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A house on a tree - This is real entertainment for almost every child! This is not only shelter, but also encourages you to play outside. Moreover, its creation is not as difficult as it seems, although it requires accuracy and accuracy in the calculations. Our friend managed to build a house on a tree, scheduled a few years ago. Today house He decorates his garden and makes the summer time more enjoyable. If you want to surprise your children and make a similar, be sure to read, How to build a house on a tree for 8 steps !

Children's house on a tree
Children's house on a tree

Step 1: How to Build a House on Tree - Materials and Tools

To make a house on a tree for children, you would need :

  • Drill, Lobzik, Screwdriver, Saw, Hammer;
  • Screws, stairs, gloves;
  • Boards, wooden beams, OSB, corrugated steel.

Houses on trees can also be made of older euro. Or from the rest of the building, for example, at home.

Step 2: Wood Selection

Not every tree is suitable for building a house on a tree. This is due primarily to the natural features of specific species. You must choose Healthy and strong specimens с Diameter branches at least 30 cm .

The most suitable for the construction of the house on the tree:

  • oak, beech, linden,
  • Maple, apple tree, nut.

Also note that the tree is correct Distributed branches And already fully formed.

House on a tree for children
House on a tree for children

Step 3: House on the tree - how to put the structure high?

For home on the Tree For children under the age of 10 You must set the design at an appropriate height to minimize the risk of fractures in the event of a fall during an unsuccessful attempt to climb the stairs.

Step 4: Building a house on a tree - Paul and supports

The first practical stage of the construction of the house on the tree is Floor determination и Fastening brackets . All you need to do is fasten carrier beams to the trunk or use strong ropes or chains that are attached to the fat branches. you also can knock down That is, supports supporting a house on a tree.

Step 5: House on the tree - Paul

To make the floor, use solid boards, which will be properly cut to the whole structure corresponded to the shape of a tree trunk . You can make roundings and any holes using the jigsaw. Also remember that the floor in a wooden house on the tree should be Fortified by transverse beams so that everything is more sustainable and secure.

A house on a tree
A house on a tree

Step 6: Side Wall Houses on Tree

For the construction of the side walls of the house on the tree you will need Wooden beams (frame), as well as for filling easier materials, i.e. OSB. . However, nothing prevents you from using plywood boards or simple boards. In the heat of work, do not forget to leave holes for doors and windows in a tree house.

Step 7: How to make a house on a tree - roof

No roof house, which will be attached to the walls. You can choose a flat design with a minimum bias or fronton. Corrugated sheet Ideal for this, but you can also use Boards or bitumen plates . If you take care of the additional strength and tightness of the house on the tree, protect the roof of the thick foil.

Children's house on a tree at the cottage
Children's house on a tree at the cottage

Step 8: Staircase in a tree house

The design of the house on the tree requires the creation of a suitable entrance and, consequently, attaching the stairs to the trunk. It may be Rope or step . Remember that accidents usually occur when you enter or leave the house on the tree, so the staircase must be durable and adapted to the skills and weight of the child.

House on the tree - Rules

  • Before starting work on the house on the tree, make sure that you do not need to receive Construction permit at the place of residence.
  • If the tree you want to build a house is Protected species There may be various restrictions on the design of the design.
  • Types of wood on the tree should in no way break Private life neighbors .
Tree house
Tree house

A house on a tree - This is a dream of almost every child. If you feel strong enough to build his Alone Make it as soon as possible! Nevertheless, if you cannot build a tree house yourself, and your children would like to have such a shelter, you can order from a company that specializes in the construction of beautiful and safe houses on the trees.

If there is a topic of construction that interests you, and you would like to write it and express our opinion on this topic, leave a proposal in the comments or send us an email specified at the end of the article.

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The country area, or private possession, away from civilization makes it possible to embody different ideas in reality. Having his land, you can landscaping the housing, to make some kind of household territory to taste, to give interesting, unforgettable adventures. For example, many parents are interested in how to make a tree house yourself. And not in vain: the original design will become an excellent gift not only the guitant, but also adults, especially those who did not have such wonderful housing. To build a hut, castle or military headquarters, parents will need minimal tools and great desire skills. Unfortunately, we still have such buildings not very often. Get acquainted with how they create a "hut on wooden legs", to each master who wants to surprise and please the children.

Features and requirements for the house on the tree

How to make a house on a tree: types of "buildings", recommendations, construction stages

The original building, comfortably located on a tree (or trees), looks unusual, fabulously and romantic, and for children of any age it will become the first "almost real" home, where they will feel the only ones, full owners.

However, it is still early to start learning how to make a house on a tree. The first to be the future builders should get acquainted with the list of recommendations relating to the construction of such unusual housing. Then they have to choose a suitable wood plant on the site, as well as find the optimal version of the building. In this case, two solutions are possible: a structure really based on the barrel (branches), and just a raised design, where the tree is only an entourage.

Right selection of the site

Naturally, for such buildings, as well as for their large colleagues, there are several requirements that must be met before the design. First of all, it is necessary to take care that the new "building" does not interfere with the neighbors. It should be within the borders of the local area, not to discard the shadow on their garden, do not create problems. For example, it is unlikely that someone will like if large objects or garbage will fall on their site.

How to make a house on a tree: types of "buildings", recommendations, construction stages

If the future hut is most like a real, capital house, then the requirements for it are stricter. For such a building, you need to observe the distance:

  • to any structure - at least 1 m;
  • up to high trees - 4 m, or more;
  • At least 3 m - to the residential house of the neighbors.

When the trees are not far from the playground, then the best place to parents just do not find. There is another moment that cannot be mentioned. It is desirable that the design will not be a real headpaper from which you can conduct "hidden observation" for neighbors. In this case, they may require a dismantling of new housing.

Important design requirements

This is not all: there are some more factors that are necessarily taken into account.

How to make a house on a tree: types of "buildings", recommendations, construction stages

  1. Safety for children. The main threat of a house on the tree is its height, but in this case this parameter affects the age of future tenants. On the other hand, they grow rapidly. But, in any case, raising an unusual playing area by more than 2-2.5 meters above the ground still do not need.
  2. Careful design design must. Small sizes are not a reason to build, as it swings. It is necessary to think about the connection of the elements among themselves well, as well as choose the most reliable option for fixing the construction of the branches, trunk. If there is a small platform near the entrance to it, it will be necessary to create a reliable fence around it.
  3. Territory under the tree. There it is forbidden to organize a paved tracks, cutting the space by borders, communication hatches, etc. Under the housing, a rocky area should not be located. The ideal is a lawn or a fairly loose land. After completing the construction of the house on the tree, the adjacent territory is recommended to "soften" - bespoke with sawdust, sand or straw.

How to make a house on a tree: types of "buildings", recommendations, construction stages

Color, the most comfortable staircase (for young children - with railings) - the element is mandatory. Yes, you can arrange "extreme" types of lifting and descent - a rope staircase, a rope, a grid or a clodder. However, the normal structure with steps (railings) should also be present. At least in order for adults able to occasionally visit the house.

Choosing Trees

Reliability, strength, the duration of operation of such a house depends on one - from which tree is chosen as a kind of foundation. The main requirement for it is the diameter of the trunk: it must be at least 300 mm. The most suitable option is a powerful straight tree with thick branches. Such a candidate makes it possible to build around himself down, and already erect the dwelling. Restrictions are: old dumpy trees will not fit, those whose branches have already been dried.

The ideal will be a big plant with a split or waste barrel. In this case, additional supports will be completely superfluous. However, more than one, neither the other tree on the site does not turn out, so you have to choose from what is in stock. As a rule, it is one or more subtle plants growing nearby.

How to make a house on a tree: types of "buildings", recommendations, construction stages

Often the design that will be located between them requires the creation of additional supports. For example, two trees plus two "legs". If the plants are too unreliable, then choose a different solution: the supports put on it, or on the one hand. This tree does not carry any load, as it is only a decorative addition.

Last but you need to stay on candidates for this role. The best option is oak. Other "decent" breeds - ram, maple, nut, fir and ash. Birch, Ivi, chestnut or poplar not recommended, because the root system is unreliable. Linden wood is capable of complicating the design of the design on it.

Fruit trees "offeure" is not recommended. Such "vandalism" can disrupt fruiting. Pine is also not the most suitable candidate - her paws are sick, and the evergreen plant itself attacks the huge "hordes" of pests. Some eat cheese, others will settle on roots, shoots and trunks.

Varieties of buildings

How to make a house on a tree: types of "buildings", recommendations, construction stages

The answer to the question of how to build a house on a tree depends not only from trees, since there are quite a lot of options. For example, for summer cottages, you can choose a lightweight design that will serve small owners only in the summer. Therefore, with the types of potential houses, it is necessary to get acquainted in advance - before the design and design of the design.

  1. The house-shala is the easiest option. It is easily created, as it has quite modest sizes. Such a building consists of a small platform, and the supports with which the roof is added from waterproof tissue.
  2. Green dwelling. This is a second uncomplicated home. In this case, first make supports and platform. Then it creates a frame of a bar, which is simply tightened by the grid. The last stage - landing of curly plants. Of course, such a house is not a fortress, he will not save from the rain, but on sunny days it will be comfortable and beautiful.
  3. The hut is a rustic hut in miniature. More often, these structures are built from native material - from wood, sometimes a log house is used. Such structures look unusual, so they attract not only children, but also adults.
  4. Duplex houses are the most difficult, but "landscaped" option. In these buildings, two floors at once (2 houses), each of which is intended for different pastime.

How to make a house on a tree: types of "buildings", recommendations, construction stages

Another unusual and complex option is a house repeating fabulous designs. For example, the dwelling of the gnomes or women-jagi, the castle. The playground will be able to become a miniature ship or the same rocket.

How to make a house on a tree?

If the appropriate tree is already found, then primarily engaged in its preparation. Thin twigs are cut off by a secateur. With big it is necessary to contact carefully, so their incorrect trimming is capable of causeing the death of the plant. Therefore, it is better to leave all big branches, and the house is to build around them.

Studying the question of how to make a house on the tree is a minimum task, since the main stage of preparation for future "achievements" is to buy or search for all necessary. The master will have to find tools and acquire materials. To work, you will need:

How to make a house on a tree: types of "buildings", recommendations, construction stages

  • edged board (2.5x15 mm and 5x25 mm), timber (150x150 mm, 50x50 mm);
  • reliable beams for supports, their diameter - 200 mm;
  • Antiseptic, oil testing (solidol);
  • Drill, disk saw (knife);
  • Construction level, roulette;
  • cement mortar;
  • sandpaper;
  • hammer, planer;
  • screwdriver;
  • Hand bug.

How to make a house on a tree: types of "buildings", recommendations, construction stages

We still need to be stockpur with screws on wood, nails, fastener metal plates (corners). All items for the future house must be treated in advance with antiseptic solution, and then dry well in the sun. The length of the beams should be 1000-1500 mm more than the distance from the ground to the site of the construction, as they have to be laid and concreted in the ground. The lower part of these elements after processing the antiseptic is protected additionally. They are impregnated with oil development, coated with solidol or bitumen mastic.

Setting the support elements

The first thing is to prepare for work on the tree - measure the distance between adjacent branches, where the boundaries of the construction base will be located. These points are projected into the ground, then they will be marked by beacons. In these places, the beam holes make the brown. Their minimum depth is 1200 mm, the minimum diameter is 300 mm.

How to make a house on a tree: types of "buildings", recommendations, construction stages

First, the bottom fall asleep with sand (100 mm), then a similar layer of rubble. Supports are lowered into the pit, exhibit using the level. Then reliably fix them with struts from a bar or slag blocks. Check the level on which the top of all supports is located. Their edges must be in the same plane. Then the cement mortar is prepared, poured it into the holes and give time to grip. After the composition begins to gain strength, temporary spacer elements are removed.

Platform building

The base frame is made from the bar. It is cut in accordance with the measurements made.

Platform for 4 supports

How to make a house on a tree: types of "buildings", recommendations, construction stages

In the event that 4 columns are made for the design, the strapping is made around the perimeter of the future platform.

  1. The bars lift to the floor level, aligned horizontally, then screw them into the inner surface of the supports. For reliability, it is additionally strengthened by metal plates for reliable in the corners.
  2. Inside the structure, rigs are stiffened - bars, step between which is 200-300 mm. In the place where the tree grows, leave a hole that is strengthened with additional elements.

On the lower side of the platform, it is enhanced by two transverse boards, which are located from the opposite sides of the trunk. All internal framework details are additionally fixed with metal plates, use a bolted connection.

If a tree serves one support

How to make a house on a tree: types of "buildings", recommendations, construction stages

When one (several) from the reference elements is a tree, do differently. The bar is raised to the platform level, screw to the columns, and then nail it with nails to the tree. Similarly, they act on the other side of the trunk. They monitor the elements on the same level. Then the remaining bars are stuffed from above. They must be perpendicular to the lower, the recommended step is 500 mm. At this stage, the connection with the plates with bolts is also used.

Construction without pillars-beams

In this case, the house platform will "sit" only on the tree. If this option is possible (for example, two plants nearby), then the bars are naked to the tree on both sides of the trunk, departing from the plane of the future floor down by 300 mm. Then they perpendicularly fix the other bars. The distance between the elements is 500-600 mm. From the ends of them are combined with thick boards. The design is enhanced by struts. On the one hand, they are fixed to the lower bars, on the other - the cross will increase the trunk.

How to make a house on a tree: types of "buildings", recommendations, construction stages

Floor laying

For him, take a polished, high-quality board (alternative - fat plywood). Wood should be devoid of bitch, spilled from all roughness. If necessary, the additional stage is carried out - grinding. Boards are cut, then stacked for marking on Earth. This preparation will make it possible to accurately cut a hole for the trunk (branches) of the tree. The operation is carried out like this:

  1. The boards are placed in a rectangle, leaving between the blanks of the clearances 10-20 mm. Then the circumference of the barrel is measured, the borders on the wooden base.
  2. Be sure to add a few millimeters to a circle, because there should be a sufficient space that needs to grow the plant between the bark and hole.
  3. The hole is cut out (better - by an electric bison), then make fitting on the tree. If the first time it happened without errors, then proceed to the next step - to fixing the elements on the frame.

How to make a house on a tree: types of "buildings", recommendations, construction stages

The boards are laid on the platform in the same way - with the gaps necessary for the unobstructed water drain. The role of fasteners can act as self-tapping screws and nails. Before fixing the boards, we must check the surface surface to the level.

Construction of the walls of the house

First, around the perimeter of the future walls of the house mounted a frame of timber. In this case, a more "modest" sawn timber is suitable - 50x50 mm. The elements are cut, then screwed to the base using anchor bolts and metal plates (corners).

Intermediate elements are installed between the angular racks, their step is 400-500 mm. All racks are additionally fixed with spacers. In the place of the window and door opening, jumpers are added.

How to make a house on a tree: types of "buildings", recommendations, construction stages

The construction of a frame is completed by creating the upper strapping from the bar. It is fixed with nails and metal corners. The role of walls are chosen by various materials. They will be able to become plywood, the same edged boards, which was used for the floor, sheets of rally or the MDF panel.

Roof construction

After the construction of the upper strapping, the roof is proceeded. For this design element, quite many different options are invented, from simple to the most difficult. But the optimal solution for the lightweight design, "sitting" on the tree, is still a traditional duct roof, which will protect the mini-house from the accumulation of snow. In this case, we need a lightweight option, so they are applied as follows:

How to make a house on a tree: types of "buildings", recommendations, construction stages

  • Collect the minimum number of rafters: enough four elements on each side;
  • To give the stiffness system, several transverse elements are fixed - 2-3 wide boards that are stuffed, starting from the top of the structure;
  • In the roof (still on earth), holes for the barrel and branches cut through, the size of the cutouts should also exceed their diameter;
  • Close the design is not too heavy material: for example, by professional flooring, ondulin or polycarbonate.

Fix the roofing coating close to the barrel and branches is also not recommended. So that the roof does not flow, use any protective material.

Installing stairs

To create this element, there are many sample variants, but the most convenient and safe of them remains a classic design with steps located at an angle of 45 °. It is also collected on Earth, and then attach to the entrance to the house.

How to make a house on a tree: types of "buildings", recommendations, construction stages

  1. First, the length of the future "ladder" is measured, then two elements are cut out of the bar.
  2. Between them nourish the steps in such a way that their surface is horizontal when lifting. They take high-quality, dense wood, the recommended thickness of these elements is at least 50 mm.
  3. After installing the stairs, it is attached to the platform using metal corners. Where its lower part will be located, the stop, made of a thick log, will be bought into the ground. It is placed in the pit, on the bottom of which the sand and rubble layer are poured in advance. The staircase and a deck are connected by nails.

For the manufacture of railing take a long timber. On the stairs in a step of 300-400 mm, short details are fixed, to which the railings are naked. If children are already adults, then you can do the simple vertical design.

Tree finish

How to make a house on a tree: types of "buildings", recommendations, construction stages

In this case, it is persistently recommended to protect the construction and staircase outside. The first material is the usual paint, but it is possible to use other materials that do not hide the beauty of wood. Interior decoration is not required, the main thing for the children's house is the perfect smoothness of the walls. But the choice of design option depends only on future owners and their parents.

A small and original playground is an option that is worthy of consideration, as any parent who has the skills of working with a tree will be able to make a house on a tree. The main thing is to create a secure "strategic object". Only in this case for the health of the Chad is not worried about adults.

About how to make a house on a tree, tells the following popular video:

If the family has a child, there must be a separate place for children's games. On the summer or country site it is very easy to equip a safe and convenient playground. A small house or a shala, located right on the tree can be an interesting and very desired addition to the playground. Make a house on a tree with your own hands is not difficult, if you choose a simple project and convenient materials in the work.

House on a tree with your own hands
House on a tree with your own hands
House on a tree with your own hands
House on a tree with your own hands
How to build a house on a tree
How to build a house on a tree

Drawing and wood selection

First you need to think over all the details and make a drawing. The main parameters are the height and area of ​​the house, as well as the methods of its attachment. Usually the base of the house is a rectangular shield with holes for branches, based on the corners to the durable poles. The walls and roof of the facilities may have an arbitrary shape and perform from any submitted materials.

To get into the house, the staircase is necessary
To get into the house, the staircase is necessary

To get into the house, a staircase is necessary. It should be as reliable as possible, have a durable mount and at the same time not to spoil the type of facility. It is impossible to nail the staircase to the trunk - it is detrimental for the tree, besides, because of its growth, the design will be all stronger. The rope staircase is the cheapest option, but it is possible to use it at low altitude and only if the child can contact her. All this needs to be taken into account in the preparation of the project and the calculations of the material.

Domica scheme
Domica scheme
Domica scheme
Domica scheme
Tree house
Tree house

It is very important to choose the right tree, because it depends on the strength and reliability of the house, as well as the safety of the child. It is impossible to choose old trees with large hollows and voids inside, with a lot of dry branches, with open roots. Too young and rapid trees are also not suitable for such purposes.

Tree house
Tree house

It is not recommended to build a house on the branches of Willow, Poplar or Birch. The most optimal option is an apple tree, maple or ash with a barrel diameter of at least 30 cm, with a strong root system, healthy bark and lack of parasites. It is advisable to choose a tree with a straight trunk, it will be easier to mount and secure the base.

Tree for house
Tree for house

Preparatory work

Selecting a tree, you need to prepare it correctly. A small thick piglet on the lower branches and the trunk can be safely removed by the secateur, but the medium-sized branches should be trimmed with the mind. An illiterate trimming can destructively affect the tree, and it dries. That this does not happen, you can leave all large branches and mount the base for the house around them.

For construction, you will need tools:

  • hacksaw or disk saw;
  • a hammer;
  • plane;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • roulette;
  • building level;
  • sandpaper.

Materials will also need:

  • edged board with a cross section 5x25 and 2.5x15 cm;
  • Bar 150x150 cm;
  • Support beams with a diameter of 20 cm;
  • galvanized screws;
  • nails;
  • metal mounting plates;
  • antiseptic impregnation for wood;
  • Solidal or oil testing.

Before starting work, the board and the timber must be treated with impregnation and dried in the sun. This will prolong the operation of the house, protects the wooden surfaces from dampness and rotting. The length of the support beams should be 1-1.5 m more than the distance from the ground to the base of the house. Beams must be boiled into the ground, therefore, after processing with an antiseptic, the lower part of each beam is covered with a dense layer of solidol, bitumen mastic or impregnate with oil throughtop.

Prices for various types of building boards

Building boards

Domika construction technology

How to build a house on a tree
How to build a house on a tree
How to build a house on a tree
How to build a house on a tree
Plan of facilitation house
Plan of household facilities (top view)
Plan of household facilities (side view)
Plan of household facilities (side view)

Stage first - setting support

Thoroughly measure the distance between the main branches and determine the location of the platform for the house. Projeate the angles of the base down and mark these points by the beacons. With the help of the bora, drink holes for beams; The depth of the holes is at least 1.2 m, the diameter is 25-30 cm. The sand is poured with a layer of 10 cm on the bottom, then the same layer of rubble. Lower the beams in the pits, exhibit in terms of the level and temporarily strengthen the loaf or struts from the bar.

Construction support
Construction support
Construction support (required level check)
Construction support (required level check)
Racks are located in the pits
Racks are located in the pits
And the pits themselves are cemented
And the pits themselves are cemented

All beams must have the same height and stand strictly vertically. In this case, the tree trunk can be between the support pillars or act as one of the supporting supports. It is mixed with cement mortar, poured it between the walls of the pit and the post, leave to dry. When the base is quite hardening, the struts are cleaned.

Stage Second - Platform Installation

When cement freezes, you can make a platform
When cement freezes, you can make a platform

For the framework of the platform, the bar is taken, cut it up to the desired length. If the platform is restored by all angles on the poles, surrounding the trunk of the tree, carrying the bars of the frame fasten along the perimeter of the base. For this, each timber is raised to the floor level, aligned horizontally and screw both ends to the inner surface of the columns. The resulting strapping is strengthened in the corners of metal plates.

Mounting platform
Mounting platform

Next, inside the frame, extra bars are stuffed, having them parallel to each other at a distance of 20-30 cm. Where the trunk of the tree passes, leave the opening of the corresponding size. On the bottom, the frame is bubble with two transverse boards, placing them on both sides of the barrel. All compounds inside the frame are strengthened with metal plates with bolts.

Fastening the carcass of the house
Fastening the carcass of the house
Fastening platform
Fastening platform
Fastening the carcass of the house
Fastening the carcass of the house

If one of the support serves a tree, the platform is mounted differently. The bar is raised to the base of the house and fasten with two ends to the columns, and in the middle nourishes to the tree trunk. Then the timber is fixed in the same way. Both timber must be located strictly horizontally. After that, the other bars are stuffed from above, perpendicular to the bottom, in a step of 0.5 m. Of course, all elements of the platform are connected by bolts with steel plates.


Third installation option - fastening without supporting supports. If the platform is fastened exclusively on a tree, 2 vehicles are naked to a bar of 30 cm below the floor level on both sides. Then, on top, perpendicularly laid the rest of the bars in 50-70 cm increments and connect them with thick boards. There should be a rectangular design lying in a horizontal plane. Now installing additional struts: they take the bars of the same section and attach them at an angle to the platform, resting in one end to the extreme bars of the frame, and the lower ends connecting on the tree trunk.

Stage Third - Floor Laying

Floor laying
Floor laying

For the floor take the edged grinding board of high quality. Carefully check the wood on the absence of roughness and bitch, if necessary, carry out additional grinding. Cutting boards in the size of the floor and lay on the ground for marking. It is necessary in order to accurately cut holes for the branches and the trunk of the tree, because at the top it's gently make cuts will not work.

Floor laying
Floor laying

So, the boards lay out into a rectangle, leaving 1-2 cm gaps, measure the trunk circumference and place the cutting boundaries on the future floor of the house. With the help of the electrolovka, the openings of the desired diameter are cut and try on a tree. The floor should not close to the crust, otherwise with the growth of the tree, the design of the house will be deformed. If the blanks correspond to the drawing, you can mount the floor to the platform.

Fastening a house on the branches
Fastening a house on the branches

The boards are laid on the frame as well as on Earth, with intervals in a couple of centimeters. These gaps are designed for draining the rainwater. Fasten the floor with self-tapping screws or nails. The finished flooring should lie strictly in the horizontal plane, not to creak, do not wander under loads.

Stage Fourth - Installation of Domic Wall

Installation of the walls of the house
Installation of the walls of the house
Installation of the walls of the house
Installation of the walls of the house

First, around the perimeter of the platform you need to install a durable frame from the bar. Here you can take a lumber of a smaller cross section, for example, 50x50 mm. The timber is cut down at the height of the walls and are installed on each corner of the base, screwing to the protruding reference beams anchor bolts. Intermediate racks are mounted at a distance of 40-50 cm from corners and fix them from the outside of the frame base. It is impossible to mount the racks directly to the floor, such a connection will not be reliable.

Installation of the walls of the house
Installation of the walls of the house
Installation of the walls of the house
Installation of the walls of the house
Installation of the walls of the house
Installation of the walls of the house

Corner and intermediate racks are strengthened with struts, and then trimmed by boards. Walls can be solid or lattice, it all depends on the preferences of the wizard. The number and shape of windows, as well as their location is also chosen at will. The main thing is that the openings be reliably protected and the child could not fall out of the house.

Frame house. Window
Frame house. Window
Cleaning the walls of the house
Cleaning the walls of the house
Cleaning the walls of the house
Cleaning the walls of the house

Stage Fifth - Roof mounting

Roof house
Roof house
Roof house
Roof house

The roof is best done in the form of a canopy. At an altitude of 1.5-2 m above the walls, you need to find two durable branches located on both sides of the house. Metal hooks are screwed to the branches and stretch between them a thick cord or a reliable rope. Through the rope throw a piece of tarpaulin and fasten its ends in the corners of the house.

Roof house
Roof house

If you make a canopy interfere with the branches, you can mount the roof differently. At the upper edge of the corner racks, the strapping from the bar is fixed. Next, 2 rafter farms are collected and installed them over the opposite walls. Between themselves, farms are connected by two wide boards, which are styled along the top edge of the rafter. Additional attachments for such a small roof are not required, and it is necessary to close the design with some light material - polycarbonate sheets, professional flooring or ondulin.

Roof house
Roof house
Roof house
Roof house

In the roof, as in the floor, holes cut the holes for large branches, if otherwise installing the design does not work. Again, it is impossible to mount the roofing coating close to the wood, it is necessary to leave a small space around the cutout.

Stage Six - Installing Stairs

The staircase to the house can be a rope, straight wooden, light lattice, long or short, canopy and steep. There are a lot of options, and it is not difficult to pick up at all. One of these options is a staircase in the form of a shield with slots. To begin with, the timber 50x50 mm long is from 2.5 m and pin it to the base of the house at an angle of 75-80 degrees, that is, almost vertically. They mark the cut slicer with a pencil and scream unnecessary. The second timber is crugged in the same way.

Putting the bars on a flat pad, tops the boards with a thickness of 2 cm. The width of the board is 15 cm, the length is 50-70 cm. In each billet, the oval hole is cut down onto the width of the foot and treated with sandpaper. The neckline should be located on the one hand, at a distance of 5 cm from the shell of the board. When covering the shield, the workpiece is naked so that the cutouts are alternating: the first board with a cut-out right, the second - with the neckline, and so to the end.

Ladder house
Ladder house

Boards are attached to the bars with a solid cloth, without gaps. The finished staircase is pressed to the house, fix the platform from the outside of the platform with plates and bolts. Be sure to check the reliability of the attachment, because the fall from the staircase can turn into a serious injury. The firmly fixed design is treated with primer with antiseptic properties, and then color or covered with a varnish for wood.

Ladder option for a house
Ladder option for a house

Finishing Stage - Finishing

The house is ready, now it remains to decorate it and make it cozy. To protect wood from atmospheric influence, all external surfaces are recommended to paint. It is advisable to choose the same tones for the walls and the stairs, so the house will look more harmonious. Inside the boarding boards is completely optional, the main thing is that they are as smooth as possible. For convenience, you can fix inside the light shelves, put a basket for toys or a children's table. Paul stood with a soft rug, laid children's comfortable pillows. Everything else depends only on the small owners of the house, so further arrangement must be entrusted to them.

Tree house
Tree house
Tree house
Tree house

Video - a house on a tree with your own hands

How to create a house on a treeHow to build a house on a tree with your own hands? If you have a child in your family, it must have a separate place for games. If there is a cottage plot, you can create a convenient and safe platform for games, but much more interesting to bring another idea to life - make a house on a tree with your own hands.

It may be the main place for playing, and the addition. It is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance, if you select a simple scheme and good materials.

Drawing and wood selection

Before you start, you need to think over all the details and make a scheme of the house on the tree. The main parameters are the area and the height of the house, as well as the attachment method. Standard houses are a rectangular shield in which there are holes under the branches. The roof and walls can be of any form, and are made even from the girlfriend.

In order to get into this house, the staircase will be required. It does not fit the rope option, since children can easily be injured, so you have to take care of a robust fastening and reliability of the design. In no case should not be hit by the staircase to the trunk, as it will be detrimental to the tree, especially with growth, the design can be deformed over time. If you still want a rope staircase, then consider that the height should be small, and the child is quite adult to use such a design. All should be taken into account at the design stage.

It will be important to carefully study the wood, as reliability and strength will depend on it, as well as the overall level of use of use. Do not choose old trees, in which there is a hollow or emptiness, as well as a large number of already dried branches, but also the rapid trees will also be a bad option.

What trees do not need to build a house?

On the topolate, IWA or birch. The ideal option will be maple, apple tree or ash, the diameter of the trunk of which will be at least 30 cm, with a good root system, lack of parasites and a healthy bark. It will be easier to build a house on a tree that has a straight trunk - this will facilitate the installation and consolidation of the base.

Building a house on a tree

Preparatory stage

When you finally decide on the tree, you need to try to prepare it correctly. On the lower branches and the trunk, remove the thick fine pig, and here are the big branches of cutting with the mind. With an illiterate approach, you can spoil all the tree, and it simply dries. To avoid so sad outcome, leave large branches and create the base of the house on them or around them.

Tools for construction Materials for the house
A hammer Edged board, whose cross section is 50 * 250 and 25 * 150 mm
Drill Bar 1.5 * 1.5 meters
Disk saw / knife Galvanized selflessness
Plane Support beams, diameter 2 dm
Roulette Nails
Nazcachka Antiseptic impregnation for wood
Building level Metal mounting plates
Screwdriver Oil processing / solidol

Before starting work, be sure to process the boards and the bar with an impregnation-antiseptic and dried in the sun. Due to this, you can extend the operation of the house, and protect the surface of the wood materials from rotting and dampness. The support beams in length should be more than 1-1.5 meters than the distance from the base of the house to the Earth. Since they need to be laid in the ground, after antiseptic processing, cover the lower part of each beam with a good layer of solidol, oil treatment or bitumen mastic.

Technology construction

Install the supports

To build a house on a tree with your own hands, you need to carefully measure the distance between the main branches and determine how the platform for the house will be located. The angles of the base should be projected down and mark these points by the beacon. Using a bera, prepare holes for beams, and their depth should be at least 120 cm, and the diameter of about 3 dm. On the bottom you need to float the layer of sand at 10 cm, and after the same crushed stone. When this shrinkage cushion is ready, you can lower the beams in the pits, set them up in terms of the level and strengthen the struts from the bar or slag block.

All beams should be the same height and stand should be vertically. Consider the fact that the trunk of a tree in this case may be between the pillars of the supports or be one of their carrier supports. Now you need to mix the solution, pour between the post and the walls of the pit, and leave to sleep. When the base is ready and will become durable, you can remove the struts.

Mount the platform

Tree platformWhen creating a frame for a house on a tree with your own hands, take the timber and cut it to be the length you need. If, according to your project, the platform will rely on the posts by all angles, and at the same time surround the trunk of the tree, fasten the bearing bars throughout the perimeter of the base. For this, each bar need to raise up to the floor level, and align horizontally, and after fastening both ends to the inner surfaces of the columns. The finished strapping should be well to strengthen the corners, for this you can use plates of metal.

After that, inside the framework of additional bars, and they must be located in parallel to each other at a distance of 0.2-0.3 meters. In a place where the passage of the tree trunk, leave the opening of the desired size. From the bottom of the frame to pick up 2 transverse boards, while they should be located on both sides of the trunk. At the end, all connections inside the frame strengthen the plates of metal with bolts.

Note that h This is how important the house is important to remember the branches and the crust. They must be saved, because without this tree will die, and the built house cannot be used.

If the tree plays the role of one of the supports, the platform must be mounted differently. In this case, the timing is lift to the level of the future of the house, and screw to the columns with two ends, and in the middle to come to the trunk. Both bars should only be horizontally. After typing with other bars, and they must be perpendicular to the bottom, and also have a step from 50 cm. Naturally, all elements must be connected by bolts using steel plates.

And the last installation option is a fastening without supporting support. If you plan to mount the platform only to the tree, then two vehicles need to be knocked down to the trunk, below the floor level of the future house by 0.3 meters from two sides. After that, on top, lay perpendicular to the remaining bars, while observing step 0.5-0.7 meters and connecting everything with the ends with thick boards. You must have a rectangular design, which lies in the horizontal plane. After that, install additional struts - take the bars with the same section and secure at an angle on the platform so that one end rests on to the extreme bars of the frame, and the rest are connected onto the trunk.

We put floor

Building a house on a tree with your own hands is easy if you make the floor correctly. For its manufacture, a polished board of high quality will be required. Before use, check the wood - it should not have bitch and roughness, and if required, perform an additional grinding. Boards cut down the floor and decompose so far on Earth to make marking. This is required in order. In order for you to accurately cut holes under the trunk and branches of the tree, as it does not work upstairs to make neat cuts.

So, you can start laying up the boards into a rectangle, and leave the gaps about 1-2 cm, measure the trunk circumference and marketed the cutout borders on the floor of your future house for children on the tree. Note that the floor should not be adjusted to the core close, since with the growth of the tree, the design will be exposed to deformation. If the prepared material corresponds to the drawing, you can proceed to fasten the floor to the platform.

Place the boards on the frame in the same way as you laid them on the ground and leave small gaps in a couple of see. It is necessary for the water during the rains it does not accumulate and stood, but immediately stocked. The floor should be fixed with nails or screws. The finished design should be in a horizontal plane, do not stagger and in no case creak.

Making walls in a house

Initially, you need to install a durable frame made of timber, on all perimeter platform. To do this, you can use a material with a smaller cross section, for example, 5 * 5 cm. The bar should be trimmed at the height of the walls and install at all corners of the base, and the fixation is performed by screwing to protruding support beams with bolts (anchor). Take care of the intermediate racks that must be located in increments of 0.4-0.5 meters from corner racks and fixed from the outside of the frame base. In no case are not securing the rack to the floor, as this connection is not considered reliable.

Scheme at home on a treeIntermediate and corner racks for a house on the tree strengthen the struts, and after you can decide their boards. You can make solid or lattice walls, it all depends on you. Form and number of windows, as well as their location, too, choose at your discretion. It is much more important that the openings be well protected and the child did not fall out of the house.

Install the roof

The optimal option will be the manufacture of a roof in the form of a canopy. At the height of one and a half or two meters above the walls, find 2 durable branches that are located opposite each other. Screw the hooks from the metal and tension a good rope or thick cord between them. After that, through a stretched rope, we throw a piece of tarpaulin and fix the ends at the corners of the house.

If the canopy does not work because of the interfering branches, you can make the roof differently. At the upper edge of the corner racks, attach the strapping from the bars. After that, you will need to collect two rafter farms and install them over opposite walls. These farms are connected to a pair of wide boards that are stuffed at the top edge. Since the roof is small, additional fasteners will not be required, and it is possible to close the design by any light material, for example, by profile, polycarbonate sheets or ondulin.

Similarly, the floor, in the roof it is necessary to cut holes for large branches, if it is impossible to install the structure in another way. And again, it is impossible to mount the roofing coating close to the tree - be sure to leave a small space.

We make and mount the staircase

Stock Foto Houses on a treeFor a house on a tree, you can make a rope, wooden straight, lightweight, short or long, cool and gentle staircase. In this case, there are many options, and before choosing one of them, think about everything and against. One of the optimal option by right can be called a ladder in the form of a shield with slots. To begin with, you need to take a bar with a cross section of 5 * 5 cm and a length of 2.6 meters and put at an angle of 80 degrees to the base of the house, i.e. Practically vertically. After that, mark the cutting line with a pencil and pump up unnecessary. In the same way, cut the second timber.

After that, the finished material must be put on a flat pad, and fill the board from above, the thickness of which is from 20 mm. The width boards should be 15 cm, and in length 60-70 cm. Absolutely in each workpiece, rub the oval hole to the width of the moaning and thoroughly treat the cut by sandpaper. Such cuts should be located on the one hand, and not less than at a distance of 5 cm from the end. When covering the workpiece you need to be knit so that cutouts alternate - the first board with cut-out on the left, the second with the cut from the right, and for this principle to the end.

Be sure to lock the boards to the bars with a solid cloth and not to leave the gaps. When the staircase is ready, cement it to the house, and fasten from the outside using metal plates and bolts. Check the reliability of the attachment, as the fall from the staircase can entail heavy injuries. When the design is firmly fixed, it must be treated with the primer with the properties of the antiseptic, and after painting or coat with a special lacquer for wood.

Finishing work

The last step will be the decoration of the finished house and the creation of a cozy atmosphere. To protect wood from the impact of the atmosphere, paint all the outer surfaces. Ideally, all the tones should be the same so that the house looks harmonious. Coloring the house on the tree from the inside is completely optional, the main thing is that the boards are smooth, and the child could not drive the opposition. For convenience, make a few shelves for toys, put a basket or a children's table. Paul can be seal with a soft carpet, bring baby pillows. It all depends only on the small owners of their first housing, and they will gladly bring their contribution in the design.


The principles of building houses on the tree are constantly being improved, but if you are new to this case, try with something simple. We are confident that during labor, accuracy and fulfill all the recommendations you will succeed!

Each child needs its territory. The apartment is a separate room, and in the country area, the boundaries of the possibilities are sharply expanding. You can help your son or daughter to find a secret place in the garden, and a comfortable, inaccessible (and almost real!) Separate house on a tree. Build it with your own hands is quite simple, if you observe some rules.

Functions of a house on a tree and its possible design

Designing a house - hardly no more exciting occupation for parents than for children - a game in it.

Neighbors and Snip

But the very first stage is not romantic at all. If our future house has a more or less major view, the construction standards and rules dictate the minimum distances to the border of the neighboring area:

  • For housing - at least 3 meters;
  • For other buildings - at least 1 meter;
  • For high trees - at least 4 meters.

We must not forget about the viewing of neighboring windows and a plot from our future house; Neighbors may indignant and demand to disassemble it.

The age of the user

First you need to understand what age we expect. As a mother of three children, I know for sure that the house for first grades can differ much from the teenage structure. In essence, I would love to play with children in such a house with pleasure. And many of the adults are capable of making it quite solid and will use themselves as a kind of veranda. You can get carried away and turn such a building into a masterpiece of architecture. In the world there are examples of completely fabulous and very complex on the design of houses on the trees. They are often more convenient than ordinary apartments, are located in the most beautiful places of the Earth and often give up for long-term residence or are hotels.

Houses on adult trees

House in Chongqing
House on a tree in Chongqing, China - a construction of several small houses connected together
Tea house
Tea House of the Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori, - a fairy tale surrounded by magnificent cherry trees
House in Tokyo
The house on the tree is surrounded by beautiful yellow trees of the Dutchio with a fence made from the curves of the branches, which gives it a similarity with a large bird jack
House-garden in Alnwick, Northumberland, United Kingdom - one of the largest trees in the world in the world, called the trees growing through the floor and roof
Castle on a tree
Castle on a tree in the UK with a rope bridge
House "Four Tree"
The house "Four Tree" from Lukas Spit is built around four trees and has a plastic design.
House Yellow House.
House Yellow House, architects Pacific Environments Architects Ltd, in Auckland, New Zealand; It is a restaurant built on a 40-meter tree with a diameter at the base - 1.7 meters
La Casa del Arball
La Casa del Arball house on a tree growing near cliffs in Banos, Ecuador
House The Tree House Hemloft Architect Joel Allen is located in Whistler Woods, Canada
Free Spirit Spheres.
House Free Spirit Spheres - Hotel in the Forest on the West Coast of Vancouver, Canada
House Laocoon
A peculiar house-lacoon - among the appearsal trunks
Hut on the trunk
Hut on a tree trunk over a break

Preparation for building

If the house is still intended for children, the task is greatly simplified. You can make it very small. But of course, in any case, it should also be beautiful - and extremely safe in every sense, from a height to strength and convenience of construction.

Before proceeding with the construction of a house, you need to pay a report in its future tasks and source characteristics.

Tasks and qualities of the future house for a child

Recall your childhood. What would we like if parents would promise us such a house? We summarize:

  • So that he externally was partly similar to this;
  • To have a floor for cozy arrangement inside;
  • To have a waterproof roof for seating there in the rain;
  • The house itself should not be reinforced too low.

Now let's look at the task in terms of an adult:

  • The house should be firmly made so that the brown children could not destroy it under any circumstances;
  • It should not be reinforced too high - also for security reasons;
  • It should have a solid staircase, and preferably - not rope.

Selection of support trees

Much in the design, its strength and reliability depends on the existing trees. The optimal option is if we have a strong tree with a powerful barrel and thick branches around which the flooring can be built. But there are some limitations. Old dumpy trees with cavities and dry branches will not fit.

Diagram of the building of a house on a large tree: the height of the lower branches and the construction platform are shown

Ideally, when the thick trunk is split or "squandered", then there is almost no need to make additional support for safety and strength.

The house is securely fixed on three thick branches and does not need additional supports.

More often such a big tree on the site is missing, and you have to design a house on two or more thinner trees.

House on two trees without additional supports

Often in these cases additional supports are needed.

The house on two trees needs two additional supports

If the trees are completely unreliable, then the house is built entirely on the supports, and the tree acts rather decorative supplement.

The tree breed is also important. Good - on descending - oak, male, ash. But they need to remove thin or dry branches. Breeds with fragile roots - birch, chestnut and especially poplar, can collapse entirely. Viscous and soft wood in Linden, it is difficult to mount the design of the house. Pine prickly and is considered to be a refuge of ant. On the fruit trees it is not recommended to build it from other considerations - there is no need to break normal fruiting.

Although I had a house in my childhood high on a huge old imperoor (this is the Central Asian name of the apricot tree). I invented such a shelter myself, and Dad helped to store the floor between four thick trunks, to build shelves and seats, stretch the tarps instead of the roof. In the evenings, my house lit by three pocket lanterns on batteries. Of course, there it was possible to "live" only in the warm season, but in the south this time is very long.

Preliminary Points

  1. Choose a tree or trees. It is advisable to take a picture of them from different angles - it will help when creating a sketch and choosing the design of the future house.
  2. We pretend, on how many children we must build asylum so that it exist all the loads. Boldly plus to our children of all neighbors; They will not miss such an adventure. It affects the size and capital capital. But the size and weight should correspond to the selected tree.
  3. Let the children themselves define that they need: headquarters, actually house or just a sightseeing area with a roof. From this, the design of the house is depends: whether windows, doors are needed, furniture inside. Immediately pretend the type of windows, doors, furniture.
  4. Based on all these data, we decide how the design will be strengthened - around the trunk, on the branches or on autonomous supports.
  5. Now you can make a drawing, and behind it - drawings.

Drawing of a two-level house on a large tree with a solid staircase and a veranda

An example of the embodiment of one of the projects in the figure.

This cozy house is built in drawing.

Borders of opportunities

When we were determined with the type of house and its location, it is necessary to outline the boundaries of our capabilities:

  • Do we have carpentry and plumbing skills;
  • Are there already building materials - often on the cottage from buildings and repairs, boards and hardware are left;
  • If you need to buy something or buy construction materials entirely, how much spending we count.

When this task is solved, proceed to the next stage.

Drawing or drawing

To begin with, in the search for ideas, look in the Internet and choose suitable for our conditions, in our opinion, examples of houses and their drawings.

Photo gallery: examples of house drawings

Figure Low Located House
The drawing of a low house located with a minimum of complex details is also very simple
Drawings fastening platforms to wood and piles
Drawings of fastening platform to wood for the case of diverging branches - and piles for other cases
Platform on piles
This house is on the tree - Rather platform on piles
Figure carcass
Figure frame made quite talented
Drawing from hand
There are also such drawings - quite from hand
House on piles
Sketch in 3DMAX if you own them - the best solution

But, deciding with the height of the platform from the ground, the area and the height of the house itself, by the method of its fastening to the tree, we draw the invented building from hand. We will mount it directly to two rather thick cool. Damage to them will not be so great to seriously damage the trees. The staircase is usually attached not to the tree because of its growth, but to the house itself. We abandoned the idea to use the rope staircase: although for children it is an extra romance, but such a staircase is much less safe than wooden with steps.

The scheme of the house as a whole, side view, gives an idea of ​​height and total sizes

The following scheme will be the platform of the house. The floor inside will be plywood, the veranda is collected from the board.

The platform of the house is also drawn by hand, the dimensions are affixed.

Now you need to stretch how much the material goes. We do it right in the picture.

Scheme breakdowns on boards does not claim accuracy and gives the most general performance

Selection of material

I am sure that there is always a big temptation to apply the cheap chipboard for the floor, chawliers for beams and a polycarbonate for the roof. But I am a convinced supporter of eco-friendly buildings, and in its plot always built from natural materials. Therefore, I do not insist, but I advise you to do the same. It will be much more useful for children. So, we choose a tree: a timber and a board of different sections. The most non-ecological fragments of the house will be unbreakable plexiglas for hearing windows, plywood and thin panels from pressed wood; We are forced to prefer their boards because of the greater lightness. The windows will be more like the shutters - it will save from the danger of the can break the glass. The roof will be covered with stripes of thin galvanized steel - metal folded roof. Since, on the idea, we do not have covered in the ground, then we do not need a resin or solidol for impregnation.

I estimate how much we need it.

ATTENTION: Calculation of materials is very approximate, and the price due to seasonal and geographical oscillations is not specified.

Table: Approximate calculation of materials

Position Name Definition Required quantity
1Edged board 50x250x6000 mm About 1 M. 3
2Edged board 25x150x6000 mm About 0.5 M. 3
3Bar. 150x150x6000 mm About 1 M. 3
4Beams reference 200x200x3000 mm 8 pieces
5Plywood 10x1200x2400. 4 sheets
6Wall panels ISOTEX LUXOR with vinyl coating or any like 580 × 2700 mm 4 packs of 4 panels (packing area - 6.26 m 2)
7Plexiglas (Plexiglas) 600x600 mm 4 sheets
8Metal folding roofing (panels) 0,4x1420 × 710 mm About 10 meters 2
9Galvanized selflessness Different sizes 4 kg
ten Metal fastening plates and corners Different sizes If necessary, but not less than 50 pcs
eleven Window and door loops, left and right 4 small (2 different), 3 large (identical)
12 Antiseptic tree impregnation By need
thirteen Varnish, paint By need

Required tools

  • a hammer;
  • Plancock and Fuganok;
  • Electric drill or manual with a set of ringer and grinding circles;
  • screwdriver;
  • construction level or level;
  • saw-hacksaw (or disc);
  • Brushes for applying antiseptic impregnation, solidol and varnish (if desired).

How to build your own hands: Step by step instructions with photos

  1. We buy boards, paneur and wooden panels.

    With such a small quantity, it is more convenient to purchase everything in a large construction supermarket

  2. I bring purchased.

    With such a small quantity you can do the two-three walkers of a personal car

  3. Location and cut the tree to the village.
  4. Okrivate every detail.
  5. We proceed all wooden parts by antiseptic impregnation.

    Tree treatment - Okuring and impregnation

  6. We prepare the selected trees. Cleans have a peculiarity of giving green arrows from the root. All this vegetation must be removed. If there is extra branches on the projected altitude, they need to cut them with the mind, otherwise the tree can dry. Sometimes it is better to leave such a branch and proceed to bring it up.

    Cooking trees: drink more superfluous, remove the pig

  7. We place the height of the platform using the level and the construction thread.

    We plan a height with a level or a hydroeer and a building thread

  8. In the supporting boards, drills the holes of the oblong shape - for greater versatility and plasticity.

    Holes for fastening to the tree must be obliged - so that the design is not too tough

  9. Breeping to the trees on the anchor bolts of a large diameter of two supporting boards, exitting the horizontal level.

    Basin - Two supporting boards - on anchor bolts

  10. Measure the size of the jumpers between the boards.

    We apply the boards for jumpers to the reference to find out the exact size

  11. Mount between the boards these jumpers for perfect strength.

    Mount the jumpers between the supporting boards so that the design is rigid

  12. We collect on the ground the framework of the platform on the self-tapping screw, and then we set it on the supporting boards with bolts.

    The framework of the platform is going on Earth, and then installed on the supporting boards

  13. We strengthen the platform on the supporting boards, amplifying the design by four diagonal supports, which are also attached on the trees.

    The platform must be strengthened and supports

  14. We associate additionally all articulation with metal plates or corners.

    We associate the design with metal corners for the sake of strength

  15. We once again check the design for strength.

    You need to tighten all the bolts to the perfect state.

  16. You can add additional ribbon ribbon in the design of the platform; They will serve as a support for plywood sex.

    The ribs of the platform will serve simultaneously the basis for the floor

  17. Horizontality is carefully checked.

    Ribs of rigidity, top view; It is important that the basis for the floor is extremely smooth.

  18. We sew the platform plywood.

    Plywood floor is laid on the frame

  19. It looks very reliable.

    Ready floor looks reliably

  20. We start sewing a veranda with a fine board.

    Start mounting veranda thin board

  21. Separately, on Earth, in the garage, we build a frame of walls - on one wall.

    The future wall is just beginning to be mounted.

  22. We collect the walls together for finishing. Caps are already made for auditory windows, ordinary windows and doors.

    Future walls put together for accurate fit

  23. Window and doorways are enhanced by additional bars so that the windows and the door are easily opened without having flimsy.

    Window opening need to strengthen

  24. Construct the roof rustle - also on Earth.

    The future roof rustle should be very strong

  25. We try to skate and the walls of the extreme rafters of the roof.

    Fitting rafted before cutting out

  26. We make notches in a bar of extreme rafters.

    Receptions in the rafters serve as the best construction fortress

  27. We specify the sizes, mount together with the walls.

    Extreme rafters are strengthened with a remission

  28. All recesses in rafters must be the same.

    Internal rafters are not yet fixed, but already prepared

  29. Finally fix all rafters on the skate.

    Krepim all rafters to the skate

  30. Customize walls.

    Collected a housework of a house - so far

  31. We sew outside the wall first plywood, on top of it - panels.

    Wall sheath plywood and panels

  32. At the same time, we leave free window and door loy.

    Pieces - window and door - remain open

  33. Mount - While temporary - sowing out of a thin board on window pastes.

    Stacks are made from a thin board

  34. We make windows-shutters.

    Shutter windows - so safer for children

  35. Mount them on the loop in the loyal.

    Setting the window on the loop

  36. We repeat the operation with the door.

    Installation door on the loop

  37. Mount the shapper on the rafyled.

    The roofing bag is mounted on rafters

  38. We make it small self-drawing.

    Installation of doomles on the self-tapping screw

  39. Location and cut the folding roof.

    Cutting the roof occurs on the workbench

  40. We collect the roof of the desired size.

    Assembling the folding roof of the required size

  41. Cray to the trim from the inside - so that the house is light; Before this, remove the windows and the door with the loops, remove the souls.

    Plywood painting from within - for durability and light

  42. We draw the roof on the hook and disassemble the walls completely to transfer to the garden.

    Roof lifting - to disassemble walls for transfer to the garden

  43. Lower the roof on the floor of the garage.

    Roof on the floor, and the walls are already in the garden

  44. Prayes window frames; In order not to touch the trim, we use the painting tape.

    Coloring window frames

  45. Create over the platform the telly system for lifting the walls and roofs there.

    Hoists for lifting the pieces of the house on the platform

  46. Mount the end walls on the platform.

    Installation of end walls - first of all

  47. So far fix them with bars outside; Then the bars delete.

    Intermediate fixation of walls by bars

  48. Mount the side walls.

    Installation of side walls is done after a good strengthening of end walls

  49. Raise the roof.

    Lifting the roof with tale

  50. So the almost collected house looks like.

    Almost collected house - time to do roof

  51. Mount the roof on the screws with washers.

    Roofing attached to the screws with washers

  52. From the inside she looks very solid.

    Roofing from the inside looks reliable

  53. We draw up the worshipers of hearing windows.

    Hearing windows are almost ready

  54. We place and cut the plexiglass for auditory windows.

    Cutting plexiglass for auditory windows

  55. Fix it in the openings, put the platbands.

    Ready auditory windows - high and safe

  56. We proceed to the construction of the railing.

    Future railing - everything is only scheduled

  57. Fix rail based on.

    Almost collected railing - not enough handrails

  58. The railing is almost ready - lacks the side and stairs.

    Almost ready railing; But yet there is no stairs

  59. The railing is finally ready.

    Fully finished railing

  60. Wake up a board under the staircase.

    The board under the staircase is marked

  61. Mount the stairs.

    Installation of stairs on one step

  62. The staircase is ready.

    Ready staircase, but for now without railing

  63. We make notches for greater convenience when lifting.

    Making the railing with the remix

  64. The staircase is very convenient.

    The fixed staircase is very convenient

  65. She has a very beautiful top.

    The top of the stairs is very beautiful

  66. But - the finished house.

    The house is ready, beautiful, reliable

Finishing tips

An immutable rule: if you build out of wood, then the lowest wooden part must be processed by antiseptic impregnation. Coloring - at your discretion. The house may look like eco-friendly and nice-bright.

Inside, you can build furniture as in the present house. In our case, we made a bunk bed.

House inside - We made a bunk bed

How to make the design completely safe for children's games

  • The house must be at a reasonable height;
  • The staircase should be durable and not very cool, with comfortable railings;
  • There should be no traumatic elements - self-tapping screws and corners are hidden, boards are well rescued and sashbars;
  • Paint and coating should not be toxic;
  • Any open area should be fenced with railings.

If you are very worried that your fidget can be larch to scratch or get injuries while playing a tree, you can create a house that stands firmly on Earth. In the articles and Dereva-Na-Dache-Foto.html shows the variants of such structures and methods for their manufacture.

Construction ideas: Photo

«Домик Бабы-Яги»
"Baba-Yagi house" on a thick tree - completely fabulous
Деревянный домик-веранда
Wooden house veranda is quite simple
Яркий просторный домик
A bright spacious house relies on a rapid tree trunks
Яркий домик с верандой
Bright house with a veranda on a thick tree with supports to the trunk
Просторный домик
Spacious capital house on a thick tree with additional supports
Домик на высоких сваях
House on high piles - when there are no suitable trees on the plot
Домик на сваях
The house on the piles is placed where it is not possible to drink it on the tree or need a small height
House-superstructure over the storeroom, only formally relying on a tree
Дощатый домик
Boiled house on a thick tree with additional vertical supports
Яркий маленький домик
Bright little house on a thick tree with additional diagonal supports
Дом в отсутствии деревьев
House in the absence of trees, but imitating a house on a tree
Простейший домик
The simplest house in several trees
Необычная конструкция
Unusual tropical house design
House on piles
House more on piles than on trees
Домик на боковой ветке
House on the side branch of a huge tree

Video: House on the tree do it yourself

The construction is completed, and we can rejoice at full reason. Because they independently coped with a rather difficult task for a non-specialist, and the children received a house, happy and grateful to parents.

Good day! My name is Maria, by education I am a technologist of sewing products, but well focusing in many engineering sectors and peace of design. Writing popularizative articles on any topics love and, as it seems to me, I do it well. Work on the site gives me pleasure. Rate article:

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: домик на дереве

The house on the tree is not just a playground for games, but a place where children can retire and feel like full owners. Not to mention how much space for fantasy creates this building.

Hardly there is an adult in the world, who did not want to have a private gaming house in childhood? A place that can turn into a military headquarters at any time, the royal palace, the trailing hut - in general, for anything, what is just enough to fantasy to you and your discoverer.

Of course, creating such a house requires certain skills and a weighted approach, but the result will justify all expectations! On domestic country areas, such buildings are rarely found, so their creation is in a novelty even experienced specialists. However, the appetite comes while eating, and skill with experience. What details need to be paid attention to, starting to build a house on a tree?

Purpose Domika

домик на дереве, как построить, как построить домикдомик на дереве, как построить, как построить домик

Usually at home on the tree are used as sites for children's games, however, in recent years, it has become very fashionable to equip in the trees of gazebo or even small recreation areas for adults. And even if it seems to you that the top three of eight-year-old kids are enough to shut up the stadium and create chaos, comparable to the invasion of the eight thousandths and intellectual conversation. By simple mathematical calculations without attracting the calculator, we conclude that the more the mass of the future inhabitants of the house, the more powerful there should be a tree on which it costs.

Security - first of all!

техника безопасноститехника безопасности

Regardless of who will be the main "inhabitant" house: a five-year fidget or a ten-year discoverer - parents must first think about the safety technique and only then about the appearance of the design.

Observe the permissible level of height. The younger children, the closer to the ground the platform should be located. But even if your child has long rearranged the older group of kindergarten, it is better to limit the height of 2-2.5 m. And of course, do not forget to install a safe staircase!

Do not save on materials and fasteners . This is especially true for the arrangement of supporting structures. If you are not sure as wood board or pile - set aside the material aside.

Try to drill less holes . In countries where the construction of houses on the tree are engaged in both lovers and full-fledged construction firms, in construction stores you can purchase special fasteners. For us, so far in the wonder and still remember: 2 large fastening elements are better than 20 small. Because the fewer holes, the less likely the tree will suffer from diseases and pests.

Maximum work "on earth" . Do not expose yourself and your loved ones - all the works that can be taken below. Fit boards, drill holes for bolts, assembling stairs - for all this you do not need to climb on a tree. The better the preparation, the faster the assembly process will pass.

Install safe railing . A deaf wall, accurate balusters, a rope or wire mesh - the main thing that the handrails were quite reliable.

Consider work with neighbors . Before you set up a house on a tree on your site, discuss it with your neighbors. Does the walls of the buildings do not take their favorite hydrangea? Will there be a challenge of a neighboring Rex in the radius of the deception of cubes from the windows? Spread all possible options.

Platform - all head

домик на дереве, как построить, как построить домикдомик на дереве, как построить, как построить домик

Sample platform installation scheme

Reliable base is the key to stability and safety of the design, so you must pay the platform building more attention. The house itself can be both a solid structure with all the attributes of the present home and a modest chaolash or even simply installed on the tourist tent platform.

The first thing you should determine the initial stages of work is the method of fixing the main platform to which the house itself will be installed.

1-support on the trunk, 2-suspended construction, 3-house on piles1-support on the trunk, 2-suspended construction, 3-house on piles

1-support on the trunk, 2-suspended construction, 3-house on piles

Support on the barrel . In this case, the entire design of the design falls on the sprawl branches of the tree or the barrel itself. Often such designs are strengthened with additional beams resting in the tree.

Suspended design . The easiest performed, but also the most unreliable in terms of sustainability and safety option of fastening when the platform is suspended on thick branches.

House on piles . In fact, it is a separate building that does not relieve a tree, but only passes through it. All the load falls on the piles installed around it. A similar design may be, and not so authentic, as an option with a support for the trunk, it represents a greater space for fantasy and does not harm the tree.

Select tree

дерево для домикадерево для домика

Deciding on the construction of a house is not a tree, you must first find the very tree that will be the "foundation" for your construction. Suppose your plot is located in a wooded area and you can afford to choose from a sufficient number of trees. What moments should pay attention to?

Wood breed. If we talk about plants typical of our latitudes, the linden is not suitable due to too soft wood, and the poplar, chestnut and wow are not suitable due to a weak root system, therefore, oaks and male are suitable for the construction of such objects.

Of the fruit trees for the construction of a house on a tree, only an apple tree is suitable. However, it can be equipped with exceptionally light designs designed for kids games.

Thickness and direction of growth of branches . If you are going to build a house, using one tree as a pile, then the girth of its barrel at the level of the support should be at least 94 cm, if there are several "wood piles" and the load will be distributed, then the boundaries of the permissible are shifted to 70 cm. If in Your disposal turned out to be a tree with a thick trunk and a spreaded crown, the foundation for the house can be "entered" between the branches.

домик на дереве, как построить, как построить домикдомик на дереве, как построить, как построить домик

Example of fastening base beams to tree branches

Physical state . Even if in your site there is a fairly powerful tree, the dimensions of which, in theory, allow you to equip the house on it, there will be no proc. If it is painful or infected with pests. Whatever the tree would seem like, the head of the corner should always be safety. Therefore, before starting the design of a house, make sure that the tree is sufficiently great in order to become its base.

Types of bases for a house on a tree

домик на нескольких основанияхдомик на нескольких основаниях

The house is installed on the base attached immediately to several trees. Photos from

Mighty age-old trees in cottage sites are very rare. However, not even having a suitable tree at its disposal, you can embody your idea of ​​life. In this case, you can go three ways. The first option is to use several trees smaller trees to arrange the platform.

The second option is to establish a platform so that one part of it is attached to one or more trees, and the second is on piles.

домик на дереве, как построить, как построить домикдомик на дереве, как построить, как построить домик

The third option does not imply the use of the trunk as a support for the base of the house. The platform is installed on piles so that the tree trunk passes through the floor and roof of the design.

домик на сваяхдомик на сваях

However, it is not necessary to limit itself only by these options. Depending on the intended load or decorative features, you can develop a combined fastening system.

Domika Development

Perhaps the most pleasant part of the work on the house on the tree. On the one hand, the arrangement of such a structure opens a large scope for fantasy, and in the presence of certain skills and financial resources you can build a miniature copy of anything on its plot. Pirate ship, magician house, medieval castle, Palace of princess, hospital, shop, fire station ...

However, before going to swim in the ocean waves of fantasies, remember how children's hobbies are changed. Yesterday it was fairy tales of good fadies and evil sorcerers, today - brave superheroes, and tomorrow you will read a book or look at the cartoon about builders and you will build a house from the blankets or build a rocket from the cardboard boxes. Not to mention that the "capital" construction takes an incredible amount of time. And the house on the tree is not the thing that can be done on maybe.

And this is exactly the case when the simplest solution will be the best. Including because the house "without delights" does not limit children's fantasy by some particular purpose. Pressed the roof bright bedspread - got the princess tower, stretched on the columns the awning from Grandfather "Zaporozhets" - Military headquarters ready, hung on the side of the plywood shield with a red cross - here's the hospital, raised over the "Merry Roger" house - and went to swim The treasures of the captain of Flint ... And if you are looking for the highest possible solution, you can lend a steady platform on the site, something that resembles a giant stool, to protect it with railings, and instead of a house to establish a conventional tourist tent.

The house on the tree is the cherished dream of many girls and boys. If your family has children, do not refuse to implement it in the ability!

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