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I discovered a curious game for myself recently: on the one hand, this is a discharge clone DragonVale, on the other - she has a lot of pros, she is in Russian and is very tightened. In the last update, it was possible to give dragons their own names, which I was very happy. Also in the game are constantly held all sorts of stocks, I like to cross the dragons to try to withdraw the Dragon of the month or the dragon of the week.

In the game of the legend of dragonmark from Gameloft, the most popular question is how to derive one or another dragon. In the article I will try to give a general recipe, thanks to which you can withdraw the desired dragon in the shortest possible time.


one. List of all dragons 2. How to withdraw Dragon 3. Dragon dilution calculator four. Ready Dragon Recipes Recipes five. Popular Questions and Answers (FAQ)

List of dragons in the game of dragonmark legends

You have a useful table that displays all dragons and their parameters. The table listed 257 dragons. For convenience, I saved a sign with all dragons in PDF format so that you can download to your iPad, iPhone, smartphone on android or PC and view at any convenient time:


Download from Yandex Disk (PDF, 762 kilobytes. Table Updated in January 2016)

Explanation to the plate. Dragon Types:



The star in the dragon type means that the dragon is available only through special events as a reward.

Statistics are shown for first-level dragons. The legendary dragons are indicated in their main form.


How to withdraw Dragon

At first I will describe the foundations of breeding dragons for beginners. Experienced players can skip several paragraphs.

Breeding It is the main way to obtain new dragons, and it is also used to create hybrid dragons. The amount of time you want to multiply will depend on what dragons are used. The more time it is required to multiply, the more rare dragon will succeed. Dilution time may vary from 30 seconds for the fire dragon and up to 2 days for legendary.

For breeding requires two adult dragon (level 4 or higher). When you click on the socket, two reproduction buttons will appear. The first button translates the player to the screen that has two list next to all player dragons that can be used for breeding. You need to choose a dragon from each list. The second option is a button that repeats the last combination of reproduction. After selecting the dragons will multiply for a certain period of time to produce one egg.

Eggs must be incubated to the incubator until they are ready to hatch. After the incubation period is completed, the child can hatch from its shell and be placed in one of the habitat.

The pairing of two dragons does not guarantee the preparation of a specific dragon. That is, you can cross the same dragons several times and get different results. The less often the dragon, the more difficult it is to get it: it usually needs many attempts to get the rarest dragons. But the less often the dragon, the more cooler and the more experience you can get for it.

It is worth noting that the draising of the highest levels gives more chances to eliminate raree dragons. Low-level dragons give most often ordinary offspring.

There are hundreds of breeding combinations. The specific dragon you need can be obtained by several properties. There is also a combination of dragons that cannot be cross together: for example, water + metal or light and shadow.


Dragon dilution calculator

The first calculator is available on the link.

How to use it? The advantage of this calculator is that he has the support of the Russian language. He Shows that we can get when crossing two famous dragons .

Dragonomania legends Calculator

Packing on the left dragon. Left floats a list of dragons. We are looking for the right.

Dragonomania legends Calculator

Similar actions are made on the right. Then we click on the heart and below the list of those dragons, which may be in theory, with your crossing.


Now below we see the results of crossing lava and water.

Dragonomania legends Calculator

As can be seen from the table, the highest chances of crossing lava and water -> Dragons boiling and snow. 36%. 16% chance of obtaining dragon dirt and only 12% - elements.


How to withdraw a specific dragon

If a It is necessary to bring the specific dragon on the contrary , then go through this link on the same site. Similarly, as described above: Switch into Russian, select the desired dragon.

Archangel Dragon

We receive a long list of the best manufacturers' dragons, when mixing which there is a chance to output the desired one. As can be seen from the screenshot, the greatest chances of getting the archangel of the bundles:

  • Academician + Fire - 3.13%
  • Fire + Palma - 3.13%
  • Maple leaf + wind - 2.56%

Interest is low, as the archangel is a very rare dragon. Under each couple, other possible kids are visible ...

How to get an archangel in the legends of dragonmark

So you can quickly recognize which pairs of dragons are most preferable.

Ready Dragon Recipes Recipes

Below I bring the best ready Recipes of removal of all Unusual (U) Dragon in Game. The chances of obtaining the desired dragon in each given recipe is maximum and approximately equal to 33.3%, that is, 1/3. There are other recipes, but there is a chance below, in most cases essentially!

  • Bee (Fire + Gorrushko, Fire + Sheet, Meteor + Wind, Fire + Wind, Plasma + Wind)
  • Salamander (Land + lumen, earth + fire, earth + gladiator)
  • Mud (Earth + Water, Earth + Rain, Earth + Jaw)
  • Cloud (Eel + wind, water + wind, rainbow + wind)
  • Candy (Greens + water)
  • Sheet (Double bass + wind, honey + wind, greens + wind, bee + greens, greens + smoke)
  • Cyborg (Greens + War, Metal + Greens, Gold + Greens)
  • Spikes (Ultraviolet + Wind, Metal + Wind, Digital + Wind, Induction + Wind)
  • Armor (Earth + Shadow, Earth + Metal, Earth + Steel)
  • Ultraviolet (Energy + Spikes, Eel + Metal, Energy + Metal, Metal + Rainbow, Energy + Hurricane)
  • Meteor (Energy + Smoke, Energy + Fire, Bee + Energy)
  • Rainbow (Energy + Water, Ultraviolet + Water, Energy + Peacock, Cloud + Energy, Digital + Water, Energy + Lode, Induction + Water)
  • Brick (Dust + Energy, Rock + Earth, Earth + Energy, Energy + Tick, Earth + Witch)
  • Kolyuk (Clearance + greenery, greens + emptiness, gladiator + greens)
  • Jaw (Steel + water, dirt + emptiness, shadow + water, snow + emptiness, emptiness + water)
  • Rock (Energy + emptiness, football player + emptiness, gameger + emptiness, brick + emptiness)

We also bring the best recipes (with the greatest chance) of the elimination of all the main (which is always available) Rare (R) Dragons. There are other recipes, but there is a chance below, in most cases essentially!

  • Native (Lava + Wind, Falling Star + Wind, Racket + Wind, Salamandra + Wind, Ruby + Wind, Lynx + Wind, Bee + Earth, Earth + Pulsar, Earth + Wizard, Earth + Smoke, Earth + Monk) - Chances of 12%
  • Element (Fire + Snow, Fire + Dirt, Lava + Water, Falling Star + Water, Salamander + Water) - Chances of 12%
  • Clown fish (Land + peacock, clay + wind, land + dragon tsunami, earth + ice, dirt + wind, cloud + land, snow + wind) - chances of 12%
  • Sunflower (Brazilleo + Brazillero) - there is a chance of as much as 14%.
  • Mercury (Gold + pop art, boiling + war, boiling + gold, pop art + war, metalworker + pirate, metalist + underwater, walkway + summer, summer + yetty, reaper + underwater, lighting + yetty, pirate + reaper, light + Staghod) - Chances of 10%
  • Rust (Armor + Water, Minotaur + Water, Metal + Dirt, Metal + Snow) - Chances of 18%
  • Lightning (Palette + palette) - chances of 14%, (sheet + plasma, sheet + meteor, meteor + grains, plasma + grains) - 5% chances.
  • Magnet (Fog + tick so, fan + tick-like, dust + fog, fan + dust) - chances of 10%


Popular Questions and Answers (FAQ) - Secrets of Games

Question: Is it possible to accurately predict what kind of dragon will be when crossing?

Answer: No. The game is built on probabilities. It is only possible to hope that there will be any possible dragon from a particular pair of dragons.

Question: Is Facebook be required to have friends?

Answer: No. Each platform has its own network for communication.

Question: I added friends through Facebook, but I do not see them in the game.

Answer: Your friends should be on the same platform as you (IOS, Android, Windows). There is also a chance that you are on different servers (all of them 2).

Question: Are there any restrictions on the number of friends in the game?

Answer: Yes. At the moment - 100.

Question: Is it possible to transfer all your progress to another device or another Facebook account?

Answer: Yes, but inside one platform. That is, it is impossible to jump from a computer to iOS or from iOS on Android, etc. Theoretically, progress can be transferred to another platform or other Facebook account only through Gameloft support.

Question: Is it possible to remove dragons of the week or a month several times?

Answer: Yes, while there is a week or month, dragons can be attempted to output as much as possible.

Question: Is it possible to move the buildings in the game?

Answer: Yes. While it is not built and does not improve, you can press it, hold your finger and transfer to the right place.

Question: Is it possible to sell buildings in the legends of dragonmark?

Answer: The Academy of Dragons, Temples, Incubator, Nest cannot be sold. The fountain of youth can be sold only when it is in standby mode. It is impossible to sell buildings if they are improving or built.

Question:  Is it possible to rename the dragon?

Answer: No

Question: Is there a way to quickly stroke the dragons to earn gold without waiting for the end of animations?

Answer: Yes. Quickly press the dragon at least 12 times.

Question: How can you get more stars on the map of the battle?

Answer: In the legend of dragonmark, a transparent score calculation system. Click on the "I" button and you will see this system.

  • For each dragon remaining after the victory - 5000
  • Benefication of the enemy from one strike - 5000

etc. Everything depends on you :)


If there are some questions, do not know how to withdraw a specific dragon or something else it is not clear, feel free to write comments!

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