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Even those who have never been to the Crimea, know what a swallow nest is. This is a historic and architectural monument that hangs over a 40-meter sheer rock. He has long been the emblem of the southern coast of Crimea. It is depicted in the paintings, colorful photos are decorated with popular magazines. But many people do not know where the swallow nest, nor the history of his occurrence. But it is so interesting and informative! Small in size, but very neat and beautiful gothic castle attracts many tourists who want to personally visit the swallow nest, look at the beautiful views extending from the carpurous cliff, and feel themselves on the edge of the world.

Nausea in pregnant women: norm or not

Анемия при беременности
The first trimester of pregnancy is often overshadowed by disgusting smells. To the same extent, it turns out, this world is stoyed! The excited olfactory receptors are hit by GAR, a mixture of terrible perfumes and poorly washed bodies, a disgusting tobacco smoke and much, which used to seem if not quite acceptable, then, in any case, not repulsive.


Амигуруми для начинающих
Today we will talk about a very popular modern direction of knitting toys - Amigurumi! The founders of this art are our oriental neighbors - the Japanese. Translated from Japanese Amigurum means knitted-cooked. To understand all the intricacies of this cooked case will help the review article Cross, in which all the necessary information on making amigurums for beginner needlewomen and masters with experience is collected!

Yandex Dzen.

In the electrician, the interpretation of the arm is the introductory and distribution device. Mounted it at the introduction of electrical networks of a certain number of consumers. Performs the distribution function over them with electricity and shutdown during an emergency (closure, any malfunction). When repairing the repair, it allows you to completely turn off the electrical chain in the house.

All about iPad.

I discovered a curious game for myself recently: on the one hand, this is a discharge clone DragonVale, on the other - she has a lot of pros, she is in Russian and is very tightened. In the last update, it was possible to give dragons their own names, which I was very happy. Also in the game are constantly held all sorts of stocks, I like to cross the dragons to try to withdraw the Dragon of the month or the dragon of the week.

Repair of the balcony do it yourself step by step: from A to Z

Остекление лоджий алюминиевым профилем
Very often, balconies and loggias turn unnecessary things into the warehouse. Meanwhile, throwing unnecessary trash and conducting repairs, you can get additional meters of useful area. Here you can arrange a winter garden, create a comfortable seating area or a place for sports. The construction market offers many modern materials, in order to make a balcony unique, warm and cozy.

Premixes for animals - what it is

In agriculture, more and more use premixes for animals. They became a necessity for balanced, high-quality food. Thanks to them, high rates of farm animals are achieved. To obtain a balanced feed, a mixture of a significant amount of monocomponents is required. A rather painstaking task is to saturate the finished feed minerals, vitamins. Adding the amino acids needed to it is also not easy. Therefore, experts in this field recommend applying a special additive to the main feed - Premix.