What to do if the microphone does not work in Skype

Why does not a microphone in Skype? There may be a lot of answers to this question. But in any case, the situation is unpleasant, because the user cannot talk to the interlocutor. As a result, voice communication is inaccessible. Therefore, this problem needs to somehow decide. And for this there are certain ways.


First of all, we invite you to check whether the microphone functions in principle. This is done as follows:

  1. Click the PCM on the Windows speaker icon.
  2. In the menu that opens, select item "Sounds" .Item Sounds in Trete Windows
  3. Next, go to the tab "Record" .
  4. Try to say something out loud. One (or more) from the available devices should respond to it, in which case the signal slider will be filled with blue tiles.

If this happens, then the problem is in the device itself. Try to reconnect it, and checking it in advance, whether you use the connector correctly. On a laptop, it is likely to do it, so restart it.

And if the signal is captured, the problem must be directly in the Skype itself. To begin with, we will analyze the procedure for setting the sound in it. Then it will be about updating the drivers for the audio card.

And if it did not help, it remains to be extreme. Speech, of course, about reinstalling the program.

First option: Remunifying program

It is from this actions to start solving this problem. To get to the parameters page, alternately click on the buttons on the picture ( Menu - Settings ). Go to Skype settingsNext, proceed to the tab "Sound and Video" . Here we are interested in the block titled "Microphone" .Microphone Setup in SkypeIt has a strip with a multitude of gray dots. If the program catches the incoming signal and you can hear you, then they will be painted in blue. A slightly above there is an option to select the capture device. Try it to change it so that the strip began to fill.

We recommend, just in case, turn off the lower slider, and then unscrew the volume of the micro maximum.

At the bottom of the settings page there is a button "Make a free trial" .Button Make Free Test Call in SkypeWith it, it will be released to check if you did everything right. Wait for the sound signal, and then say something loud and distinctly. After the second beep, you will need to hear your phrase.

If this did not happen - go to the next section of the article.

Second Option: Updating Sound Drivers

This is another action that you need to do when the microphone does not work in Skype. The fact is that sometimes in Windows drivers for devices behave inadequately and sometimes buggy. Also, the reason may be the usual system failure, which caused a little damaged driver. In any case, the problem needs to somehow decide. The best option is to update the software. You will not download a new version from the developer's site, but simply turn to the possibilities of the system itself. Here is a detailed instruction telling how and what to do:

  1. Right-click on the "Start" button and in the context menu that appears click on the item "Device Manager" .Device Dispatcher Item in the Windows Startup Additional Menu
  2. Now you need to reveal the item "Sound, game ..." .
  3. Among its contents, it is necessary to find the name of the audio card used on the computer. Most likely, it will be Realtek. High Definition. Audio. Although exceptions are possible.
  4. Click on the appropriate graph of PKM.
  5. In the menu that opens, select the highest option. Item Refresh Driver for Audio Carts in Device Manager
  6. To start the procedure, click "Automatic search ..." .

If the system detects an update for the audio driver, it will also load it independently. As soon as the procedure is completed, the master will notify you with the corresponding message. After that, you must restart the computer or laptop. And then you can already make a trial bell in Skype to check everything.

Third Option: Full Reinstall

The most serious cause of sound problems in Skype is to damage the components of the program itself. This can happen, for example, because of the interruptions on the network, when the computer unexpectedly disconnected, and due to many other situations.

In any case, the non-correct files will not be restored. So it makes sense to fulfill the full reinstalling of the messenger, at the same time updating it to the latest version.

We bring to your attention a step-by-step instruction:

  1. To start, delete Skype from the computer when using this material.
  2. Next, download the actual version of the program from the official site and install. The easiest way to act in our leadership.


So, in this material we tried to answer the question of what to do if the microphone does not work in Skype. Now let's sum up and make some conclusions. As a rule, problems with sound in this messenger are usually caused by incorrect settings or climbing a sound driver. Therefore, it is often enough for the first two options to solve the problem.

But sometimes a malfunction is completely different causes, such as damage to the components of the program.

And if when you try to a trial call, you know yourself, then, most likely, the problem is not with you, but at your interlocutor. Recommend him an article "Why there is no sound in Skype", in which the effective ways are set out for eliminating it.

You do not have a microphone in Skype, it is impossible to install full contact with friends or colleagues? We know what to do! It is not worth throwing away the equipment and buy a new device, first it is worth trying proven methods that you find in our review.

Check the Skype settings

If the microphone in Skype does not work on your computer, you need to diagnose! You can identify the problem by regular ways - let's run in the settings of the Skype program and set the correct parameters!

Everything is very simple, it is enough to do the following:

  • Open the Skype messenger;
  • Click on the button in the form of three points on the top panel on the left;
  • Go to the section "Settings" ;

  • From the left side of the menu, look for a line "Sound and Video" ;

  • Go to the section with the appropriate name;
  • Click on a gray string "Sound" and choose the desired device connected to the computer;
  • Activate the toggle switch in the string "Set up automatically" ;

  • Close the settings window for automatic saving.

I figured out how to be if Skype sees the microphone and does not work because of the wrong settings. But this is not all, there are other reasons for the emergence of the problem, because of which you may not hear the interlocutor in Skype!

Microphone malfunction

One of the answers to the question why the microphone does not work in Skype - incorrect setup of equipment that causes a malfunction. Let's try to set the correct parameters!

  • Click on the menu button "Start" And go to K. "Control Panels" ;
  • Find section "Sound and equipment";

  • Then look for the button "Sound" ;

  • Go to the tab "Record" ;
  • Look for equipment and press the right mouse button to call the menu;
  • Choose a string "Properties" ;

  • Set the volume at the mark "One hundred" ;
  • Put the zero value in the section "Gain" ;

  • Click on the "OK" icon to save the changes made.

Recall! Periodically, the problem occurred can be associated with the technical malfunction of the equipment - try connecting the device to another device. If the gadget does not work continue, carry it into the service center or buy new equipment.

Checking the health of the audio service

Often the microphone in Skype on a laptop does not work due to low computer performance - the operating system automatically stops the operation of some services that "ship" Windows. It is necessary to check if the Windows audio service has not turned off, and this can be done like this:

  • Hold the keys Win + R. simultaneously;
  • In the window that appears, enter the command Services.msc. and click on the button "OK" ;

  • New window will open "Services" where on the right side of the screen you need to find a string "Windows Audio" ;
  • Right click and select item. "Run" or "Restart".

I coped with the task and understood why the microphone does not work in Skype on a Windows 7 laptop or a computer with another version of the OS. Go to the last possible reason!

Update or reinstall Windows 10

If you do not work the microphone in Skype on Windows 10, what to do? How to correct the situation? This error often occurs after the operating system is updated or the "clean" operating system. Although the newcomer can correct the problem - let's start instructions?

  • Click on the menu button "Start" and go to the parameters;
  • Choose a section "Confidentiality" and find the left icon of the appropriate equipment;

  • Look for a string "Access is allowed" ;

  • If access is prohibited, click on the button. "Change" under this string;
  • Change the value to "Allowed" ;

  • Activate the toggle switch "Included" ;
  • Even below, find the section "Select applications that can access" ;

  • Make sure the toggle switch is included in front of the messenger;
  • Do not forget to activate access for the Win32WebViewhost application (or web tool viewing classic applications).

As you can see, everything is quite simple - even inexperienced Skype users will understand why the microphone does not work on different operating systems.

We told you what to do if the microphone does not work in Skype - there are no insoluble difficulties! Arm yourself with our useful tips, which will help to cope with any situation and communicate with pleasure, without restrictions!

Why the microphone does not work in Skype

The most frequent problem when communicating through Skype is a microphone problem. It may simply do not work or may arise with sound. What if the microphone does not work in Skype - read further.

The reasons for the fact that the microphone does not work can be a lot. Consider each cause and solution that comes from this.

Cause 1: Microphone Disabled

The simplest reason can be a shutdown microphone. First, check that the microphone is connected to the computer and the wire that goes to it is not broken. If everything is in order, then look if the sound is in the microphone.

  1. To do this, right-click on the speaker icon in the tray (bottom right side of the desktop) and select Recording Devices.
  2. Recording devices for viewing the operation of the microphone in Skype

  3. A window opens with the settings of the recording devices. Find the microphone you use. If it is turned off (gray string), then click right click on the microphone and turn it on.
  4. Turning on the microphone for Skype

  5. Now tell me anything into the microphone. The strip on the right should be filled with green.
  6. Working Microphone for Skype

  7. This strip must be at least until the middle when you speak loud. If there are no strips or it rises too weak, then you need to increase the volume of the microphone. To do this, click right click on the line with the microphone and open its properties.
  8. How to open the microphone properties to open Skype

  9. Open tab "Levels" . Here you need to move the volume slider to the right. The upper slider is responsible for the main volume of the microphone. If this slider is not enough, you can move the volume amplification slider.
  10. Tab levels for adjusting the microphone for Skype

  11. Now you need to check the sound in the Skype itself. Call Contact ECHO / SOUND TEST . Listen to the tips, and then tell me anything into the microphone.
  12. Skype Test in Skype

  13. If you hear yourself normally, then everything is fine - you can begin communication.

    If there is no sound, it is not included in Skype. To turn on, press the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen. It should not be crossed.

Sound Enable Button in Skype

If, after that you do not hear yourself with a test call, then the problem is in the other.

Cause 2: Invalid device selected

Skype has the ability to select a sound source (microphone). The default is the device that is chosen by default in the system. To solve the problem with sound, try to select the microphone manually.

Selecting a device in Skype 8 and above

First, consider the algorithm for selecting an audio device in Skype 8.

  1. Click on the icon "Yet" In the form of a dot. From the displayed list, stop the selection option "Settings" .
  2. Go to Settings in Skype 8

  3. Next open the parameters section "Sound and Video" .
  4. Go to Sound and Video in Skype 8 settings

  5. Click on the Parameter "Device default communication device" Opposite item "Microphone" In chapter "Sound" .
  6. Go to disclosure of the list of communication devices to select the microphone in the Skype 8 settings

  7. From the discussed list, select the name of that device through which you communicate with the interlocutor.
  8. Select the microphone in the list of communication devices in the Skype 8 settings

  9. After the microphone is selected, close the settings window by clicking on the cross in its upper left corner. Now the interlocutor must hear you when communicating.

Closing the settings window in Skype 8

Selecting a device in Skype 7 and below

In Skype 7 and earlier versions of this program, the selection of the sound device is made according to a similar scenario, but still has some differences.

  1. To do this, open the Skype settings ( Tools >Settings ).
  2. Opening Skype settings

  3. Now go to the tab "Sound Setup" .
  4. Sound setting in Skype

  5. At the top there is a drop-down list to select the microphone.

    Choose the device you use as a microphone. On this tab, you can also configure the volume of the microphone and turn on the automatic volume setting. After selecting the device, click "Save" .

    Check out performance. If it did not help, then go to the next option.

Cause 3: Problem with Equipment Drivers

If there is no sound in neither Skype or when setting up in Windows, then the problem is in the equipment. Try reinstalling the drivers for your motherboard or sound card. This can be done manually, but you can use special programs to automatically search and install drivers to a computer. For example, you can use Snappy Driver Installer.

Home Screen in Snappy Driver Installer

Lesson: Programs for installation of drivers

Cause 4: Bad sound quality

In the event that there is a sound, but its quality is bad, the following measures can be taken.

  1. Try updating Skype. This lesson will help you with this.
  2. Also if you use speakers, not headphones, then try to make the sound of speakers. It can create echo and interference.
  3. As a last resort, purchase a new microphone, since your current microphone may be poor quality or break.

These tips should help you solve the problem with the absence of a microphone sound in Skype. After the problem is solved, you can continue to enjoy communication over the Internet with your friends.

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Our specialists will try to answer as quickly as possible.

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I am increasingly and more often about the microphone. Mostly this question is associated with Skype. And the question is such.

Why Microphone does not work in Skype ? Many computer users or laptop face this problem when use Skype or in programs like Raid Call, etc.

The reasons for which the Skype microphone does not work

The reasons why problems with the microphone occur not much can even be considered on the fingers. And their elimination methods are not difficult if there are straight hands and patience. Let's consider the list of problems:

  1. Non-working microphone
  2. Not correctly connected
  3. Purpose Nests RealTek HD Manager
  4. System setting of microphone
  5. And setting up in the Skype program itself

Ways to troubleshoot problems that does not work Skype microphone

  1. Not working microphone:

A rare, but quite possible one reason is not a working microphone. You can check the microphone to work the ability to connect it to another computer. If it is defective replace and check.

  1. Not correctly connected

Each computer and laptop have a microphone connector.

Basically, this connector has a pink or red. And the microphone itself must be connected to this connector. Otherwise, the microphone will not work.

  1. Purpose Nests in Realtek HD Manager

Sometimes the cause of the non-working microphone can be changed the purpose of the nests. To do this, you need to configure the driver Realtek HD Manager. If your RealTek HD sound card, then the dispatcher can be found along the path, start-up control, sound and equipment and at the end of Realtek HD.

We go through, click the right mouse button and change the destination to the microphone.

If, this dispatcher you do not have it can be obtained by looking at the following article, automatic installation of drivers and how to update the drivers for 3.5 minutes.

  1. System setting of microphone

There is still a lot of important setup it is a "microphone system setting." If the microphone does not work in Skype or generally need to check the volume and decibel. To do this go start, panel control, sound and equipment and sound

Opened in the window Switch by laying "Record"

Next, click on the active microphone, right mouse button and come in "Properties"

Now go to the laying levels and look.

The volume level must be a hundred, and the decibel +0 and should not be a red circle on the dynamics next to the smooth.

And if you have a microphone cost 250 rubles. then put the following settings. The volume level is 80%, and the decibel +20 at the same time hold the microphone at a distance from itself and from the speakers and from the system unit.

  1. And setting up in the Skype itself

The latter that it remains to set up the microphone in Skype. Come in skype and open the setup menu

Next, go through the "Sound Setup" section

In this section we need a microphone. If you have several microphones choose what you use. And add volume if it is missing. After clicking Save and check.

If after such action the problem did not disappear, then I recommend

Make reinstalling the Windows operating system. And if the problem is again observed, then the sound card burned down 100%. Buy an outer sound card and forget about the problem forever, forever!

A source

Skype allows millions of people around the world to communicate with each other, see each other and share files. It requires stable access to the Internet, as well as columns with a microphone or headset. Often the situation is found when, when talking, the interlocutor ceases to hear you or heard at all. The reason is the problems with the microphone. This problem, though it causes inconvenience, but in most cases it is solved by our own for just a few minutes. In the article we will tell you about the basic ways to eliminate this malfunction, as well as how to configure the microphone in Skype.

Check connections

No matter how trite it sounds, but very often the microphone does not work in Skype due to poor connection. Make sure your headset is correctly connected to the audio server that the volume is not reduced anywhere and that there are no breaks in the wire. If you work on a laptop, make sure that the opening, which is recorded, has not blocked anything. Remember: If the microphone is faulty - the interlocutor does not hear, the interlocutor is not heard - problems with sound. Also tell me the interlocutor to checked my settings. Perhaps the sound disappears from him, and not you.

Setting the microphone volume in Skype client

The first thing to do is to check the microphone configuration in Skype. To do this, open the program settings and go to the "Sound Setup" subsection. Check if the recording device is correctly selected.

If so, then then check how much volume slider is installed. If the gain is less than 50%, try to increase it to 75%, dragging the slider. This will help customize the sound in Skype.

The microphone setting will take effect after pressing the "Save" button. Now you need to check the set parameters. To do this, call the interlocutor once again or the Echo Sound Test. Say anything, and then listen to the result. If it does not help, make a microphone louder, up to a maximum. If the parameters were installed initially correctly, read 2 method.

Configure Soundproof Settings in Windows

If the above actions did not help configure the microphone in Skype, it is worth checking the settings in the operating system itself. It often happens that due to a small failure or unscheduled disconnection can be reset the sound settings. To check this, run the control panel and open the "sounds".

All microphones installed on the computer will be displayed in the window. The one, opposite which the green tick is installed by default.

If you are using a laptop, then its name must match the driver name (in Example - Conexant Smartaudio). If the default device is not selected, then right-click on the desired device and select "Use by default", as you can turn on the microphone in this way.

Click "OK" to apply the changes and make a test call.

Now you know how to increase the volume of the microphone. If it does not help, then, most likely, you need to reinstall the driver.

Reinstalling audio producer

Another reason that you cannot be heard in Skype is a failure in the operation of the audio driver. This usually happens if third-party audio codecs were previously installed, its update was performed or the driver itself was set from dubious drivers. If there is no sound in Skype, it can also testify about the problem with the drivers. It will help to solve it to complete the removal of such a driver and then re-install it. First of all, you need to download a new driver. You can do this on the manufacturer's website. You can also find out the manufacturer of the stationary PC audio system in the control panel by opening the device manager.

In the Device Manager, expand the "Sound Devices" item. There you will find the audio manufacturer.

If you have a laptop, then on the website of the laptop manufacturer, using the search for the model. To delete the driver, go to the control panel and open "Programs and Components". Find the installation package of your driver, select it and click the Delete button.

Do not be scared: if the sound disappeared - this is normal. After that restart the computer and run the installation of the downloaded package. Upon completion, restart the computer again, check the microphone settings, as in 2 and 3 sections of the article, and make a test call.

Solution of hardware faults

If the above steps are not helpful, then, most likely, the problem is hardware. Here you can only try checking obviously good headphones with a microphone (concerns the laptop). In other cases, only appeal to the service center. All of the above methods explain why not hear in Skype your speech, and also help solve these problems with the microphone in Skype.

Hello everyone! Very often have to deal with the problem when users do not work the microphone in Skype. It would seem that it is necessary to solve this problem, checking such elementary things as the correct connection, the equipment setting in the Skype program and the configuration of the audio driver. But as practice shows, for many users - this is not fulfilling the task. Therefore, I believe that this post will be useful to many, since in 90% of cases, the problem is solved within five minutes. It is worth only to turn on the brain and follow all the advice that I will give you.

The main reasons for which the microphone does not work in Skype.

As I have already spoken above, the reasons why the microphone may not work, and because of this, your interlocutor will not hear you, not so much. why the microphone does not work

Let's list them for a start, and after consider the solution of each problem individually:

  1. Malfunction of equipment. I think that this problem is the most rare, as the microphones themselves fail in order. In most cases, the user itself leads equipment into an inoperable state interrupting the wire;
  2. Incorrect connection of the device. Here is the problem, more common users often connect the microphone into the socket, not intended for it;
  3. Incorrect configuration of the sound card driver. A fairly common problem, when in the driver settings, for example, RealTek or VIA, the channels for audio devices are incorrectly specified;
  4. Incorrect microphone setup in the "Sound" panel. Here, most often there are cases where the sensitivity of the microphone is reduced to a minimum or a microphone is turned off at all;
  5. Incorrect setup of equipment in the program. As a rule, it is often common to occur when another device is selected in the Skype equipment settings instead of a microphone;
  6. Problems in the Windows operating system, the Windows Audio service is not running;

As you can see, we have a total of 6 reasons with you, because of which the microphone does not work in Skype. Most likely, you can call any more reasons, but usually described above, the most common. We will analyze each of them in more detail.

Microphone malfunction.

Microphone does not work in Skype

Broken microphones in my practice were rare enough, but still the problem takes place. Most often, the user itself without noticing interrupts the wire coming from the system unit to the microphone. Because of this, your interlocutor can hear various cod or at all silence.

To check, the equipment for service is enough, simply connect it to another computer, a laptop or a mobile gadget having a 3.5 connector. If your interlocutor does not hear you or the device will not be determined in the system, then most likely the microphone is broken and you can safely go to the store for a new one.

Note! This case is possible when your microphone will earn on another device. Then the case may be still in a faulty connector on the motherboard motherboard.

Incorrect connection.

If you pay attention, then on each motherboard connectors for connecting audio devices have a specific color. It is usually pink, green and blue. So, a pink connector is intended for the microphone. Microphone does not work in Skype

To make sure that the connection is correct, expand the system unit and look carefully, which connector is connected to the sound recording device.

On laptops and netbooks, sound connectors are indicated by special icons. To ensure that the user does not confuse the connection option.

Incorrect configuration of the sound driver.

Very often, there is a problem when it fails in the RealTek or VIA driver settings and reassign ports. Because of this, for example, the port for the output of the sound is assigned a microphone, the port for the linear input is assigned sound output and so on.

To check if the settings did not confine the following:

  1. Open the "Start" menu - "Control Panel";
  2. We are looking for a setup icon, for example, VIA HD Audio or Realtek HD and launch it; why the microphone does not work in Skype
  3. Codec settings will open, in which we look at which port is assigned a device;
  4. If you see that, something is wrong, then set the correct settings and check the operation of the microphone; Microphone does not work in Skype Windows 10

If the changes made in the driver settings did not give a positive result, then try to restart the computer.

Incorrect Windows Sound Setup

Another common problem, due to which the microphone does not work in Skype, is the wrong setting of the system. All of you, probably, seek that in the lower right corner of the desktop there are not only hours, but also various icons. So, we are interested in the icon in the form of sound dynamics.

We click on it with the right mouse button and select the "Record Devices" item. Microphone does not work in Skype Windows 7

The "Sound" window opens with the "Record" tab. Here we see all your connected recording devices.

the microphone does not work in Skype what to do

It happens that they can simply be disconnected and the window will be empty, then we click the right mouse button and select "Show disabled devices".

Microphone is turned on but in Skype does not work

After that, you must appear all the previously connected sound recording devices, click on each right of the right mouse button and select Enable, as well as install "Use by default".

Microphone does not work in Skype on the computer

Note! If only one microphone is connected to a computer, and two devices are displayed, then most likely the second microphone is built into the webcam.

Thanks to the built-in microphone, you can solve the problem with the operation of the recording device switched to it.

You can go to the sound settings and other way: "Start" - "Control Panel" - "Sound".

The microphone in Skype does not work. Configure the program.

If the previous items described did not help solve the problem on the root, then I propose to see what is happening in the settings of Skype itself. After all, sometimes it happens that the microphone is simply not selected in the settings.

To verify our assumption, perform the following actions:

  1. Open the Skype messenger and go to the "Settings" item;
  2. In the settings window that opens, go to the "Main" tab and select the "Sound Setup" item;
  3. In this point, we are interested in the Microphone parameter, look at the volume scale and say something into the recording device. If the microphone is working, the green scale will be displayed, if the scale is empty, try to select another device and try again;
  4. Play the volume setting or check the "Allow automatic microphone setting" checkbox. The microphone in Skype does not work. What to do?

At the end of the changes done, save the settings by clicking on the appropriate button and check the operation by making the call.

Problems in Windows.

Sometimes there are cases when the microphone does not work in Skype or there is no sound at all on the computer, due to the not running Windows Audio. In order to check the moment, press the right mouse button on the My Computer icon on the desktop and select "Management" in the drop-down menu.

A computer management window opens, here we are interested in the "Services" tab. Open a list of services and looking for the Windows Audio service. It must have a "running" state, and the type of launch must be "automatically". Microphone does not work in Skype

If the service does not work for you, then start it and restart the computer. Most likely the problem will be solved.

Let's summarize.

Today, we looked at the whole six reasons why the microphone in Skype does not work. I hope if you are faced with this problem, then thanks to the actions described in this article were able to solve it. If the problem failed to solve, then most likely it will be necessary to reinstall the Windows operating system or replace the computer's sound card.

Why the microphone does not work in Skype: 10 ways to configure Skype microphone in Windows

Microphone does not work in SkypeWe are all often using Skype to implement live communications with relatives or colleagues. The name of the program itself has long been the name of the nominative: when someone says: "Skype", everyone understands that it is about video calls, and not about chat or file transfer, although the application and these functions perform perfectly.

In the articles, the microphone stopped working on a computer, a microphone does not work on a laptop or why a computer or laptop does not see the microphone, we have already described ways to solve problems with the microphone. We also advise you if you have a microphone headphones, read the solution to the link. This article continues this cycle.

Often, talk in video format is not possible, because one of the interlocutors is not heard. We have prepared a detailed material that prompts how to check the microphone in Skype so that nothing prevents spiritual conversations or business negotiations.

The main reasons why the microphone in Skype does not work

When the microphone does not work in Skype, you need to search for both in the hardware and software. The hardware includes those faults in which iron is guilty (cable break, contact oxidation, the failure of the microcircuit). In the software part, the processes, incorrect settings or code errors are guilty. When the interlocutor in Skype does not hear you, problems can be the following:

  1. The sound card failed. This means without the help of a specialist can not do. It will be necessary, most likely to replace.
  2. The microphone broke. It is easy to check by including it in a pair with any other equipment. Or run the device for verifying the device that the operating system has.
  3. It is used not that nest. If you communicate in Skype using an external microphone, you need to make sure the cable is correct. The microphone is always included in the pink socket. If your nests on a laptop or system block are not tinted, look at what picture connectors are labeled. The microphone is characterized by its schematic image or signature «MIC » .

Software problems may be for the following reasons:

  1. An even peripheral is connected to the computer, which uses microphone software resources. This leads to a conflict of equipment, because of which Skype does not hear the microphone.
  2. The driver is incorrectly installed, or absent. Check this version is easy independently: just enter into "Device Manager" and see if there is no sign warning near the line "Sound devices" . If there is such a sign, it suggests that you need to install update or delete the available version for re-installation.
  3. Equipment settings are incorrect. In this case, you will need to re-set the parameters for the microphone in the program.
  4. If you first encountered a connection problem and have never configured the connection of the application with the equipment, it will be easier to contact Microsoft Support. But if you familiarize yourself with our article, you can solve the question yourself, having gaining more confidence in yourself.

10 ways to help customize the microphone operation in Skype

Depending on why the microphone in Skype does not work, the algorithms of action are built. Software is most often guilty. Checking the settings and performing simple manipulations in the application, you can achieve the microphone performance. But sometimes you have to test the microphone itself to understand, it is suitable for work or not.

Tip # 1: Check the microphone connection to PC

Very often, the cause of silence skype lies in banal inattention. By connecting the microphone into the headphone jack, naively expect the sound of your voice. Remember that the nest intended for the microphone, the manufacturers of all brands without exception and models paint in pink color. If the connector is selected correctly, make sure that the plug is inserted to the end, and not half. Connecting a microphone cord with a laptop, you must hear a soft click, which suggests that contacts are connected correctly. Look at the plug - its bare part must be fully in the nest to the braid itself.

When the question of the correct connection is resolved, but still Skype does not see the microphone on a laptop or computer, you need to check the device itself for performance. The easiest way to do this by connecting it to any other equipment that does not require settings. For example, to a synthesizer or music center. If you have another computer, check the device on it.

When you attach a microphone to a laptop, and he does not notice it, perhaps the connector is to blame. He could dealt, or his contact with the motherboard broke. You can check the portability of the port by connecting another microphone to it. If the nest fails is confirmed, it is not necessary to carry a laptop to the service, it is possible to purchase a microphone connected via USB instead.

Also, when you connect a USB microphone, and it does not see the system, it is possible that the USB port is defective. This is checked by connecting any other USB equipment: USB flash drives, mouse, keyboard, USB flashlight. Rarely, but sometimes it happens that the port is disabled in the BIOS settings. If you have a laptop before you go to the BIOS and check the parameters there, pay attention to the keyboard. Many models have a separate button on their housing, which is responsible for disconnecting sound and microphone. If they are, check if these silence parameters are not activated.

Microphone on the laptop

Along with the individual keys, you can end the microphone and speaker control function. "F1" F12 . One of them will draw a crossed microphone. Click such a button you need to simultaneously "Fn".

Microphone Enable Key on Laptop

Connecting a microphone through a standard plug, do not be afraid to break the device - insert it into the connector to the end. Otherwise, the system will not be able to recognize the periphery and will ignore it. Many mislead the length of the plug. Fearing to attach a bit of physical strength to ensure dense contact, you could stay halfway and not inserting the microphone into the nest to the end. To exclude this question, remove the microphone from the nest and insert again, turning special attention to the quality of the connection.

Make sure you insert into the correct socket. If your system unit stands under the table - arm yourself with a flashlight and see what is written near the connector, if it is not painted in pink color. There should be an inscription «MIC » , «Audio in " or microphone image. Firmly add a round hole and insert a microphone into it - you need to make sure the nest is assigned.

Consider the housing of your microphone carefully. It can be a separate device on / off device. While he is in the position "Off" Software settings and port shifts will not give a positive result.

Tip # 2: Check the microphone settings in Skype

The Skype program has a special section dedicated to setting the sound where you can specify the parameters for the microphone. See which Skype device considers a sound source. If this is a disconnected embedded microphone on the laptop housing, it will become clear why Skype does not hear the microphone.

How to set up a microphone in Skype 8 and above

To begin with, we will tell about the features of the setup in Skype 8.

  1. Locate the button shown in the form of a three-way button near your name, and press it. A list of features will appear on the screen, select "Settings" .
Enter the Skype settings
  1. Go to parameters "Sound and Video" .
Click the Sound and Video tab
  1. In chapter "Sound" , pay attention to the block allotted under "Microphone" and click on the line "Device default communication device" .
Choose a microphone as default device
  1. You will reveal the list in which you will need to select your external microphone you want to connect.
Select Microphone in Device List
  1. By setting your microphone as the device by default, you can proceed to testing communication - call someone to find out if you hear you or not.
After installing the microphone, close the settings

How to enable a microphone in Skype 7 and below

The algorithm indicating how to set up a microphone in Skype 7 versions, or earlier its releases, is slightly different from the one that is presented for the eight.

  1. The desired settings should be sought in "Tools" .
Go to Skype settings
  1. Here you need to go to the section "Sound Setup" .
Select Microphone from Device List
  1. At the top of the window, you will see a row where all the device available for work are collected, among them you need to choose your microphone.

In the same section, you can set the microphone volume parameters, or allow Skype to automatically determine this value. When setting is complete, do not forget to click "Save" .

It remains to check the performance of the device. It is easy to do, having committed a test call to «Sound. Test SERVICE » .

Tip # 3: Run a Windows troubleshooter

If previous methods did not help, with how to include a microphone in Skype, you can seek help to an electronic diagnostic. This is a service that is running Windows operating system. If the OS did not offer its help, you can enable forced instructions to find a malfunction in the operation of the microphone.

If you have Windows 10, call the window "Parameters" . Make it conveniently pressing two keys at the same time. "Windows" + "I" . Among the submitted sections, select "Update and Security" .

Windows Updates and Security

The left part of the window contains a set of items that includes "Troubleshooting" . Clicking on it, you will see the name of the point dedicated in the right work area "Sound recording" . Press "Run a troubleshooting tool" You will see the tips before you follow the diagnostics of the device.

Run troubleshooting tool

Tip # 4: Check the accessibility of the microphone in Windows

Windows 10 bypassed its predecessors not only by the functionality and convenience of the interface, but also the structure of the shell. Now it is a Win32 and UWP hybrid that combines traditions and versatility. Professionals are confident that Windows will soon switch to UWP. This confirms the gradual displacement of Win32: there is no usual in the new operating system. "Control Panels" , Instead, everyone loved the functional window "Parameters" . It is easy to find the desired partition to check or change the specified values.

Microphone and its performance here are immediately set up several points. It can be enabled / disabled both for the computer as a whole and for applications separately. However, it should be remembered that there is a specific priority for these parameters: it is impossible to disable the microphone for the computer, allow it to use in some programs. But if it is enabled, you can select programs loaded from "Microsoft Store" To set separate parameters for them.

If the microphone refuses to work, open "Options" , And we will tell you where to watch. You can get into the cherished window of general settings by pressing double click "This computer" . Usually such a shortcut is located on the desktop.

Go to my computer

Or open the conductor as directories specify "This computer" , in the menu from above, click on item "Computer" . Next click on the gear icon "Open Parameters" . As a result, you will see a window with all available control functions, where you can find out why the microphone is turned off in Skype.

Open Windows Settings

Or you can refer to the button "Windows notifications" . It is located on the taskbar, in its very corner. The pop-up panel will allow you to choose a block. "All parameters" .

For those who do not like to look for the buttons on the screen, it will be useful to remember the key combination causing "Options" - it's simultaneously clamped "Windows" и "I" . This will quickly find yourself in the setup window.

All parameters

Here you need a section called "Confidentiality" . If necessary, scroll the page below, and select this section.

Enter confidentiality

The opened window is visually divided into two parts: on the left subheads of the tabs, on the right - the contents of each. On the left you need to find "Microphone" . And to the right you will see all the values ​​specified as settings for this periphery.

Allow access to the microphone on the computer

Pay attention to one of the topmost lines of the right side of the screen. You need to choose "Allow access to the microphone on this device" to push it for him "Change" . It is important here to "Access to the microphone for this device" I had a value "On" . Otherwise, the device (that is, the computer) will not be able to access the microphone. If worth it "Off" , You can no longer guess for what reasons Skype sees the microphone in Windows 10 - the problem is found.

Enable access to the microphone on PC

After which go below, to the point "Allow applications access to the microphone" . It should also be set to "On" . The disconnected state will say that the computer has access to the microphone, which you were convinced of the previous step, and apps to contact it is prohibited. Not being an application, Windows 10 itself will be able to receive commands through the microphone. In this connection, you can get confused: why the voice command in the operating system goes, and it does not turn out through Skype. The microphone does not work in Skype just because the application is prohibited to turn to the periphery at the system level.

Access to the microphone is allowed

Going down the section just below, you will see that there is a list that is entitled: "Select applications that can access the microphone" . Browse it to find out how else the programs are denied access to the sound recording device. All the programs you enjoyed, but did not manage to use the microphone, will have a runner in the position "Off" . By moving the parameter to the active position, you will access use, and you can work with a microphone. In the same way, you can turn off the microphone for those applications that you do not need to contact him.

Make sure the applications have access to the microphone

It is important to remember that in this list is not all applications that are on the computer, but only those that have been downloaded from the official store "Microsoft Store" . Therefore, if your program has been supplied in the package with the operating system, here you will not find it, it will be a priority value for it "Allow applications access to the microphone" .

Tip # 5: Run Skype on behalf of the administrator

Sometimes developers, taking care of the comfort of their potential consumers, block the activity of the buttons SHIFT и "Windows" and also limit access to some functions when the program is started by the user "The guest" or any other administrator rights. That's what to do if Skype does not see the microphone: you need to start the application on behalf of the administrator to have full rights and access to the advanced functionality.

Tip # 6: Check whether the microphone is enabled in Windows

When all previous solutions did not help. And still it is not clear why Skype does not see the microphone, it's time to contact the BIOS. This is the simplest output system that even those laptops and computers are equipped with that no operating system has yet been installed. BIOS is a medium that controls all ports of the motherboard. If the microphone port is disabled in the BIOS, no skype settings can run it. Getting into the BIOS is easy: turn off the computer by completing the system. Then press the power button on the housing and immediately, without waiting for the start of the download, let the command key «Delete » from the keyboard. On the screen there will be a blue background with a white English-speaking menu. You can control them by arrows from the keyboard and confirm the choice of key "ENTER" .

Turn on the microphone in bios

Moreover, "Device Manager" Also can control the periphery. If the microphone is turned off in it, it will not work in Skype. Microphone does not work on Windows 10 for this reason or because of something else, it is easy to find out by opening the window "Device Manager" . To get to it, you need to start at the same time "Windows" и "X" . Or click the right clawed mouse "Start" . The menu will appear on the screen from which you can go to "Device Manager" .

Open Device Manager

When you find yourself in "Dispatcher" , carefully look at the status of the line "Audio inputs and audio outputs" . Click on it Expand the list and find your microphone. By right click on it, you will call the menu, one of the top deadlines will contain the command "Enable device" . If it is active, this means the microphone has been disabled, let it turn it on. After that, the sound recording device can be tested.

Turn on the microphone in Device Manager

Tip # 7: Check the microphone sensitivity settings

If you can't understand why the microphone does not work in Skype when the device is actively, it can be in its low sensitivity. Possible reasons are as follows:

  • You speak against the background of a common noise that does not allow the microphone to recognize the voice.
  • You say too quiet.
  • Low microphone characteristics.

Perhaps all three factors give their results: You are in a noisy place, trying to say something quietly into the insensitive microphone, because of which it seems that the microphone does not work in Skype what to do - we will understand inside the application itself:

  1. Open the program, pass the authorization under your account, and on the main screen near your name, press the Troetchy to get into "Settings" .
Open Skype settings
  1. Here go to the subsection "Sound and Video" .
Click the Sound and Video tab
  1. Make sure the application works with the microphone that you joined for calls.
Make sure the microphone is installed
  1. If you want to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone manually, disconnect the automatic setting.
Disable automatic microphone setting
  1. In this case, you will be opened the ability to correct the volume parameters by moving the slider.
Microphone sensitivity setting
  1. Checking the sound with different intensity, leave the slider in the desired position.
Microphone sensitivity set up

Tip # 8: Check Microphone Driver

Windows 10 is designed so that you can work as easier to work with your favorite applications and do not think about system settings. When you connect the new periphery, the OS itself refers to the resources of the device and, if its use requires the driver installation, Windows 10 loads it itself and installs, often not even reporting this to the user.

As a rule, such processes proceed without errors, but sometimes failures. For example, the system sets the driver in the background, and at this time it stops the supply of electricity indoors. When you turn on, you will understand that the attached device works incorrectly. In this case, you can contact the OS so that it finds the driver and installed it again.

If the system displays a message in response to the connected microphone "The device is not found", try to give it a command to update the driver. For this discover "Device Manager" , stand up the cursor to your microphone and through the right mouse button select "Update Driver" .

If you want to know if it is installed at all, the answer can be found in the same dispatcher. Get into it, bypassing a long path on the menu can be simultaneously pressing "Win" и "Pause Break" . The window that opened on the left side will contain the desired link.

Go to Device Manager

Turning to the point "Audio outputs and audio inputs" The dispatcher, you can see if there is a row allotted under the microphone, a warning sign that looks like yellow exclamation in a triangle. To upgrade the driver, get the cursor to the microphone, then click on the icon with a green arrow located in the top of the screen.

Driver for internal microphone laptop set

If you have a USB microphone, you will have to upload from the official site of the manufacturer of the latest version driver for a USB-kotroller. But this will be required when the driver updates in automatic mode did not give a positive result.

Tip # 9: Customize microphone operation parameters

Besides "Device Manager" In the operating system there is another partition in which you can configure the sound parameters and headphones, and for the microphone. In Windows 10, it can be found on the taskbar if you click on the loudspeaker icon with the right mouse button. It is usually located in the right corner. You will appear in which you want to select item. "Sounds" .

Open sounds

In the window "Sound" You need to get on the tab "Record" . As a result, you will have a list of all sound recording devices that are now connected to a computer, as well as those that have been connected earlier. When you start talking to the microphone, the movement of the volume of the sound waves will begin by one of them. If one available microphone has no sound scale, check the socket through which you connected it to the computer.

Check if the microphone indicator works

Other microphone values ​​will see by calling the menu speaker right click and select "Open sound parameters" .

Open Sound Settings

In the parameter window, go down to the bottom to fall in "Sound control panel" .

Here you need a tab "Sound" .

Sound control panel

By the name of your microphone, you need to click on the right mouse button, then select in the context menu "Enable" . You can complete the setting by pressing "Apply" (while staying in the settings window) or «OK » (After clicking the window closes).

Go to the Record tab

If your device is installed "by default", but the sound from it is not transmitted to the computer, you need to contact "Properties of the device" .

Turn on the microphone

From the properties it is necessary to get into "Extra options" .

Enter the device propertiesAdditional properties of microphone

Block readings "Levels" . If the runners are located on the left, it means that the volume is minimized, that is, the device is turned on, but does not work.

Check the microphone volume level

Last tab with heading "Additionally" Allows you to turn off the monopolist mode.

After completing the setting of the microphone parameters, you can try to call someone through Skype to check whether the problem is eliminated.

Optional tab

Tip # 10: What to do if the microphone does not work in Skype on the phone

If the Skype application installed on the smartphone does not transmit the sound, the problem must be started to search in the headset. Because of the frequent twisting of the wires and careless storage in your pocket, the headset of the phone often fails. To start, check whether it is connected.

  1. Turn off the phone and turn it on again.
  2. Check the settings in the application may be, the Skype itself turns off the microphone.
  3. Look, whether the sound recording device is not turned off in the phone settings.

If everything is turned on, but the device remains dumb, change the headset is operational. A positive result will say that your just failed.

Final advice

Always when it turns out that the microphone does not work on a laptop in Skype, you need to start with the connection of another (exactly working) device. If at home there is no second headset, go with a laptop to the electronics store and connect a new one. If everything works well with her, it will reasonably make a purchase and enjoy calls. If the new will not give results, the sellers will be able to consult about the settings.

The most common reason for the failure of the periphery is careless handling of the wire. Pressed lightning pocket wire or oxidized contacts make it possible to work with this device no longer possible.

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Why the microphone does not work in Skype

Why the microphone does not work in SkypeWhen the microphone does not work in Skype, it becomes impossible to perform audio calls. This trouble may occur due to a number of problems associated with incorrect settings, the incorrect connection of the device itself or the absence of a suitable software.

We suggest to touch each type of problem individually, to find out why the microphone does not work and what to do.

Why the microphone does not work in Skype: the first reason

Why the microphone does not work in Skype

Often the culprit of the incorrect operation of the microphone is the inattention of the user. Install the device plug is not the easiest way to do so, so you should pay attention to it first. Each laptop or computer connector is usually signed by the corresponding icon, which is not difficult to guess its purpose. In the computer, the input for the microphone is located on the back of the system unit and has the appearance of a small round hole in the pink halo. If the audio card is not embedded in the motherboard, then the connectors can be found on the front side of the system unit.

Why the microphone does not work in Skype: the second reason

If there are no problems with the connector, it is worth thinking about the audio player software. To check its fundamental availability, turn on the music if it is heard - everything is fine with the drivers. To accurately eliminate the possibility of such an error, refer to your computer devices. This can be done by a number of actions:

  • We look at the desktop of the computer and find a label with the inscription "Computer".
  • We clas on it, clamping the right mouse button and select "Device Manager" from the list that appears.
  • If such a point there suddenly fails, press the "Start" button in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Here you can either type the desired functional in the search bar, or press the control panel sequentially, and then the System.

Select "Sound, Video and Gaming Devices" in the list. If, after that, all the supposed devices have completely understandable names and there are no "unknown devices", equipped with shortcuts with questions, it means everything is fine. Otherwise, you need to find the driver on the Internet for your laptop or computer (looks on the motherboard), download them and install.

Why the microphone does not work in Skype: the third reason

Why the microphone does not work in Skype

The reason for the incorrect operation of the microphone may be erroneous setting it.

Checking through the Realtek HD Audio manager (Icon rotated Speaker in the right corner of the bottom panel of the desktop) and the Microphone tab. If the desired microphone is not there, select it from the list on your own.

You can see "sees" if your microphone system can be through the "Control Panel", on the Equipment and Sound tab.

If your microphone is not prescribed anywhere, it means either he himself has become unusable (you can check it into another computer), or the connector broke down (here you have to use the services of a computer wizard).

Why the microphone does not work in Skype: the fourth cause

In the messenger window, from the top menu, select "Tools", then "Setup". In the appeared window, go to the "Sound Setting" tab. In the Microphone field, select your device, and put the checkbox (if there is no) allowing the automatic setting of the headset.

After saving, say a few words to make sure the microphone performance (the green strip under the field "Microphone" should come into motion).

The microphone does not work in Skype - why can it happen and what to do? This is just that problem that may completely spoil the entire session of Internet communication and you, and your companion. Let's see how to deal with malfunctions.

What to do if my microphone does not work in Skype?

First of all, do not worry and concentrate. Usually this situation arises for the following reasons:

  • Wrong settings in the messenger;
  • Something is wrong with the headset or built-in equipment (if you have a laptop);
  • Incompatibility of your OS with Skype or with the device.

The microphone does not work in Skype on Windows 8: What to do?

Return messenger to life in this way:

  1. It is necessary to update the version of the program and at home and at your comrade. Ensure that the accompanying drivers are also "fresh". To do this, proceed to the control panel - equipment and sound - Sound controls section - Sound - Recording - Microphone - Properties If everything is fine, then it will be written there that "the device works fine" And in the subsection "Driver", too, do not need to do anything.
  2. Check maybe there is a malfunction in the Internet. This often leads to a noticeable reduction in the quality of the signal, or it disappears at all.
  3. Disable all programs that may make it difficult to communicate, entering the Skype to conflict - games, browsers with ten tabs, file sharing, etc.
  4. Check the correctness of the audio headset itself (if it is external): Green wire is headphones, pink - microphone. Sometimes it is very easy to change them in a hurry or darkness. Also see if the wires were damaged.

More on how to set up a microphone in Skype, we tell us in another material.

The microphone in Skype still does not work: what to do?

If all the above checks have not yet helped you, then continue to diagnose malfunctions.

If your microphone does not work in Skype on the Windows 7 laptop, but you are sure that you're all right, then let your interlocutor work now.

Ask comrade:

  1. Reconnect the headset to another port.
  2. Let it approach and remove the background noise.
  3. Also let all third-party processes turn off - games, music, etc.

Plus you can always try the test call (you both). And if you have a question why the camera does not work in Skype on the Windows 10 laptop or on any other device - go through the link and read the article on this topic.

How to make a test call Skype?

This is a free, very simple, but effective procedure allows you to exclude a number of audio problems.

  1. In the contact list find Echo / Sound Test Service
  2. It is he who needs to call and get instructions.
  3. Next will be a "conversation", during which the message will be recorded.
  4. The service will reproduce it.
  5. Ideally, you and your friend should hear everything.
  6. Or the situation will clear up - it turns out that someone has broken something, and who has no.

If you are interested in a detailed sound setting in Skype, do not miss the information from the other article.

The microphone in Skype on the Windows 10 laptop: Watch the setting

We'll figure it out what to do if the microphone does not work in Skype on Windows 10.

If you can't use the built-in voice to broadcast the voice for the reason that it is broken, then this is, of course, sad. But not deadly. If you do not want to wait until you repaired it in the service, you can buy an external microphone - there are very budget models - and enjoy communication further.

How are things with the settings?

We remind you that all checks should be carried out in bilateral manner - and to you, and to someone at the other end of Skype.

  1. In the top menu of the messenger, go to "Tools" - "Settings" - "Sound Setup"
  2. In the list of equipment at the very top there will be a "microphone" - select the desired device.
  3. Talk something and watch, whether the green slider will move.
  4. Call Mixer Volume: Right-click on the volume icon and select the appropriate command
  5. Look at the position of the runner under the messenger icon

About situations in which it is not immediately clear why Skype does not work, we speak our other article.

If you have done all-all the actions described above, but the positive result did not appear, then maybe:

  • The audio headset wants some special driver;
  • Your operating system cannot work with it (conflict).

With this situation, it is better to contact the service center.

And we wish you all the best!

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