All 9 ways, how to transfer the reading of the electric meter for the light

Monthly electricity consumers receive receipts for payment for services.

In order to commensurately make a payment of the electricity obtained, the owner of an apartment or house must decline the meter readings and transfer their power supply company with a convenient method.

Accounting of consumption of electricity

The right of independent accounting of electricity from the owners appeared after 2012, before that, the employees of the energy supplying organization were obliged to immediately take the testimony of counters for the formation of receipts and billing.

Now it has become the norm every month to remove the meter readings. At the same time, testimony from hot / cold water and gas counters, the installation of which has not yet been mandatory.

But the employees of the energy supply organization survived the responsibilities of monitoring the performance of their duties with residents. No less often than once every 6 months, they reconcile accounting devices for indications. Almost everywhere, the meters are located on the floor site, in the common corridor of neighboring apartments, a generally welcome shield or in a drawer on the street installed on entering the line in a private house.

If the shield will be inside the apartment or at home, then the owner will have to let the company's representatives or a supplier. To prevent the illegal penetration of fraudsters to the apartment, it is necessary to carefully check the certificates of verifying and making calls to the office of the organization to clarify the information.

IMPORTANT! Pay attention to the test time. If the checking come more often, this is a reason not to let them in our residential premises.

The readings of apartment owners should be removed and transmitted every month from 15 to 25. In the event that the readings of the accounting devices do not enter the power supply organization in time, then the average amounts will be accrued to payment within 6 months. Six months later, in the receipt indicate the regulations adopted by an employee.

If there is a suspicion of incorrect electric meter data, the electricity supplier can establish an anti-magnetic seal.

How to make credentials?

Counters, regardless of the brand, have an electronic display or a plastic panel, where the numbers are excellent, with a conventional number of 6-7 digits.

The numbers fix the number of kilowatt-hours counted by the device for all the operating time.

Having written off or commemorative numbers, no decimal signs are not taken into account, they show tenth / hundredths of kW / h.

To calculate the amount of electricity spent in the previous month, it is necessary to take the testimony over the past month from fresh indications.

Then it is necessary to multiply the result of the calculation to the cost of 1 kW / h.

Sample calculation:

Data June 25, 2020 - 4302 kW / h

Data July 25, 2020 - 4452 kW / h

Price 1 kW / h - 4, 32 p.

(4452 - 4302) x 4, 32 p. = 150 x 4,32 = 648 rubles.

The value of the tariff for individual regions of the country, urban / rural areas may differ, to clarify them, contact the serving organization.

What are the wrong transmitted data threaten? If the error is the smaller digit of kW / h, then the difference is possible to supplement the next time. If overpayed, then you can pay less. With a large amount of overpayment, it is reasonable to write a statement for recalculation and returning money or spending an excessive amount counting the following payments.

Methods for submitting accounts

There are different options with which housing owners transfer the testimony of the meters of power supplying organization.

They are intended for various populations, but most are remote, with the help of the phone or the Internet. Thanks to which there are less than a queue, and consumers have become more personal time.

Method number 1. Phone call

The method of calling a call to Call - a center or the Criminal Code is the most popular. Phone numbers for communication, according to which the operators call or the answering machine are listed in the receipt, which also indicates the time of receiving readings by phone.

To optimize the process by receiving data, the answering machine works, following the instructions of which by pressing certain numbers on the phone keypad or voicing the voice message. It is only a couple of minutes to make this procedure.

There is a method intended to those who prefer communication with a living person more. It is only necessary to reach the operator to the operator and leave their reading the metering device, responding to clarifying questions. In the management company for receiving testimony by telephone, the employee is usually replied separately for such a procedure. In strictly certain days of the month (for example, from 15 to 25 numbers), he answers calls and makes them in the energy sales program. Thus, representatives of the UK are controlled by the timely and accurate payment of accounts by residents.

The advantages of filing on the phone information is convenient and saving time. During the minutes of the call, you can transfer testimony from all meters that there is a dwelling in all this.

But quite often customers face a constant load capacity, for the dialing there will be a lot of time. When transmitting voice alerts, errors occur if the connection is bad or reading is not challenged.

Therefore, RusHydro introduced an automated transmission of the meter readings by phone.

Now, by calling the phone number of the Unified Information Center 8-800-775-62-62, energy consumers can transfer testimony from 15 to 25 each month using a voice or tonal dial:

  • around the clock, at any convenient time;
  • on holiday and weekends;
  • without waiting for the operator's response;

Method number 2. Using SMS messages

People who are accustomed to the set of text messages, transfer the information to be not more than 1 minute. The only difficulty is a template text set. When it is violation, it may not come or erroneous accruals in the calculations.

Before sending current readings, you must find out:

  • The organization number of the organization for which data is transmitted;
  • Own personal account;
  • Fresh testimony obtained from the electricity metering device;

Separate companies require special individual characters to designate the paid tariff. Transfer of SMS messages is a good way for those who do not use the Internet network or went on a journey. The service is considered free. There are information that can be sent, regardless of that day now or night, a holiday or worker.

Method number 3. Through a personal online office

For active Internet users, it will be interesting to get acquainted with individual methods for transferring information to the counter virtually, 1 of them is available on the Energosbyt or RusHidro website.

Before submitting information in this way, it is necessary to register on the Energy Supply Organization website with an email indicating, with its absence, they must be acquired. After the confirmed registration procedure, you can safely go to the site, from where in the online mode to transmit information.


  1. go through the address "Transfer the testimony";
  2. Enter personal data (client or personal account number);
  3. Choosing a tariff and account account number;
  4. Entering topical data, at the same time, in the column near the information of the last month should be erected;

Calculation of payment will be produced in automatic mode, you need to carefully enter numbers, spaces and other signs.

If there are different issues on payments, replacing the metering device or maintenance, it is convenient to use feedback service.

Method number 4. By e-mail

To convey the data on the electronic, it will only be necessary to learn email organization - electricity supplier, then, fill out a template letter to send data, automatics will handle mail.

Form for receipt of receipts by email on the RusHydro website

Posted text will repeat the sample to transmit SMS to the method: mandatory indication of the personal account number and fresh account information. It is prohibited to include in the text of unnecessary signs and spaces. With the slightest change in the template, it will be impossible to process data, which will entail erroneous accruals.

Method number 5. Through "VKontakte"

Separate, more modern firms have their own group in the social network "in contact" - one of the most popular, accompanying a large number of social groups and uniting all generations. In addition to the functions of sending readings, there is an actual cost of electricity services, articles on the use of energy and counters, existing links to the company's website - a supplier and other useful information.

Method number 6. Through the Energosbyt office

In this way, only the inhabitants of the cities can take advantage of the organization, because the organization's centers are located in the place of residence of most people. In small towns there are one center, and in megalopolis, for convenient maintenance, there are a number of offices located in the largest areas.

The operator that makes customer service makes similar actions that the client is able to independently produce in his personal account on the official website of the energy supply organization - to indicate in special graphs in a specific program. This method is most reliable, but it still has a disadvantage: it is necessary to find some amount of free time to visit Energy List.

Method number 7. Using a plastic card

This is a little-known method, most of the owners do not even guess. But with the help of it, 2 questions are solved at once: pay the bill for the past month and transmit current testimony. If you get used to this, not forgetting to use in a timely manner, then you can save a lot of time, for fruitless attempts to reach the operators or fill the receipts.

Method number 8. Lower the testimony in a special reception box

Many regions organized a collection of relevant information of electricity using a specialized box, which is put in a crowded place. Big cores stand on the floor, and small on the table. They are easy to recognize the logo of the power supply organization and the speaking inscriptions. To send the testimony filled with the familiar root of the receipt, obtained by mail or a special form, and then a document with a simple movement, falls into the cutter slot. This method will suit people who are not friendly with the Internet and rarely use the phone, representatives of the older age category, which consider this method most convenient.

Method number 9. Via Messenger Viber.

To transfer readings, it is necessary:

1. Log in to the Viber messenger menu, click the Contacts tab, and then the Add Contact button and scan the QR code:

2. Start a dialogue with the RESK account by sending the message "Indications";

3. Next follow the instructions of the account.

The transfer of credentials should do all users of electricity, and so that the operation is timely and did not cause special difficulties, strive to choose the most suitable method for itself. Timely data transfer should be included in the monthly habit. This will help to avoid conflict situations and many inconveniences associated with the deprivation of the comfortable life of unscrupulous owners of residential premises.

I am a mathematician engineer and I do not like to believe in the Word, so I decided to check how far the multi-tariff counters are.

Anastasia Artyukh

figured out in multitaric counters

Mom has expired the deadline for the meter for electricity. She asked me with my advice, what to install it, and I decided to first check all the amounts. I will tell you how the calculations led and that in the end I advised mom.

What are the counters

Electrical counter is a device that takes into account how much electricity you spend. How many lights burned - so much he will show on the scoreboard in kilowatt-hours. Then, for these kilowatt-hours, it will be necessary to pay a power supply organization at its tariff.

Tariffs are different. At first They depend on the region. For example, in Moscow by one idarization meter will have to pay 4.87 РFor kilowatt-hour, and in the Istra region of the Moscow region - 3,89 Р. Secondly The counters themselves may have different tariffs. I'll tell you about it more. Tariffs are usually established for a year, in some regions from July 1, in some - from January 1.

Single-racing counter All the time it works only at one rate. His testimony does not depend on the time of day. Kilowatt-hour of electricity will cost the same in the afternoon, and at night.

The cheapest quarterly counters do not even have a display. Indications in this case are displayed in the old manner - on rotating wheels
The cheapest quarterly counters do not even have a display. Indications in this case are displayed in the old manner - on rotating wheels
Their principle of operation is not like a multitariff, so they are cheaper
Their principle of operation is not like a multitariff, so they are cheaper

Two-tariff counter - This is a meter where the tariff depends on the time of day. The device shows on the screen the consumption of kilowatt-hours in two different time intervals, T1 and T2, as well as a total consumption.

Standard time intervals:

  • T1 - from 7:00 to 23:00;
  • T2 - from 23:00 to 7:00.
Two-tariff counters have a display. And such a meter with & nbsp; desire can be connected to one rate, then it will work as a one-tariff
Two-tariff counters have a display. And even such a counter, if you wish, you can connect to one rate, then it will work as a one-tariff

Three-tariff  — same Counter, like a two-timer, but the time intervals of him three:

  • T1 - from 7:00 to 10:00 and from 17:00 to 21:00;
  • T2 - from 23:00 to 7:00;
  • T3 - from 10:00 to 17:00 and from 21:00 to 23:00.

Two-tariff and multitarithic counters have displays, on which testimony at different time intervals replace each other. Then the counter shows a total consumption.

Even the counters have such parameters as the nominal and maximum currents. The usual landscaped apartment is not a manufacturing enterprise with great power consumption. Most modern electric meters are designed for current by force from 5 to 60 A.

If the load is less than 5 A is the rated current, then the device will give an error and is unknown who will benefit from it. If all consumers in the apartment will consume more than 60 A - this is the maximum current, the device may fail. But for the ordinary apartment it is unlikely, so you can not pay attention to these parameters.

This is the cheapest three-tariff counter from Lerua Merlen. It is a pity that his reviews are not very good. People write that he is programmed by default to one tariff and it must be reprogrammed by three
This is the cheapest three-tariff counter from Lerua Merlen. It is a pity that his reviews are not very good. People write that he is programmed by default to one tariff and it must be reprogrammed by three


The cost of electricity for the consumer depends on tariffs. Tariffs depend on the region and the time of day.

Regional tariffs Once a year approve the executive authorities in the field of pricing. These organs are called differently : in Moscow - Department of Economic Policy and Development of the City of Moscow, in St. Petersburg - Committee on the Tariffs of St. Petersburg, in Yekaterinburg - Regional Energy Commission. On their sites you can watch current tariffs:

Time intervals tariffs The same for the whole year and all regions, that is, the peak begins everywhere at 7:00 local time.

Peak is the time of the biggest and expensive load on the power grid, when most people are at home and use electrical appliances: boiling kettle, dried hair with a hairdryer, charge devices and so on. This is usually the time when people are going to work or come from it. Hospitality - time when energy consumes too much, but not like in peak clock. At night, power consumption falls, since most resting.

Energy supplying companies establish the highest rates during the peak load. To stimulate people to use electricity to other hours and thereby redistribute consumption, they reduce the tariffs for the semi-touch clock and night time.

Some infographic from Mosenergosbyt website: electricity consumption increases in May and January, during long holidays. People spend more time at home, prepare food, they constantly boil the kettle
Some infographic from Mosenergosbyt website: electricity consumption increases in May and January, during long holidays. People spend more time at home, prepare food, they constantly boil the kettle
There is also a peak in September: this is the time of return from the cottage
There is also a peak in September: this is the time of return from the cottage

I'll tell you what affects the cost of kilowatt-hour:

  1. Locality. For different localities, different tariffs can be installed within one area. In rural areas, the tariff is usually lower.
  2. Using a multi-timer counter. If a multi-tariff counter is installed, the cost of kilowatt-hour depends on the time of day. Consumption in peak time is much more expensive than in the night. Thus, the state is trying to balance the load on the network.
  3. Gasification at home. For houses that can not be gasified, electricity tariff is lower. This is social support from the state for those who spend electricity not only for lighting and work technique, but also for cooking food, heating and heating water.

I will give tariffs for Moscow, which I used in my calculations. If the house is gasified, tariffs for houses with gas plates are applied, even if you do not use gas. Next, you need to look at a specific tariff depending on the type of the set meter.

For a two-tariff counter, two numbers are indicated: the cost of kilowatt-hour in different time intervals, they are denoted by T1 and T2. In a three-tariff counter, another third interval, T3 is added.

Tariffs for gasified houses in Moscow from Mosenergosbyt site
Tariffs for gasified houses in Moscow from Mosenergosbyt website
Tariffs for non-gem houses in Moscow
Tariffs for non-gem houses in Moscow

Who and at whose expense should change counters

The service life of the meters that the manufacturer declares is usually 30 years. But this does not mean that with the meters you can do anything 30 years old. Periodically, they need to be believed, that is, to carry out a procedure that confirms the accuracy of the testimony. Verification is usually required every 10 years for three-phase and every 16 years for single-phase meters. But there are meters with an intermediate interval of 8 years. The frequency of calibration is indicated in the passport of the device.

Observe the duration of verification - the duty of the owner of the apartment. If this is not done, the consumption of electricity is considered according to the standard, that is, it is as if the meter is not at all.

Verification is expensive: for single-phase one-tariff counter - from 2500 Р, for three-phase monotaric - from 3500 Р.

When you buy a new counter, pay attention to the intermediate interval. What he is more, the less time it will be necessary to spend on calibration. For example, this meter has an intermediate interval - 16 years
When you buy a new counter, pay attention to the intermediate interval. What he is more, the less time it will be necessary to spend on calibration. For example, this meter has an intermediate interval - 16 years

If the counter broke, it was removed or ended the service life or verification, it equates to the absence of the counter. For such apartments, elevated one and a half times tariffs for electricity. To reiterate on normal rates, the tenants need to replace the counter or believe it.

The meter is changing tenants at their own expense. According to the law, the owner is obliged to contain the property belonging to it. The meter also belongs to this property, even if it is not installed in the apartment, but on the stairs. Just in this case it is easier to serve it and take readings.

The power supplyman can replace the counter, and then demand from the user to compensate incurred costs.

My mother has approached the period of verification of the old counter. She was called from the Criminal Code and recalled it. Time calibration was pressed, and the mother took up the replacement itself.

Easier to immediately put a multitariff counter

Dmitry Nazarenko

Chief Specialist Energy Accounting Department JSC "KMA-Energosbyt"

If the consumer of electricity is an ordinary person who works in the afternoon, and sleep at night, there will be no benefits from a multi-tariff electric meter. Many are trying to save due to the washing of linen or washing the dishes after 23:00 - in the low rate. But personally, I am against this. At first , noise from washing and dishwashers can interfere with you and neighbors. Secondly If at this time you sleep, you can't fully control the process. If a water leak suddenly happens and you will flood your neighbors, you have to repair not only at yourself, but also. And savings 20-40 РA month for electricity will be simply insignificant on the background of the coming costs.

To simplify the task, you can proceed much easier: immediately put a multitariff counter. The difference in prices is small. For example, between single-phase monotaric and multithrichtic difference approximately 600-700 Р, between the three-phase monotarithric and multitiff - 1000-1500 Р.

As a rule, multi-tariff electricity meters are sold immediately tuned at a time zone in which the consumer lives. Otherwise, check with the seller, what time is it on the counter. If this is not your time zone - you will have to additionally pay extra to set up real time. As for the installation and connection of the meter to the electrical network, there is no difference. The one who declares that establish a multi-terrid meter is more expensive, trite wants to promote the customer for extra money.

The consumer with a multi-trummer meter has a choice, at what rate to pay for electricity. That is, if you are not satisfied with the tariff, differentiated by the time of day, you can always go to the usual fare without differentiation. It is only necessary to write an appropriate application in your CC - or a guaranteeing provider if you have a direct contract. From the next month you can already pay differently . You can also always return, there are no restrictions.

On December 27, 2018, amendments to the FZ "On Electrical Engineering" were adopted, and from July 1, 2020 in new homes or when replacing counters, only intellectual electricity meters will be installed, which make it possible to maintain multi-tariff records. The costs of installing such counters will be transferred to energy sales companies that will include them in the electricity tariff, so ultimately will be paid for this conventional consumers. So the choice between installing the one-tariff and multi-tariff counter will soon disappear by itself. But in any case, the consumer chooses how to pay for electricity: at a simple rate or time-differentiated day. You can change this at least several times a year.

How much is it worth putting a multitariff counter

The multi-tariff counter is a technically more complex device than the one idarithic. The masters say that it is more complicated to connect it and longer, so its installation is more expensive. The counter is paid separately. Its cost is not included.

Set the meter independently. It has the right to make only a person with appropriate tolerances for working with electrical appliances. If you order a private firm's installation, then you will still have to call a specialist from a power supply organization so that it feels it. The service of sealing the counter is free. But it is necessary to understand that the specialist will not come to you the day after the application, on average you have to wait 3-4 days .

Mom did not turn the old counter, but I bought a new one. It turned out that so we saved money, as the old counter understed. It turned out to be experienced: after replacing the meter, the testimony increased. If we began to turn the old counter and revealed that he undertook the testimony, his would have had Repair or replace.

To establish a counter, Mom called Mosenergosbyt. She was offered to leave a request for replacing the counter in the Personal Cabinet of the consumer on the Mosenergosbyt website. She wanted to do everything at a time, so she did not contact a private company, although it would be cheaper.

To leave an application, you need to register on the site and fill out the form to replace the counter. After that, Mosenergosbyt officer is associated with you and negotiates
To leave an application, you need to register on the site and fill out the form to replace the counter. After that, Mosenergosbyt officer is associated with you and negotiates
Prices for installation and disassembly from private owners. For the replacement of the counter will have to pay from 1550 <SPAN Class = RUBLE> P </ SPAN>
Prices for installation and disassembly from private owners. Behind the replacement of the counter will have to pay from 1550 Р
Some more tariffs from private firms
Some more tariffs from private firms

Analysis of power consumption for three subscribers

I was confused that a multi-tariff counter in Mosenergosbyt is much more expensive than the one-tariff. And the installation is also more expensive. Knowing that mom pays electricity not So this A lot, I decided to analyze these consumption of several people and calculate how much the multitariff counter saves compared to the usual and how quickly it will pay off.

For this, I took data on the cost of electricity costs of three subscribers who have multi-tariff counters. It so happened that these people had a different way of life and, as a result, a different power consumption. I all reduced the table and calculated how much would They paid, if They had a one-tariff counter. So that the course of my thoughts is understandable, I will also tell you about the lifestyle of each subscriber from the example.

I conducted calculations for & NBSP; three subscribers for 2019 and all reduced in a detailed table. For & NBSP; Payback period I took the difference in 3500 <Span class = RUBLE> P </ SPAN> - this is the amount to which a multi-tariff counter is more expensive than one-tariff. I divided it on that saving, which turned out from using a multitariff counter
I spent the calculations for the three subscribers for 2019 and all reduced in a detailed table. To calculate the payback period, I took the difference in 3500 Р- This is the amount to which a multi-tariff counter is more expensive than one-tariff. I divided it on that saving, which turned out from using a multitariff counter

Subscriber number 1. - it's me. I live with my husband and two children in a three-bedroom apartment. I constantly have someone at home, every night I turn on the dishwasher, in the afternoon I launch washing. I would also have a washing machine at night, but it is installed next to the bedroom and prevent me from sleeping. There is no gas in the apartment, but there is an induction stove. I also constantly boil the kettle, because I love hot tea. We do not look tv, but a couple of hours a day we work at the computer.

I love very much when a lot of light. In the room where I am, the chandeliers are included almost all day, so we spend a lot on lighting. We have different light bulbs: there are energy-saving, but there are usual. I do not change the old halogen light bulbs until they blocked.

I have a two-tariff counter, so I know how much and at what rate is the spent. I decided to calculate how much would I spent money if The counter was one idarithric. To do this, I summed up the testimony for 2019 and multiplied them on the tariff for a single-tariff counter.

Two-tariff counter:

2859 kWh × T1 (5,35 Р/ kWh) + 794 kWh × T2 (1.5 Р/ kWh) = 16 486.65 Р

Single-timing counter:

(2859 kWh + 794 kWh) × T1 (4,65 Р/ kw) = 16 986,45 Р

It turned out that a multi-tariff counter saves me 499.8 Рper year. Yester I took into account the cost of the most meditaric counter and its installation. The easiest multi-tariff counter is more expensive than one-tariff per 3500 Р- He will pay off in seven years.

In 2017, I had a second child and I began to wash more, prepare and, accordingly, spend electricity in the daytime rate of T1. I decided to repeat the calculation for a larger period and removed the testimony for the counters for December 2016. It turned out that a multi-tariff counter saves me 717 Рin year. That is, I began to spend more electricity at an expensive tariff - and the payback period has grown.

In this form, you can see the data on the transferred to the testimony of electricity metering devices on the Mosenergosbyt website. This is the data on the Subscriber No. 1 - me
In this form, you can see the data on the transferred to the testimony of electricity metering devices on the Mosenergosbyt website. This is the data on the Subscriber No. 1 - I

Subscriber number 2. Lives one in a two-room apartment. It turns on the washing machine a couple of times a week, the dishwasher is rare. Three four day a week This person leaves in the morning from home and is missing by 10-12 hours . The rest of the days mostly sits at home and watching TV. Breakfasts and dinners prepare in the peak tariff. It is electrical stove, but not induction. Three-tariff counter. We believe.

Three-tariff counter:

510 kWh × T1 (5,58 Р/ kW⋅ch) + 370 kWh × T2 (1.5 Р/ kW⋅ch) + 730 kWh × T3 (4,65 Р/ kw) = 6795.3 Р

Single-timing counter:

(510 kWh + 730 kWh + 370 kWh) × T1 (4,65 Р/ kWh) = 7486.5 Р

It turns out that the three-tariff counter would help him save 691.2 Рin year. The payback period of the counter for this subscriber is 5 years. Recruited like this:

Transferred testimony of electricity metering devices for subscriber number 2
Transferred testimony of electricity metering devices for subscriber number 2

Subscriber number 3. Alone lives in a two-room apartment and go to work five days a week. Sometimes it uses the washing machine, it does not have the dishwasher. There is a gas stove and an electric kettle. This man loves to midnish - is still sitting at a computer or watching TV. We believe.

Three-tariff counter:

404 kWh × T1 (6,57 Р/ kWh) + 361 kWh × T2 (2,13 Р/ kWh) + 567 kWh × T3 (5,47 Р/ kWh) = 6524.7 Р

Single-timing counter:

(404 kWh + 567 kWh + 361 kWh) × T1 (5,47 Р/ kw) = 7286.04 Р

It turns out that the three-time meter would help save 761.34 Рin year. The payback period for this subscriber is 4.6 years:

Transferred testimony of electricity metering devices for subscriber number 3
Transferred testimony of electricity metering devices for subscriber number 3

For how many years, a multi-tariff counter will pay off with such consumption

Subscriber number 1 - 7 years Subscriber number 2 - 5 years Subscriber number 3 - 4.6 years
Consumption for T1 per year 2859 kWh. 510 kWh. 404 kWh.
T1 T1 (this day time for a two-tariff counter or peak for three-tariff) 5.35 Р/ kWh. 5,58. Р/ kWh. 6,57 Р/ kWh.
Consumption on T2 per year 794 kWh. 730 kWh. 567 kWh.
T2 rate (this night) 1.5 Р/ kWh. 1.5 Р/ kWh. 2,13 Р/ kWh.
Consumption by t3 per year 0 kWh. 370 kWh. 361 kWh.
T3 rate (this is a half-screen for a three-time counter) Р/ kWh. 4,65 Р/ kWh. 5,47. Р/ kWh.
Consumption per year 3653 kWh. 1610 kWh. 1332 kWh.
The tariff of the one-tariff counter 4,65 Р/ kWh. 4,65 Р/ kWh. 5,47. Р/ kWh.
Cost on a multi-tariff counter for 2019 16 486,65 Р6795,3 Р6524.7 Р
Cost on the onestaric meter for 2019 16 986,45. Р7486.5 Р7286.04 Р
As far as it would have to pay for the year on a onestaric meter 499.8. Р691,2 Р761,34. Р

Consumption for T1 per year

2859 kWh.

T1 T1 (this day time for a two-tariff counter or peak for three-tariff)

5.35 Р/ kWh.

Consumption on T2 per year

794 kWh.

T2 rate (this night)

1.5 Р/ kWh.

Consumption by t3 per year

0 kWh.

T3 rate (this is a half-screen for a three-time counter)

Р/ kWh.

The tariff of the one-tariff counter

4,65 Р/ kWh.

Cost on a multi-tariff counter for 2019

16 486,65 Р

Cost on the onestaric meter for 2019

16 986,45. Р

As far as it would have to pay for the year on a onestaric meter

499.8. Р

Consumption for T1 per year

510 kWh.

T1 T1 (this day time for a two-tariff counter or peak for three-tariff)

5,58. Р/ kWh.

Consumption on T2 per year

730 kWh.

T2 rate (this night)

1.5 Р/ kWh.

Consumption by t3 per year

370 kWh.

T3 rate (this is a half-screen for a three-time counter)

4,65 Р/ kWh.

The tariff of the one-tariff counter

4,65 Р/ kWh.

Cost on a multi-tariff counter for 2019

6795,3 Р

Cost on the onestaric meter for 2019

7486.5 Р

As far as it would have to pay for the year on a onestaric meter

691,2 Р

Consumption for T1 per year

404 kWh.

T1 T1 (this day time for a two-tariff counter or peak for three-tariff)

6,57 Р/ kWh.

Consumption on T2 per year

567 kWh.

T2 rate (this night)

2,13 Р/ kWh.

Consumption by t3 per year

361 kWh.

T3 rate (this is a half-screen for a three-time counter)

5,47. Р/ kWh.

The tariff of the one-tariff counter

5,47. Р/ kWh.

Cost on a multi-tariff counter for 2019

6524.7 Р

Cost on the onestaric meter for 2019

7286.04 Р

As far as it would have to pay for the year on a onestaric meter

761,34. Р

It turned out that at the expense of multitariff counters my subscribers will save from 500 to 760 Рin a year. The payback period of the counter turned from 4.6 to 7 years, which is quite a few. At the same time, it is more than half of the intermediate period, but less than half of the stated service life. But not all devices serve as much as stated. Some break and did not have time to pay off. Counters, like all devices, have a warranty period. Usually this 36-42 months From the moment of production.

For the Third Subscriber, I also considered savings for a longer period - for 32 months, since it was then that a multi-tariff counter was installed. The payback period of the counter remained the same: 5 years. Apparently, subscriber number 3 is very stable in his habits. According to Subscriber No. 2, old testimony has not been preserved to calculate the flow rate for a longer period, and it is possible to see them on the Mosenergosbyt website only in one year.

What ultimately I advised mom

After all the calculations, I advised my mother not to take a three-time counter, but to consider a two-tier or one-tariff connection. Here are what arguments I had:

  1. Mom enjoys little powerful electrical appliances, the main consumption will be on the peak load time.
  2. The two-tariff counter costs about 1500 РCheaper than a three-tariff, so it will pay off faster.
  3. Peak on a three-time counter is more expensive than almaty or two-tariff. Since the mother has breakfast and dines, which means that the kettle is boiling, uses a microwave, oven and other appliances in peak time, a multi-tariff counter is unprofitable.

Mom decided to put the easiest quarterly counter. All this happened in 3500 Р: 900. Рcost the most primitive counter, 2600 Р- Installation with a discount on the social map.

Due to what can be saved with a multi-trummer counter

But with a multitariff counter can save. I'll tell you about my observations.

Classes of power consumption. Washing and dishwashers, as well as refrigerators are different classes of power consumption: A ++, A +, A, B, C. Classes for all devices are the same on marking: A ++ is the most energy-saving class, C is the most cost. Now produced mainly class A +. and a, Classes B. And C will still have to search. I have all the class A technique, so I will give all further calculations for him.

Due to the purchase of class A + or A ++, you can save. But we are talking about small amounts, therefore it makes no sense for the sake of this economy to buy equipment with the best class of power consumption. For example, the difference in power consumption between the class A, which I have now and the class A + is only 11%. If I bought a cooling machine class A +, at my volumes of the washed would save 14.3 Рper month, or 171.6 Рin year. This is quite a bit.

The most energy-consuming appliances. The main consumers of electricity are household appliances. This is usually an electric kettle, dishwasher and washing machine. On average, the washing machine for the washing cycle consumes the same as a microwave, which occurs at maximum power. The refrigerator consumes the same as the incandescent light bulb.

Here is a small list of the main appliances that we use in everyday life. Perhaps he will come in handy to understand how you spend most of them.

How many kilowatt hours consume household appliances per hour of work

Iron 2.5 kWh.
Electric kettle 2 kWh.
Dishwasher 0.9 kWh.
Microwave 0.8 kWh.
Washing machine with load 3 kg 0.54 kWh.
TV 75 inches 0.21 kWh.
Incandescent light bulb 0.04 kWh.
Class A refrigerator 0.04 kWh.
Class A + refrigerator 0.03 kWh.

Electric kettle

2 kWh.


0.9 kWh.


0.8 kWh.

Washing machine with load 3 kg

0.54 kWh.

TV 75 inches

0.21 kWh.

Incandescent light bulb

0.04 kWh.

Class A refrigerator

0.04 kWh.

Class A + refrigerator

0.03 kWh.

Electricity consumption can be found in the cards of online stores. Consumption for & nbsp; washing machines usually indicate 1 kilogram for 1 hour of work. For & nbsp; calculating the flow rate of the washing cycle, you must multiply this number on the weight and time of work
Electricity consumption can be found in the cards of online stores. Consumption for washing machines usually indicate 1 kilogram for 1 hour of work. To calculate the flow cycle of the washing, you must multiply this number on the weight and time of work.

Night and day start. I will give an approximate calculation of the cost of launching the dishwasher during the day and night.

Dishwasher with energy consumption A has a claimed consumption of about 0.9 kWh per hour. The average car wash takes 2 hours and 40 minutes - approximately 2.67 hours, I do not put on the abbreviated program. Electricity consumption for washing such:

0.9 kWh / h × 2.67 h = 2.4 kWh

Electricity consumption per month:

2.4 kWh × 30 times = 72 kWh

With a two-time counter for the month of work, the dishwasher will have to pay:

72 kWh × 5,35 Р/ kw = 385 Р

Nightwashing dishes will cost cheaper:

72 kw × 1,5 Р/ kw = 108 Р

It turns out, I save 277 Рa month due to the fact that I launch a dishwasher at night. It is more than half of the savings from the two-year counter for the month. If I launched a dishwasher during the day, two-time counter would be I am completely uninteresting. The cost of the two-year counter - 1500 РIf you start to wash at night, it will pay off faster by changing the mode.

Washing machine with a class of power consumption A has the claimed consumption of 0.18 kWh / kg per hour, for the cycle I was erased 3-4 kg . Washing lasts 1 hour 30 minutes.

Electricity consumption for washing when loading 3 kg:

0.18 kWh / kg × 3 kg × 1.5 h = 0.81 kWh

The washing machine I have a depth of 45 cm, so even a set of bed linen is not always placed in it. With two children, I wash things every day, so electricity consumption per month is obtained as follows:

0.81 kWh × 30 times = 24.3 kWh

With a two-time counter for the month of day, it will have to pay:

24.3 kWh × 5,35 Р/ kw = 130 Р

Night washyra will cost cheaper:

24.3 kWh × 1.5 Р/ kw = 36,45 Р

That is Night Washing Save me 94 Рper month.

In this way, Launch technique at night is profitable, but the savings are not colossal. In the percentage of my total consumption - 20%.

LED bulbs. If you compare the usual incandescent bulb with a power of 40 W and an energy-saving light bulb with a power of 5 watts, it turns out that the first consumes an hour by 0.035 kWh.

At T1 rate (5.35 Р/ kWh) for a two-tariff counter during peak load, when the light bulbs most often include, this overrun is in 0.187. Р/ C. :

0,035 kWh / h × 5,35 Р/ kW = 0,187 Р/ C.

For one-tariff counter, this overrun costs 0.17 Р/ h:

0.035 kWh / h × 4,87 Р/ kw⋅ch = 0.17 Р/ C.

If the energy-saving light is 100 Рmore expensive than the usual, its purchase pays off for the following time:

100 Р/ 0.17 Р/ h = 588 hours for one-tariff counter

100 Р/ 0,187 Р/ h = 535 hours for a two-timer counter. And slightly faster for three-tariff

But since the energy-saving light bulbs are now more and more approaching the price of halogen, they pay off even faster. So if buying energy-saving light bulbs - you can also save.

How to save electricity

  1. With a multi-trummer meter, you can reduce the bill for electricity, but it is not suitable for everyone. If a person is all day at home, he pays at a high rate. It reduces all savings.
  2. Midnight lovers should think about installing two-tariff counters. They cost less than three-tariff, and the night kilowatt-hour is much cheaper than the daytime.
  3. Installing a multi-tariff counter is more expensive than one idarithic. This difference pays off as fast as you want.
  4. If we spend a lot of electricity in the peak time - it is more profitable to put a one idarithric or two-timer counter. That is what I advised mom. With a three-tariff relative to the two-timer to her would have had overpay from 1. РFor each kilowatt hour during peak loads.
How to pay for the light on the meter

We all use different electrical appliances. Instead of the joy that we get from use, we pay bills for electricity. By a strange coincidence, some of us will know much earlier, where children come from, but how to pay for the consumption of electricity on the meter testimony for many remains a mystery even after the age of majority. We will now make the elimination of this annoying household gap.

Types of counters

Accounting for electricity spent in all electrified rooms is carried out using a special meter. Electrical counters are different. For example, digital and induction (mechanical).

Induction meters are equipped with a mechanical dial. It consists of several closely located wheels. One full turn of the wheel signals that you just used 1000 kilowatt / hour. These wheels are driven by a mechanical disk. You can also watch it in a glass appliance window. The faster the disk rotates, the more electricity currently you consume. Mechanical counters for decades prove their effectiveness and resistance to voltage drops. Perhaps your mechanical counter was a witness to thaw, restructuring and the birth of new Russia. And it is possible that he could get acquainted with your grandchildren, but most likely in the coming years you replace it in favor of progress. If no longer replaced.


Young competitor mechanical meter - electronic counter. These devices are more expensive than mechanical comrades. But then their testimony is unusually accurate, and some models can work in two-phase mode (about it just below). Electronic meters show the amount of energy consumed in a special observation window. They allow you to read the testimony remotely, stored in the memory of the history of readings, do not allow third-party interventions into the system in order to embezzle Kilowatt. But they can hardly survive voltage drops. When drops, electronic counters often fail, and their repair is expensive.


Remove the testimony

To remove the reading of the electricity metering device, you need to arm a notebook and handle. To eliminate distortions, glare and irregular angle, the dial of the meter should have exactly before your eyes. Write down the numbers to the comma, in the direction from left to right. Figures after the comma are usually not taken into account in receipts. They show the tenth and a hundredths of kilowatts / hour. The numbers on the counter show the total energy consumed for all the years of the counter. The new counter in the first few positions will be zeros.

The readings are better to fix in equal intervals. Most people are convenient to receive this information on the first day of each month.

To calculate the electricity spent in the month, from previous readings it is necessary to subtract those that you have now discharged. The difference will mean the number of kilowatt consumed. Then followed by the resulting number to multiply to the current tariff - and here, the amount to payment is ready. If the counter wheel is standing on the border value, choose a smaller digit. You can also round the resulting number to pay.


Tell the testimony

In order for the receipts to always be current accruals, the owners of the premises must be in a timely manner to transfer data on consumed energy into a responsible organization. You can send the meter data in several ways:

  • If you have a lot of free time and there is a need for communication, you can personally visit the power company and report data personally to any access to the operator;

  • Not all, but in many energy sales companies there are sites in which the feedback form with the field is valid for the meter reading;

  • You can transfer data to the operator by phone. But for the accuracy of the information taken, most likely, no one will instruct;

  • Enter the data in the window offered by the banking service. For example, when paying the receipt through the Sberbank-Online, the payer introduces all the necessary information into specially designated fields.

  • Record readings in the receipt in the appropriate graph and pay it at the bank's office or post office.

Tariffs for payment

Existing tariffs are usually indicated by receipts. If for some reason you have no reason for the receipt, you can always call the urban energy sales and clarify, in what limits the amount of payment for electricity is set.

In a number of regions since 2013, the cost of electricity for the population is calculated taking into account the so-called social norm of consumption. What does this mean: experts calculated how much electricity should be leaving electricity from the average family with various composition. This average is accepted for the norm. Those indications that are stacked in the established rate are paid for low tariffs. The testimony over the norm is paid at an increased rate.

It is planned that all regions of Russia will be transferred to the payment of electricity for social norms by 2020.


Social norm depends on many parameters. The calculation of the norm is carried out on the basis of the following criteria:

  • the number of tenants in the apartment;

  • finding housing in the city or beyond;

  • Residential equipment with electric stoves for cooking;

  • heating and heating of water with electricity;

  • assigning a housing stock to emergency or dilapidated;

  • presence in the apartment of preferential categories of citizens;

  • Introduction of seasonal correction coefficients to tariffs.

The magnitude of the social norm and the amount of payment for one kilowatt / hour is established by territorial tariff services, all information about tariffs can also be found on the regional government website.

Municipal electricity consumption

Residents of apartment buildings pay not only electricity consumed within the apartment. For the work of the elevator, access light bulbs, intercom and other electrical devices of the residential building, too, must be paid. And there are two situations here. In one of them, a multi-apartment building is equipped with a general aware meter. The device considers how much electricity has been spent to ensure the functioning of common property and the local area. The meter readings are fixed, transferred to the receipt, calculate the amount for payment. After that, the resulting amount is divided into all residents at home.

The amount can share equally by the number of apartments, either proportional to the accumulated share of the apartment in the total area of ​​the whole house. Methods of calculation and payment rate should be specified in the contract between the tenants and the management organization.

In the second case, the house does not establish a general electricity meter. In such situations, a special tariff for premises not equipped with accounting devices is being implemented. Regulations are also established by regional authorities. In order for citizens not to be missed with the installation of the meter, in some cases, the regulatory rates are applied to the regulatory rates. Usually, if there is no generality metering device in the house, the testimony collection functions are assigned to the employees of the management company.

In order to avoid the installation of unjustified electricity tariffs, consumed on the general needs of the house, the current legislation prohibits the establishment of tariffs in excess of the existing regional norm.


Features of the work of multi-tariff counters

The increase in the total load on the power grid occurs at the same time - when people are going to work / to school, and when people come back and start using all their devices. On weekends and festive days, the load also increases significantly.

To distribute the load more evenly, the energy companies actively popularize multi-tariff counters. Currently there are two- and three-phase appliances. The principle of their action is quite simple. At night, the cost of electricity consumed is significantly reduced, and in day or peak time remains the same or slightly increases.

These counters are not cheap. However, people who have established them argue that the device pays off very quickly. In particular, this acquisition will be beneficial to the owners of houses in which heating based on electricity is used.

So, two-phase meters shall make electricity consumption into two categories. From 7 am to 23-00, there is a "dear" day rate. From 23-00 and up to 7-00, respectively, a cheap night. Logic is simple. Dishwashers, washing machines and many other devices may well work at night, significantly reducing the load on the network. Savings in monetary terms is also significant.

Three-phase meters divide the day for the following tariffs:

  • Peak (from 7:00 to 10:00, and from 17:00 to 21:00)

  • half-one (from 10:00 to 17:00)

  • Night rate (from 21:00 to 7:00)

Such separation is even more profitable for the consumer, since the cheap night tariff begins at 21-00, and not at 23-00, like a two-phase meter.


How to read the testimony and pay for electricity consumption in multiphase counters

For fixing the readings of the new generation counters, you need all the same old good handles and notepad. First, determine how many phases calculates your counter - two or three.

  • In the first days of each month, you need to record the testimony that offers an accounting device. In a three-phase meter, these data are fixed using T1, T2 and T3 indicators. In the two-tariff meter, the readings are denoted by the letters T1I T2, respectively. Just like when working with a conventional meter, you rewrite not all the numbers, but only their values ​​to the comma.

  • To fix the indicators, you must press the "Enter" button. With its pressing on the screen, T1, T2 or T3 will be displayed alternately if the three-tariff counter. You do not need to press the button constantly. After one click, all values ​​are demonstrated with a small break on their own.

  • Determine the tariffs for the energy consumed on the site of the tariffs service, or by telephone the organization supplying electricity.

  • Fill out the receipt. If the counter is not new, then it is necessary to subtract current from the previous tests. In the receipt of the cell for the testimony of each of the tariff group, as a rule, are indicated by the corresponding numbers - 1, 2 or 3.

  • The difference is multiplied by the current tariffs, and fold among themselves. The amount of payment is ready. Do not forget to deduct benefits from the resulting amount if available.

  • We pay for a receipt by any convenient way (online banking, postal branches, terminals, payment systems).

The whole charm of such meters is that when the receipt of payment or information and the latest meter readings, you can pull out this information from the memory of the instrument. This electronic device can show all previous readings from the very moment of installing the device in the apartment. To get this information, you need to click the "Enter" button and hold it for a couple of seconds.

Vasilisa Ivanova

How to pay for light in the meter?

It happens that many young people do not know how to pay for the light in the counter. There is nothing difficult about it - you just need to know the principle of payment of payment. With the help of our article, you will figure it out in this wisdom for ten minutes.

Take a clean receipt and handle. In addition, you must have old receipts - take the last one.

First of all before paying for the light in the counter, rewrite all the data to the new receipt, except for the meter readings: the name, name, patronymic;

Address; personal account number.

Be careful, especially when filling out the number of the account - if you make a mistake in numbers, your money will go to the payment of electrical strangers. If you have a tariff for payment in the receipt, rewrite it too.

Now go to the meter. Rewrite the numbers that it shows (except the last, which changes all the time) to the receipt, in the string intended for the meter reading.

Take the old receipt again. It should be the meter readings over the last month (the figure in the top line, it will be more) and for the last (digit in the bottom line, it is less). You need a figure that is more and goes from above. Rewrite it into a new receipt, in a line under the testimony of the counter for this month. The figure for this month should be greater, the figure for the past month is less.

Now, from the greater digit, take less. The resulting number write down below, under the first two numbers. This is the number of kilowatts you used for the month.

Before paying for the light on the meter, it is desirable to find out how much one kilowatt electricity is worth it. This can be found in advance in the mail or where you are going to pay for electricity. You can also ask the neighbors - as a rule, grandma-pensioners remember all communal tariffs by heart. This figure also needs to be entered into a receipt, for the number of kilowatts used.

Multiply this number to the resulting number of kilowatt. What happened and will be the amount for payment. Enter it into the appropriate graph of the receipt.

If you do not know the cost of electricity, then make counting and enter the cost you will have to be right at the reception point. Employees of the point will help you or not depends on the specific situation. Strictly speaking, in their duties it is not included, so proceed by circumstances.

Pay the resulting sum in the way that you most suitable - cash in the relevant payment reception point, via the phone or the Internet.

Transmit data to an individual accounting device is necessary within a certain period. This ensures the calculation of payment according to the current tariffs. But to avoid discrepancies and errors, you need to correctly read the meter for electricity. In fact, there is nothing complicated here, although not everyone knows where to look at and on which button to click to rewrite the necessary information.

How to remove indications

Depending on the model of the electricity meter, different methods of obtaining information are used.

Old accounting devices

Induction mechanical type devices were popular for quite a long time. At the moment, they are gradually inferior to the place of electronic IPU, which provide the best control of electricity consumption. Although the demand of classic counters is gradually decreasing, they are still found in private homes and apartments.

The device refers to one idar (single-phase), so it is not necessary to perform complex calculations to remove the readings. It is recommended to choose the conditional day of each month of data write off from the electric meter preceding or incoming in the feedback period.

The procedure is quite simple:

  1. The standard mechanical apparatus has a dial with 5-7 digits, as the number is running from 0 to 9. After one department makes a complete turn, the next one begins. The dial is divided into two halves: the left shows how many kW / h spent from the moment of connection, the second (red) semicolon is separated and denotes the tenths (hundredths) of kilowatta.
  2. You need to write off the main part of the characters 000024.8 (seven-digit order). As the basis is taken 000024 kW / hour.
  3. Depending on the requirements of the management company or a resource-supplying organization, the information received must be submitted without changes or independently calculate the difference between the current and previous value. So, if for the past month, the testimony was 000003, then: 000024-000003 = 21 kW / h.

Both in old and new mechanical electric meters, numbers that are not taken into account when calculating, are clearly highlighted at the end of the digital series.

The process may be difficult due to zeroing the counter after reaching the maximum value. In such a situation, you must first record the old data. For example, for May (conditionally) it was 999969 (without a digit after a comma), new information is 000003 (at the beginning, 1 is applied 1 000003).

1 000003-999969 = 34 kW / h (current readings).

It must be understood that any illegal attempts to change information about the flow rate will lead to serious trouble.

On a note! Mechanisms are found in which there is no separation on the main and auxiliary figures. In such a situation, you need to read and enter into a receipt for all available numbers.

New counters

Modern single and three-phase metering devices differ significantly from mechanical. The main difference lies in the fact that the IPU is equipped with an electronic dial and can be multitiff, which provides significant savings in the consumption of electricity. To correctly define readings, you need to understand the existing devices.

Allocate the following varieties:

  • one idarithric, the testimony of which do not have separation into zones;
  • two-timer - T1 / T2;
  • three-tariff - T1 / T2 / T3.

From such devices, the data is removed as follows:

  1. On the housing of the mechanism you need to press the button. It can be called differently, depending on the IPU model, most often - "PrSSM", "Enter" or "Frame".
  2. After pressing, the desired values ​​appear consistently, which have the appropriate signatures - T1, T2 or T3.
  3. The main current indicators out of 5-6 digits to the comma are written off alternately, depending on the specification of the meter.
  4. On the electronic scoreboard, the symbols are separated by a noticeable comma, and some EPU cells and tenth shares have a significantly smaller size.
  5. Information is transmitted directly to the Criminal Code or the organization supplying or is calculated independently.

In electric meters with an electronic scoreboard, after pressing the control key, the data is displayed on the screen: the number of kilowatt-hours consumed and the tariff number (indicated in the upper left corner)

Decoding the designations of different electronic devices:

  • One idarithric. Reflect the overall consumption of resource without separation.
  • Two-tariff. T1 - day zone (from 7 am to 11 pm), T2 - night period (from 23.00 to 7.00).
  • Three-tariff. T1 - peak zone having two time segments: from 7.00 to 10.00 and 17.00 to 21.00; T2 - Night (from 23.00 to 7.00); T3 is a semi-color zone (from 10.00 to 17.00 and from 21.00 to 23.00). Temporary intervals may vary depending on the region.

Multitrithic IPU must be properly connected and pre-configured so that it fixes the testimony for the designated period. In some situations, this may require coordination with the performer of utilities.

Before buying and connecting multi-tariff counters, you should consult in the power supply company about the possibility of their use in your region

How to calculate electricity in the counter

To exclude errors, it is necessary to calculate correctly.

Where to find information about the tariff

To independently define the amount of payment of electricity for the current period you need to accurately know the cost of the service. Depending on the region of the Russian Federation, as well as additional parameters (view of the settlement, the presence of certain electrical devices and rates at different times of the day), the tariff for the population can differ significantly.

You can find the cost for a specific territory as follows:

  1. Specify on the site or in the office of the Utilities. Data is necessarily indicated on stands in specialized pay centers.
  2. With raising tariffs, information is published in the official press and on the website of the Regional Commission, which is engaged in this issue. Also on the resource of a department there is an online calculator, which conventionally calculates fee for the specified time interval.
  3. View in receipts. In the period when raising tariffs occurs, some discrepancies are possible.

Attention! It is not recommended to use informal sources of information, since they may contain unverified or outdated data.


Calculate the fee for consumed electricity is easy, for this it is necessary to act according to a specific scheme, depending on the type of device species.

EN idler electricity metering device

Conditionally current readings are 000354, for the last month - 000296.

The tariff for residents of Moscow, which live in gasified houses, not subject to the territory equal to rural areas, on the second half of 2018 is 5.38 p. for kW / h.

Based on the existing values, the calculation of the flow rate and the amount of payment for the current month will be the following:

354-296 = 58 kW / h x 5.38 p. = 312.04 p.

Two-tariff IPU

Power meter readings for the new settlement period: T1 - 000898, T2 - 000576. Previous values: T1 - 000840, T2 - 000539.

The tariff for the peak zone in Moscow (in houses with gas stoves) is 6.19 p., For the night period - 1.92 p.

It is necessary to determine the flow and payment should be phased, you must first calculate the current consumption:

T1. 898-840 = 58 kW / h x 6,19 = 359.02 p.

T2. 576-539 = 37 kW / h x 1,92 = 71.04 p.

Total for the month: 359.02 + 71.04 = 430.06 p.

Three-tariff electric meter

It is necessary to remove the testimony of three zones: T1 - 000587, T2 - 000456, T3 - 000832. Data over the past month: T1 - 000545, T2 - 000415, T3 - 000780.

Time Tariffs: Peak Zone - 6.46 p.; night - 1.92 p.; half-screen - 5.38 p.

To find out how much you want to pay for a month, you need to consider the flow consistently.

T1: 587-545 = 32 kW / h x 6,46 = 206.72 p.

T2: 456-415 = 41 kW / h x 1,92 = 78.72 p.

T3: 832-780 = 53 kW / h x 5.38 = 285,14 p.

Next, you must add all the data:

206.72 + 78.72 + 285,14 = 570,58 p.

This amount must be paid for the light.

It is taken into account that the final figures in the receipts may differ slightly: it is necessary to pay attention to the "ODN" string, which reflects the general readings on the house and is included in payment.

Removing information and calculation for different models

Although the principle of operation of modern IPU is almost identical, depending on the variety there may be some differences:

  1. "Mercury 200". The "Enter" button is pressed, after which the time appears, date, testimony over zones and total consumption. The letter designation of the tariff is in the upper left corner. According to the described example of the calculation for a specific territory, the total amount of payment is calculated.
  2. "ENERGOMER". Most often occurs two- and multi-tariff modification. Removing the readings from this meter is carried out according to a diagram similar to the previous version. The main difference is that it is necessary to press the "PrSSM" button.
  3. "Micron". Remove the testimony from such a counter is simple, subject to some nuances. At the bottom of the left side on the case there is a button, when you click on which the necessary information is displayed. The feature of the device - the notation of the tariff zones T1, T2 or T3 does not appear, they are already signed at the bottom of the screen and are highlighted with a check mark. The calculation of the amount of payment occurs according to the standard scheme.
  4. Saivan. The most economical option that is popular. It differs from other lack of a button that highlights the specific values ​​shows the data sequentially with a small interval. The required parameters are recorded and checked, for which it is necessary to give the counter to go in a circle. The calculation depends on the modification of the electricity metering device and the acting tariff.

Tip! To exclude errors when removing the testimony, it is necessary to pre-familiarize yourself with the passport of the product, where it contains the correct algorithm of actions.

When choosing a electric meter, it is desirable to give preference to domestic models or counters produced in the CIS, since imported options may not be adapted to our networks.

Where to transfer the testimony

Ensure the data from the electricity meter is necessary within the deadline that precedes or includes the period allotted to send information, the exact interval is registered in the contract.

Reception of testimony from the population is carried out by a commissioning of utilities. In this role, a supplying organization, a management company or a partnership of owners of housing can be held. It is taken into account that these powers may be delegated to special settlement organizations or subsidiary institutions.

Transfer the readings for electricity meters by different methods:

  • Enter information in the receipt and put it in the settlement department.
  • Send via the Internet. To do this, you need to fill in the appropriate table on the organization's website or in your account.
  • Specify on the form that you want to omit into a special box installed in various institutions.

There are also other modern methods involving the use of technical devices.

Ways of payment

To date, the population is provided with several main options for making funds for electricity consumed:

  1. Departments of banks and self-service device. You need to translate money on a payment document or through a special terminal section.
  2. Personal account, payment services, mobile applications. This will require access to the Internet.
  3. Post Office or Estimated Centers.
  4. Directly performer utilities through the office of branches.

Regardless of the selected method, you need to receive confirmation of the perfect payment.

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