How to make a quest and make money on it - a business plan with calculations

Entertainment events are positive emotions of participants and a profitable business for the organizers.

The topic of the new article of our site is earnings on quests. You will learn how to start your project by making an interesting quest, how to avoid unnecessary expenses and stay in the plus.

What is quests

Recently, my friends and I decided to have fun and unusually spend time, and I started looking for a place to stay. I didn't want to go to the cinema, the theaters and concerts also did not cause optimism, but the departure to nature could easily be canceled due to the rain.

In the social network, I found photos of my friend who organizes quests. A couple of years ago she worked as an animator in the Children's Center and now she has its own entertainment firm (events). We phoned, and Lisa shared their work experience.

That's what she told me:

  1. Quests are called exciting games that turn into a real adventure. They are especially popular among young people and teenagers (tetentam). The meaning of such a game is to collect items (tips, keys), which will help to solve the main task, for example, to get out of a sinking ship.
  2. Many mistakenly believe that such entertainment began to use during the appearance of computer games and first they were virtual. This is not the case: in the summer camps were popular "memories", where the team receives a description of the place with the next tip. Turning from the stage to step, the detachment gets to the main prize.
  3. Even if you have never participated in Quest, you read about it. Where? In fairy tales, and this is not a joke. Often, the main character must consistently overcome several obstacles (find a voucher tangle, to defeat Koschey, etc.). After that, he receives the main prize: the beauty of his wife, fastening, irrelevant wealth.

What are the types of quests

Major varieties of quests:

  • Scene - the most common adventure in which the presenter provides tasks to the players;
  • sports - elements of moving games and power exercises are used in the plot;
  • Theatrical - in it real actors are played by a small performance;
  • in a closed space - players all the time are in a closed room (quission, location);
  • Unreal - participants reliably cover their eyes and they move to the power.

The quest is arranged in a closed room (by the type of "find a way out"), on open spaces (in the nature or streets of the city), in various anti-cafes, even in ordinary apartments.

The choice of location depends largely on the number of participants.

How to organize a quest and make money on it - step by step guide

If you are planning to deal with leisure organization, this form of entertainment is a popular vacation option for children and adults, and not only on a birthday.

Let's talk about the organization of the quest in a closed room.

Step 1. We develop a scenario for the quest

The answer to the question where to take the script depends on your previous experience and budget:

  • If you, like our heroine, have experience in organizing and holding holidays, then write a few options for games yourself for you will not be any difficulty;
  • With a lack of creative imagination, the idea for the script can be found on the Internet;
  • If you do not hope for your experience, then the scenario of the game can be bought.

One example of free tasks can be viewed here:

Step 2. Choose a suitable room and make repairs

Before choosing the room, it is worth identifying for what amount of people it should be approached (four at one table or 20 with movements around the hall).

The area of ​​the gaming room is calculated by the number of meters per participant:

Motor activity intensity during quest Area per 1 person. (m²) Area for 4 people. (m²) Square for 6 people. (m²)
Low 1,7 6.8. 10.2
Average 2.6 10.4 15.6
High 3 12 18

In all cases, the reception and operator can be added to the obtained figures (they can be combined and occupied from 6 meters). The minimum area of ​​one location, reception area and recreation area - 19 m².

We make repairs

The company of participants is located in the location of the entire period of the game. Therefore, the interior design has a significant impact on the creation of the atmosphere and mood.

How to save on repair:

  1. Transform a script for existing design.
  2. Change the entourage without conducting a cosmetic finish, and adding specific equipment.
  3. Add Removable Hinged Elements. According to Lisa, this option is useful for those who have only one room and several game scenarios are used. Such drapets are also used in field events, so quickly pay off.

Step 3. We buy the necessary equipment

Deciding with the budget, scenario, location and design of the room, go to the inner decoration of location.

What equipment will need:

  • furniture;
  • lighting;
  • Accessories;
  • audio and video equipment;
  • Specific equipment.

Buying furniture and equipment - weighty costs for the startup budget. If you want to save, buy second-hand furniture. But with technical equipment should not be risked - buy from official suppliers, giving warranties for goods and documents.

In some types of taxation (USN), an entrepreneur can reduce the tax burden, which documented its spending on the purchase of equipment, furniture, rental of premises, etc.

Step 4. We select personnel

One of the important conditions for the success of the quest is a competent choice of employees.

Efficient project work provide:

  • Registrar-Cassiere (he is the same administrator);
  • leading;
  • specialist in special effects or operator;
  • actors (on theatrical events);
  • accountant.

Look for them on a summary of the Internet or on recommendations.

It is not necessary to immediately conclude with all employees a long-term contract. At the start of the project, with a small workload, the employment contract is quite suitable with hourly payment.

Step 5. We make the necessary documents for registration

Registration of the firm of entertainment services does not do without collecting documents.

When opening the IP, the minimum package of documents includes:

  1. Passport.
  2. Inn.
  3. SNILS.
  4. Application for registration.
  5. Receipt of payment of state duty.
  6. Application for switching to USN (if this taxation system is selected).

For registration of Ltd. to this list will be added:

  1. The solution of the sole founder (if there are no other founders except for you).
  2. The protocol of the meeting of the founders (if the company is organized 2 or more people).
  3. Treaty on the establishment of LLC.
  4. Receipt of payment of state duty for registration.
  5. Warranty letter to provide a legal address (if you rent a premises).
  6. Certificate of ownership (owned by real estate).

Step 6. We are looking for customers and launch a business

If the business found his client, it is guaranteed financial success. The main visitors of quests from 15 to 35 years old. They will see information about new entertainment on the Internet, on banners, and magazine pages for young people, where you post an ad.

After that, it will remain to assign the day of discovery, inflate the balls and spend the game.

Features of registration of such a business

Possible organizational forms of the enterprise for the quest: LLC and IP.

Between them there are significant differences.

Which organizational form of the enterprise to choose

Most preferably, for our type of activity, the opening of the company of the second type, which is confirmed by the table:

Aspects of activity Organizational form
Ltd IP
The form Entity Individual
Legal address Needed no
Difficulty design +++ +
Responsibility in the amount of authorized capital All their property
Number of owners 1 or more 1
The complexity of reporting +++ +
Order of means At its discretion for specific needs (salary, etc.)
State duty on registration 4000. 800.
Exit from the organization Anytime impossible
Company sale +

What is the most profitable taxation system

The right choice of taxation system for the organization seriously affects the profit of the entrepreneur. Entertainment services do not fall into the list of activities for ENVD, PSN and ECHN. Therefore, the choice of the taxation system for the event passes between the OST and the USN.

The differences between the options we looked at the table:

Open USN "Revenues" USN "Revenues-Costs"
System General Simplified Simplified
Tax thirteen % 6% From 5 to 15%
Property tax + only from cadastral value
The size of the organization any up to 100 people.
Property of any size less than 100 million rubles.

According to Lisa, most of the entrepreneurs of the gaming industry prefer the Usn version of "income". The exceptions make up activities with a large number of expensive consumables (here "income-expenses").

Do you need a license for this type of business?

The entertainment scope is not included in the discharge of licensed activity. No certificates, patents and certificates are not required.

Marketing Plan - Advertising Methods that work more efficiently

Ingenious Henry Ford believed that the client pays the salary. It is from the search for your own target audience and the project should begin.

The marketing plan for advertising includes several promotion options:

Method 1. Social networks

Groups on social networks combine people with similar interests. In such a situation, it is easier, and therefore it is cheaper to find customers.

Принтскрин квесты в соц сетях
Quests in social networks - still profitable niche

Creating your own group also attracts visitors. In it, people share their impressions about the quest, choose a convenient time to play and place photos. And what could be better unusual pictures? Only reposities, huskies and comments on them.

Method 2. contextual advertising

Effective among young people, and this is our target audience, due to a point in contact with a potential customer. From its constant application, only the growing high cost of one click stops.

Method 3. Distribution of leaflets

The least effective way to attract customers: the overwhelming number of flyers flies into the urn, without wondering.

Method 4. Commercials

According to Internet marketers, the era of visual advertising began. Fragments of tasks are suitable for shooting, interviews of the participants of the organizers of the Games.

Method 5. "Sarafan Radio"

The best advertisement is the Council of Friends or acquaintances. Customers do not really trust her and spend the budget for her.

The number of friendly recommendations directly depends on the success of the quest and stream of customers who visited it. By increasing these two indicators, it can be saved to save.

Short business plan with calculations

Business planning and analysis of the market precedes the start of any commercial activity. In this case, creative ideas are firmly standing on financial well-being.

For the success of the project, income companies must exceed its costs. Let's make a business plan for 4 simultaneously working quests.

We predict income:

Project Characteristics amount
Number of locations 4 things.
Opening hours / month 10/300 hour.
Price 1 hour of playing in one location 1600 rub.
Download percentage (according to plan) 40%

With this version of business development, predicted revenues will be: 4 * 300 * 1600/100 * 40 = 768,000 rub. / month

We predict monthly expenses:

Article expenditure Sum
Fund of remuneration (2 registrars - leading to shift, head, accountant, cleaner) and taxes on it 160,000

(20 000 * 2 * 2 + 30 000 + 40 000 +10 000)

Marketing expenses 60 000
Renting the room in the shopping center or near him 140,000
Means for re-equipment and minor repairs 60 000
Office costs (office, refueling printer, detergents, etc.) 10,000

Predicted costs when working for 10 hours a day will be 160,000+ 60,000+ 140,000 +60 000 +10 000 = 430 000 rub. / month

At the option of taxation of USN "Revenues", they will be 6% of revenue: 768 000/100 * 6 = 46 080. rub. / month If the entrepreneur chose the UPN type "income-expenses", then the amount of taxes will reach 15% = (768,000 - 430 000) / 100 * 15 = 50 700. rub. / month

Net profit of 4 locations will be: 768 000 - 430 000 - 46,080 (or 50,700 USN "income-expenses") = 291 920. (287 300) rub. / Month

Profitability will be 291 920 / 768,000 * 100 = 38%

If investments in the initial launch of the project amounted to 800,000 rub., then its payback: 800 000/291 920 = 2.74 . This means that investments in the business will pay off after 3 months, in the absence of deviations from the budget.

When using borrowed funds for the launch of the project, interest payments on the loan also contribute.

Note: The average loading of locations is 40%, that is, during the year it will range from 10% in the first months, up to 95% in the New Year period. This means that the payback can not be expected before 6-7 months, when the minimum client base is.

Market Analysis and Competition

Quests are a unique entertainment sphere, in which competitors will not only lead to customers, but also give them. They teach the youth to rest in gaming locations. In the arsenal Event of companies a limited number of plots. Having visited them, young people go to play to other organizers, that is, to you.

Объем рынка квестов
Russian quests waiting for you!

On the market competition can be said as follows:

  • In Moscow and major cities, the Quest Market is close to saturation;
  • Network projects and their franchises occupy a smaller part of the market;
  • The success of the company in the market directly depends on the complexity of the scenario and props, and therefore the amount of money invested in it;
  • Network projects have low cost and more difficult to compete with them.

Specific examples can be easily found on quest-aggregators, there are now a lot of them. For example, on the Quests page of Moscow site you can see actual projects at the moment.

The site has convenient sorting by type of quest, the city, the number of players, complexity, and so on. There is also a detailed description of each quest, if you wish, you yourself can go with friends and see how everything is organized.

How much money needs to start the project

All financial indicators make sense to count on a specific location of the project: real estate prices, construction work and others are significantly different in Moscow and Saratov.

Lisa and I tried to make calculations averaged. That's what we did:

Article expenditure Amount (rub.)
Repair of premises 70,000
Equipment of the operator room 85,000
Technical equipment location 80,000
Entourage 150,000
Repair and furnishings for other premises (common zone) 80,000
Form for staff 55,000
First payment for rent 140,000
Site development 80,000
Advertising before the project is launched 60 000
TOTAL: 800,000

Risk factors

If you decide to run your quest, pay attention to the possible risks:

  • seasonality;
  • dependence on the quality of the subject and scenery;
  • high price for franchise;
  • The fullness of the market in large cities and unprofitability in small.

Features of the opening of a franchise business

If there is no experience in the field of entertainment, the purchase of the franchise is most suitable. It makes it possible under the brand of a well-known company to legally promote the business on the technologies developed by its employees.

Pluses franchises:

  • the fame of the organization;
  • availability of a complete package of legal, sanitary and technical documents;
  • Finished business model;
  • spent promotion techniques;
  • Riberate scenarios;
  • Support brand (providing your site, call center, promotional products, etc.).

Minuses franchises:

  • limited number of scenarios in assortment (up to 3);
  • lack of flexibility to local market specifics;
  • the inability to realize their own creative potential;
  • Large package fee (from 350,000 rubles) and royalty 10% by turnover).

Franchise offers more than 60 companies in the Russian market. Choose the best conditions are not easy.

To pay attention to when buying a franchise:

  1. Brand promotion.
  2. Quest scenarios included in the service package.
  3. Number of games.
  4. Maximum number of participants.
  5. Package package (documents).
  6. The price of additional services provided by the franchiser (site, advertising, etc.).
  7. Possible penalties.
  8. Customer orientation.
  9. The presence of other entrepreneurs in your region with the same franchise.

The acquisition of the franchise looks like a tempting idea. Carefully learn the conditions offered by the franchisor so as not to get into the financial bole.


  1. There is a big difference between an interesting idea and profitable business. Before opening a quest, appreciate the demand for the service in your region, the success and range of competitors, the financial prospects of the project.
  2. The success of such an enterprise directly depends on the size of the initial investments.
  3. The quest market is interesting, but already saturated, in most cities.
  4. Proposals to sell a franchise a lot, but the justification of its purchase must be carefully weighed.
  5. If preliminary calculations do not give a consolation forecast, it is better to visit game locations only as a member.

Good luck to new meetings!

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23 Ideas for drawing quests: Convenient Cheat Sheet for Active Parents

23 Ideas for drawing quests: Convenient Cheat Sheet for Active Parents

First we split flies and cutlets. I want you to immediately understand, for what type of quests there are collected tasks.

Type of quests for which these tasks are suitable

You can highlight 5 types of quests (my selection is only for the last):

  • Questroom. There the props are built into the walls and partially decomposed on furniture items and on the floor. Participants are moving from one room to another and solve the chain of puzzles. Here is an example of me is described.
  • Exit quests. These are the leaders bring to your home, to the office, in Loft, to the country, to school, in the entertainment center or the nearest park a lot of details and spend an interesting thematic game with the plot. Complete and expensive props (often placed on order or purchased on special sites). Here is an example of children's quests with professional leading. Here are the outbound adults.
  • Banquet quest. Everyone is sitting behind the tables, the actors show fragments of the performance, the assistants spread propumes. Guests are active participants of what is happening. Example.
  • Quest-ferril. You can walk in the museum, the city, park, estate, recreation center. Light. Drive on a special bus, bike or even on a jeep on a complex route outside the city. Participants have a map, there is a goal, there is a chain of complex tests. As artifacts - museum exhibits, monuments, signs on houses, stucco, statues, drawings on wrought gates and fences, graffiti, and even advertising banners. Example.
  • Home paper quest. This is my personal name. The meaning is that all tasks participants receive in the form of letters, notes, scrolls, SMS. Such a game may come up with and hold parents or teachers themselves, using the most common household items: books, balloons, kitchen utensils, boxes, chess, souvenirs, furniture, household appliances, toys, etc.

I came up with and published several such quests. All my free scripts can be found here.

How to use these examples for quest

These ideas are for creative people. Such people read a description of the quest Quest, and suddenly come up with something completely new. Do not just change words and pictures, and make up a new puzzle, which suddenly "flies" in the head. Even the book is "Warm as an artist." Search for old, make your own arrangement, create a new, missing the experience of predecessors.

The crib has examples of collective gathering and my personal "arrangements". Use, inspire, create.

I remind you all suitable for those who spend quests for their children or students. For professional leading, too, there is something useful, but you need to use this game requisition.

Plot and mechanics

I will try very short. It is impossible to just give children one puzzle for another. It is necessary to come up with or borrow in literature or cinema ready-made plot and main characters, determine the goal, think over the obstacles to this purpose. And so to overcome obstacles and you will need all these tasks (game mechanics).

Well, for example, a fairy tale "Kolobok". For the happy finals, Kolobku needs to collect any tips from each character. Just so hare, the wolf and the bear do not give anything. It is necessary at each stage of the game to solve their tasks, get the letter, from the letters to fold the word-password. Hearing this word, Fox will apologize for her predatory thoughts and attribute a kolobka back to the grandmother and grandfather.

This is a primitive example, of course.

The topic may be any. I give you such free scripts with ready-made materials for download:

Culinary quest "Ratatouje", the mysterious quest "Treasures of the Egyptian Princess", the quest in the apartment "Bunker with Ghost", the Country Quest "Cave of the Three Parrots", Quest on the work of Conan Doyle "Lost World", game for small girls "Quest for Princesses" , Apartment quest "Night at the Museum", Quest for 4-6 classes "The Mystery of the Old Compass" (up to 30 participants).

There are still several scenarios from the readers of the site with the tasks of the quest in the apartment and in nature. On these examples, you can see how individual tasks fit into the plot.

Where to hide the next prompts and tasks

In other words, I will list briefly, which words we will encrypt most often. You can, of course, simply tell the children that somewhere in the room is hidden the key from the chest with gifts, and they reap the whole room. The essence of the quest is to alternately to guess the places in which new passwords are harnessed, scrolls, subjects.

These places:

• Furniture (in response The riddles must be: table, armchair, chest of drawers, window, etc.) • Sofa pillows • Household appliances (microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, bread maker, oven, etc.) • "Under the carpet »• Interior items (vases, boxes, boxes, chests, paintings, etc.) • Magnets and souvenirs from different countries, on which the name of the city is written • Multi-volume collections of works (guess the volume number and pick up the tip there) • Mailbox ( Madly gone to the first floor and open your box with a key when it comes to the last tip about gifts) • Suitcases and portfolios with code locks

Still caches may be such:

• Bottle (albeit even swims in the bath than not the sea) • Balloons (they need to burst, naturally) • Ice figures (in the New Year's quest I froze the water in rubber gloves and balls, it turned out a whole pelvis of ice blocks of different shapes. For the sake of hinting Children told all this under a crane in the sink) • a sandbox in which you need to find small items • Candy in wrappers • Cookies with prompts / predictions (here on my website recipe) • Banks for storing bulk products • Pots with live plants • Dishes On the festive table (to the bottom of the plates you can attach a hint)

Tasks for quest

1. Drawing up a word from individual letters

  • letters can be found on one, as in my quest "Night in the Museum", then compose the final word and find gifts
  • Write letters on disposable cups, which are standing on the festive table
  • The word can be made up of letters written by marker on balloons
  • Plastic letters Scroll into the sand, children love excavations (I use a magnetic alphabet)
  • freeze letters in ice molds
  • Write letters on fish with magnetics (finished children's game "Fishing"), let them catch and make up the word

2. Puzzles

  • Create a map searching for gifts from pieces
  • Create portraits of famous personalities of 4 fragments (faces cut stripes, as for the preparation of photography)
  • On the cutting picture, you can write a riddle (a deposit - the next place with the tip: sofa, vase, etc.)
  • On the piece of puzzle can be the code of the lock or the phone number by which your assistants will give a hint
  • Conventional puzzles on 30-50 fragments can be folded two teams for speed (struggle for an additional prize or tip)

4. Attentive account

  • In the Quest Scenario "Night in the Museum", I suggested to calculate the stacks of coins to guess the phone number
  • You can count the same items in the picture in your room.
  • Steps in the house
  • windows in the building opposite
  • books on the shelf
  • split the poor and red beans on the handhelter and calculate how much more beans is one color than the other ("Quest for the princess")
  • how many soft toys in the basket
  • Fold all the numbers that write the birthday date date (09/02/2009 = 22)
  • Calculate the number of letters in the name and name of the birthday book, etc.

All these numbers may be needed to guess the password to the castle, for example. Or the guess number will be written in a prominent place on the subject of furniture with another tip.

5. QR codes

день рождения мальчика 10 лет квест

This, of course, is not a task for the quest, but one of the ways of mining information, but children usually like. Through a special application in the smartphone, you can encrypt any picture or note with prompts. Where to fix the printed QR code? On the inner surface of the door of the cabinet, under the plate, on a souvenir or toy, insert in the book, etc.

6. Puzzles, Characters, Crosswords

It makes no sense to bring a lot of examples, you will pick up on the Internet on the topic of your quest or create your own puzzles in the image and likeness. Here is a simple example in which the word is encrypted "picture" . As symbols - the edge of the lattice around the desired letter. задания для квестов

Especially a lot of such good in the old Soviet books and schoolboy calendars. For those who want to find something really interesting, I recommend going to the library. With charaks and crosswords, it is convenient to select intellectual load by age. In the same topic, you can come up with quest tasks for teenagers, adults and children from 6 to 10 years.

7. Mirror text

We make the desired phrase, which is difficult to read without a mirror. The search for the mirror itself can also be given attention, mighting it with the previous puzzle.

To complicate the task, type the text with an unusual vestive font, otherwise the players will easily turn the letters without any mirror.

8. Anagramma

These are examples for inspiration. Just only at first glance, since even adults sometimes make up the other word from the letters of one word. If the quest command, spend time and encourage the most cut with additional points, prizes or tips. The word compiled can become a password for another puzzle.

9. What is hidden in the picture

There are a lot of such mysteries on the care of various complexity on the Internet. On the left, an example of a puzzle for kids, on the right - for adolescents: "How many animals are there?"

There are still interesting selections with the common name "What is hidden in the photo".

10. We indicate emoticons the name of the fairy tale (film, songs)

It is quite difficult, but fun. Smileys are not so much, so you need to call for help all the fantasy. All pictures can not be given, children will be tired. Encrypt that book with a fairy tale, in which another hint lies. And in the picture, approximately this: "Tale of fisherman and fish", "Ruslan and Lyudmila", "Tale of the dead princess and seven heroes", "Princess on the pea", "Tsarevna frog", "Mum" (possibly), " Star rain "," Snow Maiden "," Zayachya Hut "," Ivan Tsarevich and Snake "," Porridge from the Topor "," Porch Pot "," Boy-C-Finger "," Wolf and Seven Cats "," Rapunzel ", "Cockerel and bean grains."

11. Invisible ink

Honestly, I have not been writing notes with milk and lemon juice for a long time. No time)). Now there are handles with invisible ink and a special flashlight. I am writing the letters and messages on the mirrors, furniture, in ordinary letters. Sometimes even on his own son (they wrote his hands and legs with tips and drawings).

So I right now wrote myself on my hand the name of my site and has been lantern. Without a UV flashlight, no letters are visible! By the way, you can draw on each GUTE according to one letter before the quest, then you will collect the final word.

12. Ciphers.

Where without ciphers. Here are the most popular (pictures are on the Internet)

  • Daughters men (thanks to Sherlock Holmesu)
  • ABC Morse
  • numeric cipher (each letter is assigned a number)
  • Semafort and Alphabet Flags
  • Symbols
  • Homemade ciphers (different pictures of mustache, toys, food, cosmetics - all images are assigned letter)

Semaphore alphabet can be shown (one team member shows all the rest of the encrypted word). Son, thanks for the help!))

Long phrases children decrypt difficult. Maximum 3 words for 3-5 letters. This is enough to report the place of another hint.

13. Maze

The labyrinth can be drawn. Something confusing must be unraveling along the lines or go through the "corridors" without deadlocks. I sometimes distribute the printed labyrinth to each quest. Who is the first - he opens the code lock and pulls out gifts, otherwise there will be hot spores)).

There are parents who are not too lazy to make a rope labyrinth. Ropes of different colors are laid out on the floor in the apartment or stretch between trees in the country. Each chooses its color and goes along the line. By the end of one of the ropes tied a hint. You can still between the ropes stretched at different heights between the trees, get to the goal (gift, key, the next scroll).

14. Excavation

That is definitely a pleasant lesson! My reader sent this picture (I look at all of her

Quest Scenario "Robinson"

). She collect chicken bones for excavations a month! Skull, truth, plastic. I repeated her idea, but buried a lot of small toys from the kinder surprises in the pelvis with the sand. Repeating figures needed to postpone, one unique was a tip.

Instead of sand, you can rush into the semolina, rice, salt and buckwheat.

15. Puzzles with matches

More often for this purpose, large fireplace matches or counting sticks are used. There are completely simple tasks, there are those over which adults break their heads. Here is an example from my quest "Bunker with ghosts." Shoot one match so that the answer is still correct.

загадки со спичками

16. Puzzles with buttons

Here, instead of buttons there may be any figures that you need there on the topic of quest. Bugs, mummy, evil dogs. The bottom line is that four lines need to divide the figures so that in each cell it was one.

задания для квестов

Task for speed, the fastest receives extra glasses, tips or privileges.

17. Classic rebuses

Let's remind you that it is. The rules are always the same, it is easy to think. They shown commas to the picture, how many letters need to be removed at the beginning of the word, commas after the picture - letters on the departure in the end of the word. The sign indicates which letter in the Word needs to be replaced with another.

Words are encrypted on six pictures: lemon, capital, stork, student, gift, queen. On the Internet are full of such plas, build them into your quest, taking into account the plot.

задания квест

18. Encrypted poem

задания квеста

First digit - This is the line number from above.

Second digit - The ordinal number of the word on this line.

Third-digit - Letter in the selected word.

Here is a piece of the book of a chef from my quest "Ratatuj". Children should have the word "refrigerator". The essence is clear, it's easy to think about your riddle!

19. We connect pictures, get numbers

I'll show an example from your free scenario "Night in the Museum".

Mentally connect into one line of the point, looking at the chains of words. You will have a digit. For example: "Pizza - Apple - Kiwi - Tomato" - Digit 1. For the hint, give children a sample digit to write an index. Figures write in squares (this is the code from the lock).

I have encrypted code 250.

20. Akrostich

Immediately on the example. We read the poem. Attentively)).

ДOVO named I know my own; РAvno swear to the plut and immature them, УTech in disasters I just have a bigger, ЖI wonder sweetly with me and in the best share. БClean souls can serve as one, Аbetween villains - not to be created.

Quest participants The first letters of each row are not necessary to highlight fat. This is me just to remind the essence of such a puzzle. The word "friendship" is obtained. On the Internet you can search for an acrostio for men and female names, the names of the time of the year, etc. The word can become a prompt as usual.

21. Find extra or missing subject / number

Many pictures with such tasks, and you yourself can make something like that. So I erased one number on the finished picture from the Internet, it turned out a puzzle. It is necessary to guess what number is not here:

The answer is 31. All other numbers from 1 to 33 are there! It is difficult, by the way.

22. Transportes

задание квеста для детей

I love such riddles! I do not paint myself, but the collective mind often take it. Here, for example, such a mystery. I give children a picture with a parrot and ask: "Who stole parrot?" To answer, you just need to turn the picture and look at it with a fresh look. Indian, of course)).

23. Active tests

Children love quests, but 2 hours of puzzles are a mockery. If you read my scenarios of children's quests, notice that I try to complement the tasks with bright activity. You do not need to run around the apartment, but you need to move.

Here are some ideas:

• Build chalas from chairs, pillows and blankets according to the scheme • Make a balloon with a basket (ball with helium, threads, one-time cup) • Collect the canapes on the recipe from the sliced ​​products • Rush with the knotted eyes the necessary item in the basket • Plant a plant in a separate pot • Make a big team drawing (map or flag of a fictional country) • Determine with tied eyes. Different fruits • Show movements The subject or the phenomenon of nature (the game "Crocodile", in short) • to dance the dance of Papuans and make beads from pasta • Hold the baton (see picture, There "Kluviki" laughed nuts and candy in another room)

Or here are chemical experiments. I miss me only on soda with vinegar, but you can make a lot of interesting things using ready-made sets. Where it hung up, that cup will point to the number of the desired book with a tip.

Ate need quickly and just

In bookstores you can buy ready-made scripts with a detailed box. There is a script, detailed instructions for parents, sets of stickers and cards, tasks for players. Everything ends in finding a gift most often.

Colleagues, complement!

I tried very hard for our common good. If you remember something useful, add, please, in the comments. We have one goal - to please children with our ideas and creative)).

I remind you all my free quest scenarios can be found here.

Your Irina Panasyan, the author of the project "again holiday"

You can please the birthday boy in different ways: buy a chocolate cake, order a fashionable gadget or give a bike. But any surprise will be more pleasant if the road to it turns into an intriguing adventure. And you can do it with the help of a quest!

Here we will tell about Quests with a search for a gift In which the birthday boy is one (or with the assistant team) goes on the hunt for a prize, and on the way he will have to solve a chain from thematic tasks.

If you are interested to know about other types of quests - pay attention to this article From our blog.

So, you decided to make a quest at home. Why start?

как провести квест дома

The main goal of the quest:

Your task is to arrange everything so that the celebration's culprie find a gift in a pre-prepared place.

What can be done?

Make a series of messages and mysteries that eventually lead the hero to the cherished presentation. Start from the opposite, i.e. From the place where the quest will end.

For example, you decided to give a scooter. To save a secret such a bulk gift, you may have to put it outside the house (in the car or on the balcony). Then it is this place that will be the key to solving the quest.

And then it all depends on your imagination. We list only a few options:

  1. The simplest solution - Set of tasks , from answers to which the final attenuation will turn out. If a gift is hidden in the car, then you need to prepare 7 tasks (by the number of letters in the phrase "in the car"), with the right answers containing the desired letters "in", "M", "a", "sh", "and", "not".
  2. Easily more complicated chain in which tasks are hidden throughout the apartment. Here every following leads to a new one. For example, the answer to the first mystery "TV", then the second mystery will be hidden behind the TV. The answer to it can be the word "table", and the third mystery will be hidden under the table. And the last mystery should bring the participant to the main gift.
  3. И The most difficult way For the quest chain will be Using Tip Card (That is how we do in their Finished quests ), in which 40-50 possible places in the apartment are listed. Some of them are tips, and in the rest - empty or special obstacles. In this embodiment, participants are less obvious to the quest, which creates an additional intrigue.

After selecting the logic of the future quest, go to mysteries.

идеи для заданий квеста

Home Quest: Ideas and task examples

The more time you have to prepare, the more you can make interesting assignments with the requisite. Here are just some examples:

  • A set of letters from which you need to make words,
  • Toy with a note
  • Cipher inside wrap from candy
  • Air balloon with a message,
  • Marker in the newspaper or in printout,
  • Puzzles from a photo of a place in which a gift is lying.

If the time is not so much and you want to make a simple quest with your own hands - make cards with tasks. As tasks, you can use:

  • Crosswords,
  • riddles in verse,
  • numeric tasks
  • rebuses
  • anagram
  • labyrinths and others.

If there is no time for the preparation at all or you are preparing a thematic holiday, then the best solution will be custom-made scenario.

For adults Fine and intellectual tasks are suitable, and for children We recommend choosing riddles easier. Remember: Your goal to bring a child to a gift, and not to make bored on a difficult exam.

тематический квест примеры

What is the secret of a successful quest with a search?

We advise you to choose the topics that most reflects the interests of the birthday room. For example, if a child loves films about pirates, the best option is a pirate quest.

Deciding with a holiday style and a gift, decide where the quest will be held: in the apartment, in the country or, maybe out of the house (in a cafe or on the street). Then proceed directly to the chain planning. Follow the general recommendations:

  1. The game should not be tedious or too fast (children under 70 are enough 6-7 tasks, up to 12 years old - 10-12 tasks, older than 12 and adults - up to 15 tasks).
  2. Place tips to any available location: from the oven to the mailbox.
  3. Be sure to make a preliminary layout scheme with prompt numbers so as not to get confused and not forget their location.
  4. Show fantasy in choosing tasks. For example, you can start a quest with SMS messages to the name of the birthday room or write a digital appeal that serves as a starting job.
  5. Use the thematic props and decor, as desired, consider suits for lead and participants.


For each of us, one of us is one of the most important holidays in the year. And if you want to make it for someone from closely special, then home quest with your own hands is an excellent idea.

And our team "Quest House" offers Ready scenarios Quests For every taste: Choose an interesting topics and enjoy the adventure that will go into your story!

Today we will tell you how to create an interesting quest for children in the house or in the apartment. If you are on quarantine in isolation mode, these tips will allow you to independently organize a home quest and entertain children, such as a birthday, new year or any other holiday.

In terms of difficulty, such a quest is designed for children from 8-10 years old and it will be perfectly suitable for adults. The preparation of the game will take you about 30 minutes, provided you have a printer and some materials (self-keys A4 or tape, paper, some toys). If there is no way in stock - skip such tasks, we will tell an alternative.

Quests at home for children and adults!
Quests at home for children and adults!

If you do not have the printer, you can use the courier delivery of printed products from the print centers. All the necessary files you need will find in this publication. And when quarantine is over, you can organize for children no less interesting quests outside:

Also watch ideas for quests on the street
Ideas for children's quests - 1
Ideas for children's quests - 2
Ideas for children's quests - 3

Plot game (legend).

Honestly, a legend (connecting all missions to a single whole story) for a home quest is not needed at all. She like a shell from candy - only works when we buy it, and then it only prevents you quickly reach the tasty fill.

When children begin to fulfill the quest tasks to them become indifferent - whether they save the world from the aliens, are looking for gold dragons or investigate a confusing crime. The players have a definite mission that does not pay attention to unnecessary information. So let them fulfill. The skills of a narrow concentration on target will be very useful in adulthood.

We will tell about creating plots for the game quite briefly. But this information is enough for you to learn how to stamp legends for your home games.

Whatever the story was, the set of game tasks will be unchanged. Only the plot of the quest you will be customized under the current interests of your child.

The result of the absolute majority of quest tasks is a word, a number or phrase. Less often the answer can be photography, video or found item. Suppose we have a logical mystery, the answer to which will be the word "cactus". And your child loves the stories about wizards and training at school magic. We write a legend for such a game:

"Maga Tower"

Old magician living in the tower on the edge of the magic forest, scored alarm. Orcs appeared in the forest (here you can come up with any name of harmful characters - pigs, evil spirits, golems, monsters) who are creating game and destroy the forest. Orcs grow to the right left. Because of the garbage layer, a new grass and trees can grow. Orcs fit squirrels and swans and those aggressively attack on all people with the requirement of food. Orcs harness bonfires, moss trap and flowers, pollute water, etc. List everything that your child should do in the forest.

Quest In addition to entertainment, there must be socially useful knowledge and skills for children.

The magician is very old and alone will not cope with the enemies. He calls for children to his tower so that they have learned the basics of magic and helped save the magic forest from the orc raid. Through the portal, children are transferred to the tower of the magician (this is your game room). In the tower, children begin to study spells and accumulate magical power.

Every task in Quest is a page from the book with spells. Children perform a task, get the word and eventually teeming a magic spell - which can be neutralized or roes. The answer to the first task will be a "cactus", on the second "shmactus" and so on. And in the end we get a sequence of magical words: "Cactus-shmactus-lzhukh-cock!".

If your children do not like magic, and dream of becoming captains of spacecraft, manage robots and go to search for extraterrestrial life, then for them the plot of the quest will be like this:


On Earth, children stole a stupid unreasonable robot and brings them into a galactic zoo. The task of children get out of the cells, intercept the ship management and submit a signal that they are reasonable and want to return home. Now your room turns into a spacecraft. Children perform tasks and collect code to turn off the robot. You have already guessed how this code will be in the end - "Cactus-Shmaaktus-Lzhukh-cock!". The same tasks, the same answers, but a completely different story.

Does your kid likes to play football? Excellent, let him collect a secret crurch that increases the speed of players by 20% or leads to a goal over the next 10 minutes of the match.

Mechanics of the game

There are two types of issuing tasks in the game. Either the missions in Quest are performed in turns after each other, or everything is issued at once.

The first option is good because when playing several teams feels the constant spirit of rivalry. Players constantly together, then one breaks forward, then the other. The game develops through a linear plot and leads to a logical history final. For example, the first pair of tasks is the training of a young mage, then the search for inventory and the manufacture of the magic stick, then the battle with small monsters, the search for asylum of the main pest and the last task is the final battle.

The cons of this format is that if difficulties arose with the task is to perform - the whole game stalled to get a prompt. Therefore, parents should always be close and quickly helping their child, until it was finally upset and did not fall into despondency.

The second option is good because you can give the child the whole pack of tasks, and go for an hour or two to work. The child performs missions in an arbitrary order. If something does not work, he just postpones this mission and is engaged in another. This format is also convenient to use when there is a strict time limit. At 15:00 start, at 17:00 begins feast. Everyone play exactly 2 hours. Who will perform more tasks during this time - he won.

Task number 1 "Encryption"

Invite the players to decipher the question in which each letter of the Russian alphabet is replaced by some character. Tips with symbols need to be hidden throughout the apartment. The easier the letter, the harder the hint should be hidden. It is clear that all the prompts seek not necessarily. Fast players will find them a lot, and smart enough and pieces of 5-6. This task has an excellent balance and guaranteed execution for 15-20 minutes without any tips.

I prepared for you two encryptions. She is simpler, the other is more difficult and with a trick.

Encryption question: "What planet fifth from the sun?" Answer: Jupiter
Encryption question: "What planet fifth from the sun?" Answer: Jupiter
Tips for encryption about Jupiter.
Tips for encryption about Jupiter.
This encryption is more difficult. Its text below.
This encryption is more difficult. Its text below.

From the gate to the gate, the people run quickly. Scores a clash goal. Everyone is playing here in ...

Many people want to answer "Football" in rhyme. But alas, the correct answer is "hockey".

Tips are best printed on self-adhesive paper A4, it is in every printing salon. There is transparent, there is a white paper and white film.

Download both encryption with prompts (PNG, A4)

Task number 2 "Test of the memory" + "Autocurlin"

These two different tasks are combined together, because they have a common set of props - a map of the city and inertial machines.

Memory tests do as follows. You take two printed maps with urban roads and expose 6-8 cars on them or other items. If you do not have a second duplicate kit machine, then after the place you remember or take a picture of the location of the toys on the map.

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)

Then cover the card with the machine covering and call the child. Remove the bedspread and give a child 1 minute to memorize the location of the machines in the city. And then ask to the most accurately restore the picture on the second map. If you have 2-3 children, then you can give them to the memorization of 20-30 seconds. You can inform the tasks and number of toys in advance to develop team tactics.

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)

Download city map in vector format.

A completely simple version of this task is a rated sheet of paper and minor items that come across arm.

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)

Why in the title is "autocurring"? In Kurling, you can play at home all the same inertial machines. Draw on the floor A small circle is a target near which machine should stop. Then you start the machine from a distance of 1.5 - 2 meters. If the child plays one - then put on the floor all the same map of the city and offer it to pack, launched from 1 meter, cars on city parking.

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)

Task number 3 "Secret Message"

There are many ways to log in the word, phrase or digital code. We will show you a few mysteries for each of which the child will leave for 10 minutes. These mysteries are universal, you yourself can think of any message for your players.

Mirror letters

Prepare this message is very simple. Take the letter and close to it exactly the same, only in the mirror reflection.

In the following example, we drew the word SWORD и AX

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)

And this word is guessing already yourself:

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)

Such a mystery is usually solved for 10 minutes, with the children it gives it much easier than adults. After 10 minutes you can give a hint, say that when you came up with this cipher, we used a mirror. Or simply issue a mirror with the phrase "it will help" and do not tell anything else.

Word of 3 parts.

The ridden word must be divided into 3 parts so that according to any two anyone it was difficult to read it. Three parts hiding in different places at home. Let the players first find parts of the message, and then figure out how to fold a full-fledged word.

Write a word on 3-4x transparent films
Write a word on 3-4x transparent films
or on 3 pieces
or on 3 pieces
More direct lines and players will not understand anything until everyone gather. Hi would look like that.
More direct lines and players will not understand anything until everyone gather. Hi would look like that.
And this is an example of creating the word "paddle"
And this is an example of creating the word "paddle"

Font Labyrinth

Here we found such a wonderful font on the Internet. To see the message, you need to tilt the sheet, or smoothly twist your head, or simply look into the line. In general, it is not so easy, but sooner or later you will see everything.

The word Fishka is written here, you can write with Russian letters
The word Fishka is written here, you can write with Russian letters
Квест для детей дома (30 идей)

Download this font

If these ways are not enough for you, then in our publication Ideas for children's quest. Part 2 There are some more.

For example, a message that manifests itself only to hunt the plate.

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)

Or classic stereograms. Draw them You can here .

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)

And of course UV keychain and UV marker with invisible ink. The inscription can be made on the tile in the bathroom or on the fields of the book. And the bathroom and the book must be searched in complete darkness.

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)

Task number 4 "Vicozamok"

Take the usual cycle mock. Open it and write the code word inside. We have this word "kilt". Close the lock combination of numbers " 4800. ".

Castle code 4800.
Castle code 4800.
A nice background for the photo creates asolotl Mr. Yu

Then inform the child such a mystery:

Answer: 480.
Answer: 480.

And the 4th digit is the translation of the word "figure" from the language of their creators.

Figures we have Arab and translation the word "digit" is "zero". Either it can just go through.

Everything is simple and you have an extra 15 minutes of rest, and in the case of adults all 20.

Task number 5 "Crossword about balls"

Natalia V. from Moscow shared a cool sports crossword about the balls with us. Players need to determine the sport on balls of balls. Record these types in the cells, then take letters from red squares and make a sports word from them. In this word there will be 10 letters.

Answer: Training
Answer: Training

Questions may arise with these pictures:

3 vert - Motobol. 10 Mountains - bandy (hockey with a ball), 6 vert - gymnastics 16 Mountains - water polo 18 Mountains - Kviddic from Harry Potter, 14 Mountains - Pilates

The rest is easy. But it is better to allow you to search for answers on the network.

Download A4 Version Crossword.

Task number 6 "Fallen animals"

This task is performed with a tablet or smartphone. Players need to walk along the car dealership and search cars of the hidful animals. Total fugitives 3 pieces - a cat, butterfly and mouse.

This QR code to start a 3D tour of the car dealership
This QR code to start a 3D tour of the car dealership

Here is a link to the 3D-tour:

Here are the places where the fugitives hid:

It's not all. We take more than three animals and hide them in the game area - an apartment or a car. In the car you can hide at the same places as their virtual accomplices.

Iguana, deer, lynx
Iguana, deer, lynx

When players found all animals, offer them to collect from the first letters of the names of the beasts another living organism.

Mouse, iguana, cat, lynx, deer, butterfly = microbe

Task number 7 "PhotoFragments"

This task is described in the section of adult office quests, but it is perfect for a home game. You make 6-8 photos of your home interior fragments. Next to objects in the photo hiding the letter or digit. From the letters you can fold the word, from numbers - the phone number by which you want to call and get the following task.

Here are examples of fragments:

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)
Квест для детей дома (30 идей)

Take a picture so that the players do not immediately figure out where it is the subject. During the quest, place these frames on the same A4 sheet. Or you can download them in Instagram and mark the unique hashteg ( #Quest522682936. # Quest_kasdxtyf. ). Then rapty or having received hashteg - players will enter the search of an instant in hashthegam and your photophragments will find there.

Next to each fragment (preferably in a radius of no more than 1 meter), write a marker of a part of a mobile phone number, which no one else knows. If you write a marker not rearranged possible, use stickers and write on them. Parts of the phone number may look like this: (+), (375), (29), (688-), (-22-), (-60). Defisi serve for easy and error-free compilation of numbers.

There is another way to make a sequence of numbers. In this case, you do not need fragments, and you need a mystery with the words of the popular song. In this way, we make the GPS coordinates on city games, but nothing prevents the phone number in the same way.

The song from the cartoon about the Bremen Musicians.
The song from the cartoon about the Bremen Musicians.

Players need to place lyrics in the right order, and then calculate the number of angles in geometric shapes.

Nothing - 5 angles, On the - 4 corners, Svetle - 6 corners ... and so on ... ( than - 2 corners)

Task number 8 "Search subjects"

Give children a task to collect objects on a specific criterion - color, shape, material, first letter in the title. Then all the found items found can be weighted and score 3-5 kg, or fold the word of them.

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)

An alternative to collecting items on criteria can be the search for items composed of the letters of a long word. For example, call the child the word "patronage", "SUV", "wind generator". From the letters of one of these words, it is necessary to draw up the name of the subject, find it in the apartment and bring you. The more items - the better. You can use not one long word, but the whole phrase "children, let's live together and do not interfere with parents work"

Only at the beginning, check what word you can make up from letters.

For example, right here .

Task number 9 "House-Letters"

If your child is already actively looking for a search on the Internet, you can offer him such a task. You report 8 addresses and ask them to Russian word.

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)
  1. Moscow, ul. Dovzhenko, 6.
  2. Minsk, ul. Surganova, 88.
  3. St. Petersburg, Channel Embankment Griboyedova, 30-32
  4. Ekaterinburg, ul. Factory, 44.
  5. Nizhny Novgorod, ul. Kremlin, 1.
  6. Irkutsk, ul. Baikal, 77.
  7. Barnaul, ul. Gogol, 52.
  8. Nur Sultan (Astana), ul. Akan Seri, 22

Entering these addresses in the search on the map you can see that the houses are very similar at these addresses. When you first notice this pattern, there is no limit to delight.

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)

From those addresses that we led to above, the word "character"

Task number 10 "Words of songs"

Take three popular children's songs. Mix the words and put them on the room. The task of players find as many words as possible, guess what songs they are and tell you the names of each.

Here is an example with songs from Bremen musicians, plasticine crows and in the blue sea, in white foam ... You can take words from your child's favorite song.

Instead of words from songs, you can make characters from different cartoons or heroes of books or computer games.

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)

Download this list for printing on A4

Task number 11 "Logic Riddles"

Logical tasks for home quests are scattered immediately by several publications. Now let's try to collect everything together.

Here is the biggest list of logical tasks.

Here is a list of 100 intelligent tasks

Here you can take the metagram

And another 50-60 essential riddles can be found in this publication

Task number 12 "Selection from other publications"

We have many tasks for children's quests on the street. Part of these tasks can be realized at home with small additions.

Here are these tasks:


To prepare this task, you will need only 10-15 meters of rope and the marker for writing letters. At the very edge of the rope, tighten the first nodule, it will denote the beginning of the reference. Write or wrap the first letter in the prominent location of the game zone. The game area can be a playground, grove in a park or a large room in a house or apartment. Meter in two write the following letter. Make a search for this letter a little more complicated than the first. From the first to the second letter, stretch the rope along the shortest route and where the rope will contact the second letter to contact the second knot. On our photo the distance between the letters L and G is made small for clarity.

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)

Write a third letter even more complicated (for example, under a bench, under a slide or under the table). For a short way, stretch the rope from the second nodule near the second letter to the third letter and make the next nodule. Total write 5-7 letters and build a rope route as you do it in any online maps. Try not to write the letters with a marker directly on the surface of the game zone, but write them on the stickers that can be easily disrupting after the game.

Tell children the principle of searching for letters on nodules and watch how fun they pull the rope in search of another letter. To complicate the task in the home quest - hide the letters behind the closed doors, in drawers or under the rugs. The most important thing is that all the nodes are exactly near their letters.


This children's mystery can put even adult men in a dead end. Not all of them know what the same cereal looks like, before it becomes a delicious porridge. But children should know what looks like the original source of their beloved breakfast.

Sequentially pour into any transparent cereal capacity in the following order: Manka, oatmeal, rice, barley (barley), corn. If the children are correct to guess the cereals, the first letters of the names will prompt a new word. This word (sailor) will be the answer to the riddle. In a more complex embodiment, all the above-mentioned cereals can be mixed, in this case the players will have to study the mixture obtained literally along grains.

In the example, we used preforms from conventional plastic bottles. They can be purchased on the filling lines of drinks or in packaging companies. You can replace these capsules with plastic blood collection test tubes that can be found in pharmacies or honey stores. Technique.

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)


This simple game is familiar to many of the deep childhood. Previously, children hid sweets and denoted the words cold-cool-heat-hotly the degree of seeker's approach to the place of the cache. In our quest, we act in the same way - we do a cache with a code word or hide a prize. Only instead of said words, place in the search zone stickers with the temperature written words. The closer to the epicenter - the hotter.

If you want a little more complicate the task for the quest participants, then write down the temperature words translated into another language. Either use similar temperatures for words - trunk, gas tank, steering wheel, hood, engine, piston. In this example, car terms are listed from the furthest and cold, to the hottest. If you have a mixed team from children talking in different languages, then instead of words, use the sequence of multi-colored stickers with spectral colors (rainbow colors).

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)

Letters from the header

If desired, this task can be turned into a separate desktop game. But we will restrict ourselves to the disposable use of this idea. Take about 50-70 letters of the Russian language and throw them into the header or bag. If you do not find letters from plastic, they can be easily made independently from cardboard. Try to give the vowels in your set to be more, and rare letters "H, Sh, Kommersant, C" smaller.

During the game, children pull out 10 random letters from the header and try to make up the maximum long word of them. The longer the word succeeds - the more points. Players are allowed to make one replacement of any unsuccessful letters to new random from the header. You can allow you to still replace letters, but each subsequent to take 1.2.3 points from players, respectively. If two small words can be counted from the pull-out set as one long.

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)


Throughout the quest, you created various riddles for children, and now let them cook the test for you. As practice has shown, to hide something from parents to children is no less interesting than looking for.

Offer children in 2-3 minutes to hide in the room or inside the car several items. For example, three toys of different sizes or heels of identical mice, as in our photo. When the items are hidden - go to search. Try to look for toys exactly the same time you gave children to hide. You can call the players from the competing team, or put the entire search on their shoulders at all.

The more items will remain unparalleled - the more points receive a command of the storage-creators. If the creators of the treasures could not quickly remove the hidden toy from the cache (for example, they threw it out the window or tied to the cat), such a subject does not go to the standings.

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)
Квест для детей дома (30 идей)


For this task, we will need several bottles and 3 types of syrup of various taste. Pour into each bottle across the tablespoon of syrup and add water. Everyone thoroughly mix and ask the children to guess all three ingredients. For each guessing taste, you can produce 1 point. It is better not to mix similar tastes, but take, for example - chocolate, mint and lemon. If the pirate theme is a pirate - then such a cocktail can be called a "red beard".

Instead of syrups, you can use 3 different juice. In winter, use tea with various types of spices that players must be gone. The resulting mixture can be filled with individual bottles for each team, and you can pour into disposable wine glasses from one large can or the kittel.

Квест для детей дома (30 идей)

Quest for children at home (30 ideas)

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