How to find a person in Skype - add to friends

To start communicating with other users in Skype, they need to be found to get. This can be done by 2 ways: finding a registered user through a search engine or adding a person through the skype contact function, for example, if another person is not registered yet in Skype. In this article, we are in detail the step-by-step instructions for these 2 ways immediately on mobile and desktop platforms.

How to add to friends in Skype on PC

If your friends are already registered in Skype, and you want to find them or add, then this can be done through the built-in user search engine, which is embedded in the program itself. In order to add as a friend of another person, make the following:

  1. Click on the Skype search engine line; kak_nt_ch_shpe_001-min.
  2. Enter the login or account name of your profile in the search engine string. Through the login that you invent during registration is more convenient and easier to find another person, because people with identical nicknames can be somewhat;
  3. Find among the proposed users of their friend;
  4. Click on his profile;
  5. In the middle of another user window there will be a huge button "Greet", the click of which sends the proposal of friendship to this person. Next, this person must accept friendship request.

How to add contact in Skype

Perhaps the person you want to add to the Skype to friends is not yet an account or much easier to throw him a link to add friend via SMS message, an email or other way. To do this, make the following: kak_nt_ch_skype_002-min.

  1. Select the Contacts tab in your chat window;
  2. Locate the bottom and click on the huge "Add Contact" button;
  3. A contact window will open. It includes several actions:
    1. Search for a person by his phone number, login or mail address;
    2. Invitation to a Skype man through the phone number, mail, social networks and other ways;
    3. Adding your phone number to be easily finding your account and add all your contacts from your phone. kak_nt_ch_skype_003-min.
  4. If you click on "invite Skype" you will open all possible ways to invite friends through the link. Here you can find out your personal invitation link.

How to remove a person from friends in Skype

If you accidentally added a friend of the wrong person or want to remove the user's annoyed user from friends, you can make the following actions: kak_nt_ch_skype_004-min.

  1. In the active chat window, find the user you need and click on the chat with it;
  2. From above, click on the name of this user;
  3. The profile menu of this user opens. Scroll to the Niza himself;
  4. Next, you will find 2 points: "Remove from the list of contacts" and "Block Contact". If this user often fits and just interferes with you, then block it if you just want to remove it from friends, then delete it from the list of contacts. Restrictions for contacts Not in the list of friends can be configured in privacy settings.

How to add to friends in Skype on the phone

This method is suitable if your friends have already been registered in Skype, and they have a Microsoft account with their login. Then you can easily find your friend's profile through a local user search engine. To do this, make the following actions:

  1. From above, find and click on the local search engine icon; kak_nt_ch_shpe_005-min.
  2. The search string will open. In it, enter the name or login of your friend Skype. Login is much more convenient and faster to find people, because accounts can take the same names; kak_nt_ch_shpe_006-min.
  3. Click the account account you wanted to add; kak_nt_ch_shpe_007-min.
  4. In the middle of the chat window with the user you will find the "Greet" or "Say HI" button. Click on it, after clicking, a friendship offer will be sent to confirm the other user.

How to add contact in Skype

It may be that your friend is not yet in Skype, or you simply convenient to invite another person through the link, SMS message or an email. In this case, you will help add Skype through contacts. In order to add another person through contacts, do the following:

  1. Open the contacts tab, which is at the bottom; kak_nt_ch_shpe_008-min.
  2. In the lower right corner, click on the contact button; kak_nt_ch_shpe_009-min.
  3. The contact window opens. From above, you will find a search engine through which you can find other Skype users using phone numbers, postal addresses and their logins;
  4. From the bottom you will find 2 functions to add your contacts to friends:
    1. Adding your phone number through which you will be easier to find, and you can find all your contacts among Skype users;
    2. Creating and distributing links to add you as friend. kak_nt_ch_shpe_010-min.
  5. If you click on how to create a link to add to friends, you will be offered several ways to distribute it. You can share it through the QR code if the interlocutor is nearby, copy the link and insert it into a message to another person or immediately distribute his link via SMS messages, email, social networks or messengers.

How to remove a person from friends in Skype

You may want to turn around the person found on the contrary, for this make the following:

  1. In the main application window, find and discover the profile of the person you need; kak_nt_ch_shpe_011-min.
  2. Click on his name from above;
  3. The menu opens. Scroll to the Niza himself;
  4. You will find 2 functions. The lock function completely disables all the features with you to contact. It is needed, for example, when the user often fieces you in private messages. The contact deletion function simply removes a person from your friends, after which some restrictions specified in your privacy settings are superimposed. kak_nt_ch_shpe_012-min.

How to find a person in skype login, phone, name and surname

In today's article you will find step-by-step instructions, how to easily and quickly find a person in Skype login, telephone, name and surname. Today Skype is one of the most popular applications for calls via the Internet. It allows you to contact a person who is anywhere, at least at the other end of the globe, with absolutely free.

Knowing this, no longer surprised by the fact that today in this application is registered almost every PC or smartphone. Moreover, there is a very high probability that your friends are registered in this application, even if you do not know about it. If you would like to contact them, then you need to know all ways to find a person in Skype, login, by phone number or by his name.

How to find a person in skype login

The best way to add a new user to the Skype contact list is to use it login. The fact is that the login should be unique for each user, and therefore the chances of confusing the person are minimal.

Of course, this option has a completely obvious minus - you need to know the login of your friend. Therefore, there are only two possible situations in which you can use it: if your friend himself told you your login and if it usually uses the same login on all sites.

If you know what login uses your friend, then what is your instruction how to find a person in Skype login and add it to contacts:

  1. To begin with, run the Skype application.
  2. At the top of the window, you will see a small panel, you need to find the tab " Contacts "(Or" Contacts ", if you have English).
  3. Then a small menu appears in front of you in which you need to select item " Add contact "(" Addacontact "), and then a little right of subparagraph" Search in the directory Skype ... ".
  4. You will then see the new window where you need to enter data about the person you are looking for, in the first line we enter it login.
  5. You can also specify here to enter the filters in the city or country and make the search more accurately, but if your friend does not specify complete information about yourself, it can only knock down the system, so it's better to try both options.
  6. As a result, a list of users will appear before you, the data of which coincide with those introduced you; You need to find your friend among them and click on the button " Add "Next to him.

After that, you can only wait. You will send your friend to add to contacts and if it responds positively, you can call him at any convenient time. The fact that your application was approved, you can find out when your friend appears in your contact list and via a notice.

As long as the application is not accepted, you will not be able to contact the user, nor through calls, nor through messages.

Find a person in Skype

How to find a person in Skype named and surname

If you cannot add a person in Skype login, that is also a way to find a person using his name and surname. It is done very simple, you need to fully repeat the instructions how to find a friend login that you could see in the first section of the article, but instead of user login, specify the name and surname of your friend.

Of course, the same names and surnames can be at a rather large number of people, and therefore at the end of the search you will have a huge list of a variety of people. To find your friend among them, you will most likely have to look for a long time to look for his photo (and he could still not put a photo). To make this list a little less, you can specify additional information about your friend. But remember, if it turns out that your friend did not point it or hid it from strangers, it will only prevent you.

How to find a person in Skype named and surname

How to find a person in Skype by phone number

Another good way to contact a person through Skype is to try to find it by phone number. As you know, the mobile phone number is also individual for every person, and therefore the chance of mistaken comes down to a minimum. Unfortunately, in Skype there is no search by phone number in the usual understanding, moreover, if someone from your friends uses the phone number as a login, then you can also not find contact in Skype login.

However, there is a way to contact a person through Skype, if you know only his number. To do this, do the following:

  1. To begin with, run Skype.
  2. In the left side of the window, you will see your contact list, and just above the search string, in this line you need to enter your friend's number (starting from the country's code).
  3. After that, a small message will appear before you that you do not have such a contact, and next to it button " Save phone number ", You need to click on it.
  4. Then we enter the name of the new contact and click " Add room ".

Find a person in Skype by phone number

After that, this number will appear in your contacts. It is worth noting that the contact created in this way will differ from ordinary contacts. You will not be able to call him or write a message via Skype, but you can call him a mobile phone. That is, you will call via Skype from a computer, and your friend will call a call on the phone, as if you called him in the usual way from the phone (by the way, you don't even need to be registered in Skype so that this method worked). Such a call will be paid, but its cost will be calculated on the basis of not from your tariff plan, but from the tariffs of the application, which is much more profitable.

It will be very useful if you want to contact the other that lives abroad or connected to another cellular operator. You can make a short practically free call and clarify the login for Skype, after which you can add it to the contacts already in the standard way, in Nick, and to communicate with it how much soul.

Now you know how to find a person in Skype login, phone number, name and surname. All these methods have their pros and cons and suitable for different situations, so it is better to consider each of them to get better, and then choose the appropriate. One of these options must necessarily help you contact the user you need, even if it fails to be in Skype.

The multifunctional messenger has a wide, dynamically replenished user audience. To start communicating, you need to find a person in Skype and add it to the contact list of the application. The search for the right subscriber from the beginnings causes difficulties, so we will consider all possible options further.

Features of the implementation of the search for the interlocutor in Skype

Initially, the messenger was created for a computer. Algorithm of contact synchronization with a phone book appeared much later when the version of the application for smartphones was developed.

The main way to replenish the contact sheet in Skype remains an independent search for acquaintances, friends and relatives among the users of the messenger, and add the found interlocutors through the invitation procedure. To seek friends in Skype, you need a certain contact information.

Options for finding people Unique user ID login in the system (nickname or e-mail)
Surname and human name
Phone number attached to the human profile
Through the synchronization option with contacts in the phone

Search by nickname or e-mail

The easiest and most effective version of the search procedure is to find a person in Skype login.

Important! Nickname - user identification props (login) defined in the old assemblies of the program when registering an account. In the Skype of recent years, the email is an email address recorded in the user system.

Find friends in Skype on a unique identifier easily, knowing the corresponding login in the system. Order of manipulations Next:

  1. From the main page of the program, go to the Contacts tab.
  2. Click on the "+ Contact" button to use the search mode.
  3. + Contact
  4. The search string opens with the issuance window. Enter a portion of the identifier known you. With each entered symbol in the issuing window, clients will be displayed, in the logins of which there is an entered combination. When the desired information is detected, click on the "Add" button. The opposite contact.
  5. Adding contact

On the found contact can be written or call. The system will form an application for adding to friends and send an invitation to the interlocutor. The contact will automatically appear on the Skype sheet when the opposite side takes an invitation.

How to add contact in Skype

By name and surname

The search option for people named and the surname can only give the result if the interlocutor you need specified the personal information when registering an account in the system.

Use the search mode of the Contacts tab. Manipulation of the opening of the search box are given above in paragraphs 1-2. In the search string, enter the name and surname. Carefully review the issuance position, you may be lucky, and you will find in the window of the right person. You can navigate by avatar, country, city and other information tightened from the subscriber's profile.

To write, call and make contact with friends, click on the Add button.

Adding contact

By phone number

Option Find a friend in Skype by phone number can also bring a positive result, provided that your intended interlocutor tied his contact to the intercelter account. Enough in the search bar, enter a mobile number in full format, including the country code. For example, the number in Russian cellular networks will look like this + 7NNNNNNNNNNN, where n - denotes the digits of mobile contact.

At the end of the input in the issuing window, information about the found person is displayed, next to which the Add button. Further actions are similar to those described above.

Adding contact

Automatic synchronization with smartphone contact book

In versions of the application for mobile gadgets operating in the IOS or Android environment, the developers implemented a mechanism for automatically adding contacts tied to Skype accounts from the owner's phone book.

Important! In order to activate the function, you need to install the application to access the telephone numbers saved in the device's memory.

Permission to search

The messenger will automatically add new people to the list when their contact numbers appear in the gadget phone book.


Tip №1.

If you do not know a friend's login in the messenger, try to find out his login in Skype when meeting or conversation. It will be necessary to clarify whether such data as a mobile phone or email has been made to its profile, a avatar has been added. This information will allow you to quickly establish communication with a person in the application.

Tip №2.

When searching for a man in login, name and surname, the program issues a long list of people satisfying the request. To cut off knowingly unnecessary contacts, browse their profiles to read more information. To open the profile, right-click on the highway highlighted cursor. In the context menu, select "View profile".

Tip number 3.

Users of the messenger have to periodically solve the feedback - removing individual contacts from the Skype list. The procedure is performed through the context menu item "View profile". Here you need to click on the "Edit" button (Pictogram in the form of a pencil) and perform the "Delete conversation" mode. In different versions of the application, the name of the function may differ, but the point is the same.

Contact menu

Frequently asked Questions

Installed Skype to a new computer. To enter the program requires login, but I do not remember it. Is it possible to somehow find out?

If you have a smartphone with a working application at hand, put forward the side menu. Here under the avatar, the name and surname reflects the information you need. Otherwise, on a PC in the authorization window, click on the "Access Recovery" link. Enter the email address or mobile phone number you specified when registering an account. Follow according to the instructions sent by the system on an e-mail or SMS message.

How to find out if my message in Skype is read?

As long as you do not receive an answer to the message, make sure that it is read, will not work. For confidence considerations, the service developer did not provide such a function. The only indirect feature may be the appearance under the text of the animation, meaning that the interlocutor prints something in response.

Skype Search.Skype is a universal messenger, used by millions of people around the world for free endless communication, in connection with this you need to know - how to find contact in Skype. Correspondence, calls, many other functions make it possible not to think about any restrictions. Before you begin to communicate with someone you need to find a person among a billion users. The task is very difficult, but if you correctly build a search, a positive result will not wait long for a long time.

Skype user search order

Options, how to find contact in Skype, quite little for the reason that the standard search mechanism has been perfectly worked out, does not require any additional solutions. It is not difficult to use the system: it is enough to make several clicks, after which you enter a search query directly in the application. To quickly access the process will require:

  1. Go to the search bar on the left toolbar.

Go to search for friends and acquaintances in Skype

  1. Open an additional menu " Everything "Located on the line" results "

Optional Skype Pool Menu

  1. Select a string " People "

Selection of user filtering from bots, groups and messages in Skype

  1. Enter a query, select a desired account.

In the classic version of Skype, the order is identical: the difference relates only to the design of this interface.

Skype user search rules

The study of the foundations of the procedure under consideration causes a completely reasonable question: how to find a friend in Skype if more is registered more than a billion accounts? Indeed, when entering requests, the service often gives dozens, hundreds of similar pages, therefore, it is not easy to detect familiar among them. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to adhere to a number of important rules:

  1. Exact login writing. If you correctly dial the page address, the first number of the list will immediately be the desired person and the indication of the full matching of the search query result. Any errors when writing will allow you to find information, although the process will significantly delay.

Extended Skype Search Results

  1. Right surname and name. Search by standard passport data is rarely successful: it is important to specify that combination of the name that a friend is used to use in everyday life to sign documents, in other activities. Clarify the account information will help login, located under the name.

Extended Skype Search Results

  1. City of residence . It is impossible to find directly according to this parameter: any entered city will be regarded by the system as a login. Starting the search, you should carefully look at the specified city and the country located after login.

Skype user location or accommodation

  1. Additional results . Standard Skype search engine gives only the first five most suitable page requests. Expands the range of results issuing a button " Additionally ", Which will be available until all suitable options are completed.

SKYPE search results extension

  1. Tips . Skype reliably stores history, due to which, when the requested information is coincided with the available data, the messenger will indicate whether communication took place between users earlier.

Reminder of the previous activity regarding the user Skype

The request is recommended to form on the basis of these other services (forums, social networks).

Find friends, colleagues familiar with accounts in Skype, easy for several transitions. The number of check-in records of the messenger is Veliko. It is rare to detect the search user from the first time. Saving time will help a simple tactic: you need to stick to a number of rules that allow you to quickly write account owners, add them to contacts or favorites.

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How to find a person in Skype in different parameters? What data do you need to know for correct search? We will tell about everything in the review - you will learn how to find an interesting interlocutor in a couple of minutes. We will discuss the necessary parameters, let's talk about ways: all information in our article.

How to find a person in Skype named and surname

People search in messenger can be launched according to various sources. One of the options is the use of a person name. This is a very simple way, you only need to know what is called the desired interlocutor.

Let's give a small advice. You may encounter the fact that the user does not indicate the name and surname. Instead, they can figure the invented value - in this case nothing will work. If you are sure that the contact indicated the real name - then it's time to figure out how to find a friend in Skype by name and surname:

  • Open the messenger;
  • Upstairs on the left you will see a line with a magnifying glass and an inscription "People, Groups and Messages" ;

  • Enter the surname and name, then click on ENTER;

  • You will see results suitable for your request;
  • If you could not find the right person, click on the icon "Additionally" which is located at the bottom of the screen;

  • The following part of the list opens;
  • Failed the right little man? Press in the name, the dialog will open;
  • Press "Greet" to start a conversation.

You have learned the simplest way to search for contacts in the program - now the right person is not going anywhere! But there are other options, it is worth considering them.

How to find a person in Skype by phone number

To start a small warning!

Note, find the Skype contact by phone number only in cases where the display of the cellular in the search results is enabled.

How to enable display numbers

Let's see how to enable:

  • Enter the messenger;
  • Click on your avatar in the left corner;
  • Select Block "Control" ;
  • Click on the button "Profile" ;

  • At the bottom of the menu you will find the section "Other" ;
  • Click on a string "Other ways to find you" ;

  • In stitching "Phone number" The current mobile is introduced;
  • Check correctly and click on the button. "Disabled" ;
  • Wait for changing the icon on the value "Included" ;

Remember that in the case of which you can always remove a person in Skype, as easily as they added.

Search process

Now we understand how you can find a person by a mobile phone number in Skype:

  • Open the program;
  • On the left above you will see an empty string and a magnifying glass icon;
  • Click and enter a cellular item;
  • At the bottom of the screen, the contact you need will appear;

  • Click the interlocutor with the right mouse button;
  • Select from the menu item appeared "Add" .

So, you were able to add a person in Skype described above. It's time to talk about how to find a person in skype login - this value is available to all users.

Search by login

You can find a contact with Skype by login - this value can be viewed in the settings:

  • Click on the avatar;
  • Click on the icon "Profile" ;
  • Lay out the line "Login" .

To find the desired interlocutor, do the following:

  • Click on the line with a magnifying glass;
  • Enter the user login and click on the search icon;
  • Review the results of the issuance and press the right mouse button on the desired contact;
  • Choose item "Add" .

That's all! There is nothing complicated. Let's briefly run alternatively, which you may need:

  • Click on your name, which is in the upper left corner, next to the avatar;
  • Choose section "Profile" ;
  • At the top of the menu, the icon will appear "Share" ;
  • You can choose a string "Copy to buffer" ;
  • Or send a link by email;
  • This method is suitable for finding even those who are not registered in the messenger.

Useful advice

And finally, a few useful tips that will be useful to each user! If Skype does not find a contact login or other parameters, it is worth carefully studying the following parameters:

  • The correctness of the data entered;
  • Lack of user in your black list - go to the settings, open "Contacts" , and then "Blocked" ;

  • Make sure the new friend did not include status "Invisible" ;
  • Make sure you are online, connecting to the network is stable.

To simplify the search, ask a friend to throw a link or login to you - you will make a couple of clicks and you can start chat! Choose any suitable way and quickly cross the active correspondence.

How to find a person in Skype to add it to his frantist and proceed to communication in a new modern format? In our article we will tell about how to do it quickly, just without unnecessary troubles.

How can I find a person through Skype?

Someone is missing? So it's time to expand the circle of acquaintances in Skype. In order for your friend to appear in your list of Skype subscribers, you should know about it at least something. Better if it is login. Because so you will fall immediately into the target, and you will not need to additionally look out for and cutting out those who do not fit.

The whole search, with any data, you can implement in one place - find the line that is located on the left right under your name and status.

If you suddenly need to log in to Skype online on your page, read another article.

Find new contact in Skype You can so:

  1. In the city. This option is suitable for online dating in Skype in the city relevant to you, when you just know what I would like to communicate with a person of a certain floor or age. The name and surname here no longer play any role. But imagine how many users of the messenger will have to filter in the hope of a meeting with the or that very much. In the end, if something goes wrong, we have an instruction - how to remove contact from Skype forever.
  2. Nick. This somewhat narrows the search border, but nevertheless, most likely, you will have to choose again. Alas, fantasy people are not infinite, so the owners of the same nicknames can occur at any point of the planet, whatever they do not seem special to themselves. How to find a person in Skype named and surname
  3. Find a friend in Skype by name and surname. The situation is a little reminds searching for nickname, but you will agree, it is easier to navigate the country of residence. However, it is not necessary to underestimate the ability of a person to encrypt - the indicated data may not correspond to reality. You can also get caught a complete namesake living in the right city, but be careful! When writing an application for friends, be delicate - suddenly it is not your "kitten" or "friendbug", and a person will have a cultural shock from such appeals. No matter how a stupid situation came out, complete misunderstandings.
  4. By number This is the most reliable method if you know the numbers of your comrade. Go to the top menu, contact tab - Add contact - save the phone number. Ready.
  5. Find a friend in Skype login is also simple if you know what Login has a friend. Write it to the same search field next to the magnifying glass and get ready for a positive result.

Gradually, you will learn more and more new options and capabilities of the messenger, so read our material on how to write a conversation in Skype.

So, we told you how to find a person's Skype, which you still have no in the Franmlist, or which somewhere has been frightened. To do this, it is enough to have at least some information about him and be sure that he generally has a Skype account. Otherwise you have to look for a non-existent needle in a haystack.

We still have a lot of interesting things for you. For example, read about downloading Skype for Windows 7 and its features.

And we wish you a pleasant and vivid communication on the network!

The Skype program uses about 500 million people worldwide. Using the utility, you can transfer videos, documents, photos and other files, call, send messages, arrange a conference. To start chatting, you need to find and add a subscriber to the contact list. Therefore, new users are important to know How to find a person in Skype .

Features of the selection

Unlike other messengers, Skype does not import contacts from the phone book. A subscriber will have to manually seek and add acquaintances, friends and relatives. To find people through the application, their data will be required:

  • Last name and first name.
  • Unique identifier (login).
  • Phone number or email.

Until January 2018 was another search option for Friends - Facebook. User could find a person on a social network, add to friends, and then transfer its data to Skype. Unfortunately, the developers abandoned such an interesting and useful function.

Using identifier

During registration, each subscriber selects password and login. It is nickname and is an identifier, with which you can find and add a person to a notebook. But how to find a man in Skype in Login?

The user needs a friend to inform him its identifier. You can find out the account ID in the "Personal Data" section. A person needs to click on his avtark, and look at the "Account" string. Learning your login in Skype

The user who learned the ID remains only:

  • Run utility for communication.
  • Press the "Contacts" tab located in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the "Add Contact" option and go to "Search in the Directory". Search in the Skype directory
  • Enter the subscriber's login in a special field and click Skype. Login search in Skype

The program will show all subscribers with the same login. What should I do if dozens of subscribers have identical nicknames? A person should pay attention to the autarch, country and the city of residence. This will help narrow the search for the search and add the necessary user. Also, the user can explain familiar to how to find himself in Skype, thereby simplifying the addition process.

Search by FULL NAME

You can find a friend or relative in Skype with the help of FULL NAME. The user only needs:

  • Launch the application.
  • Click on the "Contacts" section. The option is to the top of the program window.
  • Select the "Add Contact" function.
  • Go to the "Search in the Directory" tab.
  • Specify personal data in a special line.
  • Press "ENTER"

Search by name in SkypeThe user who raised how to find a person in Skype by name and surname will face another problem. Millions of people use the utility, so there will be many namesake in the list. To find the right contact you need to find out more information: country, avatar, city.

Search by phone number

Unfortunately, finding a person in Skype by phone number is not possible. When you enter the phone number in the search bar, the program will report that the number is not included in the list of contacts and will offer it there. Search by phone number

If you save the number, then it will be saved only for calls to it, and this service is paid.

If the user you want to add to use a mobile number as a login, then it will not be possible to add it. Instead, you need to search by name, or you need to know his Microsoft account, which is automatically created when registering in Skype. If the user does not know him, then he can know it in two ways:

  1. In folder C: \ Users \ Username \ APPDATA \ Roaming \ Skype find the folder named on Live # . This is the Microsoft account that is assigned to the user. Live Definition in Skype folder
  2. Let the user will create with someone chat (even without participants) and introduce the team there / showmembers. . In response, a message will come with an identifier. Live definition in conversation

This identifier sends you, and you drive it into the search and add a user to your contact list. Adding a user by Live

How to find a person in Skype

How to find a person in SkypeNew applications most often wonder: how to find a person in Skype. In the latest vessels, this procedure has become compact and easier, the need to visit many unnecessary windows has disappeared. There is not one search method, it all depends on what kind of data about another you have.

How to find a person in skype in login, name and surname

How to find a person in Skype

We are looking for an interlocutor using the name and surname:

  1. On the top of the messenger panel, click the inscription "Contacts".
  2. In the drop-down menu, click on the "Add Contact" line, and then search for the Skype directory.
  3. In the appeared string for the search, enter the name and surname of the desired interlocutor.
  4. The more popular the last name, the more time you spend on finding the right friend, especially since not many visitors of the messenger as an avatar use a personal photo.
  5. To narrow the range of search, decide on the country and the city in which a person lives. True, this move helps only if the friend indicated the correct data when registering. Combine options and you will achieve success.

A more reliable option is considered to be a friend, using login. Having placed it in a search line, you will find the right person much faster.

How to find a person in Skype

When the search is crowned with success, we clas the mouse on his name to make it in your address list. A suitable friend will give a suitable alert, and if desired, will give its consent.

How to find a person in Skype through social networks

Icuct acquaintances in Skype is much easier for those who are vigorously using social network accounts. If you use the "Import Contacts" functionality, the system will independently choose and will load those who pointed out the login from Skype in their profiles.

You have the opportunity to independently decide who to call friends from the proposed list. If you wish, you can add at once all. The functionality is very convenient, so there is no special problems with it.

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