How to update drivers on a computer, laptop

How to update Drivers

In this lesson, I will show how to independently update the drivers on a computer with a Windows system. We will look at the best ways and programs for free updates.

Drivers - These are special programs created to manage and optimally configure computer equipment. Without them, the computer will work in the floor. For example, it may not be sound, network access, the video card will be configured to minimal quality and other problems will occur.

The main advantages of installing and regular driver updates:

  • Correct operation of installed equipment.
  • Eliminating errors in damaged files and earlier versions.
  • Improving performance and adding a new functionality.

Next, we will consider all current ways of free update.

Through the official website

In my opinion, this is the most correct and secure way to update, since the download will occur directly from the manufacturer's website, which improves safety and ensures proper operation of the device.

Step 1: Definition of equipment

1. Click the right key on the "Start" button and open the Computer Management.

2. Go to "Device Manager". All connected devices are shown here.

3. Open the branch of the desired device to learn the manufacturer and model.

On a note . If you have a documentation from a PC, then you can find out what installed iron. Also download the latest drivers for it by reference, which most often indicates the manufacturer inside the manual.

Step 2: Loading from the official page of the manufacturer

1. Open any search engine and print the name and model of the device.

2. On the site, select the desired model and version of your OS.

3. Download and update the driver.

Similarly, I recommend to find and update all basic devices such as: sound and network card, monitor, chipset, printer, scanner and other similar equipment.

If you have a laptop, it's easier to do this: enter it a brand in the search engine and open the official website (for example, Specify the model and go to the driver loading section. The laptop model is usually written on the back of the computer, on a special sticker.

Means of system

To quickly check and install the new version of the drivers, you can use the update center.

Method 1: In Device Manager

1. Go to Device Manager.

2. Right-click on the device and select Refresh Driver.

3. Click the Automatic Search for Updated Drivers.

4. Wait for the search to be completed. If the more recent version is found, it will be prompted to download it.

Method 2: Through update check

1. In the Start menu, open "Parameters".

2. Go to the "Update and Recovery" section.

3. Click on "Show details".

4. Scroll down the page a bit down and check the driver checkboxes for the update.

5. Click on the Install button and wait for the update.

Method 3: manually

1. Download and unzip the archive with the driver to any folder on the PC.

2. Go to Device Manager.

3. Click on the device right-click and click "Update Driver".

4. In a new window, click Running Drivers on this computer.

5. Assign the path to the unpacked archive, check the box to "Included Invested Folders" and click "Next".

6. The driver will be searched and installed.

Through official manufacturers utilities

First, consider the official utilities from manufacturers that automatically define the appropriate version and update the current driver.

Driver & Support Assistant

Official website:

1. Run the installer, read the license agreement and install the utility.

2. Open the installed program. You will be redirected to the Intel website, where the system is scanned for the availability of the current version of the drivers.

GeForce Experience.

Method 1: Scanning System Online

The NVidia website has the opportunity to scan the system and update the video driver without additional programs. To do this, follow the link:

Method 2: Through the GEFORCE EXPERIENCE application

Often, the GeForce Experience program is installed by default. If it has not been installed before, you can download it separately from the official site.

After installation and startup will automatically be scanned for the presence of a new version with a proposal to upgrade.

To obtain an urgent version, click on the "Download" button.

AMD Auto-Detect Tool

AMD tool will help to find and install updates for AMD and ATI Radeon drivers.

1. Go to the website and select "Automatic Detection of Radeon Graphics" in the downloads.

2. After starting, the program will start scanning your PC for a compatible version and start automatically installing a suitable video driver.

Through the collector Drivers

Consider the installation through a special updated collection of programs that automatically defines and installs new drivers.

On a note . Use the collections only in the extreme case - if it is impossible to find a suitable program on the official website of the device manufacturer. Since these packs may contain trimmed versions, advertising modules, as well as errors in the operation of the equipment may occur.

Snappy driver installer

Official website:

Two versions of the Package are available: Light - to download only selected drivers from the Internet, full - it has the entire base to update it in it.

1. Unpack the archive, start the SDI_R1909.exe for the 32-bit version of OS or SDI_X64.EXE for 64.

2. The program will automatically launch the system scanning for new versions and will offer to update the drivers.

3. Install the checkboxes to the desired items and click the Install button.

4. After completed installation, reboot.

Driver Pack Solution

Official site:

Driver Pack - This is one of the first projects that includes a huge and constantly updated program database. The minus lies in the forced installation of additional applications, because some antiviruses can swear to it.

Use driver-pack at your own risk, if the previous methods did not fit.

1. After starting the executable file, select Expert mode .

2. Remove all ticks from the proposed items so that there is nothing superfluous to be installed with them.

3. Click on the desired driver, click on the "Three Points" icon and select "Update".

4. Wait until the installation is completed and reboot after making changes.

In addition to the driver-packs, there are separate programs to automatically search for updates in their bases and easy installation of them by clicking the mouse.

Driver Booster.

Official website:

The program comes in a free and paid version. There are more functions in paid, but a free version will be suitable for searching and updating drivers.

1. After installation, start the program and click "Start".

2. After a short scanning, the software will select the list of devices for which new versions of the drivers came out.

3. Click the "Update" button opposite a specific device or "update now" to update all devices.

Driver Genius.

Official website:

Driver Genius. - A simple and intuitive program that has a large database of drivers and makes it easy to find and apply fresh versions.

1. In the main window, click on Start Scan.

2. Click "Update" for a specific device or "Update All" to update all devices immediately.

Driver Max

Official website:

1. In the main window, click the "Check Driver Update" button.

2. There will be a search for suitable versions and offer them to all or selective devices.

3. After successfully updating opposite the device, the inscription "Driver Updated" will appear.

Answers to popular questions

After updating, the device stopped functioning normally

Method 1: Change rollback

1. In the Device Manager, select the device and go to "Properties".

2. Move to the "Driver" tab and click the Run button.

3. Select one of the reasons why you want to return the previous version, and click "Yes."

The system will install an earlier version.

Method 2: System Restore

1. In the Start menu, type "Creating a recovery point" and open the application.

2. Click "Restore".

3. Select the recovery point before applying the update and click Next.

4. Confirm the action "Finish" button. The computer will automatically restart and return to the settings before installing the driver not approached.

How to identify unknown equipment

Signify the device and download the driver for it in code. To do this, open the Device Manager and go to the properties of an unknown device.

Go to the "Details" tab. In the "Property" switch, mark the "Equipment ID".

In the "Value" field, right-click on the first code and select "Copy".

Open any search engine in the browser and insert the copied code.

The search engine indexes the database of sites for the presence of a copied ID. In case of success, the device name will be shown.

No suitable version for my OS

This situation is most often happening to the owners of old equipment.

  • Use the driver for another version of Windows - often they are compatible.
  • If during installation, the program swears on incompatibility, try searching and unpack a separate archive and specify the path to the folder. Sometimes this method helps and after manual installation - the system normally interacts with obsolete equipment.

Author: Ilya Kurbanovrotector: Ilya Krivoshevdat Publications: 16.04.2020

Before consider how to update the drivers, let's understand with the concept of the "driver".

Driver - computer control program. In other words, the driver ensures the correct operation of the device (video cards, a network adapter, printer, monitor, and so on) in a specific operating system.

What are the drivers and what they need

Our article addresses only the installation of drivers under the Windows OS, but also in other operating systems for devices, special drivers are required. There are several ways to update drivers on your PC. This can be implemented both using standard Windows OS tools and through third-party applications.

What do you need to update the drivers on the computer

Fresh driver updates often contain new and improved hardware components. And they regularly correct the flaws of past versions. In a large part of cases, the failures and instability of the computer are explained by a particular problem with the drivers:

  • The outdated driver is installed, incorrectly interacting with other hardware and software components;
  • file (s) drivers are damaged (s);
  • A standard system driver is installed, not a program from the equipment manufacturer;
  • There are no drivers for certain peripheral devices.

In all cases above, the problem will solve the update of the drivers.

Important: sometimes, on the contrary, the source of problems is becoming a newer driver (for example, an updated version is incorrectly working with old software). Therefore, it is highly recommended before each update of the drivers to make a control point for the restoration of the system.

How to update drivers on a computer: step-by-step instructions with screenshots

Principles of installation of drivers are similar to all OS Windows family. In any version of the Microsoft operating system, the drivers can be installed either manually (through the device manager), or automatically (using special software).

Manual Driver Update (through Device Manager)

In all Windows, from XP to 10, manual updating drivers is performed via Device Manager. Device Manager You can call either directly by running DeviceMgr.msc using the "Run" window (Win + R or Start → "Run"), or through the "Properties" item of the Context menu of the "Computer" icon ("My Computer" icon in more Early Windows versions), or through the control panel.

Access to the device dispatcher through the context menu of the "Computer" icons:

Context menu Icons "My Computer"

Menu "Properties" Icons "My Computer" - the fastest way to get into the device manager

Access to the dispatcher of devices through the "Control Panel" → "System".

Menu "System" in "Control Panel"

In the device manager, you can get through the "Control Panel," System "tab

Device Manager Manager (Device Manager) in Windows 10 and Windows XP:

Device Manager in Windows 10

This is how the device manager looks like in the latest version of Windows.

As you can see, the appearance of the device dispatcher in different versions of Windows is somewhat different.

Device Manager in Windows XP

So the device manager window looks like in Windows XP

At the last screenshot, a yellow question mark is visible at the "Other Devices" paragraph and a question mark with an exclamation mark on a yellow background on the "Multimedia Equipment" subparagraph. This means that the sound card drivers are not installed in the system, and the sound is not reproduced in either movies or in games, nor when trying to play music files. To install the driver manually, you must open the branch and select "Update Driver" for each device, then specify the location of the desired driver. Similarly, with other devices.

Important: always preferably download "native" drivers from the official website of the equipment manufacturer. Drivers with viruses or "broken" can come across the network.

Automatic driver update using special programs

DriverPack Solution

DRIVERPACK Solution Driver Installation Manager

DriverPack Solution The simplest and intuitive application for installing / updating drivers, besides free

DrP SU Driver Installation Manager, Driverpack Solution, - The best automatic installation of device drivers for Windows. The program has been developed since 2008 by the Russian programmer Koszyakov and is distributed free of charge with open source license GNU GPL. Installing drivers without accessing the Internet is possible.

According to three builds:

  1. DriverPack Online: A client is installed on the local media (about 0.47 MB), the drivers are downloaded from the network.
  2. Driverpack Offline Network: Program + LAN / Wi-Fi Driver Database (about 470 MB), optimally in the absence of Internet access, after installing the connection, the missing drivers are downloaded from the network.
  3. DRIVERPACK OFFLINE FULL: Offline access to the full database of offline drivers (about 16 GB).

Program capabilities:

  • Fully automatic equipment recognition and installation / reinstall / update drivers;
  • Automatic search on the Internet missing drivers on the device ID;
  • The most comprehensive database of current drivers for all types of devices;
  • Regular database update;
  • Simple integration of alternative drivers in the database

Disadvantages: not detected.

Basic information:

  • Developer: DRIVERPACK Solution, Russia;
  • Interface languages: 36 language packs, including Russian and English;
  • Cost: free of charge;
  • Number of users: 40+ million;
  • Operating system: Windows XP, 7, 8 / 8.1, 10;
  • Official website:

Video: Driver Update with Driver Pack Solution

Driver Genius.


DRIVER GENIUS application is a multifunctional tool for working with drivers, with the ability to create a recovery point, but is paid

Universal Driver Management Program. The free version does not have the automatic download option for the received drivers and the backup / recovery function.

Program capabilities:

  • search for outdated missing and non-working drivers;
  • Updating drivers to one click (only Pro version);
  • backup / recovery from backup (only version Pro);
  • regularly updated drivers database more than 30 thousand devices;
  • Scan on schedule.

Driver Genius creates backups of parts or all drivers, which is convenient when restoring the system.


  • the full-featured version of the paid, with the annual extension of the license;
  • The program sometimes misses outdated drivers.

Basic information:

  • Developer: DRIVER SOFT;
  • Cost: the annual version of the Pro version of 3 PCs is about $ 23, for 2 years - + 9.9 $;
  • Operating system: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 / 8.1, 10;
  • Link to download:

Video: Driver Update with Driver Genius

Driver Booster.


DRIVER Booster paid application can boast a number of interesting technical capabilities.

The program of automatic comprehensive update of Windows drivers.

Program capabilities:

  • automatic determination of outdated, missing, disabled drivers;
  • Automatic comprehensive update of the driver in need of update in one click (only Pro);
  • tuning drivers to optimize performance in games (only Pro);
  • Creating a backup of drivers (Pro only);
  • Automatic update Driver Booster (Pro only).


  • Full-featured version of paid. Limited features of the free version;
  • In the installation process, it offers an additional subscription and establishes additional software that is not related to the update of the drivers (remove the checkboxes in the corresponding checkboxes).

Basic information:

Video: Driver Update with Driver Booster


Application interface slimdrivers

Automatic SLIMDRIVERS driver installer is paid, and the cost is high enough

SLIMDRIVERS - automatic driver installer. Severally limited the capabilities of the basic paid version, the premium version is quite expensive (5 times more than basic). The PC downloads and establishes the client part of the program, the search for the necessary drivers is maintained online.

Program capabilities:

  • automatic search / update drivers;
  • Search / remove malicious software;
  • the ability to restore the last work configuration of the drivers;
  • Backup / restore from backup.


  • An inhabile full-featured version of Premium.

Basic information:

  • Developer: SlimWare;
  • Cost: $ 19.97 1 PC / year or $ 59.97 per permanent license (basic version);
  • Operating system: Windows XP and subsequent;

Video: Driver Update with SlimDrivers


AMD DRIVER Autodetect application interface

AMD DRIVER Autodetect Upspecialized Utility Updates Only AMD Graphics Drivers

AMD Driver Autodetect has a narrow specialization from the Utilities described above. This installer automatically updates only AMD graphics subsystem drivers (AMD Radeon).

Program capabilities:

  • Updating AMD Radeon Drivers under Windows to the latest version.


  • narrow specialization (only components AMD);
  • Automatic installation of only the latest drivers. If only one of the old drivers works correctly, it is manually installed.

Basic information:


NVIDIA UPDATE Utility Interface

NVIDIA UPDATE is also a highly specialized program that updates graphic drivers of devices of families GeForce and Ion production NVIDIA

NVIDIA UPDATE - "native" utility for updating drivers from NVIDIA.

Attention: as of spring 2018, only GPU families GeForce and Ion are supported. The remaining NVIDIA video cards are not supported yet.

Program capabilities:

  • automatic update of the NVIDIA GeForce and NVIDIA ION video card drivers;
  • The update check frequency is set;
  • Automatic update of game and program profiles, including SLI profiles.


  • Narrow specialization (only NVIDIA GeForce and Ion).

Basic information:

Driver Magician.

Driver Magician Driver Installation Manager Interface

DRIVER MAGICIAN - Conditional free application, allowing, if necessary, restore updated drivers in one click

Conditionally free driver installation manager. The available drivers database is updated manually or automatically.

Program capabilities:

  • 4 backup modes (driver + registry, desktop contents and folders My documents and favorites);
  • Automatic deletion and update of drivers;
  • recovery from backup to one click;
  • Packaging of existing drivers in the installation executable file (* .exe).

Basic information:

  • Developer: Goldsolution Software;
  • Distribution type: Conditionally free;
  • Cost: free trial period (15 days), the price of the Pro version is $ 22;
  • File size: About 4.5 MB distribution, about 30 MB on disk;
  • Operating system: Windows XP, 7, Vista, 2003, 8 / 8.1, 10;
  • Link to download:

Other programs

Numerous automatic driver update programs can be divided into three groups:

  1. Utilities from manufacturers of computer components. Differ in narrow specialization and are designed to work with software for a specific manufacturer (for example, Intel Driver Update Utility (download and mentioned Above AMD Driver Autodetect and NVIDIA UPDATE).
  2. Specialized driver installers who are not tied to a specific manufacturer (most of our list).
  3. More universal system utilities, including those who know how to update the drivers.

The utilities of the first type are worth looking for official sites of specific equipment manufacturers. Of those who are not included in our list, but worthy references to applications should be noted such as Snappy Driver Installer, Driver Checker, Driver Max Free.

Snappy driver installer

View Main Working Window Snappy Driver Installer

SNAPPY DRIVER Installer can be installed in two versions: to download drivers from the network, or with a built-in database containing drivers for several hundred thousand devices

The utility is written in one of the creators of DriverPack Solution and is largely repeated features of this package. Offered in two types: SDI Lite and SDI FULL. First option: Client module for 3.6 MB, drivers are taken from the network. The second is a full-featured package for offline driver update. Includes database of 36.1 GB (drivers for several hundred thousand devices). Does not need installation, works with USB, DVD / CD.

Driver Checker

DRIVER CHECKER Application Interface

Driver Checker - an inhabile utility without the support of the Russian language

Paid utility (from about $ 36 per copy). Among other things, can export drivers on the local network. Disadvantages: Lack of Russian localization and workable trial version.

Drivermax Free.

DRIVERMAX FREE utility interface

DRIVERMAX FREE - paid utility, with the ability to create a recovery point

The free utility does not affect the functionality, however, with the declared task (update and backup / recovery of drivers) copes excellent. Performs all manipulations with drivers after automatically creating a system recovery point. Fully automatic version - paid, from $ 10.35 per copy.

Managers of automatic driver update are very convenient, but in most cases the full-featured version will have to pay. Is it worth solving problems with drivers of several dollars a year? Definitely - yes! Especially if you often have to reinstall the operating system (and, accordingly, drivers) or you administer several office computers.

A source

Snappy Driver Installer is another free tool for updating drivers, which reminds a little reminds DriverPack Solutions listed above.

You can download several drivers at once for different devices. After their download, the program gives you immediate access to install updates ... using or without internet connection.

Snappy Driver Installer is very easy to use and not even need to be installed. This means that you can use something like an external hard disk for transporting and installing downloaded drivers to any other computer.

Snapper Driver Installer also has zero advertising, does not limit the download speed and can set as many drivers as you need, without any restrictions.

This program works both with 32-bit and with 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Driverhub is really easy to use, because it loads and installs drivers for you and has a whole part of a program designed to recover if something goes wrong.

The program itself has a clean interface with several menu buttons. In the settings there are several options for changing the download folder and disable the program update check.

You can keep things simple and install everything that Driverhub recommends, or you can go to Advanced mode To choose which drivers you need to get, see version numbers and install alternative drivers (that is, a new driver, but not the current version).

Section " Useful programs »Driverhub is not connected to the driver, but includes some useful links to Windows utilities, such as" Disk Management "," Task Manager ", Power Support, Display Settings, etc.

Program in Russian .

Price: Free


Note: You may be asked to establish another program during configuration, for example, in a web browser or something else. You can make this check box if you want only Driverhub without additional software.

The Driverhub website states that it will work in Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.



DRIVERSCLOUD (previously called Ma-Config ) This is a free web service that contains detailed information about your equipment and software, including outdated drivers.

It works by downloading a program that allows the web browser to collect information from your computer.

On the website you can find such categories as BSOD analysis, My Drivers, Autorun, Network Configuration And other areas you can view.

Program in Russian .

Price: Is free


When you need to upgrade the driver, you can see full information about which data of the new driver correspond to the installed driver. You can see the version number, manufacturer, name and date of the INF file and equipment identifier.

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Windows 2000 users can install DRIVERSCLOUD.

Program in English .

Price: Is free

Double Driver.

Double Driver is a free program for backup Windows drivers. Some drivers are not easy on the Internet, and there are cases when we do not have a CD with drivers and you want to back up any important installed driver, which is why Double Driver helps you. This is a very simple and useful tool that not only allows you to verify detailed information about drivers installed on your PC, but also help you easily create backups, restore and save selected drivers.

Intel Driver Update Utility

Intel Drivers Utility from Intel automatically identifies, finds and installs updated drivers for your computer system and updates your system. The software thoroughly checks the systems, offers the necessary driver updates on your PC and downloads them only after receiving your permission. It does not collect any personal information and can be installed very easily. A simple and convenient interface makes it appropriate to add to the Free Software List to update drivers for Windows computers.


The AMD Autodetect driver scans the entire operating system, as well as the graphics card of your Windows computer and sees whether any update is available. The software also allows you to download the official update with just one click. Easy installation and automatic detection means are the main functions of the AMD DRIVER Autodetect tool.

How to update drivers on a PC?

Updating Windows Drivers in manual mode is a fairly unpleasant procedure. You have to search for each file on the official websites of computers, laptops, pusically put them and select suitable. But the process of searching and installing drivers is easily automated by special utilities.

In this article, we will look at several programs to update drivers that have a thoughtful interface, convenient menus and take a little space on the hard disk. All of them are able to analyze the system for outdated drivers, perform automatic installation of new ones, and some also support backup and disgust drivers to the previous version.

Search and install drivers on Windows 7 and above with Drvhub

Features of the application

DriverHub is one of the best solutions to update the necessary drivers in automatic mode after reinstalling the operating system or to simply ensure windows stability. Among the features you need to note the presence of the analyzer of your computer and access to the huge database of drivers from hardware manufacturers. Only fresh versions of the required drivers, proven on the correct operation with the OS used, are offered.

Selection and installation

After starting, you need to search on the database, which is activated by pressing one key, after which the driver load starts. They are installed literally in a few minutes. At the end, for subsequent normal operation, it is recommended to make a reboot of the computer.


If in the process something went wrong, for example, the video card drivers joined "crooked" and colors on the laptop monitor became incorrect, use a special menu. Here we choose the device from the list and perform rollback to the previous version. Notice, you do not even need to run the device manager, search for an exclamation mark and choose a recovery point. Everything is simple and understandable.

Functions for advanced users

In addition to maintaining the hardware of your PC, the DriverHub laptop helps to quickly configure the additional system parameters - more precisely, it collects links to the most popular built-in windows utilities in one place. Through this tab, you will instantly enter the command line, the connection setup center to the Internet, etc.

Automatic Driver Update in Carambis Updater

Unique properties

This utility can be used to search, install from scratch or download updates for already existing drivers on a laptop or desktop. In the database, more than 200 thousand devices: video cards, sound, network cards and motherboards (chipset, etc.), mice, keyboards, printers, graphic tablets. It is optimized for the Windows 10 operating system, as well as earlier versions up to Windows XP. After startup automatically starts to scan the equipment configuration.


At the end of the search process, the screen will appear with outdated drivers for which there are new versions. Click the "Download Drivers" button or just click right-click "Download" to download files separately. Now it remains to install the standard method and restart the computer. This method of updating is still a little longer than the above.

Update and troubleshooting forces DRVBOOSter Free


Iobit Driver Booster is a program, designed to configure a computer and allows you to update Windows 8 drivers, solve drivers and service problems. The whole process is automated. Among features, you also need to highlight the possibility of optimal settings for games. All components that need update will be reset, system performance is improved. Immediately after installing the product, automatic search starts.


The sequence of actions is standard. The utility quickly scans the system - as a result, a list of outdated device drivers will appear in the control panel. You can mark individual (check the ticks opposite the components) or click the "Update All" button. When the driver installed the window can be closed. In this case, the corresponding icon will appear in the tray - Carambis Driver Updater in real time will follow the relevance of the software and can get updates immediately after the release.


Another application feature is available only in the paid version, but it is worth paying attention to it - backup. You spare with him to archive all the video adapter drivers (graphics adapter), network adapter, peripheral devices (printers, webcam, etc.). And you can restore the system's performance at any moment after unsuccessful updating Windows, "wood" or components. Put the received installation file on the desktop (and better disk D) and the next time, installing the driver, you do not even have to connect to the Internet.

SOLUTION OF Other Laptop Problems

Since the utility was created as an assistant for gamers, during her use you do not have to worry about the emergence of trouble with the network, graphics, sound, etc. Click on the name of the problem in the corresponding section, and the program will do everything yourself - roll back the driver on the computer to previous versions, Check the processes in the Task Manager will figure out with the services, etc. The participation of the user is minimalized.

Windows 7 Driver Update on DRIVERPACK Solution Example

Beginning of work

Driver Pack Solution is created to search and update drivers on the computer. Among the advantages of the solution is just a huge base of computer component drivers and the availability of a web version that allows you to download the desired software using the equipment ID received in the device manager. There is a service and disadvantages, such as the installer hang, a chance to get a blue screen (black screen on Windows 10) After unsuccessful actualization, the driver and third-party programs that developers generously "supported" the installer. Fortunately, they are not malicious. But do not worry, you can update Windows driver without installing the options - To do this, switch to the "Expert Mode" after running DPRSU.

Relief from Lysnya

Click the "Soft" tab and remove the checkboxes from the programs that you do not want to see on your computer. Make the same thing on the Safety tab - downstairs you will see the set ticks on one of several antiviruses. But to the troubleshooting tool to listen. It often determines really malicious applications based on customary statistics (removed or left). We recommend to remove suspicious not to harm the personal computer in the future.


Now go to the "Drivers" tab. In the window that opens, you will see a list of devices that require an update (there are newer versions in the database). Select devices that do not need an update in your opinion (remove the checkboxes if necessary), and then click on the "Update" item or the Set button (depending on the version). The application creates a recovery point and starts work. Wait for the process to complete (during the computer may freeze, just wait), restart the PC and test work. If something goes wrong, you can always roll back to the control point with standard Windows tools or reinstall drivers manually in recovery mode / using specialized programs.

The described software for updating drivers can significantly facilitate the setting of the operating system. Thanks to these special programs, the entire update process comes down literally to several mouse clicks. Applications will be useful even to users of the latest OS, because the driver version in the Windows update center is not always the last. After it, it is often necessary to manually delete drivers and install the correct versions from AMD, NVIDIA and other manufacturers of components and laptops are already manually or using the Intel Driver Update Utility Utility AMD Driver Autodetect, etc. The programs will automatically be able to determine the model, select the best drivers, and the device will start working as out of the box. But we still do not recommend bringing it before - use any of the proven utilities to update the drivers and everything will be fine!

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Obnovlenie-Drayverov.Good day!

Drivers - It's like gears in the mechanism, if there is no "native" on your computer (or they are not "native") - the system does not work in normal mode: it will hang something, it does not start, various slow motions and errors.

A special difficulty is given video and audio drivers (in the first case - problems with games, in the second - no sound). I think that is why there is always an interest in programs that allow you to update the drivers without direct user participation (to press 1 button and everything ...). 😉

Actually, in this article I decided to assemble a dozen similar programs that will help save time and nerves when problems with drivers.

By the way, the program list is lower relevant at the end of 2020, presented, a kind, top 10 of the best products with their advantages / minuses.

And so, closer to the case ...



Driver Booster.


Overview: "Step by step" parsing utility


The right is considered one of the best programs for auto search and update drivers. Judge yourself: To start the update - you need to press only one button!

After that, the program scans your PC, and will show the current version of the driver for each of your "hardware" (recommends that you can update, and what can be left - you can only agree and update everything. Very quick and convenient ✌).

In addition to drivers, the program also updates important components in Windows related games (so that if you have problems with them - it is possible to check your system using Driver Booster 👇).

Note : To work the Driver Booster program, you need to connect to the Internet.

Update all - game components, sound and gaming devices, etc.

DRIVER BOOSTER - Found 4 outdated drivers, and 1 game component // Example of the program


  1. A simple and convenient interface with which even a very novice user will understand;
  2. a huge base of drivers, which is constantly updated (for more than 1 million devices);
  3. In addition to drivers, the program can update the most important libraries for games: DirectX, Net Framework, Visual C ++, etc.;
  4. The update process passes in 2 stages: First, the program scans your PC, then asks what exactly will be updated (you can simply agree with the recommended settings, and you can configure everything yourself);
  5. Before upgrading - the program archives your old drivers (so that you can roll back if ...);
  6. It is possible to autonomous work (without connecting to the Internet! Approx. : Only in the 8th version of the program);
  7. There is a batch update of drivers (i.e., immediately for several devices).


DriverPack Solution


Approx. : can work without access to the Internet.


DriverPack Solution (or DPS) is fundamentally different from Driver Booster - it can even work without connecting to the Internet. DPPs just have 2 versions of the program:

  • First - represents several folders and files, a total size of 20 GB. If you load it in advance, then in the consequence you can run DPS and install drivers on any PC, on which there is no Internet (For example, sometimes it happens that the computer is connected to the network, but the network card does not work due to the lack of driver (which is needed to download ☺). In this case, such a "spare" is strongly helps!) ;
  • Second - An ordinary program similar to Driver Booster. Also run, then the DPS scans the PC, and after downloading all the necessary drivers from the Internet.
Driver Pack 2019 - Offline Version

Driver Pack 2019 - Offline version / example of a window with update recommendations (I recommend to include the version "Expert")


  1. There are two versions of the program: one for online update, and the second offline work (an independent collection of drivers can hardly rescue when problems with the network);
  2. Big database of drivers (usually, located for all equipment);
  3. In addition to DPS drivers, it proposes to establish other necessary and useful programs (convenient);
  4. Package update of drivers;
  5. the ability to create backup drivers;
  6. It is possible to carry out anti-virus test of the PC, check the RAM, etc.;
  7. Of minuses : In the latest versions there are many advertising, see carefully for all checkmarks!


1) Part of the files from Driver Pack Solution goes in 7z format (to open which you may need an archiver).

2) The old offline version of the DPS was walked in general in the image of ISO. For their discovery, specials are also required. Soft.



Official website:


Fully free utility for auto search, installation, and driver updates. Immediately I note that the utility needs access to the Internet!

Using very simple: just run and press only 1 button "Find Now" (as shown on the screen below 👇).

DriverHub - Main program window

DriverHub - Main program window

For a minute, another, for each "piece" on your PC / laptop, a driver will be found (see example below). You just will not be ticking all you want to update and press the button. "Install" . Actually, this is the whole process. Very convenient! 👌

List of drivers found (DriverHub)

List of drivers found (DriverHub) / Clikable


  1. Large database drivers for different equipment: audio and video cards, USB devices (scanners, printers, etc.), mat. boards, etc.;
  2. Updating utility uses drivers from official sites: Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Sony, etc.
  3. Fully free: download speed, the number of updated drivers, etc. The moments are not limited in any way!
  4. There is the ability to roll back the system in the previous state (if you do not suit how the new driver works);
  5. The program is fully in Russian;
  6. In the menu there are links for quick setup OS: Power Supply, Disc Manager, Computer Management, Network Management, etc.
  7. Works in Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 Bits).

note : on all "checkboxes" when installing (sometimes pops up Avast download offer)! In addition, the program does not behave very well on laptops with a small resolution (the window does not "scaled").


Snappy driver installer


Approx. : can work without access to the Internet.


Snappy Driver Installer is a free drivers installer (very similar to DriverPack Solution, a direct competitor to him, the Package is not so promoted).

What distinguishes it from the previous program (DPS) - so this offline version is not distributed as an ISO image (for the opening of which additional programs are needed), and in the form of a simple folder with the EXE file - they started it, and the drivers updated. Very comfortably!

By the way, the Snappy Driver Installer also has a compact version, the size of which is only a few megabytes. But it requires a connection to the Internet.

Snappy Driver Installer - Offline Version (Main Window Screen)

Snappy Driver Installer - Offline Version (Main Window Screen)


  1. A huge collector of drivers for all occasions (I recommend wrote it on the emergency flash drive, so that it is always your hand);
  2. Two version of the package: full of 19 GB (without the need to connect to the Internet), and compact - the program weighs 10 MB (but we need unlimited access to the network);
  3. mining advertising and unnecessary programs;
  4. quick update;
  5. Custom envelope under-taste of the user;
  6. Fully in Russian.


Utilities from Intel, AMD, NVIDIA

Intel Driver Update.


The official utility from Intel, which will help update the drivers for any products of this company: processor, network devices, disks, and other things. Compatible with all versions of Windows, completely in Russian.

After starting the utility, it automatically recognizes the equipment and will find everything necessary for its proper operation. Driver installation is fully in automatic mode.

Utility from Intel

Utility from Intel

In general, if using Intel's products, it is natural, I recommend using the native utility ☺. The rest, she is unlikely to come in handy ...




These are tools for automatically searching a video driver for AMD products. After starting, the utility will automatically determine your video card, system and other characteristics and will give a link to download the optimal driver.

AMD DRIVER Autodetect - automatic work on the search for video device

AMD DRIVER Autodetect - automatic work on the search for video device

The utility is completely in Russian, works in the Windows environment. The program, by the way, can be used not only to search for the driver, but also to update the already installed (agree that it is much easier to press one button in the program than to climb on the decisions of official sites, where the mountain of all semi-necessary information 😉).


NVIDIA UPDATE (GeForce Experience)


Official utility for NVIDIA users. After launching the utility, it scans all your "hardware" on the PC, will appreciate whether there are drivers for them, and will offer to update them (if there is such a need).

By the way, in the settings profiles, you can ask how the updates will often be checked (whether to use the beta versions, whether to notify pop-up messages in the tray).

NVIDIA UPDATE UTILITIES - Put the driver in a couple of minutes!

NVIDIA UPDATE UTILITIES - Put the driver in a couple of minutes!

I also note that starting from the R275 version, NVIDIA Update updates not only the drivers, but also the game profiles automatically (including SLI profiles). On the official website (the link led above) the phased configuration of the program is painted (although there is nothing to configure there.


Driver Genius.



Very popular program for working with drivers. It is quite multifunctional: can automatically find and update to the latest driver version, create backup copies of already installed drivers, restore lost, delete old and not necessary.

It is easy to use enough: after starting the program, it will automatically collect information about your PC, hardware will appreciate the system and will offer an update option. Supports Russian.

Welcome to Driver Genius

Welcome to Driver Genius


  1. a huge database of drivers, support for more than 300,000 different devices;
  2. backup of current drivers (and you can put them in both the archive and create an exe installer so that in case of problems - it can be started and installing the drivers without Driver Genius);
  3. the ability to delete old or unnecessary drivers;
  4. Command line support;
  5. Support for Russian language;
  6. Works under all popular windows: 7/8/10 (32/64 Bits);
  7. Of minuses : The program is paid (in the free version there is a restriction on the update and on working with backup).





A free and sufficiently multifunction program for automatic searching and updating drivers (by the way, it copes with this quite well).

In addition to the main responsibility (👀), the program copes well with the creation of backups "firewood" (and in case of problems - their recovery).

There is also a task scheduler (for example, to regularly check updates), there is a function to delete any driver from the system (full!).

SlimDrivers - Warning of the need to update 4 drivers

SlimDrivers - Warning of the need to update 4 drivers


  1. quick automatic search and update;
  2. task Manager;
  3. Full removal function of the old or not required driver;
  4. backup and recovery;
  5. All functions operate in a free version (many similar utilities are asked for the same functionality);
  6. Works in all common Windows: 7/8/10;
  7. Of the minuses: abundance of advertising when installing (see Carefully on the tick).



3dp net.


3DP NET - found a driver for a network card. Hurrah!

3DP NET - found a driver for a network card. Hurrah!

3DP NET is a specialized utility that is needed to update the driver to the network adapter (network card). Imagine: You have no Internet, because Network card does not work (there is no driver on it). And so that the network card earned - you need a driver that is on the Internet.

How to solve this puzzle? That's right, download 3DP NET, the size of which is only about 100 MB (from a smartphone), and run - the utility will automatically select the driver and the network will appear. I recommend!

Note : Please note that there are 2 utilities on the official site - 3DP Chip and 3DP NET (it's about the second!).


Double Driver.

Developer website:

Soft portal:

Double Driver - the main program window (prepare for backup ☺)

Double Driver - the main program window (prepare for backup ☺)

This small free utility is necessary to create a backup of all installed drivers. Moreover, it does it very quickly (often the time required is not more than 1 minute!).

I want to note that the drivers in the utility are displayed in a convenient list (in order), which can be saved or print. Drivers in the backup also be carefully lying, each in the hotel folder, the names of which are identical to your devices.

In general, it is extremely necessary, useful and Free Utility (similar programs for backups - cost money) ...


Driver Sweeper.

Developer website:

Soft portal:

Driver Sweeper - Watch all the drivers (important - be careful, because the program does not limit us and shows everything about everything)

Driver Sweeper - Watch all the drivers (important - be careful, because the program does not limit us and shows everything about everything)

A simple and reliable program for removing absolutely any drivers in the system is completely! Be careful with her, because She does not really limit you in the possibilities. It helps a lot in cases where it is not possible to remove any "seated" in the driver system (or you do not see it and cannot find it, and it is 👀).

Before removing it, you can create a backup of all "wood" (just in case) ... The program works in all versions of Windows, the Russian language is supported.




Display Driver Uninstaller - removal of video card drivers

Display Driver Uninstaller - removal of video card drivers

A simple and effective utility for the complete removal of the video driver from the system (I think many have come across the problem of updating the video device, due to the fact that the new has not been put until the old one will be completely removed). Here is just with this task and cope with DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller).

The program supports all video cards from AMD, Intel, NVIDIA manufacturers (including various registry keys, components, folders, etc.). I also note that after DDU work - there are no traces of the presence of an old driver at all.

In Display Driver Uninstaller, there are three operating modes: the first - simple deletion of the driver and restart the PC / laptop; The second is the usual deletion (reboot on your conscience 👌); Third - delete and disable PC.

By the way, the utility leads a log that records all the actions that you produce. For example, on Him Mono to see which versions of the drivers have already been installed (conveniently, if you are looking for the current working version of the driver, and do not remember what you have tried).

In general, I recommend everyone who has problems with video users.


Results (what to remember!)

  1. one of the most Simple ways Update all drivers and game components in Windows - use the Driver Booster program;
  2. If you do not know what device you do not have a driver - Open the Device Manager: Next to the device for which there is no driver, an exclamation yellow mark will burn;
  3. It is extremely desirable to record some kind of emergency flash drive Driver package which can work without connecting to the Internet (for example, Snappy Driver Installer or DriverPack Solutions);
  4. If you have could not update the driver Using automatic updates in such programs - Try a manual method;
  5. During the problems of S. audio drivers I recommend to get acquainted with this article;
  6. During the problems of S. VideoRorsa , I recommend this material;
  7. Driver update instructions For network adapter Wi-Fi can be found here;
  8. if you can not Delete old driver - I recommend this method here;
  9. If you do not know how update the driver when the Internet does not work , Check out these ways.


On this, I still have everything for supplements on the topic - in advance separate thanks!

Good luck to all!


First Publication: 10/23/2016

Update Articles: 15.10.2020


Useful software:

  • Video editing
  • Video installation
  • Excellent software to create their first videos (all actions go along the steps!). Video will make even newcomer!
  • Utility for optimization
  • Computer accelerator
  • A program for cleaning Windows from "garbage" (deletes temporary files, speeds up the system, optimizes the registry).

Windows operating system and the computer as a whole, albeit inanimate objects, still require some concerns about their prosperous existence from their users.

This concern is manifested differently - it is maintaining the integrity, the absence of "pollution" both at the program level and on the hardware, as well as maintaining the relevance of software drivers, which are simply necessary for the correct operation of the system components and the operating system as a whole.

Driver Update is an extremely important procedure that, unfortunately, quite often accompanied by a variety of errors, both in the update process and post-defactum.

And on how to minimize the risk of problems, and how to update the most optimal and safe way, and will be speaking in this article.

What is Driver

Despite the fact that each user knows about the presence of such a component as a "driver", most of them seems like a certain mystical program, the installation of which solves all the problems.

If you simplify the definition of the work structure of the drivers, then they represent a certain link between the operating system and the devices / components that opens access to their Windows control, and also indicates that they possess exactly the functionality.

That is why ensuring their correctness and relevance is a priority for each user.

But this importance does not yet mean that the operating system will not be able to work with devices without them.

The Windows structure has a basic software that can provide minimal operation of the device, even without installing drivers, but such a job may be accompanied by certain failures, which will not solve the problem, but will only create it.

Many years have passed since that in order for any device to start working fine to work normally "well-dance with a tambourine" and find the desired "key", in order to finally recognize its functionality.

With the arrival of Windows 10, most of the responsibilities for maintaining the relevance of the drivers were delegated to the operating system itself, which simultaneously simplified and complicated the solution of the task.

But the question itself is not clear.

Do I need to update

Exactly. The question of the need to update the drivers is not so unambiguous, as it may seem to someone, as well as the issue of updating the operating system itself.

Some users converge in the opinion that the driver updating is only as necessary when one or another component of Windows stopped functioning properly.

Users, consonants with this statement adhere to one known statement, which was interpreted and to this topic:

"Do you want the operating system to work normally? Then do not bother her to do it. "

That is, if Windows does not have any problems with existing drivers, it means it does not need to be updated.

With this, it is quite possible to agree, but only partly.

For example, to maintain the best performance of the graphics module (video card) it is extremely important to maintain the relevance of the driver support, including to level the risk of various errors in gaming products.

The output suggests itself - it is the foundation of a balance between the need and the desire to update.

How to update

That is the time for the main question of the article. There are a huge number of different options for performing the task, for example, these are standard tools Windows, official utilities and sites of developers / manufacturers, third-party specialized programs, as well as manual search and download.

And more about each of them and will be discussed.

Staten tools

If any software problems occur with connected devices, there is one universal diagnostic tool - it is to verify what is specified in the Device Manager.

And it is this section of the Windows operating system that can be used to update drivers, and this will take the following:

  • Right-click on the "This Computer" label (My Computer) and select Management; Computer Management in Windows
  • The "Computer Management" window will open in which you want to select the "Service Programs" directory - "Device Manager"; Device Manager in Windows 10
  • All devices / components presented in the "Dispatcher" are divided into categories depending on the functionality performed by them (video, audio, printers, network, USB, etc.);
  • Select the section you want, deploy it and click right-click on the target device (for example, Bluetooth Adapter) Call it "Properties"; Adapter Properties - Windows Drivers Updating Manual Drivers
  • Open the Drivers tab and pay attention to its development date and version;
  • If there is a newer version or more stable, click on the "Update Driver" button; Manual update drivers in Windows
  • To the question "How do you want to search for drivers" Click on the first option "Automatic Search", about the role of the second option it will be a little later; Specifying space to search for new Windows drivers
  • A automatic search will begin, according to the results of which you will be asked to install a new version. Driver Search Status for Windows

If the most relevant and stable version (according to Windows) is already active, then the corresponding information appears on the screen. Result search drivers

Update centre

As mentioned above, Windows received most of the responsibilities for updating the drivers, which it exercises through the functionality of the "update center".

To view the installed versions and a possible "hint" on the need to update them, you will need to do the following:

  • Click "Start" and open the "Parameters" section;
  • Click the "Update and Security" tab; Updating drivers using the Windows Update Center
  • Find the string "View update log" and click on it; Windows update log
  • In the log that opens, expand the "Driver Updates" string and pay attention to the list of recent versions.

Further actions depend on what was installed by the operating system. List of Windows Driver Update

If you assume the possible availability of newer versions, then return to the main section and click on the "Update Verification" button. Check availability for Windows

Wait for checking and browse the components offered to install.

Many belong to this staffing means with a large share of Skepticism, as in principle, to the issue of updating the operating system, which has a certain soil.

Therefore, the following option is more preferable, and it is on it that it should be part more.

Manual Search and Installation

In order to determine the driver you need with the most accuracy, you should make sure that it is suitable for your operating system, and for this it is necessary to define its "ID", on the basis of which the search will be conducted.

To do this, do the following:

  • Open the "Device Manager" and the properties of the component you need;
  • In the window that opens, go to the "Details" tab and in the Property Block among the options submitted, find the line of the ED EDC; Manual search and installation of drivers for Windows
  • Copy the first line into the browser address bar and spend it search; Search for hardware drivers
  • Open the site whose resources you trust and download the version of the driver corresponding to your operating system (version of Windows, the discharge 32 or 64 bits). Driver list for adapters

You can set the downloaded executable file using the installer built into it, or you can configure the resources of the Device Manager again.

This can be done using a previously announced second option:

  • Return to the property of the selected equipment and go to the Driver tab;
  • Click on the "Update Driver" button and to the question "How do you want to search" Select the second option to "perform search for drivers on this computer"; Specifying the location of the driver to update
  • Click on the "Overview" button and select the folder where the executable file was previously saved, then click "Next"; Driver Update in Windows

The script is the same, or offer to install your version, if it is more relevant than the installed, or remain with the same option.

It is worth noting that if you click on the "Select the driver from the list of available drivers on a computer", which is in the selection of the save folder, will open a list of installed versions, which were also used by the operating system. Select a driver from the list of available drivers on your computer

In implementing this option, there is a certain danger to download a file that will be obviously non-working or containing viral software in its structure.

It follows only if you really trust the source.

The best alternative option will be visited by the official website of the developer / manufacturer and get acquainted with his suggestions.

Official resources

As an example, the search for the driver for a graphics adapter should be considered, maintaining the relevance of which, for many, is a priority, taking into account the fact that Windows itself is not always correctly engaged in these issues.

So, nothing complicated in the search is not enough to do the following:

  • To visit the Device Manager again and pay attention to the name of the adapter and the driver installed for it; Official Official Drivers EquipmentAs can be seen, within the framework of the example, this is "nvidiageforcegt635m". Consequently, it is necessary to visit the official website of the manufacturer -
  • Open the mentioned site and go to the "Drivers" tab; Driver Update for Video Card -
  • In accordance with the specification of your equipment, fill in the following information: Search drivers on video card model
    • "Product Type" - "GeForce";
    • "Series of products" - "GeForce 600m Series (Notebooks)";
    • "Product Family" - "GeForce GT635M";
    • "Operating system" - "Windows 64-bit";
    • "Windows Driver Type" - "Standard";
    • "Russian language".
    Accordingly, you have this information may also differ, and after entering all the necessary information, click on the "Search" button.

After finding the version you need, click "Download Now", wait for the download and run the executable file. Link to download drivers for video card

Official Utilities Driver Updates

Almost every eminent manufacturer has its own updates utilities that simplify the search and the installation of all necessary for the full functioning of graphic components of the computer.

As part of the example, it is worth continuing the consideration of products from Nvidia:

  • Open the official website of the company;
  • Select the "Platform" tab - "GEFORCE games" - "GeForceExperience"; Utility for updating video driver for video card
  • Click on the "Download" button and upon completion, install the received software; Download drivers for video card
  • Sign up in the system and confirm your authority input login and password, after which the main interface will open;
  • Click the "Drivers" tab, which is in the upper left corner; Update Windows Drivers, Step-by-step instructions
  • Next, click on the "Check Updates" button and wait for the verdict from "GeForceExPerience"; GeForceExperience - check availability
  • If you have a new version, you will be prompted to download and install it as it is the goal of previously implemented actions.

Downloading and installing the driver can take a sufficiently significant amount of time during which the installer should not be interrupted.

Specialized programs

So the time has come for the most popular decision of the question under consideration - this is the use of third-party specialized software.

Programs of this category have always called up custom interest, as they automated the entire process of finding and installing the necessary drivers, offering for just a few clicks to do everything you need.

There are a huge amount of such programs, but not everyone performs its work qualitatively, because any automated process involves possible errors.

Stopping on the three most popular programs that enjoy colossal user support and demonstrate the smallest or at least the minimum number of errors and third-party elements in their work.

DriverPack Solution

DRIVERPACKSOLUTION (Next DRP) is a mego-popular project with more than 10 years of development in the authorship of Arthur Kuzyakov and a talented group of developers.

To date, the number of active users "DRP" has already exceeded 43.000,000, which strongly speaks about the quality of the product they proposed.

If you simplify as much as possible, then "DRP" and all other representatives of this category are huge drivers of drivers whose functionality is associated with the comparison of their versions of the software and ID equipment on the target computer.

In essence, this is the automation of the process that was described above.

In order to download "DriverPackSolution" enough to visit the official website of the developers - and click on the "Install all the necessary drivers" button. Driverpack Solution - Driver Search Utility

It is worth noting that since the beginning of 2019, many antiviruses, as well as a browser from Yandex, recognize the "DRP" executable file as malicious software that can be ignored by making commitments to open the file. Running DriverPack Solution

Next, you will need to start the downloaded file and wait until the program functionality will automatically complete the scanning Install Driverpack Solution Upgrading Windows DriversEquipment, after which you will be asked to make a choice:

  1. Trust made by the conclusions of the program, and give them access to updating drivers in automatic mode;
  2. Go to Expert mode for manual choice of what devices require an update.

Before installing any new drivers, we recommend making a system recovery point.

Of course, the most reasonable option is the transition to the "Expert" mode, as it is always useful to know what is installed in your operating system, even if it is a proven and trusted source.

So, to go to the Advanced Interface you need to click on the "Expert Mode" button, which is located in the center at the bottom of the active window. DRIVER PACK SOLUTION expert mode

Please note that in addition to drivers, DRP offers to install and optional software, with which you should be more closely. Additional software installed with Driver Pack Solution

Check all the set ticks in the first three sections, and only then press the "Install All" button, next to which it will be indicated how many files are selected for installation. DRIVER PACK SOLUTION INSTALLATION

After installing all the drivers and software you need to restart the computer, and check the quality of the operating system.

Separately, it is worth noting that "DRP" offers each wishes to download offline drivers database (image of about 20GB), write them on the boot media, and install all the necessary components of the equipment even without active Internet connection, and this can not boast of all competitors.

Driver Booster.

Driver Booster for the authorship of the notive company Iobit, is a fairly controversial option in the opinion of many specialists, but it is extremely popular among users at the expense of the bright design of the interface, and yet sufficiently good functionality.

Download "Driver Booster" can also be available on the official website - completely free, there can also be purchased and the version "Pro" with an extended set of features. Driver Booster Utility for Driver Update

Unlike "DRP", this software requires its installation to the computer, for this:

  • At the first stage, after starting the installer, select the Selecting Installation section; Driver Booster selective installation
  • Select the folder to save and click on the Install button; Installation options Driver Booster
  • Remove the checkbox from the items where it is proposed to install an additional software from Yandex, and then click "Accept and Install"; DRIVER BOOSTER Detailed choice of additional software
  • Wait until the installation is completed and click on the "Check Now" button; DRIVER BOOSTER STATUSDriver Booster.
  • The program will start automatically checking the installed equipment after which the list of outdated drivers will be displayed, the installation of which in the priority according to DRIVER BOOSTER Main panel Driver Booster

Highlight all the options you need, then click on the "Update Now" button. Equipment selection to update drivers

It is pointless to argue with the statement that the "Driver Booster" wrapper is decorated very adequately, in a modern black and bright red style, for which many users and appreciate this product.

As it belongs to it and in general, the products "Iobit" solve everyone for themselves, but with the updating of the drivers, he copes sufficiently.

Driver Genius.

DRIVER GENIUS is the development of AvanQuestSoftware, which is also known for several other interesting projects.

The official website is - the utility is available for free download. Driver Genius Utility for Free Driver Update

It is updated on an ongoing basis, for example, at the time of writing this article (beginning of March 2019) the last update released was dated January 29, 2019.

It should be immediately noted that the installer and the program interface is not localized, so you should be attentive, wherever you agree with what "checkmarks".

Despite the data of the Language Nuances of Driver Genius has a sufficiently clear interface, so the search for new versions of the drivers takes literally a few minutes:

  • But, first, start the installation file and click "Next"; Driver Genius Wizard
  • Scroll licensing conditions and if you agree with them, select the checkbox in the "I Accept the Agreement" line; Driver Genius - license agreement
  • Select the folder in which the program will be installed and click "Next"; Place to install Driver Genius
  • Click "Next" again in a step with the choice whether to put the program in the starting menu; Driver Genius.
  • And leave a tick in the "Create A Desktop Shortcut" line, if you want to label to start the utility to be placed on the desktop, and click "Next" and in the next step "Install"; Driver Genius Create a shortcut on the desktop
  • After completing the installation, click on the "Finish" button and using the label or the start menu section, start the Driver Genius program;
  • In the window that opens, go to the DRIVER UPDATE section, as a result, automatic search for drivers in need of an update will be initiated; Driver Genius DRIVER UPDATE
  • Upon completion of the scan, you will be provided with a report with a list of drivers offered to update;
  • If the equipment presented there satisfies you (you can see detailed information about each by clicking on the "View Driver Update Details" button) Driver Genius - View DRIVER UPDATE DETAILS, then click on the UPDATE ALL button to update all marked items; Driver Genius Updating all drivers
  • Wait for the completion of work, restart the computer and make sure the operating system is correct.

Separate attention should be paid to the fact that Driver Genius except the direct update, also offers additional functionality:

  • Section "Driver Backup" Equipment selection to update drivers- put the backup of all installed drivers;
  • Section "Driver Restore" Driver Genius DRIVER Restore feature- allows you to restore drivers, including using the created-backup file;
  • Section "Driver Cleanup" Driver Clean Up - cleaning not correct drivers from the system- places cleaning and remove problem files that may interfere with the correct operation of the rest of the components.

DRIVERGENIUS is a slightly more complex software, rather than was presented above. Therefore, without a detailed acquaintance with the functionality of the program, nothing is deleted, clean, it is not worth updating.

Otherwise, this is a quiet and imperceptible assistant who can and does everything on its own, and for the most part correctly.

Comparison of Driver Update Programs

DriverPack Solution DriverPack Solution Driver Genius.
Localization Yes Yes No
Cost Free / Pr. Free / Pr. Conditionally free
Offline Yes No No
Manual update Yes No Yes
schedule Yes Yes No
Rollback by means of the program No Yes Yes
Lee required No Yes Yes

Significantly advantage "DriverPack Solution" is the lack of installation and the availability of offline base (ISO image).


In conclusion, it is worth noting that no matter how you trust any software, to update the system components to the automatic flow will not be quite correct, since the key to successful work is an understanding of what and how it works. This is especially true for the operation of the Windows operating system. Knowing what driver for what is responsible for and to whom it applies when they are installed and how is the key to solve most possible problems.

You will also be interested:

For the correct operation of the device connected to the computer, special software is installed. It supports the operation of a network card, video adapter, monitor, mouse, keyboard. Regular driver updates are performed manually or using special utilities.

General information about drivers

Driver Update
Updating drivers is needed for correct operation of devices.

This is the name of a specialized program that helps the operating system to maintain the operation of peripheral devices.

Drivers are outdated over time, use the built-in Windows tools, third-party applications. When installing, it is worth considering software compatibility with the version of the OS.

Purpose of update

New versions of drivers improve the functions of the PC hardware. Also, developers corrected earlier errors. Reinstalling helps to eliminate failures related to:

  • loading outdated software, unable to interact with the operating system, other applications or hardware components;
  • damage to system files;
  • loading standard system software, and not recommended by manufacturers of software equipment;
  • lack of software to connect new devices.

Sometimes it leads to the emergence of failures. Installing a more recent version. Software may be incompatible with outdated OS.

Therefore, before each update creates recovery points.

Methods for performing the procedure on Windows

When working with any version of the OS, the reinstall is carried out manually or automatically.

Manually through "Device Manager"

The utility is running through the command line or start menu. In the first case, apply a combination DeviceMgr.msc. .

How to correctly update device drivers in "Windows 10"?
Drivers can be updated manually via "Device Manager".

Also use the section "Properties" of the drop-down menu of the "Computer" item. The "Device Manager" interface in different versions of the OS is different. If there is a question mark near the device name, drivers are missing or outdated. For manual update, these actions are performed:

  1. Reveal the branch of the desired device. Near each name click on the inscription "Update".
  2. Prescribe the path to the desired driver. Confirm the action, wait for software.

Automatically using special programs

Using special applications simplifies the update process. The user-friendly program interface allows you to refuse to perform a plurality of actions in the Device Manager. Most applications are distributed free of charge. With their help, you can quickly perform the necessary procedure.

Through the official website

When updating drivers manually, it is recommended to download software from the developer's online page. Downloading licensed files prevents viruses penetration, the emergence of failures in the system.

Some PC owners set system files from discs included. However, in this case, the software may be obsolete.

Rating free applications to update drivers on a computer

The top included programs that scored the most positive feedback.

Driver Booster.

This is the best free software update. It is compatible with all versions of the OS. It is possible to automatically search for outdated software components. When updates, you can quickly download them from Driver Booster, without using the browser. Before installation, you can compare new drivers with already installed.

Driver Booster.
Driver Booster is a program to update outdated drivers.

The utility automatically specifies the recovery point, which is used with the incorrect flow of the process. The background load function is provided, in which the installer does not send pop-up notifications. Download free download with .

DriverPack Solution

Russified interface facilitates the use of the application. The working window is equipped with several buttons. Multi-level screens or complex settings are missing. The update is recommended to perform through the expert mode. This eliminates the installation of unnecessary software, such as antivirus or browser. The program supports automatic or mass boot, so you do not have to manually update each driver. Free utility are loaded with DRP.SU. .

Driver Easy.

The application downloaded with It is intended for automatic loading software. It is used both in personal and for commercial purposes. The user can schedule scanning, allow the installation of a new software. The procedure will be performed every day, week or month. Loading is carried out without starting the browser.

Driver Easy.
Driver Easy - software to quickly update all drivers.

There are additional features, such as equipment checking. Some users complain about low speed of software.


The utility is convenient because, in addition to loading drivers, it creates recovery points. The simple interface is displayed with several buttons. It is possible to disable update search. You can install all the components offered by Driverhub or perform a selective load. Most users do not like the parallel downloading of unnecessary programs. The problem can be eliminated with the removal of flags near the items when loading the utility with .


The program is used to identify the causes of system failures. Scanning is carried out in the absence of an Internet connection. In this case, a list of drivers appears on the screen in the form of HTML pages. When restoring the connection, opens files, download. Available both online and portable versions installed with . Before starting work there are free registration.

DriverIdentifier is a free program that performs the role of the scanner of outdated drivers.


The program automatically recognizes, finds and downloads new versions of drivers. She carefully checks the system, offers a way to solve problems. Installing components starts only with user permission. Intel does not require the introduction of personal data, is installed from the site fast.

An understandable interface facilitates the process of updating Windows software components.

Driver Talent

The utility helps to refuse to search for the desired software on the Internet. The application updates not only missing or outdated components, but also eliminates damage, copies the components installed earlier. All data is displayed before downloading, so the user can be confident in downloading the necessary files. Available including network drivers version that helps install programs in the absence of an Internet connection. It can be found on .

Driver Talent
Driver Talent is a program for automatic searching and updating drivers.


The utility effectively recognizes outdated drivers, performs backup and rollback to the older version. However, no more than 2 components are loaded per day or 10 per month. Only 1 file is installed for 1 time. Check outdated components remains available, but loading when the limit exceeds it becomes impossible. The application download S. .

Snappy driver installer

Free software tool for functionality resembles Driverpack Solution. There is a possibility of mass boot, after which the utility immediately starts the update process. The procedure is performed and in the absence of an Internet connection. Snappy Driver Installer does not require a mandatory installation on PC. The application can be downloaded from On the removable drive and apply to maintain another computer.

Snappy driver installer
SNAPPY DRIVER INSTALLER is a free driver installer.


The program checks all system files and a computer video card. After scanning, it issues a message about the need to perform an update. AMD Driver Autodetect Allows you to install the necessary drivers in one click. Ease of loading S. And the automatic detection of obsolete components is considered the main advantages of the utility.


A free online service provides detailed information about the connected equipment and system components, including drivers. After downloading the DRIVERSCLOUD superstructure, the browser receives the data collection feature. Interface Presented in Russian, therefore it does not occur in the process of work. If you need to update files, the user sees the data of the desired driver: version, developer, creation date, compatibility with equipment.

DRIVERSCLOUD is a system information utility.

Driver Magician.

The English-speaking interface, however, most of the actions are intuitive. A set of functions includes:

  • scanning and updating system;
  • Backup software followed by restoration if necessary;
  • removal of unnecessary system components;
  • restore individual custom folders ("Documents", "Desktop");
  • Recognition of new devices.

Downloadable S. The program saves functionality when translated into the background mode. It is compatible with all versions of Windows.

NVIDIA UPDATE (GeForce Experience)

The official utility scans all PC components, reveals outdated or missing drivers, updates them from user permission. You can create a schedule of checks. The program updates not only drivers, but also game profiles. Setup after downloading utility with Does not take much time.

NVIDIA UPDATE is a utility designed to automatically check and update drivers.

Driver Genius.

The program performs the following actions:

  • automatically reveals and updates outdated components;
  • copies already available drivers for subsequent recovery;
  • Removes old or unused components.

After downloading S. And launching any actions do not need. The utility checks the system, issues methods for eliminating failures.

The benefits of the program under consideration include:

  • Extended database of drivers, including software for 300 thousand devices;
  • restore the available drivers from the archive;
  • work with the command line;
  • Russified interface;
  • Compatibility with popular versions of Windows.

Utility paid. When using demo version, part of the functions becomes inaccessible.


A free app copes well with the main tasks. It creates backup copies of the drivers, if necessary, performs recovery. There is a scheduler to help configure scan schedule.

SLIMDRIVERS - Driver Management Tool.

SLIMDRIVERS is able to permanently remove unnecessary system files. Other advantages of the utility include:

  • Quick detection and update outdated components;
  • backup;
  • the correct operation of all functions in the free version;
  • Compatibility with all versions of the OS.

The disadvantage consider downloading third-party programs when installing from the portal .

Device Doctor.

The program has an installation and portable version. You can plan to update procedures. When discovering outdated components go to the site Perform manual loading. Before installing, you may need to unpack files.

To do this, use the built-in Windows tools or third-party applications. A day you can download no more than 1 driver.


In addition to standard functions, a useful tool is present here - "OS Migration Tool". It is launched if you need to reinstall Windows. S. downloaded The tool finds drivers for a new system, saves them to the selected media.

FREE DRIVER SCOUT - Free software to update installed drivers.

After installing the Windows, the same tool is used to restore software components. The user does not have to re-download drivers.

Top auxiliary utilities

The top includes 4 programs that simplify the update process.


An application installed with , Used to quickly remove the video card drivers. This eliminates the problems when downloading a new software. The program is compatible with all kinds of system components. After launching the DDU from the old driver, there are no traces. The utility is equipped with a magazine, which includes data about all the actions performed. Here you can see a list of installed files.

DDU is a drive removal tool.

Double Driver.

Downloadable S. The application is created specifically for backup drivers. The procedure is performed in a few seconds. The list of files is displayed in alphabetical order. It can be saved or printed. Backups are located in separate folders. They can be found by names that match those connected devices.

3dp net.

The utility is designed to update network drivers. The program is downloaded by S. On another PC or phone. She picks up the driver with which the Internet connection will be installed in the future.

3dp net.
3DP NET - Updating network drivers.

Driver Sweeper.

The application is designed to delete any drivers. Limitations are absent, so it is possible to remove system files. Downloadable S. The utility is effective if the driver uninstallation is impossible in the standard ways.

If users encounter hardware problems in the operating system "Windows 10" , one of the probable reasons may be a problem with drivers. And then we will look at three simple ways to correctly update the personal computer drivers.

Как правильно обновить драйвера устройства в «Windows 10»?


Modern personal computer devices are developing with rapid pace, largely due to the development of new types of materials and components, as well as the mass demand and the involvement of devices in user operations, and require the presence of more advanced internal filling to solve complex and demanding tasks.

The most popular and massive computer devices presented, the main representatives of which are justified by personal computers and laptops of a variety of execution format, allow you to update their internal components, which greatly affects the increase in the overall performance of the computer and the data processing rate.

The high versatility of components and the variability of the use of possible diverse samples of internal hardware equipment not only contributes to the maximum popularization of computers, but also makes it develop and equip the devices with appropriate progressive software that can not only monitor all users executable processes, but also to manage computers without errors and failures.

Especially popular and extraordinary popularity is among the vast majority of consumers of software products in the world, the operating system "Windows" Corporation development "Microsoft" . This software solution has high high-speed information processing characteristics, supports a lot of streaming start, tracking and timely execution of a plurality of one-time processes and is equipped with a set of unified applications and systemic programs of general use or a narrow personal orientation.

To one of the subspecies of specialized programs include device drivers. This is a special important snippet of code that allows the operating system. "Windows 10" Detect and directly interact with certain components of the equipment (for example, a video card, a rigid disk or a network adapter), as well as with peripheral devices, including computer mice, keyboards, printer, monitors, etc.

Usually "Windows 10" able to automatically detect and install drivers using embedded in the system, array of drivers and "Windows Update Center" . However, in some cases, for various reasons, users may need to update the device independently manually. For example, if a certain part of the connected equipment is not recognized automatically or stops working after the update, "Windows Update Center" Sets the General Operating System Improvement Package, users need to access a new feature or correct functioning error and other possible reasons.

But in any case, whatever the reason, the operating system "Windows 10" Comes with multiple options for updating device drivers, including using "Windows update center" , "Device Manager" And with the help of automatic update assistants from direct equipment manufacturers.

In this manual for the description of the laid out "Windows 10" We will tell about several ways to correctly update the driver's computer hardware drivers. In addition, additionally we describe step-by-step actions that allow you to determine whether the driver has been updated successfully.

How to update drivers using "Windows update center" ?

Despite the fact that manufacturers may need some extra time to prepare and publish their latest driver packages in "Windows Update Center" This is still the recommended method of downloading and installing drivers, since ready-made packages of improvements and additions of the operating system were tested, checked and signed by the Corporation "Microsoft" What does the full security and absolute compatibility mean.

To quickly and reliably update device drivers using "Windows update center" , users will have a simple ordered sequential action algorithm.

  • Open the application "Options" being in the operating system "Windows" Universal and important tool providing direct access to all major system settings. You can launch a popular application in many different ways. For example, click on "Task panels" In the lower left corner of the desktop on the button "Start" and open the main user menu "Windows" . Using standard methods of movement by means of a computer mouse rotation wheel or scroll strip, find it in an ordered alphabet for third-party applications and service programs installed on the computer and select the section "Options" . Or in the left side panel of the user menu control, click on the button "Options" presented in the form "Gears" And the desired application will be immediately open.
Как правильно обновить драйвера устройства в «Windows 10»?
  • On the main page of the application "Options" containing an organized list of available operating system settings using the scroll bar slider or computer mouse rotation wheel, go to the easiest of the proposed list and select the tab "Update and Security" .
Как правильно обновить драйвера устройства в «Windows 10»?
  • On the new page that opens in the left sidebar, select the section "Windows Update Center" .
  • In the right-related sidebar, click on the button. "Check availability updates" .
Как правильно обновить драйвера устройства в «Windows 10»?

After performing the described sequential actions algorithm, if the driver is missing on the user computer after updating or clean the operating system, or a new driver has been published to improve the previous outdated version, it will automatically be loaded and installed without requiring users of performing any additional operations.

How to update the drivers using the service application "Device Manager" ?

Users can independently update the drivers for the printer, wireless adapter, monitor and other components using the default preset in the operating system "Windows 10" , Applications "Device Manager" .

Installing a driver from a batch array "Microsoft"

To update the driver of any device using the service application "Device Manager" in the operating system "Windows 10" , users need to perform a simple step-by-step algorithm of ordered actions.

  • Like most major service applications, "Device Manager" You can also open in different ways. Use any preferred method and run the desired application. For example, click Share Combination Hot Keys "Windows + X" or right-click on the button "Start" Located on "Task panels" In the lower left corner of the desktop, and open the menu "Experienced User" . Then, in the list of service tools and permitted actions presented, find it out and select the section "Device Manager" .
Как правильно обновить драйвера устройства в «Windows 10»?
  • In the running application window, all devices used in the computer will be displayed. Lay a generalizing line that directly contains the desired device, the driver of which must be updated, and click on the schematic image of the arrow associated with it "Right" Or double-click the left button by the name of the selected string to display the nested content.
Как правильно обновить драйвера устройства в «Windows 10»?
  • In the list of the discounted marked string presented, right-click the desired device and open the pop-up context menu in which, from the list of allowed actions, select the section "Update Driver" .
Как правильно обновить драйвера устройства в «Windows 10»?
  • The system will instantly start the corresponding tool for the search and update device driver. In a new pop-up window when answering a question "How do you want to search for drivers?" Select option "Automatic search for updated drivers" .
Как правильно обновить драйвера устройства в «Windows 10»?

After the execution of the presented algorithm of serial ordered steps, if a newer update is available, the responsible service will automatically download and set the appropriate superior package for the full functioning of the marked device, similar to the application "Windows Update Center" .

Installing the driver from the manufacturer

In case the driver is unavailable through "Windows Update Center" because it is too fresh and has not yet managed to go through the procedure for adding to the software assembly of updates "Microsoft" Or available only in beta versions, then users need to manually download and install a claimed package from the official website of the device manufacturer support.

Having updated from the developers of the direct manufacturer of equipment, users should always strictly follow the attached instructions. In case there is no regulatory assignment of the order of the necessary actions, then double-click the self-extracting package of the installation file with the extension ".Exe" By allowing it to install a new device driver. Or to extract the contents of the archive compressed format file ".Zip" Using the ordered step-by-step manual presented in the previous section, open the application "Device Manager" The described or other preferred method and run the driver update procedure from the pop-up context menu, called by pressing the right mouse button by the name of the desired device, and then follow the action algorithm below.

  • Warming an ordered set of consecutive steps from the previous section "Installing the driver from the Microsoft batch massif" , users are needed, in a pop-up window for updating drivers of marked equipment, to the question "How do you want to search for drivers?" Choose a response option "Run the driver search on this computer" .
Как правильно обновить драйвера устройства в «Windows 10»?
  • On the next page of the startup window of the update in the changing field "Search drivers in the next place" Users should specify the path to the previously extracted content from the archive file using the button to start the navigation procedure "Overview" .
Как правильно обновить драйвера устройства в «Windows 10»?
  • After switching to the desired directory in the pop-up window "Folder Review" Click on the button "OK" And confirm the selected path to the new driver package.
Как правильно обновить драйвера устройства в «Windows 10»?
  • Install the selection indicator ( "Tick" ) in the associated cell string "Included folders" so that the master can find the right file with the extension ".Inf" With driver update instructions.
  • Click on the button "Further" To directly execute the demanding update operation.
Как правильно обновить драйвера устройства в «Windows 10»?

After the step-by-step action presented will be executed, the responsible service will complete the installation of a new driver to the user computer to improve the overall view of fixes, added new features or updated support, depending on the option of the ready-made supplement and directly device.

And although users can manually update this component using the presented method for almost any equipment, unfortunately, use the described algorithm to install obsolete devices (for example, the old version of the printer) directly in the current order will not be possible. And for such cases, albeit rare, will have to take advantage of a more complex and long way, which is theme for a separate article.

How to update graphic drivers in "Windows 10" ?

Although it is often not recommended to update graphics drivers to eliminate the development of a variety of compatibility issues, with the appropriate need manufacturers of graphic adapters release updates to improve functionality and performance, support at the appropriate level of displays and troubleshooting with highly costly and demanding games.

If users need the latest update for installed on a computer, video cards, then instead of waiting until "Windows Update Center" will provide a ready-made package of relevant improvements, you can independently use the graphics control panel available from such well-known manufacturers as NVIDIA , "AMD" и "Intel" To download and install currently the latest version of the graphics driver at the moment.

Users can use links below to download the updated graphics software that corresponds to the brand installed on the computer's computer.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience (Direct link to third-party resource: ).

AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition (Direct link to third-party resource: ).

Intel Driver & Support Assistant (Direct link to third-party resource: ).

After downloading the application for a custom video card, the software installation is reduced to a simple conventional step by step algorithm, which consists in a sequential press of the buttons "Further" With the subsequent choice of a responsible update button in the drivers section, which allows you to install the latest available version of the driver on the user's computer.

Download the graphic driver directly manually

If users do not have a special desire to add new software to their computer to reduce the overall load of the device or support the proper level of free disk space, you can also directly directly, bypassing additional help services, download the latest version of graphics drivers directly from the official support website The manufacturer for the equipment used on the user computer.

Below are links to the relevant pages that provide the ability to download the latest version of the graphics driver of the popular and most common global branded devices manufacturers.

NVIDIA (Direct link to third-party resource: ).

"AMD" (Direct link to third-party resource: ).

"Intel" (Direct link to third-party resource: ).

After downloading the finished package, be sure to follow the manufacturer's proposed instructions for the successful completion of the driver installation process.

Load the graphic driver automatically

If users are guaranteed not confident in the model of their video card, you can use the auxiliary tool for automatic checking, downloading and installing the latest version of the driver, also the additionally offered most well-known companies.

Use the following links to download and run the helper to automatically determine the model involved in the computer, video cards, followed by setting the correct version of the corresponding driver.

NVIDIA (Direct link to third-party resource: ).

"AMD" (Direct link to third-party resource: ).

"Intel" (Direct link to third-party resource: ).

We find on the website in the appropriate section and click on the assistant load button. Then double-click the downloaded file and continue to follow the proposed instructions on the screen to successfully complete the driver update.

If users use an integrated video card from the corporation "Intel" It should be remembered that computer manufacturers often additionally modify ready-made versions of drivers to limit or vice versa to expand their functionality to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the built-in equipment on their devices. This means that when using a ready-made solid cabinet desktop personal computer, a laptop or tablet from world-class manufacturers (for example, "Dell" , HP , "Lenovo" , "ASUS" etc.), it is recommended to get the latest update from the official supports of the support of these companies, and not the Corporation "Intel" . Otherwise, the user device may encounter unexpected behavior and incorrect execution of familiar scenarios, including missing functions and configurations.

How to determine whether the driver has been successfully updated?

After installing the update for a specific driver, users can make sure whether the latest available version was actually applied and it is correctly installed.

To familiarize yourself with the information about Driver in the operating system "Windows 10" The users will need to perform the next ordered step-by-step algorithm.

  • Open the application "Device Manager" Described in the previous way or use the universal operating system method "Windows 10" Through the use of the search panel. For example, click on the button "Search" performed in the form of a schematic icon "Loupes" on the "Task panels" In the lower left corner of the desktop, and open the search panel. In the appropriate field, enter the request. "device Manager" . After processing and search, the result will be presented in the section "Best matching" . Click it with the left mouse button or click on the button. "Open" In the right side of the search panel menu, and the application "Device Manager" It will be instantly open.
Как правильно обновить драйвера устройства в «Windows 10»?
  • Double-click the desired string with a generalizing name of a group of devices containing the desired equipment, the driver of which was updated, or click on the connected schematic image of the control arrow "Right" To achieve the display of nested content.
Как правильно обновить драйвера устройства в «Windows 10»?
  • Lay, in the list of equipment options presented, and right-click on the name of the sought-after device to call a pop-up context menu, in which, from the available options for possible actions, select the section "Properties" .
Как правильно обновить драйвера устройства в «Windows 10»?
  • In the new pop-up property of the marked device, go to the tab "Driver" .
  • On the associated page of the specified tab, check the row values "Development date" и "Driver version" and compare the information provided with the data of a specific version of the driver, the preliminary installation of which users were implemented.
Как правильно обновить драйвера устройства в «Windows 10»?

After executing the described sequential steps and verifying the compliance of the information provided by the manufacturer, and the information specified in the Properties window of the driver used, users will be able to be guaranteed to determine if the operating system is installed in the operating system "Windows 10" Or not the latest driver version.


Modern computer computing devices, in overwhelming quantities represented by personal computers and laptops of various configurations and form of execution, in order to increase the inclined capabilities, performance and speed of processing running processes, regardless of labor intensity, allow users to be painless and easily updated the existing internal components. And as a result, users need to install the appropriate software that can ensure the full functioning of new equipment or achieve a significant improvement and implementation of new advanced features of the devices used.

Based on the methods presented in this manual, users can update or set a re-responsible software solution, called the driver, quickly for several simple steps. Each method has its own advantages and allows users to correctly apply a good version of the driver for their equipment using a particular update method. And also make sure that the selected driver option is really installed and works successfully.

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