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The best treatment of serious cats is in the hospital, however, this is not always done. Some animals react too emotionally to excommunication from the familiar home environment or contact with a stranger man, and sometimes the content in the clinic is too expensive, so the owners prefer to carry out at home. Most questions arise with how to make a cat injection intramuscularly, if there is no experience in such manipulations. In fact, to acquire the skill of intramuscular injections is quite easy, it can learn almost everyone.

Failure to eat and drink, dehydration;

Selection of syringe

Before making a cat, an intramuscular injection, you should choose the right syringe. If the volume of the injected medication does not exceed 1 ml, then it is worth staying on the so-called insulin syringe. The diameter of the needle is the smallest, so painful sensations and discomfort during manipulation will be minimized.

Insulin syringes are ideal for injections, but too thin hole is not suitable if the injected drug has an oily consistency. It can easily be clogged during the introduction, which will make a long-term manipulation, puncture the skin will have to repeat, and the animal will experience even greater stress. In the case of a thick medicine or an amount exceeding 1 ml, it is worth staying on a conventional syringe with a capacity of 2-3 ml.

How to gain medicine in the syringe

A set of medicines in a syringe - an important point when performing an injection. To do everything correctly, there are several requirements:

  • Before starting, wash your hands with antibacterial soap or antiseptic agent.
  • Strip the needle before the start of a drug set or to touch her hands can not be, as microbes can get to it. For the same reason, the re-use of the same syringe for several injections is strictly prohibited, even if they are performed by the same cat.
  • Before set, the contents of the ampoule must actively shake in order to averaged the concentration or dissolve the precipitate.
  • Before you start a set, you should count the name on the ampoule to check that exactly the remedy that is needed to be chopped.
  • The set of the drug from the ampoules, which were open before, is prohibited. If the means in the ampoule is enough for more than one injection, it is necessary to store it in the syringe in the refrigerator. The excess air should be released in order not to start the oxidation reaction. In such a prepared state, drugs can be stored no longer than three days, after which they are disposed of.


  • The liquid is gaining everything without a residue or in the volume that the veterinarian prescribed. From small ampoules, you can pick up a liquid, turning them upside down.
  • The syringe turns over vertically, and from it is carefully squeezed out all the air, and if necessary, the amount of medication is extra.

Important information: mix together various medicines in one syringe can only be destined in the veterinarian. In other cases, a chemical reaction may occur, which will change the properties of the drug. Sometimes such "experiments" can cost a cat or even life.

The injected substance should always be room temperature or body temperature. If it was stored in the refrigerator, then before starting manipulation, it should be heated in the palms. It usually takes no more than a minute.

Where to prick

Intramuscular injections for cats are used quite often, as they are the most painless. In most cases, the injection is performed by a cat in the thigh. Much less often choose for the introduction of the two-headed muscle of the thigh on the back paw. The pain here is higher here, but due to the characteristics of the blood circulation when injected into this part of the body, the tool will work faster. Select the most fleshy place.

It looks like an abscess of a cat

How to perform

In order for everything to go successfully, you need to think over the entire algorithm in advance. Knowing the temperament of your cat, it is possible to understand whether it is possible to put an injection on his own or should attract an assistant.

The needle is injected under the skin at an angle of 45 ° C, immersing it almost as much as possible. This rule is valid for animals that are heavier than 5 kg by weight. For the remaining depth of administration is 1-1.5 cm.

The rate of administration depends on what kind of drug is being entered. If you need to make more than 0.5 ml, you can perform an introduction for 1-2 seconds, but the more volume, the slower it is necessary to introduce the drug so that it is not formed in soft tissues. After anything will remain in the syringe, you can quickly extract the needle. Only at this moment you can go to the cat.

If the animal is too actively resisting and breaks out, it can be bought in the bedspread, leaving access only to the place of administration of the drug. It should be remembered what physical violence of pets tolerate badly, so it is necessary to make an injection as quickly as possible. After that, you should help the cat to get out and calm her, showing all my appearance that they love her here and not offend.

How to put an injection of a cat intramuscularly: video

Possible difficulties

For a non-specialist, to make an intramuscular injection may not be easy, especially for the first time. It must be remembered that the excitement is transmitted to the pet, so it is very important to keep calm. Injection is necessary in order to help the animal, so the feeling of guilt is completely nothing to do.

If, after intramuscular injection on the surface of the skin or wool, blood appeared, this is considered an option for the norm. But if the bleeding does not stop, then you need to attach something cool to the place of manipulation for 15-20 minutes. It is important not to overdo it and not perch up the injection site.

Chromotype can be maintained for some time from injection by painful drugs, but if the limb is lifeless hung and lost mobility - this is a reason to appeal to consult a specialist.

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A pet disease is always exciting, especially in a situation if the veterinarian prescribed an injection that needs to be done independently. The experiences in this case are strengthened, as you want to help the cat and at the same time not harm. In the article we will give detailed instructions how to put a cat in a cat with intramuscular and subcutaneous injections.

When the inflammatory process also begins, the methods of physiotherapy, novocaine blockades are effective. In the later stages, the glans are revealed and carried out cleaning.

Choose a syringe for injection

Tools for pets are purchased in an ordinary pharmacy for people. There are three types of injections: intramuscular, subcutaneous, intravenous. For each option requires various syringes and needles.

For intramuscular

Injection in this case is carried out in the muscle of the back or front feet of the cat. Volumes of the syringe are allowed 1, 2, 5, 10 ml. If you need to enter a dose of more than 1 ml, you need to choose three-component syringes. In addition to the needle and piston, the design includes a plunger that allows you to gently move the needle. The black seal is at the end of the piston where the needle is inserted.

After selecting the correct volume, you should decide on the needle. For a cat and especially for a kitten it is better to choose thin needles. When choosing a syringe by 2.5 ml and more, needle to take 30x0.6 mm or from the "insulin syringe".

With doses less than 1 ml, "insulin syringes" are well coped. They received their name from the frequent introduction of insulin, patients with diabetes. The tool has two positive characteristics. First, he has a paddle plunger. Secondly, the needle is short. Newcomers should not worry about the depth of the needle.

The treatment of phlegmon and abscess only does a doctor.

Important! The needle must be very acute. If she got a medicine through a rubber stopper, the needle should be replaced.

For subcutaneous

In this case, the injection is made in the bell of the animal. Since the skin is soft here, not so stretched, has little nerve endings. The cat feels less, and, therefore, even patients with pricks tolerate.

The volume of the syringe can be different, but the needle should choose 30x0.6 ml. This is if the medicine is not oil-based.

Intramuscular injections are not the simplest procedure conjugate with some pet health risks. Therefore, if there are doubts about your own, then it is better to trust the specialist.

Often subcutaneous injections are accompanied by drugs with an oily structure. In order for the drug to not scoring the passages in the needle, you need to choose the needles of the larger diameter, as the oily and viscous structure of the drug quickly freezes. For example, if the syringe is 3 ml with a volume, then the needle should be selected 40x0.7 mm and so on.

Intravenous injection is carried out only by specialists.

Basic Rules and Recommendations

With independent administration of the drug, be sure to follow the rules of personal hygiene:

  • Before the procedure, wash your hands with a soap solution and wipe with alcohol;
  • Use a disposable syringe, be sure to sterile;
  • Do not touch the needle hand;
  • For each introduction you need a new sterile needle;
  • Do not use open ampoules.

Sometimes expensive preparations are intended for several injections. Do not start every time another bottle. It is enough to gain recommended doses in various syringes and close by plastic caps. Keep medicine needed in the refrigerator, storage time must be listed in the instructions for the drug.

Although this method is not always possible. For example, Powdered medicines are bred immediately before the procedure Since they have a property of creating a precipitate. Before use, the ampoule is heated in the hands. The drug temperature should be slightly higher than the surrounding.

Important! You can not use a pure ampule, which has a name. Check the shelf life of the drug, overdue instances throw out.

In open boxes, check the name of the medicine. Since, it is quite possible, when cleaning was put on a lonely ampoule on a free place in the box.

Read the instructions before applying, perhaps the drug shakes before the procedure.

Prepare a special pink to open the ampoule. Wrap it with your car and push in the opposite direction. On some instances there is a mark. Then, insert the needle. For convenience, lift the ampoule upside down and dial the solution. Excess air after filling the containers, squeeze the piston from the syringe.

Do not try to connect two medicines into one device. A negative reaction and sediment is possible.

Decide on the type of injection. Not all drugs can be administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously. For example, calcium chloride is administered only intravenously, and DIMEDROL is suitable only for two types of injections: intravenously, intramuscularly. All inconsistencies can lead to fatting tissues and aggravate the situation.

Technique administration

The rate of administration of the drug plays a role in an intramuscular circuit. The more medication, the slower it must be entered. For example, the volume of 1 ml should be stretched by 2-3 seconds, and 0.5 ml inserted in one second.

Injections are smelting the muscles and thus apply microtraums the body. Therefore, a certain calculation is used to introduce the desired amount of medication for cats of different masses. In one place for the middle cat weighing 4 kg should get 1 ml of the drug. If you need to enter more, then it is necessary to prick in several places.

Intramuscular injections are not the simplest procedure conjugate with some pet health risks. Therefore, if there are doubts about your own, then it is better to trust the specialist.

With subcutaneous circle, the rate of drug administration does not have a significant value. The amount of liquid per 1 kg is limited to 70 ml.

Intramuscular injection

To make the medicine quickly, make mainly intramuscular injection. The best place for injection is the middle of the hip.

Cat makes intramuscle

Algorithm of action


  1. The procedure will pass quickly and successfully if preparing work. Put in advance on the table, a syringe, a medicine, a popul, alcohol.
  2. We read carefully instructions. Suppose you notice a discrepancy with the recipe of a veterinarian. Call your doctor and find out before you start injection.
  3. Hands wash with soap and wipe with alcohol.
  4. Before you cut the ampoule, make sure the medication is in its lower part. If the medicine fell into a narrow part of the bottle, knock on the walls and distribute it correctly.
  5. Send the needle into a cut-off neck and turn the ampoule. Thus, it will be more convenient to carry out a set of fluid.
  6. As soon as the solution is dialed into the syringe, turn the syringe up the needle so that the air drops rose up. Press the piston until the needle is filled with medicine, and the air will be mounted.
  7. Do not worry before the procedure, otherwise the cat is felt and will be excited and tense. You need to calm the cat with burning movements to relax muscles.
  8. You do not need to lubricate the place of the injection, as it can only damage the antibacterial layer of the skin.


  1. If there is a partner, let him put a cat on the side and will hold for the paws. For independent actions, you can use the bag by the lock for injections. Also use a large clothesp. Fasten it for the withers. The cat will think that someone holds her, and will sit quietly. For the owner there is an opportunity to work with both hands.
  2. For your fingers, pass the bone in advance so as not to get into it with a needle.
  3. No need to clamp the area of ​​the injection.
  4. Some medicines should not fall into the vessels. Therefore, during the injection, pull the piston and make sure that the blood did not enter the syringe and calmly enter the solution. If there is blood, pull out the needle and make a new puncture.
  5. Into the needle in the middle of the thigh by 10 mm at an angle of 45 degrees.
  6. The rate of administration depends on the amount of solution. Each ml of medication needs to be introduced at least 2-3 seconds, each subsequent ml is slower.
  7. After the fluid is introduced, the needle pull out under the same tilt, which was inserted before. Wipe the place of the injection is not necessary.

Video instruction How to make an intramuscle to the cat:


Crosses under the skin are recommended by instructions, with a large amount of medication and causing pain. It is this way that injections of Nobivak are put, well-known cat owners.

Medicine in the syringe

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Conduct preparatory work: get the medicine, alcohol, pink, vatka.
  2. Treat hands with alcohol.
  3. Get acquainted with the instructions.
  4. Dial medicine.
  5. Conveniently placing the cat, open the withers for the procedures. Pull her up and fingers to make a fold.
  6. The needle pose parallel back and enter into the fold. If the "insulin syringe" is used, then deepen the needle completely, the syringe of another type is 0.5 cm. If after a puncture needle fails inside - this is a signal that the needle has successfully made puncture. We introduce the medicine.
  7. After the injection, pull the syringe on the same projection.

Useful video

Detailed video about how to make subcutaneous injection:

Intravenous injection

During intravenous injection, a catheter is installed on the paw. Medicines are introduced through it. The procedure is quite complicated for a beginner, so it should be trusted to professionals.

Places where you can put an intramuscular injection cat

Possible consequences

Sometimes the procedure does not pass without consequences. Therefore, they need to be ready to alleviate the fate of the cat. Consider the most common.

Blood on the spot

Sometimes after an injection, you notice a blood drop. The blood vessel may be damaged. If blood is a bit, then you need to take ice, wrap it in a towel and attach to the wound. After 10-20 minutes everything will pass. If the wound is bleed after the cold application, immediately refer to the veterinarian.

Education of cones and swelling

Postline abscesses are a consequence of an unsuccessful injection. Bacterial infection falls into the wound. The second cause is the preservation of the pet in the injection zone. Consequences: Increased temperature, fever, anxiety. Cat has painful, purulent capsules, which are removed by surgery.

Usually, swelling and bumps after injections on the health of the pet are not reflected. Over time, they will dissolve themselves without the participation of the veterinarian.


The appearance of the chromotype of the back limb often appears after injections. According to veterinarians, it is not worth worrying about this. Chromoty will pass in a few days.

But if the cat pulls his leg a few weeks, you need to turn to professional vet to prevent the disease at an early stage. Doctors will spend a series of novocaine blockades.

Changing cat behavior

The pet changes greatly after the injections: nervous, does not give herself to stroke. Experts explain this psychological attack. Cats are afraid of people in white coats, injections. To bring it in the original condition, you need to give a pet time. Over time, he will forget everything and will be active, affectionately. You can speed up the process with your favorite meal, treat the cat with goodies, and she will answer for care immediately.


Temperature rise

When the temperature rose as a result of vaccination, the reaction is considered normal. After 2-3 days, all the symptoms will disappear. If the temperature continues to hold on after 3 days, you should contact the veterinarian. Complications associated with allergies, paralysis may appear here. Based on the revealed complications, treatment is assigned.

A more rare case of temperature increase is associated with an abscess after injection. You should refer to the veterinarian to remove the purulent seal.

Treatment of pets is more economical at home. But before making a choice, it is worth thinking about whether you are ready to fully answer your actions. Sometimes the right solution can be trusted to professionals. Share with us and readers in the comments of practical advice as you make a dam in your cat.


Sometimes the master of the pet is forced to independently do injections, as the visit to the clinic is not always available and convenient. Knowledge of the rules and sequences of the procedure will help to put the injection quickly and practically painlessly, without unpleasant consequences. Learn how to make the root of the cat intramuscularly at home, it is completely simple, even if you are far from medicine.


1. Features of the procedure

- Advantages and disadvantages

- differences from subcutaneous and intravenous injections

2. Recommendations and rules

3. What a syringe fit

4. How to put - detailed instructions

- Training

- Algorithm of action

5. Why complications may appear

6. Possible consequences

- Blood in Rank

- abscess

- Temporary chromota

- nervous behavior

- Increased temperature

Features of intramuscular injection cat

A similar type of injection sends the healing solution immediately inside the muscles. The quotes are the most suitable for this shoulder and the thigh area - it is there that there are a huge amount of blood vessels, through which the drugs are quickly absorbed and penetrate into blood for 5-10 minutes.


Advantages and disadvantages

This type of procedure has its advantages and disadvantages. What relates to K. Undoubted pluses:

  1. The introduction of the needle inside the muscles will relieve the problem of the formation of infiltrates (seals), which are characteristic of subcutaneous injections.

  2. The arrival of antibiotics or neuroleptics acts on the body gradually. The liquid falls into the vessel dosed, which maintains the correct concentration of therapeutic substances in the body of the cat. It is especially important for antibiotics that have a significantly negative impact on useful microorganisms.

  3. The injection can be made at home without special training.

  4. The procedure is suitable for animals of all ages - from small kittens to the elderly.

The disadvantage of the method is its pain, especially if the injection puts a person without experience. In addition, a large amount of injected drug injures and smears muscle tissue. For example, if a single dose of fluid is more than 1 ml of 4-4.5 kg of the weight of the cat, then the trouble will not make long wait.


Differences from subcutaneous and intravenous injections

At home, you can also be intramuscular, and subcutaneous injection. Nevertheless, between them there Essential differences:

  1. Place of administration. In the first case, it is a thigh or shoulder, with subcutaneous administration - a fold under the knee or withers.

  2. Liquid volume. Inside the muscles can be introduced to 1 ml, and under the skin - up to 60-80 ml.

  3. Soreness. The deep introduction of the needle in the muscle causes fairly strong pain, while the injection in the withers, many pretty simplices do not notice.

Intravenous inflows are distinguished by their complexity, so they are extremely rare at home. All manipulations associated with large blood vessels are performed only by veterinarians.

Recommendations and rules

Almost all medicines are kept in the refrigerators - this is what the instruction attached to the medicine says. Before use, it is recommended to warm the ampoule in the hands - for the same purposes you can leave the drug at room temperature or omitted in warm water. If it is too cold solution, then unpleasant and even painful sensations of the cat can significantly increase.

For injection, sterile syringes are prepared in advance, as well as the blade for rapidly opening the ampoule. Capacity with medicine must be carefully learned to check the shelf life and additional information. The volume of some ampoules is designed for several doses: when using them, you should immediately dial different syringes and close them with protective caps. Keep filled syringes need in the refrigerator no longer than the specified shelf life.


Some drugs during storage in the syringe give a bundle - then they must be thickened directly before use. If the medicine does not become homogeneous, it is better to abandon its use.

If the drug is represented in the form of a powder, then it should be allowed immediately before manipulation. Storage of such liquids is unacceptable, because it leads to the formation of a precipitate, which cannot be dissolved. Also cannot be mixed with different drugs in one syringe - this can lead to a negative reaction and the mentioned precipitate.

It is important to carefully examine the consequences of the use of the drug, compare the dosage and duration of treatment. It will not be superfluous to write a memo on the sequence of actions and the number of prescribed drugs. It is not necessary to fully rely on your memory first, because the excitement can adversely affect the manipulation. With the acquisition of sufficient experience, the instruction will not need.

It is important to observe Hygiene Rules:

  • Wash hands with soap and wipe thoroughly with alcohol;

  • apply one-time sterile syringe;

  • Do not touch the needle with your hands;

  • Do not use previously open ampoules.

It should be remembered that the cat is unlikely to like the process, so it will resist. A blanket or a large towel will help protect against bites and injuries from claws. An animal wrapped in it almost completely, leaving only the head and the hind limbs open.


Special straps or fixing bags will help painlessly peeling pets. These devices are convenient if the manipulation conducts one owner without assistance. Otherwise, the cat is firmly shy, trying not to cause her additional inconvenience, and hold together until the end of the procedure.

What a syringe will suit

Sometimes veterinarians give a medicine already scored in the syringe, and then the hosts of animals becomes one problem less. But often the tools have to be bought independently, and then you need to carefully treat the choice.

Often the owners of cats choose insulin syringe - his needle is very thin and short, which makes the procedure for a cat practically imperceptible. Another advantage - adult cats can be administered to the needle completely, without fear that she will go too deep.

Also, the insulin syringe makes it possible to more accurately determine the dose of medication - this is possible due to the abundance of divisions.


But there are cases when insulin syringe Better not to use:

  • The medicine is too thick, and it will not pass through a thin needle;

  • Insulin syringe is designed for volume up to 1 ml, and if you need to introduce a large dose, it will not fit;

  • Too active cat, torn, can bend and even break a thin needle, and it is dangerous.

An ordinary syringe is better to choose with the finest needles in order to lean the muscle tissue less. A long needle suggests that a person himself controls the depth of its introduction, and this is not so easy for beginners.

How to put a cat injection intramuscularly - detailed instructions

So that everything goes successfully and without superfluous stress, it is necessary to pay the time to prepare, as well as double-check your skills. It will calm down and the master himself and the pet.

how to make an injection of cat intramuscularly

The first experience may be heavy, but every time it will be easier and easier. In experienced owners and veterinarians, cats often do not even feel that they are picked.


Soothing and preparing the animal, are determined with a place for puncture. The injection area must be without injury and inflammation. Long wool should be cut in the place where the medicine will be introduced. The protective cap is removed immediately before the dam and in no case before.

Training lies in the following:

  1. The process runs quickly if competent training has been carried out. Put in advance to the clean surface of cotton wool, syringe, ampoule, special file and alcohol.

  2. Before use, you need to read (or re-read) instructions for the drug. In case of issues, you should call and consult with the veterinarian.

  3. Wash hands with soap and wipe their alcohol. Before signing the container, they check the liquid to be at the bottom of the ampoule. If the solution fell into the neck of the bottle, then you need to knock on its walls. Next, you need to insert a needle to the scrambled neck and turn the container - it will be much more convenient to gain fluid.

  4. When the solution moves into the housing, the syringe turn over the needle up to rise air bubbles. Then move the piston until the needle is filled with liquid. Air to the time of use should be completely lowered.

  5. Do not worry, because the animal will understand it and will also begin to worry. Cat is preferably stroking to be in a normal mood.

  6. Wipe the place for the injection is not necessary - it will only damage the antibacterial layer on the surface of the skin.

After preparation, it is not necessary to slow - you need to immediately begin the introduction of the drug.


Algorithm of action

The scheme of staging is simple, and after the first time you will feel confidence. To avoid unnecessary excitement, ask a relative or friend to assist you.

Algorithm Drug administrations:

  1. The assistant must be putting a pet on the side and hold behind the paws. If the owner makes an injection one, then you need to use the locks. You can use a large clothespin, which is placed on the withers: the cat will think that he is kept, and will not move. Then a person will be able to work with two hands.

  2. Then you need to grope the bone in order to prevent the needle to this place.

  3. Do not compress the injection area.

  4. Some funds should not penetrate into large vessels. During the manipulation, the piston is delayed and they look so that the blood does not appear in the syringe. After that, fluid is introduced. If the blood is present, the needle pull out and make another puncture.

  5. The needle is introduced into the middle part of the thigh by 10 mm (for kittens - a little smaller), by observing an angle of 45 degrees.

  6. The speed of pressing on the piston is determined by the amount of preparation. It is usually introduced at least 2-3 seconds. After administration, the needle is pulled out at the same angle, under what was inserted, without sharp movements. Sleep the place for injection should not.

Anyone knows that after the fence of medication from the ampoule, it is necessary to get rid of the air formed inside the syringe. It is possible to do this by clicking on the base of the case, but not by the needle itself. When bubbles rise to the needle, you just need to press on the piston - then the air will come out, and a pair of liquid droplets will appear.

What are the advantages of the pool of the cat intramuscularly

Most of the inexperienced owners are afraid to cause a cat irreparable harm in the accidental air in the blood. But this should not be feared when setting intramuscular injection:

  1. Air entering is deadly if he penetrates immediately into Vienna through an insulin needle or through drip infusion - but not through the muscle.

  2. A large portion of oxygen, and not a small bubble leads to the death of a pet.

  3. With intramuscular injection, air penetration into the drug solution is not very desirable, but does not lead to death.

If the solution is recruited from the vials with a lid of rubber, an additional needle is inserted into it to suck air. The process of set becomes much simpler, and the possibility of air from entering significantly decreases.

Why complications may appear

Complications arise due to violation of the procedure of actions or preparation rules. For example, non-compliance with hygiene requirements leads to seals (infiltrates), inflammatory processes or rims on the body of a pet. Malignant formations in muscles or dieting muscle tissues occur due to ingress of some malicious matter.

how to make an injection of cat intramuscularly correctly

If the owner was not disturbed to warm up an ampoule with a medicine, then the appearance of sarcoma or inflammatory seals in soft tissues is possible. Especially poorly reacts the organism of the animal to cold oil solutions. As a result of accidental contact of such substances, a fat embolism appears: it is a dangerous blockage of blood vessels caused by disorders in the circulatory system.

Preparations with overdue shelf life, as well as poor-quality drugs cause allergies. Complex allergic reactions occur due to sensitivity to solutions components. A strong anaphylactic shock can lead to a domestic animal.

To avoid consequences, be sure to consult a veterinarian. Even if you have extensive experience, check the specifics of a particular medication - it may require some special conditions.

Possible consequences

Mostly injections of pets pass without any consequences, even if at home inexperienced by the owner. However, the complications need to know that in case of trouble to help a pet quickly.

How to make an injection of cat intramuscularly, hygiene rules

Blood in Rank

Noticing after a puncture a drop of blood at the site of the wound, should not panic. Probably, the wall of the blood vessel is simply damaged. If the blood drops are small, the ice or wet cold towel applied to the wound. Everything will be held in 10-15 minutes, but prolonged bleeding is a reason to turn to the doctor.

The appearance of abscesses

Plows and glands after therapeutic manipulation appear after incorrectly executed process. Bacteria falls into the rink, and infection begins to develop. Sometimes the cause of inflammation and cones becomes supercooling in place of the injection: this is manifested by fever against the background of elevated temperatures, anxiety, lethargy, lack of appetite.

Remove abscesses with a surgical operation and subsequent purpose of anti-inflammatory drugs. In simple cases, swelling is solved alone after a while.

Temporary chromota

Watching on the back feet is a frequent phenomenon after a cat made an intramuscular injection. Usually it happens after especially painful injections - antibiotics or thick, oily on the consistency of medicines. Veterinary doctors are convinced not to worry about temporary chromotype - usually it passes in a couple of days, but a long-term problem with the limbs requires a visit to the clinic. There is a prescription of the blockade from novocaine to remove pain syndrome. Further recommendations will help to prevent the development of a more serious disease.

What kind of syringe to choose to make an injection of the cat intramuscularly

Nervous behavior

The animal is sometimes greatly changing after injections and other medical events: becomes nervous, it does not allow to touch him and hides. Veterinarians such behavior is called a psychological attack. The result of the impairment of the nervous system becomes a strong fear of injections, panic when visiting the hospital or at the sight of a person in medical clothing.

To cope with the problem, it is necessary for a while. After a certain period, the cat will return to normal. It is possible to help a pet to overcome fears with delicious food: it will not be superfluous to indulge in its lackless pieces (of course, harmless).

You can entertain a young sex with games or walks if the therapy does not imply restrictions in activity.


A minor increase in the body temperature of the tairy friend after the treatment process is a normal response of the body. Usually, the veterinarian warns about it after appointing certain drugs. However, this symptom should disappear after 2-3 days, and with a long-term feverish state, you need to contact a specialist. Such a complication may be associated with the development of an allergic reaction to the introduced drug or inflammation.

Detailed instructions How to make an injection of cat intramuscularly

After an inspection of the animal and identify the reasons for complications, the veterinarian prescribe adequate drug therapy. In severe cases, the increase in temperature is caused by the appearance of an abscess - then the doctor surgically removes the affectionate and the seal of muscle tissue.

The introduction of therapeutic drug inside the muscle tissue is a procedure that is impossible to be simple, but it is not too complicated. In case of incorrect implementation, intramuscular injection is conjugate with serious consequences: abscess, chromota, nerve disorders, increasing temperature. Before spending it on its own, it is desirable to make an accurate memo with the actions algorithm and the dosage of the drug.

The article is informational. Contact the veterinarian!

How to make a crawl root 💉

How to prepare for the injection of the cat intramuscularly

The meaning of the injection is to quickly deliver the medicine and get the rapidly therapeutic effect. Cats no less people may need treatment, and besides tablets and mixtures, there are preparations manufactured in the form of injections. Not everyone can independently make an injury At home your own pet.

If one-time injection is required, then you can take the cat to the veterinarian, which will also inspect, and will give advice after all manipulations. But if you need to observe a specific treatment scheme and put every day of injection - in this case it is easier to learn everything to do everything yourself.

Correctly make an injection - the science of not fun: you need to know how to prepare for the cat procedure, pick up and fill the syringe, as well as learn about possible complications from the administration of the drug.

How to prepare a cat to hell

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Sequence of action when the cat is intramuscularly

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Expect that the cat will appreciate the width to stick to him into the body of the syringe, at least naive: uniquely, the fluffy friend will not approve violence with such manipulations. The first thing to make the owner is to realize that this is not a means to carry the unfortunate kisu, but to help the animal to return health. It is with such a thought to approach the pet.

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Cat takes on the arms and distract in gentle conversations and strokes. The paw or the skin is not worth it - the needle is injected quickly and clearly so that the cat does not even have to realize what happened. Delegation and use of force in any case only strains and scares the pet.

If the cat stubbornly resists or the solution is very painful, it is better to use a bedspread or a special bag - you need to leave the rear limbs or withers in the access area.

  • Where to make a crawl

  • Despite the fact that in theory you can apply in almost any place, there are places on the body of an animal, where it will be efficient and not so painful. The cat can enter the injection subcutaneously to the withers (between the blades) or intramuscularly in the thigh. The muscle tissue of the hip has a large number of vessels, so any introduced medicine is very quickly delivered to the blood. Injecting is introduced into the thigh, if the drug is not very painful. In some cases, intramuscular administration is preferable, so it is worth reading the instruction carefully. Intramuscular injections have a limit on the volume - the liquid entered into the inside, causes greater muscle bundle, which is microtraven.

  • The skin on the withers is more dense, so the "harsh" solutions better address this particular place - it is enough to remember how animals are fighting and grab each other for her.

  • How to make a crown of a cat intramuscularly

  • The introduction of a rolling cat in the thigh requires compliance with several rules:

sterility of hands and syringes;

Accurate dosage of injection (not from the series "I know more than specialist");

Consequences when the cat is intramuscularly

the right range of the drug;

Mixing two drugs in one syringe without appointing a veterinary doctor is unacceptable;

The accuracy of administration. The syringe is removed from the package. If there is no experience in the muscle of cats, then it is better to cook 2-3 syringe: in case one falls out of the hands, you can immediately take another, not forcing the kitty to be nervous. Observing the accuracy of the dosage, the medicine is gaining and independently or with an assistant fix the beast in any way. So that the kotofey does not shoot at the moment of the introduction of the needle, the animal presses the elbow of a free hand.

For a cat weighing 4 kg introduced in the paw not more than 1-1.5 ml of medication. The skin of the animal does not need disinfection.

Before making a foot in the leg, find the right place. This is a muscle on the back paw near the knee bend. It is important to get into the muscle, and not in the joint. The needle is administered at an angle of 45 °. The depth of administration should be 1-1.5 cm. This is the first time scary make an intramuscle

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but make it properly easy.

How to make a cracker in the withers

High temperature after the injection of the cat intramuscularly

If the medicine is quite painful and besides large, it is better to introduce a needle with the drug subcutaneously. To

correctly make an injection in the withers

No special experience is required. If when Introduces intramuscularly there is a chance to get into the joint, then here to get differently, as in the right place, nowhere else. Why to enter the medicine easier? Because the animal falls into the situation "Mom-Cat and Kitten", when the mother wore a mother in the teeth precisely for the withers. Therefore, the animal is easier to immobilize, but still better ask for the assistant - the skin in this place is very thick, and it is sometimes not easy to pierce it.

The procedure for preparing the syringe is the same as when injected in the hip of the animal.

The direction of the needle should be strictly at an angle of 45 °. The fold on the neck is pulled up, and the injection is made in the base of the withers. Cat head presses a free hand or assistant. The lower back of the back also need to press that the cat will do and can't hurt him. During the introduction of the needle, the resistance of the skin layer will be clearly felt - but as soon as it stops, it means that the needle introduced, and you can lower the piston of the syringe. It is not necessary to hurry at the process of introducing the needle - the skin can be inadvertently pierced.

It does not matter how fast the drug is injected, the volume should not exceed 90 ml per 1 kg of weight. If you need to introduce more, then the syringe itself is changed, and the needle is left on the spot.

As soon as the medicine is fully entered, you can remove the needle and release the animal.

How to make an injection of cat.jpg

If the wrong cat made incorrectly

Not everyone knows how to put an animal oboller, like Aibolit, and even making them not the first time, you can make a mistake and put an injection there, where you need. It happens that the procedure itself has passed it seems to be good, but after her cat began to lick and touch everything in a row. Most likely, the needle hurt the sedelled nerve. If it's about this, then you can lose a bit lost place - after 2-3 days the animal will walk again and run, as before. Sometimes it happens that the introduced medicine is not solved completely. The instructions usually indicate that abscess can be an adverse effect of the drug. In this case, a bump will be formed at the injection site, and it is obvious that the cat will hurt: you should not wait, but to refer to the veterinarian. He pumps out the resulting liquid and introduces a medicine that will help the chish to solve and eliminate the abscess. Where to make a crawled cat from cats

I don't want a kitten at all, and the period of feline sex hunting is difficult to survive? In this case, the issue of the animal sterilization is solved. But some owners of some kind of believe that there is nothing easier than suppressing the reproduction instinct, forgetting that the consequences of such a decision can be very deplorable.

If you certainly want to experiment with your cat and put it the injection "from the cat", it will still have to visit the vet - it should be a moment before the start of estrus, but not during her. The doctor himself will introduce a medicine, and then, after 3 months, the following injection will be made according to the scheme. The third ampoule is introduced in 4 months, and all next every 5 months.

Why not worth it

Making injections

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? This is a big risk and without an inexperienced person, so the whole process must be controlled by a doctor.

How much is worth making a crash It is not necessary to put injections on your own - not everyone can cause a favorite pain, even for the purpose of rehabilitation. In this case, the output will be visited by a veterinary clinic or a challenge of a specialist home. The doctor knows perfectly, at what speed to introduce an antibiotic or other medicine. Price list of prices in each hospital is different. Prices also depend on the place of administration - intravenous, subcutaneous, intramuscular. The minimum price begins in the area of ​​400 rubles.

If you cause a doctor to the house, then it will have to give about 800 rubles. Usually clinics with exit doctors work around the clock, which also plays their role.

If you cause a doctor to the house, then it will have to give about 800 rubles. Usually clinics with exit doctors work around the clock, which also plays their role.

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Often, animal owners have to independently make injections to their pets, since veterinary services for some reason are not available. Some breeders prefer to study such manipulations independently, because they know that the animal is experiencing less stress than in the clinic. There are critical situations when there is no time for a visit to the doctor, and you need to act immediately - for example, with poisoning. So everyone who has in care of cats, you should know

how to make an injection of cat intramuscularly at home

how to make an injection of cat intramuscularly at home

So that the animal does not suffer, and the treatment was effective?

How to make an injection of cat intramuscularly at home? Kotov owners worth mastering intramuscular injection skills Advantages and disadvantages of intramuscular injections

In this form of injections, the medicine enters the muscle inside. The most suitable are two areas - shoulder and thigh. This method has some advantages. Muscles are dressed in blood vessels. Therefore, drugs from this part of the body are quite quickly absorbed, some come into the blood after 10 minutes. In addition, there are solutions that are poorly absorbed at subcutaneous administration, form infiltrates. And this method solves this problem.

With this method of obtaining a medicinal solution (antibiotics, neuroleptics) in the muscle, a peculiar depot is formed, from which active substances are not immediately, but gradually fall into the bloodstream. Thanks to this, the necessary therapeutic concentration is supported. This is especially important when treating antibiotics.

Muscular Skeleton Cats

In the method there are disadvantages: injections in most cases are quite painful. Another minus is that a significant amount of drug causes a stratification and injury to the muscles. For a cat weighing 4.5 kg to such consequences, one-time dose of more than 1 ml leads. A feature of the intramuscular administration of the medication is that the muscles in cats animals are small and long, which is why certain difficulties are created. Attention! The method of administration of the drug is indicated in the instructions for the use of the drug.
The difference between intramuscular and subcutaneous injections Between these methods there are significant differences about which you need to know. Table 1. Differences of the intramuscular and subcutaneous method of administration of drugs.
Features of injection Intramuscular administration Subcutaneous administration
Where inject In muscle Under the skin
Plot on the body of an animal Hip, shoulder Holve, knee fold
How to make a crown in the thigh.jpg

Maximum drug volume

1 ml

To 60-80 ml

How to make an injection of cat intramuscularly at home? Kotov owners worth mastering intramuscular injection skills Painful sensations in the animal

there is

  • No
  • Proper places for intramuscular and subcutaneous injections

Preparation for the procedure

Many drugs require storage at low temperatures. In this case, the ampoule does not open before use, unless otherwise specified in the instructions for the drug. For this, the container is lowered into water, heated to 38 ° C, but not higher. You can simply leave the drug at room temperature for a few minutes or warm it with heat.

Many drugs require storage at low temperatures. In this case, the ampoule does not open before use, unless otherwise specified in the instructions for the drug. For this, the container is lowered into water, heated to 38 ° C, but not higher. You can simply leave the drug at room temperature for a few minutes or warm it with heat.

The introduction of too cold preparation or solvent causes an animal pain. It also leads to the development of a local reaction.

Prepare in advance:

Prepare in advance:

How to make an injection of cat intramuscularly at home? Kotov owners worth mastering intramuscular injection skills syringes;

An ampoule with the drug and the blade for its opening.

Before entering the medicine, you need to check the inscription on the ampoule and the shelf life. If the cat takes such procedures badly, then during an injection can be resistance. To protect yourself from injuries and successfully introduce a medicine, a blanket or a towel will be required, into which the animal wrap. Opened left head and rear paws with the back of the body.

Towel will help fix the cat for injection

How to make an injection of a cat in the thigh

You can also use special fixing bags. With such an accessory, it is possible to cope with the task of administering the drug even in the absence of extraneous assistance. If there is no such bag, but not to ask for help from anyone, the cat is shy.

Cat Lock Bag

The assistants take people with whom the animal is familiar.

Video - how to use a fixing bag

Video - how to use a fixing bag

How to choose Syringe

How to make an injection of cat intramuscularly at home? Kotov owners worth mastering intramuscular injection skills For intramuscular administration of drugs, not every tool is suitable. Insulin syringes are considered the most appropriate, especially when it comes to kittens. Their volume of 1 ml is usually sufficient for intramuscular injection.

Types of syringe

Basic Rules

  • Previous pets soothe. Choose a place on the skin without inflammation. The cap from the needle is not removed until the drug administration. It should be verified that the needle is carefully fixed on the syringe. For the injection, only the dose is gaining that the doctor appointed. It is forbidden to mix several drugs in one syringe. The exception is cases if this appointment made a doctor.
  • It is forbidden to mix multiple drugs in the syringe
  • Introduction of oil solutions requires a certain experience. Therefore, such manipulations are better to entrust the veterinarian. But if this opportunity is not, then you should make sure that the needle did not get into the vessel. To do this, enter the needle into the muscle, and then easily pull on yourself. If blood is blood in the syringe, choose another place for the injection.
  • Oil solution in the vessels causes the death of an animal.
How to make a cracker in the withers.jpg

During the petrol procedure, a voice cannot be raised, aggressively behave in relation to it. The set of the host is transferred to the cat. Additional nervousness of the animal will only complicate the task.

By making a cat, it is necessary to stick to such rules:

How to make an injection of cat intramuscularly at home? Kotov owners worth mastering intramuscular injection skills Before each injection, the hands are thoroughly wash with soap. It is desirable to be treated with chlorhexidine or put on sterile gloves.

In order not to be infected, only a sterile syringe and a sterile needle use for each injection.

It is forbidden to touch the needle even washed hands.

It is forbidden to touch the needle even washed hands.

Preparations from previously open ampoules can not be used.

Before the introduction of medication, hand washed

If the medicine is expensive, but the volume of the ampoule is too large, then they are applied as follows. Content is gained in several syringes. The filled tool is stored in the refrigerator. The shelf life in this case is not longer than 3 days (if there are no other restrictions in the instructions).

  1. It is not always possible to reasonably spend medicines, and you have to throw away even the most expensive products. Unreasonable savings leads to allergic reactions and destruction of the pet.
  2. Before the screen, the syringes are placed on a plate, pre-covered boiling water. If the cat has a long, dirty wool, then the place of administration of the drug is arched. This will not only simplify the process of manipulation, but also reduce the likelihood of infection. Processing the place of the puncture of the skin by antiseptic is optional.
  3. If the cat has long wool, then the place of administration of the drug is argue

Removal of air

Before the introduction of medication from the syringe produced air. The tool raise, wait until the bubbles rise up (you can shoot a gently on the tank to the tank), produce a little medicine through the needle.

Before the introduction of medication from the syringe produced air. The tool raise, wait until the bubbles rise up (you can shoot a gently on the tank to the tank), produce a little medicine through the needle.

Veterinarians use another method:

pull the piston on itself, gaining inside the air;

rotate the tool vertically and horizontally, getting rid of bubbles;

They have a syringe needle up and blow all the air.

They have a syringe needle up and blow all the air.

If it did not succeed completely to get rid of the bubbles, then the drug is administered, holding a syringe with a piston up - then the entire liquid will be from below, and the air is above.

It is necessary to get rid of air bubbles in the syringe

Technique of injection

Pre-in the syringe is gaining a drug. If it is in a vial with a rubber lid, then use the second sterile needle, so that the tip of the working tool does not fill. The puncture of the stupid needle will cause additional pain in the cat. In ampoules without a cover, the top of the top is cut. In this case, you should be careful not to hurt glass. Almost by ampoule is tapping to get rid of air bubbles in solution. Powder products are divorced by drugs that are indicated in the instructions or those liquids, which was written by the doctor.

Needle introduced perpendicular to the muscle

Needle introduced perpendicular to the muscle

Before the introduction of the drug, the assistant takes the animal for the withers and for the front paws. The one who will enter the drug clashes the hind legs with a free hand. Another hand make injection. If the cat has to keep tightly, then you should not put pressure on the spine, head, neck.

It is necessary to immediately grab the syringe immediately so that you do not rearrange your fingers. The needle is entered by accurate movement, sharply, immersing 1 cm. The syringe is perpendicular to the muscle surface. Some veterinarians advise first introduce the needle, and if there is no blood, connect the syringe with the medicine.

It matters the rate of administration, and it depends on the volume: the more the drug, the slower it is injected. Thus, 1 ml of the solution is poured in 2-3 seconds, 500 mg (half of the cube) - in 1 second. The smaller the speed, the more comfortable the animal feels. After the end of the procedure, the syringe is extracted along the same trajectory.


The medicine must be entered so that the bump is not formed. Otherwise, its action will be slowed down. CAUTION, Sedal Nerve!
Video - How to make an intramuscular injection Complications after injection
There are several types of complications. They arise for various reasons. Table 2. Violations in the formulation of injection and possible complications in this regard.
Type of violation Effects
Failure to comply with the requirements of asepsis and antiseptics Seal caused by inflammation of tissues in the place of injection
Penetration of irritant in connecting fabric Inflammatory seal, dust, motion of cells, malignant processes in soft tissues (sarcoma)
How to make a cracker in the withers

Use of cold solutions (especially oil)

Inflammatory seals, sarcoma

Overdue or inappropriate quality preparations, hypersensitivity to active or auxiliary substances


Allergic reactions

How to make injections cats.jpg

Oil solutions in the vessel

How to make an injection of cat intramuscularly at home? Kotov owners worth mastering intramuscular injection skills Fat Embolia (blockage of blood circulation violations)

Failure to follow sanitary rules - the reason for complications

What to do under complications?

How to make crops

Treatment depends on the type of unwanted reaction.

One of the most common phenomena after the injection is chromotype. In most cases, the gait is restored in a few days. Must be brought the animal to the clinic, if the cat does not relieve the limb longer than two weeks. This may be a sign of serious muscle damage.

Chromoty may appear in the cat

How to make an injection of cat intramuscularly at home? Kotov owners worth mastering intramuscular injection skills Chromotomy sometimes causes an incorrectly selected drug. For example, but-shpa (drootaverine) for the treatment of cats is prohibited.


Bleeding after injections are, and in most cases they do not pose a threat. This happens when the needle enters the vessel. If blood flows richly, does not stop longer than 15 minutes, then the cold apply and turn to the veterinarian. Serious consequences for the health of the animal are possible due to the needle hit in a large vessel.

Bleeding after injections are, but in most cases they do not pose a threat

  • Infiltrate
  • With infiltrates (seals on the skin) from 3-5 days, it is possible to apply to the affected area of ​​dry warm compresses - for example, from heated sand or salt, bulk in pure sock. Exposure time - 15-20 minutes. Such compresses activate blood circulation, thanks to which the seal is absorbed.
  • It is impossible to warm the inflamed place if its area increases or occurs.
  • Video - Errors with pet injections
  • Abscess, phlegmon
These are purulent inflammation of tissues. The symptoms of them are as follows:

These are purulent inflammation of tissues. The symptoms of them are as follows:

Increase temperature - both body and skin plot at the place of lesion;

How to make an injection of cat intramuscularly at home? Kotov owners worth mastering intramuscular injection skills Increased swelling, in the first days it is compacted, then softened in the center or at several points;

soreness at the point of injection;

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