What and how to choose ski sticks?

Properly chosen sticks are an important component in a set of ski equipment. The functional purpose of this inventory is to support equilibrium, motion control and acceleration on descents and cross-country tracks. Behind the external structural simplicity of sticks hides a lot of nuances that need to know to choose their right choice.

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Types of ski sticks and their features

All sticks consist of a standard list of elements: rod, handles and loops, support ring and tip. Based on the style of riding and design features, this sports equipment is divided into three types:

- Ski sticks

- Amateur and professional models for riding on the slopes. They are necessary for repulsing and maintaining equilibrium, speed control on direct sites and turns. In a structural plan, such products can be straight or curved. The last type is used for high-speed descents and slalom giants: in a low rack of a stick with a curved rod, hide under bent hands behind the back of the athlete, thereby minimizing the resistance of the oncoming stream.

1. How not to make a mistake with the choice of ski stick_3.jpg- Running sticks

- used to repulsion and set speed when riding direct tracks; For such disciplines only smooth sticks are used.

Catalog of crossing sticks - Telescopic designs

- Folding sticks with adjustable length are used for styles like freeride and skittings. The advantage of these models is their compactness and simplicity of transportation; Disadvantages - smaller rigidity and greater weight.

Terminal material

At the modern market of ski equipment, the greatest popularity was obtained by sticks of four types of material:

  • aluminum ski sticks - the advantage of such models is the strength and affordable price, the main disadvantage - weight, which is significantly higher than in composite analogues;
  • Fiberglass sticks are the optimal combination of lightness and pricing accessibility in the segment of composite products. The main disadvantage is a vulnerability before shock loads. However, this is an excellent option for beginners and lovers.
  • Crawlastic ski sticks are a sample of professional equipment. Models are minimal weighing, durability and springness. The cost of products from this material is higher than at the main analogues.
  • Combined solutions made of coal and fiberglass - a compromise version of professional equipment according to such parameters as weight, strength and price.

Ski stick selection nuances

The correct ROSTOVA model is selected according to the scheme: the growth of the skier minus 25-30 cm (for crossing sticks) and 45-50 cm (for ski models). The length of children's sticks varies in the range of 70-105 cm, adults - 110-145 cm; The adjustment step is no more than 5 cm.

When choosing equipment, it is important to pay attention to the features of the support ring, also called a paw or socket. This element is designed to prevent falling stick in the snow. Small diameter rings (40-50 mm) are optimal for riding at rolled tracks; middle diameter (60-80 mm) - universal format suitable for any conditions; The foot 100-120 mm is designed for riding on the tracks with deep loose snow. The reference ring should be made of frost-resistant plastic and, ideally, attached to a spherical hinge, which at times reduces the risk of its breakdown.

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It will not be superfluous to carefully examine the features of the handle. The most functional models are variants made of penetrozine and combinations of rubber with genuine plug. The handle should have a wide reference platform at the end, due to which there will be a convenient fixation of the stick and the load on the hand will decrease.

Types and varieties of ski sticks

Winter equipment manufacturers create a different type of ski and stick to them. It is important to consider when buying a set for active leisure in winter or participation in amateur, professional sporting events.

The market presents the following types of inventory:

● Sports;

● tourist;

● ski;

● Plain or running ones.

Purpose of the attribute of the sporty type - ensuring the function of movement. This type of construction is characterized by a small size of the support ring, which confirms the orientation on athletes with experience. Sports sticks have a cone shape, which narrows the book. Manufacturers create products taking into account the correct balance. This means that all sports equipment are accompanied by a lightweight end. This approach guarantees the movement of the load on the handle zone.

Tourist winter inventory is represented by identical thickness in all areas. This means that the manufacturers reduced the fragility of the attribute. The design has a reference ring with a large diameter. This allows the skier to ride comfortably on loose snow.

Ski equipment provides athletes with correct balance sheet. This allows the skier to keep the balance in the process of descent or lifting through the mountainside. These designs have a telescopic form, which is used for riding on the slopes of different levels of steepness.

Appointing equible models - skating on a snow-covered level surface. They perform the repulsion function. The choice of the type of winter attribute for movement is important to carry out the type of skiing, which is close to an amateur athlete or a professional.

Manufacturers create sticks of different designs, including straight, curves. The first type is a universal winter version that will suit the centers of beginners, as well as professionals. Ski stick curves are designed for sports riding. They are used at the high-speed descent from the mountain, slalom-giant, since this design improves the aerodynamics of the skier.

What size ski stick do I need?

The approach of winter is accompanied by many actively looking for ways how to diversify leisure. More often an active person chooses skating on snow slopes, plains and forest edges. For this reason, skis and sticks remain relevant for a large number of people in the world.

In addition to the type of winter devices, an equally important aspect of the choice remains the growth of a person who will use them, as well as the type of riding. Classic and skate moves are relevant today.

We propose to talk in more detail about how type and manner of riding are related to the choice of winter equipment.

Types and types of ski skiing, their connection with sticks

A classic stroke uses many athletes of lovers and professionals. Selection of a ski stick for such a ride is based on the definition of the correct length of the accessory. Traditionally, it is recommended to use the following formula: Growth of the user minus 25-30 centimeters. Such an approach will allow to correctly measure the length of the ski stick, which will guarantee the balance during riding. For example, a skier with an increase of 1.7 meters will suit the winter inventory, the dimensions of which are from 140 to 145 centimeters.

Official formula is also known: human growth is multiplied by 0.83. For example, with a height of 170 centimeters, ski sticks 1.41 meters (170 * 0.83) are suitable. Using this formula, the athlete is definitely not mistaken, and also will not violate the rules that were adopted by FIS. It is important to recall that the international federation of skiing has made restrictions on the length of sticks.

The second on the relevance of the type of skiing remains the ski course. For athletes who choose this motorpage, the following rule is suitable: the growth of a person will be required to take 15-20 centimeters. This means that for a skier, an increase in 175 cm inventory is not more than 1.5-1.55 meters long. It is also permissible to use another formula: the growth is multiplied by 0.9. For example, with an increase in the user 175 cm, it is important to choose a ski stick whose length is 158 centimeters.

Ski stick sizes based on skier growth

The correct selection of sticks provides balanced riding techniques. This is especially important for people who are just starting their way in conquering skiing. Purchase of skis sticks, the length of which is greater than it should be will lead to an imbalance. The skier faces an increased load on the shoulder belt, while the legs begin to "Like".

If you choose a winter inventory lower than you need, physical exertion will not be involved in the shoulder belt. These troubles are identical for skiers who choose skate and classic moves. Therefore, during the preparation for winter leisure, it will be necessary to familiarize yourself with the table in which the size of the ski sticks are presented with the growth of an athlete.

The growth of the athlete is necessarily determined in the ski boots in which riding is planned. Footwear adds a skier's growth to three centimeters, which will be needed to take into account.

Little children are recommended to start learning winter sports skills with short skis. This means that at the beginning of training a stick for them will not be required. But as the need for adulthood, this attribute appears, so it is also important to choose correctly. The table presented will allow child parents to buy reliable ski sticks of optimal length.

How to measure the size of the ski stick?

The rules for determining the parameters of the ski inventory are established by the International Federation. This means that they will be required to comply with athletes who are involved in different types of winter competitions, as well as fans of active leisure.

Equipment length is measured from the lowest level and to the highest point, where the dwelling is attached. It is important to remember that all measurements are rounded to the nearest see. This means that the height 100.4 is indicated as 100 centimeters. Accordingly, a value of more than 5 millimeters is rounded to the large: 105.6 cm = 106.

Manufacturers companies label winter inventory long, which is measured from one end of the ski stick to another. But the international federation of skiing regulates the definition of the length of the equipment in a different way, we talked about above.


Winter leisure may be fascinating enough. Skiing choose a large number of people, as it causes bright emotions, and also allows skiers to strengthen health. It is possible to achieve this if you choose the right sports inventory.

Ski sticks remain the main attribute that provides the correct balance, allow you to correctly repel from the snow-covered surface. This means that the choice of this accessory will be required to be approached with full responsibility. We explained the above how to properly determine the length of the inventory, its form, taking into account the growth of an athlete, as well as the type of riding.

These factors are very important, since they allow sticks to effectively perform their functions. Using this information, all beginners and experienced skiers will choose acceptable ski sticks for fascinating riding on the plain or from the mountain slopes.

Running skiing is a sports element that requires an important addition. Review are provided by popular sticks of sticks for them. What features do they possess? What is the purpose of certain types of sticks? Detailed information is set below.

Tips for choosing

Errors made by choosing sticks to the main ski equipment lead to discomfort riding and quick breakdown of support elements. To avoid such a casus, especially for newcomers, who decided to do russia, it is worth owning the main information on this topic.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the ski construction and its purpose. What is it capable and for what routes is better to use? Therefore, all cross-country skiing is divided into the following types:

  • "Racing" - racing. They can be labeled "Racing Pro". Used on specialized tracks athletes (lovers) that ride high speeds.

Sticks for racing ski in action

  • "Active", "Fitness" - amateur or pleasure. As a rule, this is the most budget option designed for riding in the park.

Stalks for walking in the park

  • "Back Country" - tourist. Used to ride on loose snow: movement without a highway or skiing, off-road. The main audience of consumers: hunters, fishermen, tourists.

Skate move

Tip 1. To ride the classic, the focus is on the ratio of the length of the stick and human growth: the dwelling should be on the same line with the shoulder;

Council 2. For people, with a small body weight, it is better to use sticks from (glass) carbon fiber;

Tip 3. For riding in the frost, a cork handle is best;

Tip 4. How to choose support elements for skate stroke? When selecting sticks for this type of riding, darkness and chin (or lower lip) should be on the same level.

The criteria for choosing supports, relatively growth, has a ratio (in centimeters) to the go to the plan: Rostovka-Classical-Konkova
150-155 from 120 to 135 130-135
160-165 from 130 to 140 140-150.
170-175 from 140 to 150 150-160
180-185 from 150 to 160 160-170.
190-195 from 160 to 165 170-175

List of best stick models

Review is provided by the rating of high-quality reference elements for the ski run. It contains the best and inexpensive, reviews of buyers, sticks that are distinguished by reliability and ease of operation. Every year, various manufacturers pay attention to improving the quality of the goods, raping the counters in the sales market with new models.

Adult sticks

In order to pick up a ski stick, we need a snarling and knowledge of the main functional of the goods. A variety of brands with their detailed description are offered attention, thanks to which it will be easy to make a conclusion. The positive and negative sides of each, separately taken, are built on customer reviews and on the basis of the main indicators of sticks.

"STC SKATE 9272"

For what: classic walking, for skate stroke.

For whom: novice athletes, tourists, lovers of outdoor activities.

Stc Skate Stick Stick

Sports sticks have a combined composition, which gives them easy and strength. Thanks to a special alloy, they hold heavy loads and instantly shoot with a push. The handle has a classic dank with fixation for active work with hands, which allows not to lose sticks. A pointed tip helps to maintain stability on iced areas of roads.

Manufacturer: Birki
Material: Plastic + carbon
Colour: Orange-black and white
Size (in see): Length - 140-170, step - 5, diameter - 1.7
Other indicators: Support element - OG-09, handle - RG-26 into two components, racing darkness - RP-02
average price 1200 rubles

Stc Skate 9272 sticks


  • Cheap;
  • Low;
  • Durable;
  • Unisex;
  • Ergonomic handles;
  • Attractive design;
  • Excellent shot.


  • Uncomfortable treatments;
  • Capps with time are rushing;
  • Fragility near the paw.

"Berger Forester 67-135"

Purpose: Scandinavian walking.

Sticks are produced in several colors (about 5 species), which allows you to choose a colors, for male and female floors. Change the tempor's strap is carried out thanks to the disconnecting handle mechanism. The telescopic system is designed to push sticks, so they are conveniently stored and transported. Plastic locks are resistant to temperatures, due to which the goods can be used year-round.

Sticks for Scandinavian walk "Berger Forester 67-135"

Brand: Berger.
Parameters (centimeters): Length - 135, adjustment from 67, outer diameter - 1.8, and internal - 1.5.
The weight 310 g
Number of sections 3
Material: Pens - Cork and Polypropylene, Sticks - Aluminum Alloy, Tip - Rubber
Addition: The strap is not removed, but adjustable
By price 1100 rubles

Berger Forester 67-135 sticks


  • Selection of colors;
  • Cost;
  • Night;
  • Folding;
  • The ability to use all year round;
  • Removable strap.



Type: racing.

Where to ride: on the track or off-road.

The presented model is a novelty, as it appeared in development quite recently, and lovers of winter skiing will be able to fully experience them in the case next year. Sticks are perfect for professionals.

Sticks from the company "SWIX" 2018-2019

Design: sticks, handle without treaty, paws.

Brand "SWIX".
For whom: Unisex.
Working moments: balancing, rigidity and weight
Numeric parameters (in see): Valves in diameter - 1.6 and 1, size - 170, 172.5 and 175, the length assembly - 155, rigidity - 3
Net weight 170 g
Strength more than 70 kPa
Material: Agricultural - Carbon, Handle - Cork
Cost 10,000 rubles

SwiX Quantum Three Sticks


  • The presence of a system of fast replaceable foot;
  • For any floor;
  • There is adjustment;
  • Durable;
  • Novelty;
  • Using.


  • Cost price;
  • Comes without treaty.


For whom: novice skiers, tourists, lovers.

For what: Park Skating.

Ski sticks "Sonata"

Material stick is quite easy and hard. Plastic handle contains a dormant, thanks to which the sticks are attached to hand. The directional shape of the paws does not allow falling in the snow.

Manufacturer: STC.
Profile: 100% fiberglass
Parameters (centimeters): oscillation in length from 100 to 155 in increments of 5, diameter - 1.6 and 1
Weight 0.35 kg
Cost in average 580 rubles

Sticks Sonata.


  • Super heavy;
  • Comfortable shape of the handle;
  • Reliable and durable;
  • Use a large category;
  • Budget.



Application: for classic stroke.

Stylish design of the model is suitable for any skier along. The material of the handles provide less freezing and resistance to the weednell sections of the route.

The upper part of the "Nordway Race Skate Carbone" stick

Preparing level: expert
Sexual sign: Unisex.
Manufacturer: "NORDWAY".
Rostovka (in see): 140, 145, 150, 155, 160, 165,170; Diameter - 1.7 and 0.9
Composite material: Angry - carbon, tip - steel, handle - polypropylene + cork.
Price 2300 rubles

Nordway Race Skate Carbone Picks


  • Worthy price;
  • Lungs;
  • Durable;
  • Carbon quality;
  • Inert;
  • Appearance;
  • Merry rigid.


  • Paws and treatments are better replaced immediately;
  • Do not withstand large loads.


Designed for Scandinavian walk.

To whom: for beginners and semi-professional.

Nordic Walking Black Sticks

Telescopic ski elements of a pleasant designer solution. Strong enough and hardy. Suitable for the main category of users.

Company-producer "Kaiser Sport"
Numeric parameters Height adjustment - from 82 to 137 cm
Mass (in grams): One stick - 225, full set - 550
Raw Sticks: Aluminum 6061 (Aviation), Tip - Solid Alloy (Steel), Temory - Semipripration, Handle - With Cork Addition
Addition: nozzles for asphalt and rings 2 pcs.; Blocking system section on the collet principle
average cost 1900 rubles

Nordic Walking Black


  • Fast adjustment;
  • Additional elements;
  • Well transported;
  • Reliable fixation;
  • Good clutch with the surface;
  • Not sliding the handle;
  • For any age (young, old men).


  • For people of small growth;
  • Limited service life.


For what: ski tourism, walks, hunting and fishing.

To: For adults.

Sticks "Turlan"

You can shorten the sticks by cutting the rod, which is made of duraluminum material - Mark D16T.

Producing country: Belarus
Sexual sign: Unisex.
Material Rod - Aluminum, Pens - Plastic
Rostovka 150 cm
Weight 600 g
Additionally: 1 month warranty
Sum 1400 rubles

Tourlan sticks


  • Price;
  • Warranty;
  • For all;
  • Strength;
  • Application;
  • The possibility of cutting length.


  • The weight;
  • Not a long term of the warranty coupon;
  • The material of the handle.

"Sportlife Larsen"

Need: for cross-country skiing.

To: For professionals, lovers.

Stick "Sportlife Larsen"

Manufacturer Russia
Brand "Larsen"
Sexual sign Unisex.
Growth indicators (centimeters): 130-165, step 5
Diameter (in mm): Upper - 17, Lower - 10
Net weight 400 g
Composition of supporting elements: Treating - fiberglass, tip metal, polyurethane handle, pereg
Warranty coupon for a period of 1 year
Color spectrum: black, white and red
Price 500 rubles

Sticks Sportlife Larsen.


  • Modern;
  • Distinctive strength;
  • Very cheap;
  • Positive feedback prevail;
  • Palette;
  • All;
  • For different growth;
  • Design.


"Larsen Team"

To: for beginners.

Purpose: For walking.

Features: Unusual modern design.

Larsen Team sticks

Brand manufacturer: "Larsen"
Diameter of support (in millimeters): from top to bottom - 16 and 10
Rostovka in see: from 100 to 170
Chemical composition: Coverage - Powder enamel, plastic support, Matter - Aluminum alloy, Racing Tone (Capan Designs), Handle - Synthetic Cork + Polypropylene
The average cost of reference elements 800 rubles

Larsen Team sticks


  • Low;
  • Rigid;
  • Universal;
  • For any height;
  • Budget;
  • Appearance.


  • Cheap plastic;
  • Street at the slightest load.

Children's sticks

The range for this category of users is not so large in comparison with adults, but choose from what. According to buyers, the best children's support systems are listed below the brand.

Sport Maxim Ski Racer

To: lovers.

For what: Skiing, most often, for inclusive riding

Sticks "Sport Maxim Ski Racer" for cross-country skiing

We are produced in several colors (blue, red, yellow), which will allow using a model for any sex. The paws are resistant to frost, made with excellent alloy, which does not allow to stick on them in the snow. This support is considered the cheapest option for acquisition.

Provider: Russia
Rostovka: 140-165 cm
Details: Kapron pens and braid, looping dormant, rod made from Fiberglass
average price 330 rubles

Sport Maxim Ski Racer sticks


  • Available at the price;
  • Various colors palette;
  • Low weight;
  • Tape adjustment;
  • Durable;
  • Universal;
  • Safe when falling.


  • High heat conduction handles;
  • Not for large loads;
  • Narrow specialization.


Purpose: Ideal for Scandinavian walking.

To: Children to a certain age.

Ski sticks "Nordway Active JR"

Sticks, due to the kind of material, ensure comfort when driving.

Technical capabilities
Provider: "NORDWAY"
Preparing level: for beginners
Rostovka in see: 100-125
Diameter: 16 and 8.7 mm
Supporting elements: Rod of fiberglass, steel tip, plastic knobs
Sum 390 rubles

NORDWAY Active JR sticks


  • Comfortable holders;
  • Mass supports;
  • Beautiful;
  • Strong;
  • One year warranty;
  • Excellent price;
  • Children are satisfied.


  • Brick (with an unexpected road can break).

"Karjala Touring Country Al"

Purpose: for active riding.

To whom: for everyone.

Features: Stands are resistant to corrosion.

Karjala Touring Country Al »sticks

Provider: RF
Brand: "Karjala"
Parameters (in see): Length - 125, height - 155, packaging of goods (in mm): Depth and width - 20, height - 1250
Weight without packing: 300 g
What is the support rods made of: Aluminum alloy
Price 730 rubles

Karjala Touring Country Al


  • Long service life;
  • Comfortable straps and racing legs;
  • Cost price;
  • All;
  • Low weight;
  • Convenient on the tracks.


"Madshus CT90 JR"

For what: walk.

Who are meant: beginners.

Opports for cross-country ski "Madshus CT90 JR"

The model has an ergonomic handle and adjustable strept, which provide comfort and convenience during operation. The model is a novelty of this and the poorest season.

Manufacturer: Madshus License
For what growth: 100-125 cm in increment 5
Diameter of the tube (in mm): 16 and 9.
Material Standing - Durable Fiberglass, Plastics - Handle, Steel - Tip
Guarantee period 1 year
PRICE OPORS 900 rubles

Madshus CT90 JR sticks


  • Design;
  • For all;
  • Strength sticks;
  • Ergonomics;
  • Temporary warranty framework;
  • There is everything necessary to ensure safety.


Tornado Junior Clip

Model type: racing, biathlon.

For whom: juniors.

Tornado Junior Clip sticks for cross-country skiing

This support is one of the new items of this and the next season for ski skiing. It has a narrow specialization and is characterized by a high cost. Due to the special location of the dwelling (at an angle), provides an instantaneous return of sticks in hand.

Main characteristics
The country: Switzerland
Manufacturer: "KV +"
Rod mass: 82-84 g / m, diameter - 16.5 / 10 mm
For growth: 125-150 cm
Floor: Unisex.
The components of the elements and their matter: Pens - Cork, Tip - Steel, Stalls - Fiberglass and Carbon
average cost 4200 rubles

Sticks Tornado Junior Clip


  • Strong sticks;
  • Stylish;
  • Effective repulsion;
  • Dwelling;
  • Low;
  • Warranty card;
  • Fast discharge of a stick.



The popularity of models depends on many factors, one of which is the life, reliability and strength of the structure, the purpose and technical moments of the ski stick.

The functionality of models is diverse, but there are features similar. The most important differences are applied to bundles with ski equipment, materials of supporting structures and cost.

The presented overview of the ski stick was selected by such criteria: affordable price, customer reviews and specifications.

The best producers of ski supports are indicated in the description of the parameters of the model, from which it can be concluded that the list of companies is huge and it is difficult to judge which models are good, as everything is known in comparison and operation, and for this you need to analyze a large number of pairs of sticks of various companies.

Crossing ski sticks

To the question of which company stick is better to purchase? You can answer on the basis of personal experience. A more simplified version - view reviews on this or that model and analysis of feedback.

What models are best to buy? The most common sticks are those that are made of durable metal (steel) and with a height adjustment function. How much is such a support design? Prices begin from 1000 rubles and higher. They are actively used for long trips.

Folding sticks are convenient to take in various travels, as they occupy a small area and are easily transported.

The most economical variant is sticks from aluminum alloy, but they are not effective for large loads.

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How to choose ski sticks

Ski sticks are three types:

Aluminum sticks - The hardest (on average 700 grams weigh), but the most durable (withstand a horizontal blow to 50 kg) and cheap.


Fiberglass sticks - easier (already 500 grams), but more fragile, but it is not too expensive


Top sticks of carbon fiber - Super lungs, stand as decent skis, but keep only vertical load (up to 100-150 kg). But from the accidental strike of the tree or door of the machine can easily break. So lovers are recommended by sticks simpler - will last longer.


In addition to the material, when choosing sticks should pay attention to three details: Pen, Temory and foot.

A pen

Most preferred cork handle


- In the cold for it, warmer to hold on than behind plastic.



Sometimes two types: ordinary loop


, and "trap"


which fixes your hand so much that you can release a stick from the palm, but not lose it.



The paws at the end of the stick are needed so that it does not fall into the snow during repulsion.

They are made of plastic, but with a metal tip, so they are well cling to the ice crust, providing a skier with support.

The legs are of different sizes: what is smaller suitable for prepared, hard trails


What is more - for fresh, viscous, wet snow




Selection of growth

For classic style


where to push more often, choose sticks height just below shoulder, for more squeezed "skate"


slightly above shoulder.


Recommended Stalk Length


Choose ski sticks easier than skis or shoes. But in the ski sticks, too, have their own characteristics that we will tell in this article: from what material, what length, what hands and treatments are better to choose.

Selection of ski sticks by material

Pulk ski sticks are made of several materials:

  • Aluminum . Aluminum ski sticks are durable, cheap, but heavy. They have one big plus - they are almost impossible to break. Brought out, straightened and went further. Cons - weight and insufficient rigidity for sports riding. If you like to walk through the forest outside the trained tracks, then choose lightweight Aluminum sticks .
  • Platelastik (Plastic and fiberglass) - light, cheap, but soft and fragile. Fiberglass in softness and vibrations are similar to aluminum, and by strength heavily inferior. Sticks of fiberglass It will not stand powerful repulsions, so only suitable for skiing for trained tracks.
  • Carbon (carbon fiber) or a mixture - Crawly (plastic and carbon). Ski sticks from carbon hard, lungs and durable. Carbon easy to break only with lateral impact on the stick. There are variants of 100% carbon and carbon mixture with plastic or fiberglass. Purchase sticks with a carbon content of at least 60%. Carbon sticks Withstand powerful repulsions, so suitable for training and competitions.

The price of carbon sticks begins from 2500 p. For example, carbon sticks NORDWAY CARBON. or Stc Avanti. . Such sticks have a good carboxylast, but low-quality handles and dorms.

More qualitative carbon stick models will cost from 6000 p, for example KV + Viking or KV + Tempesta. - Durable handles and dorms, more than 70% carbon, fast strap relief system.

The lightest and hard racing carbon sticks are from 10 000 r. For example, models KV + Elite, Tornado, Bora or SWIX Quantum, Team and Triac - 100% high quality carbon, durable dorms and handles, convenient damping system.

Pens, Drugs and Ski Sticks

Pens For ski sticks, the corresponding levels of the stick are usually worth. On very cheap - plastic and rubber, on good racing - cork.

The dwelling for ski stick is often more important than the shape and material of the handle. Drugs-Cappany - The best option for sports riding. They keep their hands well and allow you to master the right technique - let go of a stick in the final phase of repulsion.

Simple Drugs-straps It is suitable only for unhurried walks, so they are not installed on racing sticks.

Paws For ski sticks to choose simply. If you roll on the trained tracks, take the paws smaller. For walks along the virgin - more, so that the sticks do not fail.

All components of the ski sticks are consumable and easily change with their own hands.

How to choose ski sticks for growth?

Properly selected for growth ski sticks are important for balanced equipment, especially novice skiers. Too long sticks lead to the imbalance - the load on the shoulder belt increases, and the legs "squeeze". Low sticks, on the contrary, do not allow to use the shoulder belt. These shortcomings relate to both the skate stroke and classical.

how to choose ski sticks for growth

Source: blog.sportmaster.ru.

How to choose ski sticks for skate stroke?

Standard Recommendation: Growth - 15-20 cm = Stick Length. That is, with growth 170, the strokes for the skate stroke should be 150 - 155 cm. More precisely, in our opinion, pick sticks by the formula: height x 0.9 = length of the stick (before mounting the handle on the handle). When height 170, the length of the sticks of 153 cm.

Video selection of ski sticks for skating from the Skate & Classic Channel

How to choose ski sticks for classic stroke?

Standard Recommendation: Growth - 25-30 cm = Stick length. If height 170, then the stick 140 - 145 cm. Official formula: height x 0.83 = Stick length. Height 170, length of sticks - 141 cm.

Selecting the sticks along this formula, you definitely do not break the official FIS rules to limit the length of the ski stick.

Ski stick length according to FIS rules

According to the rules of FIS (International Federation of Skiing), restrictions on the length of the ski sticks are valid:

  • For classic stroke - no more than 83% From the growth of the skier
  • for skate - no more than 100% From the growth of the skier
  • For classic stroke on rollrs - no more than 83% + 5 cm .

Please note that the sticks are written on the stick from one end stick to the other. That's right (according to the official rules) the length of the ski stick is measured from the tip to the dwelling point on the handle. And the growth of the skier is measured in ski boots.

Here is a link to the document: FIS Skiing Length .

Classic Sticks Length

Source: Flgr.ru.

Table selection of ski sticks for growth

How to choose ski sticks

Ski sticks for growth: FIS table for classic stroke

Selection sticks for classic stroke

Engage in sports, move and travel! If you have found a mistake or want to discuss an article - write in the comments. We are always happy to communicate. 🙂

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