How to glue the paper snowflakes on the window

Home decoration for the new year is a pleasant pastime for the whole family. The home decoration includes gluing snowflakes from napkins on the windows. Original snowflakes create a festive, winter and magical atmosphere. In this article, we will look at how to glue paper snowflakes on the window, and what adhesive materials are applied.

Types of material for snowflakes

Snowflakes for decorating windows are sold in the store, but they can be cut and independently using Christmas stencils. Most often, this decor is made from ordinary paper, using various techniques and additional decorative materials. After that, they should be attached to the glass or hang on Tulle.

Decorative snowflakes can be made of materials:

  • Color and white paper.
  • Napkins.
  • Self-adhesive paper.
  • Plastic and foam.
  • Beads, fabric, threads and infirmized materials.

When choosing a material for snowflakes, you should give preference to light. It will allow you to attach the snowflake on the glass without problems, and after the holidays easily remove it. Otherwise, you will have to use a potent glue that leaves stains on the glass, and it is very difficult to wash it. Therefore, the optimal material for snowflakes is paper or napkins.

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The better stick the snowflakes

Materials of strong fixation can damage and contaminate the glass. However, the glued pattern should be well held over several days or even weeks. Therefore, the adhesive material needs to be chosen from all thoroughness.

To attach snowflakes, such materials can be applied:

  1. Water and milk.
  2. Soap solution or other detergents.
  3. Toothpaste.
  4. Scotch.
  5. Different types of glue.
  6. Liquid holter.

Each of these adhesive materials has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Natural remedies are easily flushed and no contamination on the surface of the glass. And the tape, different solutions made of glue and self-adhesive paper can leave on the glass stains, from which it is difficult to get rid of. But their effectiveness will be higher. Therefore, they can be used to secure snowflakes of thick paper, fabric, plastic or other heavy materials.

Before decorating the window, it is recommended to wash and dry. Prepare all materials, laying up snowflakes as they will be attached on the window. If the glue composition requires special training, do it in advance.

Water and milk

If you are looking for the easiest way to stick the snowflakes on the windows, we recommend using conventional water. Snowflakes need to be moistened in water, attach to the glass, and accurately straighten. Excess water should be removed with a soft cloth. After drying, the snowflake will remain tightly attached. This method efficiently works only with fine paper. Dense paper after water drying simply will disappear.

Instead of water you can use milk. In this case, the snowflake is attached to the glass more tight. In addition, water that milk after using the decor can easily wash off.

Soap or soap

Soap - an effective method of gluing paper snowflakes to glass. It is necessary to grind soap with a grater, pour into a small amount of warm water. Treat the reverse side of the snowflake with the resulting mixture, and glue the window. Surplus of a soap solution must be removed with a soft cloth.

In addition to bars soap, you can use liquid soap, shower gel or shampoo. After using this tool, remove the soap residues quite easily. You can use to attach snowflakes from napkins or loose paper.


Attach paper snowflakes on the window with a toothpaste. Prefer white paste. To do this, apply a toothpaste on the opposite direction and on the contour of the snowflake, and then press to the glass.

This method is bad for openwork snowflakes with thin jumpers. Remove toothpaste from glass is very simple. A important advantage of such a fastening method is to create a snow imitation.


Attach the snowflakes to the window using such a substance as a hubble. For its preparation, pour the flour with hot milk or water. The consistency of the finished substance should be like sour cream.

The solution must be used immediately after you have prepared it. Skuffle a snowflake with a leaf, and press it tightly to the glass. Use a small amount of mixture so that it does not learn across the edges. Remove the hobster is easy with warm water with soap.

Glue or Scotch

Among the materials that can stick snowflakes, the most reliable is glue or tape. An excellent solution is the adhesive pencil. It perfectly holds a paper snowflake on the glass, and is also easily removed using a soap solution.

It is also convenient to use the stationery glue on a water-soluble basis. In no case do not use the glue "moment" or other similar adhesives. They can damage the surface and leave indelible stains on the glass.

A good option to attach paper snowflakes is a tape. The main disadvantage of this fund is the medium on the glass that is difficult to remove.

When choosing something to stick the snowflakes on the window, it is necessary to take into account the density of the paper and the complexity of the pattern. You may not need to use strongly adhesive products, and the simplest methods that have been described above can be used.

Snowflakes traditionally decorate the windows on the New Year holidays. Their fancy pattern gives the room an elegant and original look. Today, such a decor can be purchased in stores or make it yourself.

It is best to use a soap solution.

Before hanging New Year's decorations, the question often arises: "How then laundering the glass?" First, everything is beautiful, but then you can finish the glue with a scotch hour ... The site "" found for you the simplest recipes of mixtures that are quickly prepared, keep snowflakes well and easily wash off after the holiday.

If earlier snowflakes cut out of paper, today the decorations for the window can be made from any material. It looks original on the window knitted snowflakes, a decor of beads and plastic. The main rule - New Year's decorations should be light. So they will not constantly crawl down.

It is best to use a soap solution.

Fixed assets with which, you can attach snowflakes from different materials:

  1. Toothpaste,
  2. milk,
  3. soap
  4. water,
  5. Liquid Clay
  6. Double-sided tape,
  7. PVA glue, stationery.

The adhesive agent from natural components is almost not dirty glass and is easily washed off. Much longer you have to work with the materials with an adhesive surface. But at the same time, this option is suitable for bulk compositions and decorations of plastic.

Milk and clean water

One of the available means for adhesive mortar is milk and water. They easily stick snowflakes from thin paper. You need to fully dip the decoration into the liquid and press to the glass. This method involves neat work, as the decor during operation can break.

It is best to use a soap solution.

Big plus this option - glass is very easy to launder. Paper you just need to wet and remove.

Soap mortar

To prepare a soap mixture, you need to dissolve a small piece of household soap in the water. Apply a solution on a snowflake with a porolon sponge or tassel and attach to the glass. Liquid residues blot with a napkin or soft cloth. This method will keep any paper decor, as well as knitted decorations.

It is best to use a soap solution.

Soap remains can be removed with warm water. Instead, you can use shampoo or detergent.


Another very common solution to decorate windows with snowflakes is a toothpaste. After drying, it will very firmly secure the decor on the glass. In addition, she was not much difficult to wash off.

Use the paste only white color. Otherwise, colored granules can ruin the decoration. First, it is necessary to make a thick solution of toothpaste on the water. Pick down the paper decor in the mixture and place on the glass. Remove excess liquid.

It is best to use a soap solution.

Remove snowflakes that are glued to the toothpaste, it is necessary as follows. Apply clean water on the glass with a sprayer. Wait a few minutes and wash the water.


If the previous ways are not suitable for retention of snowflakes on the glass, then use the hubble. It can also be prepared independently. To do this, impese the flour with hot water. The mixture should have a consistency of thick sour cream.

It is best to use a soap solution.

When the mixture will cool down a little, apply it only on one side of jewelry. Press the window well, blot with a dry cloth and leave dry. You can remove the hubber from the glass with warm water, only you need to wait longer until it risks. Then wash the window with a solution with a detergent.

Glue and Scotch

The most durable fastening for Christmas decorations will be PVA aluminum or in sticks (adhesive pencil). That's just remove it from the glass will be much harder than in previous versions. Footprints can remain on the surface, as you have to rub the glass strongly to remove the remnants of the glue.

It is best to use a soap solution.

It is categorically impossible to use super glue or varieties of "moment" glue. He will forever glue the glass decor!

Large plastic figures or polyfoam are often glued to double-sided tape. It will be good to keep bulk decorations. But leaves on the glass tracks that are difficult to wash off. To do this, you will have to use alcohol or solvent, such as a varnish removal fluid.

It is best to use a soap solution.

As you can see, there are many ways to glue snowflakes on the window. As a result of using them, you can enjoy the beauty of the New Year's decor and easily remove it after the holidays.

Before the new year, every hostess wants to make his home magic and unique. One way is to glue paper snowflakes on the window. Many inexperienced hostesses notice that in the decoration process there is an unexpected problem - the adhesive material leaves tracks on the glass and have to spend time and strength on optional cleaning. There are several efficient and simple ways to avoid these troubles. The main thing is necessary to choose the right adhesive composition. Such technologies also allow to decorate furniture glasses and smooth wooden surfaces.

Just apply a little on all parts of the snowflakes and attach to the window.

Basic principles of window decoration

New Year's decor does not require special expensive tools. For the right home decoration, it is only necessary to follow the basic principles and success is guaranteed. Initially, it is necessary to cut out of paper (napkins, cardboard) snowflakes or other decorative elements at your discretion. Products are aligned, putting them between two sheets of dense cardboard. Sheets are pressed by cargo and left for several days. You should take care of this in advance.

Snowflakes are perfectly glued to the clean window, washed with a special degreasing agent. Any means for windows or dishes is perfect. Glasses are wiping dry with a rag or paper towel.

To easily fix the elements of the decor on the desired surface, it is necessary to choose a special adhesive composition. Variants of such adhesive several:

  • Various types of soap
  • Adhesive pencil
  • Toothpaste
  • Scotch
  • Milk
  • Shampoo, etc.

If snowflakes should be located on a special in advance of the planned pattern, then it is better to lay it on cardboard or paper. It will be much easier to transfer the prepared pattern to the window.


Two-way or transparent scotch is the simplest solution that the hostesses often use. The construction adhesive tape has similar scotch properties. To the tape does not overlap the tips of the snowflakes, it is necessary to turn it into the ring with a sticky surface. When glass is not absolutely dry, it will be bad to keep decorations.

Why not use scotch

The visible simplicity of application has its essential flaws. The main disadvantage - tape does not hold the decor even with the slightest moisture content of the glass. It should be remembered - in winter, the glass is covered with the hoist, they fall on them, and they simply face breathing - it is worth refrain from using the scotch. The right decision will be attached to the decorations on the tape away from the windows, on the furniture and other interior items that are less susceptible to humidity.

With artificial or excessive daylighting, even the perfectly glittered transparent tape will be unnaturally glittered at a certain angle.

You should also not forget that with insufficient accuracy you can leave on it traces of fingers, well-visible and spoiling feelings of the holiday. The use of bilateral tape with improved adhesive makeup allows you to not worry about the dug decorations, but after removing the snowflakes, you spend a lot of time, cleaning the windows from its traces.

Whatever to make a soap solution, simply dissolve soap in a bowl with water.

Milk and water

A proven method of perfectly decorated windows is the use of water and milk as an adhesive element. Snowflakes made of paper napkins are easy and perfectly attached with simple running water. Moisturize in this case it should be glass. It is convenient to apply water to the window using a sprayer. Pre-prepared snowflakes or patterns are applied to the window and smoothed them with a rag moistened in water. After water drying, the decor will safely remain on the window and will not leave traces. Remove snowflakes when the technology used is also simple, as sticking. The edge of the snowflake is fenced with a knife or a nail, and then easily removes without leaving unnecessary traces.

If the paper is more dense (office, writing), then the ideal means will be milk. Depending on the size of the snowflakes, a plate is selected in which milk is poured. You do not need to strongly watheel the figures, it is easy enough to dip them into the milk, gently smoeming the whole surface. Excess liquid stalks, after which the snowflake is glued to the window and straightens with a cloth. The rest of the snowflakes are attached to this way. Accuracy will help to avoid traces of milk on the window. Cleaning occurs in the same way in the previous case. But you should not forget that dairy trails should be washed.


Toothpaste - a universal means suitable for paper of any thickness. The paste is squeezed out of the tube into a small vessel and point to the snowflake and the edges of its rays. When sticking the figures, it should be lubricated them around the perimeter, slightly retreating from the edges. The figure or snowflake is attached to the window and gently smoothes with a rag. If there are more toothpastes during the preparation than necessary, then when pressing it will be squeezed. Late to the toothpaste must be removed before drying. When the pasta finds out, it can easily keep even big snowflakes and figures.

You can not use color, including with bright multicolored stripes, pasta. To avoid stains on snowflakes, the choice must be stopped exclusively on a white or neutral paste.

Decorations are removed using a knife. The refrigerant paste is easily seen from the window, leaving only a small white trail, easily flushing off with ordinary water.

Soap-based solution

Soap is perfectly suitable as adhesive base for snowflakes. Several ways to glue patterns with it:

  1. A solution is prepared. The soap rolls on the grater and poured a cup of hot water. After complete dissolution, it is necessary to apply a soap solution on ready-made snowflakes, stick them on the window and disintegrate with a sponge.
  2. When napkins or thin paper are used, only the tips of the rays are lowered into the solution, after which they are fixed on the glass. Decorations made of napkins are lungs and do not require a thick layer of glue.
  3. The use of solid soap moistened with water is an excellent solution for thick paper or cardboard. The snowflake is abundantly lubricated with soap from the back side from the middle to the edges and glued. To glue more securely, you need to attach to the soap of the end of the snowflakes. This method practically does not leave traces on the window, as the glass is almost not dirty with excess fluid.

It should be remembered that the varieties of soap differ from each other and have different properties. The best adhesive properties in gray household soap. It is also necessary to try to avoid bright colored soap and prefer calm white and cream shades.

To remove the snowflakes pasted by the above methods, it is necessary to wet them all over the area. After half an hour, soap splashes and remove the decor will not work.

It is better to apply it all with a brush, but you can arms (3 fingers).


The clergy recipe is simple and verified. We will need quite a bit of potato starch or wheat flour. In half a cup of flour, 1 tbsp. Spoon product. The resulting mixture is placed on the stove and is brought to a boil. When the holter thickens, it should be cooled to 20-25 degrees.

It is more convenient to apply ready-made hub on a snowflake with a brush. Lubricate as the whole figure of the whole, after which it is to transfer the product to glass and, without waiting for the drying of the glue, snugly press the sponge. Cleaster will dry for quite a long time, but you can apply a normal hairdryer, which will speed up drying.

Snowflakes, glued to the hub, are removed using a sprayer as follows: the surface of the paper is moistened so much so that the glue layer of the splament. After half an hour, the decor is easily removed using a knife and a wet sponge. The window is easy to launder from traces of flour or starch.

Starch and flour - safe substances for children, permissible to restlessly attract children to decorate windows.


You should never use glue with a complex composition, such as a super moment or PVA - they leave after themselves difficult traces. The most secure and reliable is the adhesive pencil and transparent stationery glue. A pencil is smeared with snowflake and tightly pressed against the glass with a rag. Stationery glue is applied with brushes throughout the product area. Next, you need to make a snowflake to the glass and straighten with a soft sponge.

After the holidays, the snowflakes are easy to remove abundantly moisturizing them with a spray gun. After, you should wash the window with water with a small amount of detergent.

With this, you can stick not only snowflakes, but different creations from the middle thickness of the paper.

Egg white

Protein - natural remedy, reliable and safe. This way of windows of windows has been known for several centuries all over the world. Excellent suitable for all types of paper. The technology is quite simple - the protein is whipped in a foam, gently applied to the edges of the snowflake. Then the decoration is transferred to the glass, after which it is carved with a rag.

The glued snowflakes need to wet about half an hour, after which they can easily be removed. Protein glue almost leaves traces. Even if the glass was slightly stained, it easily disperse with a small amount of soap.


The principle of action shampoo, liquid soap or means for dishes is similar to the technology of gluing to diluted in water soap. It should be remembered that these liquids are sufficiently dense and, after drying, perfectly retained cooked patterns and snowflakes on the window. Apply the detergent on the window should be either a solid layer or fragmentary. It must be remembered that the thicker the selected paper is, the more abundantly you need to smear the adhesive basis on it. After sticking, each snowflake is pressed with a sponge and smoothed.

Each detergent is easily dissolved in water. Consequently, the tracks on the glass will not remain and there should be no problems with the decoration of the decor.


Following these tips, everyone can choose for itself the most convenient way to decorate. The presented ways are not the only correct. Each hostess will surely have a recipe tested and experience. Beautifully decorated windows in the house allow you to create a unique atmosphere of the holiday and coziness. Such windows attract the views of passersby and make your home unique.

Claus Santa

Before the New Year holidays, an unexpected problem comes to the hostess: how to glue the snowflakes from paper to the window so that then you do not have to rub the glasses from the adhesive material. There are many simple and effective techniques that will help to decorate the apartment and not spend a lot of time cleaning after the holiday. For the same technology, you can glue paper patterns on the glass furniture walls and even on a polished wooden surface.

Terms of work when decorating windows

To stick the New Year's decor, do not require complex tools, but the success of the work depends on its proper execution. When preparing for the holiday, cut-off snowflakes or other silhouette figures need to be aligned, laying them between the sheets of cardboard or plywood. Top leaf Press the cargo. Snowflakes will disappear in a few days. Because of this, the preparatory stage needs to be performed in advance.

So that the figures were well glued and held for a long time on the window, it must be washed with a degreasing means (special for windows or any for washing dishes). Glasses wipe dry.

Prepare adhesive composition. In this capacity, you can use:

  • soap toilet or economic;
  • toothpaste;
  • paper glue;
  • shampoo;
  • milk;
  • Scotch, etc.

If the snowflakes are not rapidly located, and form a drawing or ornament, they must be put on a flat surface in accordance with the planned decor. After that, it will only be transferred to the glass.

In order not to be distracted while working, you need to prepare a foam sponge and a soft rag in advance. They will help to smooth out the thin paper on the glass and wipe the hands or a drop of the adhesive solution, falling on the surface free of the decor.


The easiest way is to attach snowflakes to the glass surface with transparent or bilateral scotch. Replace these materials with a construction paper sticky ribbon. So that it does not cover the tips of the snowflakes and was imperceptible from the front side, the strip of the tape is folded into the ring with a glue surface outward. In this form, it is able to replace the double-sided adhesion: the ring is glued to the withdrawal of snowflakes and glass. To any type of adhesive tapes securely retained on the glass, it should be dry.

But at sticking on the tape has its drawbacks, so at home is better to use other ways.

Why better not to use tape?

The main reason is its weak ability to hold on a wet surface. In winter, cold glasses are fisted even on the breathing of a person sticking the decor. Sticky tape is better used for fastening on glass cabinets or interior doors: here it will be firmly glued to the smooth surface.

With the inactive use of a transparent tape on it, fingerprints remain. They become visible on the glass and day, and at night, spout the impression of the decor. But even well-braced transparent tape shines brightly when the artificial light is falling at an angle.

When using bilateral tape with an increased adhesive ability of the listed deficiencies, you can avoid. But the material leaves on the surface of the glass particles of the adhesive layer. After removing the decor, drop tracks from the tape will be difficult.

Water and milk

For snowflakes cut from paper napkins, simple water will be the best adhesive. It is more convenient to apply to the glass with a spray gun with a foggy spray. When using this technique, no thin paper should be moisturized and glass. Snowflake or a silhouette figure from a napkin carefully applied to a wet surface and straighten with a sponge. After sticking, water will dry itself, without leaving traces on the glass.

This method is good to remove the decor as simple as sticking. The edge of the snowflake should be pushing the nail or blade a knife, and then remove it from the window. The surface of the glass will only wipe with a dry cloth.

Milk can be gluing more dense paper (letter or office). The quality of the product does not matter. Pour milk into a flat saucer sufficient for the largest size snowflakes. Products omit on the surface of the liquid, ranging from the middle. They do not need to be swollen, just to moisten the side that will be in contact with glass.

Raise a paper figure for the edges, give a track of an extra liquid and lean to the glass surface. Clutch paper cloth or sponge, at the same time collecting drips, if they appear. Go to sticking another snowflakes. With neat work on the free glass, there will be no traces of milk.

To remove the decor after the holiday, use the same technique as when using water. After the milk, the window will have to wash, but no hard-fastened prints leaves the product.

Soap mortar

Soap is another material that has good adhesion to glass. Clear paper patterns in the following ways:

  1. Prepare a rich soap solution. Loose soap on the grater and pour chips with warm water. Wait for its dissolution, and then apply a solution with a brush on paper figures and glue them, resurrecting with a sponge.
  2. When using thin paper or napkins into the solution to dip the tips of the rays and attach the snowflake.
  3. Instead of a solution to use a moistened piece of soap. The method is suitable for durable paper: tracing, parchment, printer. Snowflake putting off and lubricate with moisturized soap, spending a piece from the center to the edges. Until he dried, press to the glass. Compared to the use of the solution, the method is cleaner: it does not leave the opportunity to stain with a glass of liquid drops. For reliable gluing of napkin snowflakes to the wet of the soap, the tips of the rays are applied.

When preparing a soap solution, it is unwanted to use a brightly painted toilet soap. White varieties are suitable, but the best adhesive abilities - in gray economic.

To remove the decor, you will have to moisten it and wait until soap soften. After that, the paper will easily remove. Glass will stay with clean water and wipe.


You can stick any paper on the tooth paste. Use the composition, squeezing it out of a tube and pointing to the snowflake in the center and at the ends of the rays. Silhouette figurine lubricate around the perimeter, a short distance from the edge.

Leave the decor to the glass, press the rag. If there are a lot of pasta, it is extruded along the edges of the paper. It must be carefully erased until he dried. The viscous composition after drying becomes solid and even the big snowflakes hold well. You can not use toothpaste with colored stripes. Painted compositions leave traces on the pasted figures, penetrating through the paper.

Remove the decorations can be blade a knife. A piece of dry paste with a light juice is separated from the glass surface, leaving on it a white trail. It is easy to launder warm water, and then wipe the windows dry.


For the preparation of the braid, it will take some flour or starch. Pour 1 tbsp. l. Product 0.5 cup of cold water and put on fire. With constant stirring, bring the composition to boil and peck for a few minutes until it thickens. Ready to cool to room temperature.

On the surface of the paper, the homemade adhesive composition is convenient to apply a brush. You can lubricate the thin layer only the rays and the middle of each snowflake or cover it entirely. Without waiting for the drying of the glue, transfer the product to the glass and press the sponge, while moving it at the same time. Cleaster will dry in a few hours. To accelerate the process, you can use a hairdryer, directing a warm jet of air to the glued decor.

To remove the New Year's decoration from the windows, it is recommended to use a pulverizer with warm water. Then moisten the surface of the paper and give the adhesive layer to spill for 20-30 minutes. Pick up the edge of the paper and carefully remove the figure from the glass. Wash the remnants of glue with a transparent surface can be pure water: a flour or starchy composition is an option of jelly. It is safe for children, so they can be attracted to work on preparing for the holiday and cleaning.


Most synthetic compositions have good adhesion to the glass. To glue the decor, it is not recommended to use such brands as: a moment and a super-moment, as well as these adhesives (rubber, BF-6, etc.). They can leave difficult traces, to get rid of which will have to spend a lot of time and effort.

The most harmless and reliable stationery of PVA and adhesive pencil. The first tool is liquid, applied with a tassel on the paper surface, after which the snowflake should be strained with a sponge, removing the excess PVA. Adhesive pencil rubbing paper and apply the figure to the glass, pressing with a cloth or hand.

The proposed types of glue after the holiday are twisted with water (apply it with a sponge or from the sponge straight on the snowflakes). After 20-30 minutes, the paper can be removed. The remnants of glue will be lined with sponge and water with the addition of detergent.

Dishwashing liquid

Liquid soap, a means for dishes or shampoo work in about the same way as a soap solution. This is sufficiently thick liquids, which when drying it is well will keep the paper on the glass. You can put them on the snowflake with a tassel. Light instances of napkins are enough to lubricate fragmentary, applying a little composition on the edges of the rays. Heavy tight paper snowflakes are better covered with a tool fully and press the sponge, straightening the glass.

To laundel the remnants of glue, effort will not need. All detergents are easily dissolved in water.

Egg white

This is also a harmless and reliable tool for sticking paper. Beat the protein until the foam appears, lower the snowflake on it. Gently raise the actuator on the edges and move to the glass. Laundry with a cloth.

Before removing paper from glass, it is plentiful to moisten its surface with water and wait about 30 minutes. Protein practically leaves traces. If the glass turned out to be evaporated, wash it easily with water with the addition of soap or dishware.

Registration of windows at home, apartments or verandas. Waper ornament, from which you can create an outfit for the New Year's Christmas tree, suspended or wall-mounted Christmas compositions.


I remember how in kindergarten my teacher decorated the windows of our group of beautiful elegant snowflakes and paper figures.

Then there was no Internet yet and all templates she painted by hand.

But now everything is simple. Download and print the templates, and then redire on paper. And along with children and grandchildren, take the evening to sharing the magic patterns.

How to put paper


For the manufacture of snowflakes, simple office paper is suitable. Speeciously looks at the snowflakes of colored paper with sparkles deposited on it.

Below are 10 templates for cutting and result.


With what can you attach snowflakes to the glass?

Milk and clean water

One of the available means for adhesive mortar is milk and water. They easily stick snowflakes from thin paper. You need to fully dip the decoration into the liquid and press to the glass. This method involves neat work, as the decor during operation can break.

Soap mortar

To prepare a soap mixture, you need to dissolve a small piece of household soap in the water. Apply a solution on a snowflake with a porolon sponge or tassel and attach to the glass. Liquid residues blot with a napkin or soft cloth. This method will keep any paper decor, as well as knitted decorations.

Big plus these options - glass is very easy to launder. Paper you just need to wet and remove. And after - wipe the glass.

Ideas for creating decorations from snowflakes can be spacked up below.


Rejoice in trifles!)


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Options than you can stick stencil from paper on the window

Snowflake gluing

Snowflake gluing

Recently, an independent decoration of the apartment becomes more and more popular before the New Year holidays. It is interesting, unusual and useful, especially when children are involved in the process of creativity.

A wonderful version of independent design is to glue paper stencils on the window. There are many different ways to glue such decorations on the glass.

Using soap

For this method, we will need:

  • Water bowl;
  • soap (liquid or solid);
  • grater, if a solid soap is used;
  • Brush
Gluing the figures on the window

Gluing the figures on the window

We pour into a small, but wide bowl of 2 glasses of warm water. Add 2 tablespoons of liquid soap or grated the hard one on the grater. It is best for these purposes the most ordinary economic soap.

We are waiting for everything to dissolve. To accelerate the process, a solution can be vigorously. Further on the carved stencil with a tassel, soap liquid and gently apply to the glass and smoothed the selected image. Extra lodges can be removed using a conventional napkin or a dry piece of fabric.

There is also an option to glue the stencil from paper on the window without preliminary disorder with a brush. For this, it is enough to simply omit the workpiece into the solution. However, in this case there will be more sublishes and divorces.

Dishwashing liquid

Options than you can stick stencil from paper on the windowAnother option as you can stick stencil on the glass - use the dishwashing agent. Need to prepare the following:

  • dishwashing liquid;
  • Brush

In order to effectively glue our stencil on the glass, you need to pour into a small container to wash the dishes and sniff a brush in it. Slim layer apply gel to the drawing and gently press the window. After such a way you do not have to wash the window for a long time.

Stick the stencil toothpaste

Options than you can stick stencil from paper on the windowAnother way to securely glue a paper stencil to the window using toothpaste. This will require any tooth white toothpaste. Color can shine or paint pattern. The paste quickly freezes and reliably holds the image on the window. This option is suitable even for sufficiently thick paper.


You can also try to glue the stencils on the windows using the girlfriend - the use of alee. To do this, it is necessary to mix hot water and flour to about the consistency of dense sour cream. When the mixture becomes cool, but still does not dry, you need to apply it on stencil and press the window. It is better to remove these decorations, pre-watered them with water and waiting until the mass is spinning.

Use glue for stencils on the windows

Ingredients for making alee

Ingredients for making alee

The use of PVA and adhesive adhesive. Apply glue with a thin layer on paper stencil and attach to the window. This method is very efficient and reliable. It will not be difficult to wash off the traces - just wipe the place where the glue was a wet rag. In no case can you try to take advantage of these goals with glue-moment, otherwise you can spoil stencils and glass itself.

With the help of milk

Many use ordinary milk to glue the snowflakes on the windows. Due to fat, which is contained there, the paper will stay on the glass, simply moisten the image in a bowl with milk and press the window, well smoothes the product and soles with a paper napkin or a dry cloth.

Application Scotcha

Print scotch

Print scotch

One of the easiest ways to apply paper drawings to the window - use simple tape. However, traces of it, in comparison with the rest of the methods, are significantly more difficult. It will take a solvent, can also be used for this lacquer removal fluid. Watch the places in which traces of glue remained in a solution. After that, wipe the windows with a conventional wet rag.

Gluing snowflakes on the window

Gluing snowflakes on the window

The advantages of designing windows by screen by paper is that in this case you can choose an image for every taste and subject. The Internet is shot by interesting design options - openwork snowflakes, deer, bells, snowmen and other ideas of New Year's subject.

As can be seen, there are a huge variety of ways to decorate the windows yourself and securely secure the drawings. What exactly to you, depends on what kind of fool's materials are in stock, how dense paper from which the stencil is made. It will take quite a bit of time and effort to create a wonderful decor to your taste and completely free!

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Snowflakes on the windows: Pixabay

New Year holidays are already on the threshold, so you need to have time to put the Christmas tree and decorate the house. Swim snowflakes on the windows - this is the easiest and fastest way to bring the New Year's atmosphere in the dwelling. How to glue snowflakes, so that after the holidays it was easy to remove? Consider the most popular ways.

Water and milk

Decorations can be from different materials, therefore, the ways of their sticking are different. If the product is made of napkins or tracing, then they need a careful approach.

Here's how to glue snowflakes on the window:

  1. Pour water or milk into a wide plate.
  2. Dry the snowflake into the liquid.
  3. Apply to the glass.
  4. Gently straighten, wet extra liquid with a dry napkin or sponge. Carefully, the snowflakes are easy to rush.

This method is beautiful in that it does not leave divorces on the surfaces, and the snowflakes are easily removed after the holidays, without residual windows. Remember that the method is not suitable for products from thick paper, because after drying they will disappear.

What to glue snowflakes on the windows: Economic Soap

One of the most common and affordable ways to stick snowflakes on the windows. Economic soap is attacking even snowflakes of paper and yarn. To prepare a mixture and glue the decorations, do this:

  1. A piece of household soap dissolve in water or soda soap on the grater.
  2. Lock the snowflakes into the solution and glue to the window or apply glue with a foam sponge to the product.
  3. Drinks eliminate with a dry cloth.

After drying, paper snowflakes are perfectly held on the window. Remove them is easy, it is enough to moisten the decor with water. The economic soap does not leave divorces on the surface, and its residues are easy to eliminate the means for washing the glasses.

Better bilateral tape means are unlikely to come up with, especially since he is always at hand
How to glue snowflakes on the window: YouTube / My home

Cleaning and shampoo

If the previous option seems outdated, then use a thick detergent for dishes or shampoo. How to stick snowflakes on the window using this method?

Use the instructions:

  1. On the two cap shampoo / detergent use 200 ml of water.
  2. Stir, plunge into the snowflake.
  3. Attach the product to the glass, press the clean napkin.
  4. Excess fluid remove.

After drying, paper decorations are well fixed. If the paper is dense, then thoroughly moisten the product in the solution or make the sticky of the adhesive.

To glue snowflakes on the window: Toothpaste

It turns out that with the help of toothpaste, you can not only draw, but also to glue the decorations. If you use this method, take a white paste without colored granules, otherwise it will reflect on paper.

Here's how to fix items:

  1. Apply a paste on the edges of the snowflakes.
  2. Attach to the glass, please a little.

This option is suitable for decor without patterns, because when pressing the paste can go beyond the edges. If this happened, remove the surplus with a napkin. Subsequently, the toothpaste is easy to wash warm water.

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How to glue snowflakes on the window: YouTube / Piou from Natasha Dovogel


Make a little snowflakes with their own hands, they still need to be beautifully chewed on the windows. We offer another proven method of gluing - Kissel or Clayaster. You can make it from the remedies. Act step by step:

  1. Divide into 50 g of water 2 tbsp. l. Flour and potato starch. Add a mixture to boiling water (200 ml) and boil, stirring to thickening.
  2. With the help of a tassel, apply a mixture on the decorations and attach them to the window.
  3. Clays remained with a napkin.

The minus of this method is divorces on the glasses. Surplus can be swollen and leave traces, but can be removed by a wet towel or a tool for wiping the glasses.

How to glue a snowflake to glass: adhesive pencil and scotch

No desire to spend time on making a solution? Then take PVA glue, and better adhesive pencil. It does not dock hands and is conveniently applied to the product, not leaving the flows. Take advantage of this way:

  1. Open glue.
  2. Lubricate the edges of the snowflake.
  3. Attach the window.

Since the decorations remain dry, they do not lose the form and are not deformed, and this is a plus. A minus - glue leaves tracks after dismantling the decor, so you have to make an effort to wash it off. But decorations will look neat and festive.

But how to attach products from foam, plastic, paper bulk snowflakes on the windows? They cannot be dipped into the solution, and the glue will not hold the volumetric product. It is best to take advantage of Scotch. Secure the corners of the snowflakes in small pieces of adhesive tape. Remove them then easy, if you hurt over the edge. And the traces are well washed off with a detergent or solution of water and ammonia alcohol.

Using these methods, you can effectively decorate the windows in the house with minimal cost. It is important that these proven ways will not spoil the surface, easily washed away. And this is important, because it wants to mess around anyone after the holidays with washing windows. Choose the appropriate option and shut a festive attribute, creating a New Year's atmosphere.

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What adhesive mixture is easy after removing the snowflakes from the window, so that the glass remains unchanged?



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There are several many ways to stick paper snowflakes on glass without serious consequences!

Some of which I know and applied, try to tell: 1) on a soap solution

(Just the other day, we used the "recipe" at work when decoracing one of the rooms with cut-off snowflakes. They took a piece of household soap, a plate with warm water and stiguously rinsed it soap in it. And then the resulting concentrated solid was missing snowflakes and other cut-out elements of the decorated and prayed on the window glass ... it seems to keep it!); 2) on milk solution

(Tell me about this way literally today. We take warm milk, you can dilute it a little and we do the same manipulation with paper details as in my 1) -The point!); 3) stationery, water-soluble glue

(There is a glue that "doesn't like" moisture. Therefore, by gluing the cut-off snowflakes on the window glass with such a means - you can easily wash it back!);

Here is what I really experienced!

The author of the question chose this answer as the best.


Anyasneg. [71.7K] For

  • To glue a snowflake on the window and then you can easily wash the glass
  • You can use the following means:
  • soap solution or ordinary shopping soap that urinates in water and then smelling snowflake
  • Common Transparent Scotch or Bilateral Scotch
  • You can try to glue the snowflake with water, but then it is deformed, and it will be very weak, can still fall out in an hour
  • Try the adhesive pencil or hubble, but then you have to wash the windows for longer, but the glue does not spoil them (if this is certainly not glue moment)
How to quickly glue snowflakes on the window: 7 simple waysuse toothpaste instead of glue


about this method I hear for the first time, but someone uses the usual kefir like glue




Snowflakes most often glued to ordinary shopping soap. But personally I like to use the shampoo or dishwashing agent. Technology Such: In deep dishes, we pour cool water, dissolve the shampoo or dishwashing agents (a little bit - a completely droplet), put the finished snowflake into this solution and gently apply to the window so that the beauty does not tear




On Cleaster (add a little flour and stirring to boil), or to Kissel. It glues well and easily washed away from the glass.

Lubricate the root side to the state of glue with soap. When driving, it is easy to launder simply with water.

Frida [17.7K]


I always stick snowflakes made of fine paper on the window with water. A little wetting the surface of the snowflake with warm water and apply to the glass, then sticking the snowflake for a minute and let go. After water dries, the snowflake is secluded reliably. This method is well triggered if the snowflake is made of fine paper. If paper is medium thickness, soap water can be used to gluit to glass. After drank snowflakes, soap divorce is easily erased with a damp cloth.

If you glue with scotch, then the traces of it can be easily laundered with acetone, solvent or simply liquid for removing varnish.

It is also easy to stick thin snowflakes with the help of an ordinary soap, watered a pre-soap and spending it on one side of the snowflake - that which will be adjusted to the glass.





The easiest way to take soap, make a concentrated soap solution and glue the snowflakes on it. When after the new year you will turn off the snowflakes, simply moisten them with water and at the same time wash the glass. Snowflakes are well and on a flomery Cleaster and you can still glue them to the milk.



New Year's decorSnowflake optionIf you smoke a piece of the household soap and tell them on one side of the snowflakes, which is immediately glued, then the glued snowflake will hold on for a long time. After the New Year holidays, a sponge dipped in the water, you can quickly remove the snowflake and wash the window.


Nikolai Sosiura.



Glue paper snowflakes

So you can not spoil the glass.

Best, and this is verified personally, with paper snowflakes glue with finger glue.

It is fast, cheap and glass at any moment is easily mounted.



In order not to spoil the glass with glue and then, after the holiday, it is easy to launder it, stick the snowflakes on a fluttering honesty, on milk or a thick soap solution. You can take adhesive pencil or tape, but then the glass is so simple.



I advise you to use PVA glue. True, it is better that finger glue. I have been using for several years. When you remove the snowflakes just wash the window with a lot of water and the remnants of the glue completely wash.

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