example, Windows Vista is specified), let's use the default command.
    Click using the default
    Click using the default
  • Choose in the List Windows 7, press the key "Delete" .
    Select Delete
    Select Delete

After the removal procedure, we quietly use the disk where the OS was loaded for various needs.

After the excess information has been removed from the OS increases the performance of PCs, productivity.

Therefore, if there is no direct need for using multiple OS, it is better to leave one for the correct operation of the computer.

Each excess component on the hard disk that affects the speed of RAM, should be removed if you do not want to use them.

Windows 7 removal tips

If there is no experience or do not know how to remove Windows 7 correctly, we recommend that you listen to the advice, which give experienced professionals in this matter:

  • No need to rush, save important information. We recommend to prepare for 2-3 days and start to transfer everything to one external media to the removal process. This will help structure your files, do not send the needed to the basket, do not transfer unnecessary or not necessary.
  • Newbies are better to refuse to remove Windows OS 7, if there is no other operating system on your computer. You will not access the usual graphic window with prompts - settings should be carried out only via BIOS.
  • Removing such folders as "Program Files" Windows does not mean that the OS cleaning has been performed correctly and has successful results. In some folders and files, which can be seen, in any OS there are a fairly huge number of different configuration settings that are "attributed" to Hard disk. They remain hidden for a user eye. Full-featured cleansing from Windows 7 requires total cleaning (formatting) of the disc itself.

If you have found a mistake, please select the text fragment and click Ctrl + Enter. .

How to remove windows 7 from a computer via BIOS and using the Acronis Disk Director program

Microsoft operating system is currently the most popular environment to work on the PC. There are situations when it is necessary to reinstall Windows to clear the system from "garbage" files or fix some critical errors. It is important to correctly hold the procedure for reinstalling and removing old windows 7 files so that they do not occupy the hard disk and have not caused conflicts when loading.

Preparing a computer to remove the operating system

Deleting Windows 7 needs to be started with creating a boot disk and copy all important documents that are on your PC. Remember that most of the documents are saved on the disk C, which will be formatted completely, will not remain anything. It becomes the reason why programs on other sections of the hard drive also will not work (the registry with their data is on C).

Decide on which carrier you will have a boot file with Windows. Some modern laptops and PCs do not have a CD-ROM, so you need a boot USB-FDD. It should be a special software on it, it will start during installation on the computer operating system. To do this, you need to use Acronis Disk Director or another program to create loading flash drives with a Windows distribution.

How to remove windows 7 through bios

The seventh version of Windows was very successful, so most users chose it. Sometimes it is required to reinstall, because the system is inevitably clogged and starts to bite. Customers even refused new versions (8 or 8.1), so they simply removed the old OS and put on top of exactly the same. It is necessary to uninstall the system in order not to delete something important and the computer in the future worked without problems. One option is formatting via BIOS.

First you need to delete the previous version, and then install a fresh operating system. To do this, pre-set the correct settings in the BIOS:

  1. Insert the disk or flash drive with the Windows distribution.
  2. Next, reboot the computer to go to the BIOS. A welcome message will appear from the motherboard developer and the button or buttons that opens access to the BIOS is written. As a rule, this is a DEL or F2 key. It depends on the presets of the company's customer company. Click this button several times until the BIOS environment is loaded.
  3. Find on the menu item that is responsible for downloading. By default, there is a hard disk there, but you need to set a device where the system boot file is disk or flash drive. The section, as a rule, has the name Boot in the title.
  4. Next, press F10 to save the changes and restart the computer.
  5. When loading, a special menu will appear where you specify the language.
  6. Next will appear a special interface where you must select a disk for the operating system and click "format". This will delete the previous version of the OS.
  7. After that, you can continue installing the latest Windows version.
Removing windows 7 through bios

Program for removing Windows Acronis Disk Director

The beginning of the procedure completely repeats the first 6 points of step-by-step instructions in the previous section. You need to hold a bios debugging so that the system starts running from the media. Pre-on a flash drive or disk need to set the distribution of the operating system and Acronis Disk Director is a program to remove Windows 7 from the computer. After setting the necessary parameters to download, you must do the following:

  1. Restart the computer with the already inserted removable media.
  2. After turning on, the blue window will appear on which it is an item to select Acronis Disk Director.
  3. Press it, the application work will appear before you. Click the "Run Management Console" item.
  4. A window will open with a list of hard drives installed in the computer. Right-click on the section from which you want to remove Windows 7. Click the Inscription "Format".
  5. It remains only to click on "Apply Planned Actions". The program will start the procedure for removing information, it is impossible to restore it.

How to install new windows and remove old

There are two ways to update the operating system. One implies the removal of Windows already during the installation of a fresh OS, when the distribution is the user to select the hard disk directory and format it before starting. In the second case, you can install windows over already worth. This will lead to the appearance of two system folders on the computer. This will entail the need to choose the "main" operating system at the download stage. At the same time, you can still remove old windows and leave only new.

If you saved all the necessary files from the hard disk, it is recommended to perform a clean Windows setting from the formatting of the system volume. To do this, you can use the two methods described above:

  • Installation through removable media via BIOS;
  • Installing Windows using the Acronis Disk Director program.
Installing new windows

How to delete the previous version of Windows 7

If you do not format the disk with the old version of the operating system, you will have to remove Windows 7 manually. When you go to a disk, you will see a folder with the name of Windows.old., It contains the files of the old OS, which may affect the performance of the new one. You will have to set the boot priority each time the computer starts. You should remove an unnecessary folder to avoid problems with windows. The two typical situations faced by newcomers are described below.

If the new OS is installed on the disk together with the old Operation

If you skip a step with the formatting of the root directory on the hard drive, then you will have to remove the old Windows from the computer separately. To perform this procedure, use the following scheme of action:

  1. Click on the My Computer folder, right-click on the system disk.
  2. Find the "Properties" item in a new window you need the General tab.
  3. Click the "Disk Cleaning" button.
  4. Next click "Clear System Files".
  5. Set the mark on the "Previous Installations" string and click OK.
  6. Next will be alert where you must confirm the desire to get rid of old data.
  7. Wait for the completion of the procedure.

If several operating systems are installed simultaneously

When a person broke the installation algorithm, forgot to format, he could perform several erroneous installations of the OS, which led to the existence of several system folders at once. This may affect the speed of Windows, consume PC power, cause failures or conflicts between device drivers. In the optimal version, the user must have 1 main OS. To remove unnecessary versions of Windows, the user must adhere to the following procedure:

  • format the disk with its contents where Windows 7 was installed;
  • Remove the appropriate item from the launch list.

How to remove the old version of the OS was described above. After that you need to clear the launch list using the following actions:

  1. Go to Windows with a fresh version, run on behalf of the administrator command line using a Win + R combination.
  2. You will need a configuration section. You can open it through the msconfig command.
  3. A new window will open, click the "Load" tab.
  4. Click on Windows 7, and then "Delete".
  5. Click "OK" and re-download the computer.
Disk formatting with windows


TitleHow to remove windows completely?

TitleHow to remove the second windows 7 when loading the system

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If you need to complete the Windows 7 removal from a laptop or from a stationary computer to clear the memory of the Winchester from the old "seven", then if there are detailed and step-by-step guides, this will not fully work out even newcomers. The following are instructions on how to correctly delete windows 7 operating system from the computer and at the same time leave the user-needed files in the preservation of the files or if there are two working OS in the PC, then do not harm the functionality of the other. Removing windows.

Preliminary events

Before you completely delete Windows 7 from a computer, you should save the desired files from the system partition, on which the OS is installed in the external media memory, in the network folder or on the logical volume of the PC hard disk, for example, on the "D" disk.

Save file to disk DIt is recommended except for files from the "My Documents" directories, "Music", "Video", etc., Save and the contents of the desktop.

How to delete windows 7 from a computer when it is the only OS?

Recall that it is very important to pre-copy all the necessary information from the system partition. The user information is stored in the "Users" directory in the root directory "C".

Catalog "Users"You need to transfer the desired files from this folder to the device with the appropriate memory.

Move files

During the operation of Windows 7, it is impossible to uninstall its folders with the contents, so it is necessary to load a PC from the bootable external medium. After starting a computer or laptop, you will need to open the "Disk Management" menu and in it to format the partition on which Windows 7 is installed.

The formatted disk will be entirely clean from the old system.

FormatThere is another method of uninstalling all directories and seven files - this is using the setting disk with the distribution kit of any OS format the disk "C". Format the disk "C".

Uninstalling old windows 7

If the new OS is installed on a disk with the old system, i.e., during installation, the formatting was not performed, then the directory called "Windows.old" appears. It stores folders and files of the old "seven".

"Windows.old"You must perform the following sequential steps:

  1. Open the "Computer" menu and call the context menu from the system disk;
  2. Next, go to the "General" tab;
  3. Click on "Cleaning the disc"; Cleaning a disc
  4. Then click on "Clear system files"; Clear system files
  5. Set the mark on the "Previous Installations of Windows"; Set mark
  6. Click on "OK";
  7. In the following displayed alert, confirm your confidence in unshakable solid intentions to get rid of old data and then wait until the removal process is complete;
  8. Ready! Old folder with windows 7 removed.

If several OS is installed in the PC

To uninstall Windows 7 from a multi-system computer, you will need to implement only a few:

  1. Make a disk formatting on which Windows 7 is installed, guided by the algorithm of the actions specified in the first part of this instruction;
  2. After that, it is necessary to remove it from the Launch List.

Even formatting a disk with Windows 7 - this operating system will remain in the load list.

List of downloadTo exclude it from this list it is necessary to draw the following steps:

  1. Run PC from another OS and with advanced rights through the search for opening the application "msconfig.exe"; Application "msconfig.exe"
  2. In the displayed window, go to the "Load" tab;
  3. Click on Windows 7 and click on "Delete"; Delete
  4. Press "OK" and restart the PC. Reboot
  5. Ready! The free space on the hard drive is now available for storing files or install another OS.

Do I need to remove the "seven"?

In the case when the user does not suit some system elements, it is more expedient to configure Windows 7 parameters for specific user requirements, and not delete OS with PC. To date, the more optimal operating system from Microsoft has not yet.

Reliable and convenient XP has already fully lost support, the "eight" mainly causes negative user feedback worldwide, and the new Windows 10 is still raw and there are still many shortcomings in it. It is recommended to periodically optimize Windows 7 and adjust it to itself.


But in the case when the owner of the computer or laptop still decided and removed Windows 7, and then after some time after work in another system, the seven can always be installed again.

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